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Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

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May 19, 2005


Yes someone in their journal wrote wha tthey did, but here's a quick guide to get by.

TT: Day 1

The story starts in this town. Although at first the story between the cloaked people on the beach may be dificult to grasp, the mystery will be unraveled gradually, beginning now.
You'll see past memories and images that are fragments of scenes from Kingdom Hearts 1.
Although the hero of the game is still Sora, you begin by controlling Roxas.

- You take control of Roxas and move forward.
- You must Head to the accessories shop and speak to the shop owner with the Triangle button.
- Target the cat by using the R1 button.
- In the plaza, choose one of the following: "Stick used for the Struggle Battle", "Bar that's actually the handle of a Shield", or "Stick that looks more like a cane than a sword".

("Chosing your Weapon")
Roxas' initial stats will vary depending on which weapon you select.

"Stick used for the Struggle Battle" -> Attack Power +1
"Bar that's actually the handle of a Shield" -> Defence Power +1
"Stick that looks more like a cane than a sword" -> Magic Power +1

- Enter combat with Seifer.

("Boss Strategy")
Because Seifer sometimes rushes forward and attacks with a thrust, press attack repeatedly before he can. When Seifer jumps, he'll thrust forward, so try to deflect his attack with your weapon.

- Chase the enemies to the forest on the edge of the town. When you continue chasing them, you'll find yourself in front of a mansion.
- In front of the mansion, get close to the enemy and catch it with the Triangle button.
- Fight the enemy. Your attacks won't hurt it at all. After a while, a cutscene will occur, and your weapon will become the Keyblade.

("Boss Strategy")
Although at first your weapon won't damage the enemy, after the event where your weapon changes happens, you'll be able to defeat it quickly after about 5 hits.

^ Will be updated.

Dunno if the strategy guide deserves to be sticked up or not for players.

TT: DAy 2

You'll get the Twilight Town map.
- Follow your friends to the shopping district.
- When the cutscene ends, you can examine the bulletin board to look for part time jobs. There is also another bulletin board in the neigboring Tram Plaza.

("Shopping District Bulletin Board")
Letter Delivery
-> You must deliver mail to three people and two carrier pigeons while riding your skateboard. There is a pigeon in the sky that's can be a bit difficult to find.

Luggage Carrying
-> You must transport luggage to a location by attacking it with your sword. When you attack it with the 3-hit combo, it'll go flying, which is useful. However, when you use the 3-hit combo a few times, the luggage will fly into the air, and it can hurt you if you're too close when it comes down.

-> You basically have to juggle a ball by hitting it with your sword. Attack the ball with your sword so that it is knocked into the air, and don't let it hit the ground. Be careful not to knock it sideways. Make sure to swing while it's still in the air, because if you wait for it to get close to the ground, it might be too late.

("Tram Plaza Bulletin Board")
Poster Posting
-> You must post fliers all over town where the marks are. There are 20 posters total. Pay attention to the marks that are high up, you have to jump to reach them.

Wasp Extermination
-> Defeat wasps by attacking them with your sword. Use Lock-On to make it easier to see them.

Garbage Cleaning
-> Destroy the garbage with your sword by using as few attacks as possible. You can knock garbage into other garbage to destroy many at the same time. If you aim just right, you can destroy them all with one attack.

- From the Shopping District, head to Tram Plaza, then the open area in front of the Train Station. Talk to Heine.

TT Day 3

The third day you walk to the alley, and advance to to the street Shop

You meet an enemy that you must fight. However this time you cannot win, and must fight suitably

You go to the Garden of Relaxation and have three choices, a Sword, a Shield and a Rod. When you pick the sword you earn the skill "Power of Invastion"

About Weapon Choosing
Roxas' status changes depending on the item he chooses
You fight a Zaco, and if you beat it, you gain a bonus level

You earn a Potion from beating it

Leave the area, and enter the Garden of Paradise, move ahead while fighting more enemies

You will find a Potion

A boss battle starts, as you begin heading for the door.

Bonus increases after you beat it.

Boss Battle
Twilight Zone

This is the first boss battle, against the nobody known as Twilight Zone, you will be playing as Roxas in this.

1. The match starts off with a test of your reaction command, as a small spell appears around you. The screen fades out into white light, as you appear chained in light. Twilight Zone (T.Z from now on) will appear infront of you, and go for a punch, this is when the triangle comes, press it down, and Roxas will smack the Nobody away. The Nobody will then chuck you upward, and attempt to slam you into the ground. This is now giving you a second opportunity to use the Reaction Command. Once you do, Roxas quickly smacks the T.Z onto the floor, and T.Zslides it self away.
Now you have your own little free run around time, that is, till another gameplay reaction scene occurs, when the whole pillar tilts, and Roxas clenches onto the side with his Keyblade. T.Z is standing infront of him with a huge Energy ball, and jumps into the air, knocking Roxas into the air as well. This time as the ball is coming, everything slows down, and you must keep an eye out for the triangle reaction command to come up. Once you do this, Roxas chucks his keyblade into the hellish ball, and you both fall onto the ground. Now the gameplay begins, first get a couple of free hits since the Nobody is down, by smacking it a couple of times, after having a good 2-3 combos on it.

2. T.Z forces itself up, and begins to walk on air. When it does, wait for it to take a second step in the air before jumping, as T.Z goes for a quick low attack with it’s arm. Once it does that, small arrays of lights will come to you, when they get close enough, use the reaction command once more, to force yourself to move closer to T.Z, in an upward direction. Once you get close enough get some free hits off, since he doesn’t attack when you are too close to his face. If you do enough damage, the Nobody will quickly force itself to evade to the side, once it does, repeat Process 2.

3. T.Z will stretch twice, before hanging upside down over you, if you are upclose to it. This is now a new time to get some free hits off of him. Beware though, as soon as the Nobody pulls back, it will fire small light arrays at you, which you can either reaction command them, or dodge. T.Z flips back twice, heading straight for you, but stops halfway there, it is best to stay away from the Nobody when it stops, as it’s arms close to damage you. T.Z now stands upside down on it’s head, giving you one free hit, before it’s arms and legs attach to all the ends. T.Z’ body is now pumping up small nobodies, to stall you, however you can ignore them and still get free hits. Now here is where it gets a bit tricky. T.Z will once again begin to fire small arrays of light at you, in which you once again need to use the reaction command to get up close, however even when you are close enough, it will still fire, so it’s best to go for a one hit attack, reaction command, one hit attack, reaction command, repeating that order.

