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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Destiny and Fate (Rewrite)

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Mar 14, 2006
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Yeah, I know that I posted this story a while back, sometime during the summer and I got some good suggestions and compliments on the first few chapters. Well, I decided to rewrite most of it and I changed some things in the first few chapters, so I thought that it might be easier to just post it in a new topic than have to bring back an old topic that has probably been deleted by now.

Well, without further ado, here it is:

Kingdom Hearts Destiny and Fate
Part I
A New Keyblade Master

Chapter 0
It has been two years since the Keyblade Master, Sora, returned to Destiny Islands after finishing off the Organization for good as well as the Heartless. On a group of islands about 25 miles from Destiny Islands called the Islands of Fate, a new keyblader is about to awaken. In his bedroom in his home, a boy who is almost a man by the name of Ace is dreaming of falling through darkness towards a platform. Through his journey, he will be forced to grow up and will be thrust into circumstances in which no human being should be thrust into.

Chapter 1
The Next Keyblader:​
Ace looked down to see himself falling through the endless darkness. “What is this? Is this a dream?” Ace asked into the darkness as he saw a platform appear out of the darkness below him. Ace landed on the platform and looked down to see a picture of Sora, Riku, and King Mickey with their individual keyblades pointed to the center of the platform. Ace saw a sword, shield, and staff appear in front of him.

“Choose the weapon that calls out to your heart and choose the weapon that your heart tells you to give up.” A voice said, from somewhere in the darkness.

“Okay...But who are you?” Ace asked, a little wary, into the darkness.

“I will guide you in your heart, but I will not tell you who I am…You will have to figure that out on your own.” The voice said.

“Okay.” Ace said as he walked over to the sword and picked it up, feeling it’s weight in his hand before it disappeared. Ace then walked over to the staff and saw it disappear as soon as he touched it.

“So you wish for the power of the warrior to attack those who wish to hurt you or the ones that you care about and you wish to give up the power of the mystic.” The voice said again, seeming to question Ace’s decision.

“Yes.” Ace answered as he saw the sword disappear and become replaced with a giant key. Ace looked down at the key and saw that it had two angel wings on the sides of the handle from the bottom of the handle to the top of the handle and then had two more angel wings that spiraled around each other as well as around the blade itself and stopped at the key part. The keyblade then had three smaller, crimson-colored angel wings that protruded from the blade to make the key shape.

“Keyblade...Keyblade.” The voice repeated.

“This is a keyblade?” Ace asked to himself as he tried to strike with the keyblade and saw it disappear in his hand.

“Blazing Angel...Just reach out with your heart and you will summon it.” The voice said, in a commanding tone.

Ace straightened his arm out and reached out with his heart and saw the keyblade appear in a flash of light.

“Watch out! The Heartless have appeared. Be careful!” The voice said, in a slightly worried tone, as black shadows materialized around Ace.

Ace looked around him and saw the Heartless or whatever they were. Ace grasped his keyblade in both hands and charged at the first Heartless and took it out in one slash, but saw the second one blend into the floor. “What is that thing doing?” Ace asked to nobody in particular as the Heartless sprang out of the floor and towards him, before he sliced it in half. Ace continued fighting for another minute or two and finished off the remaining Heartless.

Ace then looked in front of him, and saw a door with ornate patterns appear in front of him, out of the darkness. The keyblade disappeared from Ace’s hand as he stepped towards the door and pushed it open.

As soon as the door opened, a bright light rushed out and caused Ace to put his arm over his eyes to block out the blinding light. A second later, the light began to fade away as Ace put his arm down and looked around to find himself back on the beach on his island and three figures in front of him. ‘This...This is my island. This is the beach that Sarah, Tai, and I always played on.’ Ace thought as he looked closely at the three people in front of him. One, was a boy with dark blonde hair, whom Ace recognized as his best friend Tai. The second person was a girl with long, dark blue hair that he recognized as his other best friend, Sarah. But, the third person was someone who Ace had never seen in his entire life. The third person had silver hair that went a little past his shoulders and held the air of someone who had seen horrors that nobody should have to see.

“Hold on. The door won’t open just yet. First, tell me a little about yourself.” The voice said as Ace noticed that the three people in front of him, seemed like nothing more than lifeless dolls.

Ace walked over to Tai first. “What do you want out of life?” Tai asked in an emotionless tone.

“To become stronger.” Ace answered as he thought about the intense rivalry that had always been between Tai and him.

“Is strength that big a deal?” Tai asked.

Ace walked over to Sarah next. “What’s important to you?” Sarah asked in an emotionless tone like Tai’s.

“Protecting those I care about.” Ace answered as he remembered the feelings that he had for Sarah ever since she came to the islands.

“Is protecting people really that important?” Sarah asked.

Lastly, Ace walked over to the unknown person. “What are you afraid of?” He asked in a tone similar to the others.

“The darkness.” Ace answered as he thought about the monsters that had come from the darkness earlier.

“You want to become stronger. You want to protect those you care about. You are afraid of the darkness. Your adventure begins at dawn. Keep a strong, steady gait throughout your journey and you will be okay.” The voice said.

‘That sounds about right.’ Ace thought. Then another flash of light brought Ace back to the platform. Ace then saw a staircase appear in front of him that lead towards another platform above him. Ace began running up the stairs and reached the platform at the top. Ace walked to the center and saw his shadow begin to grow longer, until it separated from him and turned into an exact replica of Ace. “Who...Who are you?” Ace asked as he heard the voice in his head again.

“Don‘t be afraid...Even though the closer you come to Light, the greater the Darkness becomes; you can still defeat it if you truly have the will to fight and survive.” The voice said.

“I am the darkness that is inside of you Ace...The darkness that can‘t be destroyed, even by that accursed weapon.” Ace’s shadow said as he summoned a dark copy of the exact weapon that Ace had received.

“Shut up!” Ace yelled as he summoned his keyblade back to his hands and grasped it tightly in both hands as he charged at his shadow.

Ace and his shadow deflected the majority of the other’s attacks for several minutes. A few minutes later, Ace jumped back a few feet after he received a bone-crushing blow to the shoulder that nearly dislocated the bones in it.

“I’ve got to admit, you’re strong. But that doesn’t mean that I will lose to you.” Ace said as he grinned a little and tried to stand up, but felt his knees starting to give out on him.

“You will never win. This is where I kill you.” Ace’s shadow said as he disappeared and reappeared in front of Ace with his keyblade ready to strike.

As the keyblade came down on Ace, Ace suddenly jerked his keyblade up above his head as soon as the keyblade was about to reach Ace’s head and put his other hand on the blade to help deflect the keyblade.

“What the heck?” Shadow Ace yelled as his strike was parried and Ace jumped up above him and sliced his keyblade straight down Shadow Ace’s body, killing him. Ace then jumped backwards and saw the keyblade disappear from his hand.

“I did it. I actually beat him.” Ace said as he grimaced in pain from his shoulder injury.

“I guess that I made a good choice when I chose you to wield the keyblade. Soon the Heartless will attack and you will need to be ready, Ace...You will meet the other keyblader soon. His name is Sora...Even though you will encounter many enemies and many obstacles, remember: There will always be a door to the light...” The voice said as it faded away.

“Okay I understand...” Ace said as he felt himself falling into the darkness.

Well, that's the end of the first chapter and like always, all comments and criticism are welcome, as long as it does not border on being considered a flame. I'll have the next chapter ready soon, so I hope that I'll get some comments pretty soon.

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Nov 8, 2006
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Good story, Aceflyheight. I really couldn't find any errors in your story, which is very good. I can't wait till the next chapter.


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Mar 14, 2006
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Thanks for commenting, ROad HOg and I'll try my best to keep posting the story on here as I finish rewriting it.

Oh, and before I forget, here's Chapter 2 as well as the Sub-Chapter. (Note: Most of the regular chapters are focused on Ace, while the sub-chapters are focused on somebody else. You'll find out who that somebody else is pretty soon. Oh and one thing about the sub-chapter: it gets a little intense near the end, just warning everybody.)

Chapter 2
The Next Day:​
Ace suddenly jerked up in his sleep, and brushed the bed sheets away from him as he thrashed around for a second. He looked around quickly and then looked down at his sweat soaked body. “Was that a dream? It felt so real.” Ace whispered to himself as he swung his feet off the bed and stood up next to his bed. “Well only one way to tell, I guess.” Ace said as he reached out with his heart and the keyblade appeared in his hand. “So it really wasn‘t a dream.” Ace muttered to himself as the keyblade disappeared from his hand again. Ace shrugged his shoulders a little and walked towards his shower and began to take a shower, to try to wash all the sweat off. About 15 minutes later, Ace walked back out of the shower, drying his hair off. Ace laid the towel down on the floor as he walked over to his closet and got his clothes out. Ace put his crimson cargo pants on as well as his blue t-shirt before he slipped his dark blue windbreaker jacket on, but left it unzipped as he walked towards his door, pulling his black gloves on his hands. Ace walked through his door and locked the door as he walked outside into the blazing heat. ‘Man, it’s hot, today.’ Ace thought to himself as he put his gloved right hand over his cloudy blue eyes as he looked at the sun high up in the sky, as he continued walking towards the beach.

As Ace was walking towards the beach, he messed his neck-length dark brown hair up somewhat, for the messy look he tried to achieve each day. Ace finally stopped walking as he reached the beach and saw his friends waiting for him, down by the water. Ace began running towards the water and blinked a little in the heat as he saw Tai, sitting on a branch in a nearby tree that directly overlooked the sun in the morning and evening. Ace then looked a little lower and saw Sarah sitting on the sand at the base of the tree that Tai was sitting on. Ace slowly walked up to both of them and knew that Tai had seen him, because of the slight wave of his arm up in the tree, but was sure that Sarah hadn’t seen him at all. “Hey guys.” Ace said as he saw Sarah jump a little, because she didn’t know that he was behind her.

