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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Coronation of Light (Fan Game Design/Fic)

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Sep 25, 2010
You updated! I'm so happy! <3 Dipper an Mabel and Toby are all in character just like they are in Gravity Falls. I love how Dipper tries to get information about the 'dragon' from Elle like that. And Mabel continues to be her cute self as she gets excited about dragons and whatnot. Cipher trying to keep Shinryu away from the crystal surprises me a little. But then, it's what I'd expect from Cipher wanting control of everything. xD Ah, I have so much LOVE for this Chapter! I'm impressed! And you're editing was well worth it because, this chapter was AMAZING! And I like how there's so much team work at the end to take care of the bad guys. And we finally meet Elle too. <3 Definitely one of my favorite chapters you've written so far. I look forward to the next one whenever you have time to do so, Blackdrazon. :)


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Aug 8, 2013
Thanks Cinder, and thanks for sticking with it! I actually wrote a lot in a spurt over the weekend, so if editing goes well, who knows? Hopefully we will see another part soon!


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Sep 25, 2010
Thanks Cinder, and thanks for sticking with it! I actually wrote a lot in a spurt over the weekend, so if editing goes well, who knows? Hopefully we will see another part soon!

You're welcome, Blackdrazon because, it's been a fun and entertaining story so far! :) Gotta love those writing spurts. <3 In that case, I'll cross my fingers that editing goes well for you! Otherwise, I'll wait eagerly for the next part in the meantime. <3


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Aug 8, 2013
Should the player revisit TOBY DETERMINED after meeting LADY ELLE, the scene will have a slight variation. Other scripted scenes in the area include ELLE in group shots, but otherwise are not adjusted for simplicity's sake.

TOBY: Sorry kids, the Freak Show's still not open! I can't let you in.
ELLE: Isn't that always the way? But we need to get in to find the Crystal. There must be some way to break in… maybe if we search the rest of the circus?
TOBY: If you want to get around quickly, take a ride on the rollercoaster just behind you!

For argument's sake, we will explore the CIRCUS clockwise from the ENTRANCE segment. Here, they come to a strange scene at the edge of the room, consisting of a circus RING (the kind used for performance) which contains several HOOPS on stands. Bording the RING is a number of TANKS clearly filled with water (visible via a small window). One such TANK overlaps the ring on one side. The player can see that these TANKS connect via a pipe to the next section of the room counter-clockwise, and indeed factor into the events that happen in both rooms.

CANDY CHIU sits on a high seat (like one used by a tennis referee) overlooking the ring. GRENDA GRENDINATOR is standing in the ring, adjusting a HOOP attached vertically to a stand. Again, all interaction with NPCs in this section is text-only.

CANDY: Oo! Hi Mabel! Hello Dipper and strangers!
MABEL: Candy? Grenda?
CANDY: Have you come to see our act? Mr. Gleeful gave us a ring to perform our death-defying stunts!
DIPPER: Death-defying stunts? Candy, you realize you're being imprisoned in terrifying flying castle commanded by a triangular demon, right?
CANDY: Ah-huh. The Greatest Show on Earth!
MABEL: Is that… safe?
CANDY: Of course it's safe! Our act is a carefully practiced affair using an experienced trainer…

GRENDA, a preteen girl, waves.

CANDY: …Some simple complications…

The HOOPS all burst into open flame.

CANDY: …And introducing our star, Tiny! An easily trained animal assistant made from the power of darkness in a realm beyond the pall of this limited reality.

A Minobear enters the ring and roars, throwing out its arms. In so doing, it knocks over a hoop, causing the entire RING to be surrounded by roaring flames. It begins chasing GRENDA about the RING.

CANDY: …It's going fine.

Control is returned to the player. There is nothing they can do to enter the RING OF FIRE, but if they speak to CANDY on her high chair, the player will be prompted: "Help Grenda?" Doing so will begin a puzzle mini-game.

KAIRI: Can't we do anything to help?
CANDY: There is no need. Tiny is perfectly trained. We've taught him to always jump through the lit hoops!

GRENDA runs by, screaming.

CANDY: …And to Grenda.
KAIRI: But… there aren't any lit hoops.
CANDY: A minor oversight.
MABEL: We've got to get her out of there!
KAIRI: Then we'll have to work with what we have!

This puzzle is experienced in top-down position. All the HOOPS in the RING are carefully arranged, along with several other props and obstacles like boxes. KAIRI and MAX will take positions at opposite sides of the RING OF FIRE, and can cast the Fire spell between them as usual. Should they use the Fire spell to light a HOOP, "TINY" will take interest in it and will jump through it… but always in continued pursuit of GRENDA! Should the spell touch GRENDA, she will be unharmed, but if the spell touches the MINOBEAR, it will speed up (and consequently, so will Grenda), which may help "fast forward" the puzzle if necessary.

Should the player speak to ELLE before or during any of this world's puzzles, she will offer a hint.

ELLE: It seems to me like there wouldn't be any trouble if it weren't for those flames surrounding the ring. Can't you do something about that?
KAIRI: If only I had a water spell…
ELLE: I guess if you can't rely on magic, see what you have on hand?

The trick here is to get "TINY" to lunge into the WATER TANK, but doing so will require first leading him through several other HOOPS, bearing in mind that he will always jump through a hoop on the side that puts him 1) towards another lit hoop, if available, then 2) towards GRENDA. Toppling the WATER TOWER causes the CIRCLE OF FIRE to be extinguished, at which point the party rushes forward and fights a set encounter against "TINY" and several other HEARTLESS.

FIXED ENCOUNTER: 1x Minobear, 4x Magi; 2nd Wave: 3x Magi, 8x Rabid Dogs; 3rd Wave: 3x Minobears.

After the battle, the party takes a breather.

KAIRI: That should do it! You're safe now, Gre—

She looks around, but GRENDA and CANDY have both vanished. We see the scene from a wide shot, without music, and the entire section of the circus is empty.

MABEL: That's…
DIPPER: …weird, right?

The camera cuts to the BIG TOP, where a red flag with an upright triangle is being raised.

BILL:: [offscreen] Ding-dong! Looks like we're just a big closer to the main event!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Moving on, the next section of the circus opens with a brief cinematic. It pans across the area, which is dressed up like a midway. A large, glass construction dominates the area, connected to the WATER TANKS from earlier. Towards the end of our camera pan, we see that the area is tended by BUD GLEEFUL. After a good look at BUD, we cut to DIPPER and MABEL, who both cringe.

KAIRI: What is it?
DIPPER: Nothing… nothing, let's just… get this over with.

Control is briefly returned to the player, and to repeat, they can access the TRAP ROOM and the scene with LADY ELLE from this room if they so choose (the scene from the previous update). As this is a midway, several of the midway games can be interacted with in a superficial manner (a ski-ball game that plays itself when triggered with Triangle; a whack-a-mole game that will begin to play itself when hit, featuring tiny Driller Mole dolls from KH2, etc) and return simple HP and munny prizes. Once the player interacts with BUD, the following scene plays out.

BUD: Step right up, step right up! Why hullo, Pines twins! Who're your new friends? You lot enjoying the carnival?
DIPPER: Uh… this is Kairi and Max, and… no. No we are not.
BUD: Well that's just because you haven't tried the best part! Bud Gleeful presents: the Aqua Arcade Puzzler! Solve the puzzle and win a prize!
MABEL: Oo, what kind of prize?
BUD: Why, the best kind, of course! It's hidden in this box, right over here.

BUD points to a glass box next to him that is filled with a cloud of supernatural darkness.

BUD: Shine a light on the dark and you win the precious goodies inside. What say y'all give it a try?
MAX: Does the box full of evil darkness seem worrying to anyone else?
DIPPER: In Gravity Falls? Still yes.
MABEL: But not surprising!

The AQUA ARCADE PUZZLER is made up of several GLASS TUBES, partially filled with WATER from the TANKS from the previous room. In the top-left corner, opposite the DARK BOX, there is a SPOTLIGHT. By climbing up to and activating the SPOTLIGHT, the player will be given a wide shot of the puzzle as the spotlight's BEAM heads down the tubes. If you leave things where they are, the light will eventually hit a dead end. The player must climb the structure and turn several VALVES to solve the puzzle, which rotates special MIRRORED HATCHES inside the TUBES. The HATCHES both reflect the light and block the WATER, redirecting both down other TUBES. Should the BEAM hit a MIRROR, it will be redirected, but if it hits the WATER, it will scatter and be blocked.

Unfortunately, like one might expect from a game run by BUD GLEEFUL, the game is also rigged, as the player must let water into the final section of TUBING to redirect the beam properly, meaning the puzzle's "exit" is essentially blocked. After the player has given an honest attempt (bouncing the BEAM off at least two MIRRORS), the game will allude to this.

BUD: Hahaha! C'mon kids, why don't you give it another try?
MABEL: Is it just me, or does everyone else feel silly?
DIPPER: It's like there's no way to get the water out of the last part of the tube?
MAX: I think this puzzle is rigged!
KAIRI: Maybe we should ask around a bit before we continue?

Sure enough, the puzzle cannot be solved until the player has met with LADY ELLE, who has moved after the characters notice the scam (this is harder to notice if the player only recruits LADY ELLE after noticing the scam, so LADY ELLE should be placed close to the platforms that leads up the puzzle, examining the PUZZLE. Speaking to her outside the puzzle will produce an additional segment.

ELLE: Hmm…
KAIRI: What is it?
ELLE: Something about this just…
ELLE: Nothing. It's nothing.

KAIRI walks off, but when her back is turned, LADY ELLE summons her SPEAR and stabs it into a section of GLASS TUBE.

From this point on, the player can redirect the WATER blocking off the final section of TUBING to the hole created by ELLE, where it will spurt out on top of BUD GLEEFUL.

BUD: What in tarnation?

This will leave the last section of TUBE empty. The puzzle can now be solved.

After solving the PUZZLE, the BEAM shines into the DARK BOX. The camera zooms in on the box, revealing a MODEL of the ANCIENT'S MAZE and CRYSTAL TOWER. The party examines it.

MABEL: So wait… we had to get rid of the water to let the light shine through? Does that sound wrong to anybody else?
DIPPER: And what is this?

We see the MODEL from within the box, allowing us to see the party examining it.

MAX: It's the Maze, and the Tower?
KAIRI: But… why would anyone from this world know what they look like?
MAX: This Bill guy really is something else…

The camera cuts to the BIG TOP, where a blue flag with a downwards-facing triangle is being raised.

BILL:: [offscreen] Wow, I bet that one was a wrencher! But you're one step closer to your goal!

After the puzzle, BUD GLEEFUL has vanished.

Continuing clockwise, the next section of the CIRCUS features more of the MIDWAY. Once again, there is an exit here to the TRAP ROOM and the scene with LADY ELLE. This section of the MIDWAY features several ARCADE CABINETS, but also two STRENGTH TESTER games being staffed by WENDY CORDUROY. Like the previous section of midway, this section is filled with objects that can be struck or interacted with for minor prizes, and also features one deactivated ARCADE CABINET the player cannot use yet. We will instead focus on this section's minigame.

DIPPER: Wendy?
MABEL: Dipper, wait! You don't want to go looking like that, do you?
DIPPER: Oh, geeze, what is it, is it my hair? It's probably my hair, right?

He begins to futz with his hair, and MABEL walks past, laughing.

MABEL: Pfffffft, hahaha. Hi Wendy!
WENDY: Hey dudes! Boy, where have you been?
DIPPER: Where have we been? Where have you been? Last we heard, you and your family were hiding out in the woods away from Bill!
WENDY: Haha, yeah. That was rich.
DIPPER: So you're… not one of Bill's weird circus mind-slaves?
WENDY: No way, man! I'm out here fighting the good fight, showing 'em who's boss!
DIPPER: Oh, that's such a relief.
WENDY: So do you wanna play the strength tester game or what?
DIPPER: …Now you see, this is why I should never get my hopes up.

When the player speaks to WENDY, she has the following introduction to KAIRI.

WENDY: Hey, I love your outfit! You wanna play? First one to pop the balloon wins.

On close examination, the TESTERs are designed with a tornado motif, and both of them are perched below a BALLOON depicting a fortress. The object of the game is to strike the STRENGTH TESTER via a traditional mini-game timed hit mechanic, with a meter showing a weak green, medium yellow and critical hit red area. Every time the player hits the TESTER, the weight inside rises up, but doesn't hit a bell like traditional strength testers, but a SPIKE, which gradually rises towards the BALLOON with each hit. The player races WENDY to pop the BALLOON with the SPIKE first, a simple Mario Party minigame with no complications.

LADY ELLE's advice:

ELLE: If you're having trouble hitting it just right, maybe get a lot of medium hits instead of just strong ones!

Should WENDY win the race, nothing untoward happens and the player is able to replay the game, but if KAIRI wins the race, the balloon will pop with confetti and to the sound of noise-makers, revealing a floating depiction of BILL CIPHER.

BILL:: [offscreen] Surprise! It's all about me! .

The camera cuts to the BIG TOP, where a yellow flag with an upwards-facing triangle with a line drawn across it is being raised.

BILL:: [offscreen] And by following me, you're even closer to the final bow.

The party is then shown looking around.

DIPPER: Wait, where's Wendy?
MABEL: Oh geeze.
DIPPER: Bill, you'd better not hurt her!
KAIRI: Don't worry, Dipper. We'll find her. And everyone else too.

The next and final section (which connects, clockwise, to the entrance to the big top), finds the player in front of a large wooden frontispiece depicting a HAUNTED HOUSE. Two men in Halloween costumes are waiting outside the front door: SHERIFF BLUBS (dressed as a vampire) and DEPUTY DURDEN (a bedsheet ghost).

BLUBS: Welcome to Cipher's Cryptic Castle!
DIPPER: Ugh, even the cops are part of Bill's twisted game?
MABEL: Also: that's not a castle. That's a haunted house.
BLUBS: Of course it's a haunted house! But there wouldn't be any alliteration if we went with "house."
DURDEN: Besides, we worked all day on this!
BLUBS: So do you want in or not?
MAX: We don't want to do any of this!
DIPPER: The best way to deal with Bill is to play along until you see a chance to break out.

Talking to the pair again gives you following the confirmation dialogue, followed by a Yes/No prompt.

BLUBS: You've got to find the master key, and then find the treasure. You in?

LADY ELLE's advice:

ELLE: There's always a trick when ghosts are involved, isn't there? If you find yourself stuck, think outside the box!

The HAUNTED HOUSE game takes place in a 2.5D cutaway version of the HOUSE and its many rooms. It is clear that DURDEN and BLUBS just redecorated some of the flying FORTRESS' hallways in Halloween décor. Unused rooms might fade to "black" to cut down on resources. The player can only move KAIRI on a 2D plane, and her teammates are not present. This means she cannot cast spells other than Cure, but otherwise has full access to her attacks.

Besides numerous HEARTLESS lurking in the HAUNTED HOUSE (including another Trap Room since we're in the FORTRESS' corridors, ala the previous post), BLUBS and DURDEN have also rigged the HAUNTED HOUSE with all sorts of tacky and ineffective JUMP SCARES, like a pumpkin-headed scarecrow that collapses as it is deployed, or a cardboard cut-out of a monster that rises up too slowly to be startling. The JUMP SCARES trigger the combat theme briefly when they appear, in the same manner as the HEARTLESS. This may trick the player into attacking the JUMP SCARE props, but if they do so, they will be dropped through a trap door or other secret door to another part of the HOUSE. This can be used to the player's advantage, but is never required, and indeed completing the puzzle without attacking a JUMP SCARE earns the player a small bonus prize like an accessory.

At first glance, the way to the TREASURE is obvious, thanks to a prominent golden door found early in the maze. Should the player try to open it, however, they will find that there's no doorknob. Clues in the maze (graffiti and the like) suggest the player can open the door by pressing a certain switch (with successes indicated via, say the Dragon Quest level up jingle?), but this is a trick. Once the player does so, the golden door will open to reveal a brick wall.

BLUBS: [laughter]
DURDEN: They fell for it, sarge!

On closer observation, however, KAIRI will note that the brick wall is poorly assembled. The player must break the wall open with some force, and to do so will require breaking props in several rooms above the room with the gold door. Namely, the player discovers a COAL CHUTE in the attic.

KAIRI: It's a coal chute, like old houses used to have when they burned coal for heat.
KAIRI: …aren't they supposed to be in the basement?
DURDEN: It wouldn't fit in the basement!
KAIRI: [sighs]

The player must break through the floor with various props to drop the COAL CHUTE through two floors, at which point the coal will explode out and knock down the brick wall. KAIRI opens the treasure chest, but before we see its contents, we return to the outside as KAIRI returns.

DURDEN and BLUBS are overreacting to their defeat.

DURDEN: Aw geeze, if I had just cleaned up that drill, she never would have got the treasure.
BLUBS: We're police officers! You'd think we'd know something about security risks!

The party gathers around KAIRI.

MAX: So what was the treasure?
KAIRI: It was, uh…

She holds up a plain stone.

MAX: A rock? Who cares about a rock?
BILL:: [offscreen] Who cares about a rock? Maybe you should ask your friends that!

We cut to the big top. This time it is a green flag depicting a downwards-facing triangle with a line through it. We return to the party, who soon discover that they are alone.

MABEL: Uh… Sheriff Blubs?
DIPPER: Deputy Durden?
KAIRI: They're… gone!

After clearing all four puzzles (which, thanks to BUD GLEEFUL's con job) also necessitates meeting up with LADY ELLE, the game will proceed to the next stage.

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Sep 25, 2010
Lady Elle stabbing the box made me laugh. That's certainly one way to help solve the puzzle. xD And poor Grenda an Candy. Having to be a part of the Freak show and being chased by Tiny doesn't sound like fun at all. Also, I absolutely how in character everyone from Gravity Falls is. I could easily imagine this being on tv right now. Furthermore, I like how Kairi and co. have been able to solve the puzzles thus far. However, I'm equally confused about the rock as much as they are. Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. <3 I still love Dipper trying to look good in front of Wendy.