4. Once you last long enough, T.Z will do the quick evade skill twice in a row, sending small array’s of light during both of these. After the second time, it will slightly repeat the Process 2, but instead just shoots one wave of arrayed light, once it does, just quickly tap the triangle button, and get some free hits off. Once you get the third hit combo, a nobody will drop down. Defeat the Nobody, and a light will appear around roxas. Repeat Process 1

5. Once you finish off Process 1, the Nobody will now begin doing a new move, where it’s body will slowly move up into the air, granting a couple of free hits, however soon the Nobody floats directly above in the air, covering up the circle, firing a lot of light arrays, a bit too much for you to handle with your reaction. Once this is done, it starts over from process 2

With enough proper reaction timing, you can last this battle, and win. Good luck!
TT Day 4

.A tournament is commencing, you have to talk to the man on the side of the tournament table
.You have to then speak to the men in the center, to begin the combat tournamnet
. You must face Heine, after you beat Hein, you have to face ViVi.

Storage Capture
You have to fight, while holding a ball, You will drop the ball if you are attacked, but note the same goes for the enemy. It is best to corner the enemy

. Suddenly you to aim at a mysterious enemy, You can knock it downe easily because it is weak.
. Axel Boss fight starts

The battle against Axel is really a tough one, especially after most of the battles you went through. He will mostly start off with a two hit combo physical attack jumping back a small bit after he does so, the attack is weak, but still avoid it if you want to, by jumping over the attack. Once you do, you can do a 3 hit combo on him. There are only two things that add a small bit of challenge to this battle. The first being that whenever you do 3 consecutive combos on him, he will counterattack with a flame attack, which barely does any damage anyways but can knock you away from him. The second one is his special, where he will be chucking his wheels, at a very short distance, so all you need to do to avoid this one, is to stay away from him. Just keep repeating this process sand you should take him out with 10-15 combos.

You see Setzar, you have to talk to the man in the middle to begin the combat.

It is easiest to approach from the enemy side and attack him. Do not hesitate, or give him time to retaliate. He can do a piercing move which has long range. Setzar is able to flutter himself into the air.

The Champion Belt and Struggle Trophy are obtained

TT Day 5
You enter the station, from the Station Plaza.
You go to the sunset station, where you must now look for seven mysteries

Seven Mysteries
1. Stone Steps, at the Sunset Residential Area

2. Your friend on the other side of the cab. (Sunset Residential Area) A white gem suddenly flies to a wall at the alley. You have to examine it, once you examine everything. You can examine inside the wall, and you solved it.

3. A moaning sound which echoes in the tunnel. You must search the tunnel. Then Vivi runs out, you can knock all the targets suddenly shown with one swing. (Sunset Residential Area)

4. A mystery, from a Mystery. Roxas goes searching around the area, where an enemy suddenly comes, and pushes down Orrette. (Sunset Residential Area)

5. The Baggage that wiggles. It begins to move, hen you inspect the luggage n Hill's Central Plaza. You have to go there, and press the "Triangle" button. The Luggage suddenly charges for you, press the triangle button again to dodge. Because of the speed, you have to be careful when to jump. You must jump when the luggage jumps in the air, at the same time. (Sunset Hill)

6. Mystery of the Soul Train. It appears when you have solved all the other mysteries. An event occurs when you going to sunset hill.
You return to Twilight Town. Talk about a spooky house can be heard from Pints, in the Station Plaza.

You move from the Station Plaza to the Shopping street, to the Train Plaza. From there you go through a hole in the wall to the forest.

You arive at the residence, when moving left in the suburd forest.

TT: Final Fay

-You will fight as soon as you go out. You will fight new enemies, which you'll only be able to kill by attacking it repeativly, for it is a little stronger.

-The enemy will come out on the field.

-The place where it appears is decided, as it turns out to be very hot there.

-There is a hole in the Train Plaza that leads to a wall in the residence area.

-You can find Two Potions, and a High Potion

-It is possible to go to the left door, of the first floor to the dining room. There you will find an Elf bandana, and a Potion.

-From the left door, go to the second floor, to a white room. A sketch of Namine, and a map of the Residence area can be obtained.

-Go to the right door, on the second floor. To the library after going to the white room. You then move forward. A high potion is there.

-You go out to the computer room. There is a save point, it is recommended to save, due to a boss coming up. After defeating four Zaco's, you fight Axel. You get a bonus point if you win.

Axel moves really fast. The color of the background, looks different. He uses many thrust attacks from a distance and you have to avoid each one quickly. It is best to predict Axel's movement before you can get alot of free hits.

-You go to an underground passage. Item: High Potion.

End Roxas Chapter

Twilight Town
-Sora Goofy and Donald appear, the true adventure begins.

-Go to the Statoin Plaza, and event occurs, as you fight against an enemy.

-Maneport, Crystal Ball, Ansem Report 2 are gained.

-You speak with Donald at the Station and leave.

-Items: Fragment of High Potion, Tent, and Mythril.

End of Sora Twilight Town Chapter

Mystery Tower

-You can find a Potion here.

-When you approach the building, you fight a Dusk after an event scene happens.

-The heartless appear and dive into the ground, when this happens to not attack.

-You go through the entrance.

-Items: Fragment, ether, and Mythril.

-There is a room between teh stairs to the star, where you fight a dusk.

-More Dusks appear, as you move to the room with the moon.

-You enter the Wizard's room.

-Item: Map of the Mytery Tower

-Yensid is talked to, and speaks about a sleep.

-You go to the next room which is a dressing room

-Items: Drop of Mythril

-Talk to the Red Fairy. You are able to drive here. (Wisdom Form)

-The Star Seeker is obtained.

-You return to the Wizzard's room and get the Gummi Ship.

-You go to Hollow Bastion.

End of Mystery Tower

Hollow Bastion

-You can buy items on the shopping street.

-You run into Nobodies when heading to the residence area, and you have to fight them.

- You can get a map around the shopping street.