“Hey there Ace, what took you so long?” Tai asked as he smirked down at Ace.

“And why do you always have to scare me like that, Ace?” Sarah asked, smiling a little as her heart rate began to come back down to normal.

“Tai, you know that I‘m not a morning person.” Ace said, smiling a little as he reached up and grabbed one of the branches above him as he pulled himself up on top of it. “And it‘s just kind of fun for me.” Ace continued, still smiling as he turned towards Sarah.

Sarah got up from the sand and brushed the sand off her clothes as she got up on a branch next to Ace and playfully socked him in his shoulder.

“Ow.” Ace said as he pretended to be hurt as he rubbed his shoulder from where Sarah had hit him.

“That was for saying that it was fun for you.” Sarah said as another smile began to appear on her lips, as she pushed her dark blue hair back away from her face.

Ace leaned back on the branch a little as he saw Sarah’s smile and put his hands behind his head. “Hey guys, I‘ve been thinking...” Ace said as he was interrupted by Tai.

“Never a good thing.” Tai said, smirking a little.

“Oh come on Tai, don‘t be like that.” Ace said as he pretended to be hurt, except for a little smile on his face. “Well I was thinking about the three of us heading over to the Destiny Islands for a little while for some fun. As well as to see what the islands are like, considering the fact that we haven't ever visited it even though Sarah used to live there.” Ace continued.

“For once Ace, you actually seem to have a good idea.” Tai said.

“Yeah I guess that I did...Wait, that wasn‘t fair.” Ace said, a little ticked off but he got over it after a moment.

“I’m just kidding with you.” Tai said.

“Hey Ace, I think that it’s a great idea.” Sarah said. Sarah slid off the branch and landed on the sand, without any trouble and brushed a little sand off of her clothes. “I’ll see you guys later. I need to go get ready.” Sarah said, smiling at Ace as she started waving at the two of them as she left.

Ace and Tai waved back at her, until she was out of sight.

“I got to go as well and get ready.” Tai said, as he got off of his branch and landed on the sand as well, but turned around and looked at Ace. “Ace, if you really like Sarah that much you should tell her that you like her, before I take her for myself.” Tai said, with a serious look on his face.

“Hey wait a second, but I don‘t...” Ace said, as he began to turn red, as he jumped off of his branch as well and landed on the sand.

“I’m just joking with you, Ace.” Tai said, as he grinned at Ace and began to run off towards his house.

Ace looked over his shoulder at the sea as he began running back towards his home as well. “I guess that I‘ll try and hope for the best with Sarah once we get to Destiny Islands.” Ace said to himself with a sigh, as he reached his home and began to get ready for the trip.

A few hours later, the three of them met up at the dock and saw the ship, about ready to leave port. “I already got the tickets.” Ace said to Sarah and Tai as he pulled three tickets out of his jacket pocket and handed two of them to Sarah and Tai.

“Thanks for the ticket, Ace.” Sarah said as she took hers from Ace’s hand.

“See you on board you two.” Tai said as he grinned at the two of them as he took his ticket from Ace’s hand and walked up the plank and onto the deck.

Ace then followed Sarah as he saw her walking up the plank a second later.

As she walked onto the deck, Sarah walked over to the railing and put her hands on the rail as she stared out at the ocean as they set sail.

Ace followed behind Sarah and walked up next to her and put his hands on the rail as well.

“Hey Ace.” Sarah said as she saw Ace walk up next to her and look out at the ocean.

“Hi Sarah.” Ace said as he tried to not look at Sarah, afraid that he might blush and make a fool of himself if he did. Ace and Sarah continued staring at the ocean for a while until they began to see Destiny Islands in the distance. The two of them continued staring at the main island for a little while, until they reached the dock at the main island and heard a person’s voice on the intercom.

“We have arrived at Destiny Islands. Everybody please get off now in an orderly fashion.” A voice said on the intercom.

“Let‘s go Ace.” Sarah said, smiling at Ace as she turned around and began to walk away.

“Sure.” Ace said as he began walking away as well and they both got off the ship and met up with Tai.

“So...Did you two have a nice time without me interrupting?” Tai asked, with a slight smirk on his face.

“Stay out of it, Tai.” Ace and Sarah said at the same time as they looked at each other’s face and laughed.

“I‘ll take that as a yes.” Tai said as he headed off into town, to wander around for a while.

Ace and Sarah saw Tai leaving and began to head towards a hill in the distance. A few minutes later, Ace and Sarah reached the hill and sat down under a tree. “Ace, there‘s something that I‘ve been wanting to kind of tell you for a while.” Sarah said, blushing a little.

“And the same thing goes for me, Sarah.” Ace said, hoping that he won't screw up. ‘Don’t screw up here, Ace. For all that is good and holy, you can’t afford to screw up now.’ Ace thought to himself as the two of them heard a scream in the distance and saw the buildings being engulfed in flames and black creatures attacking everybody. ‘Those are the things from my dream. The Heartless.’ Ace thought to himself. “Sarah, wait here for me, okay?” Ace asked as he got off of the ground.

“Okay Ace. I’ll stay here for you, but please don’t get yourself hurt.” Sarah said as she nodded at Ace.

Ace nodded at her and smiled at Sarah a little, as he began running down the hill and summoned Blazing Angel to his hand as he jumped into the center of the inferno.

“What was that thing that Ace summoned?” Sarah asked to nobody in particular as she leaned back against the tree, waiting for Ace to come back. “I hope that he’ll be okay.” Sarah said, a few minutes later.

Ace jumped through the inferno and began to fight and kill the Heartless as he saw another person who looked like he was around Ace's age, with a keyblade in his hand. Ace looked at the kid as he came closer and could tell that the other kid had brown, spiky hair and blue eyes. ‘Could that be Sora?’ Ace wondered to himself as he ran over to the boy and slashed through a Heartless that was behind the boy. “Hey, are you Sora?” Ace asked.

“Yeah, who are you?” Sora asked as he killed another Heartless.

“I‘m Ace.” Ace said as he sliced another Heartless in pieces and watched it fade back into darkness.

“So you have a keyblade as well?” Sora asked as he sliced another Heartless with the Kingdom Key.

“Yeah, I got it in a weird dream last night.” Ace said as he brought Blazing Angel in front of him.

“Hey Ace, can you hold the Heartless off for a moment while I get rid of this fire?” Sora asked as his keyblade began to glow a little.

“Sure Sora.” Ace said as he dashed through the Heartless, killing several and stopped in place to watch Sora.

“Aeroga.” Sora yelled as a mighty blast of wind hit and blew the flames out, as well as killing the remaining Heartless.

“Cool.” Ace said as he walked back towards Sora, with his keyblade at his side, but still in his hand.

“Thanks for the help, Ace.” Sora said as his keyblade disappeared.

“Thanks for your help as well Sora, and could you tell me what all this was about?” Ace asked as his keyblade disappeared as well.

“Sure.” Sora said as he explained about the keyblade and the Heartless.

Ace then remembered about Sarah. “Sorry, but I need to go. I’ve got to make sure that somebody’s still safe. I‘ll see you later, Sora.” Ace said, while Sora was still explaining and began to run off towards the hill.

“Hey Ace, meet me at the beach in a little while if you can.” Sora yelled as Ace ran off.

Ace reached the hill and saw Sarah still waiting for him. “Sarah, I‘m sorry about having to leave like that.” Ace said as he sat back down next to her.

“It‘s okay Ace, but would you mind telling me what happened?” Sarah asked.

“Sure.” Ace said as he began to try to explain as good as he could.

“Wow, but it seems so weird.” Sarah said, sighing a little to herself.

“I have to agree, it is pretty weird, and it looks like I‘m one of the keybladers as well.” Ace said, as he looked down at his hands for a second.

“Hey Ace, have you seen Tai since those things attacked?” Sarah asked.

“Actually no, I didn‘t even see him while I was fighting. But he’s always been tougher than I have been, I'm sure that he can take care of himself.” Ace said.

Sub Chapter 2
Tai’s Darkness:​
While Ace and Sora were fighting the Heartless, Tai was doing his best to get away from a group of Soldier Heartless that were running after him. Tai reached a dead end in the street and turned around and stared at the Heartless as they began to walk closer towards him. As the Heartless lunged towards Tai, he felt himself being engulfed in darkness and landed in a dark room with a conference table in the middle. Tai looked around the table and saw two figures sitting around the table. “Where am I?” Tai asked as he looked at the two figures.

“You’re in Radiant Garden, my boy.” The first figure said, who looked like an evil witch.

“Okay, but why was I brought here?” Tai asked, with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“We brought you here to talk, that’s all.” The second figure, who looked kind of like a fat dog in a blue and red outfit.

“About what?” Tai asked, as he felt his hands shaking a little.

“You‘ll find out soon enough.” The second figure continued as he laughed a little.

“Sorry about being so rude, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I‘m Maleficent, my young boy.” Maleficent said.

“I‘m Pete.” Pete said.

“Well, my name‘s Tai.” Tai said, his hands finally beginning to calm down a little.

“Well Tai, we brought you here to talk to you about Ace.” Maleficent said.

“What about Ace?” Tai asked, not liking where this discussion was going.

“Let’s just say that he and Sarah are now safe since the Heartless incident a little while ago, but it hasn’t even crossed their minds to try to look for you. It's obvious that they don‘t care about you anymore.” Maleficent said.

“No, they wouldn‘t forget about me, they might not look for me because they know that I can take care of myself.” Tai said, trying his best to reassure himself.

“Tai, listen to us. Ace and Sarah don‘t care about you anymore as a friend. But we can help you.” Maleficent said.

