Kingdom hearts 3: Critical Mode

Nov 11, 2014
  • 15th Anniversary
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Hello I want a serious discussion on critical mode for Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 3 critical mode should be tough, and not like other kingdom hearts games. Playing games like devil may cry, dark souls, and many more made me realize kingdom hearts critical mode makes the difficulty seems like a cakewalk. This best we got to true difficulty was kingdom hearts BBS 0.2. It was hard, no mp/Hp orbs, enemies hit hard, and the final boss of 0.2 was hard no matter your level. Even then, once you get the hang of the controls, you know how to beat them much faster. So here's what I want to propose for Kingdom Hearts 3 critical mode to be apart the special game community of difficulty(yes the community exist).

1:Make the basic enemies have ultra A.I. I got this off of devil may cry DmD (dante must die) mode. The enemies should be ruthless, work as a collective, take less damage, and actually be smart enough when to attack & when not to attack. Just like dmd, this is supposed get the feeling and understanding of the gameplay mechanics. These enemies should not be a force to be reckon, but should be so tough a basic shadow should keep the player on their toes.

2:Bosses should have new attacks, and higher defense. Especially with predictive A.I. (A.I. that actually thinks ahead of you, and knows how to kill you quickly). This will definitely grueling yet when you beat them, just imagine the joy you feel when you beat them.

3:Keyblade transformation should have different requirements on critical mode, like defeat certain amount of enemies to active & for bosses after certain milepost of damage for the boss.

4:A bit harsh, party members should be more susceptible to be taken out first. Basically the A.I. knows to attack sora's allies first so that way they can give sora a pounding.

And finally 5:Is their one thing difficulty modes they all have in common that KH3 should have is multiple attacks on sora and allies at once. Look Devil may 2 argosax boss, certain dark souls/bloodborne bosses, and some more I forgot. This will definitely be unforgiving. So at least add it to bosses.

Basically let kingdom hearts 3 be tough. The highest difficulty are supposed to be tough, not balanced when gameplay is already balanced. Tell me how you guy's feel.


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Aug 27, 2005
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I just think a spike in enemy AI, attack and defense should be enough, in addition to the health and stat caps. I love the mechanics in the game as it's much more one on one combat rather than attack, dodge, attack, dodge, dodge, attack rinse and repeat. Even the secret boss in the game is INCREDIBLY easy. But I see that as Sora and everyone having improved to the point to be on par (for the most part) with everyone else. I expected KH3 to have 0.2's difficulty, but it was WAY toned down, tho also in story. Mickey says to Riku that they are stronger in the Realm of Darkness. I just want a critical mode in general for challenge and what the journey should have seemed like. it was almost easier than KH2 in many ways.