- You advance along the road, and head to Merlin's house.
Items: High Potion and Tent
You obtain the Rebuilding Comittee card. "Blizzard Element" is obtained (Allows you to cast Blizzard)

- Leave Merlin's house. Advance to the interior, and then to the Rampalt Plaza.
Items: Fragment of Drive, Mythril

- A nobody appears, but is killed straight away. It comes back, but if you knock it back down, you win. Reverse Side of Ansem Report 7 is gained.

Leon supports you in this battle. Leon later leaves for the front gate. Nobody aims for the castle Gate. The Castle Gate has health. The health decreases whenever the Nobody attacks it. You are not allowed to let the castle gate be destroyed. Make sure you lock on to the enemy, sometimes locking on it can cause it to move to a remote place. Once it does, attack the nobody till it is destroyed.

You now leave and go into the asteroid sweep, or the stardust sweep with the Gummi Ship. If you clear the asteroid sweep you can go to Land of Dragons, or you can go to beast castle by clearing the stardust sweep. You should choose the asteroid sweep first, since it is easier.
End Hollow Bastion Chapter

The Land of Dragons

-Go to the camp field and an event occurs.
Items: Ether, Fragment of Mythril, and High Potion.

- New enemy comes out, you fight it. It is a relativly easy battle, as the enemy drops a special item, and tries to pick it up. However it cannot.

- The map for the camp is obtained.

- You speak to the commander, and a mission is given.

Duty as a commander
Suprise Attack - Defeat a heartless, easy mission.

Intercept - You must defeat a heartless, A big enemy with a spear, and is considerably strong. It attacks you while moving sideways.

Search - All heartless that are undercover get defeated. It takes time to look for them, but there are not alot of them. The Tension guide on the left no longer works. Pick up the prize once you are finished
-When you finish all three duties, your AP increases.

-You go to the barrier, you are not allowed to get passed so you go to the mountain path. The Barrier has Fragment of a Mythril, and a High Potion.

- You have to defeat an enemy, once you do go along the path tilll you see a rock, attack the rock repeativly. There are three places where the rocks are.
Items: Fragment of Mythril and a High Potion.

- The Map for the Village is obtained.

- You then advance to the Interior.
Items: High Potion, and AP improvement pill.

Everyone but Sora is pinned, as a Heartless appears.

It's the same enemy who has a spear, but it's much stronger then it usually is. It'll more then likely go down the same way as the others did. When it brings it's spear down, timing is one of the most needed things. As it is possible to shread it into pieces. It might be helpful to attack it with magic.

- Don't advance in the cave, but advance through the mountain, at the ridge. The current of the air is strong enough to get you to fly up, but you must press Triangle.
Items: Ap Improvement Pill and a High Potion.

A battle against a tremndous ammount of heartless occurs here, you must survive for thirty seconds. (It isn't as easy as it sounds, trust met)

You now have to go to the barrier, as the front gate to the palace is now opened.

A heartless appears infront of the Plaza, defeat it.

Yu is knocked down, as a dragon heartless appears.

Shan-yu can knock you down quite easily. Sometimes Shan-Yu's pigeon comes from the sky, and attempts to capture Sora, it is very annoying. The boss is knocked down, when you get it's HP low. The Pigeon can be knocked down at the same time with as Shan-Yu. It is optional to grab an item after you defeat him

Phantom Storm, is added to the routes of the Gummi Ship.

The Phantom Storm leads to the Olympus Coliseum, but it's better to go to beasts castle next.

End of Land of Dragons

Fabeled Courtyard

Starts off with heartless appearing, once you defeat them, an event occurs.

You first move from the entrance hall, to the east Building.
Items: Tent and a High Potion

The Bell Room: Fragment of a Mythril and a Rough Sketch of the castle.

Go back to the hall from the entrance, and go to the west side.

Examining the west hall: High Potion, Fragments of mythril, Recovery Drink Mythril, and a Tent.

There is a button that has a choice of "Push" and "Do Not Push" choose the second option.

Boss battle comes. The floor collapses as the interior of the castle pushes upward.

This monster sticks to the floor, and is very powerful. It is best to knock down the HP with swift attacks. Sometimes it approaches slowly and strikes. When the HP of the creature down to zero, you need to stop pushing triangle (If you were using the reaction commands) A large ammount of enemies come, you must fight them, later on the boss comes back to life. You must repeat this process numerous times.

Once you beat it, move ahead to the interior. You can grab an AP improvement pill here.

When you reach the clock in the underground warehouse you are now able to pass it and move forward.

All the laterns suddenly ignite, it is easy, all you need to do is find out which one is Cogswars.

You move from the west building to the west hall. There you find another AP improvement Pill. You can also find two fragment of mythrils and a tent.

You then moveforward where you confront and must attack the beast.

Beast Battle

You can do the combination move "Wake Up" when you are near Cogswar. When you use it the beast will flinch for about 5 seconds. Meanwhile Donald and Goofy will attack, until the beast begins to move. It is best to use the "Wake up" command again.
When the Beast's HP is depleted, it is possible to finish the match quicker by doing a co-operation move with the "Triangle" button.

If you do not use the move, the Beast's hp will return, and you will have to redo the fight.
The beast joins you. You can get a mega-elixer here.

You now need to move from the building you are in, to the entrance to the east or west entrance of the ball.

In the entrance hall to the dance hall, a boss appears, and the levels raise once more, the bonus comes when you defeat all the enemies.


The enemy can dissapear and move around. Because the Lock on goes off every time, it is best to put it back up. There is a reaction command that comes out normally, where you need to press the triangle button. Do not use it too much as another battle commences after this one.


After it transforms
It gets on the chandelier this time and moves back and forth violently.
Whenever the reaction command comes up, press the 'triangle' button. You must press it at a certain pace, it will do the reaction in this order Step Rise --> Catch --> Spin and roll it. This will cause the enemy to fall onto the ground. This is your chance to attack it, repeat your process
You earn the ability heal from this

Phantom Storm is once again added, this one leads to Ollimpus castle as well. However since The Land of Dragon is already cleared, you automatically head back to Hollow Bastion.

End of Fabeled Courtyard.

Hollow Bastion Second Visit

-Examine the book on the bed, open the book.

-A forest appears in the left, and shows the house of pooh.