“But they wouldn’t...They just wouldn‘t forget about me.” Tai said, as a few tears began to streak down his face.

“Tai my child, if you want proof then look here.” Maleficent said as a hologram of Ace and Sarah started playing on the table.

“See Tai, they don‘t care about finding you. I can give you the power that you want to have to get back at them.” Maleficent said, with a strong hint of motherly sympathy and care in her voice.

“Okay. I’ll take it. Please give it to me.” Tai said, almost pleading as he clenched his hands hard.

“Okay, my child.” Maleficent said, a wicked smile appearing on her face as she raised her staff and gave Tai, the power of darkness.

Tai didn’t move at all as a dark aura began to form around him and his clothes changed to a reddish-black Heartless uniform that seemed to fit his body perfectly. Tai then grimaced a little and fell to the ground in pain as his back began pulsing and the clothes seemed to stretch a little. Tai suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream as two crimson colored wings tore through the clothes on his back and stretched out to their full lengths. The wings seemed to stretch out about five feet from his body and seemed to be dripping blood. By the time that the wings had stopped dripping their blood, a puddle had formed around Tai and he was still breathing hard, as he tried to recover from the intense pain.

Maleficent’s wicked smile began to spread further across her face as she observed the bloody wings and Tai’s anguish.

Pete began shivering a little as he saw the transformation beginning. Pete let out a little yep as he saw the bloody wings appear and tried to get under the table. As Pete ducked under the table, he got halfway under before he realized how small it was under the table and he ended up getting stuck under the table.

After a few moments, Tai’s breathing finally began to return to normal and the pain in his body began to lessen somewhat. Tai grimaced a little as he forced his arms under him and began to push his body up off of the floor. Tai finally got up enough to stand on his feet and he began to stumble a little until he was able to focus enough on his legs to be able to stand up right. Tai then brought his hands up in front of him as he stared at his now shaking hands. As he stared, a small smile seemed to appear on his face as his hands began to stop shaking. “This power...It feels so good...” Tai whispered to himself as his wings moved a little, causing the blood left on them to be flung everywhere around the room.

“That’s not all, Tai. You also have a new weapon.” Maleficent said

Tai slowly stretched his hand out in front of him and saw a keyblade of pure darkness form in his hand. “What‘s this?” Tai asked in amazement.

“It’s a keyblade known as Oblivion’s Wrath. It has the power to unlock a person’s heart and open your own heart up to the full power of darkness.” Maleficent said.

“Thank you, Maleficent.” Tai said as the keyblade disappeared in his hand and he turned around and began to walk towards the wall, when suddenly a dark portal opened and Tai walked through it.

“No, my boy. Don‘t thank me, I‘m just giving you what you wanted.” Maleficent said, with a wicked almost demonic smile on her face, as she saw Tai disappear.

And that's the end of Chapter 2 and Sub-Chapter 2. I'll try to get the next one up as soon as I get a few more replies.

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I liked this chapter/sub chapter better than the last one! Tai falls to the dark side, and you gave him some awesome wings and a keyblade, sounds like some interesting chapters will follow this one! I can't wait till the next chapter!


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Mar 14, 2006
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Well, here's the next chapter and sub-chapter everybody. I hope that I can get more comments soon. Please everybody, if you're going to read it, then give me your opinion or something on it.

Chapter 3
Friendship or Duty:​
“I’ll see you later, I’m going to head back to the docks for a little while. I kind of want to stretch my legs a little.” Sarah said as she got up and walked off.

“I’ll see you later as well Sarah, I have to head to the beach to talk with someone and then I’m going to go and look for Tai. He should have been back by now and found us.” Ace said as he walked off as well, but in the opposite direction.

Ace arrived at the beach and saw Sora waiting for him. “Hey Sora, I’m here. What did you need me to come here for?” Ace asked as he stopped a few feet away from Sora.

“I needed to talk to you about the keyblade.” Sora said.

“What about the keyblade?” Ace asked as he began to wonder what all this was about.

“I needed to ask you if you were prepared to fight anybody who was on the side of the Heartless.” Sora said.

“I’m certain that I could.” Ace said.

“That’s good to hear. Because I had trouble following through on that before.” Sora said as he sighed a little.

“Why did you have trouble?” Ace asked.

“Well, my friend Riku, was turned to the darkness partly because of me...” Sora said as he began to tell his story.

“Whoa...That must have been tough on you.” Ace said mostly to himself.

“Well, I just felt like I had to ask you that. I’ll see you later.” Sora said as he began to leave, and waved at Ace before he disappeared from view.

“See you later, Sora.” Ace said as well as he turned to look the moonlit water that extended as far as the human eye could see.

After a few moments, Ace heard something behind him. Ace turned around quickly and saw a dark portal appear and saw Tai step out of it before it disappeared. “Tai!” Ace said, happy that Tai was okay. “Tai, you’re okay” Ace said as he walked over to Tai. As he walked nearer to Tai, Ace thought that he saw something extending from Tai’s back but he shrugged it off. It was probably just his imagination, it’s not like he would be able to see what it was anyway because of the fact that the moon had disappeared behind the clouds.

“Get away from me.” Tai said, in a low and cold voice.

Ace stepped back a few steps. “Tai, what’s wrong with you?” Ace asked, hoping that this wasn’t real.

“There’s nothing wrong with me.” Tai said.

“Then why are you acting like this?” Ace asked.

“What do you think? You and Sarah just cared about each other, you two didn’t even give me a second thought. I was always the one that you two came to, when you needed help or something. Then, when I needed help, neither one of you would do anything to help me!” Tai said as a growl began to appear in his voice..

“That’s not true.” Ace said as he took a few steps forward and tried to keep his cool.

“I saw it with my own two eyes. That’s why I agreed to allow Maleficent to imbue me with the powers of darkness.” Tai said.

Ace froze in place for a second. ‘Sora told me that I would have to be prepared to fight anybody who was on the side of the Heartless, but I can’t attack my best friend.’ Ace thought to himself as he began to struggle about what to do. After a few moments, the moon began to appear in the sky again and cast its bone white glow across the beach. As Ace looked at Tai, he finally saw what was behind Tai. It was two blood red wings. “Tai...Tai, what happ—” Ace began as he was interrupted by Tai.

“Shut up Ace, just shut up! I only came back to take care of a little business.” Tai said, smiling a little as a second dark portal opened up and Sarah came stumbling out of it, weak and frail.

“What did you do to her, Tai?” Ace asked as he ran over to Sarah to see what was wrong with her.

“Ace...” Sarah whispered softly as she heard his voice as she began to fall forward into the sand.

Ace reached her right before she was about to hit the sand and craddled her in his arms. “Sarah. Sarah, please tell that you’re okay.” Ace pleaded, tears streaming down his face as he saw her smile at him and felt her beginning to disappear from his arms.

Sarah grimaced a little as she began to disappear, but she smiled a little at Ace. She tried to say one last thing to Ace, but nothing would come out. She was just too weak now to say anything.

After a few moments, Ace saw what was left of Sarah, disappear into orbs of light that seemed to fade away in his arms. He suddenly collapsed onto the ground, his tears mingling with the sand that he was now covered in and his fists pounding the rough sand, to the point of his fists bleeding and mixing with the sand.

Tai began to laugh as he observed the scene playing out before him.

“What’s so funny, Tai?” Ace asked as he yelled the question at Tai.

“It’s just so funny that you care so much about someone as weak as her. She couldn’t even stand up to me, when I told her that I was coming after you. All I had to do was just smack her around a little and then that was it. No wonder you two always needed me. It looks like I was the only strong one in the group.” Tai said as he stopped laughing, but still had a slight smile on his face from seeing Ace so shaken up.

As Ace heard Tai’s words, he turned around and glared at Tai, all the emotion in his voice and eyes turning into pure anger as he spoke. “Tai...I’m going to kill you. You killed Sarah. I thought that both her and me meant more to you than we could ever know. I guess that I was wrong.” Ace said as he got up from the sand and glared at Tai again, the tears on Ace’s face illuminating like crystals from the light of the full moon that was watching over the two friends turned enemies. The keyblade then appeared in Ace’s hand as he gripped it with both hands and began his charge, his emotions clouding his judgement.

Tai’s smile transformed into his normal arrogant smirk as he summoned Oblivion’s Wrath to his hand and parried Ace’s charge.

“A keyblade?” Ace asked as he used the momentum to jump a few feet back and away from Tai’s keyblade.

“Did you think that you were the only one with a keyblade? Wrong.” Tai said as he held out his other hand towards Ace and several orbs of darkness appeared in his hand that suddenly began to fly through the air towards Ace.

Ace tried to evade the attack, but got hit by several of the orbs and was slammed into the ground, as his keyblade was flung into the air from the impacts and landed several feet away from him. Ace tried to get up and fell to his knees for a second from the pain. ‘How did Tai get so powerful, could the darkness truly be this powerful?’ Ace wondered to himself as he tried to get up again, and was able to get to his feet for a second, but he was breathing hard and grimacing from the pain.

“Don’t even try to get up Ace, unless you want to be killed this time.” Tai said as he turned around and disappeared into another dark portal.

“Tai, I’m not fini—” Ace began as he fell to the ground and fainted, oblivious to the two people that had just arrived at the scene of the battle.

Sub-Chapter 3
Tai’s Confrontation in the Darkness:​
Tai walked out of the portal and noticed that he was surrounded by pure, uncontrollable darkness all around him. Tai began to wonder why he hadn’t appeared in Radiant Garden, like he planned. Suddenly, Tai felt a presence behind him and he turned around to find a person with aquamarine eyes staring at him. Tai noticed that the person had silver hair that went past his shoulders, and seemed to hold the presence of a person who had seen the horrors of the night and lived to see the light of day.