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Aug 8, 2013
Once the party has completed all four puzzles, we will cut to a scene where they are walking back to the entrance to tent. As LADY ELLE must be in the party at this point, she is properly included in scenes from here on out.

DIPPER: Is it just me, or do these puzzles seem to be a little more than they appear?
MABEL: Yeeeeeah. Except I kinda feel left out.
DIPPER: It's like they're a message, except… not to us?

LADY ELLE walks past them to speak to TOBY DETERMINED. DIPPER and MABEL confer with MAX about their suspicions in a voiced sequence. Dipper opens his JOURNAL to a page listing the four CLASSIC GREEK ELEMENTS and their symbols.

DIPPER: There's a clear elemental connection between Bill's circus challenges. That ring of fire kept us from helping somebody…
MAX: …We had to use earth – well, coal – to break through a wall…
MABEL: …Bill Cipher is a jerk who's flying in the air…
DIPPER: And water…
MABEL: …is in the way of light?

KAIRI, just a step away, thinks about this in private.

KAIRI: [voiceover, thoughts] Just like the Dark Fire Crystal created a barrier of fire. And the Dark Earth Crystal could break through a wall. But then…

They are all interrupted by LADY ELLE.

ELLE: Hey! Take a look.

The door to the BIG TOP is open. We continue with a text sequence.

TOBY: I don't understand it, it just opened on its own!
TOBY: But who cares! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and shapes of all ages, to the main event!
TOBY: Bill Cipher's Fantabulous Freak Show!

Once the player chooses to enter the BIG TOP, they find themselves in a wholly black room where only the character models are visible. They look around in confusion before MAX spots something off-screen and points to the DARK CRYSTAL OF AIR, which the camera pans to reveal not far away.

KAIRI takes one step in its direction before LADY ELLE stops her as a voice rings out.

BILL: [offscreen] Ladies, gentlemen, guests of all shapes, welcome to Bill Cipher's Fantabulous Freak Show!

The camera pans around, confirming the empty room, keeping the party in shot as a reference.

BILL: [offscreen] We've collected some of the ugliest, most repulsive examples of monsters in the entire multiverse! And look! You're all here!

The party, previously confused, snaps awake at that. ELLE speaks out to the room at large.

ELLE: Cipher? Where are you? Where is Shinryu?
BILL: [offscreen] What, her? Lady, are you in the wrong place!

BILL manifests between the party and the DARK CRYSTAL.

BILL: You think I'd keep her where she could reach the Crystal? You think she'd keep me where I could split and run as soon as I figure out how to work the stupid thing? Come on, people! Honour between extradimensional entities!
DIPPER: Wait… you don't know how to use the Crystal?
BILL: Of course not! We're both trying to break out of here. You think I would be wasting my time messing with you if I could be smashing somebody's favourite glass tower?
ELLE: [angry, firm] Where. Is. Shinryu?
BILL: Oh c'mon! Put two and two together! She's running the tornado keeping us up in the air! She's been outside this whole time!

ELLE's eyes widen, and she turns and runs from the room the way she came, fading into the darkness.

KAIRI: Wait!

Just as KAIRI is about to move, a stone door shoots out of nothingness and slams, as if shut, though the surrounding walls are not visible.

BILL: Ah, ah, ah! Did you think I lured you here just to let you all go? Don't get me wrong, I'd have loved to take you all out at once, but I only have so many hands! [he sprouts additional hands]

KAIRI glowers at him and draws her KEYBLADE.

KAIRI: Let us out of here, and give us the Dark Crystal of Air!
BILL: You know, someone close to you once threatened me like that. And do you know what I said to him? "Loved ones on train tracks!"

He raises his arms and STAN PINES and SOON appear, tied up to roller coaster tracks. But curiously, instead of being tied to tracks on the ground, they appear to be tied to tracks that run vertically, as if on unseen walls. Relevant to the ground, SOOS is upside-down.

STAN: Kids!
DIPPER and MABEL: Grunkle Stan! Soos!
SOOS: [unfazed] Oh hey doods.
STAN: Get us out of here!
SOOS: Oh, no hurry for me, thanks. I haven't been able to feel my toes for a while now and I'm just starting to get comfortable.

KAIRI is even angrier than before.

KAIRI: Let them go!
BILL: Hey, tell you what. I'm a sporting man. You beat me, and I'll let them go. But first, here's a riddle: when is it worth two lives to stop one big problem?

As Bill says "two," more tracks appear, as if on the floor, ceiling and walls of a room, along with the ROLLER COASTER from before. There are also several JUNCTION BOXES with levers. KAIRI looks about and sees the coaster is lined up to hit both STAN and SOOS. When BILL says "one big problem," he proudly puts his hand on his chest.

KAIRI: Never!
BILL: That's an interesting philosophy, considering where you're coming from! Or should I say: "who." [his eye flares, then stops abruptly as he changes subject] Tell you what: I'll even give you a chance to prove it!

BOSS BATTLE: Bill Cipher
The Disney Boss music begins to play and the room lights up and the DARK CRYSTAL OF AIR vanishes. The room is a stone cube within the FORTRESS, with several Escherian staircases that connect each side. Rollercoaster tracks run on all sides of the cube, moving from floor to walls and ceiling.

MABEL: Quick, go for those stairs!

If the player climbs the stairs, the gravity in the room will change to the new side of the CUBE. The battle begins on a section of the CUBE with only one exit staircase, forcing the player to climb the nearest stairs and then save SOOS (indeed, the game may have to block off other staircases until they do so), after which the player will be loosed to play as they will.

The concept here is not unlike a certain segment from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. The player must prevent the ROLLERCOASTER from striking SOOS and STAN by hitting junction boxes nearby each character, which will cause the COASTER to take a bypass before returning to the regular track. Unlike the sequence from Oracle of Ages, the player need not hold the switch down, and can simply strike it and go about the battle, and of course there is no need to knock enemies into a pit. The coaster's track is predictable, but BILL will occasionally teleport SOOS or STAN to another location to complicate things. To alert the player to these teleportations, STAN and SOOS will shout things from their new location. Most of these are simple lines like "Over here!" as the ROLLERCOASTER gets closer, but there should be a few more complicated lines.

SOOS: Uuugh. Question: if I puke here, which way is it gonna fall?


STAN: [emotional] Kids… if I don't make it out of here alive… I need you to set the Shack on fire for the insurance money!

Should either of them be struck by the ROLLERCOASTER, they will bounce in the air and land back in their starting position behind the COASTER. This causes them to suffer damage, visible in the corner. Each can take three hits before the player suffers a GAME OVER.

Since the ROLLERCOASTER challenge and gravity-flipping are already filling the player's plate, the battle with BILL himself is rather simple. He throws projectiles and fires beams from his eye. He will occasionally teleport (disappearing into and reappearing from within his hat) to another side of the CUBE to begin charging energy. If allowed to do so, he will fill the room with a Thundaga spell that creates a sphere of lightning that will hurt anyone not hiding in the corners. Alternately, the player may attack Bill while he is charging to interrupt the attack, which will leave him temporarily stunned. The player may find it helpful to hitch a ride off the ROLLERCOASTER. Through careful programming, BILL should only use his area attack from a position in the coaster's path. If KAIRI rides the coaster to BILL's location, the player can land a timed hit to automatically strike him for extra damage.

After the battle, BILL's magic has gone out of control and he begins to glitch about.

BILL: Why does thiS KEEp happENIng to me? I'm ALL POWerful! What is WROng with THIS Maze? I have the DaRK CRYstaL of Ai—

He collapses in on himself and vanishes. The party pauses for a moment to be sure he is gone, and then lowers their weapons with a sigh of relief. After only a moment, DIPPER and MABEL run in different directions.

MABEL: Grunkle Stan!

We briefly see them untying the prisoners, before cutting away (no easy way to animate the untying of knots) back to KAIRI and MAX. KAIRI is looking up at the DARK CRYSTAL, which has reappeared in the middle of the room.

KAIRI: He's right.
MAX: Right about what?
KAIRI: Bill Cipher was really powerful, right? Why were we able to stop him? And why couldn't he work out how to use the Crystal like all the other bad guys?

The others come to join them.

DIPPER: I dunno, because he's a jerk and he wanted to make our lives terrible?
STAN: Dipper's right. When you find the right bunch of rubes, sometimes you just want to take them for all they're worth.

The others look at him.

STAN: …Is something a jerk would say.
SOOS: Hey, I know this might not be the best time, but Mabel, I really like your glowing pants.

This may seem like a non sequiter, but when the camera pans back to MABEL, we see that something is indeed glowing in her pants pocket.

MABEL: Huh? I didn't wear my glowing pants toda—[gasps]

MABEL produces her CRYSTAL SHARD from earlier, which is now glowing. The camera reveals that it is, in fact, glowing in time with the DARK CRYSTAL OF AIR.

KAIRI: Isn't that the shard you used to show us the way to the fortress?
DIPPER: …It wasn't showing the way to the fortress!
MABEL: It was showing the way to the Crystal!

MABEL raises her arms, and the SHARD flies out of her hands and merges with the DARK CRYSTAL OF AIR in a flash of light. The CRYSTAL pulses for a moment, before sending out of lance of BLACK light to KAIRI, who is once again surrounded by a BLACK aura.

MAX: Whoa, are you all right?

KAIRI clutches her chest, and seems to be having trouble breathing for a moment.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

KAIRI: It wasn't… wasn't complete. No one could use it, because it wasn't complete.
MAX: Wait, so does that mean someone can use it now?

The CRYSTAL begins to pulse even longer and brighter, but we pan down to reveal a TENDRIL made of magical AIR reach up from the floor towards the CRYSTAL. The party reacts with surprise, and KAIRI is about to strike a TENDRIL with her KEYBLADE when more appear and latch on to the CRYSTAL and out of reach. The FORTRESS suddenly shakes.

DIPPER: Uh oh.
KAIRI: Shinryu!

She tries to strike the TENDRILS again, and they crackle and break.

KAIRI: I hope that was enough.

A loud boom sounds off-screen.

MAX: Somehow, I don't think so.
KAIRI: C'mon!

At this point, KAIRI is given a new spell: Thunder. Thunder can only be used by making contact with MAX or another ally, and only if they are conscious. By casting the spell, they form an orb of lightning not unlike BILL's area attack from the boss battle, but much smaller.

The game fades to black and then fades back in on a scene in the middle of the forest. Here, LADY ELLE is standing, spear lowered and catching her breath, in front of a RIFT OF DARKNESS.

ELLE: My Lady. Bill Cipher?
KAIRI: We handled him.

ELLE nods, and together she and the party look at the rift in despair.

KAIRI: Does it lead out of the maze?
ELLE: Not yet. She doesn't have enough. But it leads into the body of the Maze. She's loose in the prison.

She looks back at KAIRI, and grins.

ELLE: Care to join me on a hunt?

The scene closes with Kairi rewarded with the NUMBER THREE, a balanced Keyblade made up of things you'd find in the Mystery Shack gift shop or in Dipper's journal #3 It gives bonuses to team-up attacks.
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Stan wanting to burn down the Shack for insurance money made me laugh out loud. xD Seriously, I love Gravity Falls and you give these characters a ton of justice. I like the boss fight against Bill a lot too. And the Dark Crystal of Air only working when Mabel releases the shard was really cool. Except, I'm kind of concerned for Kairi because, it seems to be having some side effects? I also wonder if Bill was referring to Axel? Or someone else, when he was talking to Kairi? Lots for me to ponder over, but I'm excited to see what happens next. :D Another great chapter as always, Blackdrazon!


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Today is sidequest day.


KAIRI, MAX and LADY ELLE arrive back in the MAZE. There, LADY ELLE summons a mixed group of familiar REMNANTS.

ELLE: Guard this portal. If the dragon appears, one of you teleport back to the Tower and alert one of the Guardians. Don't let anyone past but one of the Guardians, or her Highness and Max.

She then turns to KAIRI.

ELLE: I need to head back to the tower and make arrangements to defend the other Crystals.
MAX: Other Crystals?
ELLE: Yes, there are Light Crystals in the Maze as well as the Dark. Shinryu isn't the master of the Light Crystals, but she's desperate. I worry she might try to seize one.
KAIRI: What should we do?
ELLE: There are more worlds than we have Guardians. I'd like you to go on ahead to Shinryu's next likely target.
MAX: But there are two other Dark Crystals. Which one do we check?
ELLE: Her best bet is to go to the one place we Guardians can't reach.
KAIRI: You think she's going to go for the Dark Crystal of Fire, on Xanatos' world. Behind the barrier.
ELLE: Yes, which is why I need someone to scout ahead. To see if there's a way behind the barrier. Shinryu might be able to barter with Xanatos, just like Gilgamesh. We can't take that chance.
MAX: He's sure not going to want to talk to us.
KAIRI: We'll do it. We'll find a way through the barrier.
ELLE: You're both wonderful.

She turns to go.

ELLE: I'll give my orders to the others and then track Shinryu directly. Tracking takes time, but if she heads to the Dark Fire Crystal, I may join you soon. If she makes in some other direction, I'll send word.

She then raises her arm and produces a PORTAL OF LIGHT. She takes one step towards it, and then stops.

ELLE: Max!

MAX looks up, and ELLE tosses him a small, clear prism.

ELLE: If you need to come back to the Tower in a hurry, use this. It can help you move around the Maze.

She then waves, and disappears into the PORTAL.

The GATE PRISM is a key item used to justify a new ability added to the main menu. This new command can be used to teleport back to the CRYSTAL TOWER from any location in the main body of the ANCIENT'S MAZE (so long as they are not in combat and can reach the main menu). The game also explains that the GATE PRISM will open portals in the CRYSTAL TOWER to fast-travel about the MAZE, which I'll explain in a moment.

Should the player enter the CRYSTAL TOWER at this point, they will find LADY ELLE and MOONBROOKE. MOONBROOKE continues to manage the situation from the main board, which now indicates that the DARK CRYSTAL OF AIR is secure (green). Speaking to MOONBROOKE will give the following dialogue.

MOONBROOKE: That Gate Prism you have can be used here in the tower to teleport to other parts of the Maze. Just check the walls of this room for a familiar reflection. It's the fastest way to get back to the Dark Crystal of Fire.

Approaching the TOWER's inner walls will cause hazy visions of worlds to appear in place of the regular, magical reflections. These appear after the player has accessed a given world for the first time, and can be used at any time from then on.

Other characters in the TOWER have updated dialogue of their own.

ELLE: I've sent Midia to guard the Dark Crystal of Air. Rena and Izander will be going off to guard the Crystals of Light very soon. We're relying on you to scout a way past that barrier!

RENA and IZANDER can be spoken to in their respective rooms.

RENA: The Lady Elle was once a disciple of the path of the Soul Blader. She can channel her own spirit into her attacks. As the master of her art, she's known as the "Blazer." Show her the proper respect!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

IZANDER: As Guardians, our primary charge is to defend the Crystals of Light. If they fell to darkness, this whole dimension would collapse. When the Bandits escaped, preserving the Crystals of Light was our first priority. If only we weren't so few these days…

Someone seems to have slipped news about Shinryu to the prisoners. GILGAMESH reacts as follows, if visited:

GILGAMESH: What thrilling events just outside my view! My companion, the great dragoness, aloof and nearly free! I hope you will give this dark world a good show in your battles to come!

OMEGA as follows:

KAIRI: Why didn't Shinryu come to rescue you? Isn't she your friend?
OMEGA: After a fashion. A hero of light would have come to rescue her companions, but this makes you predictable. In the dark, we can choose the most opportune route. I suspect Moonbrooke will stay to guard us, so Shinryu is wise to stay away. Freedom is our advantage.
KAIRI: You don't look so free.
OMEGA: Flexibility then. In any event, your resources that are drawn thin!

And of course, the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT.

CRYSTAL: The Crystals of Light and Crystals of Darkness keep the Maze in balance, despite all the Darkness imprisoned here. The Tower captures our light, keeps it safe and forms the Remnants. We need them both… because the Maze captures our darkness.

When the player next tries to exit the CRYSTAL TOWER (at any point between here and the end of the game), they will see the following cutscene, with text dialogue.

KAIRI and MAX move to exit the TOWER, KAIRI catches sight of a vision in the corner of her eye.

KAIRI: Huh? Max, c'mere.
MAX: What is it?

KAIRI heads to one of the walls nearest the door, and when MAX approaches, the vision becomes clear and shows a deep cavern.

MAX: I thought the gate crystal could only send us to worlds we already know?
KAIRI: I don't recognize this one either.
MAX: Me neither. …Want to give it a shot?

Using this teleporter (or any other) is optional. Should the player take it, they will arrive in a cave. While the area is not identified by any NPC, the room description that appears when you approach the teleporter on subsequent visits is marked "Eureka, The Forbidden Land."

Spoiler Spoiler Show

The player can only visit a small section of EUREKA: a simple platform, but looking over the edges, the player can see all sorts of tunnels working their way below and around the ANCIENT'S MAZE. Small, distant TONBERRIES can be seen about the many platforms and roads, though as far as the game is concerned, they are simply static props. Present on the platform with the part are two TONBERRIES, one standard and one at work at a FORGE AND ANVIL.

Sidequest: Synthesis
Speaking to the forge TONBERRY will open a menu for Synthesis, which works much like in KH1: the player is given 10 recipes for free and unlocks further recipies by completing the ones they already have. Unlike KH1, completing one synthesis unlocks one recipe until the list is complete, rather than forcing the player to complete 5 recipes to earn 5 in a batch. The only exception to this is the game's final synthesis, which requires all previous projects to be completed. Synthesis provides all sorts of results, from high-level items, weapons for Max and accessories for both characters. The game's final Synthesis project will be discussed in a late-game entry.

The other TONBERRY greets KAIRI in a scripted text sequence.