- You talk to Pooh

- You earn the items 100 acre woods map, a mythril, and AP Imrpovement pill.

- A Nobody suddenly appears in the room, and you must fight it.

- You go to open the book to the house of pooh, and talk to pooh again.

- The Baseball Charm is obtained, and can be used to summon Chicken Little.

(You need to find Torn Pages again to obtain new adventures in 100 acre woods)

End of Hollow Bastion Second Visit

Olympus Colliseum

Megan needs help

You need to go to the Dead Cave's entrance.
There is a white object floating in the air, when you attack it it drops MP recovery items.
A big rock will fall occassionally. If this hits you, you will take damage.

When walking through the Dead passage you have two choices, a left and right. The left leads you to an item, as the right leads you to deeper in the cave.

If you take the left the items you will find are, a drop of Mythril, a fragment of mythril, AP Improvement Pill, Ether, and a High Potion.

The other way, you advance further and will get a Fragment Mythril, and a Map of the nether world.

You will begin walking through th dead Valley, where you will encounter and Fight Hades right away. Hades is not damaged at all, but continue attacking as an event occurs.

Auron appears and gets into the battle.

Hades Escapes

When all the heartless but hades are defeated, move on ahead, to the deepest part.

There is a gem flying around, Hades will shout "Burn out!" every now and then, when he does, quickly sidestep as a fireball is heading for you.

You then return to the entrance of the Dead Caves. Cerberus awaits you as you have to fight it now. You will gain a bonus if you defeat it.


Boss Guide Coming Soon.

You then go to the entrance of the colliseum.

You earn the map of the Colliseum here.

You advance inside, and you meet phill, who gives you two training courses.

Practice: Phil puts out 20 devices that you have to destroy, you will gain a prize when you complete it.
Maniac: 100 devices are put out, in order. If you destroy them all you get a prize, and bonus improvement
You go and talk to Hercules

You move from the Plaza, to the entrance of the nether world. When you advance, you go to a place where you havn't been before.

You can pick up a Power-up at the entrance.

You come down from the sky to the cave entrance of the nether world, where you advance forward.

Here you can obtain a Fragment of Mythril, High Potion, ether, Tent, and AP Improvement Pill.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

It is easy to knock it down, by using the ‘dash’ reaction command. Many enemies will appear in the center, and if you use the reaction command then, you can knock it down, and defeat the enemies with a swift attack.

Items received: Map of the Sky Cave, Mythril Fragment, and an AP Improvement Pill.

You have to then examine a rock in the center, and a hole is shown.

You must fight Pete, and some enemies.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

You go to the entrance, where you meet Hydra, you must defeat the boss to earn a Hero’s Crest. And gain a Bonus.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

End of Olympus Coliseum

Disney Castle

You go from the Courtyard, to the Passage way, to the study room.
There you will find 2 Fragments of mythrils. A High Potion, Ether, Star Recipe, and an AP Improvement Pill.

In the study room you can obtain the Map of Disney Castle, as well as a Torn Page

Take Minnie to the Audience Chamber.


It is best to advance forward, while protecting Minnie. Incase Minnie is very far away from you, to the point where she doesn’t follow you anymore. You can use the reaction command “Call” to bring her over to you. Also, the reaction command “Holy” can be used with Minnie as well. Because the enemy is blown away when the move Holy is used, it is best to then use the reaction command “Call” as much as you can. A big enemy then appears, which you must defeat

Once you finish, take Minnie to the Throne.

Many more enemies will begin to approach once you get to the throne, it is best to abuse Holy now.

You can also use the reaction command button (Triangle) to push the throne once you are finished with the enemies, a bonus is gained once you do that.

There is a save point you can use, as there is a new path to Timeless river through a door.

Once you open the door, you can now go through the path, to make your way to timeless river.

End of Disney Castle

Timeless River

When you enter the world, you go the pier, where you meet and do combat with Pete.

Capture Method
When you first attack Pete, he begins to run. You must run through a frog route, while charging by holding the triangle button. If you let go at the right time, you win. This is easy because the enemy is weak

When you enter the hill, there are four windows, there is a puzzle you must solve.

When you complete the puzzle, you earn the map.

Four Windows

Right Window: Heartless attack the furniture, you must defeat them. The heartless attack different furniture, and it’s hard to tell which furniture they are attacking due to the black and whitness. It is best to defeat the enemies fast.
Second Window from the right: A fire is brewing, you have to defeat the heartless while putting out the fire. There are fireballs that approach the building, the fireball will disappear if you attack it. There are enemies that appear in cars here, be careful and move to the side when they try to ram into you. Once they finish their rush attack, they stop to take a break.

Second Window from the left: You must destroy the heartless before the town is destroyed. There is a cannon here which can be proved quite helpful. You can use the cannon with the “Triangle” button, to destroy the heartless.

Left Window: You must fight the enemy until the foothold is destroyed. If the Foothold shakes a bit, that means it can be used like a trampoline, when you get on it, you are able to jump very high, and land safely. If the weapon is shaken, you can adjust it’s angle, since it sometimes shifts angles when attacked. If you let them attack the foothold too much, the sword will fall off.

Once you are done, you advance from the interior, to the foundation.

Capture Method
Whatever Pete throws off from the ship, you must strike back at him. You can also block them by pressing the “Triangle” button at the right moment. If you block, you can send it back in an easier way, by pressing the triangle button once again. You must repeat this method 7 times.
Boss Guide Coming Soon.

Once you complete this, you must chase Pete into the Moor, and must do combat against Pete. You will gain a Bonus, and earn a Monochrome once you defeat him.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

You return to Disney Castle. You have now cleared both Timeless River and Disney Castle. You are now able to use the Wisdom Form. Splash and Floating Island, are now added for the Gummi ships course. Splash Island took you to Atlantica, as Floating Island takes you to Port Royal.

End Timeless River


As soon as you enter, you have a practice.You must move according to the instructions given to you.

A musical is presented. Because the number of gauges is decreasing anti-clockwise, it is best to push the button given, when it is bitter orange, or yellow. There is a part where the same button is pushed 5 times.

Once you complete this you earn a map of the Sea Kingdom.

Talk to Sebastian, before starting the real musical.