“I see that Maleficent is up to her old tricks. I thought that we had seen the last of that witch.” The mysterious figure said as a keyblade that had a small wing on the end of it, appeared in the person’s hand.

“What do you mean?” Tai asked. “She gave me the power that I needed. She didn’t maniplate me or anything.” Tai said as he summoned Oblivion’s Wrath to his hand.

“She is maniplating you. You’re just being used as a puppet by her. That power that she gave you, it’s like a curse.” The figure said as he began to get into his personal attack stance.

“This power is not a curse. I was blinded by the light and I could only see my ‘friends’ from one point of view. Now, with the darkness, I can see everybody’s true self and their intentions. And as for you, the darkness is showing me that I need to destroy you.” Tai said as he got into his attack stance and fluttered his wings a little before he charged at the person with his keyblade held high.

The figure stood his ground as he easily parried Tai’s charge and struck back with a blow that knocked Tai back several steps.

Tai got back up and grimaced a little as he spread his wings out to their full span. A small smirk began to cross Tai’s face as he took to the air and floated up above the figure. “Try and attack me now.” Tai said as several orbs of darkness appeared in his hand and he shot all of them down at the figure.

“I hope that you can back that up.” The figure said as he summoned several of the orbs as well and caused both attacks to negate each other. While Tai was shocked at the fact that this figure could use the same attacks as he could, the figure suddenly disappeared from the ground.

“What the—” Tai began, but stopped as soon as he realized that the guy would probably appear behind him. “Got you.” Tai said as he turned around in mid air with his wings and swung his keyblade behind him, but the man wasn’t there.

“You’re too gullible. Never assume what somebody is going to do.” The figure said as he appeared in front of Tai and stabbed him multiple times in mid air. Suddenly the figure did one last slash that hit Tai so hard, it sent him falling down into the ground.

Tai hit the ground hard and coughed up blood as he stumbled back to his feet. “But how? Why can’t I win? There’s no way that the darkness could fail me.” Tai said as he continued to stumble around until he was able to concentrate. He summoned a little bit of the darkness and used it to heal his wounds even though he still felt severely weak.

“It’s simple. I told you that it was a curse. Darkness may win at first, but in the end, it always loses.” The figure said as he summoned a dark portal and walked through it.

“Hey, get back here.” Tai muttered, but he knew that it would take a little longer for his injuries to fully heal. “I’d better head back to Radiant Garden. I’ve got a feeling that Maleficent is waiting for me.” Tai said as he summoned a dark portal himself and walked through it.

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Cirque du Mort
Good chapter, I liked the battle scenes you put in the story. Also, why did Sarah dissapear into orbs of light? Sorry that I'm the only poster:(, I'll try to tell some of my friends to read this great story.


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That part will be explained in the next chapter. Don't worry about the being the only poster, I'm just glad that at least one person likes my story. But if you can get some friends to read this, I would appreciate it.

Here's the next chapter and sub-chapter:

Chapter 4
Bonds of the Heart:​
Ace woke up in an unfamiliar bed and looked over to see the sunlight as it streamed in through the window. “Where am I?” Ace asked under his breath as he tried to look around, but fell back to the bed, because of the pain from the battle the night before. Ace heard somebody coming in the room after a few seconds and looked over towards the door to find a girl with crimson red hair standing there, looking at him.

“You’re in Sora’s house.” The girl said with a comforting smile as she took a few steps towards the bed where Ace laid.

“Who are you? Are you a friend of Sora’s?” Ace asked, still a little bit groggy from just waking up.

“Oh, sorry about forgetting to introduce myself. I’m Kairi and yeah, I’m a friend of Sora’s.” Kairi said in a cheerful tone. After a few moments, Kairi turned around and yelled out the door, “Hey Sora, Ace is finally awake.”

“Hey Kairi, how did I get here?” Ace asked as he saw Sora walk through the door right after he asked.

“We arrived at the beach about the same time that we saw you faint and saw somebody leaving in a dark portal.” Sora said. “Oh and Ace would you mind explaining to us about exactly what in the heck happened?” Sora asked.

“Hey Sora.” Ace said as he saw Sora come in. “Fine, I’ll tell you what happened...” Ace said as he explained about Tai and Sarah, and about everything that had happened the night before.

“I’m sorry about Sarah.” Kairi said.

“I tried to warn you, so you wouldn’t have to go through what I did, but I didn’t expect you to do any different than I did.” Sora said.

“I know. I was just so shocked that he could do something like that.” Ace said as he clenched his fists hard and a few tears leaked out of his eyes.

Sora saw Ace clenching his fists and walked over to Ace and placed his hand on Ace’s shoulder. “Come on Ace, cheer up some.” Sora said.

“I’ll try to. But Sora do you think that I can somehow get Sarah back?” Ace asked as he wiped his tears away.

“Yeah, so don’t worry Ace, you’ll find her and get her back. Just remember Ace, Sarah is closer than you think she is.” Sora said as he pointed to Ace’s heart.

“I don’t understand Sora.” Ace said as he saw Sora pointing at his heart.

“Whenever you meet someone, your heart becomes connected to them by invisible chains. The bond that forms as a result of that meeting, will help keep the ones you meet together and will help you find Sarah.” Sora said as he tried his best to explain.

“Yeah, if it hadn’t been for the bond between myself and Sora, then he would never have been able to find and rescue me.” Kairi said, smiling a little.

“That’s for sure.” Sora agreed as he smiled back at Kairi.

“Thanks guys.” Ace said as he started to smile a little as well. Ace then started to get out of the bed and grimaced a little at the pain.

“Ace, you might want to take it easy until your injuries heal.” Sora said as he helped Ace stand up a little better.

“I’ll be okay and I’ll see you guys later. I need to get Sarah back now.” Ace said as he stood completely up and got his balance back right.

“Okay Ace you can save Sarah, but go on outside first and then I’ll be out in a second.” Sora said.

“Okay.” Ace said as he walked outside to wait for Sora.

As soon as Ace was gone, Sora turned back to Kairi.

“Sora, give this to Ace. I believe that it might come in handy for him.” Kairi said as she handed Sora her lucky charm which turned into the Oathkeeper keyblade for a second before it transformed back into the lucky charm.

“Wait a second, this is your lucky charm...Okay I understand.” Sora said.

“I’ll see you after you give it to Ace, Sora.” Kairi said as she saw Sora walk outside.

Ace turned around and saw Sora coming out of the house. “I’ll see you later, Sora. I really need to go now.” Ace said as he turned back around and began to walk off, determined to somehow get Sarah back.

“Hey wait up for a second, Ace!” Sora yelled as he threw something towards Ace.

“What’s this?” Ace asked as he caught the object and recognized it as some kind of charm.

“It’s a keychain for a keyblade, known as the Oathkeeper. Like it’s name says, it’s a keyblade that symbolizes the bond between hearts that I mentioned earlier.” Sora said.

“Thanks Sora, I’ll give it back to you as soon as I rescue Sarah.” Ace said, waving his hand back at Sora as he walked off.

Sub-Chapter 4
Tai’s Return To Radiant Garden:​
A dark portal opened up near the conference table in the room and Tai walked through it, his body aching from the earlier battle and several gashes on his body from where the attacks had slashed through his clothes and into his skin.

“I see that you decided not to kill your friend yet.” Maleficent said as she got up from her seat at the conference table. Maleficent noticed the injuries on Tai’s body and wondered who caused it. She knew that it wasn’t Ace, because she had watched his battle against Ace. Suddenly she began to smell a familiar scent of darkness in the air around Tai. Maleficent smiled a little as she recognized the scent of her old child, the one who had betrayed her after all she had done for him.

“I decided to let him live, not only to feel guilt over Sarah, but also to make him stronger, so that I could have a true match with him, before I kill him.” Tai said as he walked over to somebody unconscious on the floor. Tai looked down at the person and realized that it was Sarah. Tai turned to face Maleficent. “Maleficent, how can Sarah be here? I got rid of her myself. I saw her fade away” Tai asked, wondering how the heck her body was physically there in front of him.

“Tai my child, when you got rid of Sarah, her heart combined with Ace’s and her body was sent here to us. What you saw disappear, was the appearance that her heart gave off, before it combined with Ace’s heart.” Maleficent said.

“I believe that I understand, but does Ace know that Sarah’s heart is inside of him?” Tai asked.

“No, he does not know yet.” Maleficent said.

Maleficent opened a dark portal near her. “Tai, I will be back soon with Ace, so be prepared when I return.” Maleficent said as she stepped into the dark portal and disappeared.

‘Ace, I hope that you are ready and don’t feel guilty about fighting and killing me because I won’t hold back against you this time. I held back last time because of our bond after being friends and rivals for almost all of our lives, and I decided to spare your life one time because of that.’ Tai thought to himself as he began to wonder if he really wanted to kill his friend, but he pushed the thoughts away.


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Well, here's the next chapter. As a notice to everyone about this chapter, it's just flashbacks so there won't be anything to do with where Chapter 4 left off.

Chapter 5
A much younger Ace, probably about five or six, had just arrived at the beach and was looking out at the waves. “I wish that I had somebody to be friends with. It seems like everybody else does.” Ace said under his breath and sighed a little. He sat down on the sand and hugged his legs as he put his head down and silently cried a little.

“Wow, what’s wrong with you?” A voice asked from somewhere in front of Ace.

Ace stopped his crying and looked up from where he was to see a young boy about his age looking down at him, with a calm and cool look on his face and dark blond hair that seemed to be soaking wet. “It’s...it’s nothing.” Ace said as he wiped away the tears. “Who are you?” Ace asked.

