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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Broken Destiny

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Sep 23, 2009
New England
(My fan-fic, in a game style format about one thing I think could happen for the gap between BBS and when Maleficent took over Radiant Garden)

The worlds I have included, are the following---

Shine Forest - The beginning World, in which the main characters were training at (Their homeworld)

Enchanted Dominion - Yes, Maleficent is important in this story. And for PoH reasons.

Dwarf Woodlands - For PoH reasons.

Castle of Dreams - For PoH reasons.

Mysterious Tower - For information on what's going on....beware, I believe there will be spoilers for this world.

Radiant Garden - Since it has to become Hollow Bastion by the end of the story.

Olympus Coliseum - My version of a backstory on Cloud and Sephiroth...and if anyone is actually going to read this, than I know I might (I use that term very loosely) get flamed.

ENCOM/SPACE PARANOIDS - In KH2, Tron said that the database they were in was originally created by Encom, but Ansem brought it back, and used it for the town/personnel purposes.

Atlantica - My version on a backstory why Triton doesn't like Keyblade Bearers in KH1. (Possibility of Flame)

Beast's Castle - For PoH reasons.

Destiny Islands - Only shows up in the "Opening Sequence".

I will post the story in the way that I wrote it....I wrote it in 2 scenarios in Notepad, and had them numbered to remember the order. So that's the way they will be posted.

Right now I have the first 11 Note pages written up, so I will post them in order. starting with Number 0, which is the "Opening Sequence".





Sep 23, 2009
New England


Ram and Bazil are seen sitting on the Paupu Tree.

"It's such a beautiful sunset Ram, don't you think"

"Ya." "You remember the day we met Bazil...it was a day like this."

"Ya, I do"

"That was the day we promised...promised that we both would try our hardest to become Masters"

"Ya..." "Let's enjoy the sunset for now though"



Mickey's Flashback of his first time meeting Xehanort...as shown in KH2.

Xehanort walking through the halls. Then into a door, to a lab with Even.

"Xehanort, what did Ansem say about the experiment?"

"Continue on with the research, we will---"

Braig walks in the room.

"Braig, we need more hearts for the experiment"

"I'll get to it when I get to it"

"Now Braig" Braig gives Xehanort an evil glare, then smiles..."Alright...whatever you say Xehanort"
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Sep 23, 2009
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Shine Forest-----


Ram's Master Qualification Exam

After the exam, which Ram passed, a cutscene between him and Bazil.

Ram is about to leave the next night, when the forest is lit on fire.

He returns to the castle where his master and Bazil are.

Ram arrives to see his master fighting a man in a black coat.

Ram fights alongside his master, and is on the brink of losing when Bazil arrives.

Bazil takes their master away, and Ram becomes knocked out by the enemy.


Bazil takes their master away into the forest, and she lies him against a tree. Bazil runs back to the castle and sees Ram knocked out, and the enemy about to make the final strike.

She fights the enemy and is sent back out of the castle. The enemy disappears.

Bazil runs after the enemy.


He awakens later, and sees the place is almost completely destroyed.

He walks through the forest and sees his master lying against a tree. He dies, and Ram becomes angry.

Maleficent shows up, and takes Ram with her. He believes that Maleficent will help restore his world and get revenge on the man in the black coat.



Sep 23, 2009
New England


He arrives with Maleficent at her castle, and she tells him where Ram can find what she needs "to restore his world"

He leaves for Aurora's castle, and when he gets there, he fights her prince and wins.

He takes the princess and makes his way back down to Maleficent's castle.

She tells him of the next PoH, and he sets off to find her.

Bazil's scenario--

She arrives by Aurora's castle, and sees the Prince knocked out.

She runs to him and helps him stand up.

He tells her what happened, and they run up to Aurora's room.

She looks off the balcony, and sees a light appear, and Ram leaving the world, from Maleficent's castle.

She and the Prince go to Maleficent's castle, and end up fighting a Heartless.