Chapter 1

Your timing needs to be a bit on, since it is a musical of course. The musical Mark is on the left side, and increases then you get an excellent. If it remains the same, you get an “OK”

Here you need the Magnet spell, to move the bronze statue, you need to beat Halloween town to gain the ability Magnet.

When you have Magnet, talk to Flounder.

Chapter 2

For this one, an Excellent is needed.

For the next one you need a Drive Gauge of 5 or more, to participate in this one.

When you have enough Drive Gauge, speak to Sebastian.

Chapter 3
The chances of getting an excellent have narrowed. If you get an excellent, the picture of Sebastian changes into Ariel.

You need Magneta to pick up the lost article.

Speak to Sebastian

After the event you have to combat. However the method to combating, is the same as a musical.

Chapter 4
Only the circle button is used this time. You must get excellent each time for this one as well. The range of yellow to orange, is an excellent. However oddly it is not attached to the gauge. However the more you hold the circle button when the gauge appears the more chance you have at getting an Excellent.

Wonder Oasis is obtained

To hold the final musical by Sebastian, the spell Thundaga is needed.

Chapter 5
Circle Triangle and Square come out at this one in many different orders

Blizara and Orihalcon are obtained

The Keyhole is then shut.

End of Atlantica

Port Royal

You first advance to the interior

You meet a pirate, and must battle him. The moon comes out, and the truth is revealed about the pirate. You are only able to hurt it with magic now.

The box is destroyed, and you are now able to move forward.

When you get to the port, you run into Jack Sparrow, and he joins your Party.

Will is talked to

Speak to Jack once more, and you learn about the Black Pearl.

The enemy suddenly attacks you. You must destroy it.

You then move from the island, to the cave entrance.

You must survive for one minute against enemy attacks.

There you earn the map of the island.


Because the enemy cannot be knocked down. Every attack is acceptable. When you have a chance to use a reaction command, it is best to use it when the enemy attacks you. It is also possible to counter attack without suffering.

You then speak to will, and depart from the port.

The enemy suddenly comes and attacks you. It is once again best to destroy it.

The difference is this time he is trying to defend the gold coin.

You can gain a bonus level, if you defeat him.

When you damage the man with the gold coin, he drops it. Whenever the enemy has the gold coin, you have a time limit to knock it back out of his hand. You have one minute to knock it out of his hand, the timer does not reset whenever he picks it up again.

You now have a time limit to throw down the Barrels, they can be chucked down with the ‘Triangle Button’.
You now move to the island of death, and advance to the interior.

You must now fight against Barbossa.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

End of Port Royal


You run into Heartless, and you must fight them. The battle will end, once you kill enough of them.

The map of Agrabah is earned

You then enter the Town.

From the Town you go into the Palace

You then leave the Palace, and earn Alladin as a Companion.

You now head for the Merchant’s house. (It is the upper right area on the Map.)

You now move from the Merchant’s house, to the Bazaar.

Then from the Bazaar, to the Rampart.

You then go to the Cave of Wonders

The jewel is examined and an image comes up. When you set the jewel on the plinth, you gain a bonus.

Capture Method

When the triangle button appears, that means you have a chance of putting it out. You advance ahead, as you now have two kinds of jump. When a wave comes forward, it is best to press the triangle button while on the carpet to jump over it. The carpet will move faster when you don’t jump. When you arrive at the pedestal, press triangle and Sora will jump off the carpet onto the pedestal.

When you examine the lithography many enemies come, you have a certain time limit to defeat all the enemies.

When the floor disappears, the remaining enemies fall down with it. It is best to not take any chances, and destroy the wave of enemies as soon as you can. When a fat enemy appears, it is only possible to damage it by attacking it’s back. There is an attack when the enemy stiffens, and vomits out flame from it’s mouth, when this happens press triangle, to use a full swing to prevent this.

The door is opened, and now you can examine the lithography. Heartless appear, and you must attack them

You must defeat around 50 heartless’s. It is going to be a bit harder, since three fat enemies come out in the end. If you can knock at least one down, it becomes very easy. If luck is on your side, it will turn around, revealing it’s back.

Run after the merchant to the Royal Palace. You run into heartless, and must fight them. Your bonus level will raise when you win.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

The Lamp Charm is obtained. Twilight Town appears on the gummi ship map now. If you do not go, You should instead go to Halloween Town.

End of Agrabah

Halloween Town

-Advance to the interior.

- Jack Joins you

- You then go to the Guillotine Plaza. You must defeat Heartless

- You then must find Winterland through the Graveyard

- From there you will see a Christmas tree, you must examine it.

- From there you go to Santa’s House.

- You then enter the back room

- You must trace the footprints, and you are sent back to the graveyard, you then need to advance to the interior of the graveyard

- Shock, Lock, and Barrel Engage you in Combat. You’re bonus level will increase once you defeat them

Battle Method

Due to the Enemy’s HP being high, it will be a long battle.
Even when the enemy is on the ground, they will approach anyways, and attack you repeatedly. You can actually discharge the flame by hitting it, or sidestepping to avoid it.
If you use reflect though, you can send it right back at them.
When the enemy is sent into the sky, it is possible to attack it by going up the high part, which is in the center.

You then go to the hill from the winterland, to the suburbs, you go into a toy factory in Santa’s room, there you fight a Oogie Boogie.

Boss Guide Coming Soon.

End of Halloween Town

Pride Land

You first begin the match by fighting a new Enemy.

When the Rodeo is crossing, you must press the triangle button to jump on the enemy, this is indeed very easy.

You then go north from the Savanna, to the Rock.

You then return, and something is generated at the Savanna.

You advance to the Southeast in the Savanna, to Gnu’s valley. Ability Dash is Learned/Remembered.

You then go from the Jungle to the Oasis.

After the Event, you speak to Simba in the Oasis

A new item is obtained.

You then return to the Savanna

From the Pride Rock, to the hole. You meet the three Hyena’s and have to fight them.

Boss Guide Coming Soon

After the battle you then meet with Scar, and have to fight him. You will gain a bonus level when you win.

Boss Guide Coming Soon

You earn a new fire move.

And a new event is added to the Coliseum.

End of Pride Lands

Twilight Town Second Visit

From the train Plaza, to the Vacant Lot, you must defeat all the Nobodies. You then earn the trophy from Seifer.

