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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hears Days/BBS: When Friends Meet

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Summary : When friends meet.Aqua is being able to get out of the Dark Meridian. Now she wants to findher friends. But first she gets to know the world of the present!

Chapter 1: Dark Meridian

Sound of the ocean can be heard. The world was covered by the night and darkness.
Time seemed to pass slowly and it was almost impossible to escape from this world.
How long has it been? I don't remember but that's not important.

I just want to be.. with the three of us again. Terra.. Ventus.. I'll promise we'll be together soon again.

The girl sat on the beach staring at the ocean. After all these years, the only thing she could thing about are her friends. And the battle at the Keyblade graveyard. The place where everything went wrong.

She heard footsteps coming closer. "Someone's here? How is that possible. I thought I was the only one." Aqua thought as she looked into the direction of the footsteps.

She saw someone in a black coat walking towards the beach. Whoever was that person in the black coat stopped when she noticed Aqua.

"Who are you?" The person said as she looked curious at the person who was sitting on the beach.

The voice was that of a girl. Aqua thought. But she couldn't see the face. It was covered by the hood. "My name is Aqua.. And who are you?" It was quiet for a while, she then spoke. "The name's Xion," She said. " How come you are in a world like this? Do you live here?"

Aqua closed her eyes. "No, I ended up in this world many years ago..
I think it already might be around the 10 years. But I have no Idea to be honest.
I can't escape from this world so there's nothing I can do.. But I," Aqua said in a sad tone as she opened her eyes slowly again. "I-I just want to be with my friends again."

Xion open-eyed at the last thing Aqua said.
"Friends.. You have friends? What happened?" Aqua looked right at Xion.

"Yeah.. We had a bond like no other. We did everything together. I loved them and the loved me back. But everything began to change when darkness overwhelmed us. We had to fight a battle between Darkness and Light. And in the end.. Everything changed," A tear fell down her cheeks and Xion noticed this.

"I-I haven't seen them after all these time and I just don't know if I ever see them again.. I don't even know if I'm still worthy to be their friends after all these time.."

"Don't say that!" Xion blurted which made Aqua look in surprise. "What?"

"I said, don't say that. You're friends are you friends and whoever they are they always will stay your best friends. Understand? And besides I want to be your friend to I'f you want to." Xion said smiling but Aqua couldn't see this because of the hood she was wearing. Still she could hear it in her voice.

Aqua smiled back. "Thank you, you where right I am stupid to think of that. And about us being friends. Sure why not? It's always good to have friends around right?" She said. Xion smiled back and suddenly her face appeared. Aqua looked surprised and shocked at the same time. "Did you just pulled out your hood when I didn't noticed it or was it just me?"

"What? What do you mean? I'm like this the whole time." Xion said. "Oh wait never mind then." Aqua said softly and in confusion but then a question popped into her head.

"Hey Xion? Tell me how did you where able to get into this world?" Xion looked up. "Hm? Oh I wanted to go to a place with beaches with many shells. And then I've heard people talking about a dark place but still with a beach. I found out it was here and then I opened a dark corridor and got in this world." Xion stated.

"You love beaches?" Aqua asked. "Yes I do love beaches. But sea shells are my favorites. I'm always collecting them." Xion said as she looked to the ocean.

"That's amazing Xion! But hey how come you wear that black coat?" Xion blinked. "Oh yeah I'm from Organization XIII that's a group with only nobody's in it. All members wear these coat's." Xion stated. "What is a nobody?" Aqua asked being curious.

"A nobody is what is left behind by those whose hearts have been consumed by Heartless," Xion took a deep breath and began again. "Nobodies are born when a Heart is swallowed by darkness and becomes a Heartless. They are the remaining parts left behind by the heart: the body, giving a Nobody form, and the soul, giving the Nobody life. However, only those with a strong will are actually able to continue on as Nobodies."

"That's one mouth full. But I must say. I'm glad you where being able to share this with me Xion." Aqua smiled. "That's what friends are for right?" Xion giggled. "Hey I've got a second coat put it on so that you too can get out of this world." She said as she gave Aqua the coat. "

It really is a coincidence though that I brought another one with me today, must be fate or something." Xion giggled at the thought. Xion opened a corridor when Aqua wore her coat and they both left the Dark Maridian.