The boy seemed to smirk a little, as if he knew that Ace was trying to hide what was wrong. “My name’s Tai.” Said Tai as he walked around to Ace’s side and sat down next to him. “So, are you going to tell me what’s wrong or not? I know that something’s wrong, I can see it in your eyes.” Tai asked Ace as he looked over at him and waited to find out what was wrong.

“It’s nice to meet you Tai. My name’s Ace.” Ace said as he looked down at the ground a little, after he heard what Tai asked him. “Well, uh...It seems like everybody else has friends that are there for them, except for me. I haven’t met anybody yet who wants to be my friend.” Ace said as he gripped his knees a little hard.

Tai sighed a little at what Ace was telling him. “So, that’s why you’re out here by yourself on such a sunny day?” Tai asked, still with a collected look on his face. Tai then put his hand on Ace’s shoulder and saw him let go of his knees and look at Tai. “Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll be your friend since you don’t have any. We’ll help each other with any problems that the other has.” Tai said.

Ace looked a little shocked fro a moment. “You’ll be my friend?” Ace asked, hoping that Tai wasn’t just pretending.

“Yeah, I will.” Tai said as the look on his face proved that he wasn’t kidding.

Ace smiled a little, glad that he finally had a friend. “Promise?” Ace asked as he held his hand up, with his pinky extended.

“Promise.” Tai said as he brought his hand up as well and they made a pinky promise to each other to always be friends.


An older Ace and Tai, were fighting on the beach as waves crashed against the sand and the sky behind them was the lightest shade of blue with no clouds in sight. It was the perfect setting for their sparring match. Even thought Tai almost always won, there were times when Ace would pull through at the last moment and win the match.

As another wave crashed against the beach and sent sheets of water pouring down on the two best friends, they both struck each other’s wooden swords and smirked at each other.

“I’m going to win this time, Tai.” An eleven-year old Ace said as he pushed harder with his toy sword.

“Nope, I’m going to win.” A twelve-year old Tai said back as his smirk began to turn into a grin. He was thinking about how much Ace had actually changed since he first met a few years ago on the beach. Tai let Ace push his sword back a little, but then he suddenly put a lot of strength into it and slammed his sword against Ace’s.

“No, you’re not. You win almost every time. This is my time to win.” Ace said as he felt the sudden power behind Tai’s push and he lost his footing and fell back a few feet into the sand.

Tai stood there smirking, as he saw Ace fall back a few feet into the sand. “You finished yet? I thought that you said that you were going to win.” Tai said with smug look on his face, but he knew that deep down Ace wasn’t finished quite yet.

Ace got up from the sand and spit out some that had gotten in his mouth and smirked at Tai. “You know that I’m not finished yet.” Ace said as he charged at Tai and their swords connected with each other’s shoulder and they were both sent stumbling back a few steps.

As they both regained their composure and got back into their attack stances, a good sized wave suddenly hit the edge of the beach and they were knocked off of their feet and into the sand.

“Ouch.” Tai muttered a little as he felt the prickly sand under him as he laid in the sand. He thought he heard something muffled to his left and looked over to see Ace’s legs sticking up in the air, with the rest of him buried under the sand. Tai started laughing a little as he got up and walked over to Ace. Tai bent down and began to shove the sand away with his hands until he was able to finally drag Ace out of it.

“Th...Thanks.” Ace tried his best to say as he started spitting out sand. Ace finally spit out the last of the sand in his mouth and looked down to see his clothes completely soaked with water and covered in sand.

Tai sat down next to Ace and noticed him looking at his messed up clothes.Tai then noticed that his clothes were in no better shape than Ace’s. “It looks like both of our mothers are going to kill us. Especially considering that these were our good clothes.” Tai said as Ace and him looked at each other and began laughing that carefree laugh that only innocent kids can.


A thirteen-year old Ace was sleeping in his room even though it was already about noon. His parents had decided to let him sleep and they had already left to go to their jobs earlier that morning. Suddenly Ace’s door opened and somebody began to shake Ace awake. Ace groaned a little in his sleep and after a few moments, slowly opened his eyes to see Tai trying to wake him up. “What is it Tai? I’m still tired from that late night sparring with you last night.” Ace said as he tried to focus on why Tai was there and try to get woken up.

“Yeah, it’s kind of obvious that you’re still tired. Well anyway, I came by to see if you had heard about the new girl that moved here.” Tai said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“A new girl? No, I haven’t heard about it. Who is she?” Ace asked as he rubbed his eyes some and sat up on the bed.

“All of the adults seemed to know, so I thought that your parents might have told you. Well, she and her family moved here last night from those islands near us, the ones called Destiny Islands. I think that her name’s Sarah or something and I heard that she’s your age, Ace.” Tai said.

“Tai, let me get dressed and we’ll go and meet her.” Ace said as he got off the bed and began to grab his normal outfit.

“Sure, I’ll wait outside for you.” Tai said as he left the room and closed the door behind him, as Ace began to get dressed.

After a few minutes, Ace finished getting dressed and met Tai outside the house. “Hey Tai, do you happen to know where she lives?” Ace asked, as he hoped that Tai knew where the girl and her family were staying.

“Yeah, I found out from my dad this morning. He said that he talked to her family last night and helped them get settled into their new home.” Tai said as he and Ace began to head towards where the girl lived.

After a short while, the two of them arrived in front of a modest two story house similar to Ace’s house. “Is this where she lives now?” Ace asked as he and Tai walked up to the door.

“Yeah.” Tai said as he knocked on the door and a young woman, with dark blue hair down to her shoulders and green eyes, appeared at the door.

“Is there anything I can do for you two kids?” The woman, who couldn’t be any older than her early twenties, asked.

“Is your daughter, Sarah, here? My friend and I kind of wanted to introduce ourselves to her.” Tai said.

“No, she left earlier. She said something about going down to the beach for a little while to relax.” The woman said.

“Thank you.” Tai said as the woman smiled a little and closed the door.

“So she’s at the beach. Hey Tai, let’s head to the beach and see if she’s there.” Ace said.

“Fine, but the next person that we meet, you do the talking. I’ve already had to chat with the girl’s mother, so you handle the next person.” Tai said as they both headed towards the beach.

A short while later, the two of them stopped at the beach and began to look around for the girl.

“Any clue where she might be, Tai?” Ace asked as he continued walking and looking.

“If I had any clue where she might be, then we would have already found her.” Tai said as he told Ace that maybe they should split up and look.

Ace agreed with Tai’s idea and they parted in seperate directions. After a few minutes of searching, Ace noticed a girl sitting down at the edge of the beach with the water lapping against her feet. Ace noticed that she had long dark blue hair down to her waist. Ace reasoned that she was probably Sarah. Ace walked down to the beach and sat down next to Sarah. “Hey, are you Sarah?” Ace asked.

“Uh yeah, that’s my name. How did you know?” Sarah asked as she turned towards Ace and Ace was almost memorized by her fiery red eyes.

“Well, uh, my friend told me earlier because his dad helped get you and your family settled in last night.” Ace asked, stumbling for words for a second.

“Okay. So, what’s your name?” Sarah asked, already beginning to trust Ace.

“Uh, my name’s Ace. My friend’s name is Tai.” Ace said, finally trying to get his voice back under control.

“Ace and Tai.” Sarah said as she said both names over again. “So where is your friend?” Sarah asked.

“Well, we both decided to split up and try to look for you.” Ace said, finally getting his voice completely under his control.

Sarah looked confused for a second. “Trying to find me? Why?” Sarah asked.

“We just wanted to meet you. It’s not exactly everyday that anybody new moves to this place.” Ace said. “That reminds me, why did you choose to come out here to the beach?” Ace asked.

“Growing up on Destiny Islands, I always used to play at the ocean, even though I think that’s kind of obvious. And well, that’s why I came out here. It’s just like the beach over at Destiny Islands and I just wanted to feel the cool, refreshing waters again.” Sarah said, as she smiled a little as she felt the cool water splashing against her legs.

“Yeah, even though I’ve lived here all my life, I always loved coming down here for everything from swimming to sparring with Tai to just plain old thinking.” Ace said as he smiled a little.

“Hey Ace, do you mind telling me about you and your friend?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t mind.” Ace said as he told Sarah everything about himself and Tai.

“He sounds like a great friend. I don’t think that anybody could wish for a better friend.” Sarah said.

Ace nodded a litle. “I know, he’s almost like a older brother to me. From the day that we met, we promised that we would always be there for each other.” Ace said.

For the next few minutes, they just sat in silence and listened to the sounds of the ocean. After a few minutes, Ace looked back over his shoulder and noticed Tai walking towards them. Ace waved at him and noticed that Tai waved back as he continued walking towards them.

Sarah noticed Tai in the distance. “Ace, is that your friend, Tai?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah.” Ace said.


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I'm seriously sorry for not posting for a couple of days. I was planning on posting it yesterday after school, but I was feeling tired so I didn't get a chance. Then, when I woke up this morning, I was so sick that I could barely even move at all. I'm a lot better now, so I'll post it right now while I still feel okay.

Note: This is going to be a double feature. I'm going to post Chapters Six and Seven as a way of trying to show that I'm sorry for taking so long.

Chapter 6
Battle Between Friends:
Ace arrived at the beach after leaving Sora’s home a short while earlier. Ace sat down on the sand and stared at the waves as a solitary tear fell down his face onto the back of his gloved hand. ‘Tai, I swear that I won’t lose to you this time. I just can’t, I will take you down to avenge Sarah.’ Ace thought to himself as he continues to stare at the waves.

‘Ace, please don’t be so rash and get yourself hurt...Please don’t try to avenge me if it will get you hurt.’ A voice said that sounded as if it was coming from Ace’s heart. Ace gripped his chest a little, where his heart was.