Bazil is sent into a portal of darkness, and goes to the next world.

The Prince is caught by Maleficent.


Sep 23, 2009
New England


He arrives at The Queen's Castle, and goes into it.

He gets to the top and sees the mirror.

He asks the mirror, and asks where he could find the PoH.

The mirror tells him that Snow White is in the woods.

He goes into the woods, and sees an old woman running away from something.

He steps back, and sees the Dwarves running after her. Behind them, is Bazil.

He is shocked to see her. After they pass, he runs the way they were coming from.

He finds a cottage, and enters. He finds Snow White, and takes her outside.

The dwarves return, and Ram has to fight all 7 of them.

They become knocked unconsciousness, and he leaves with the Princess back to Maleficent's castle.


He returns with Snow White, and Maleficent tells him of another Princess.

He leaves the world in search for the next Princess.

Bazil's scenario--

She arrives at the world, unconsiouss in the worlds.

She awakens, to see Dwarves standing around her.

She gets up, they talk, and they all go back to the cottage.

She meets Snow White, and the Dwarves see the Old Woman outside the window.

She runs away, and the Dwarves and Bazil run after her.

They run through the woods, fighting Heartless.

They make their way to a cliff, and Bazil and the Dwarves fight against the Witch.

She falls off the cliff, and the Dwarves run back to the cottage, as Bazil leaves the world.


Sep 23, 2009
New England


He arrives by the stepmother's house.

One of the stepsisters come out of the house, and Ram asks where he can find the Princess.

She tells him he can find her at the castle.

He fights Heartless on his way to the castle.

He sees on the steps, the man in the black coat.

The man goes into the castle, and Ram runs after him.

He makes his way into the ballroom, and sees the man on the balcony.

He sees the butler, and asks him how he can get up there.

He heads up to the balcony, and sees the man in the ballroom. He jumps from the balcony into the room.

He runs up to the man, with Keyblade in hand, and slashes at him.

The man disappears in smoke, and reappears behind Ram. Ram turns around, and the man turns into a heartless.

Ram fights the Heartless and wins. After the fight, the Butler shows up again, and Ram asks where he can find the Princess.

The Butler shows him the way, and Ram finds Cinderella, asleep.

He takes her with him, and makes his way out the castle. He sees Prince Charming, and has to fight his guards.

After the fight, he takes Cinderella and returns to Maleficent's castle.


He returns to the castle, and gives Maleficent Cinderella.

Maleficent tells him that she is not sure where the other Princess' are hidden, and tells Ram to find clues to finding the rest.

He leaves to search for clues.


She arrives by the stepmother's house, and meets the Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godmother tells Bazil that Jaq needs some help, and sends Bazil to the top floor, and shrinks her in size.


She arrives in the top room, and sees Heartless surrounding Jaq.

She battles the Heartless, and helps Jaq.

Jaq was trying to throw a party for Cinderella.

Bazil helps Jaq in planning for the party.

Lucifer, the cat, shows up, and Bazil fights him. After the fight, Lucifer is scared by a Darkside Heartless.

BaZil fights the Darkside, and wins. She notices the man in the black coat behind the fading Darkside, disappear in a portal of darkness.

Jaq thanks Bazil, and then she is returned to normal size by the Fairy Godmother. And sent out of the house.


The Fairy Godmother thanks Bazil, and asks if there is anything she needs, all she has to do is ask.

Bazil asks if she can help her find Ram.

Fairy Godmother tells her that she saw him by the castle a while ago.

Bazil makes her way to the castle, and notices the Prince and his guards are all unconsious.

She wakes the Prince up, and he tells her what happened.

Shocked to hear it was Ram who did this to them, she leaves the world, in search of Ram.


Sep 23, 2009
New England


He arrives back at the Queen's Castle, and makes his way to the mirror.

He asks the mirror if he knows where he could find more Princess'.

The mirror tells him of a world of light, where one might be found.

Ram leaves the world, and the man in the black coat walks into the room.

The mirror asks who is there, and then the screen fades to black.