"Stay close to me Aqua, next stop The world that never was."
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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Great job I'm really liking this Snowy^_^
Though you should put the thoughts in Italicized font that way it becomes much clearer.


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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Chapter 2: Unexpected meeting

"We're here," Xion said as she turned to Aqua. "Follow me okay?" Aqua looked around

She never has been in this world before it was a world covered in darkness.
Somehow it felt a little bit like the Dark Meridian, but she knew it wasn't the same.
She saw buildings around her, something like you wouldn't see in the Dark Meridian.
Trying not to think about it she just followed her instead.

Xion, can I ask something?" Aqua asked but Xion remained silence.
Aqua looked at Xion who looked at the castle the head quarter of the organization.
She noticed Xion was sad. Aqua didn't knew why but something was wrong.

"Xion?" Aqua repeated. This time Xion noticed it and blinked. She stopped walking.
"Hm? Oh I'm sorry! What is-.." Xion stopped and was lost in her thoughts again.
Aqua got more worried now. "Xion, please tell me what's wrong?" I'm worried.

Xion stared at the ground for a while. Then turned to face Aqua and took a deep breath.
"I-I walked away from the organization. " Xion said.

"Then why did you want to go this place?" Aqua asked in surprise.
She also wondered why Xion left the organization.
"My friends.." Xion said. Aqua didn't knew what to say so she held it simple. "You're friends?"

Xion nodded. "Yes, I wanted you to meet my friends," Xion began to smile softly.
"I'm sure they want to meet you to, so maybe we all can become friends so that we
can eat Sea Salt ice cream together." Still smiling.

Aqua didn't quite get the part about the ice cream but she did understand the part about her friends.
A smile appeared on Aqua's face to. "Xion, I'd love to meet your friends.
And I can't wait to meet them."

"But you know," Xion began. "I think we begin to part away from each other."
Xion said her smile disappeared and a depressed face appeared.

"What happened?" Aqua asked in curiosity.

Xion started to walk towards the castle again while Aqua began to follow her.
As she wanted to answer Aqua's question another nobody appeared wearing a black coast.
But this one didn't wore his hood. It was a guy. The guy has a window's peak, rather small eyebrows and thick, shoulder length, bright red hair styled into slicked-back spikes. His eyes are bright emerald color and he has a purple reverse-teardrop shaped marking under each eye.

Xion gasped as she saw the guy. Aqua didn't knew how to react since she knew he was from the organization. The same organization Xion was from but she walked away. Is the organization bad anyway? Or good? She didn't knew.

"Axel!" Xion said open-eyed.

Axel stared at Aqua for a while. Then his eyes locked on Xion. "Well, hello there… Xion." He began.
Aqua looked at Xion who had a mix of sadness and happiness on her face. Then a keyblade suddenly appeared in Xion's hand and in axels hands appeared the twin chakrams.

"keyblade?" Aqua cried. She was shocked to see Xion wielding the keyblade.
How is it possible? Is this fate too? But she stopped thinking about it when she saw Xion in battle stance. She then run up towards Axel and they began to fight.

"No, wait!" Aqua cried again. "Oh jeesh! If I had my keyblade right now I would've made an end of this pretty easily." Aqua thought as she was trying to make some "Stop this you two"signs with the hands.
"STOP!" Aqua yelled but both ignored her.

Xion swung her Keyblade towards Axel. "Aqua! Let me do this!" Xion said as she attacked, But Axel dodged it and used his limiting break and Xion got hit to the fullest. Xion fell down and was laying unconscious on the ground. Axel picked Xion up.

"XION!" Aqua screamed. "You! What are you going to do with Xion? Tell me!"

"Hm? Oh hello there, sorry didn't quite catch that. Just who are you?" Axel asked.
Aqua just groaned. "I don't need to give my name to the likes of you! Don't attack my friend like that or you'll pay!" Aqua said. She knew she was a little bit hopeless without keyblade but she just had to say this.

