Kingdom Hearts Fan Concept Outline, Part 1



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Apr 9, 2018
The following fan concepts are made by me in order to try to fill any potential plot-holes within the Kingdom Hearts universe. These are not meant to be readily canon yet, they are just theories meant to uphold and support the possibility of other factions and worlds that exist in a plane of existence that has yet to be explored properly via Kingdom Hearts III. (Plus, I freaking suck at making fanfiction, especially from those I take from an empirical distance.)

Summary of The Inter-War Saga: A mere handful of months rolled by after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, it is a time to rest, to rejoice, and to remember. Yet while friends and comrades celebrated to their hearts’ content (pun intended) on the greatest victory ever achieved, empires from the farthest reaches of the Known Universe make their move, to control Kingdom Hearts for themselves. Worlds, old and new, are brought down to their knees, by forces ranging from warring extraterrestrials and robots, to neurologically-enhanced dinosaurs, to demons who wield unfathomable capabilities of fire. As this campaign takes hold, however, an ancient and long-forgotten evil is about to rise and bring about a new Age of Existence, or the end of it. (Author’s Note: This is practically drawn a bit too much from the lore of Middle-Earth, Resistance: Fall of Man, Killzone, Halo, Destiny, and Warhammer 40,000. I feel like it is a common rule that with each sequel of any title, there has to be new baddies and goodies. Most of the mentioned OCs are derived from one-shot characters I glance at that or read upon in the Disney Wiki, such as Fantasia’s T-Rex and the Martian Mastermind from Disney’s documentary about Mars, and I try to keep it within the Disney limit. The basis of this story has numerous intergalactic factions that are in dire need of resources due to failing economies, and while they fight each other based on species and ideologies, their common goal is to seize Kingdom Hearts, viewing it as an unlimited resource deposit. This conflict I drew from real world sources of corporations who do some really messed up things in order to get gold, oil, and other materials.)

  1. Soeht’Ne- In the beginning of space and time, the Darkness held illimitable dominion. Then, out of that primordial dreamscape, came Kingdom Hearts, an angel in a pitch hell. This Forebearer of the Light could not have defeat the Darkness on its own accord. Therefore, it began to perfect the ultimate guardian weapon, the First Child of Light, Soeht’Ne. Granted with the power of the First Keyblade, the Dexistor, he carved away the Darkness like wax, and thus many Universes were born in the remnants of that ancient enemy. Quindecillions of years passed, though to Kingdom Hearts and Soeht’Ne, this would feel roughly half of a decade’s span. But, within that span of vast time, there were innumerable forces that sought to take control of Kingdom Hearts for themselves. So, it was Soeht’Ne’s task to ensure the protection of Kingdom Hearts, in order keep it pure and away from the hands of the greedy and selfish. However, this becomes a routine challenge for the First Child of Light, his strength nearly exhausted to the point of him nearly going unconscious, often for eons on ends. He soon came upon a mighty and gigantic dying star, burning and raging as if it had been there without a beginning or end. Granted the power to summon objects and even creatures from an immaterial source, he hewn and molded it into a rather nightmarish image, combining the aspects of dragons, gargoyles, and demons. This entity was later given a destructively powerful sword, the Infernal Verdict. Eventually, this monster became the one to judge many Worlds whether they were innocent or corrupt. The latter would be incinerated out of existence; all in a single felled swoop of the Infernal Verdict, its sword, for the Judge of Wrath, by name, was born. In that moment, Soeht’Ne felt an unexpected change of feelings; he began to enjoy destroying worlds, regardless of judgement or not. Not only Worlds would be erased, but entire Universes followed suit, while some become enslaved by him, demanding that he be recognized as a god, and this course of action created a terrible schism between Soeht’Ne and Kingdom Hearts, which was horrified by what their creation has turned into. This event would be remembered by the freed Worlds and Universes as the Battle of Truth and Lies, with Kingdom Hearts being referred to as the True Light, and Soeht’Ne the False Light. It would be a long, tedious, but downright brutal fight between right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral, for and against. In the end, Kingdom Hearts stood victorious, but before Soeht’Ne could either face destruction or imprisonment, he managed to escape and cover his tracks as well. Between the time of the outcome and his eventual capture, Soeht’Ne secluded himself to the most inhospitable Realm imaginable; the Deep Darkness, the originator of the current Darkness, those before it, and its spawn and adherents. It was here that he created three champions, vanguards that would destroy, enslave, and kill for their god, their father, their creator; enter the Living Banes, sometimes referred to as the Harbingers of Torment. The first to be created was Smoke, an evil, reckless essence of the ills of an established society, and to create an army by corrupting the minds of those he came across, mostly humans, for their arrogance and weak mentality. The second was Agemos, a terror molded from the muck of the deepest pit of the Deep Darkness, who could form an army of the dead, especially those who lived lives of malice, hatred, and bloodlust. The last to be formed was from the remains of the then-slain Judge of Wrath, which was “neither human, beast, nor demon”, but the Deathflame Monarch, Uko-Gij. This last individual would carve a path of death and destruction in the Whole World, spearheading the fall of Daybreak Town and the birth of Hellscorch City in its place. Eventually, Soeht’Ne’s luck ran out, as the renegade Keyblade-wielders, the Dandelions, surrounded and imprisoned him in the hinterlands of the Realm of Darkness, fearing that placing him in the Deep Darkness would only prolong the creation of more hideous, blasphemous horrors. Unfortunately, only two of the Living Banes were sealed away in remote regions of the Known universe, and only one escaped. Now known as the Fallen One, Soeht’Ne remains in his prison, planning, waiting, biding his time, for his revenge. (Author’s Note: He is practically Kingdom Hearts’ take on Halo 4’s Didact (A.K.A. Shadow-Of-Sundered-Star): [url][/URL] , which I derived the character from. Used to be good, now evil. He simply wants to reshape the very fabric of the space-time continuum in the way he envisions it: that all mortal, and immortal, beings view him as the Master God. He would have to be covered in matching armor based on this illustration by 17[SUP]th[/SUP] century English Naturalist Robert Plot of a strangely formed rock he called hippocephaloides. It is on the top left: [url][/URL] One last thing, his name is entheos backwards, which is “god within” in Latin.)