New Enemy
You must fight an enemy that is like an armor, and is considerably strong.
When the bar goes out, press the triangle button. Although if you make a mistake, it is hard to move Sora, a strong attack can be done to finish the creature off by hitting the triangle button a lot.

You then move to the station Plaza.

You earn a new item.

An Accident occurs in Hollow Bastion.

End of Twilight Town Second Visit

Hollow Bastion third visit

Head from the shop to the residential area, there you will meet Cloud.

You then go to Merlin’s house in the Residential area.

You advance further in the Residential area, from there to the rampart plaza.

You go down the Rampart Plaza, through the Castle Passing Entrance, through a passage that is under construction.

From there you go to Ansem’s Laboratory. Leon is talked to.

You then go to the computer room. From there you are sent to Space Paranoid.

End of Hollow Bastion Third Visit

Space Paranoid

Go to the Pit Cell.

You must attack the Door, There is a reaction command at the end ‘freeze’. When that appears, press the triangle button.

Then tron becomes a companion.

From there go to the canyon, speak to tron, after speaking to him press the triangle button to access the energy core.

Capture Method

You must attack it when the box stops, the movement of the box stops for a while. Sometimes a red box could be attacked between the boxes you are really looking for. Because a red box is seen while it’s turning if you are lucky.

You return to the pit cell, you then must access the computer, with the triangle button.

You once again head to the laboratory of Ansem. Scribbling is looked at with the triangle button.

The Master Form is gained from Mickey.

You must press the triangle button infront of the keyboard part of the computer later. After this, return to the pit cell.

You must participate in the event.

The Enemy who doesn’t do anything, you can knock down with the circle button. The enemy is doing the barrier is square. Most enemies, can be shaken off near the corner.
It is not necessary to know the enemies down forcibly before the corner. You can bend with the L and R button. You will crash into the wall if the timing is wrong.

Then go to the Canyon, It is possible to go from a red light wall, to the data area,

You must access the computer, at the center of the data area.

The enemy comes out, Your bonus will increase when you defeat it.

Because a prize is dropped when the enemy is defeated, you gain energy when you pick it up. When the energy gauge on the left becomes full, you can freeze the computer by pressing the triangle button. Misumi in the room, has the computer. If you can freeze everything, you complete the battle.

You then return to the canyon, to the I/O Tower in the interior.

Turn to the right in the hall of bumping, and then to the communication tower. You can now access the personal computer. It is possible to return to the former world, if you move it forward to the laboratory.

When you return to the hall, a boss battle occurs. You will earn a bonus when you defeat it.

Boss Guide Coming Soon

End of Space Paranoid.

Hollow Bastion

Acess the Computer and head outside.

The Photon Debugger is obtained.

You then access the computer, in front of Ansem’s Laboratory,

After the Event, you fight a new enemy and the battle begins.

Basically you have to free the new enemy, then get the attention of the enemy.

Toward the Lapard Plaza, There is a large crowd of Nobodies, and you have to fight them. You grab the enemy’s attention a little while ago.

The Thirteenth Order appears, you gain a bonus level once you beat them.

Boss Guide Coming Soon

After you defeat the enemy, you move forward with your companion’s help.

A new heal spell is obtained.’

You go outside, and have to fight an army of heartless.

Boss Guide Coming Soon

You earn the first Ansem Report, and Ice, Luxury is obtained.

After this, the Level setting of all the worlds change.

End of Hollow Bastion

The Land of Dragon 2
From the Valley Ridge, to the Top of the Mountain.

You run into a XIIIth Order Member, and a battle engages against heartlesses.

You the move from the village barrier, to the palace.

You must fight a new enemy in the Courtyard.

It is easy to knock it down by using a co-operation move with Mulan.

The enemy is defeated, and you move to the palace passage.

You then mov from the Plaza from the palace. A boss battle occurs

Boss Battle Coming Soon

End of The Land of Dragon 2

Beast Castle 2

Talk to Beast

You must defeat new enemies, it is possible to knock them down quickly with co-operation moves.

You then move from the entry hall, to the west building, to beast’s room.

After the events you go to Beast’s room again, and speak to beast.

A rough sketch of the castle is obtained.

You then move to the entry hall, and a new enemy must be defeated.

You then go outside, from the entry hall.

You run into Xaldin, and must fight him, You earn a bonus improvement, and Ansem Report 4 is earned.

Boss Battle Guide Coming Soon

End of Beast Castle 2

Port Royal 2

You start at the port, where Jack Sparrow becomes a companion.

You must now defeat a new enemy.

You then Advance to the interior, then to the black pearl title.

You talk to Jack Sparrow on the deck , and you are taken to the island of death.

You are attacked by the enemy on the way.

You must defeat all of them.

You then fight a new enemy, and gain a bonus level when you defeat it.


A barrier of wind, is created by the enemy’s surroundings, when it moves. The enemy has long range weapons. Because the enemy doesn’t move violently, or fast, it is somewhat easy to fight.

You then advance ahead, quickly.

You must defeat a Nobody, and the gold coin is obtained.

You also gain a map of the graveyard ship.

You must now move to the interceptor.

When you do, talk to Jack Sparrow, who is on the deck.

Gold Coin Guide

The Gold Coin is in the graveyard, and the island of death.

The Island of death, you need to defeat all the enemies.

There is one Nobody in the Cave Entrance

In the grave pebbles, there is another nobody.

In the road pebbles, there is a pirate.

And another Nobody is there.

After you get all the gold coins, speak to Jack, and a boss battle occurs, you gain Ansem Report 5 for completing this.

Boss Battle Guide Coming Soon

End of Port Royal 2

Olympus Coliseum 2

When you enter, the Hades cup is opened.

You must then talk to the creature, to participate in the Hades Cup.

Whenever fighting during Hades cup, you could take a rest.

There is a battle against a large amount of Enemies at once.

It is not possible to go to the finals yet.

You must run after Auron to the netherworld entrance.

To the Deepest part of the passage, to the valley.

Auron’s doll is obtained.

You must now fight Nobodies.

You must fight them again, and it’s an easy victory.

You then return to the entrance of the netherworld.

And speak to the creature again, to participate in the rally.