Sep 23, 2009
New England
MYSTERIOUS TOWER----- (This one has spoilers)


She sees the Tower, and walks into it.

She goes up the stairs into Yen Sid's room.

She talks to Yen Sid about Ram and the Princess'.

Yen Sid says, "If all the PoH are brought together, then they create the Keyblade of People's Hearts. This Keyblade is one of the ways to open Kingdom Hearts."

"What's the other way?"

"By recreating the X-Blade...MX tried to accomplish this about a year ago. The X-Blade opens Kingdom Hearts, and starts the Keyblade Wars."

"Keyblade Wars?"

"More information is found in this book." He summons up a book on the Keyblade Wars.

After reading it, she asks him another question, concerning the Heartless.

"Only a being of darkness can summon them into the RoL...other than that, they should only exist in the RoD." He pauses.

"Master Yen Sid...is something wrong?"

"Something is not right with the worlds...from your description of these Heartless you have fought, some of them are unlike the regular Pureblood Heartless that exist in the RoD. Someone must be doing something to the Heartless...but where?"

"Tell me what I must do Master Yen Sid"

He summons up a star shard. "Take this now Bazil...I am sure that from this you will find your answers soon enough"

She grabs the shard and is teleported to a new world.

"First Xehanort...and now Ram. The worlds are in more danger than Eraqus and I had thought."


Sep 23, 2009
New England


Ram arrives in Radiant Garden, and hits the ground when Lea runs into him.

Isa arrives and picks up Lea. "Sorry about that"

They leave and Ram gets back to his feet.

Braig arrives with guns in hands, and is about to shoot Lea and Isa, but they get out of range.

"Damn...they got away."

He looks at Ram and asks if he knows them. Ram replies with a "No".

And Braig runs in the direction of Lea and Isa.

"That was odd....anyways, so this is the Capital of Light"

Marx walks around and makes his way to a waterway, where Lea and Isa are hiding.

"Hey, you're the guy from before"

"Lea, we don't have time for this"

"Settle down Isa, he deserves a reason why I hit him"

"Well make it quick (He looks around the corner), they could be here any minute"

"Well, what's your name anyways."


"Well Ram, I'm Lea, and this is Isa...got it memorized"

"Lea, hurry it up"

"We got caught trying to sneak into the castle"

(The Castle....maybe) "Do you know where I could find a Princess?"

"Princess...I don't think there's any Princess' here...what about you Isa"

"Not that I Know of"

"Well that answers that"

"Well I must get going...I-"

"Alright Ram, see ya around." Lea and Isa run away.

Ram continues on, and makes his way to the Castle's Gate.

Dilan and Aeleus say, "The castle is presently closed"

He walks away, and passess by Braig.

"You again...what are you doing here"

"Do you know where I could find a Princess'"

"A Princess...(Braig shows an evil glare and smile). Yes, just follow me inside"

They both approach the gate, and they are aloud in.

He takes him down to the basement, and is stopped by Even. He has a wierd look on his face, and asks why Ram is here.

Braig tells him he's here to help, and they press onward.

They make their way to AtW's room, and he isn't there. Braig opens up a secret door, and they go into his computer room.

"This computer may help you" (Ram rushes over to the computer) "But, it needs a new software update in order to work, and Ansem has been telling me over and over to get him a new one"

"So you want me to get you one?"

"Yes, and I know the perfect place to get it"

He tells him of Encom World (Tron), and Ram leaves the castle. The man in the black coat enters the room with Braig.

"What are you doing here"

"You know why I am here"

Braig has a sinister smile on his face and the screen fades black.


Ram makes his way to outside, and sees Bazil.

She runs towards him, as he walks away.

From behind Ram, a heartless appears. Ram doesn't bother to look behind him, and keeps pressing on forward.

In the next area, he meets Merlin and they talk. Merlin teaches him a new move, and Ram continues on.

He makes his way into the next area, and sees the man in the black coat.