TONBERRY: [bows] My Lady of the Light.
KAIRI: Hello. What is this place?
TONBERRY: Thissss is the Forbidden Land. Here we dwell in the crackssss between Light and Darkness.
KAIRI: This is your home?
TONBERRY: Shelter. Our home issss far from here, in the true world. The Realm of Darkness.
KAIRI: Darkness? You live in the Realm of Darkness?
TONBERRY: Yessss, live among the shadowssss. The Dark is ssssafety, the Dark is home.
KAIRI: [hangs her head] Oh. So then you're trapped here too.
TONBERRY: But here we are ssssafe. At leasssst for now.
KAIRI: Is something the matter?
TONBERRY: Yessss, come and ssssee.

The player received a key item: a leather patch marked with a jagged, red X. The menu calls this: "Recusant's Symbol."

KAIRI: …This is…
TONBERRY: Sssspiessss. Come to sssstalk My Lady of the Light.
KAIRI: They're looking for me?
TONBERRY: From hiding. Hidden placessss in the Maze, marked with that ssssign.
KAIRI: I should look for them. If they find their way to one of the worlds, they might hurt someone.
MAX: You should look for them so they don't hurt you.
KAIRI: Right, that too.

The game now presents a tutorial prompt: "Hidden monsters are hiding in the Ancient's Maze! Investigate suspicious places with [Triangle]! If you defeat them, the Tonberry may have rewards for you!" Speaking to the Tonberry again will summarize the following information.

Sidequest: The Spies
There are 13 SPIES in the MAZE, with at least one in each of the MAZE's segments, including KENSINGTON GARDENS but excusing the area directly surrounding the CRYSTAL TOWER. To find the SPIES, the player must locate the Recusant's Symbol (an X) somewhere in the environment. The X is always right-side up, never slanted, and its arms are always of proximate lengths (it does not appear as a cross). Sometimes the X is on a conspicuous object, like a scratch or graffiti, other times tied to an innocuous location like a tree or one of the school lockers in the DEEP WOODS section of the MAZE. In most cases, the X is not actually added or written on the object, but appears to be a natural part of the object. For example, amid a design of sun crosses (an encircled cross) in KENSIGNTON GARDENS, the player may notice that one is an encircled X instead of a cross. The X is never found at ground level to prevent you from finding them by accident, you must jump to reach them. Once the X is found, the player must jump to it and tap Triangle to reveal them. The mechanic is not unlike finding hidden HEARTLESS at Halloween Town in KH:Days, but with a visible mark to find and a much wider hitbox for ease-of-use.

Once the X has been activated, it vanishes from the object (even if seemingly natural) and the SPY spawns in a cutscene. For those not willing to check the following KHX/KHUX spoiler, I will continue to use the word "SPY."

Spoiler Spoiler Show

The SPIES all attack identically, but have varyingly sized health bars based on when they are meant to be found in the game, based on which techniques are required to reach them. So if the SPY can be found at this point in the game, they will be at an appropriate level for the upcoming world (World 4), while if they are found with techniques required to reach World 7, they will be at the difficulty of World 7. The "final" 5 SPIES (that is to say: the ones that require techniques from the end of the game) have wings and are able to fly. They have additional attacks to match, but other than that, there only difference between SPIES is stat boosts. The various SPIES will summon PUREBLOOD HEARTLESS to defend themselves.

The SPIES are not bosses or mid-bosses, per se, and are meant to cooperate with the surrounding Heartless. However, they are very good at blocking attacks and spells that come at them while they are simply moving around. The only way past their defences is to hit them when they are attacking, to use a TEAM-UP ATTACK or to Counterattack against them. They also hurl balls of darkness at the player, which the player can dissipate by GUARDING or with attacks.
Most of the TONBERRY'S rewards for hunting the SPIES are fairly good, including rare restorative Items and maybe an Accessory or two. The reward for clearing all 13 SPIES will be discussed in a late-game entry.

Sidequest: Cipher's Celestial Circus
Should the player backtrack to the DARK WOODS, they can speak to MIDIA outside the entrance.

MIDIA: Everything seems safe here! The locals seem to be setting up something with the old fortress. If you find the time, maybe you should check it out?

The REVENANTS standing with MIDIA only play a low, exhaling sound effect if spoken to.

Should the player enter the DARK WOODS, they will encounter a text cutscene right at the entrance.

MABEL: Hey, Kairi and Max are back!
KAIRI: Hey guys. What's going on here?
DIPPER: Oh, not much. The usual Gravity Falls mysteries. Like why that tornado's still going.
MAX: Still?
DIPPER: Yeah. I guess that dragon cast a really powerful spell, or maybe it's just Gravity Falls being Gravity Falls?
MABEL: Grunkle Stan's trying to run the circus as a tourist trap.
DIPPER: I keep telling him it's going to crash into the ground someday but he just said…
MABEL: "Eh, same as all my businesses."
DIPPER: And then he added… "sometimes literally"?
MABEL: Wanna go see?

There are no additional plot segments in the DEEP WOODS per se. The original buskers are still in their places and offer only Yes/No prompts to play their minigames. TOBY DETERMINED is still repeating his directions about the roller-coaster for fast travel about the circus. SOOS and STAN have also been moved to the FORTRESS: STAN can be found in the room leading into the CIRCUS (the room where BILL first confronted the party). The only person left in the MYSTERY SHACK is the TONBERRY.

STAN: Hahaha, even Bud Gleeful is working for me, Stan Pines, king of the flying castle!
STAN: Tell you what, kids. You helped me get to where I am, so you can play all the games for free.
STAN: But tell your friends it's two bucks a try!
STAN: Eleven for a pack of five!

With the exception of the HAUNTED HOUSE, all of the minigames offer improved challenges for additional rewards. The HAUNTED HOUSE is exactly the same as before, simply existing to let the player try to win the previously-mentioned bonus prize you get clearing the HAUNTED HOUSE without attacking any JUMP SCARES. CANDY and GRENDA's ring of fire challenge and BUD GLEEFUL's water puzzle all have additional levels (and there is no further need to cheat against BUD) with a handful of simple prizes. You can now play Easy, Tough and Hard versions of the STRENGTH TESTER, playing against DURDEN, BLUBS and an improved WENDY as your opponents, respectively. These games return minor prizes and are required to complete your JOURNAL.

SOOS can be found in the arcade near WENDY.

SOOS: Hey doods, I managed to fix this arcade cabinet. I mean, it's kind of… pure evil? But it works! Wanna give it a try?

When used, the ARCADE CABINET shines a bright light and absorbs KAIRI inside of it. Here, she can fight a number of optional bosses using her 2.5D controls from the HAUNTED HOUSE, as though she were inside some kind of 2D fighting game. The game is complete with prompts saying: "READY?" and "GO!" before the battle. There are three battles available in the CABINET. The first boss you encounter is LI, one of the martial artist characters from Live-a-Live. Next is KEN "GODHAND" MISHIMA from Squaresoft's Ehrgeiz (already known for its Final Fantasy crossovers!). Of course, the highlight match is against RUMBLE McSKIRMISH from Gravity Falls. These battles are optional and each return unique prizes, and may be well out of the player's ability to handle at this stage in the game.

Defeating McSKIRMISH at the end of the game rewards Data Sora's Zero/One Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Like in Re:coded, the Zero/One is an end-game Keyblade. This blade is one of the weaker end-game blades, but is able to fire short-range projectile attacks with every swing in emulation of the original Targeting Scope ability from Re:coded.
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Looks like Kairi and Max got a lot to do on this sidequest. Making sure the dark crystal doesn't fall into enemies hands. And find a way around the fire barrier before Shinyru does. It was certainly interesting meeting a being that's inbetween that lived formerly in the relam of Darkness. Furthermore, it was a lot of fun seeing the Pine twins again. Stan continues to amuse me to no end with the way he uses the castle for money. xD Also it's neat finding out Kairi won some new keyblades from an arcade game. I greatly enjoyed this chapter! Can't wait to see how things go for Kairi and Max!


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Aug 8, 2013
Returning to the main quest, the player will eventually return to the ANCIENT'S MAZE and attempt to find their way back to the world of Disney's Gargoyles, ideally by using the GATE CRYSTAL. Unfortunately, the old gate is blocked by the BARRIER, and the GATE CRYSTAL dumps them outside instead of inside.

KAIRI: We'll have to find another way in.

The player will have to go to a lower part of the maze. There, using MAX's GRAPPLING HOOK, they are able to find a location that has been blown open by SHINRYU, and can enter the world from there. The camera pans across this Disney replica of New York City, and presents the new title card: CITY UNDER THE CLOUDS. It is once again night, and Xanatos' barrier still surrounds the island of Manhattan.

MAX: So we just find a way through a magical barrier that was specifically designed to keep us out.
KAIRI: Yeeeup.
MAX: And then we fight a dragon.
KAIRI: No big deal, right?
MAX: Of course!

They walk into the city, but as they do, we see a camera installed on a nearby street corner. Zooming in on it, we cut to another location: the inside of XANATOS' COMMAND ROOM atop the EYRIE BUILDING in the middle of Manhattan. XANATOS watches their arrival.

XANATOS: Well, well. It looks like things just got interesting.

He snaps his fingers. We turn the camera to reveal three figures standing behind him, dressed in suits. The camera is positioned to obscure their faces. The one in the middle steps forward.

XANATOS: Make their trip interesting, would you?
???: Of course, Mr. Xanatos.

After the puzzles of the DEEP WOODS, the CITY UNDER THE CLOUDS is combat-focused. The player has relative freedom to navigate a section of the city as they please, finding prizes as they please. Added to the previous assortment of CASTLE ABOVE THE CLOUDS enemies is a new SaGa-derived cousin to the Mekoid. This new Heartless/robot enemy is a variant of the Alert from SaGa 3, a six-legged robot with an eye that doubles as a laser, and can climb on walls and ceilings.

Should the player reach one of two hotspots on the map, this brief cutscene will play, slightly modified by which of the two hotspots the player has encountered.

MAX: Where are all the people?
KAIRI: That's a good question. All the lights are off, too.
MAX: Wait, no they're not! Look over there!

He points to a nearby building, a CLOCK TOWER, where the lights are indeed on. The player can enter it from street level, at which point they will find themselves in the clock room. KAIRI and MAX are not alone, as we see them enter from the perspective of someone hiding behind a box.

KAIRI: The lights are on…
MAX: But no one's home?

We hear jostling and whispering. Three characters speak, and by the sounds of things are right next to us.

FIRST VOICE: I told you not to turn the lights on.
SECOND VOICE: I can't find my way around here in the dark!
THIRD VOICE: You're nocturnal, you daft—!

KAIRI looks directly at them.

FIRST VOICE: Oh. Oh. They spotted us.

We cut back to KAIRI's point of view. The three speakers are barely hidden at all behind some boxes.

KAIRI: Can… we help you?

A new gargoyle, BROADWAY (second voice), stands up. (None of these Gargoyles are strictly introduced to the player by name, as they only play a minor role, but we will refer to them by name in the script.)

BROADWAY: Actually, we were just leaving, so… uh…

A second, LEXINGTON (first voice) stands beside him.

LEXINGTON: Yeah, nice meeting you and all, but…

He tugs at someone beside him.

THIRD VOICE: This is ridiculous and I won't be a part of it. Know when you're beat and face it with dignity!
LEXINGTON: Aw, c'mon!
MAX: Uh… are you all with Goliath?
BROADWAY: Goliath?

The third gargoyle stands, HUDSON, an older gargoyle.

HUDSON: What do you know about Goliath?

Fade to black. When we fade back in, the five are all standing in the open at the end of a conversation.

HUDSON: I see then. At least… at least we're on the same side.
LEXINGTON: You haven't been here since the barrier went up?
KAIRI: I'm afraid not.
BROADWAY: Oh, it's been awful! Xanatos has completely taken over, even the land outside the barrier! There's a curfew, too, probably to make any gargoyles easier to spot if we're out at night.
HUDSON: Aye, and we've not seen sight nor sound of Goliath, Eliza or one of our fellow gargoyles for many a night.
KAIRI: This is awful. I should never have left…
HUDSON: Ach, don't feel bad about it, lass. I'm sure ye had your reasons.
KAIRI: Well, I'm here now. What can we do?
LEXINGTON: Last we saw them, Goliath and Eliza were hoping to find a way below the barrier through the sewer. Xanatos keeps shipping monsters into the city, so we're hoping there might be a way under the river, maybe a secret passage?
BROADWAY: But when they went looking for it, they disappeared! And Brooklyn vanished when he went looking for them!
HUDSON: I thought we should hold down the fort a little longer, in case they returned, but…
KAIRI: Don't worry about it.
MAX: Yeah, we'll find your friends!

The player may converse with the gargoyles in the CLOCK TOWER as they like.

BROADWAY: It's hard to get around with all these monsters. The sooner the city is safe, the sooner I'm going for a long flight around town!

LEXINGTON: The fastest way to the sewer is through the manhole in the middle of this block. Just head down the street across from the tower, and you'll find it!

HUDSON: Fine, you can go, but this the last I'm waiting! You won't see me cowering behind any more boxes! If you two aren't back with Goliath and the others by sunup tomorrow, I'm coming after you!

The player can now approach the manhole in the middle of town, which is now opened (it was previously closed and inaccessible). MAX enters first, and when KAIRI follows, we see a strange scene. The sewers look like the corrupted sewer segment from the ANCIENT'S MAZE.

MAX: [unseen] Whoa. This is weird.

KAIRI is the only character we can see at first, and her vision wavers. In the distance, we see a young MOONBROOKE (ala the vision of young MOONBROOKE we saw in the CRYSTAL TOWER). She crosses a T-junction up ahead, pausing briefly to look over her shoulder.

MAX: [unseen] Hey, Kairi.

White noise begins to build, and the scene fades to white, only for KAIRI to return the present inside of a modern hallway that resembles the decor in EYRIE TOWER. MAX is tugging at her arm.

MAX: You all right?
KAIRI: Are we in… the sewers? I expected…

We get a good look around, but there is no sign of a sewer system, certainly not the corrupted one KAIRI was just seeing.

MAX: Doesn't look like any sewer I've ever seen. I bet this manhole was just a disguise for Xanatos' secret passage all along!
KAIRI: Whoa. This is weird.
MAX: That's what I said!
KAIRI: Well you were right!
MAX: I guess we found Xanatos' secret passage, huh? He didn't even try to hide it much.

KAIRI shakes her head to clear out the clouds.

KAIRI: C'mon, let's go.

HEARTLESS continue their attacks as the player descends through the secret passage. In the next room, we come across a bridge over a redirected channel of sewer water. MAX looks over the edge.

MAX: Huh, I guess they had to put the sewer water somewhere, huh?
???: Maybe you should take a closer look?
MAX: Huh?

MAX stands alert next to KAIRI on one end of the bridge. On the other, we see our three figures in suits once again, now with their faces visible: they are TSENG, ELENA and CISSNEI, three of the TURKS from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The Turk's Theme from those same games plays.

KAIRI: Who are you?
TSENG: We're professionals hired by Mr. Xanatos to complete certain tasks. This is Cissnei, Elena, and my name is Tseng. I believe you represent our captors, the Guardians?
KAIRI: [lowers her eyes] We want inside the barrier.
TSENG: And Mr. Xanatos would like to let us—all of us—out of this prison. Shall we… make a deal?
KAIRI: Never!
TSENG: Unfortunate. Cissnei.

CISSNEI throws her weapon, a SHURIKEN, in such a way that it comes at KAIRI from one side. KAIRI blocks the SHURIKEN, but doing so knocks her into MAX. They stumble, and fall over the edge of the bridge into the water below.

KAIRI and MAX emerge from the water somewhere downstream, coughing and sputtering.

MAX: …Gross.

MAX shakes the sewer water off of him as he and KAIRI take to their feet in their new location. They look about to speak when a banging noise startles them. They walk forward and discover GOLIATH, ramming himself against a heavy metal door.

KAIRI: Goliath?

GOLIATH stops himself from his next charge and looks over.

GOLIATH: …Oh, it's you. I see you're trapped here now as well, another victim to Xanatos and his underlings.
MAX: Trapped?
GOLIATH: Yes, I've been here for days, with no way to fight the current and this door blocking my exit. At least it's kept me safe from the Heartless during the day, but Eliza!
KAIRI: Don't worry, we'll help everyone. I can help with the door, stand back.

KAIRI steps forward and is able to use the KEYBLADE to open the heavy metal door.

GOLIATH: …My, my. It seems I'm in your debt, my friend.
KAIRI: Don't worry about it, you're our friend. We're happy to help!
MAX: Besides, we can't rest yet. Eliza and one of the other gargoyles are down here somewhere, too.
GOLIATH: What? Xanatos will pay for this!
KAIRI: Well we've got to find them, first!

The following set of rooms are interconnected, forming a multi-level maze of sorts. The player must navigate the maze, defeating HEARTLESS as they go, to to find ELIZA, the missing gargoyle, and an exit. At three set locations in the maze, a TURK will work to undermine the party. TSENG launches a rocket launcher at the party to destroy a bridge, dropping them into a swarm of HEARTLESS (this is the only ambush with a cutscene, as the party has to deal with the other traps live. Because it clearly identifies a TURK as the attacker, it is probably best if this occur early on, perhaps even at the entrance to the maze). ELENA, ever the blabbermouth, shouts:

ELENA: Look out below!

Before dropping rocks on the party, and even waves to them if they look up after the fact. CISSNEI, meanwhile, throws her shuriken into battle whenever the party is in a certain room, until they finally reach her platform and she flees for good. All three encounters are unavoidable on the way to the maze's three destinations.

ELIZA can be found hiding out behind a locked door that KAIRI can unlock with the KEYBLADE.

ELIZA: You sure know how to keep a girl waiting.

GOLIATH helps her to her feet and holds her hands tenderly.

