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News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Fan Event at D23 Expo Japan!

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Oct 5, 2009
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I'm assuming you're talking about panels made by fans, right? If so, they're usually not that good. Or at least the one that I went to. I went to a KH panel at Phoenix Comicon and it was pretty bad. The two main guys up there didn't really know what they were talking about (when a fan asked about KH3, the guys DID talk about Versus... but then said "KH3 will probably be released in 2013 at the latest"), some of the fan's questions made me question if they even played any of the games or not, and in all honesty it was just plain boring. No real interesting topics were being discussed, and it really felt that half of the people in there only came in the room to see if the main guys hosting the panel knew anything about KH3. Although there was an extremely well-done Armored Terra cosplayer.

Yeah, I was talking about those lol >_< Guess I was wrong haha However, I guess I couldn't ask for too much as being KH has a long story and there are fans who think they can get along with JUST KH1 and KH2 knowledge, at any KH fan event there are people who assume they know everything when they really don't. The only thing I remember about the DDD launch event line was that there with this guy who cut in line and he was so convinced that Riku was going to save everyone and that Riku was the only person who could save TAV...and I just wanted to slap myself in the face haha

I almost guess that is why a KH panel by SE is less likely in the US because the first question would be "So when is KH3 coming out?" followed by "When you make KH3, can Sora and Kairi make out?" and then it gets progressively worse from there...
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