He fights him, and the man disappears in a portal of Darkness.

Ram enters the portal to chase after him.


She arrives in Radiant Garden, and sees Scrooge McDuck being attacked by Heartless.

She saves him, and is rewarded with an entry pass into the Games at Olympus Colliseum.

She thanks him and moves on. The next area, she meets Merlin. They talk, and she learns a new move. She moves on, and sees Lea and Isa running.

She runs after them, and they turn around and ready their weapons.

She stops, and they put away their weapons.

"Sorry about that lady, but we weren't sure who you were"

"I understand. My name is Bazil...and you?"

"I'm Lea and this is Isa...got it memorized"


"Huh, Lea this is the second person we've met today"

"Second? Who was the first?"

"His name was Ram, and he was looking for some kind of Princess', apparently he's not from here"

"Ram! Which way did he go?"

"Towards the castle why-"

"Thank you guys" She runs towards the castle.

"You're welcome???"

"Those two must be friends"

"I don't know Isa, there was something wierd about Ram...it was different from Bazil right now"

"I know what you mean"

Bazil enters another area, and sees Ram. She runs towards him, and is stopped by a Heartless appearing right behind Ram.

After Ram leaves, more and more of them show up and Bazil fights them.

After the wave of Heartless, more and more of the same kind appear, surrounding her.

"Need a little help?"

Lea and Isa appear, and take down some of the Heartless, making there way to the center to help Bazil.

"Thanks guys"

"No problem"

Bazil, with Lea and Isa fight waves of Heartless.

"I have to go after Ram"

"Go, we'll handle this...right Isa." Isa nods.

"Thank you" She runs in the direction Ram went.

"Why do we always end up in these kinds of situations Lea"

"I guess we're just lucky"

The scene goes to Bazil in the next area. "RAM!"

Ram left through a portal of darkness.

"Ram...what has happened to you"

Lea and Isa run up behind Bazil. "Where's Ram"

"He left"

"Well, you better go after him. I mean, that's what friends do"


The screen fades black, and Bazil leaves the world.


Sep 23, 2009
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Before I post Olympus Coliseum...I will say that I had introduced Vincent Valentine into it. HE along with Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth are the only FF characters I put in here. And if anyone bothers to read this...I don't know how you think about what I did to Zack and Vincent here, but I decided to do it.



A dark portal opens up, and Ram is brought into the world.

"Where'd he go" He searches around but doesn't see anyone

He sees a sign, that reads "The Olympian Games are now underway. Register now to test your strength. Do you think you have what it takes to be a hero?"

"Interested in the Games now are we" Hades appears behind Ram.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I...Who am I?" He becomes infuriated. "You're not from here are you?"


"I am Hades...Lord of The Underworld"

"Hades....do you know where I could find a Princess"

"A Princess huh...I'm not sure....but there may be someone who knows"


"Zues, the God of Thunder"

"How can I see Zues?"

"Enter the games and win, and I can arrange something"


Ram enters the Games.

After a couple rounds, he is confronted by Maleficent.

"What are you doing here?"

"What you asked of me Maleficent, I am searching for the Princess', and doing this is the only way."

"Keep your mind on the task at hand...or else"

"Yes Maleficent"

His final fight is against Vincent Valentine

Ram wins, and as soon as he is about to deliver the final blow to Vincent, Cloud and Zack appear to stop the fight.

He fights Cloud and Zack, and is knocked back.

Heartless appear in front of Ram, and Ram gets back up. The Heartless attack Zack and Cloud, andwhen they are destroyed they turn into mist and the mist is absorbed by Ram.

Ram becomes more powerful, and fights against Zack and Cloud.

He wins, knocking Cloud and Zack back. He goes over to Zack, and stabs him with his Keyblade.

Zack disappears in light, and Cloud becomes infuriated. He charges at Ram, but before he can attack, Vincent stops him.