GOLIATH: Are you all right?
ELIZA: I'm pretty thirsty, pretty hungry, and ready to blow a few regulations to get at David Xanatos. Do you have a plan?
GOLIATH: Kairi has the power to undo the locks around Xanatos' fortress.
ELIZA: Really? Be careful how you use that, kiddo.
KAIRI: I know!
ELIZA: But it's just what we need. All right, show me the way.
GOLIATH: No! You need food and clean water. Head—
ELIZA: You're going to have to try harder than that to get rid of me, big guy. This is personal now.
MAX: Actually…
ELIZA: What is it, short stuff?
MAX: I was thinking: once this is over, we need to take the Dark Fire Crystal away from Xanatos. We'll need help.
ELIZA: …The other gargoyles. Fine. I understand. Maybe I am too tired to knock Xanatos' block off. I'll play messenger girl then. But just. This. Once.

After the cutscene, an additional one in text. ELIZA is gone.

GOLIATH: Thank you for that.
MAX: It's nothing, and I didn't lie to her. We will need help.

At this point, KAIRI will add a line of dialogue depending on your progress. Either:

KAIRI: But first we have to find your other friend.


KAIRI: I guess that's everyone. Now let's get out of these sewers!

The other gargoyle, BROOKLYN, can be found in another room, up in the upper levels. Several Mekoids are firing on his position from below (cluing the player in to his position in the process), and will continue to do so until the player engages them. The player can make their way up to the upper levels, where they will find BROOKLYN wounded.

BROOKLYN: Well, well. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
GOLIATH: You're wounded!
BROOKLYN: Heh, no kidding? Guess they got lucky.
GOLIATH: We need to get you back to the surface.
BROOKLYN: Hey, don't worry! Now that you've cleared out those monsters, I can make it fine!
KAIRI: The other gargoyles will be waiting. We're going to need their help!
BROOKLYN: I'll pass on the message, don't worry. Boy! When this is over I'm going to take a nice, long nap.

After this, BROOKLYN leaves. We get another text-based cutscene based on your progress.

MAX: Well, that's one down. But where's Eliza?
GOLIATH: We'll have to keep looking, I won't leave anyone here alone any longer.


MAX: It looks like that's everyone. Are we ready to head in?

The exit from the tunnel leads the party directly to the EYRIE TOWER. There, the player reunites with the TONBERRY from their first trip, still selling the same items, plus Hi-Potions, which appear at all TONBERRY shops from now on. After a short walk, they find themselves in the crystal chamber from their first visit. The lights are dimmed.

KAIRI: Looks abandoned.
GOLIATH: [growling] Looks like a trap.

He sees a figure moving in the darkness, and rushes them. It is revealed to be ELENA, but as she avoids his attacks, GOLIATH immediately comes under attack by TSENG. KAIRI and MAX attempt to charge him, only for CISSNEI to attack them in turn. The party is forced back to one another, back-to-back.

MAX: They're covering each other. Better watch out!

The TURKS' general strategy is to stay apart from one another, and then to use their attacks whenever the player attempts to single one of them out. CISSNEI uses her shuriken, and TSENG uses magic rather than a gun for censorship reasons (his animations are based on his mentor Verdot/Veld's magical attacks from Before Crisis, just for continuity). ELENA adds variety but may also prove to be their Achilles heel: she uses martial arts, and so must close with the player even though this goes against the TURKS' general strategy, making it much easier to attack CISSNEI and TSENG. However, if the player makes the mistake of attacking ELENA herself, she will prove far more capable of defending herself while the other Turks open fire. After taking enough damage, any TURK will leap into the air to retreat, at which point their strategy continues from the beginning.

After the battle ends, the TURKS, while out of breath, surround the party nevertheless. It looks like we're about to proceed to the final charge, but the battle is interrupted when XANATOS enters on the upper levels, making a slow clap.

XANATOS: I'll say this… there's never a dull moment with you, Goliath.

The camera reveals that XANATOS is now wearing his battle armour, making him resemble a red-toned STEEL CLAN robot. His face is exposed, and we see the scene over his shoulder.

XANATOS: Come to throw me off my throne?
GOLIATH: [enraged] You… you try to conquer this city, attack my clan…
XANATOS: Heh. I simply took—

Suddenly, he is interrupted as a blue spear-point comes into view, pointing at XANATOS' exposed head.

ELLE: What didn't belong to you.
ELLE: Drop your weapons!

The TURKS do as ordered, and the camera adjusts to show ELLE in full. XANATOS attempts to look at her out of the corner of his eye, but when he feels the spear-point, he stops the attempt.

XANATOS: Well, well. Familiar faces all around. Come to lock me up again, officer?
ELLE: You never got out.
XANATOS: No, we didn't, did we Goliath? Do you recognize our friend here?

GOLIATH's eyes lower.

GOLIATH: Yes. You I know her face. You're the one who sealed us here, along with the wizard Yen Sid. You have much to answer for.
KAIRI: Goliath, please. There's an emergency.
ELLE: Quite. Xanatos, turn off your barrier.
XANATOS: What, and let her in, just like that?

A look of worry overtakes ELLE's face.

ELLE: I don't recall mentioning anyone trying to get in.

A horrendous crash sounds from the opposite side of the room, and the party looks up to see the final bandit, SHINRYU, has crashed through the wall and knocked over the DARK CRYSTAL OF FIRE. She grins at the assembled group and holds up her arms, revealing that her bonds have already been severed, presumably off-screen by XANATOS same as he did with GILGAMESH. She shakes her arms and the chains and manacles dissolve away into darkness. Through the hole in the wall, we can see that the barrier is gone without the power of the CRYSTAL. Before anyone can stop her, she grabs the DARK CRYSTAL with clawed hands and flips back out through the hole in the wall, pulling the DARK CRYSTAL after her.


KAIRI leaps out after them and lands atop the DARK CRYSTAL as it begins to fall. Behind her, LADY ELLE is aghast, and in her shock, XANATOS hits her in the gut with his powered armour. While she is reeling, he closes his helmet and shouts to the TURKS.

XANATOS: Stop them!

We return to the outside, where KAIRI and SHINRYU tumble out of the EYRIE BUILDING on opposite sides of the DARK CRYSTAL OF FIRE. SHINRYU grasps the DARK CRYSTAL with her claws, and begins to glow with a black light, as though absorbing its power. KAIRI sees this, and suddenly notices a similar tinge around her hand, as though she is doing the same unconsciously. She looks at her hands in confusion before grasping the DARK CRYSTAL deliberately.

KAIRI: Come on, come on… you responded to me once…

The DARK CRYSTAL finally hits pavement almost upright, saving both parties from the fate of being crushed. It throws debris in all directions. When the dust clears, KAIRI and SHINRYU are both intact, protected by the aura of the DARK CRYSTAL. KAIRI, surprised by her survival, falls to the ground and away from the CRYSTAL.

As she catches her breath, SHINRYU slowly emerges from the other side of the CRYSTAL. She has something of a strut in her step and is gloating, and moreover she transforms almost before our eyes, thanks to the removal of her manacles.

SHINRYU: A Princess of Heart.

KAIRI coughs up dirt as SHINRYU's silhouette, slowly morphing, begins to emerge into the streetlights.

SHINRYU: You know, I was a girl once. I remember a day… a bright day. My friend talked about how he wanted to be a scientist. Another friend wanted to be an actor. I don't remember what I wanted to be. I think… I couldn't want to be anything.

She throws her hands out wide in a sort of shrug.

SHINRYU: Funny thing about the world… you can only be something if the world lets you. So I couldn't be anything. I think… I wanted to let anyone be whatever they wanted, even if that meant I couldn't be anything myself.

She points a clawed finger at KAIRI as darkness begins to spill from her body as she is unsealed.

SHINRYU: Without anything getting in their way of their hopes and dreams. No matter what that meant. No matter what that cost.

We cut to Shinryu's hands as she speaks, first the hand that is pointing at KAIRI. She is now using her proper, unsealed model, but we do not see it in full at first. The dark aura from the DARK CRYSTAL begins to fade, but is replaced by an effect representing magically controlled wind whipping about her claws. We then see the opposite hand. When the dark aura vanishes here, it is replaced with white fire that burns about her fist.

SHINRYU continues to approach KAIRI, now much taller and broader than her, menacing with energy.

SHINRYU: [sarcastic] My Lady of the Light. Wielder of the Keyblade. Dog of Yen Sid. A Princess of Heart.

We then see a silhouetted version of her proper model from over-the-shoulder. Her wings are removed from this shot at first. When she gives a mocking bow, they appear to "grow" from behind her back. KAIRI's expression is frightened, but determined.

SHINRYU: My name is Shinryu, Lady of the Dark Crystal of Air.

She is revealed from KAIRI's perspective. She strongly resembles a human woman with the silver and yellow scales associated with Final Fantasy's Shinryu. She has two long wings, and like the Final Fantasy SHINRYU, she has pinkish-red hair, which is short-cut. The white fire surrounds her in an aura, and the winds twist around her and begin to move dust and debris in a spiral.

SHINRYU: And I will not be restrained again!

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I can't believe Elena, Cissnei, and Tseng are in this too! <3 It's too bad they're on the opposing side of things. :c But at least Goliath, Brooklyn, and Eliza were free from the traps. I wonder why Kairi was protected by the dark crystal? It almost makes me think her light is tainted despite being a princess of heart. Or perhaps being a wielder of the keyblade has something to do with it. Hmm, perhaps the dark crystal wasn't always dark? (Sorry, I can't help theorizing. xD) Anyways, Elle has some explaining to do! But she did come slightly in the nick of time had it not been for Shinryu ruining things. xD Can't wait to see what happens next. This has definitely been an exciting chapter thus far.


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BOSS: Shinryu
Boss music is a remix of the traditional FFV boss music. The battle takes place on the street, with an arena created by debris from EYRIE BUILDING, cars, etc. Shinryu prefers close-hand attacks at this stage of the battle, her aura causing her to resemble the amorphous Shadow from Illusion of Gaia when she attacks with her claws. Also like Shadow, she can melt away into energy and emerge from another location. She uses no additional attacks during this phase – after a certain amount of damage has been caused to her or to KAIRI, the game will proceed to a quick cutscene.

SHINRYU lands a kick on KAIRI's chest, knocking her backwards and into some of the debris making up the edge of the arena. Suddenly, a shout.

ELLE: Kairi!

KAIRI looks up and sees LADY ELLE atop the debris, squatting low and with her arm outstretched. KAIRI takes her arm and ELLE assists her atop the debris.

ELLE: I'll handle this.

She pats KAIRI on the back, essentially directing her to the other side of the debris. There, KAIRI finds MAX and GOLIATH waiting, and joins them.

MAX: Are you all right?
KAIRI: I think so!
MAX: Good, because we're in trouble!

They have been followed by XANATOS and the three TURKS, and the player must now engage them.

The battle now takes the following format: the player must battle XANATOS and the TURKS until they have dealt a certain total amount of damage between them, at which point ELLE will shout out for assistance. A cutscene will swap the party with ELLE such that ELLE is fighting XANATOS and the TURKS and KAIRI and friends are fighting SHINRYU, who has been partially weakened. KAIRI will also have party members at this point, and so the game's expectations are higher: she must deal more damage than before, and cannot bail out by taking damage herself. After another stretch, the combatants will swap again: ELLE will have weakened XANATOS and the TURKS, and the player will take over from there. At this point, the battle will continue until the player has defeated XANATOS and the TURKS.

As for battle strategy, the TURKS continue their strategy from before, but will also cover XANATOS. As far as capabilities are concerned, XANATOS is not ultimately distinct from the two STEEL CLAN DUO robots from earlier, save in how his stats are higher, and how he plays by the TURKS' general strategy. Between the TURKS' coverage and XANATOS' speed, it should be hard to defeat XANATOS before the TURKS, and indeed he cannot be stopped at this point and will remain at 1 HP until they are defeated.

During SHINRYU's second phase, she begins to attack in earnest with Air attacks. These are difficult to see coming, since they are very fast and you can only see them in the form of stylistic white "cutting" effects, but the player can come to expect them by watching SHINRYU's aura, which will flare up when she is using her Air powers. Her most powerful attack is telegraphed by a heavy build-up of her flaming aura. At this point, she will point to her target and shout "Gone!" before launching the high-end Final Fantasy spell Flare. Flare targets an area and is thankfully slow and obvious, but the player will have to escape it or suffer nigh-instant death.

When the player finally defeats XANATOS, there is a brief cutscene of him being tackled to the ground by GOLIATH and pinned down. As he is secured, however…


The party turns to see a rising white flame escape the area in the form of a dragon, which dissipates. With GOLIATH pre-occupied with XANATOS, MAX and KAIRI go to investigate alone.

MAX: Is she…
ELLE: Gone! Arggh! It was Master Yen Sid who prevented her from fleeing before! What now?

She is in an absolute fury. KAIRI approaches calm as she can.

KAIRI: We've stopped Xanatos. The barrier is gone, and we have the Dark Crystal.
ELLE: Yes, yes, I know. I… I know.

She gets one last burst of anger out by squeezing on her spear. Seeing she is calming down, KAIRI approaches the CRYSTAL.

KAIRI: What are we going to do with it, anyways? Can we move it somewhere else in the Maze?
ELLE: No… no, we can't. Not beyond the bounds of this world, at least. Preferably somewhere where no one can find it this time. Of course, that's where we thought it was in the first pla—

She turns, and sees that KAIRI has her hand outstretched towards the DARK CRYSTAL, which is once again casting a dark aura about KAIRI's hand.

ELLE: [cautious] …I see they've taken a liking to you.
KAIRI: Yes… I think they have.
ELLE: You'll have to do something about that, of course. Maybe we can take you to see the Light Crystals, and they can rid you of that lingering darkness before it does any harm.

KAIRI nods. To one side, we hear a scuffle, and see that GOLIATH has dragged XANATOS to their location.

GOLIATH: And what should we do with this?
MAX: He's kind of already in prison.
GOLIATH: No harm in another, I think. But now I think you and I need to have a conversation of our own, Lady Elle.

LADY ELLE comes into focus and we discover that she never looked up on GOLIATH'S arrival, and seems to be deliberately looking away from him and XANATOS.

XANATOS: Actually, I'd like to have a few words myself.

He reaches over and touches a device that has been put in his ear.

XANATOS: If you would.

There is a crackling in the sky when suddenly the BARRIER returns.

ELLE: What… how?
XANATOS: While I was in charge of the city, I took the liberty of commandeering the nuclear plant. Who needs a Crystal when modern science will do? And if you make one wrong move, I'll collapse the tunnel under the river and you'll be trapped in my territory.
ELLE: This is why you were put in here, Xanatos! You think I'm going to forgive you for this?
XANATOS: I don't want your forgiveness! In fact, I don't want anything from you ever again! But if you'd be so kind as to let us out…
ELLE: You have the nerve to threaten me in your condition?

This argument is interrupted by a great rumbling. The music changes and the party looks up to see that Shinryu, now in her traditional dragon form, is attacking the BARRIER.

ELLE: …She wasn't trying to escape. She was trying to get more space!

SHINRYU is frustrated by the power of the BARRIER, and then turns her attention to the city outside MANHATTAN.

MAX: Oh man, she'll attack the rest of the city while we're in here!
GOLIATH: The others! Eliza!
XANATOS: Believe me, if you're not ready to negotiate, you're all welcome to leave.
GOLIATH: We have no time for him! Hurry!

Most of the party flees at once, but LADY ELLE hesitates, only to shoot XANATOS a withering look and then run after.

The party emerges from the sewers to find ELIZA in the middle of the city, alongside BROOKLYN.

ELIZA: There you are! What's going on?
GOLIATH: Is everyone all right?
ELIZA: Not for long we're not! I've got fire trucks coming in as fast as I can get them, but if that thing reaches the city…
BROOKLYN: The other gargoyles… they're trying to hold off that monster as we speak! I'm in now shape to help—
ELLE: Not again… this is not going to happen again!

Gritting her teeth, LADY ELLE holds her spear perpendicular to the ground and enters something of a meditative state. Suddenly, her SPEAR begins to glow with white flame, and the outlines of two transparent, magical angel wings emerge from her back, and she takes to flight.

ELLE: Don't follow me! She's mine!

She takes off, but it only takes a glance between KAIRI and MAX before they run off after her, GOLIATH and BROOKLYN following. ELIZA scowls and raises her cell phone.

In the next shot, the party reaches the edge of the barrier. SHINRYU is clearly in battle with the GARGOYLES, but as she breathes white fire at them, it rains towards the city. GOLIATH turns to BROOKLYN.

GOLIATH: Quickly, we must get our friends to the battle. Then get the other gargoyles back to safety, the humans may need your help with the fire!

He and BROOKLYN lift KAIRI and MAX into the air, and we soon join the others in the midst of a battle with SHINRYU atop the dome of the barrier itself. LADY ELLE is nearby, in a fury and just about to attack. BROOKLYN sets MAX down and goes to fetch the other GARGOYLES. Soon, it is only the party, LADY ELLE, and SHINRYU.

Battle theme is a remix of FFV's "The Final Battle." SHINRYU is heavily upgraded for this battle. Her Air attacks now take the form of a fierce gale that not only causes direct damage, but will attempt to knock KAIRI or MAX away. If KAIRI is pushed off the edge of the map (the square area allowed to the player), they will be blown into the air via an in-game cutscene instead, at which point they will have to be rescued by GOLIATH or ELLE. GOLIATH will rescue you if he is conscious, ELLE if he is not. ELLE cannot be knocked unconscious during the battle, so rescue is always possible.

SHINRYU can also breathe white fire and can still cause Flare, exactly as before. If she takes to the sky, she will remain within striking range but will begin to lob orbs of lightning.