  2. Judge of Wrath- Crafted from the core of a dying primordial star and wielding his sword, the Infernal Verdict, this Satanic-esque abomination was the brain child of Soeht’Ne, the First Child of Light, soon to be a major villain in the second saga of the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Believed to be part ways a fire elemental and a hideous mixture of dragon, gargoyle, and demon, this monstrosity served to be the judge (pun intended), jury, and executioner of any Worlds or even whole Universes found to be guilty of desiring the need to control Kingdom Hearts, often times destroying them completely, for the greater good and safety of purity. In a terrible twist of unforeseen fate, Soeht’Ne relished in causing despair and harm to these Universes and the Worlds he showed to. Oral tradition states that the Judge of Wrath aided his master against Kingdom Hearts during the Battle of Truth and Lies. Soeht’Ne retreated from the fight when he was at his weakest, into the Deep Darkness. Without his master’s presence, the Judge went on a devastating rampage, destroying numerous Worlds and Universes in the process. Using the last of its strength, Kingdom Hearts unleashed a wave of Purified Aura, which weakened the Judge and shattered its Infernal Verdict, and allowed for a powerful beam the pierce the abomination’s heart, killing it instantly. The corpse of the horror fell to the deepest recesses of the darkness, only them to be “revived” as the vilest of warlords, the Deathflame Monarch, Uko-Gij. (Big, bad, and simply wants to destroy things. If there is such a thing as a Creator, then there always have to be a Destroyer. The image of this cosmic nightmare I picture from the Supreme Monstrosity of Dinosaurs Attack: [url][/URL] and Straga from Darksiders: [url][/URL] )
  3. Smoke- A horrible, despicable entity resembling a disembodied skull, a lavender-colored phantom, or a hellish mixture of both. He is the “father” of the twisted and corrupted race known as the Ghlonks, and their larger brethren the Ghlorgs, and has caused strife in many cultures and civilizations, primitive or advanced. There are scant ancient texts that describe how Smoke was the first creation of the newly founded-Fallen One Soeht’Ne, in order to stir up discord and chaos in the Whole World. Often presented either as a trickster or harbinger of doom, his actions usually result in the same: burned villages, looted temples, and the occasional mutilated corpses, often by the hands of a gang of five Ghlonks. It is believed that he “baptizes” his chosen target by enveloping them with his mouth and jaws, then unleashing his Breath of Corruption repeatedly until they become a Ghlonk, a mindless, savage husk of their former self. More often than not, he is extremely impulsive, not thinking of the consequences that follows in the wake of his exploits. His antics changed with the coming rise of industry and newer technologies in some Worlds, and legend has it that, in the event of being caught and imprisoned for eternity, he channeled all of his will-force, malice, and a majority of the strength of his powers into a willing necromancer ally, guarded by the dreadful Blades of the Dead; souls of long-dead, long-forgotten warriors of ancient yore, slain by the Deathflame Monarch and bound to both him and the necromancer’s will. The remainder of his powers was soon forged into a cloud-like mass, and placed into a large capsule, to resume the converting of humans into Ghlonks. He still fears to this day of retribution and rage for abandoning his Bane brothers more than facing an army of Dandelion Keyblade-wielders. (Author’s note: The Smoke I am referring to is the infamous Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue program of 90s days, minus the connotation to all things drugs, but able to corrupt the hearts, souls, and minds to form a sort of following. [url][/URL] )
  4. Agemos- A pitch black form, glistening with the raw red energy that his original single-celled form once fed on, Agemos is the product of the experimentations by Soeht’Ne, the Fallen One. His role is reminiscent of that of a necromancer’s, but he is also capable of reinforcing the sins of an individual who led a vile and menacing life. He is usually tasked with bringing dead Ghlonks back to life with the sorcery of the Deep Darkness and empowering with such, or sometimes those who worshipped the Fallen One and the Living Banes. Many believe that he and Smoke cooperated with each other in creating the first Ghlorg, when numbers were not enough to suffice a needed victory. Unlike his brothers, however, Agemos prefers to remain hidden during his excursions in Whole World, sometimes turning pure friends into bitter enemies, whether in a village or an entire empire. He emphasizes on changing the personality of an individual rather than flat-out controlling them, seeding them with doubt, paranoia, and fear. It is rumored that he had the audacity to resurrect fallen Keyblade-wielders during the Keyblade War, perhaps to mock Kingdom Hearts rather than to build an army. Hinting at a sadistic, emotionless nature, Agemos sought to manipulate people through their emotions, clouding their sense of judgement with all sorts of negative thinking. Within time, however, his puppet power-play would come to a halt, as the Dandelions defeated and sealed him away, allegedly, at the Keyblade Graveyard, in one of its scarred plateaus. (Author’s Note: He is the more “neutral” of the Living Banes, preferring to strike on opportunity rather than on impulse. This artwork by the majestic Alex Ries, also known as Abiogenesis, is how I came to imagine this fiend: [url][/URL] )