"Vincent, what are you doing"

"Cloud, look at yourself...this is not what Zack would've wanted"

"But Vincent-"

"Cloud if you do this now, then you are no better then this guy is"

"You're right Vincent"

Ram leaves the arena, and meets up with Hades.

"I've won the tournament for you Hades...now what"

"Follow me"

Hades takes him up to a Temple of Zues, and the statue comes alive.

"Hades, what are you doing here"

"I'm not here for me...this is for the boy here."

"What have you come for child"

"What do you know of the Princess' of Heart"

Zues pauses and replies "You chouldn't be involved with those kinds of things young Keyblade Master"

"Tell me what you know or else"

"You do not frighten me"

Ram summons his Keyblade, and fights against the Zues statue. Hades leaves.

After the fight. "There is nothing I can tell you"

Ram with a disappointed look on his face, leaves the world.

Hades' reappears, and finds no one at the temple and the statue not moving.

"How did he perform Hades?"

"Just as you wanted"

"Everything went according to plan then?"

"Ya ya ya, now leave me alone, I have to get ready for the next tournament"

"I'm glad to see you haven't disappointed me Hades. You know the penalty for betrayal"

"Yes...I knoW"

The screen fades black.


She arrives at Zues' temple, where Zues is talking to Hercules.

She steps forward and enters the conversation.

Afterwards, Hercules takes Bazil back to the colliseum where she meets Phil.

Phil has Bazil train to prove she is fit for the games (Even though she has a pass)

After her training, Zack notices her, and confronts her. Asks her if she could help him train Cloud.

She and Cloud fight, and Bazil wins. Cloud looks disappointed.

"Cheer up Cloud, that's one fight...you'll do better in the games"

"Ya Zack, you're right."

"Hey Bazil, would you mind teaming up with Cloud for the Games"

"Sure Zack, if it'll help build his confidence"

"Thank you" Zack goes and tells Cloud of the news.

They both enter the games, and fight through.

After a few rounds, Sephiroth is seen fighting.

"That's Sephiroth, someday I hope to be just like him"

"It's good to have dreams Cloud"


"You have to embrace your dreams....otherwise there's not much to fight for"

"Right!" They both smile at each other, and continue watching Sephiroth's fight.

Bazil and Cloud continue in the games, and make it to the SemiFinals.


"Hello Cloud...looks like you made it"

"Ya! I couldn't have done it without Bazil here"

"It's nice to meet you. Well, Cloud, Bazil, are you ready to fight"

"Bring it on"

Bazil and Cloud fight Vincent, but lose. Cloud is disappointed.

"Cheer up Cloud, that was a great fight"

"Right!" "Thank you Vincent"

Bazil leaves the arena. And sees Sephiroth back in town.

They talk, and then they hear Cloud yell.

"You'd better check on Cloud"

"Aren't you coming too?"

"No, this isn't my fight...not yet"

Bazil leaves and returns to the arena, where she sees Cloud kneeling on the ground, and Vincent standing behind him.

"What happened" She look over and sees Zack's sword by Cloud.

"It was Zack"

"Zack....Cloud, I'm sorry"

"Don't...it wasn't your fault" Cloud picks up Zack's sword and stands up. He puts the sword in front of his face, and has flashbacks of his memories with Zack.

"Zack.....why?" A tear falls down Cloud's face.

Phil comes running into the Arena yelling "The town's on FIRE!!!"

"WHAT!!!" Cloud, Vincent, and Bazil say.

They all run out into town, and see the flames. Bazil is reminded of what happened to Shine Forest.

"Uh, Where's Sephiroth...I saw him down here not that long ago"

"SEPHIROTH!!!" Yells Cloud.

From the Flames, we see Sephiroth emerge, with sword in hand.

"Isn't it devine...the destruction and scorn"

"Sephiroth, what are you saying?"

"Only death can save this world...along with all the others."

"Sephiroth, what have you done?"

"Look around, and you can see"

"First Zack...and now you...Sephiroth what's happened to you"

"I shall become the savior the worlds desire...all that stands in the way of destiny...is you. Cloud."