SHINRYU's body is divided into four hot-spots for damage: both of her sides (near the legs), the head, and the tail. None of these targets are ideal: the head breathes fire; the tail lashes back and forth dangerously, and any time SHINRYU lands on the dome, her claws cause stamping attacks. ELLE attempts to harry SHINRYU from above, and is not available for team-up attacks. Indeed, LADY ELLE is not being tracked by the game in any significant way, not unlike Riku versus the Parasite Cage in KH1.

SHINRYU's biggest attack, launched when she is on her final health bar, is to fly up into the air and lob the Almagest spell, an attack associated with powerful FFV enemies. This causes heavy damage but can be easily dodged. If the player does dodge, they should survive to finish the fight. If they do not, SHINRYU follows up with stomp attacks that could be immediately lethal.

After the battle, a cinematic. MAX helps KAIRI perform a Rising Strike. As this distracts SHINRYU, GOLIATH grabs hold of the dragon's leg and throws her down to the dome. This hits so hard that the dome begins to crackle with energy and flicker. LADY ELLE, flying in the air above SHINRYU, builds up power in her spear and strikes down like a Final Fantasy Dragoon, impaling SHINRYU. While not shown in any graphic detail, this blow causes the barrier to collapse entirely. Everyone plunges to the ground, but thankfully, MAX and KAIRI rescued at the last minute by GOLIATH and a returning BROOKLYN.

We rejoin the party (minus BROOKLYN) on the ground, where they come across LADY ELLE and SHINRYU, the latter in human form. LADY ELLE's spear has impaled the dragon like St. George, and she remains holding it, an uncertain expression on her face. SHINRYUU is still alive, but barely.

SHINRYU: You're the same, Blazer. After all these years… you're the same.

Darkness rises up and consumes SHINRYU's body until it has vanished, at which point ELLE de-summons her spear. ELLE continues to stare at the empty space where SHINRYU once lay.

KAIRI: Is it over?
ELLE: [distant, breathless] Yes. Yes, we can go.

She looks up at KAIRI with a weak smile.

ELLE: [half-hearted] Life goes on.
GOLIATH: Not yet, I think.

He steps forward, and while only visible in the background, LADY ELLE looks away from his gaze.

GOLIATH: Lady Elle of the Guardians. I represent the Manhattan Clan, and all of this city, when I demand that you let us go at once.

As he speaks, we see other friendly NPCs from this world gathering on the fringes: ELIZA and the other GARGOYLES.

ELLE: [distant] No.
GOLIATH: [growling] What was that?
ELLE: I said no!

GOLIATH throws up his wings to make himself look as large as possible, and his eyes glow as gargoyle eyes do.

GOLIATH: We have done nothing! Nothing that justifies being held for eternity, not even to be held for a day! How dare you hold us here? Speak!

Mid-way through his speech, ELLE has begun to walk past him, and he angrily reaches out to grab her. Reflexively, she twists his arm into a painful position. When he winces with pain, she produces her spear and jams its butt-end into his leg, and then strikes him with the staff. Unable to stand on the wounded leg, he collapses to his knees.

ELLE: When you're able to leave on your own, you're welcome to do it!
KAIRI: Lady Elle, please!
MAX: Yeah, c'mon man, what's the big deal?

While the other GARGOYLES are upset, ELIZA outright runs out to GOLIATH's side. ELLE ignores this and continues to move as if to leave, speaking only to KAIRI and MAX.

ELLE: There's no sense in this.
MAX: Yo, why not? It seems to me like there's a lot of sense in this.
KAIRI: They're innocents! Xanatos' barrier is gone, Megavolt's machine can be destroyed, and Bill Cipher—
ELLE: Bill Cipher is an interdimensional being that can escape from this prison with so much as a single willing partner outside the Maze! They could be anyone from practiced summoner to some fool off the street with the right instructions! Instructions he can give them in their dreams, if they only know about him! Right now, that world is full of hundreds of people each equally capable of passing on knowledge of Cipher like a plague! If we let them out, he'll find his summoner. He will escape!
ELLE: And don't expect me to have any sympathy for these people here, or in the other world. How long have you been in these worlds? Hours? A day, at most? Who have you met? Xanatos and Megavolt? That's not even the surface. Is it, Goliath? How far away is Demona, Goliath? Macbeth? How will you keep Fox Xanatos from freeing her husband from your second prison?
XANATOS: My wife is very good with lockpicks and explosives.
ELLE: Be quiet! Don't you see, Kairi? This will all start over again. Only the Maze can stop them.

The locals are silent, and KAIRI and MAX are at a loss for words.

ELLE: Each of those worlds have produced dozens of criminals who can command the Darkness. Do you think that man, Darkwing, arrests Megavolt and spends the next twenty five years of stasis playing with his daughter? There is another incident, another criminal, day after day, time after time!
KAIRI: But that's not their fault!
ELLE: It is their fault! Not the people of Gravity Falls, that's an unfortunate exception, but David Xanatos was not born in a vacuum. His culture created him, and created many others, and will create many more again and again. Isn't that right, Detective Maza?

ELIZA looks up from where she is crouched beside GOLIATH.

ELLE: How many reasons can you count for every crime? Every theft, every assault, from the smallest to the largest? It's not just evil people. It's a broken world, that lets its people suffer.
ELIZA: I could say the same about a few other people I know right now.
ELLE: I'm just an officer, Detective Maza, same as you, working inadequate means towards a larger purpose.
KAIRI: But… but they can change!
ELLE: But they haven't!

The white flames flare up around Elle as she snaps, but only briefly. She has once again put her back to the locals.

ELLE: In all the time they've been here, centuries and centuries, nothing! True, they don't age, but change is hardly out of their hands. Every time one of these… monsters is dragged back into their prisons, nothing! They would rather live through the violence of their monsters than the violence of change. And so long as they produce that violence, I will jail them for it.

KAIRI is cowed by this shouting, and looks away. MAX reaches up to touch her arm, and ELLE realizes she's been too aggressive, and calms down somewhat.

ELLE: You have to understand… among the Heartless you've fought, the hundreds, the thousands, they're not all born in the Realm of Darkness. Darkness corrupts. Some people invite the darkness, and many, many more were their victims. Yen Sid understood that. He knew that if we jailed the monsters and rescued the "good people," they'd just recreate their old society, and their old monsters. Maybe he sent you here to learn that too.
KAIRI: I… don't know Master Yen Sid as well as I had hoped.
ELLE: [calming down] And that's unfortunate. You're missing the chance to experience a wonderful mind, and a champion of the Light. …I'm sorry for shouting.
KAIRI: It's all right.
ELLE: Maybe not. Listen… you've completed your mission here. The Bandits are imprisoned or gone. Take a rest, and we'll see you home in a few hours.

She turns to leave, and GOLIATH attempts to rise.


But ELLE is not listening, and vanishes into the distance. He is simply left glaring in her former direction, and as a consequence of placement, at KAIRI.

KAIRI: I'm sorry… I… I can't free you myself.

She looks at the Keyblade in her hand.

KAIRI: Not even with this.

She flicks it away angrily. GOLIATH throws up his arms and wings in a roar of fury, but doing so proves too much for him, and he requires ELIZA to stand any further. Together, they limp off, turning their backs on KAIRI and MAX. BROADWAY and LEXINGTON throw sad looks back towards KAIRI before going off as well. KAIRI and MAX watch them leave, KAIRI's grip tightening on her weapon.

KAIRI: Max, I know my job's supposed to be done now, but—
MAX: No, I get it. I'm right there with you. Something stinks.
KAIRI: Then let's find out how far it goes.
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Ouch. Elle is quite brutual about keeping everyone imprisoned. I don't think she or Yen Sid are correct about keeping everyone locked up, especially if they're innocent. And goodness, being that upset about Bill Cipher getting loose sure is something. On the other hand, I'm glad Kairi has Max for support in this. I do wonder what they'll find that's making a stink. Definitely a good chapter as always, and quite the awesome battle too. :)


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I'm afraid this one is a little longer than usual. If I had tried to break it in two, one piece would have been too short. Hopefully it's worth the read!


The game automatically returns the player to the ANCIENT'S MAZE, with instructions to return to the CRYSTAL TOWER. At this point, they are left to their own devices if they wish to save, as the previous cutscene is about to be followed by more.

Should the player return to the CITY BELOW THE CLOUDS at this point, they will immediately be transported to the CLOCK TOWER for a cutscene:

KAIRI: Are you all right?
GOLIATH: I am… unchanged. There are times for calm and there are times for anger.
KAIRI: Max and I are doing all we can on the outside.
GOLIATH: I believe you. It is not easy for me to trust… but I will try to trust my friends.

He rejoins the party as a world-specific character as normal.

A similar cutscene exists in THE CITY OF DANGERS.

KAIRI: Darkwing, are there a lot of villains in your city?
DARKWING: Absotively! Why, an aspiring hero like myself could hardly make his career in a city that wasn't so dangerous. Why, before we were locked in here, I was proud to have reduced the crime rate to just above the second-highest in the land!
MAX: So… still the worst.
KAIRI: Well that's… good, but isn't the rest of it… bad?
DARKWING: Well, for the citizens, businesses, the elderly, the youth, sure, but what would a hero like me do with his time without them?

KAIRI sighs.

Once arriving in the vicinity of the CRYSTAL TOWER (on foot or via GATE CRYSTAL), you will find MIDIA outside the doors, and cannot enter without speaking to her. This plays the following cutscene.

KAIRI and MAX are following well behind LADY ELLE as they approach MIDIA.

MIDIA: Lady Elle!
ELLE: Shinryu is gone. The emergency is over.
MIDIA: That's great news!

We get a better look at her and discover that MIDIA has a huge smile on her face. She holds up her arms.

MIDIA: I can't top it, but I still have some good news of my own. While I was patrolling the other Crystals, I found our thief. The one who broke into the Tower!

KAIRI and MAX, who have come just close enough to hear, look at one another in surprise. We then cut to inside the tower, where MOONBROOKE is interrogating a barely-visible prisoner being held on his knees by two of the REVENANTS we saw with MOONBROOKE when she was first introduced.

???: I'm telling you, I'm from Yen Sid!
MOONBROOKE: Mm-hm. Wearing a cloak designed to navigate the deepest darkness.

KAIRI and the others are shown entering.

???: Funny story about that, but it's still—
KAIRI: …Lea?

KAIRI runs across the room to where LEA is held prisoner. He looks at her with incredulity.

LEA: Kairi?
KAIRI: What are you doing here?
LEA: I could ask you the same—hey!

He attempted to stand but was held down by the REVENANTS.

KAIRI: Let him go, please. He's… a friend.

MOONBROOKE looks firstly to LADY ELLE, who nods, and MOONBROOKE orders the REVENANTS to back off, though they do not leave. KAIRI helps LEA to his feet.

LEA: Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes. But why on earth are you here? Did the old man send you after me?
KAIRI: No! I thought he sent you after me!
LEA: Well that's ridiculous. I haven't seen you in…

He begins counting on his fingers, and seems surprised by what he remembers.

LEA: Well, we've always had our differences.
MAX: Kairi? Who's this guy?
KAIRI: Oh! Max, everyone, this is Lea. This is one of Master Yen Sid's other apprentices.

She turns to the others and then playfully adds:

KAIRI: …Got it… memorized?

The GUARDIANS – ELLE, MIDIA, and MOONBROOKE – get to muttering, but ultimately ELLE leads them in a genuine bow, if far less reverent than the one they showed KAIRI. MOONBROOKE also silently dismisses the REVENANTS. LEA's eyes widen a little.

ELLE: It's an honour to meet you, Lea.
LEA: [putting on a show] Likewise, I'm sure. I'm sorry if I startled anyone, but I wasn't told there would be anyone else in here when I got started.
ELLE: Are you also on a mission from Master Yen Sid, then?
LEA: Yes, you could say that. It's top secret stuff… better keep it between apprentices, you know?

He reaches out and takes KAIRI and MAX's arms and drags them into the nearby teleporter. We rejoin them in the THRONE ROOM, where LEA breaks his calm façade.

LEA: Okay, listen kid, what in light and darkness is going on?
MAX: You just twigged out the most dangerous people in the maze, is what happened! Kairi, who is this clown? Is he really another apprentice?
KAIRI: Unfortunately, he is. Your dad might have mentioned the name… "Axel?"
MAX: Axel? But he's a bad guy! He… he kidnapped you once!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

LEA: Attempted kidnapping, got it memorized? I may have chased her across a few worlds, sure, but someone else nabbed her in the end.
MAX: But— that's—!
KAIRI: It's not important right now. Lea, things are going really bad. Why are you here?
LEA: Hey, this isn't my fault! Last thing I know the old man sends me off to learn how to use the Keyblade and rescue your boyfriend, and now he's sent you and this other kid off to find me?
MAX: Find you? Buddy, I don't even know you!
LEA: Believe me, I'm flattered.
KAIRI: Guys, guys!

She shakes them both.

KAIRI: Lea, you said you were just sent here to learn the Keyblade?
LEA: Yeah! The old man said I could take all the time I needed, since this place is timeless, right?
KAIRI: But you went into the Maze to learn the Keyblade over—
???: Ohohohohoho!

The embodiment of the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT flies over.

CRYSTAL: I think she's getting it now, isn't she?

KAIRI has blanched somewhat.

KAIRI: Since this place is timeless…
LEA: What, what's going on?
KAIRI: Lea… you were sent in here days ago from my perspective.
LEA: What…? That's—!

He stands up and begins gesticulating and holding his head.

LEA: Time travel. I hate… I hate… time travel.
CRYSTAL: Ohhh, you get used to it when you're in here.
LEA: And who are you, old guy?
CRYSTAL: Oh, you don't need to know me. Why don'tcha worry about yourselves?

KAIRI is gesturing with her hands as MAX looks on.

KAIRI: So I came in "today…" and you came in "a few days ago…" but we both ended up here at the same time…?
CRYSTAL: Oh sure. A few days in here means a few seconds out there, and you'll always come back when you started, but when you end up in the Maze itself with is a teensy bit random. Just ask that kid!

He turns to MAX, who steps back, hands out.

MAX: Whoa, I don't have anything to do with this.

KAIRI's eyes lower.

KAIRI: Max…?

MAX winces.

KAIRI: …When are you from?

MAX: Okay… don't be mad.

KAIRI puffs out her cheeks and crosses her arms, while Lea perks up a little and puts his arms behind his head.

LEA: Oh, this outta be good.
MAX: I'm from a few months ahead.
KAIRI: Months!
MAX: [sheepish] Well, better than years, right?

He looks from KAIRI to LEA and the CRYSTAL for some source of relief. He gets none.

KAIRI: …Hey, wait a minute! This means you can tell us about the future! After we all go off to fight the Darkness! Wh… do you have any idea how important this could be!
MAX: But I don't know anything!

He turns about a few steps, and then clutches his fists.

MAX: They don't tell me anything. Queen Minnie, Miss Daisy… they just get quieter and quieter as time goes on. I haven't seen my dad since Sora was tested for his Mark of Mastery! I don't know if he's safe… I don't know if the Darkness is winning… I don't…

MAX releases his fist and sighs.

MAX: Look, I'm sorry. I know Queen Minnie just doing her best to keep us all safe. But my dad… heh. I guess I ran away to look for him. I went to Yen Sid's but I… got lost. And I ended up here.
LEA: Hey, kid, don't worry about it. We all mess up at your age.
KAIRI: [arms crossed] Some of us more than others.
LEA: Oh, ouch! What did I ever do to y—

KAIRI glares at him.

LEA: A joke! It was a joke!
KAIRI: [shakes her head] …Max… I'm sure everything's all right, in the future, right? I mean, Sora, Donald, your dad… they're the perfect team!
LEA: Yeah, and they'll have me to look after them. Just like the last few times.

KAIRI reaches back and hits him. She steps away from LEA with a cold glare, and heads to MAX.

KAIRI: Look Max, if you say things are bad in the future, I'm sure you're right. But that just means we've all got to do our best in here, right? Both of us. We'll leave the Maze and I'll be waiting for you when you come out in a few months. We'll find your dad and we'll face the darkness. We'll go together.

MAX smiles a little, and is about to say something when he is interrupted.

LEA: I think you mean "all three of us," Kairi.

KAIRI glares at him.

KAIRI: You'll be fine. I'm from the future, remember? I know you will be.
LEA: Well that's lovely to hear, because I haven't made any progress at all.

He holds out his arm and spawns a flash of light, but no KEYBLADE appears.

LEA: You see? It's so bad that I've had to steal some of my own weapons to keep off the Heartless.

He summons a pair of CHAKRAMS, the FLAMETONGUES, which he stole from RENA.

KAIRI: You have to be careful around the Guardians, Lea, they're not fond of dark behaviour.
LEA: Well excuuuuuuuse me, princess!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

LEA: But some of us are here to save your little boyfriends, so how about we work as a team?
KAIRI: Fine! Let's do whatever it is you need so I don't have to put up with you any longer!
LEA: Well that's the trick, isn't it? The old man never gave me any instructions.
KAIRI: None?
LEA: Nope! He only said not to go to any of the seven worlds. He said I shouldn't be "tempted." All I know is that if I stay in the Maze, I'll "find what I was looking for."
KAIRI: Fine by me. C'mon. Max and I are going exploring.
LEA: Oh? Glad to know we have such a clearly defined plan!
MAX: Buddy, just lay off.
LEA: You first, pipsqueak.
MAX: Oh, pipsqueak, am I?

As they are leaving the room together, the camera focuses on the embodiment of the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT, who chuckles at this, and says…

CRYSTAL: What do you know!

…before vanishing in a sparkle of light.

LEA joins the party at this point. He essentially serves the role as "Guest" party member for the MAZE itself, and he will leave whenever you enter another world. At this point, the game confirms that he can indeed help you find new areas by rewarding you with a new TEAM-UP ATTACK, "Double Rise." Double Rise works like Rising Attack, save in that you press Triangle again in mid-air, cancelling the Rising Attack and causing KAIRI to double-jump/pirouette in the air, causing a wave of magical air that sucks in nearby enemies and deals damage to them all at the apex of the jump. This is not as effective as Rising Attack against a single target, and is not at all useful against bosses, but works well against crowds of fliers. This also helps clear higher ledges.