"Friend? You mean your Xion's new buddy?" Axel asked in surprise but a smile made its way on his face which made Aqua confused. Aqua slowly walked towards Axel who was holding Xion in his left hand.

"Yes," Aqua said as she walked slowly without Axel noticing it since he was too busy with the thought of Xion making new pals. "She has saved me and if you are going to hurt her, you'll pay!"

"Right, Right I got it. Don't worry I won't hurt her. You know, she's my friend too."
This caused Aqua to shock but regained her serious look again.
"Then why did you fight her." She said.

Axel stared at the castle. "Orders, gotta do what a man has to do," He said. "Hey, I know something.
I'll bring Xion to the quarters. Why don't you follow us. I can cover you if something goes wrong."

Aqua pulled up an eyebrow. "Axel, you're strange." She said.
Axel laughed. "That's not very nice isn't it?"

"Then why are you laughing." Aqua said still looking serious. He shouldn't even have a heart. Then why would he laugh?

"Just trying to remember my old times where I used to laugh, you know? When I was human Those where good times." Axel said still laughing. He then stopped and walked towards the castle.

"Aqua.. was it right?"

Aqua nodded. "Hey! Wait a minute you didn't knew my name just a minute ago."
Aqua said really serious. She knew she wouldn't going to like this man very much.

"Hah, I was just testing you now. You know I think I'm gonna like you. Now please follow me." Axel stated laughing again.

Aqua groaned again. "What an idiot" She thought."But I guess I have no choice."

From there on they walked to the headquarters where Aqua will meet some members.. How will she react?
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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Few grammar mistakes and could use more detail. :O well this has gotten interesting, also why can't Aqua use the keyblade?


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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Few grammar mistakes and could use more detail. :O well this has gotten interesting, also why can't Aqua use the keyblade?

Well this was my first fanfiction back when I made this so I know I made some mistakes and about not going into details.
I thought Aqua's keyblade was in the room of repose of whatever it was called back then when I wrote this chapter.
But now I've figured out she's gotten the keyblade of Eraqus so... I just have to twist it a little. there's no other option :p


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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Chapter 3: The headquarters

“This is it?” Aqua asked as she looked around her.

It looked like a half round white room. With a lot of windows at one side.
At both sides of the room are tables and benches with, yes a white color.
Also are their 2 statues from flowers close to the window.

“Yep, you expected something else?” Axel said while still holding the unconscious Xion.

Aqua glared at him. “Yeah right, can’t they just use another color? White is just too.. I don’t know, but it’s kind of boring,”

“hnn..” Xion groaned as she opened up her eyes which caused axel to put her down.

“Welcome back to the real thing, Xion.” Axel said with a smile. He gave Xion a pat on her head.

Xion stared at him. “Axel..” She looked around and noticed she was back in castle. “Great, I’m back..” She thought but then noticed Aqua who looked relieved to see her. “Aqua, you’re here!” she said exited. Aqua nodded.

“Oh, Aqua. I think you already know him right now but let me introduce you to one of my best friends,” She said as she pointed her finger towards Axel. “This, is Axel.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.” Axel said while half laughing.

“… Yeah right, nice to meet you too.” Aqua said kind of irritated of Axel his behavior.

Xion once again looked around her. She then looked over at Axel again. “Say Axel where is everyone?” and immediately after that another question popped into her head. “Where is Roxas?”

Axel shrugged. “I dunno, guess there all on a mission? And about Roxas.. I heard he wanted to talk with the superior today, don’t ask me what it was he wanted to talk about because I don’t know.”

“Who’s Roxas?” Aqua suddenly asked. She never heard of that name before.

Xion and Axel both looked up and smiled at the which almost freaked Aqua out.
“He’s our best friend.” The both said at the same time.

“He’s a lot like me, I’m just a little bit cooler though” Axel said smirking.

Aqua sighed. “Not another guy who’s character is just like Axel.”

Xion laughed “Haha, don’t you lie Axel.” She said.