Bazil and Cloud fight alongside Vincent against Sephiroth.

At the end of the fight, Cloud gets knocked back, and Sephiroth goes for the kill, but Vincent gets in the way to protect Cloud.




"You have to stop Sephiroth"

Sephiroth throws Vincent off to the side, and Phil goes to his side.

"Pathetic insect"

"Sephiroth....why.....SEPHIROTH!!!!!" Cloud charges at Sephiroth with his sword, and stabs him.

"Im-Impossible" Sephiroth falls to the ground, and is overtaken by Darkness, and sinks into the ground.

Cloud runs to Vincent's side.


"Is he...Is Sephiroth--"

"Yes" says Bazil "He was taken by the Darkness"

"Then it's not over yet" He tries to get back up, but falls down, into Cloud's arms.


"You have to find and stop Sephiroth Cloud." "Don't forget what Zack has taught you Cloud"

"I won't....Vincent."

"Good" Vincent disappears the same way Zack did, but his cloak stays.

"I'm sorry Cloud"

"Don't be...it's not your fault...Bazil"

"Alright, well....I'm sorry Cloud, but I have to go"

"Alright.....(Bazil walks away), wait!" "Take me with you....I have to find Sephiroth"

"No Cloud, you have to train more"

"BUt Vincent and Zack-"

"Remember what they told you"

"But---you're right." "If you see Sephiroth, then tell me please."

"I will"

Bazil leaves the world.


Sep 23, 2009
New England
This one (SPACE PARANOIDS) was not that easy for me to write.....the same goes for the next one (ATLANTICA) after this one.



He arrives in the Encom building, and sees a man by a computer.

He turns around because he thought he heard someone coming, and looked back, and the man was gone.

Ram goes towards the computer. "Where did he go to?"

Ram pulls out a disk that Braig gave him to copy the data program of Space Paranoids.

Ram inserts the disk into the computer, and the MCP responds.

"UNATHORIZED ACCESS...You are trying to copy the net, I do not recognize this software" "First Flynn, and now you"

"Flynn?" The MCP activates the laser and digitizes Ram into the net.

He appears in Space Paranoids, and sees Flynn and Bazil being taken away by Sark's guards.

He runs in the oposite direction, and confronts Sark.

"Program what are you doing here. You should be on the Game Grid by now"

"Who are you?"

"Who am I?" "I am Sark" "And you shouldn't be asking the questions here Program"

"Why is that?"

"Take him away" Sarks guards take Ram away back to his ship.


Sark is talking to the MCP

"Master Control, I have picked up a Program."

"What about it Sark?"

"He was found in the area where the User you sent arrived"

"Ahhh, him."

"Is he another User?"

"Yes Sark...but there is something different between him and the other two"

"What do you mean?"

"He was attempting to make a copy of the network, using a software even I'm not familiar with."

"what should I do with him?"

"Let him play for our side for now Sark"

"And the others?"

"I want Flynn playing to be the death of him, and do the same with the girl. END OF LINE"

Sark goes to Ram and talks to him about the network.

Ram's color changes from Blue to Red, and he is sent to the Light Cycle game challenge.

He plays the game with two other Red players against three Blue players. (Tron, Flynn, and Bazil are Blue Players)

Blue Players escape, and Ram chases after them.


"Yes Ram"

"I am in pursuit of escaping Progams"

"Good Ram...keep up the pursuit"

Ram continues to follow them.

The Blue Players cross a Bridge, but it Blows up, but Tron and Bazil make it across, while Flynn and Ram are on the other.

Ram and Flynn make their way away from the Bridge, and into a cavern. They rest for a while, and regenerate strength.

They find a ship and take it, they make their way towards the I/O Tower.

When they get there, Ram sees the man in the black coat, and chases after him. Flynn goes the opposite way to find Tron and Bazil.

Ram makes his way into another area, and fights the man in the black coat.

"You are progessing very well Ram"

"I'll show how much power I've collected" He slashes at the man, but he disappears in black smoke.