The player may once again walk the tower freely, save, etc. MOONBROOKE, ELLE and the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT will be present, MOONBROOKE in the foyer and ELLE brooding in her throne.

MOONBROOKE: Most of the others have gone off to check on the Light Crystals before we declare an all-clear. I'm sorry we couldn't all be here to see you off, but there's so much work to be done.

CRYSTAL: So many tasks, so many new faces! We don't usually see so much change here in the Maze!

ELLE: Shinryu and I have been at one another's throats since the very beginning. I didn't wish her any harm in the end, but I did hope for some sort of… recompense. But not this.

GILGAMESH and OMEGA have nothing to say to the player. Even the verbose GILGAMESH only returns a text box saying "……" when approached. Instead of their previous pose, they are now seen hanging their heads in grief.

Once the party exits the CRYSTAL TOWER, there is another cutscene.

MAX: Where to, then?
KAIRI: [looking forward] Let's look around. Maybe Axel can help us find a new world?
LEA: That's "Lea," princess.
KAIRI: [looking forward] And if you prove there's a difference, I'll consider it.

She walks off.

LEA: Sheesh. You know, the last time I saw her—
MAX: When you were trying to kidnap her?
LEA: Now you've got it! All she had to say was, "You don't seem very nice." What have you been feeding her?

MAX shakes his head and follows KAIRI. However, they are only a few steps away when the SPIRIT OF THE CRYSTAL OF LIGHT appears before them.

CRYSTAL: Oh good! I caught you. We're almost at the end of my range!
LEA: Hey again, old timer.
CRYSTAL: Hey yourself, you young brat! …My Lady…
KAIRI: Please don't call me that right now.
CRYSTAL: All right then. Kairi. You finished my mission, but… you're not going home, are you?
KAIRI: …Not yet.
CRYSTAL: Don't worry, don't worry, I won't tell the Guardians.
MAX: You won't?
CRYSTAL: Of course not! Though frankly, they'll find out before you know it! What do you plan to do, then?

KAIRI looks away.

MAX: There's a lot of Maze left to explore.
CRYSTAL: You're darned right there is! And that's why I thought you might want to take this. It might be useful later!

He produces a brown bag with a sigil on one side, which he hands to KAIRI.

CRYSTAL: Don't take it out yet. They might notice it's gone.

KAIRI opens the drawstrings and the party looks inside, where they see a small, transparent CRYSTAL SHARD, not unlike the one in the DEEP WOODS, but without the inner light.

LEA: What good is a rock?
CRYSTAL: "What good is a rock" indeed! That's a shard of the Crystal of Water. Almost lost every drop of light it has, poor thing…
KAIRI: That's awful! But... why is it here?
CRYSTAL: That's a long story, and I don't want to be in the middle of it if any of the Guardians come out the door and find me giving it to you! Now, it's too dangerous to go to the Crystal of Water right away, but better I give you this bag while it's safe. The Guardians… ah… well, you know.

KAIRI nods and bows.

KAIRI: Thank you very much!
CRYSTAL: You're welcome. Now best make yourself scarce! You're making your own instructions from here on out, Keyblade apprentice! I hope they lead you the right way, for all our sakes.

He spins and teleports away.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Sidequest: Column of Light
After leaving the CRYSTAL TOWER (initially, or on any attempt that follows), the player may notice a large column of light in the distance that wasn't there before. This column comes from the KENSINGTON GARDENS intro section of the MAZE. There is no other clue or cutscene pointing the player in this direction, the column is simply there, ala the beam of light in Mario 64 that points the way to Tower of the Wing Cap. If the player tries to investigate the column, they will discover that they can reach it using Double Rise. From here, they enter a decrepit forest before discovering a large CARRIAGE with bright lights coming from inside. The CARRIAGE appears to have crashed into a rock. The player may enter it from the side.

On entering the carriage, the party finds themselves in an impossibly large room that doesn't seem to belong to the inside of a CARRIAGE at all. Instead, it resembles some kind of dinner theatre, with several (unoccupied) TABLES with empty plates and chairs. There are several balcony seats overlooking the theatre, and a grand STAGE at the front. The lights are dim, and the party seems to be alone at first.

KAIRI: Hello? …Oh!

She notices that a figure is sitting on the edge of the stage, and she approaches. The figure is KERMIT THE FROG.

KAIRI: Hello?
KERMIT: Oh, hello there.
KAIRI: What's the matter? You look so sad.
KERMIT: Oh, it's nothing. You see, my friends and I, we were on our way to a big show in the city, when we got lost. You wouldn't happen to know the way to Walla Walla, would you?
KAIRI: No, sorry.
KERMIT: That's all right.
KAIRI: So you're not trapped here?
KERMIT: No, just lost. It's too bad. We sure were looking forward to that big show, though.
KAIRI: Well… we'd like to see your show! I'm sure it'll be great!
KERMIT: Oh, geeze, would you? That'd be swell! We've got drama, spectacle…
???: Hey, we want to see it, too!
???: Yeah, I haven't had a laugh in ages!
??????: Dohohohohoho!

STATLER and WALDORF are looking down at the stage from their balcony seats.

STATLER: Listen, kid, these chumps are all washed up.
WALDORF: Yeah, they're out of practice and the monsters stole half their props!
KERMIT: Ohhh, they're right. We'll never get the show up and running like this.
KAIRI: Of course you can! We'll help you put on your show, won't we guys?
MAX: Well, I always did want to try a little show biz.
LEA: And I was made for the stage. What do you need?
STATLER: How about talent?
BOTH: Dohohohohoho!

KERMIT's face screws up, but he gets to his feet. Note that whenever a MUPPET is shown standing, the camera will never show them below the waist to preserve the illusion that they are puppets.

KERMIT: You know what? You're right. With your help, we just might be able to pull this off.
KAIRI: That's the spirit! I'm Kairi, and this is Max and Lea.
KERMIT: And I am Kermit the Frog. Hey, everyone!

We cut to wide shot of the stage.

KERMIT: Take your places and meet our new pals! We're going to give the show another go!
MUPPETS: Yaaaaaay!

A pack of familiar MUPPETS flood the stage along with props (to conceal their lower halves), as the area's theme tune plays, a remix of The Muppet Show theme. We also see the world's title card: "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH."

The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH is a minigame world in the mold of 100 ACRE WOOD in previous KH games. The camera is fixed on the stage, to avoid showing the MUPPETS from other angles and to preserve the illusion that they are puppets. While several familiar MUPPETS are available for brief conversation, the key conversations are as follows.

KERMIT: You'd better talk to each of the acts to see how they're doing. If they're fit to go we can start practising right away!

MISS PIGGY is fussing about with several other Muppets that are running and flailing about in response to her demands.

PIGGY: Oh, it's inexcusable, simply dreadful! Those monsters made off with moi's signature opera gown. I simply can't perform my big number without it!

The GREAT GONZO has a giant, brightly-coloured cannon, and is surrounded by MUPPET chickens.

GONZO: Sorry, folks, way too short on gunpowder here. I'll need at least a barrelful, or preferably… let's saaaay… as much as you could possibly carry.

DR. TEETH AND THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM (the MUPPET band) are gathered in one corner. You can speak to DR. TEETH as a representative of the band, but doing so instead prompts the following scene.

KAIRI: Huh? You mean… the Heartless stole your music sheets?
MAX: Well can't you play anything by heart?
WALDORF: Are you joking? They can't even play with their instruments!
BOTH: Dohohohohoho!

Lastly, FOZZIE BEAR stands alone, watching the confusion around him.

FOZZIE: Well, while everyone else in chaos, I remain all of my talent at your disposal! Fozzie Bear, at your service.
KAIRI: Oh, that's great Fozzie! Do you want to practice your act?
FOZZIE: All I need is a partner. A straight man to my comic zaniness!
LEA: Fine, fine, I can volunteer for that.
FOZZIE: Perfect! Perfect! Just set up my jokes and give the right punchline to my setups.
LEA: Great. Where are my lines?
FOZZIE: Your lines?
LEA: Yeah, my lines.
FOZZIE: Oh, well, uh… I always kept those in my head, so… I'm sure you'll do fine!
FOZZIE: Here, put on this costume.
LEA: No.

The player is given a Yes/No prompt to start practicing. This begins a stand-up routine, actually a minigame between FOZZIE and LEA. FOZZIE appears in his costume from Muppet Treasure Island, and the entire scene is meant to be reminiscent of the insult duelling from Monkey Island (since Disney owns LucasArts), and the mechanics are exactly the same. LEA, deadpan and refusing to wear a costume, reads a setup off the script, and FOZZIE replies with one of his terrible punchlines. In between jokes, they use a set of pre-scripted lines to move the scene along, parodying the rough plot of Monkey Island. The actual jokes that appear are randomized from a short list: FOZZIE tries to set LEA up for a joke but LEA has to learn all the jokes just like Guybrush from MI. The game is won once you and FOZZIE exchange a certain number of gags, and is lost if you fail three. Like in Monkey Island, a few failures and retries are to be expected as a part of the process.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

As in all minigames at the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, STATLER and WALDORF respond to your performance with appropriate insults. Most of the failure dialogues are common to all the mini-games, though there may be a few unique ones tied specifically to the game, like:

WALDORF: [wakes from sleep] Eh, are the jokes over?
STATLER: I don't know! I'm not sure they ever started!
BOTH: Dohohohohoho!

Their response to a successful stand-up act is as follows.

STATLER: You know, I think they actually pulled that one off!
WALDORF: It's about time too! I was about to show them my call and response!
STATLER: Oh yeah?
WALDORF: Yeah: they call, and I leave!

Winning the minigame returns a prize (in this case, a new, pirate-themed BUCKLER for MAX) and shines a spotlight on FOZZIE when you return to the stage. It also adds various MUPPET cameos to the TABLES in the dinner theatre. The theatre will be all-but filled by the time the player has cleared the remaining minigames.

After visiting the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, the beam of light vanishes from the MAZE, but the player can easily return using the GATE PRISM teleporters in the CRYSTAL TOWER.

Returning to the main quest, the next sector the player can navigate is clockwise from the sector attached to the CITY BELOW THE CLOUDS. To avoid punishing the player for taking the "wrong route" (i.e., going counter-clockwise from the DEEP WOODS sector), it is possible to use Double Rise to circumnavigate the entire ANCIENT'S MAZE via a high causeway that starts in the DEEP WOODS sector. There is even a chest here as an apology, and the player can sneak a look at later sectors while they're travelling.

This new sector of the ANCIENT'S MAZE is a corrupted library. It is both horizontal and vertical, featuring differently-coloured shelves that the player can interact with to reach new heights. For example, you can attack one colour to cause books to fly out, grow, and flip sideways to serve as platforms, while other colours of shelves might rotate when hit to reveal secret passages. Of course, there are also HEARTLESS. Hush harry the player as they climb, Bound appear from the shelves, and Worm Swarms like to trickle out of the rotting shelves to litter horizontal sections. The enemies are all familiar to help acclimatize the player to LEA and his new gameplay.

After some time, the party stumbles across IZANDER the GUARDIAN, revealed as though he had the drop on them, though they find him simply reading from a book. He does not look up at them as he speaks.

IZANDER: Shouldn't you be on your way home by now, Your Highness?
KAIRI: You're Izander, right? This is Ax—Lea. This is Lea.
IZANDER: Oh, I know our thief. I got word from a Revenant just a few minutes ago.

He puts away the book, and approaches the party. He pulls out a staff, as though out of his flowing beard, and uses it to support his weight.

LEA: Better get it memorized, then.
IZANDER: Oh, I will, thief. You upset several of my experiments and I don't plan on forgetting it any time soon.

He taps LEA on the chest with his staff, and then walks away from his position, the image of a young boy appears in his place, checking a book on a lower shelf. The boy looks frustrated and angry. KAIRI cannot help but gasp. IZANDER turns to look.

IZANDER: What, him? Don't pay him any mind. It's just a reflection from my memories, a ghost caught in the Maze. Similar to how the Tower captures Light to make the Remnants.
KAIRI: I've seen ghosts like this before. Is he… you?
IZANDER: Yes, I'd say he's around nine or ten, wouldn't you? Just a few years before I came into contact with my master in the Guardians, who taught me how to behave.

The GHOST attempts to ram a book in between two others, and is not having much luck.

IZANDER: I learned about the Guardians a little younger than usual, but I was more interested in studying. I wasn't willing to listen to reason until my life was starting to fall to pieces and I was turning grey.
KAIRI: Your master was a Guardian too?
IZANDER: Yes, we've all come and gone over the years. There have been several generations. Lady Elle is the only founding member still alive, besides Master Yen Sid, of course. This was him—my master.

IZANDER summons a REVENANT, depicting a stocky man with a moustache, partisan, and a large pack on his back, all made out of crystal.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

IZANDER: We walked different paths in life, but he always had room in his heart for a stubborn old intellectual… or a stubborn boy.

The camera shoots the scene over the REVENANT's shoulder, as though the aimless construct is staring, blankly, in the direction of the GHOST.

KAIRI: I'm sorry.
IZANDER: Not at all. My master left us doing what we all do: protecting the Light.

He de-summons the REVENANT. KAIRI swallows hard.

KAIRI: About that… P-protecting the Light.
KAIRI: Is this… the Maze… the best way to do that?
IZANDER: Ah. Yes, I understand. I too once held my doubts about the maze. For many, many years.

He waves his hand through the ghostly image of his younger self, and it dissipates like smoke.

IZANDER: But as the years went on and the evils of the world persisted and grew like a cancer… I took a harder stance. But I understand. Maybe better than the others, especially Our Lady of Fire. Midia is… much too young. Moonbrooke, even, if her soul weren't already so old and heavy.
MAX: What do you mean?

IZANDER ignores MAX as though he were not even there, and bows to KAIRI.

IZANDER: Your Highness, I'll be taking my leave now.

KAIRI nods, and steps aside as he walks past. As he is just about to turn a corner, however, IZANDER looks over his shoulder.

IZANDER: And Kairi?
IZANDER: Don't go any further into the Maze. I mean it: this no place for… young people.

This ends the scene. The player presumably continues through the MAZE in spite of the warning, and ultimately come to an enclosed area, a cave, still stocked with shelves. They are only part-way across the room when a dark slime of sorts drips down from one of the nearby shelves. This begins to spread, flooding the floor, shelves, and ceiling in a slow wave. The party summons their weapons.

KAIRI: Why is it never simple?

The Corruptor coats the entire room, closing off both exits with slime. It can attack with blobs of slime and also with "streams" that flow in arcs from one surface to the next. Various PUREBLOOD HEARTLESS also spawn from its body from time to time. The midboss itself manifests as a liquid-distorted face that appears on one of the available surfaces, melting depending on gravity. The face occasionally moves via the stream attack (the stream starts from the face after a visual cue, and then the face transfers to the new surface on the other end of the stream), but most often it fades away and then reappears elsewhere. The face also giggles, which can help hearing players locate it by sound. It can be attacked while it is visible, causing it to eventually gurgle away and appear elsewhere, but if left alone it will either use the stream attack or its eyes will flash and it will cause area damage nearby (these attacks have the added benefit of alerting the player to the existence of the "face" if they did not notice it earlier).

The face can appear rather high on the ceiling or walls, but using Rising Attack or Double Rise will not provoke it to run away on their own, leaving the player vulnerable to counterattack. Some players may find this to be an acceptable risk, but there is an alternate strategy: by using the Rush Team-Up attack on walls, the walls will shake and the Corruptor will fall down and plop onto the floor.

After being reduced below half health, the Corruptor will attempt to pin KAIRI's feet in its slime from time to time. There is no way to prevent this attack, and it does not target MAX or AXEL. The player can use the control stick to escape and can use Guard to defend against incoming attacks, but there is an easier escape. Once KAIRI is pinned, MAX will try to run to her side (supposing he is conscious), at which point he will prompt her to use Rush. This may inadvertently cause them to run into a wall and knock the Corruptor loose, which is the secret design purpose of this attack: to teach the player about the Corruptor's secret weakness.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Once the Corruptor is defeated, the dark slime dissolves and leaves the room empty. The player can now proceed to the next world via the cave side of the room. A brief, stock animation plays to remind you that LEA leaves the party whenever you exit the MAZE.

After KAIRI and MAX enter the next world, we cut to a cutscene back at the CRYSTAL TOWER. MOONBROOKE is checking in on GILGAMESH, who ignores her in solemn, angry silence. When she turns to leave, however, he speaks up.

GILGAMESH: Will you pass on a condolence to my companion?
MOONBROOKE: To Omega? …Only if it's harmless.
GILGAMESH: Simply tell him… "that she will wait for us in our hearts."

MOONBROOKE thinks about this for a moment.

MOONBROOKE: All right. I'll pass on your message.

GILGAMESH nods overdramatically, almost a bow, which allows him to conceal his face as he grins. MOONBROOKE leaves the room. After a pause, GILGAMESH speaks to himself.

GILGAMESH: And so we begin the second act.

He then grits his teeth and begins to channel a great darkness through his body. His new manacles glow with the power of light to restrain him, and he appears to suffer for his continued attempts, but his attempts continue. As he does, the mirrored crystal walls begin to reflect various visions of GILGAMESH (ideally this would be his appearances from other Final Fantasy games, maybe even directly ripped models in the case of recent games, but speaking practically, that seems unlikely. They are probably just copies of his current model). Above them, and above the present-day GILGAMESH, a black-gauntleted hand conjures up a great, black magic, and the various GILGAMESHs begin to glow with darkness like their present-day selves.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

GILGAMESH's attempts appear to bear fruit: gradually, a spark of darkness appears inside the room with him. This darkness soon manifests as an Invisible from KH1. GILGAMESH smiles and gives the Invisible a florid bow (best he can within his restraints). After a moment, the LIGHT of the TOWER begins to burn away at the Invisible just like it does GILGAMESH's darkness. GILGAMESH doubles his efforts and the light attacking the Invisible fades.

