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Kingdom Hearts: Awakening (Sign up & OCC)

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Kingdom Hearts: Awakening


"In ancient times, people believed that light was a gift from an unseen land by the name of Kingdom Hearts. But Kingdom Hearts was safeguard by its counterpart, the χ-blade. Warriors vied for that precious light, thus beginning the "Keyblade War". The violent clash shattered the χ-blade into twenty pieces—seven of light and thirteen of darkness. And only the real Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness, never to surface again." - Master Xehanort

Fifteen years. That's how long has passed since Master Xehanort and his Sons of Darkness were defeated by the seven warriors of light. There was a lot of confusion when Xehanort finally fell, the battle was far from the eyes of the people, fought in the land where many keyblade wielders had fallen so very long ago, but quickly the changes became evident. For one, the monsters disappeared. Heartless, Nobodies, Dream eaters, they were all gone, and the people that had lost their hearts returned too. Then it was discovered that the barriers between worlds were back up, strong and fortified to keep the worlds apart, disappointing at first, but agreed that ultimately, it was for the best. Lastly, peace, true peace, returned.

These days things are calm, everyone going about their lives as they did before the darkness came. But somewhere, in forgotten lands, an ancient power has awoken, and soon, the worlds will be in jeopardy once again...​


The worlds list is a constantly growing collection of the worlds that are currently available. At the start of the roleplay, the barriers between worlds prevents travel, so the only world you have access to, and the only one your character has ever Been in, is the one your character starts out in. This can be one of three worlds.

- Traverse Town

- Twilight Town

- Radiant Gardens


Please make sure your template includes the following.

Name: Your imagination is the only limit.

Age: No older than 25, no younger than 14.

Gender: Are you a he, or a she?

Weapon: Maybe you don't want to be a keyblade wielder, that's fine, but whatever you use, make sure you describe it well, and feel free to use pictures. (Note, keyblade wielders will Not start out with their keyblade, it'll appear once the action starts.) That said, if you're going to want a keyblade then put that as your weapon, be sure to describe it and/or post pictures.

Appearance: Describe your character on the outside. I expect two paragraphs minimum.

Personality: Describe your character on the inside. Same as above, two paragraph minimum.

Abilities: What is your character capable of? Please make sure it makes sense, for example, if your character can cast fire magic, I expect to see where they learned it in their bio.

Realm: Keyblade wielders are known to be affiliated with one of three realms, Darkness, Light, and Twilight. Please make sure that your "Realm" matches your personality, not saying it has to be exact, but a Light Realm character shouldn't be depressed and moody all the time.

Bio: At least two paragraphs explaining your characters life history, basically, what makes them, them. Please remember, you can start out in either Traverse Town, Twilight Town, or Radiant Gardens. Any other worlds are off limits.

1.) Literacy: You don't have to be a master of grammar, but I expect to be able to understand your posts, and they need to be of acceptable length, at least a paragraph, preferably more.

2.) Power-Playing and God-modding: No. Just don't do it. If the character is not your own, you cannot control them in anyway, or affect them without the respective owners permission. If there's a problem, private message me.

3) Your character is not allowed to already be a keyblade wielder. Keyblades will be granted once the roleplay starts, if you want one.

4.)Activity: I don't expect too much here, try to make at least a post per day, and don't go more than two days without posting. If something comes up, let me know and I'll work with you. If you fail to do so and I'm seeing no posts from you you may be dropped.

5.) Amount of Characters: No more than two characters per person. Certain worlds may contain a short term character (e.g. Jack Skellington in Halloweentown) in which case you may apply for that role by submitting an example of how you would write the character.

6.) Profanity: Keep it NC-17. That's all I have to say on the matter.

7.) To prove you read the rules, fill in the following sentence "The ______ is my power!"
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This is gonna be fun ;D


Name-Shinto Omamori (Oma)
Weapon-Charms, incantations
°hair-Straight and down to the waiste, worn loosely (periwinkle-colored with white bottom highlights)
°eyes-violet normally, red when casting or emotional
°height-around 5'4
°outfit-practical travelling clothes and a large backpack containing spells and charms (use your imagination ;3)
°Outward attitude-haughty, high-and-mighty but also curious and eager to learn

Inside Appearance-Insecure. Hides true feelings behind a mask of confidence. She likes all animals and dislikes children. Paintings and other forms of art set her off looking for ways to make charms out of them. Her inquisitive nature gets her into all kinds of trouble.