“That sounded like Sarah, but how could that be, when I saw her fade away in my arms?” Ace asked to himself. Ace then saw somebody appearing from a dark portal like Tai did. Ace jumped up and summoned his keyblade. “Who are you?” Ace asked as he saw somebody dressed like a witch walk out.

“You don’t have to worry about my name. I’m just here to bring you to Tai.” Maleficent said.

“Why would you do that for me?” Ace asked, not trusting this witch at all.

“I’m doing it for my own reasons. Don’t worry, I nor anybody else will interfere with your and Tai’s fight once I bring you there.” Maleficent said, her mouth forming into a twisted smile.

“Okay.” Ace said, barely above a whisper.

“Follow me then.” Maleficent said as she opened another Dark Corridor. Maleficent walked through and waited until Ace began to walk towards it.

‘This is it. Tai, I am coming to take you down this time. I won’t let you win again.’ Ace thought to himself as he walked inside the portal and felt it close behind him.

Ace walked out of the portal a few seconds later, to see a dark room with a conference table in the middle. “Where am I?” Ace asked as he looked at Maleficent.

“I brought you to my castle here in Radiant Garden.” Maleficent said as she disappeared into a dark portal, knowing what would happen soon.

“Hey Ace, are you ready to finish this?” A voice asked from behind Ace.

Ace slowly turned around and saw Tai walk out from the shadows. Ace noticed that Tai had several tears in his clothing, as well as gashes in his skin under the tears and that he still had those demonic wings. “I am Tai and I won’t lose this time.” Ace said as he held his hand out and summoned Blazing Angel in a flash of light.

“Well Ace, I won’t lose either.” Tai said as he held his hand out as well and summoned Oblivion’s Wrath to it in a similar flash of light. A second later, Ace and Tai charged at each other without a moment’s hesitation, with their keyblades facing each other.

Ace and Tai locked their keyblades together and faced each other down. “Hey Ace, you know that I won’t hold anything back this time.” Tai said, smirking a little and began to think about how similar this battle was to their old sparring matches.

“The same goes for me, Tai.” Ace said, smirking as well as he forced his keyblade against Tai’s a little harder and used the push to flip himself away from Tai.

Tai then began his next charge at Ace and slashed at him multiple times in mid air, but Ace blocked each one with a sense of focus and determination that Tai had never before seen in him.

Ace then attacked back with his own slashes, which got deflected as well.

Tai jumped back a few steps and then took to the air with his wings. Tai then looked down at Ace and smirked, because of the fact that he know had the high ground.

Ace pulled back his arm and threw the keyblade into the air like a spear.

The keyblade sailed through the air and Tai realized too late at how fast it was going. The keyblade pierced through his right wing, severing part of it and caused Tai to plummet back towards the ground as the keyblade embedded itself in the stone wall. Right when he was about to hit the floor at such a fast speed as he was currently going, he jabbed his keyblade into the wall and was able to slow down his descent enough to not hit the ground hard. After a few seconds, Tai touched the ground feet first and pulled his keyblade out of the wall and grimaced at the pain coming from his severely damaged wing.

Ace held his hand back out and the keyblade suddenly disappeared from its location in the wall and reappeared in Ace’s hand. Ace then charged Tai again, but Tai raised his at the last moment and barely avoided a possibly fatal hit.

Their keyblades locked together again and they stared at each other for a second. “Tai, you‘ve pushed me as I‘ve pushed you, but I won‘t lose here.” Ace said as he pushed harder, but Tai suddenly punched Ace in the face with his left fist as he pulled his keyblade away with his right hand.

Ace jumped back a few steps after he recovered from the punch and could feel some blood dripping from his nose when Tai busted it with that punch.

Ace and Tai continued fighting for several more minutes, until Ace glanced over at somebody beside a wall who was uncounsious.

“Is that Sarah?” Ace asked out loud as he suddenly felt pain explode in his left shoulder and saw a deep bloody gash in his left arm and noticed that Tai’s keyblade was still stuck in it. A second later, Ace held back a scream as he felt Tai wrench the keyblade out of his arm, tearing the skin even more.

Tai heard Ace and stopped attacking once he wrenched his keyblade out of Ace’s arm. “Yeah, that’s Sarah’s dead body.” Tai said as he pulled his keyblade back for another slash.

“But how...” Ace began as he saw Tai pull his keyblade back for another slash. ‘I have to try it. I hope it will work.’ Ace hoped to himself as he saw Tai swing the keyblade towards him. Ace held out his left hand, painfully, in front of Tai’s keyblade and reached out with his heart again. Suddenly the Oathkeeper keyblade materialized in Ace’s left hand and helped to deflect the slash.

“What the...How did you get a second keyblade?” Tai asked, surprised.

“I got it from a new friend, Sora.” Ace said, smirking. Ace then reversed Blazing Angel in his right hand and used it to power slash Tai’s right arm hard.

Tai fell to his knees as the pain started to spread through his arm and dropped his keyblade to the ground.

Ace stood over Tai, with Oathkeeper in his left hand and Blazing Angel in his right.

Tai started gasping for breath as he looked up at Ace.

“Tai, I won’t kill you. I now understand what Sora said and why I could hear Sarah's voice.” Ace said as both Oathkeeper and Blazing Angel disappeared, but the Oathkeeper keychain remained in Ace’s hand. Ace placed the keychain in his pocket and reached down to pick up Oblivion’s Wrath. “Tai, I won’t try to change your mind about how you believe that Sarah and I didn’t even worry about you, but please take care of Sarah for me anyway. That is the only thing that I ask of you.” Ace said, as he pointed Oblivion’s Wrath at his own heart and smiled a little at the thought that Sarah would finally be back. Ace knew that he would disappear into the darkness, but that was a small price to pay to see Sarah back for just a few seconds. Ace blinked a little and felt the blood from his nose seeping into his shirt and the deep bloody gash in his left arm still bleeding. He smiled again knowing that the pain would disappear as soon as he finished what he knew he had to do.

Chapter 7
Power of The Keyblade:​
Ace plunged the keyblade into his chest and began to fall forward as a single heart left his body and floated over to Sarah’s body. As soon as Ace saw the heart fade into Sarah’s body, he smiled a little as he finally fell face down on the floor as Oblivion’s Wrath disappeared in a cloud of darkness.

Sarah began to wake up and saw Ace face down on the floor. “Ace!” Sarah yelled as she ran over to Ace and picked him up enough so that his head was laying against her shoulder. “Come on Ace, please be okay. You can’t die on me. Please, oh god, please be okay.” Sarah pleaded and hoped as she held Ace’s dying body.

“Sarah, I’m glad that I was able to meet you.” Ace said as his body began to fade away into light.

Sarah started sobbing and crying as she heard Ace tell her that he was glad that he was able to meet her.

Ace slowly turned to Tai. “Tai, please do as I asked and take care of Sarah for me.” Ace said.

“Don’t worry Ace, I’ll take care of her.” Tai said, with a few tears in his eyes as he finally realized that what that mysterious man said was true. Darkness really was a curse. He had now just lost one friend because of it and he had another one who would probably hate his very soul for what he had done.

Ace saw the tears in Tai’s eyes and realized that whatever happened to Tai, he was his normal self again now. Ace struggled a little to turn back to Sarah as he heard her crying and felt her tears falling on his face and shirt.

“Sarah, please don’t cry.” Ace said, his voice already starting to become lighter as he brushed his hand against the side of her face, in an attempt to get rid of the tears and hopefully calm her down some.

“Ace, please don’t leave.” Sarah said as she tried to stop crying, but she continued to beg him to stay.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll always be with you. Whenever you want to see me, just close your eyes and imagine me. I promise that I’ll be there then.” Ace said as he pointed at her heart and looked into her fiery red eyes as tears continued to flow from them. “Sarah, I should have told you this when we first met each other on our island... I... I lo... love... you...” Ace said as a few tears slide out of his grayish-blue eyes as he finally faded away into light and his heart floated into the sky until it disappeared.

“Ace!” Sarah yelled as her tears began to stain the cold, stone floor. “Ace, I love you too. Why didn’t I ever say it before it was too late?” Sarah muttered to herself as she continued crying and collapsed to the ground, her body racked with sobs.

Tai saw Ace finally fade away. “Ace, I’m sorry about this. It was my fault, if I hadn’t been tricked by Maleficent, then this would have never happened.” Tai muttered to himself as he saw Maleficent reappear near him. “You! You’re the one who forced me to do something that I can never take back.” Tai said as he held his hand out, but nothing happened. After a second, Tai realized that he didn’t have a keyblade anymore.

“I didn’t force you to do anything that you didn’t already want to. I gave you what you wanted and you did all that with the power that I gave you.” Maleficent said as she smiled a little as a darkish aura appeared around Tai. “But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t take it back.” Maleficent said as the aura disappeared and Tai was left gasping for breath back in his normal clothes, with the wings now gone as well as Tai’s control over the darkness.

Tai continued to gasp for breath as he realized that he was powerless to do anything now, but he decided not to let that stop him. “I don’t care if you take it back. You can have it, it’s just a curse anyway.” Tai said as he did his best to continue standing after everything that had happened.

“It may be a curse to you, but to those like myself who have controlled darkness for years, it is a gift.” Maleficent said as she had an idea. “Would you like a demonstration of what darkness can truly do, since you never used it to its full power?” Maleficent asked, as darkness began to appear around her hand. A second later, Maleficent flicked her hand a little and the darkness shot like a bullet from her hand and hit Sarah.

As the darkness hit Sarah’s still crying body on the floor, she suddenly screamed as the darkness began to cover her. It was almost as if the darkness was burning her or something. She began writhing in agony as the darkness continued to cover her in itself.