  5. Uko-Gij- Undeniably the worst of the Living Banes, it is speculated that he, the Deathflame Monarch, was “recycled” from the corpse of the Judge of Wrath. His seemingly human form is juxtaposed by aspects of beast and demon, yet he is neither of these creatures, but an entity of a far worse countenance. Responsible for the destruction of many cultures and civilizations across the Whole World with his army of Ghlonks and Ghlorgs, along with barbarians and cultists at his side. Aside from gaining an immortal domination of the Whole World, he is tasked with exterminating every population of Keyblade-wielders, so that none may challenge the Fallen One Soeht’ne when he returns full of his powers. This objective fits well with his addiction to cause violence, harm, domination, mayhem, death, and destruction. Amongst all of his conquests, his most brutal and violent took place during the siege of Daybreak Town. He personally executed the five Foretellers with his “Keyblade”, Schwefel, and staked their masks at the town’s entrance, as a warning to those who will attempt to reclaim Daybreak Town. He soon renamed, and “remodeled” Daybreak Town into Hellscorch City, a realm of tyranny and death, home to the victors of the siege. Yet, as years passed, the Dandelions rallied the cultures and civilizations destroyed by Uko-Gij when they came of age during the height of the Keyblade War. It was at this moment they led an army from the lands of the North, South, East, and West to stop the Deathflame Monarch once and for all. It was a bloody and grueling campaign, as many Dandelions and allies fell under the blade of Schwefel, but when all hope was lost as it seems, one Dandelion captain, the legendary Rosleo, stabbed the chaotic despot in the chest, and the brute of terror roared in pain. Though the wound was not fatal, it gave Uko-Gij enough cause to flee, hiding the most remote of places even after the shattering of the Whole World, but when he was caught, he was chained to a crude stone sarcophagus. No one really knows where exactly he was imprisoned for good, but many think it is best not to imagine that idea, for it is better not to remember him than acknowledge a time when the Whole World was terrorized by a monster of unimaginable doom. (Author’s Note: I (metaphorically speaking) drew most of his personality from the one and only Lord Sauron, Middle-Earth’s Most Wanted, combined with the worst tyrants and dictators in in real life history. Physically speaking, I picture him as being part ways human and dinosaur/demon/dragon/gargoyle, or simply a combination of 20 Million miles to Earth’s Ymir: [url][/URL] and these concept art pieces for the cancelled Jurassic Park 4: [url][/URL] I imagine his armor would be based on early religious images of demons and the Devil himself. One more thing: his “Keyblade” is in the form of the runic symbol for fire: [url][/URL] )
  6. Professor Mustelal- An anthropomorphic weasel and head teacher of Universal History at Toontown University, he always dreams of interviewing a real-life Keyblade-wielder in order to gain a better understanding of their history and culture, something that has barely survived repetitive persecution and “righteous cleansing”. Knowing all too well about the dangers from Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed, Mustelal fears that non-Darkness-based factions such as the Saurites, Pyreans, Reven-Ents, Ferronians, Colubrinese, and Ghlonks, whether on willful ignorance or blinded by misguided nobility, would bring about unutterable havoc to the Known Universe. This is especially made worse on the grounds that each faction see Kingdom hearts as a huge chunk of potentially significant resource, not as an ultimate a source of power. Despite the ever-looming atmosphere of war, he is willing to risk his life to record every detail of every world and person he comes into contact with for his upcoming encyclopedia, “The Life and Times of a Keyblade Wielder”. (Author’s Note: This one particular character is, from my mind, an alternative to a certain cartoon weasel that appeared in the Rocky & Bullwinkle movie when he was blasted by a laser. [url][/URL] )
  7. Honko- Educating his students in Manufacturing Technology, he is a “symmetrically” shaped clown shoe who has seen a variety of action on the frontlines during the Toon-Cog War. Whether to lay suppressing fire against Cog infantry or to deliver explosive payloads to Cog bunkers, Honko certainly packs a fierce punch to drive even the most war-hardened brute running back with its tail tucked between its legs. However, after claiming victory, his life change completely when he became one of a group of war veterans called the Believing Many, so-called because of a conspiracy theory that the Cogs were not completely defeat, but rather dug into the world’s most inaccessible depths, and are planning an attack on Toontown from below. The Believing Many caused such paranoia and justifiable controversy that most members left in order to preserve what little of their reputation was intact, with Honko amongst them, feeling that becoming too much in politics would bring more harm. While he still suffers from headaches by constant artillery shelling and loud machine gun-fire, he tries his best to be professional to his students as possible. When trouble decides to come to his home, however, it’s time to trade in paperwork for his wartime equipment. He is not going to let a bunch of resource-hungry empires take over his turf, for they will have to get through his nose cannon first!!! (Author’s Note: Picturing this character, he is modeled after the Toon Shoe that is mercilessly put into the acidic Dip by the evil Judge Doom in one scene from who Framed Roger Rabbit? [url][/URL] )
  8. Kilala- Wanting to cut back from her adventures, Kilala explores the culture and arts of Toontown, unaware she would meet her favorite princesses once again under very dire circumstances. To make matters worse, she soon finds herself being targeted by the Ghlonks, thinking she is a Princess of Light. (Author’s Note: Coming from a life-life title, I apparently came to known of the eponymous heroine through a friend of mine back in my high school days. The Wikipedia entry describes the manga having similarities with Kingdom Hearts. I am just like, “Take her out of one adventure, put her in another. What can possibly go wrong?”)
