Kingdom Hearts 2.8 on XBOX One Speculation



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Jan 4, 2010
So, of course I like to read all the fun reactions of the new trailer on youtube. And then, I like to respond to people who have questions and whatnot when they pop up. "What's in this game?" - "Who is Aqua?" - "I've never played anything other than 1 and 2, what do I need to play?" And lastly... "Why isn't this going to be on the XBOX"

While the reason is not CONFIRMED, I have a pretty good idea why and I just want to run it by someone because I can't be crazy right? So, here we are.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and many other Kingdom Hearts games won't be on the XBOX anytime soon because they don't want to waste resources on it and the only reason why Kingdom Hearts 3 is is because of contractual reason... yes?

It's not a secret how terrible the XBOX does in Japan and it always has. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced months before XB1 and PS4 even made it to the market. The reason why I speculate it was put on the XB1 for contractual reasons is because back then, businesses could only speculate how well the XB would do and after some talks, Square decided to test out putting KH3 on the XB system despite how little sense it makes (Many loyal XB users might have never played a Kingdom Hearts game, so you're thrusting them right into the third and possibly most complicated one)

That is not to say XB is a bad system or that it's the lesser of the two, it just has little to no market in Japan. If Kingdom Hearts 3 was only just announced today, I highly doubt they would have put it on the XBOX.

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So, when 2.8 comes around after the fact... of course they aren't going to go out of their way to develop it for the XBOX One too. No matter how cheap it might be to distribute, it still costs money they might not make back. Since Kingdom Hearts is not digitally distributed, the effort is even more wasted. It's not that they 'can't'. They have da technologeh!!!!! It's that they simply won't. Unless Kingdom Hearts 3 sells out in strong numbers on the XB system, Square is not going to bother putting the rest of the KH series on the XB console. It's just... so very unlikely.

Is my logic unsound? Is my speculation really so out of left field that it can be classified as a lie?


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Sep 23, 2010
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Since the announcement that KH3 would be on PS4/XB1 the community at large has been under the impression Microsoft paid Square Enix to release it on both. It's like how Microsoft paid SE to have Rise of the Tomb Raider release on XB1 first, to compete with Uncharted 4 for Christmas (though U4 was pushed back so it didn't matter and the target RotR audience was on PS4).

KH3 is a highly demanded title. While the KH franchise seems kind of niche, the fact is that KH3 is anything but. It's a console seller; people bought PS3's in vain thinking KH3 would come out in that generations lifetime. Microsoft likely wanted to get a cut of that and offered SE a sum they couldn't turn down.