“What are you doing here.” A voice said.
The others turned and saw Saix standing in front of the entrance.
“Oh hello to you too, look I’ve accomplished my mission. Here’s Xion.” He said as he waved his hand while smirking at his old best friend.

“Humpf, I see.. Xion I’ll set you on missions too. Don’t go off like that again, or you’ll regret it.” He said with a warned deathly glare which cause Xion to shock. She only nodded out of angst.

“And who is this?” Saix said when he saw the third one. Aqua remained silence hoping that Xion or Axel would say it in her place.

“ Oh um, yeah about her,” Axel said while scratching the back of his head. “She- .. She..”
Axel stopped and tried to think of something he could tell. He couldn’t think of something. He then wanted so say something but got cut off by Aqua.

“It’s not necessary to hide it guys, I will tell you how I ended up here. And Xion there’s still something I haven’t told you,” Xion became curious about the thing Aqua hadn’t told her. Aqua then took a deep breath. “As Xion already know, I got ended up here because of Xion which I’m really grateful for. Before that I wandered in the Dark Meridian for I think almost 10 years. I ended up in the Dark Meridian to save a best friends life. I gave up everything to save him. And.. the truth is.. I am a keyblade master. “ Xion, Axel and Saix shocked at the last thing Aqua said.

“Is it truth that you’re a keyblade master?” Saix asked really curious and Aqua nodded.

“Whooh another one? I thought it was rare to meet keyblade wielders.” Axel interrupted.

Said glared at Axel but then locked his eyes on Aqua again. “Could you summon your keyblade?” He asked.

Aqua’s face fell. “I’m sorry but I can’t summon my keyblade. I gave it up when I tried to save my friend like I told you. I still need to find it since I just got out of the Dark Meridian.” Aqua said.

“Right, Aqua. I’m going to have a talk with you about Xemnas. We will see what we’re going to do with you. You may stay here for a while. “ Saix said. Both Xion and Axel we’re happy to hear that Aqua can stay for a while. Even Aqua was happy she could have a little more time to stay with Xion and Axel.

Saix wanted to walk away. “Oh hey, Saix I have got a question.” He said as he patted Saix on the shoulder. “And what might that be?” He said.
“You know where Roxas is? We wanted to see him.” Axel asked.

Saix begin to think and then said. “Hm, Roxas yes he had a talk with Xemnas this morning. He’s now doing his mission in Never land. So you have to wait for his return.” He said then walked out of the room.

“Aw, too bad. “ Axel stated. Aqua started to walk towards the big window and started to look through it. She stared at a big heart and her eyes began to widen. “Is that what I think it is?!”
Xion walked towards Aqua. “Yeah, If you mean Kingdom hearts then yes, that’s right.”

“Why?” Aqua asked.

“So we can gain or own hearts,” Xion stated. “That is what I was told.” She smiled.

Aqua didn’t knew what to say. But she didn’t wanted to get into a fight with Xion.
But then still, how come? Last time Kingdom hearts appeared on the keyblade graveyard almost 10 years ago. I thought it was disappeared! How come it came back? Who did this?

Aqua was deep in thought. “Let’s go to the twilight tower.” Axel suddenly said.

Xion smiled and nodded while Aqua looked surprised. “What? Why?” She said.
“Because it’s what we used to do.” Xion said. “You should come with us to, Roxas will probably come too so you can meet him yourself too.”

“I don’t think I want to meet someone with the same character as Axel.” Aqua said while laughing.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of me.” Axel said.

Xion began to laugh too. Axel didn’t knew why but he began to laugh with them too.


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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Chapter 4: Roxas

Axel opened a corridor. “Let’s eat sea-salt ice cream.” He walked through it leaving Xion and Aqua alone for a few seconds. “Ice cream?” Aqua asked. It was kind of odd to hear him talk about ice cream. Xion got exited and took Aqua’s hand. “Come! You’ll see.” She then ran through the corridor too holding aqua’s hand.

“Wooh, calm down Xion!” Aqua cried but she didn’t heard it.

Aqua looked around her. “Light..” Aqua whispered. “Hm?” Xion looked at Aqua. She noticed she become happy all sudden.