  9. Stegg- A Stego-Herbosaur that became enhanced with an energy-based forcefield suit of armor, he was initially to lead a platoon of Saurites to conquer Pride Rock. After being defeated by the protagonist, and shown the true horrors of serving an empire, kingdom, or any greed-based establishment or organization, however, he switched sides for the greater good. (Author’s Note: In the “Rite of Spring” sequence of Fantasia, there is scene where a Stegosaurus fights a Tyrannosaurus. It is obvious who Stegg would be based off of.)
  10. Lankney- After witnessing a dissident against Skrasho be fed to a Tri-Hund, Lankney, a lower-class devil citizen felt that it would be better for his life to serve the Keyblade wielders that be cannon fodder to a regime that annihilate all who would oppose it. (Author’s Note: Towards the end of Hell’s Bells, the bigger devil chases after the smaller devil. It is a dead giveaway that the little guy wants to stop the Pyrean Kingdom from expanding its reign of cruelty.)
  11. D3F3C7- Once referred to as “Minion Bot 10x Cell”, he was given a joint duty with Ghlonk agents to find and either capture or assassinate the Princess of Light when they arrived to Toontown after being displaced by REEF’s all-out war campaign. In a twist of fate, not only did one Toon able to spot a careless Ghlonk attempting to ambush from above, but that same Toon also threw an unused land mine at the would-be assassin Minion Bot. the combination of the shockwave and shrapnel by the land mine had completely wrecked his motherboard. Sent to be scrapped for parts, this now explosion-happy machine escaped from his would-be fate, and ironically has joined forces with the few remaining Keyblade wielders. (Author’s Note: This is a Kingdom Hearts version of the Martian Robot of Mars & Beyond that also appears in House of Mouse)
  12. High Commander Pythius- A Colubrinese born with albinism, he became the favored general of Diobach to lead his army for conquest. Unbeknownst to the savior of the serpents, Pythius harbors a deep hatred to him, for as his mind sees it; why should snakes cater to the whim of a green goat-man? For now, Pythius will have to tolerate everything his boss tells him to do. (Author’s Note: Obviously, this character has to stand out of the crowd, right?)
  13. Ghlonk Horde- A savage, bloodthirsty, and violent race that is composed of humans that became corrupted by Smoke during the Age of Fairy Tales. When the Whole World shattered, most of these devious goblin-like thugs hid in the various worlds of the Known Universe, planning a day to launch an all-out assault. Despite most looking emaciated and “dried”, or shriveled, they are capable of displaying some degree of brute strength. Many confer that most Ghlonks are still human, sound of mind, at least, and while they show aggression on the outside, not to mention being rude and narrow-minded, within their consciousness, the hapless, brainwashed individuals are horrified by what they have become, and what they had done, or currently doing. For some, death is a long-awaited gift, to be free of Smoke’s influence and Uko-Gij’s tyranny. A majority of them are aggressive, “anti-pure”, dirty, and psychotic, but there are some that have a horrifying degree of intelligence, fancying themselves as war-chiefs. This latter chose to be corrupted by Smoke, in order to strengthen their military actions against those who would try to challenge them. More often than not, the corpses of at least 10 fallen Ghlonks are “recycled” to make the dreaded Ghlorg, a patchwork nightmare reminiscent of a certain experiment involving grave robbing and electricity. While most agree that the process is too gruesome to even be thought of, a consensus is that; 1. The bones are melted and then molded into the bones need for a Ghlorg. 2. The flesh, muscles, and organs are stretched/stitched together and deformed in order to attain proper bodily functions for a Ghlorg. 3. Blood is collected and stored until it is needed. 4. The bones are then “connected” by stretched tendons and ligaments. 5. The completed skeleton is then placed into the now enlarged “skin-suit”, followed by the insertion of the modified organs. 6. The Ghlorg is then given a blood transfusion and a very powerful electric shock to revive the mass of stitched flesh and deformed organs. Of course, this necrotic hulk is often less feared than the Formmandos, a specialized army of Ghonks and Ghlorgs that have been modified either by shoddy cybernetics (which some can turn into person-sized vehicles), biological tinkering (sometimes barely resembling a human being to a point), or simply transplanting the blood and organs of Heartless and Nobodies (though rumors exist of Formmandos hunting down Unversed for the same purpose). Yet even the Formmandos are mere elite versions of regular Ghlonks compared to the Ghliphim, gigantic, 500-feet tall mixtures of flesh and metal, most notable for the huge hole in their heads that serves as muzzles for hyper-energized rail cannons, made from the remains of 100 Ghlonks and 50 Ghlorgs, and are armed with enormous melee weapons. Ghlonk technology is often compared to junk, with their weapons, vehicles, and equipment built out of scrap metal and broken electronic and mechanical parts maintained by constant repairs. They are led by an allegedly immortal Ghlonk warlord, Emdaschu the Bloodless, who centuries ago, led the siege of Daybreak Town. (Author’s Note: These guys are practically like the orcs and goblins of any fantasy title, though I imagine that most Ghlonks would resemble Michael, when we was completely under the influence of drugs during the Séance sequence of the All-Stars Cartoons to the Rescue. Probably traumatizing to modern-day children. Don’t let those cartoons fool you. The Devil comes in many forms. No exceptions. ._. Also worth jotting down is the fact that “Ghlonk” is a corrupted portmanteau of “ghoul” and “homunculus”, as Ghlorg is “ghoul” and “ogre”, Ghliphim for “ghoul” and “nephilim”, and for Formmando, the Irish “Formorian” and “commando”. Their behavior is modeled after the Orcs from Middle-Earth and Warhammer.)