Auron becomes a party member.

You must now fight, and defeat Hades.

Boss Battle Coming Soon

End of Olympus Coliseum 2

Agrabah 2

You first go from Agrabah, to the Bazaar, to outside the Rampart. After you do so, an event occurs, and after the event, you must battle a new enemy.

Method on Magic Carpet
First of all if you attack it there is a slight counter movement it can do, if move too far vertically.

Afterwards you meet a shadow of Jafar, which must be taken care of, you must attack it while it’s transforming, to stop it. This is repeated several times.
In the end, Jafar is cornered, and is defeated.

The Monument is then examined, there are switches now which you must activate, three in total.

One is right under the Monument, one is in the side, of the plaza, and the other one is a bit low, of the plaza.

The switches change color, between red, blue or yellow, from a certain position you can actually hit all three switches at once. Red is Fire, Blue is Blizzard, Yellow is Thunder.

After you do do this, an area around the monument opens, you have a timelimit to et there before it closes again.

In one room in the ruins, it is possible to head there from Alladin’s room/area.

You escape the Ruins, the carpet automatically takes you back.

Enemies will chase you, but you must attack them at the right time, since you are on the carpet.

Outside - Rampart - Bazaar - Agrabah Town.

You Advance infront of the royal palace.

You go straight to the interior, where you must fight Jafar.

You will gain a bonus level after winning.

Boss Battle Coming Soon

End of Agrabah 2

Halloween Town 2

Jack becomes a Companion

You must advance to the delivery section of Santa’s house. There you fight Shock, Lock, and Barrel. You gain a bonus level when you knock them down.


After adjusting the HP to 0 an empty box flies and you must press the triangle button. If you hold it for too long, something in the box is shaken. You must do this right, in order to win the match. Sometimes searching for this box is a good thing.

You then must go outside, to the hill, too the suburbs, to winterland, to the graveyard, to the guillotine plaza. It becomes a combat against a new heartless.

A present is dropped whenever the enemy is defeated, you must pick up 4 Presents to end this futile combat.

You then go to the second floor of the toy factory. You speak to a child as he begins present making, and gives you a decoy present.

The box disappears, when a bullet is shot at the box.
Small Box = 1 Point
Medium Box = 5 Points
Large Box = 10 Points.

Lock Shock and Barrel will sometimes run in, and you must take care of them.

It ends when you shoot enough, since there is no time limit.

Santa is talked to, and then a boss fight begins.

Boss Battle Guide Coming Soon
End of Halloween Town 2

Pride Land 2

You first go to Pride Rock

Ability Dash Impact Is remembered/learned.

To the foot near the rock, a story is heard from Rafiki.

You then advance towards the southeast end of the Savanna.

Then to the Elephant’s graveyard, where you must combat against the three hyenas.

Although the Hyena’s run away, it is possible to catch up if settling down, and then running after them.

They stands by the passage somewhere, now is the time to Capture it. They will most likely run away, since you found them,. Use the Co-operation move with Simba, so the first blow could hit them at least.

This time you move to the Savanna in the southeast.  Guu’s Valley  Moorland Jungle  Oasis.

After that, you return to pride rock, then to the savanna and a boss fight occurs.

Boss Battle Coming Soon

End of Pride Lands 2

Hallow Bastion

You first move to the Residential area, where you must fight Heartless.

After that you go from the Residential area  Rampart Plaza  Passage  Under Construction area  Castle Passing Entrance  Passage  Laboratory of Ansem.

There you will obtain the sleeping Lion, and access the computer.
End of Hollow Bastion

Space Paranoid 2

You first enter the pitcell, and access the computer there, and enter the light cycle. There you fight a new enemy.

Pitcell  Canyon  I/O Tower. There is another new enemy you must do combat with.

You then advance to the Interior, and Tron has his powers improved.

You then get out from the hall, and search for the interior of the solar ship dock.

When you take the solar ship, you leave after the device in the interior, but a large amount of enemy blocks your path, as you must fight them.


You have to defeat all the enemies before to many appear, there is a weight guage on your left that gradually increases. It is quicker to do this with Co-operation moves, and Drives.

You must now fight Commander Sarks
Boss Battle Guide Coming Soon

Boss Battle with MPC begins, you earn a bonus level once you defeat him.

Boss Battle Guide Coming Soon

End Space Paranoid 2

Twilight Town

You move from the suburbs to the hole in the wall, to the mansion.

A nobody is destroyed by Mickey.

Then you move to the residence, and advance to the library.

You then talk to Pence in the Computer Room.

With a device saying, ‘You touch the beam” you are brought to Twilight Town, and Ansem Report 10 is earned.

You move from the underground hall. To the world of darkness

You must defeat Nobodies

You must defeat Nobodies with Axel’s help.

Bond of Flames is obtained

You then go to the world that Never Was
End of Twilight Town

World that Never Was

You first advance to the road, and a fragment is seen, from the alley connected to the interstice.

After the Event, Ansem Report 12 is earned.

In the pillar, a disortion is carried out, the enemy is defeated.

It is a space of the melody that starts after an event.

You must now fight Xigbar, a bonust is earned, and you also earn Ansem Report 3

Boss Battle Coming Soon

Afterwards you advance to the interior.

An event occurs in the interior, memories pass away.

The Map of the Castle is obtained, and there is a save point.

You advance form the grave of No.10 and a boss is faught in the interior, you earn Ansem Report 8 after this.

Boss Battle Coming Soon

You now advance to the interior, of No. 7 and a boss is faught there, once you defeat it you earn Ansem Report 9.

Boss Battle Coming Soon

Ansem Report 11 is earned.

Riku joins the group

Road  Space Corridor  Destruction and Creation.

You advance ahead where a boss battle starts, and ansem report 13 is earned.

Final Boss Battle Coming Soon/i]

Congrats! You completed the game!



Legend Layout

Name/Atk /Magic Atk/ Ability /Ability Effect/Location.

Sweet Memory / 0 / 0 / Luck Up / Better chance of earning prizes / After Finishing 100 Acre woods. (Story of Monster Cave)

Hidden Dragon / 2 / 2 / Damage Aspir / Recovers MP whenever you receive Damage/ After Defeating Shan-Yu

Gull Wing / 3 / 0 / Exp Chance / You earn more experience when your health is low. / Hollow Bastion, after defeating 1000 heartless, talk to Yuna.