The Invisible studies the room, and attempts to strike GILGAMESH's chains.

GILGAMESH: No, not that. That will never work. These chains of turmoil are too strong for any being of darkness! I need you for another task.

The Invisible cocks its head, and then lowers its sword, instead outstretching its free hand towards GILGAMESH.

GILGAMESH: [full overdramatic theatre voice] Yes… take it! I offer it like a supplicant before a mighty emperor of Darkness!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

A vortex of darkness appears about GILGAMESH's chest, and from it appears a HEART. This HEART flies to the Invisible's hand, and is consumed by it. The Invisible teleports away. Left behind, GILGAMESH's body becomes transparent, and he phases through his manacles, which fall aside. The reflections vanish one by one, until our semi-transparent GILGAMESH is unreflected. He is laughing, and continues to laugh as his body disappears into the darkness.
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Sep 25, 2010
I don't mind it being long! It's certainly worth the wait!

Anyways, I felt my mouth dropping when it came to Max revealing he's from the future. It sounds kind of bad, if things are hush, hush with Queen Minnie and Daisy. Whereas Lea showing up was awesome. Something about him being on his knees like that... (sorry, having a fangirl moment here. <3) But I find it quite peculiar for Kairi to have a shard of the Crystal of Water. I wonder what'll happen once everyone finds out about it, or that she's planning on leaving. It's actually quite ominous for Izander to give that warning. I worry something bad is going to happen as Kairi goes further into the maze. But didn't Lea outside of the maze in the future turn out okay? I thought he did. Unless there's more to it than meets the eye. And Gilgamesh getting away is definitely not good! I am glad i learned more about the Guardians in this chapter as well. Or that we got to see the Muppets! <3 Great chapter as always! :D


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Aug 8, 2013
Yup, we know Lea is going to get out of this just fine! You can see him teasing Kairi about their adventure in chapter 1, because it already happened from his perspective! For Lea, I'm going to try to approach things with a different source of tension besides success and survival. Hopefully it will work! But that will start after the next Disney world, since Lea doesn't appear in them.


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Aug 8, 2013
KAIRI and MAX emerge in the new Disney world, and find themselves alone onto a high rocky plinth. They can see for miles in all directions, and at first glance, they seem to be entirely alone in a rocky expanse. A sunset is ongoing in the distance, casting the world in an orange hue.

The sun is very bright here, and KAIRI and MAX up their hand to shield their eyes. MAX does this first, but when KAIRI begins to do the same, she notices a strange haze on her hand, like the drizzle of rain water. MAX soon also notices, and they both examine her hand. The drizzle effect continues up her arm.

KAIRI: The Light is incredibly strong here!
MAX: But why is it only affecting you?

He looks at his own hands and even arms, seeing no such effect (from a developer perspective, MAX needs to draw attention to his arms as well of his hands, because his white Mickey Mouse gloves would otherwise have obscured the white particle effect, if it were there at all).

MAX: Is it because you're a princess?
KAIRI: Maybe. Or maybe it's the other way around?
MAX: What do you mean?
KAIRI: Lady Elle said something about the Dark Crystals… "taking a liking to me." She said I should go visit the Light Crystals to fix what they'd done? Maybe it's calling to me. …Or maybe it's trying to push me away.

MAX, who is about to take another look at his arm, happens to look over his shoulder and back at the cave.

MAX: Hey, it's not all bad!

He points, and KAIRI turns to see that several Shadows are cowering as puddles in the cave leading back to the ANCIENT'S MAZE, unwilling to cross over into the new world.

MAX: The Heartless can't get in!
KAIRI: Then this must be one of the worlds holding a Crystal of Light.
MAX: I guess that's going to make things easier, right?
KAIRI: I guess so. But why do I get the feeling it's not going to be that simple?

She and MAX lock eyes, and as the certainty of what she's said sinks in, MAX lets out a snort of laughter. Soon the both of them are laughing, and we pan up to see the expanse and the sunset. A world banner appears, identifying this as the "LAND THAT TIME FORGOT."

This ends the cutscene. Now that they have regained control, the player may wish to turn back to the CRYSTAL TOWER at this point, considering GILGAMESH's escape (even though KAIRI and the party were not technically privy his escape), but they will find the TOWER nearly empty. The only people remaining are OMEGA and the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT. OMEGA remains silent, and speaking to him simply produces a narrative box reading "Omega smiles in silence." Speaking to the CRYSTAL OF LIGHT gives the following dialogue.

CRYSTAL: Very bad, very bad. No idea how… and right from his chains! Everyone's out looking for him! We must—!

There is nothing else new for the player to do in the MAZE. Instead, we'll return our focus to THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT. The player is free to climb down from their starting location, at which point they will cross a large wasteland without any sign of enemies or treasure. An observant player will note that the rooms in this world appear to be set very far apart, ala the PRIDE LANDS from KH2, but not so far that familiar landmarks cannot be seen in the distance. A cutscene occurs in the second room. KAIRI and MAX arrive at a high ridge overlooking a wide space, later identified in the menu as "DRIED LAKEBED."

KAIRI are at the top of the ridge, and MAX leans out over the edge to scout the area.

MAX: Geeze, it's empty as far as the eye can see! Are you sure we're going the right—

MAX abruptly loses his balance, but trips on the edge of the ridge and tumbles cartoonishly head-over-heels to the ground, wailing GOOFY-style, and falling into a MUDDY POOL, which appears to be all that remains of the LAKE. Observant players may notice something odd about the shape of the POOL when they gain camera control, but the camera attempts to obscure that during the cutscene. KAIRI runs to the edge to see how he is doing.

KAIRI: Max! Are you all right?
MAX: Ow! You think I'd learn to watch my step with these giant feet.

MAX has landed on his back in the water, and as he shakes his feet to make his point, he notices something above him.

MAX: Uh… Kairi?

He points up, and we see from KAIRI's perspective sees a wave of sand, suspended in mid-air from where MAX fell. Several droplets of water have also frozen in mid-splash around him.

KAIRI: …What…?

MAX runs back up to the top of the ridge to rejoin her, and we see KAIRI reach out and collect a pebble from the mid-air debris. She moves it in mid-air and then "drops" it, only for it to stay in its current position. MAX rejoins KAIRI in time to see this, and he attempts to sweep some more sand into the air with his foot, but not long after each grain leaves contact with his shoe, it stays in its current position in the air.

MAX: This is too weird!
KAIRI: It's like it's all frozen? Could this be why we haven't seen anyone?
MAX: But if they were frozen like the dirt, shouldn't they still be around?

The player regains control at this point, and can descend into the DRIED LAKEBED under their own power. On closer examination, the LAKEBED has several MUDDY POOLS, MAX's still frozen in mid-splash. The player cannot enter any pools, they are simply decoration (as we don't want to deal with the dynamic, frozen, mid-air particle effects). Some treasure is here, but still no enemies. There are two apparent exits from the room, but one is blocked off by boulders, so the player must take the other.

The next room is a HUGE CAVE. The party enters, and KAIRI takes stock of the area around her, keeping her eyes low. As she does, MAX looks high, and his eyes lock on something that has him staring agape, in silent shock. Without looking away or even blinking, he tugs at KAIRI's sleeve, and she looks up.

KAIRI: …Woooowww!

Before the party is a slope made of rubble, and atop that slope stand three DINOSAURS. There is a STYRACOSAURUS, a BRACHIOSAURUS (who appears to have just raised her head past a low stalactite), and an IGUANODON. A thin cloud of dust is frozen in the air.

The player is free to explore the room, and will find the DINOSAURS utterly unresponsive, though the player can examine them at set points. For example, the IGUANADON:

KAIRI: Look. This one's frozen in mid-step!
MAX: It's like they're stuck in time or something.

Another includes this crucial clue, the BRACHIOSAUR:

KAIRI: It's like she was ducking under the low ceiling when she was frozen.
MAX: She's so big! I bet if you climbed her back you could go all the way to the top!

The player can also examine the rubble pile near the middle, which prompts the following text boxes:

KAIRI: There's dust frozen in the air. I feel like something must have just happened here.
KAIRI: I get the feeling I don't want to know what's under these rocks.

This is a safe area complete with SAVE POINT. MAX walks outside the party here and can be spoken to directly. He doesn't have anything important to say at the moment, but his being ready for chat will be important in a moment.

Should the player attempt to go deeper into the cave, a text-only sequence will play. MAX and KAIRI are about to leave the DINOSAURS behind when MAX sees something out of the upper corner of his eye.

MAX: Hey, Kairi, look over there!

She and the camera both look, and we see a beam of light coming from a high cave.

KAIRI: What could that be?

MAX will now be repositioned in the room so that he is looking at the high cave, and will comment on it if asked, to remind the player that the cave exists.

MAX: I can't stop wondering about that cave! But how would we get up so high?

If the player is not interested in the beam of light cave, they can proceed deeper into the cave without interruption. This will lead into a second room, but they will discover the second chamber is blocked by a CAVE-IN at the far end. They won't find anything but a few chests in that direction.

The only way to proceed with the story is to go through the high cave with the beam of light. To do this, the player must climb atop the frozen DINOSAURS, namely by jumping off the IGUANADON to the BRACHIOSAUR's back. While on the back of the IGUANADON, the player can discover two LEMURs, who are likewise frozen. They can be examined as a unit.

KAIRI: Huh, who are these?
KAIRI: They're looking up. I wonder what they see?

They are, in fact, looking at the beam of light from the cave, serving as another reminder for the player (or maybe even the first clue, if they climbed the DINOSAURS from the get-go).

Through the small cave, KAIRI and MAX return to the open air. They are on a high precipice, with no safe way down, but with a great view of a beautiful, expansive valley, protected on all sides by high cliffs.

MAX: What a view!

He and KAIRI look out, and we get a panorama of the valley and several frozen PTEROSAURS in the distance, too far off to make out. As the panorama reaches the middle of the valley, we see the place's largest feature: the LIGHT CRYSTAL OF EARTH, glowing YELLOW and flying over the LAKE in the middle of the valley.

KAIRI: The Crystal of Earth!

She takes a step closer towards the edge, which doesn't frighten her but seems to set MAX's teeth on edge after his tumble into the DRIED LAKEBED. He reaches out towards her, stops, and decides to let her manage her own fear of heights.

MAX: How can you tell?
KAIRI: I can hear it! It's… [she listens] it preserved the valley when the rest of the world was destroyed.
MAX: Destroyed?

KAIRI nods.

KAIRI: …From above.

MAX looks up warily, which by the looks of things does not help his new fear of the heights in the slightest. Suddenly, a GHOSTLY GIRL runs through him from behind.

MAX: Hey!

He jumps back, and KAIRI looks as well. The GHOSTLY GIRL looks out over the valley with fascination. KAIRI reaches towards the GHOSTLY GIRL, only for her hand to go through the figure. The GIRL appears to be around the age of four or five, and is wearing a dress the same yellow-brown colour of the CRYSTAL OF EARTH. She looks delighted at the sight of the VALLEY, and does not react to MAX or KAIRI in the slightest.

KAIRI: It's another ghost, like in the Maze.
MAX: Why is it here? Whoa, heads up!

MAX warns KAIRI just in time to step mostly aside from a second GHOST, a MAN, which passes through her partially and takes her place on the ridge. The MAN puts his hand on the GIRL's shoulder as they look out over the ridge, but he keeps his eyes carefully on her and the ledge. MAX and KAIRI stare at this for a beat.

MAX: …Hey wait a minute! I know this guy!

We are given a look at the MAN from the front (i.e. the camera rotates off the ledge), while MAX and KAIRI have to settle for his backside.

MAX: It's that Revenant that Izander showed us in the Maze!
KAIRI: You're right… he said it was his master?

The camera has been panning during this observation, and at this point, it has panned enough past MAX to reveal the mouth of the CAVE. As it does this, we discover that IZANDER is standing behind them.

IZANDER: That is correct.

MAX and KAIRI both jump, and MAX takes a step away from the cliff after realizing he was jumping near it.

MAX: Why you've gotta sneak up on a guy like that, huh?

Like in the MAZE, IZANDER acts as though he had not even heard MAX. He (and the camera) instead examine the GHOST MAN.

IZANDER: He was like an uncle to her. I often see them together in the Maze.

KAIRI looks back at the pair, and the world seems to fall away in a flash of light, and she once again sees a vision of some other place and time. Instead of the precipice, KAIRI sees the two GHOSTS on a green hill with picnic things nearby. A young man, presumably IZANDER, is also present. KAIRI closes her eyes and shakes her head. The vision is gone, but both MAX and IZANDER are staring at her.

IZANDER: We seem to be losing you a bit, my lady.
KAIRI: I'm seeing… visions. I saw another in the last world. It's… Lady Elle says it's the Dark Crystals. She said I should go to the Light Crystals to cure it. That's why we're here.
IZANDER: I doubt that very much. If you had wanted to come here for legitimate reasons, you would have said as much in the Maze. I would have had word from the Lady Elle, or she would be here with you. All I see are two trespassers.
MAX: Hey, we're not—
IZANDER: I suggest that you leave, immediately.

He points back to the cave.

KAIRI: But… the Crystal.
IZANDER: Haven't you done enough damage to the Crystal just by bringing your corruption into this world? The Lady Elle might want you to visit the Crystals, but I say the risk is too great.
KAIRI: Damage?
MAX: Hey buddy, if you think Kairi's bringing anything but light in here, you better take another look. She's a princess of heart! I bet you've got more darkness in you than her.

This time, IZANDER throws a glare in MAX's direction.

IZANDER: I don't doubt it, little boy. I am a Blue Mage. It is my role to take in dark magic and use it against evil. And yet look and see which one of us is being rejected by the light!

He holds and grabs KAIRI's hand, and she and MAX protest. He pulls her arm out, and then releases it so that both her hand and his are side-by-side. We see that her hand still has the drizzle of light effect, while his does not.

IZANDER: You're burning it up by your very presence. You must leave immediately before you do the Crystal any harm.

KAIRI looks at her hand with confusion, but then tightens it into a fist.

KAIRI: Come on, Max.

They head back into the cave, angry. When they are part-way into the cave, KAIRI turns back.

KAIRI: Izander.

IZANDER is looking at the two ghosts, and looks annoyed to be disturbed.

KAIRI: Why is everything frozen?
IZANDER: …The Crystal is in danger. A great Fiend of darkness hunts for it. The Fiends are the very reason Lady Elle and Master Yen Sid built the Maze.
KAIRI: The reason…?
IZANDER: If the Fiend were freed from time…
KAIRI: But maybe we can help!
IZANDER: I won't repeat myself, princess: get out.

He holds his staff in both hands, and a ghostly image appears about him as he channels his magic: the face of the Shaman from the Groundshaker in KH2 (from the PRIDE LANDS). As he is chanting his spell (below), the GHOSTLY MAN and GIRL turn and walk through him to go back through the cave.

IZANDER: Underground souls, rumble! Quake!

IZANDER's spell causes a cave-in, blocking the precipice. The rocks fall atop the two ghosts and snuff them. KAIRI and IZANDER glare at one another across the falling rocks until their line of sight is obscured.

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Sep 25, 2010
Well, that's certainly not good. Being rejected by the Crystal of Light. Or that Izander won't let her go near it, cause she's been corrupted by a tiny bit of darkness. I do wonder if Lady Elle is all what she seems, considering the secrets that she holds and withholds from everyone. :c On another note, I wonder what's trapped in time? If it's something similar to Xehanort? It must of been something really dangerous for the maze to be made in the first place. But it's really cool they got to visit a world with Dinosaurs in it. <3 Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


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Aug 8, 2013
KAIRI is still fuming with anger when she and MAX emerge from the other side of the cave, back with the frozen DINOSAURS. They climb down the BRACHIOSAUR as they talk.

KAIRI: I can't believe him!
MAX: I know, right?
KAIRI: It's like every one of these Guardians is trying to hide something from us!
MAX: Right in front of us, too!
KAIRI: They throw themselves at my feet when I'm a well-behaved princess of light, but the minute I step out of line…!
MAX: They're the ones who are out of line!

KAIRI clutches her fist with anger, and while she and MAX do not notice, we see that darkness is beginning to flame there.

KAIRI: And the way they keep treating the people they have trapped here! The people in the dark worlds can't leave, and the ones in this world are just frozen! What gives them the right?

KAIRI touches ground during the previous line, and goes towards the cave entrance. As she walks and rages across the rubble slope, the rubble begins to glow with darkness.

MAX: Yeah, what does give them… the…
KAIRI: And another thing--!

MAX pulls at her sleeve once again, and KAIRI snaps out of her rant long enough to notice the rumbling. She looks down. As they watch, the ground begins to shake, and several curved, reddish bones rise from the earth, like blades.

The Bone Blades are strange enemies. They look like ribs, which swim through the ground in resemblance to shark fins. As they move, they damaging anyone they contact. While most of their attacks are simple rush attacks in either straight lines or circles, they can also channel darkness to form waves as they rush, or to fire homing darts into the air if the player stays off the ground for an extended period of time. The player can destroy these darts by guarding or by swatting them out of the air. Like sharks, they circle before attacking, and will move alongside the player to keep them in the middle of the ring, and will even swim up the walls if the player gets close to the walls.

After defeating the Bone Blades, KAIRI is shown looking around for more trouble, a look of anger still on her face. After a look at her face, we shift the camera to watch from the "perspective" of another Bone Blade. The Bone Blade rushes towards her, only for MAX to push her out of the way just in time. The camera changes to watch them instead when MAX makes contact.

MAX: Look out!

KAIRI and MAX stumble, and KAIRI reaches out an arm to prevent herself from falling. In doing so, she makes contact with the leg of one of the DINOSAURS (the BRACHIOSAUR), and her handprint appears on its skin in DARKNESS. She and MAX stand back up to find there are three more Bone Blades, and they take defensive stances. But as the Bone Blades charge, a huge foot comes down and crushes them.