  14. Saurite Union- As the name implies, this empire is ruled by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures only because of a crashed Ferronian mothership. The Saurites’ homeworld suffered horribly from collateral damages brought on by the Keyblade War, and despite their primitive brain structure, they knew that impending destruction was upon them all. The story goes that a small Saurite explored the wrecked hull of the mothership, and was “attacked” by an electronic robot-like device, that when it attached itself to the Saurite, gave its host heightened intelligence. Soon, this small creature would end up being remembered as a savior to not just her own species, but to all of Saurite-kind. It was decided that she would need to not only give these “Neuro-Adapters” to every Saurite she came across, but also rebuild, reverse-engineer, and take off of the planet with the downed spacecraft. What began with smaller Carnosaurs eventually spread to larger ones, and then to a small handful of Herbosaurs. At the time of this story, the planet lost its natural tropical swamp status, and was slowly but significantly turning into a hot, dry, desert, made much worse by the destruction of its moon, causing unpredictable volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. However, contruction was nearly nonexistent due to constant defection of the Neuro-Adapters, which lead to violent “blood parties” between Carnosaurs and Herbosaurs. Fortunately, such senseless death and mayhem was worth not only the repairing of the mothership, but also enlarging its original size by 64%, so that not only the future Saurites would escape, but every other living thing that has ecological value, right down to the bacteria. Five months had passed, and despite the ever-worsening conditions, every individual animal, plant, protista, fungus, and bacteria was collected for the most epic exodus of their departees’ lives. Soon, after 20 years of searching, the ship landed on a desolate planet, and terraformed to fit their habitat. Society in the Saurite Union is formed by the caste system based on the diet of each Saurite (Carnosaur being meat eating, and Herbosaur being plant eating), though not in a hierarchal order, and within each diet caste, there are Lesser (Small) Saurites, and Greater (Larger) Saurites. In order to satiate the Carnosaur caste’s hunger, the eldest of the Herbosaur caste allow their body to be eaten, though some, especially the deceased’s family, find the practice very ghoulish, and sometimes, unfertilized eggs are surrendered as well. Victims of fatal accidents are no exception, for simply the sight and smell of a fresh, bloodied corpse is enough to send even the most mentally hardened Carnosaur on a feeding frenzy. It is a wonder that such a nature has allowed prey and predator to coexist in peace, to a degree. The currency of the Saurite Union is based on the fossils of trilobites, ammonites, orthocones, and sometimes polished stone. Their weaponry is surprisingly made of stone, as is their vehicles and starships (although they do employ a variety of non-neuro-adapted creatures for a number of specific missions). The Saurites focus on making heavy kinetic damage as possible, whether using guns or melee tools. Some Saurites come with armor, but for some, physical pain is like earning a medal of honor. This is all due to having high health, especially in the event of a Saurite’s Neuro-Adapter being damaged in battle (a referalized Herbosaur by size would be a nuisance compared to a referalized Carnosaur). Currently, the Union is under the command of Tyranno-Carnosaur Groznigang Piercetooth, who seeks to expand his domain through brute force. His love for enemy flesh and blood is overcome by a new taste: to take control of an oddly-formed floating rock, which emanates powerful waves of energy. Perfect to enhance his military. (Author’s Note: [url][/URL] These would be the dinosaurs in question. All kudos to the 1940 Fantasia.)
  15. Pyrean Kingdom- Their underground kingdom changed forever when their unsually rare planet had been badly damaged during the Keyblade War. They use weapons that put heavy emphasis on heat, and the Pyreans themselves are prone to suffering cold temperatures. Like the Saurites, luck favored them by providing them a downed Ferronian mothership. Reverse engineering the technology aboard, about 98% of the population left their doomed world, though the 2% remains, paranoid of what lays beyond their stone sanctuary. The departing population made themselves at home on a volcanic desert planet, evidently having evidence of pre-existing life at one point. The Pyreans themselves comprise of many unique species weaponized for warfare. Amongst these is the notable devil-like species, whereas others strangely resemble bats, tarantulas, snakes, crocodiles, even cattle, though it is the Pyrean Tri-Hund that is by far the most deadly of the menagerie. What makes the Pyrean Kingdom very dangerous is their capability to use fire-based weaponry. Although they do use armor for their infantry, they often favor pyromancy for its efficiency against enemy infantry. Pyreans also display a uniquely superstitious view of Kingdom Hearts, believing it is a prison of a far more dangerous entity. Society is dominated by powerful clans. Their economy is based around soot and ash, sometimes offering platinum. Pyrean religion centers on the Virtuous Embers, which were believed to have granted the Pyreans a chance to survive in the deep earth of their home planet. There are unverified tales that these beings were summoned by Flothal shamans or Bah’Dirilist priests during the siege of Daybreak Town. They are under the autocratic leadership of the abnormally tall and short-tempered Skrasho, whose one goal is to seek more resource to expand their planet, and their territories. Eyeing a heart-shaped planetoid ahead, it would be a crucial platform for universal domination. (Author’s Note: [url][/URL] An accurate portrayal of Kingdom Hearts’ edition of Hell’s Bells, a Silly Symphonies classic.)