Tai saw the demonstration and saw the pain that Sarah was going through. He suddenly glared at Maleficent with hate in his eyes. He had to stop her from hurting Sarah. He promised Ace that he would keep her safe. “Stop it!” Tai yelled as he charged Maleficent with his right hand curled into a fist to strike with. Right before the punch connected, Tai froze in place and noticed tendrils of darkness holding his legs in place. Tai glared at Maleficent one last time as he felt the tendrils pick him up into the air and throw him towards the wall. Tai hit the stone wall hard enough to dislodge some of the heavy stones and fell to the floor battered and hurt from the powerful throw. Tai tried to get up but he realized that he couldn’t move at all.

A second later, multiple orbs of darkness appeared and struck Maleficent all over her entire body. The force of the attack sent her flying across the room and knocked her out.

Tai looked up from his place on the floor as he saw the attack and looked over to see who had caused it. As soon as he saw the silver hair and aquamarine eyes, he knew who it was. “What is he doing here? Wait, could he actually be trying to save us?” Tai muttered under his breath as he continued to try to get up. He began to get up slowly and had to grit his teeth against the pain the whole time, but he was able to slowly get to at least his knees. Tai then looked over at Sarah and noticed that the darkness was fading away from around her and noticed that her pain seemed to be lessening.

Tai noticed the man walk over to him and look down at him.

“I saw everything that happened. At least you aren’t blinded by the darkness anymore.” The man said as he continued to look down at Tai. “Come on, we’ve got to get out of here before Maleficent wakes up. You stay here and I’ll grab the girl.” The man said as he ran over to Sarah and picked her up carefully in his arms as he ran back over to where Tai was. The man then opened a dark portal and told Tai to go into it.

Tai understood that whoever this man was, he truly was trying to help them. Tai nodded his head a little and limped the best he could until he was inside the portal.

As soon as the man saw Tai walked inside the portal, he looked back at Maleficent’s uncounsious form and wondered for a second why she just would not give up. Suddenly he shook his head a little to clear the thought away. He had to get both of these two away from Maleficent. He felt Sarah move a little in his arms, but then he felt her stop moving and heard her breathing normal. He realized that she had fallen asleep. He shifted his hold on her a little and then began to walk through the dark portal as well.

A short while later on Destiny Islands, a dark portal opened near Sora’s home and Tai walked out of first, followed by the man carrying Sarah.

The man walked up to the door and banged on it a few times with his foot. “Hey Sora, are you in there?” The man asked as he saw the door open and saw Sora at the door. “Sora, we need to come in.” The man said.

“Riku. Ok, come on in.” Sora said as the man, Riku, carried Sarah in. “What happened?” Sora asked Riku, even though Riku just continued past him.

As soon as Riku walked past Sora, Tai walked inside as well and noticed Sora close the door behind him. Tai walked into the room and noticed a girl with crimson hair sitting on the couch and talking to the man, Riku, who was still holding Sarah in his arms.

Riku talked to Kairi for a few moments before he turned around and faced Sora. “I’m going to carry her to the spare bedroom and lay her down for a while. Tai will explain about everything that happened.” Riku said as he walked up the stairs and went to lay Sarah down in the spare bedroom.

“Tai. You’re the one that Ace was talking about that betrayed him.” Sora said.

“I know I did. I was weak and I let Maleficent exploit that.” Tai said as he told Sora and Kairi everything that had happened.

After a few minutes, Tai finished the story and by that time, Riku had already come back down from tending to Sarah.

“So Ace is gone.” Sora said under his breath as he sat down on the couch where Kairi was.

Tai nodded sadly. “Yeah, it was all my fault. I wish that we could get him back.” Tai said as he sat down in a nearby chair and a few tears fell out of his eyes and onto his clenched fists.


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Hey everybody, I'm so sorry for the long wait. I've been busy with school the past several weeks and trying to work on Destiny and Fate in the little time that I have to myself. Eventually I did get all of Part I finished. Here's Chapter 8 for everybody who's been waiting for it. I'll post the final chapters of the story as soon as I get some comments on this new chapter.

Oh, before I forget, sorry again for the long wait. I know what's it like for readers to wait forever for an author to finally update.

Chapter 8
The Light Within the Darkness:​
Ace looked around, but all he could see was darkness everywhere around him. “Where am I?” Ace asked into the darkness, even though he doubted that anybody could hear him. ‘What am I doing here? The last thing I remember is telling Sarah that I loved her as I was fading in her arms.’ Ace thought to himself as he began to wander through the darkness. Ace continued wandering through the darkness, slowly slipping farther and farther into the darkness that surrounded him. “Sarah?” Ace asked as he began to see a light in front of him and he began to walk towards it.

A Shadow Heartless appeared from the shadows in Sora’s house. The Heartless looked around with its yellow eyes for a moment, taking in the furniture and Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Tai in the room.

Everybody saw the Heartless appear and stopped talking. “It’s not attacking yet, why?” Tai asked as he saw everybody else just watching it as well.

At that moment, Sarah began to come down the stairs and stopped as she saw the creature and how everybody was watching it. She felt some kind of connection to the Heartless, but she didn’t know how or why. She then remembered what Ace had told her if she ever wanted to see him. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Ace. She then began to feel Ace’s calming presence almost the same as that of the oceans that surrounded the islands. Suddenly she saw the Heartless for what it really was and she began to smile as she opened her eyes. “It’s Ace! He's back!” Sarah said as she ran over to the Heartless and hugged it in her arms. Suddenly there was a flash of light and Ace could be seen hugging Sarah back. They pulled apart as the light started to fade away. “Ace...You’re really here.” Sarah said, crying tears of joy now as she hugged Ace again, just to make sure that he really was there.

“I’m back and this time, I’m not going to leave you again.” Ace said, smiling down at her as he felt her hug him again.

Sora looked over at Kairi and Riku and motioned for both of them to come with him outside. Kairi nodded and Riku shrugged as they followed Sora outside.

“So, why did you want us to come out here?” Kairi asked.

“I just thought that it would be a good idea to let the three of them be alone for a little while.” Sora said, smiling a little.

“Sora, you really do have good ideas sometime, when you actually stop to think for a minute.” Riku said with a slight smirk on his face.

“Yeah I guess that---Wait, a sec!” Sora said as he finally realized exactly what Riku meant.

Tai looked over at Sarah and Ace as he saw them hug again. ‘I’m glad that those two are finally having some peace after everything I put them through. I just wonder if they will truly ever forgive me and if everything will be normal again.’ Tai wondered to himself as he watched Ace and Sarah.

Ace and Sarah pulled apart again and looked into each other’s eyes. “Ace, thank you for coming back to me.” Sarah said smiling now that Ace is back and okay.

“Sarah, I’m glad to be back as well and I will be here for you, from now on.” Ace said, smiling at Sarah.

“Thank you Ace.” Sarah whispered as she lay her head on Ace’s shoulder, after they sat down on the couch.

‘Sarah, thank you. If it hadn‘t been for your light, then I could have never found my way back.’ Ace thought as he stroked Sarah‘s face a little.

“Hey Ace and Sarah, can you two forgive me for what I have done and put you two through?” Tai asked as he prepared to walk away towards the door.

“I forgive you Tai, since you did your best to protect me against that witch.” Sarah said as she continued to rest her head on Ace’s shoulder.

“Yeah Tai, I guess that I have to forgive you as well, since you did do like I asked you to and kept Sarah safe.” Ace said, stroking Sarah’s face as she relaxed on his shoulder.

Tai stopped at the door as he heard both of them forgive him. Tai turned around and looked at both of them. “Thanks, you guys.” Tai said as he walked over to both of them.

“You don’t have to thank us.” Ace and Sarah said at the same time, as they both looked at each other and laughed.

“You guys won’t ever change, will you?” Tai asked, smirking.

“I guess not.” Ace said, grinning as Sarah started to fall asleep on his shoulder.

‘I’m not surprised. Sarah’s been through a lot, since the Heartless attack. I’m just glad that both of them are safe now and that everything is okay.’ Tai thought to himself as he saw Ace starting to fall asleep as well.

Ace fell asleep a few minutes later after listening to Sarah’s breathing.

Tai looked at the two of them sleeping with a peaceful look on their faces.

Sora walked in with Kairi and Riku a few minutes later and saw Ace and Sarah asleep on the couch. “So I’m guessing that everything worked out between the three of you.” Sora said as Kairi giggled at the sight of the two sleeping so peacefully on the couch.

“Yeah we were able to work everything out.” Tai said.

“I’m glad.” Sora said.

“Hey Sora, it’s getting late so I’m going to go ahead and head back to my house.” Kairi said, running outside as she waved back at Sora.

“Yeah, I’m with Kairi. I’m leaving as well. See you guys in the morning.” Riku said as he left as well.

“Okay, I’m going to get some sleep as well and Tai you can stay in the guest bedroom, since it looks like Sarah and Ace are going to sleep in here.” Sora said as he headed to his bedroom.

Thanks Sora.” Tai said as he headed to the guest bedroom and went to sleep about the same time that Sora did.

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Cirque du Mort
Good chapter, I have always wondered if someone became a heartless did they have to attack people, and your story answered my question! Thank you.


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it isnt a question of where, but WHEN
good chapter there. i hope to see another one soon. and dont worry about taking so long to post the chapter. as a fellow author (and student) i understand how real life can interfere with things like this. as the old saying goes:
"'The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry"
(hmm, sounds good...)

with all due respect,


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Thanks for that, Merlin. I'll try to keep that saying in mind whenever I have a deadline or something. I've only got like two more chapters and then an epilogue and then I'm finished with Part I. I guess that I'll go ahead and post the next chapter, since I've just finished re-reading it again and editing it.

Chapter 9
Connected Hearts:​
Ace and Sarah began to wake up at the same time the next morning and looked at each other on the couch as two yells erupted from the house.