IGUANADON: [pants] I thought we already got them all!

KAIRI and MAX look up, they see that all three DINOSAURS are moving about, and the two of them startle. KAIRI is so startled, in fact, that the darkness fades from her hand. No one but the player ever saw it was there.

MAX: It talks?
STYRACOSAURUS: Hey, you talk pretty well yourself, kiddos!
???: Hey, I wanna see!
???: Not before me!

The two LEMURs appear over the top of the IGUANADON's back.

MALE LEMUR: Hey, it's more mammals!
FEMALE LEMUR: Hi! I like your fur!
KAIRI: [touches her hair] Uh… thanks?
BRACHIOSAUR: Were you children attacked by those strange bones as well?

KAIRI and MAX have to look straight up and move aside to look the BRACHIOSAUR in the eyes.

KAIRI: Yes, we were! Do you know what they were?
FEMALE LEMUR: They're big and mean!
MALE LEMUR: Yeah, and they're not quite as dead as they should be, for starters.
FEMALE LEMUR: I'm Suri! You're real pretty! You sound pretty too!
KAIRI: Thanks… you too!
SURI: And these are my brothers, Zini—
IGUANADON: And I'm Aladar.
MAX: [grinning through his teeth] Brother, huh?
ALADAR: [laughs] Yup.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

KAIRI: I'm sorry, we seem to have unfrozen you!
BAYLENE: Frozen?
KAIRI: Yes, you were…
MAX: Wait, did none of you notice?
EEMA: Notice what, honey?
KAIRI: N…nothing. Nothing at all.
ALADAR: I'm afraid we're in a bit of a hurry. Do you think we could walk as we talk? We're heading deeper into the cave.
KAIRI: Okay!

We return to player control in the safe are in the cave. MAX and the DINOSAURS are there, like we'd expect from a save point room, but note that the DINOSAURS do not actually walk about, since that would be a little extreme (they do animate, however). It is still possible to climb them, but the cave is now inaccessible due to IZANDER's cave-in, and will remain inaccessible for the rest of the game.

When the player enters the next room, they are briefly put into a new room depicting a simple tunnel. The player would have bypassed this room if they went here before the scene with IZANDER, as it exists only for the following sequence and cannot be visited either before or after the fact. KAIRI and MAX walk alongside ALADAR towards the front of the party.

ALADAR: I was adopted I was just a baby. We used to live on a beautiful island… until the great stone came from the sky.
KAIRI: I'm so sorry.
ALADAR: After the big disaster, we came across a big herd travelling to find a safe place to live. That's where we met Eema and Baylene. Unfortunately, the herd's leader, Kron, didn't want to wait for anyone who might fall behind, like the old or the young.

He gestures with his neck towards BAYLENE and EEMA when he says "old."

ALADAR: We fell behind, but we stuck together.
MAX: This Kron guy sounds like a barrel of laughs.
ALADAR: You don't know the half of it. He's an Iguanadon, like me, but much bigger.
MAX: And meaner, sounds like.
KAIRI: Why did you stay behind, Aladar?
ALADAR: What, and leave everyone behind? Besides, I think people stand a better chance if we stick together.
KAIRI: Where were you going with the herd?
ALADAR: We're going to the old nesting grounds. They used to be pretty lush before the disaster, so maybe they can still support life now?

MAX leans over to KAIRI and whispers.

MAX: Do you think he means that valley we saw?
KAIRI: I bet he does! Which means there's a good chance it's right on the other side of this cave!

ZINI suddenly interrupts them with a shriek.

ZINI: Heads up, everybody, there's more of those monsters!

More Bone Blades emerge from the walls and floor of the tunnel.

ALADAR: Oh no… quick, you two! Onto my back!
EENA: Aladar, you should take them to safety! You can outrun them!
ALADAR: No, we're not leaving anyone behind!
KAIRI: That's right! We'll protect all of you!

The player is given a tutorial prompt for this section, and a mini-map to keep track of all the pieces. The objective is an escort mission: the player must protect KAIRI, EEMA and BAYLENE until they reach the end of the cave. The scene is shot from the usual KH perspective as KAIRI jumps from back to back. The DINOSAURS are constantly running forward, but the player can move within the nearby area while atop ALADAR'S back. ALADAR will follow the player's movements even if KAIRI jumps in the air, like the Magic Carpet segment from KH2's Agrabah, but without the vertical movement. For gameplay purposes, the player is automatically in sync with the dinosaurs (there is no need to compensate for their forward momentum). Once ALADAR is near one of the other DINOSAURS, KAIRI can jump from his back to theirs, but EEMA and BAYLENE do not follow KAIRI's movement. Thankfully, if she slips off, ALADAR will always be waiting for her (even if the game has to fade to black and back again to teleport her there).

Bone Blades will chase after the player, attempting to hurt KAIRI or the two elderly DINOSAURS. Some run on the ground and can be trampled by ALADAR, though the elderly DINOSAURS cannot do this. Others swim through the floors and ceiling of the cave. KAIRI can jump to attack them in those positions – Bone Blades are killed in a single blow in this mini-game for simplicity's sake. When KAIRI jumps, she uses a spin attack that she can also use to defend the dinosaurs from dart attacks. MAX follows KAIRI's every movement a few seconds delayed, and will automatically intercept any darts that come near him with his BUCKLER.

After the DINOSAURS reach the end of the cave, the party (including EENA and BAYLENE) are able to vault atop a short ledge. ALADAR then jumps down to land near the Bone Blade with a stomp attack. KAIRI then leaps off his back and defeats the remaining wave of Bone Blades with a slice.

ZINI: Hey, you sure know how to handle that thing!
EENA: Does it work on rocks?

KAIRI, MAX and ALADAR turn around and discover the CAVED-IN section players might have discovered earlier. EENA and BAYLENE are looking at it with despair, as the way out is sealed.

BAYLENE: It's blocked?
ALADAR: Then we're going to have to go through! Everyone stand back!

ZINI and SURI jump off his back, and everyone stands back as he rushes the debris. He gives it his all, but after several attempts, nothing seems to give. He roars in determination and anger, but further attempts are no more fortunate.

EENA: Aladar, stop! It's all right. We can just go back.
ALADAR: [out of breath] What, back through those monsters? …Maybe we're not meant to survive.
KAIRI: What? How can you say that?

Spoiler Spoiler Show

EENA hangs her head.

EENA: Kron.
MAX: Kron? Your herd-leader?
ALADAR: It's something he always says. Only the strong survive. Anyone who doesn't… isn't meant to.
KAIRI: But you can't give up! You're nearly there!
BAYLENE: Quite! We've gotten this far, haven't we? And how dare you waste that good fortune by just giving up! Shame on you! Just… shame on you, shame on you!

ALADAR looks away.

BAYLENE: You inspired us all the way here! Kept with us whenever we fell behind! And the worst of it is, you got an old thing like me thinking she had a purpose. That she could still do something. And do you know what? You were right. I'm going to go on believing. I for one am not willing to surrender here!

Spoiler Spoiler Show

BAYLENE rears up and slams into the wall, and is soon joined by EENA. KAIRI and MAX smile and put their own weight into things. Their determination reignites ALADAR, and he joins him himself.

The wall falls under the combined effort, and after a probable loading screen, reveals the NESTING GROUNDS at ground level.

EENA: It's… it's untouched!

Notably, no PTERADONs fly past like in the film, since they are still frozen, but no one notices this irregularity either. The DINOSAURS step out, agape, before running towards the LAKE in the middle of the valley. Unlike in the film, where they play in the water for a brief period, they only run to the waterside in the game. There is a real-world reason for this, as we'll see in a moment, but in-universe it is simply a coincidence.

This room is a safe zone complete with SAVE POINT. The NESTING GROUNDS room is essentially a wedge, allowing the player access to only a sliver of the whole valley. It starts at the mouth of the cave and descends to the LAKE, which is treated as a separate room. Text conversations can be had as the DINOSAURS celebrate.

BAYLENE: I can't believe it! I never thought... I was beginning to lose hope, but in the end, I found it inside myself!

EENA: It's as beautiful as the day I was hatched! How is this even possible? What a miracle!

ZINI: Woo-hoo! It's almost prettier'n back home!
SURI: Zini!
ZINI: Aw, I don't mean it, sis! But it sure is looking great. Hey, you think there are any ladies here interested in meeting a suave young lemur?

MAX: I guess they haven't noticed everything's still frozen, huh? Is there anything we can do about that?

ALADAR: I don't get it… where's the herd?

Once the player does reach the LAKE, they enter a separate "room" and begin a cutscene. KAIRI sees the CRYSTAL OF EARTH at a distance, and seems to hear a distant singing noise coming from its direction.

KAIRI: …Max. We should go to it.

The player is given control, and can speak to MAX for a Yes/No prompt for when they wish to proceed. A chest can be found here, but the room is otherwise an unremarkable extension of the NESTING GROUNDS.

KAIRI: Ready to get your feet wet?
MAX: Yeah, and my whole body. But if you think we should do it.
KAIRI: Of course!

KAIRI takes a step towards the water. To MAX's shock and surprise, the water holds her weight on its surface.

KAIRI: Hehe, don't worry. It's still frozen in time.
MAX: How did you know?
KAIRI: The Crystal told me.

She begins to head towards the centre of the LAKE, and MAX follows reluctantly.

MAX: How does it know it's gonna stay frozen?

KAIRI heads into the centre of the lake. The DINOSAURS and LEMURS can be seen in the distance, not having noticed their exit. As KAIRI approaches the centre of the LAKE, the CRYSTAL OF EARTH slowly descends to her level. KAIRI swallows hard at the sight of this, but forces a smile.

KAIRI: Hello.

KAIRI reaches out a hand in close-up, but we cut to a wide shot as she reaches up towards the CRYSTAL. A bright, white light begins to build in between her hand and the CRYSTAL, as does the sound of choral singing. Soon, KAIRI and the CRYSTAL are only silhouettes against the light as she makes contact.

At this point, the scene ends and the player is informed that Cure has been upgraded to Cura, which heals more than the original. This is followed by another cutscene. The choral music continues over the loading screen.

We return to the scene just as we left it, with KAIRI and the CRYSTAL in silhouette against the light. As the loading screen clears, the singing fades out rapidly, until we are in total silence. After a pause of silence, a sharp beat heralds the arrival of a new "Tension" theme that plays in the background. It is a remix of the CRYSTAL TOWER theme. As the first beat plays, the light breaks, and KAIRI and MAX are suddenly dropped in the water. After a few yelps, they surface and begin to tread water.

MAX: What just happened?
KAIRI: I don't know, I think everything just unfroze!
MAX: The whole world?

We cut to high on the walls of the NESTING GROUND, where IZANDER is still lost in thought on the precipice. His eyes snap open in alarm.

KAIRI and MAX pull themselves from the water to find the DINOSAURS waiting.

EENA: [laughing] Now these two have the right idea! I think I might go for a swim myself!
KAIRI: No, wait! Something's wrong.
IZANDER: [offscreen] It most certainly is!

IZANDER appears on the scene via a portal of light.

IZANDER: What did you do?
KAIRI: You know him, Aladar?
ALADAR: Yes, I saw him just this morning. I know his smell… but…
SURI: Mister, your fur's gotten big and white!
ALADAR: Yes, that's it! This morning he was… years younger!

IZANDER ignores them all and focuses his anger on KAIRI.

IZANDER: The seal is gone! What have you done?

He is in a rage, and from darkness, the GHOST GIRL and the GHOST MAN appear behind him. The GIRL is playing with a ball, and they toss it back and forth as they run. The camera does not draw attention to them, so it may take the player a moment to notice their presence.

KAIRI: What did… what did I do? What did you do? Why did you seal these people in time? Just because of some… some monster?
IZANDER: This is not "some monster," you little girl. This is a Fiend of Darkness! A great power!
KAIRI: I came here to learn to fight monsters, not how to avoid them!
IZANDER: And you'll have your chance now, won't you? Bloodthirsty, greedy girl!
MAX: Hey, buddy, lay off!
IZANDER: Quiet! It's coming, now! If not straight here, then to the largest population!
MAX: Here?
ALADAR: The herd!

EENA and BAYLENE lock eyes and run off in another direction. KAIRI and MAX are alarmed, but after a moment's anxiety, stand their ground to ask a few urgent questions.

KAIRI: Why here?
IZANDER: For the Crystal! The great light of the Crystals casts a great shadow! So long as the light shines, great Fiends of each element will come from the Dark Crystal to consume it! Surely you know by now: light always casts shadows. Like these ghosts!

He points at the ghosts, and the camera focuses on them for the first time.

KAIRI: I thought you said the ghosts were from your memories?

The GIRL clutches her ball and laughs in her play.

IZANDER: Yes, memories trapped by the Maze, like the Tower captures our Light to make the Revenants. But the Maze is no place of Light. The Tower captures our Light memories. The Maze captures our dark.
KAIRI: But… she looks so happy.

IZANDER waves his hand through the girl and she is dispersed like cloud.

MAX: Hey! Buddy, you keep breaking them up, what's the big deal?
KAIRI: He's right. What did they ever do to you!
IZANDER: Didn't I tell you to be silent? Don't pity these... accidents! They're nothing but dust and darkness. Focus on the matter at hand!

He points towards the lake, and the camera shows first the CRYSTAL OF EARTH, and then cuts to blades of grass, specially rendered for this show to cast long shadows across the earth.

IZANDER: The Light is our salvation, but it is also the pen that draws the darkness! Just so: each of these great Crystals of Light has attracted a terrible Fiend, come to consume it. Defeat the Fiend, and a new shadow will replace it. The light will always cast a shadow!

We cut to black for an imaginary sequence. We see the GUARDIANS we know, alongside many REVENANTS. They face off against unseen BEINGS OF DARKNESS.

IZANDER: We fought them in the real world, for many years. We lost Guardian after Guardian. It was too much! We had to protect the Crystals. We made the Maze to hide from them, but they followed us even here! We had to seal the Crystals and Fiends together in these four worlds! Anyone that could set them free, we dealt with. Anyone that might assume their power, we imprisoned!
KAIRI: You mean...!
IZANDER: The Bandits! Little lords of darkness under the Fiends, waiting for their kings to fall! The villains of the other worlds, who could break in, or lock us out! We had to protect the light!

KAIRI grips her Keyblade in close-up.

KAIRI: You imprisoned the bandits because they might become monsters? You sealed the Crystals by sealing entire worlds full of people? No matter who else you hurt?
IZANDER: You think we never tried some other way? Idiot girl! Haven't you seen the ghosts? Haven't you seen the Revenants?

He summons a force of armed REVENANTS to surround the party and ALADAR in a crescent formation. KAIRI, MAX and ALADAR fall back into defensive positions.

IZANDER: Do you see how many we've lost to these monsters? So many good people, reduced to these shells, only for their light to slowly fade over time? The Fiends had to be put away!
KAIRI: [shocked] Aladar, get back! Take the others to safety.
ALADAR: But you—
KAIRI: We'll be fine! You have to keep them safe!
IZANDER: It's too late! The Fiend is loose! And without Lady Elle and Master Yen Sid, I can't renew the seal!
KAIRI: We can stop the fiend! We can get Yen Sid and make a new solution!
IZANDER: The time you spend fetching him from the real world could be months to us in here! I will not risk the safety of the light to talk circles around some child who doesn't understand the consequences of her actions!
KAIRI: I know enough to know that what you're doing is wrong!
IZANDER: Be quiet! You may have already sent us to our deaths today. Now, I may not always approve of my comrades' decisions. Lady Elle made a mistake in welcoming you here. But the Guardians are my friends and my family, and I would rather die than see them put at risk for your selfishness!
KAIRI: My selfishness?
IZANDER: Revenants!

The REVANANTS draw their weapons, and IZANDER disappears through a portal of light. A new battle theme plays.

FIXED ENCOUNTER: 5x Skirmishers, 3x Enchanters; 2x Swains, 4x Conjurer.

All of these REVANANTS are familiar: the Skirmishers appeared with MOONBROOKE during her introduction, the Enchanters and Conjurers with MIDIA in the sewers, and the Swains are the REVENANTS of IZANDER's master.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Skirmishers are relatively typical soldier-types for the Kingdom Hearts series. However, creatures of light fight together, and the Skirmishers exemplify this by borrowing AI from the TURKS from the CASTLE ABOVE THE CLOUDS. This means that they will jump to the assistance of fellow REVANANTS that are under attack. One of the ways they like to do this is via Sonic Blade, which they can perform from one to three times in a row, at random.

Enchanters are support casters. They can heal, and can cast Teleport to either rescue an ally from stunlock or to drop an ally (usually a defensive ally, like a Swain) nearby a player character to ambush them or to help rescue an ally in stunlock. They also have Air spells (projectiles), and will prioritize them if they are the only Revenants left in battle.

Swains are defensive troops. They are in many ways like the Large Bodies of KH1, but if hit in the belly, the player's weapon will recoil and they will be hit by a flash of light (very small on-screen for safety's sake) that will blind the player character. This is not entirely bad, as it will cause them to swing their weapon in a random direction away from the Swain (hitting additional Swins like this has no stacked effect). This could prove beneficial, but is probably not what the player was going for. Swains can also use Strike Raid with their halberds to get the player off of a friendly troop.

Conjurers are offensive spellcasters, featuring spell variants for all three standard elements. They also know how to lead their shots, making them more effective than past HEARTLESS spellcasters. Their AI pairs them with a "partner" melee Revenant that they will attempt to cover and use for cover. If all possible partners have been defeated, they will revert to an independent AI.

When killed, REVANANTS shatter and release their light in the form of a fading wisp. This wisp makes the sound of a human voice exhaling or sighing as it fades away. Each REVANANT has its own voice actor for the sigh.

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