  16. Dead Bark Band- It is a widely known concept that anything, organic or inorganic, animate or inanimate, can be taken over by spirits, good or evil. Trees tend to be a poster child of this knowing, but more often than not, some can be easily corrupted by evil when they least expect it. These Reven-Ents, as both treefolk and other races and species tend to refer them as, are hateful, aggressive, and malicious ents that have outlived their date of death and are possessed by the spirits of either bloodthirsty warriors who turned evil in life, or warlocks that were born evil to begin with. No one is very sure how the Dead Bark Band came to be, but sources point to a very controlling and militaristic log-like Reven-Ent by the name of Ivorn Lizardtongue. This species of undead treefolk take on many forms, from the spindly to the stocky. Their vehicles, structures, and even weaponry are made from the bark of their fallen brethren, perhaps as subconsciously primitive environmental precaution. Speed is their greatest attribute, with rate of fire, reload, and projectile velocity excelling all others, even the infantry, with their largest units are capable of reaching a rather shocking speed similar to a long-haul truck’s. As a morbid form of economy, the trade between dry bark pieces (pieces of fallen Reven-ent comrades) is societally acceptable. Religion-wise, it is Ivron Lizardtongue himself that is the God Champion, and their brutal leader of Reven-Ent space barbarians. His ideology: what is dead shall refuse to submit to humbleness. War is life, and it has set its sights on Kingdom Hearts. (Author’s Note: [url][/URL] Silly Symphonies’ Flowers and Trees’ antagonist fits the description of a war-hungry warlord, in my honest opinion.)
  17. Colubrinese Dynatsy- As the Saurite Union sought to escape a dying world, so did too a species of small, limbless reptiles. Initially, these creatures were either kept as pets or farmed for their meat (the latter reserved for Carnosaurs), but some say that a Lower Carnosaur experimented on some of these serpents with the Neuro-Adapters still unused, and caused a surge of sentience in the legless beasts. This also goaded their metabolism until they grew to be as big as a grown human. Eventually, this lead to an uprising of the newly proclaimed Colubrinese Resistance against their Saurite overlords. Despite sabtoges and leaking of sensitive information, the resistance’s efforts were futile, and found themselves exiled from the Saurites’ society, resulting in the “disposal” of the resistance’s leaders. But, salvation for them came in a rather strange form: a green-skinned satyr, named Dionbach. Seeing the terrible circumstances surrounding the serpents, he offered them a position as his crew of space pirates. It was at this point that the Cloubrinese found their true calling: to find luxury and riches by theft, piracy, and unbridled combat. Thus was born the Colubrinese Dynasty. When using vehicles, Colubrinese are paired together in a male-female partnership, though male-male and female-female are welcomed to be allowed. While most Colubrinese individuals are the same, some can be born with two heads, the entire better with cooperation. Surprisingly, this lack of body diversity is made up for in the diverse form of their vehicles, with tanks and aircraft taking the resemblance to skull and crossbones, spacecraft with heavy skeletal designs, and even mechs in the form of giant skeletons. The strangest aspect of the Colubrinese Dyansty is the use of synthetic venom in their arsenal, despite the fact that they are closely related to pythons than to vipers. Financially, they make transactions by shed-skin, and the law is: the older the skin, the more value it has. On a religious note, it is the Many-Headed One they worship, though they (a great majority that is) respect and honor Dionbach. He and his motley crew of serpents seek to mine Kingdom Hearts of supposed riches beneath its crust. (Author’s Note: These snakes and their Satyr overlord is Kingdom Hearts’ take on a one-shot villain in the Silly Symphonies’ China Shop at the 3:25 mark [url][/URL] These skeletons from The Skeleton Dance would serve as a good template for the Skele-Mechs: [url][/URL] )
  18. Ferronian Empire- This empire is composed of many different races, such as the Lasswitzites, the Moosrabians, the Robrans, the Higneim, the Welkonese, and the most powerful of them all, the Maestirs. This latter came into power all because of the Keyblade War, after it came to Ferros, and nearly wiped out all life on the planet. The most feared and strongest of the Maestir clans, the Mindus, headed by Masterus Mindus the First, launched a campaign of revenge to find and exterminate every Keyblade wielder, regardless whether they fought for good or evil; for both were targeted. Uniting the other Ferronian races under his banner, including his own, Masterus Mindus the First pursued many a great number of Keyblade wielders, suspected and confirmed, innocent and guilty, good and evil. To the Ferronians, it was an opportunity to exact vengeance on the offending party; yet, to the Keyblade wielders, along with Dandelions, it was an overzealous act of war that turned into genocide. The Ferrorian media would fabricate propaganda portraying the Keyblade wielders as savages, cultists, and barbarians, while the Ferrorian Army Guard were the heroes against what they still consider “an abomination to the Corrective Progress”. In reality, such yarns were made to cover up brutal massacres of communities, both Keyblade wielders and sympathizers, and the destruction of many worlds in the name of vengeance. What some may call an inquisition; many felt it was merely an outright cleansing of an “undesirable vermin”. However, many Keyblade wielders took up very brutal and bloody fights against the Ferrorian Empire, and with the use of Gummi Ships, managed to down several Ferrorian motherships, some of which crash landed onto other worlds, and would give birth to newer civilizations via salvageable technologies. Some of these battles cost the lives of both sides, yet, it was the Ferrorian Empire that came out on top. To the relict Keyblade wielder populations, this event would be known as the Shattered Key Massacres. As the Ferronians rely on heavy advanced equipment, they wield heavy armor, electronic and electricity-based weaponry, and even robots to bolster damage and morale. Although the Ferronians are agnostic, they do view the current Mindus king, Masterus Mindus the Fifth as a savior to their civilization. The fifth in the line wields an imperial iron fist over Ferros and its moon. Economy-wise, silicate disks, spires, and bulbs are the widely used currency in the Ferronian Empire. Unfortunately, the economy is falling apart, and riots are more common than ever before. The only hope to save the future is to launch a mining expedition to Kingdom Hearts. But first, Masterus Mindus must take out its vanguards. (Author’s Note: These creatures I imagine would have to cast these Martians from this Disney documentary about Mars, along with its weaponized wildlife: [url][/URL] [url][/URL] P.S. Masterus Mindus= Martian Mastermind. Big green frog thing.)