“Oh my god! Light! I haven’t seen it in years! I’m.. I’m so glad I could see it again..” She said a tear fell down her cheeks.

“Oh Aqua, I would’ve feel so sorry for you if I could feel.” Xion said and began to hug her.

Aqua closed her eyes and hugged her back. (N/A: Friends hug) “Thanks for supporting me Xion.”
she said.

After a while Xion began to talk. “Let’s go to the clock tower. Axels probably already up there.”
Aqua nodded.

They saw Axel holding 3 ice creams in his hand when Xion and Aqua arrived. He gave Xion and Aqua one. “Ice cream.. I haven’t eaten that in a long while.” Aqua thought.

Axel and Xion sat down while Aqua was still standing. “Um, why’s there a path between the two of you open?” She asked.

“Oh that, Cause its Roxas his place. But it seems he’s not back yet” Axel stated.

“Right, then where can I sit?” She asked.

“Hm, you can sit next to me if ya want. Always nice to have another one sitting next to me.” Axel said smirking a little.

“Pervert.” Aqua began. “Whoa, Whoa Now don’t you start like that. I don’t even have a heart to feel with.” Axel said.

Aqua became quiet but decided to sit next to Axel. She opened her Ice cream and gave it a lick.
“Wow, its salty. But I like it.” Aqua said while a smile appeared on her face.

“Im glad you like it Aqua.” Xion said.

“It’s called Sea-salt ice cream, got it memorized?” Axel pointed out.

Aqua smiled at him. “Yes I won’t forget the name. thanks guys.” Aqua said.

And so were Aqua, Xion and Axel sitting on the clock tower looking at the amazing view of the sunset. Something Aqua hadn’t seen in a long time. She was glad too see it again. But at a point she started to realized she missed something.. “Wasn’t I used to do something like this with..” Aqua looked sad as she began to think of it again. “Ven.. Terra.. Don’t worry guys I will look for you all. I just need some time before I can start with my journey.” She said in her thoughts.

Then suddenly someone else in a black coat came above. He wore his hood and stared at the ground as he walked over to the place which was meant for the person called Roxas.

“Roxas! You’re here.” Xion said as she smiled. Roxas looked at Xion and nodded.

Aqua looked at him to see someone’s Xions age. A young boy. “That shape.. I don’t know but I feel like I’ve seen that shape before.. “ Aqua thought.

“Roxas, something’s wrong? No ice-cream?” Axel asked.

“Sora…” Roxas whispered which caused Aqua to shock. “That voice! I know I’ve heard it before.. I-I just don’t remember who’s voice it was.. Um I know it’s on the tip of my toque. Ah damn I don’t know..” She thought again.

“Sora?” Axel said while Xion gasped.

“Xemnas said he was to connection to both me and Xion. I wonder what our connection is..” Roxas stated.

“So that’s what you asked Xemnas?” Axel asked. Roxas nodded again. “Yeah, Im having weard dreams about a boy my age, he has brown hair and also wields a keyblade.”

“You wield a keyblade too?!!” Aqua started shocked and curious.

Roxas paid attention at the blue haired girl. “Wha- who are you? Oh wait you are..” he said.

“I know I’ve heared that voice before… why can’t I remember who it was.” She thought.

“My name is Aqua. Im a friend of your friends.” She said looking at Roxas his hood.

Roxas stared at Aqua for a while.. a long while until Aqua felt uncomfortable.
“Um, Roxas? Still there?” Aqua asked.

“Hm? Oh, yes. Im sorry I just felt.. really weird,” He said as Aqua frowned.

“Roxas, Why don’t you pull off your hood?” Xion asked.

Roxas sighed. “I can’t. Xemnas came back to me today at one point and told me I mustn’t pull off my hood when I’m with a girl with blue hair. And I think he meant Aqua.” He said.

“What? He did? How stupid! Why can’t you just ignore him?” Aqua said as Roxas looked up.
“I have too, these are absolute orders..” Roxas said.