Tai and Sora heard the yells and leaped out of their individual rooms and ran into the living room.

“What’s going on?” Tai asked as he looked at the two on the couch.

“Yeah, what’s the problem?” Sora asked, in a sleepy voice.

“Well, uh...” Sarah began, her face red from embarrassment.

“I’ll explain. We kind of scared each other bad, because we kind of forgot that we fell asleep together here on the couch.” Ace said, his face red from embarrassment as well.

“Well don’t yell so loud next time you guys.” Tai said, a slight smile on his face.

“I was sleeping good before you guys had to wake me up...” Sora said as he yawned a few times.

“We’ll try to not yell so loud next time.” Sarah said, her face still red from embarrassment.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Ace said as he put his hands behind his head.

“I’ll see you guys later. I’m heading into town for a little while.” Tai said as he left.

“And I need to head over to Kairi’s house for a while to talk to her.” Sora said as he left as well.

“Sorry about scaring you like that, Ace.” Sarah said as a little smile appeared on her face as she got up from the couch.

“It’s okay and I’m sorry as well.” Ace said, smiling as well as he got up.

“Hey Ace, thanks for comforting me last night until I fell asleep.” Sarah said.

“You don’t have to thank me, Sarah. I’m just glad that I could comfort you.” Ace said, grinning a little.

“Hey Ace, did you really mean it, when you told me that you loved me, before you disappeared?” Sarah asked.

“I did Sarah. I meant every word of it.” Ace said, as he brushed the side of Sarah’s face with his hand to show that he truly meant it.

“Okay Ace and I meant it when I said that I loved you, after you faded away, even though you probably couldn’t hear me.” Sarah said.

Ace looked up at Sarah as he heard the words that he had always wanted those lips of hers to say to him. “Thanks for telling me that you loved me as well.” Ace said.

Sarah smiled at Ace a little as she realized that he had probably been waiting for her to say those words for a long time.

“Sarah, I’m sorry that I had to leave Tai to protect you, after I faded away.” Ace said.

“Oh Ace...Don’t worry about that. You did what you had to do to save me.” Sarah said.

Ace looked at Sarah and smiled back at her. “Thanks Sarah.” Ace said.

“You’re welcome Ace, and I want you to have this.” Sarah said as she took her necklace off and put it in Ace’s hand.

“But this is the necklace that you said when I first met you, was the last reminder that you had of your grandfather.” Ace said as he looked down at it and wondered exactly why Sarah would give him something so dear to her. Ace continued to look at it and noticed that there was a heart engraved on it with two wings crossed over the heart.

“I know...” Sarah said, with a look of certainity visible on her face.

Ace looked back at Sarah. “But why Sarah? I can’t take this. It’s always been so dear to you.” Ace said as he held it back out to Sarah in his hand.

Sarah put her hand on top of Ace’s hand that had the necklace. “No Ace, I want you to have it...I’m giving it to you not only because it is said that the necklace can help those in need, but also because it symbolizes the bond between our hearts.” Sarah as she took her hand off of Ace’s and put the necklace around Ace’s neck.

“Okay Sarah, I’ll keep it, but only because you can be so stubborn sometimes.” Ace said as he smiled some at Sarah.

Sarah smiled back at Ace as she saw him smile at her. “One thing Ace, don’t lose that necklace.” Sarah said, still smiling at Ace.

“I won’t.” Ace said.

Ace began to walk towards the door. “Sarah, I’ll be back soon. I need to go talk to Sora for a few minutes.” Ace said.

“I’m going with you.” Sarah said.

“Fine.” Ace said, pretending to be hurt at the fact that Sarah was coming.

“Ace, you know that won’t work on me.” Sarah said.

“I know.” Ace said, smiling as he left through the door and heard Sarah close the door as she walked out as well.

Ace and Sarah arrived at Kairi’s house and saw Sora talking to Kairi. “Hey Sora.” Ace said as he waved his hand in the air towards Sora.

Sora saw Ace waving and waved back.

Ace and Sarah walked up to Sora. “Before I forget, here’s that charm back.” Ace said as he realized that he still had the Oathkeeper charm in his pocket and took it out and gave it to Sora. “Also Sora, we need to talk.” Ace said as he pointed towards the beach.

“Okay.” Sora said as he put the charm in his pocket and told himself to give it back to Kairi later on. He began to walk off with Ace and Sarah as he heard Kairi say that she would stay at her house until they got back.

The three of them sat down on the sand. “So Ace, what did you need to talk to me about?” Sora asked.

“Yeah Ace, I’m wondering as well.” Sarah said, a little curious about what was on Ace’s mind.

“Well, it’s just that I wonder. Why was I chosen by the keyblade? Why do I have to face the darkness with this blade by my side? Is there ever an end to what I am going to have to do with this blade? I’ve just got so many questions about what I have to do.” Ace said, hoping that he could get some answers to his questions.

Sora shook his head a little. “I’m sorry Ace, but I don’t have any answers to those questions.” Sora said.

Ace looked down at the ground for a moment as he heard what Sora said. Suddenly Ace heard a voice in his head, the same voice that had spoken to him in his dream.

“Do you truly want the answers to your questions? If you want the answers, you will have to delve into the darkness of the abyss and search for them with your own two hands.” The voice said as it faded away, as if it was never there to begin with.

‘Wait a second. What do you mean?’ Ace said in his mind as he was suddenly shaken somewhat by Sarah and he looked at her, with a slightly shocked look on his face for a moment.

“Ace, are you okay?” Sarah asked as she stopped shaking Ace after she saw him look at her.

“What happened Ace?” Sora asked as he looked a little concerned.

“I just heard this voice for a second. It was the same voice from my dream the other night, the one where I got the keyblade. It told me that if I want the answers to my questions, then I would have to delve into the darkness of the abyss to find them. I wonder what that meant.” Ace said, but he left out the part about him being the only one who could search for his answers.

“Kingdom Hearts.” Sora said, but it came out more like a whisper.

“Kingdom Hearts?” Ace asked.

“Yeah, it’s the heart of all worlds. It’s surrounded by an abyss that is made up of nothing but pure darkness.” Sora explained.

“That’s probably what that voice was talking about. It probably means that my answers are waiting inside Kingdom Hearts.” Ace said. “Sora, do you know how to get there?” Ace asked.

“Yeah, Ace. I know how to get there.” Sora said as he began to walk away from Ace and Sarah and waved for them to follow him.

Ace turned around to look at Sarah. “Sarah, I’ll be back soon. Just wait here where it’s safe until then, okay?” Ace asked her as he began to start following Sora. Ace suddenly felt something holding his arm in place. He looked back and saw Sarah holding on to his arm, not letting him take a step further.

“Ace, I’m going with you guys. I’m not going to be separated from you again.” Sarah said.

“No Sarah, I promise you that I will come back, but you can’t come.” Ace said.

“Ace, I’m coming. If you’re worried about my safety, then I’ll just stay back out of the way, while you guys fight.” Sarah said.

Ace sighed a little under his breath. “Okay Sarah you can come. I know when I’m beaten.” Ace said as Sarah finally let go of his arm and they began to catch up with Sora.

By the time that Ace and Sarah had caught up with Sora, he had stopped at what appeared to be the entrance to a cave that was covered by shrubs and vines.

Sora crouched down and began to walk in as he motioned Ace and Sarah to go in as well. “We always used to call this ‘The Secret Place’. It was always Kairi’s, Riku’s, and my special hideout. We were the only ones who ever came here so it was perfect for just playing with each other and those kind of things.” Sora explained as he led them deeper into the cave until they stopped infront of a brown door and looked around to find drawings all over the walls around them.

“So you guys used to play in here?” Ace asked as he looked around at all the drawings and then leveled his eyes on the door in front of them. “So, what is this door doing here?” Ace asked.

“It’s a door to leads to the heart of the world. Every world has a door that leads to its heart.” Sora said as he walked up to the door, but moved slightly to the side and motioned for Ace to open the door.

Ace nodded and moved towards the door, but then stopped as he realized something weird about the door. There was no doorknob or a handle on it. There was only a keyhole that was surrounded by some golden ornate shapes. “How am I supposed to open this?” Ace asked but then he felt the keyblade appear in his hand and he realized that it was resonating with the door. ‘I hope this works.’ Ace hoped as he brought the keyblade up in front of him and pointed it at the door. Suddenly, the tip of the keyblade began to glow and a beam of light appeared at the tip and connected with the door. The door began to glow for a moment, before it began to open slowly and then faster until it was wide open. As the door opened, the whole cave was bathed in the purest light of all, the kind of light that can only be found in the innocence of children.

“This light. It’s so calming and peaceful.” Sarah whispered as she saw Ace and Sora looking like they wanted to say the same thing.

“Let’s go. I’ve got a feeling that this light will guide us.” Ace said, smiling a little at how the light felt as the keyblade disappeared from his hands. Ace looked around and then infront of him, noticing that they seemed to be walking on ground that was made of nothing but light. It was almost as if he was in Heaven, especially considering the peaceful tranquilty that encompassed everything around them. Ace felt the light seeming to push him from behind, almost as if it had taken on a physical form and was trying to help them as much as it could. Ace nodded his head to show that he understood what the light was trying to tell him and took a few steps forward.

“Ok.” Sarah said as she noticed Ace taking a few steps forward and began to follow him as Sora began to follow both of them through the light.

And that's end of Chapter 9. We're beginning to get to the end. The next chapter will be the final battle of Part I and then the epilogue will lead right into Ace's next journey.


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Yeah, I know. It's mainly a little sappy because I had a friend helping me with this chapter and she kind of suggested the sappy parts and well, I've never been one to turn down a friend's advice especially when it's a girl.
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