He reappears on the other side of the room. He creates copies that surround the room. They move in closer to Ram.

Ram is engulfed by the power of Darkness, and Heartless are summoned.

"Good, good....you're almost finished." The copies fade away, and the original leaves through a portal of Darkness,

"What did he mean...Almost Finished?" "Ugh, I've got to get out of here and copy this database now"

He makes his way to Sark's ship. "Why have you returned without the fugitives?"

"I am done with being you're lacky Sark"

"Why you!"

"Sark!!!" The MCP says.

"You're lucky for now...Ram" "Go destroy Tron, and you shall be forgiven"

"I will do what I want....Sark"

Ram leaves the ship near the MCP, and confronts Tron

"Prepare to be derezzed Tron"

"Not on your life"

Ram and Tron fight. In the middle of the fight, Sark comes down and joins the fight.

"Move aside Ram, you are no longer needed."

"Stand down Sark"

"The MCP has deemed you useless" Ram moves over next to Tron.

"What are you doing Ram" "You know the price for treason"

"You can't do anything about it, if you're the one derezzed Sark"

Ram and Tron fight against Sark.

"Tron, go on ahead...I'll take care of Sark."

"Right...thanks Ram"

"Go before I change my mind Program"

Tron goes on ahead to take out the MCP. While Ram takes out Sark.

After Tron takes out the MCP, Ram is dedigitized back into reality...before Bazil and Flynn.

He takes the disk, which copied the networks database completely before the MCP's destruction. And he leaves the World.


She is by the computer, when Flynn comes up. She hides in the corner, while Flynn works on the computer.

She sees the laser about to activate, and tries to jump in the way to protect him, but instead both she and Flynn are sent into the network.

When they arrive in Space Paranoids, Sark's guards take them to the Pit Cell area. Where Tron is being held.

They talk for awhile, and then are sent to the Game Grid to play Light Cycle.

They escape from the Grid, and are followed by one of Sark's men.

They come across a bridge, and the bridge blows up. Bazil and Tron are across the Bridge, while Flynn and Ram are on the other side.

Bazil and Tron travel to the I/O Tower, so Tron can get the program to destroy the MCP from his USER.

Once they get there they fight a Heartless boss, and win. They go to the next area, where Tron obtains the Program. It also includes codes for the Solar Sailor.

They make their way to the Solar Sailor, and make their way to the MCP. They fight Heartless on the Solar Sailor trying to sabatoge them, and get Flynn to come aboard.

At the MCP, Tron and Ram fight against Sark. After words, Bazil and Flynn go to Tron and help him destroy the MCP.

After words, Bazil and Flynn are redigitized into reality, and Bazil leaves the world.


Sep 23, 2009
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He returns to RG in front of the Gates to the Castle, and enters into the Castle.

He finds Braig, and gives him the disk. He uploads the program into the computer.

"Now you can search for what you need Ram"

Ram went to the computer, and searched for the Princess' of Heart.

A file of Xehanort's Notes popped up. It appears that Xehanort wrote notes about his memories that he continued to regain, while doing experiments of the heart.

He read about the PoH, but Xehanort did not know where they could be found apparently. But there light is easily noticed from a passing glance.

The light of children can be mistaken at times when you are too close to the darkness. And that was all that he could find out from his notes.

"There's nothing in here about it"

"Well then, I am deeply sorry to hear that."

Ram leaves the castle. He sees Lea and Isa, and goes towards them.

"Lea, Isa...are you to up to no good again?"

"Well c'mon Ram, we haven't done much since the last time you saw us." Isa just stared at Ram the entire time.

"Well...(he looks at Isa with a glare), I will see you guys later then"

"See ya later Ram" Ram goes away, and Lea and Isa walk away.

Isa stops. "Whats wrong Isa?"

"There's something different about him Lea. Something dark."

"Ya, I felt it too."

"He has blood on his hands Lea...we'll have to keep a watch on him"


The screen goes dark.