Abilities-Charmmaking and spells. She uses more defensive magic, but she also has a bit of offense.
°Aero-self-taught for protection
°Dispel-Uses in a bad situation. Learned from observation during her travels
°Fire-Offensive magic that came naturally. She can strengthen the cast by augmenting it with charms and accesories.


Bio-Oma was only 8 when her mother ran away. Her father had been killed when she was 3, but she doesn't remember how. In the search for her mother, the Shinto priestess Ama, she discovered other worlds. Originally born in the Shibuya district of Tokyo (its own world) she would stay with her mother in the temple, making omamori charms. After her mother left her, she struck out on her own rather than be with her remaining family. She taught herself magic as she travelled, and discovered that her omamori charms were not simply "lucky" in other worlds, but could be untilized as weapons. Soon after her adventure began, she heard the story of the 7 warriors of light and the 13 seekers of darkness. Realizing that the true power in the recent and ancient battles was the Keyblade, she seks one for herself, but lacks the aptitude to weild one.
She is currently in Traverse Town, for lack of a home. The "central hub" of a town is constantly seeing new residents, so she seeks information on her mother and the Keyblade. She travels worlds by sneaking on to passing ships, then catching a ride back to Traverse Town later.

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Found it! Okay, let the fun begin!Mine:Name: KuniAge: 17Gender: FemaleWeapon: Keyblade named Redemption. It's fan made, I do not own. nachtwulf.deviantart.com/art/Keyblade-Redemption-2039272Appearence: Tall, with wavy dark hair to the small of her back. She has brown eyes, and wears a short cropped jacket with a sleeveless blue shirt underneath. Her pants are black, just like her jacket. On her head she wears a blue and black hat, and she has a two pronged sword necklace given to her by her deceased friend. She wears a long blue glove on her right hand, a black one on her left.Personality: Though serious and difficult at times, Kuni will be open for a joke and story every now and then. Dedicated to her training and focused, she is often in her own head and won't respond when spoken to, claiming 'her silence is her consent.' She is very protective of her friends and will get angry when provoked. Has a softness for little kids.Abilities: Kuni knows Aero and Thunder. Both were self-taught.Realm: TwilightBio: Kuni grew up in a quiet town where nothing much happened. But being a rebelious and adventurous kid, Kuni did whatever it took to make her town exciting. When her antics cost a friend their life, Kuni was under the delusion that her friend had fallen through a portal to the other world. Driven by this, Kuni discovered an old book, titled 'Keyblades'. Reading these stories, Kuni became obsessed with this knowlege, something she only shared with her brother, Cotu.Years later, Kuni had studied the entire book and trained in all forms of fighting. Though no longer believing her friend was alive, Kuni still wanted to honour them by gaining a keyblade.World Origin: Twilight Town.
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Aiko almost forgot to write mine down. Yeah, thought up this one myself. Kinda. They're linked. She drew him.

Name: Cotu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Keyblade, Heavan Unlocked. On google images, not mine.
Abilities: Knows Blizzard, taught by practicing with Kuni.

Appearance: Being Kuni's fraternal twin, Cotu's hair is a dark blond instead of a dark brown. His eyes are a lighter shade of brown, and he has his hair spiked up and over. He is also taller than Kuni. Cotu dresses in a brown jacket with a tight collar and jeans. He leaves his hands bare.

Personality: Cotu is much more outgoing then Kuni, and loves to poke fun at people, much to his sister's despair. He doesn't really want to hurt any one, though. Despite being younger than Kuni, Cotu often worries about her. He enjoys winging his fights, and isn't nearly as dedicated to earning a keyblade. Can be even more tempermental than Kuni.

Realm: Light

Bio: Cotu had always been second best to his sister. And slightly jealous. But all that changed when her friend died. Forced to take care of Kuni instead of the other way around, Cotu did anything she wanted, hoping to bring her out of her funk. He helped her train, find books, and once she finally accepted that her friend was dead, was relived to here it.

Years later, he was dragged into trying to earn a keyblade by his sister. He did so reluctenty at first, but then warmed to the idea. He helped Kuni train, and in turn, she helped him.

World Origin: Twilight Town

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