  19. REEF- The Resource Exploration-Explotation Federation is a newly formed corporate military organization comprised of its founder, the Ferronian Empire, the Embers of Pyra, the Saurite Union, the Dead Bark Band, the Colubrinese Dynasty, and the Ghlonk Horde. As the common goal is to harvest Kingdom Hearts of its potential resources to save their dying societies and economies, they also focus on destroying the Keyblade wielders they believe are the most “evil terrorists in the Known Universe”, and label them as such. With each faction’s technology combined, they become an unstoppable and threatening force to the Known Universe, refusing to cease and desist until the Universe itself is under their heel. (Author’s Note: This faction appears in the second and third chapters of the Inter-War saga, and the first half of the first chapter of the Far Beyond saga. It is Disney’s answer to Halo’s Covenant. )
  20. Cogs- These rusty, brutish automatons were built by the Ghlonks in order to create the perfect super-soldier to take over Toontown. In an ironic twist, the Cogs began tier war campaign against their own creators, and soon adopted the philosophy that an industrialist-based government is the way to maintain order in any World, at the cost of mandating slavery, the destruction of the environment, and ensuring all-out censorship. This did not sit well with the indigenous Toons, and after being besieged numerous times by the Cogs, they declared war. For nearly half of a decade, Cogs deployed Molten Bombs from their bombers, Rivet Tanks, and 50-times folded reinforced dolomite bullet-fed machine rifles, while the Toons fought back with cream pies, boxing gloves, and soot grenades. It was a very agonizing conflict that drove some Toons to the point of insanity. However, a tide for the better came in the form of the destruction of the Uber-Industrial Core during the All-Or-Nothing Assault at the Quiltpatch Hills. This was a traumatic blow to the Cogs, the majority going haywire and began to destroy each other to be the next Uber-Industrial Core. When the mechanical carnage had ceased, many veterans likened it to the aftermath of a lion’s or shark’s feeding frenzy. Despite the satisfying victory, a handful of veterans felt that it would not be the last of the Cogs, as they put it, whatever rusts will never give up. (Author’s Note: Cogs. Why not? Just need to add a little diversity to the enemy roster. Especially those from the multiplayer game of early 2000s internet glory, Toontown.)
  21. Believing Many- This para-political group first established itself in the wake of reports of rogue Cog units in the sewers and abandoned mines. They believe that Toontown must remilitarize against a second Toon-Cog War, though the possibility of such a conflict are slim. Nonetheless, while many Toons think the Cogs are next to extinct, and that the organization itself is repeatedly accused of spreading media-based fearmongering, they have been recently been elected into office in response to the fear of being infiltrated by Heartless and Nobodies, but even more disturbing, is the fact that the Believing Many may form an alliance with REEF to strengthen its militant goals. (Author’s Note: This organization is the hyper-paranoid equal to real-world audiences of conspiracy theories.)

  1. Toontown- It is said that when the Whole World was shattered, many Dandelions flew to Toontown as refugees to escape being forcibly recruited into the Keyblade War. However, in the aftermath of one war, another began, as the Ferrorian Empire launched a massive purge Worlds of any population accused of being Keyblade wielders or harboring Dandelions in response to the planetary assault of their World. A huge majority agrees unanimously to leave Toontown for two reasons: To fight against an oppressive and dangerous entity that would inevitably launch a scorched-earth war campaign, and to spare Toontown of being destroyed and wiped off the face of the Universal Map. Ever since then, some Toons felt that the Dandelions were valiant in their efforts to stop the Ferronian Empire, others thought that they were too foolhardy to battle an empire hell-bent on wiping out the only force capable of defeating the Heartless. Time has changed, along with technology and architecture, though most of the culture has stayed the same, albeit through integration of foreign interests. At one point, fifteen years ago, Toontown was overrun by Ghlonk-made robots called the Cogs, who declared war on the Toons, and launched a campaign to enslave them and deplete the World of its resources. The war lasted for four and a half years, with the Toons using their radical intuition, and exploiting the Cogs’ weaknesses of lack of humor and ramshackle assembly plants. Eventually, the Toons defeated the Cogs, and reclaimed their World. However, many veterans still believe that the Cogs were never defeated at all, but simply buried deep into the earth of the World. (Author’s Note: This is the same Toontown from both Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the online MMO of the same title. In fact, players will get a nostalgic kick with encounter Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, and probably those pesky Toon Patrol Weasels.)