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He arrive's in the ocean, and sees Subastion running away from Aquatic Heartless.

He fight the Heartless, and afterwords, he asks Sabastion if he knows of any Princess'.

"Well ya man, there is the King's daughter Ariel."


"Ya man, she's not that old either....why do you want to know about her?"

"For my personal gain."

King Triton swims towards Sabastion and Ram, and he stares at Ram's Keyblade.

"Another one, you are not welcome here"

"Triton sir, this man saved my life...he was asking about the Princess"

"What do you want with my daughter?"

"He said it's for his personal gain"

"You are forbidden to see my daughter, now leave my kingdom immediately"

"Not until I get what I want"

Triton swims away, but Sabastion stays.

"You saved my life, and I know his highness would kill me for this, but I will take you to see the Princess"

"Thank you, Sebastion."

Sebastion and Ram swim towards the castle, and Sebastion shows him a secret passageway into the castle. They go through it, and from behind, Ursula is seen laughing. The screen goes black.

The screen goes back to Sebastion and Ram, and then Heartless appear. Ram fights them and presses onward.

They go into the next room, and Ram sees the man in the black coat floating away. Ram swims after him, and is brought to the Princess' room.

He looks around for the man, but sees nothing. "Well man, it looks like we made it...so do what you have to and lets get outta here man"

Ram approaches the sleeping Ariel, and doesn't sense the same light that he did with the other 3 Princesses'.

"She is not one of them"

"One of who man?"

"It doesn't concern you Sebastion....let's just go"

"Hurry man, I think King Triton is coming this way" The 2 swim away, and Triton enters the room.

"Ariel...good she is still asleep." Goodnight, sweet Princess"

Triton leaves, and Ursula enters the room, laughing.

Ram and Sebastion are seen outside the Castle.

"Well thank you Sebastion" Sebastion swims away.

"YOU!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!" Triton swims towards Ram from behind.

"You, where is my daughter...where is Ariel!!"

"I Don't know, in the castle"

"LIAR!! She isn't. And since you were talking about her before you are the only suspect."

"I didn't do it"

"First the man in the coat arrives, and then you. Both with Keyblades...he brought the Heartless and since you got here, my daughter is missing."

"Are you threatening, your highness?"

"How dare you intrude in my castle"

Ram and Triton fight, and Ram wins.

He leaves the world, and Triton where they were.

Sebastion arrives to assist Triton.


"Yes your highness"

"We cannot trust the Keyblade Bearer's"

The screen goes black.


She arrives in Ursula's grotto, and over hears her plan to steal Triton's triton.

Ursula's eels arrive and tell her that they saw Sebastion with Ram head towards the castle, and they were going to take a "Secret Passageway" into the castle.

Ursula goes and follows them. And Bazil follows Ursula.

Bazil get's to the castle, when she is attacked by Ursula's eels and a couple Heartless.

The eels escape from the fight, and find Ursula and tell her that Bazil is waiting for her, so Ursula goes in search for the Triton.

Bazil sees Ram and Sebastion leave through the "Secret Passageway", and quickly goes through the passageway to find Ursula. She regrets not stopping to talk to Ram, but he didn't look like he was doing anything bad.

Bazil makes her way to Ariel's room, and hears Ursula cackle down the hall. She goes down the hall and goes into Triton's throne room.

She sees Ursula escaping through the front entrance, to steal the triton from Triton, now weekend by his fight with Ram.

Bazil follows, and sees Ursula take the triton. Ursula becomes big, and Bazil fights her.

After the fight, she gives Sebastion the triton to return to Triton once he wakes up, and she goes back to the castle to put Ariel in her room.

She leaves the world.

Ursula is seen in her Grotto, and the man in the black coat reappears in the entryway.

"How did it go Ursula?"

"He fought Triton, and won..."

"And the girl?"

"She got away."

".....How unfortunate"

The screen fades black.

That's all I have for now, I will make more when I think of a way to write Beast's Castle, and the rest.
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