Kingdom Key / 3 / 1 / Defender / Your defense rises when you are in danger. / Default Weapon.

Star Seeker / 3 / 1 / Air Combo Plus / Adds 1+ to air combo. / Finish Mystery Tower.

Follow The Wind / 3 / 1 / draw / draw prizes around you / Defeat Barbossa

Monochrome / 3 / 2 / itemup / more impact when you use an item / Defeat Pete.

Photon Debugger / 3 / 2 / thunderup / Increases thunder damage to enemies / Defeat first S.P Boss.

Wonder of Abyss / 3 / 3 / Blizzardup / Inceases Blizzard Damage / Atlantica after aquiring the spell Magneta, and clear Chapter 4.

Promised Dream / 3 / 3 / Form Boost / Extend the time limit of driving / Twiligt Town, Second Visit, completed.

Fatal Crest / 3 / 5 / Change Berserk / Stronger attack, and longer combos when you charge MP / Olympus Coliseum, complete the Goddess of Fate Cup.

Halo’s Crest / 4 / 0 / Air Combo up / Stronger finishing air attack / Defeat Hydra

Circle of Life / 4 / 1 / Mp Haste / Quicker MP recovery / first visit to the oasis

Wisher’s lamp / 4 / 3 / Prize up / More money and HP/MP prizes. / Defeat Jafar

Bond of Flames / 4 / 4 / Fire up / Increases fire damage / present from Axel on the way to twilight Town.

Rambling Rose / 5 / 0 / finish plus / you can use the finishing attack twice / Present form Beast, second visit

Guadian’s soul / 5 / 1 / reaction up / increases reaction command damage / Defeat Hades

Sleeping Lion / 5 / 3 / combo plus / +1 to max combo / Present from Leon

Holy Pumpkin / 6 / 1 / Combo up / Stronger Finish attack / Defeat Boogie

Passed Memories / 6 / 2 / Drive Boost / Quicker Drive Guage recover. / On the way to ‘Proof of Existence’.

Ultima Weapon / 6 / 4/ MP Haste / MP recovers quickly / synthesize

Fenrir / 7 / 1 / Combo Minus / Max combo -1 / defeat Sephiroth.

End Keyblades



Name / Atk / Mag / Ability / Effect of Ability / Place

Magician’s Mace / 1 / 1 / … / … / Default Weapon

Hummer Mace / 2 / 1 / … / … / Shop 100 munny

Comet mace 2 / 2 / … / … / Shop 200 munny

Victory Bell 3 / 2 / … / … / Shop 400 Munny

Load Broom 3 / 3 / … / … / Pride land / Shop in Oasis 600 Munny.

Meteor Staff / 4 / 3 / Luck up / Earn more prizes / Port Royal / Ship Graveyard - Grave Yard Rubble - Treasure box.

Rising Dragon / 4 / 4 / Item up / Item effects stronger / Olympus Coliseum Titan Cup Champion.

Wise Want / 4 / 5 / … / … / The World That Never Was - Approach from Evening Twilight - 2000 munny

Shaman’s Relic 4 / 5 / Damage Aspil / Mp Recovering when Damaged / Shaman enemies sometimes drops.

Nobody lance 5 / 5 / Defender / Defense up when almost dead / Dragoon Nobodies will sometimes drop

Save the queen / 5 / 6 / Hyper Healing / recover HP quickly after being defeated / Synthesis

Save the Queen + / 5 / 6 / … / Speedy Recovery of MP when charging / Synthesis.
End Staff



Name / Atk/ Mag/ Ability / Ability Effect / Location

Knight’s Shield / 1 / 0 / … / … / Default Weapon

Adamant Bumper / 2 / 0 / … / … / Shop 100 Munny

Chain Gear / 3 / 0 / … / … / Shop 200 Munny

Shooting Star / 3 / 0 / … / … / Shop 400 Munny

Cumulous Nymph / 4 / 0 / … / … / Pride Land/ Shop in Oasis 500 Munny.

Oga Shield / 5 / 0 Defender / Defense up when health is low / Prize box

Genji Shield / 6 / 0 / Luck up / More item boxes / Olympus Coliseum Cerberus Cup victory.

Knight Defender / 7 / 0 / … / … / The World That Never Was - approach from evening twilight 2000 munny

Acasic Record / 7 / 0 / Mp haste / Recovery speed of MP increased / Enemy ‘book master’ drops sometimes.

Nobody’s Guard / 8 / 0 / Haste Healing / Recover Quickly with many HP after fainting / Enemy ‘gambler’ drops.

Save the King / 9 / 0 / item up / effects of items increase / synthesis

Save the King + / 9 / 0 / damage aspil / MP recovery when Damaged / Synthesis.

End of Shields

More Coming Soon
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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Did'nt you post somthin fimiliar like this?


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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Yes, but that was the person's view, another blog has it as a strategy guide, and this one will be updated frequently, till all the worlds are done.


Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Oh ok, that will probaley take a long time though..................


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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Ok whenever this is bumped up, or if it's sticked, either one, check every day, I might have something new put up.

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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

As fun as this is.. I think we will get addicted and keep watching til Twilight Town is done.. so ima go to bed, peace.

Haha, how can u post these vids without knowing what they are Xal?


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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

By downloading them, look at the first 4 seconds, confirm it, then boom there you go, and deleting them at the end without watching now I gotta create another topic for recorded footage (bad quality though)


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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Updated, sorry for double posting


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wow nice find xaldin!! twilight town is going to be really fun


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Thankz xaldin, for part 2...i cant wait to play the mini gamea@


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thanks Xal! wow i really want to see this boss. keep up the good work


Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Is the boss the big thingy mombober?


Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

so it took somone 3 days to get to to the boss battle?


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No, Twilight Town Consists in Days, each event ends a day, and Roxas takes a rest, like how Sora did in Destiny Island after completling each event.


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Re: Strategy Guide (Spoilers)

Think like Majoras Mask, only you can't warp around in time. ^_^ And... *shrugs* Basically events move in days and I believe the boss is the large white Nobody, the Nobody version of Darkside.
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