  2. Pyra- The original homeworld of the Pyreans, this planet existed in a starless, moonless system, and was covered miles over miles of thick snow and ice, both in length, width, and height. Below the dismal surface, lays a hellish ecosystem that would be any naturalist’s worst nightmare. It remained mostly isolated until the Ferronian-Keyblade wielder conflict, where a downed Ferronian mothership broke the surface of the planet. The impact itself allowed the cold air to enter the under-earth, and causing havoc to its magma core. This in turn caused frequent and unpredictable earthquakes, while prior to were a normal and decent occurrence. The inhabitants managed to escape their unstable home, though only a handful of isolated communities remain. While the planet still exists, it not advisable to land under any circumstances due to geological instabilities and hostile native lifeforms. (Author’s Note: This planet is probably one of the few ideas I could come up with, considering the harsh, cold nights of winter, being in a pool of absolute darkness. Makes you feel like you are no longer in the Solar System anymore.)
  3. Ferros- Somewhere in a region of space dwells a blood-red planet, covered in deserts and river-laden oasis. Strange creatures inhabit the wastelands, and sandstorms are a frequent occurrence. There are countless pits, holes, and caves that lead into a dark, cold abyss. Oddly-shaped mountains dominate the horizon, and beyond one particular mountain range, at the heart of this planet in a geopolitical standpoint; Casderan, crown jewel of the Ferrorian Empire. The planet itself was actually a lot lusher than it used to be. This was all because of the Keyblade War, which not only altered the geography, but also the ecology and climate. It was also the birthplace of the rise of the Mindus Family’s rise to power, with their fifth-in-line as current ruler. This is coupled with the declaration of each and every Keyblade-wielder as terrorists and launched a purge of such vermin. While the planet itself has recovered slowly but decently in terms of its ecosystem, its economy has hit severe hard times due to shortages of jobs and the inevitable devalue of silicates. (Author’s Note: This is Disney’s equivalent to the one and only Mars in our solar system.)
  4. Horrpin- This bluish-white celestial body serves as the moon of Ferros. Its inhabitants vary from gnome-like to humanesque (sometimes donning wings and thick hair), often domesticating large bats and mono-horned goats. They are rather medieval compared to their Ferrorian neighbors, and attempts to contact them have been futile, due to apparent mistrust between Horrpin and Ferros. This is possibly in conjecture to early Ferronian colonization on the moon, in which the native inhabitants fought and won. It is theorized by the academics of Toontown University’s Astrophysics Department that Horrpin might had a mud-colored surface that would be blooming with grassland meadows (in fact, there are scattered regions on Horrpin that are free from the cold grasp of its tundra). (Author’s Note: Everything about Horrpin is based on the Disney Man and the Moon documentary: [url][/URL] )
  5. Skrapatin- Long believed to be another casualty in the Keyblade War; this dead planet was converted into a giant planetary factory to create the Ghlonks’ most feared weapon: the Formmandos. Using unrefined scrap metal, disease-ridden microbes, and captive Heartless, Nobodies, and if confirmed, Unversed as materials, this world serves as the birthplace of the Ghlonk and Ghlorg super-soldiers. On this desolate planetoid, Formmando recruit are put through the harshest training course of their lives. Most are put through a deadly marathon involving brittle canyons, unpredictable earthquakes and meteor showers, intense radiation, and the occasional hand-to-hand combat with mutated man-sized bacteria. Those that succeed that stage of training are put through the harshest of endurance, such being exposing to high levels of heat, radiation, and cold, put under high pressure, and even left to hang from nooses made from barbed wire for two days. Combat training involves the use of near-unreliable firearms and explosives, often with live ammunition, a sort of thinning out the recruits. Formmandos come in three categories: Skrape-Borks, which are junkyard version of a cyborg, Bioticans, which are genetically enhanced to have, for example, the sweat glands on their arms into multi-shot rifle cannons, and the ever-horrifying Organoids, infamous for tracking down and harvesting the organs of Heartless, Nobodies, and if rumors are true, rare Unversed. (Author’s Note: obviously a dead world covered in environmental hazards and mutated wildlife would deter even the most determined of Keyblade wielders. Then again, all that training I mentioned would be better found in a Spetznaz manual! These details I based on Quake’s Strogg)
  6. Hellscorch City- “Where there was a garden of flowers now grows the bones of the fallen. Where there were stars, there are skulls. Where there used to be a clock tower, now stands the idol statue of Uko-Gij, the Deathflame Monarch.” This lament was stated by an Agrabahni explorer who witnessed the dramatic transformation of Daybreak Town into a hellish, death-ridden, war-centric shell of its former self. The worshippers of Bah’Diril, the Bone Lord, and the infamously feared Deathflame Monarch, Uko-Gij. It is talked of as the “resting place” of the Foretellers that were executed while defending Daybreak Town. The zealot Bah’Dirilists occupy the upper regions of the city to show their faith to the nondescript deity Bah’Diril, while the Ghlonks give tribute to their Satanic god-king, and as for the Flothals, they buried themselves deep into the earth to continue their worship of the Bone Lord and his return, along with his army of “magical skeleton demons”. (Author’s Note: This setting I based on how in Shadow of War, Minas Ithil, a city owned by humans in Gondor, became overrun with Uruk-hai and Olog-hai, and was renamed Minas Morgul.)
  7. Kingdom Hearts’ Interior- There are a vast number of people who believe in a conspiracy theory that Kingdom Hearts is hollow, or at least, honeycombed with chambers and great halls that has recorded the beginning of existence, time, and space itself. Many argue that it not only houses a vast temple within, but also holds endless spans of treasures. (Author’s Note: This concept comes from the supposed assumption of the Earth, and even Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, and all moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are in fact hollow. You can thank Edmond Halley for that. And Shangri-La, Agartha, Shambhala, etc., of the Himalayas.)