“Too bad..” Aqua said a little bit sad. It’s unfair for both Roxas and me. What’s the problem of showing someone’s face? Why does that superior doesn’t want me to see his face?



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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Chapter 5: Keyblade

“I still have to RTC Roxas said to the others,” He stood up and looked at his friends.
“Then I guess I’ll see you guys later?” He said. The others nodded.

Aqua stood up too. “Hey Roxas should we go back together?” At least I should know him a little better. I think I’ve catched a lot of information about Xion and Axel and I love to be with them.
But Roxas.. I don’t know. His voice sounds familiar and I know I’ve seen that shape before.
And I also would like to know why he wields the keyblade.. I think a talk would be the best thing to do.

Roxas stood the for a moment thinking, he then nodded. “I can’t see why not. Let’s go Aqua.”
he said as Aqua nodded too and they both left the clock tower.

“See you two later.” Axel and Xion said as Roxas and Aqua both waved their hand.

Aqua and Roxas we’re walking in the streets of the world that never was towards the castle.

“Hey Roxas,” Aqua asked trying to get him to talk. “Do you love your friends?” Roxas started to laugh. “Haha yeah I love them, they are the only things left for me. I can’t find any reasons to stay in the organization If they weren’t there.” He said.

Aqua was amazed. Hearing a nobody talking about his friends like that. She knew nobody’s didn’t had a heart but this boy, he talks like he has a heart.

Aqua turned herself to Roxas and took a breath. “Do you want to become my friend too?” She said as she looked right into Roxas his hood. Still she couldn’t see his face. “You want too?” He said.

Aqua nodded and smiled. “Yes, I already became friends with Axel and Xion. And I think you’re a kind person too, just like Xion and Axel.” She said as she thought about them.

Roxas began to smile. “Sure, I’d love to become friends with you Aqua.” Roxas suddenly stared at her again for a while. Why do I feel like I’ve met this person before? Or is it just me? I don’t know but I feel weird with her close to me. Like I know her.. from somewhere..

“Roxas … are you.. um okay?” Aqua struggled. He stared again at her. For the second time. Why would he do that? I know it’s good to stare at someone but this is just too much..

“Oh, I-I..” He said as suddenly a bunch of dusks appeared. The keyblade appeared in Roxas his hand and he took the battle stance.

Aqua stood there, she didn’t had a keyblade. “Damn, I still need to find it.” Is what she thought. One dusk ran towards Aqua as she quickly dodged it an punched it from behind. “I might have lost my keyblade. I’m still useful!” She said as she ran towards the other dusks.

“Wow, I must say she is a girl that isn’t afraid of things.” Roxas thought as he slashed the other dusks with his keyblade. And after a while every dusk got knocked out as Roxas and Aqua started to walk towards the castle.

“Wonder why they attacked..” Roxas thought. Aqua watched Roxas his keyblade which he was holding. “Hey, Roxas how come you wield the keyblade? Are you chosen?” Aqua asked.

“I dunno. I’ve never figured out but I know now it has something to do with my past self.” He said.

“Your past self?! And who might that be?” Aqua asked watching Roxas in disbelieve. A past self? Does something like that even exist?

“That is.. something I still need to figure out..” Roxas said softly staring at the ground as he walked with Aqua next to him.

“Oh..” Aqua whispered.

Xemnas appeared As Roxas and Aqua reached the castle. Aqua was startled to see the superior.
“I have seen that face before… I really know I do.”

Xemnas looked first at Roxas who still had his hood on. But then locked his eyes on the blue haired girl.

“you’re.. name is Aqua..” He said in an asking way. He looked at her with an amazement and envy look. Aqua stared at him for a minute.

After a time aqua tried to say something. “Y-yes.. Sorry but, did we ever meet before? You somehow look familiar.” Aqua said.

It remained silence. Aqua and Xemnas looked at each other and Roxas was just staring at both of them. Xemnas then spoke. “No, I have never met you before.” He said calmly.

“Too bad, I really thought you looked familiar to me..” Aqua said with sadness in her eyes. Just who is this person? I just really know I’ve seen him before!

“Aqua. Do you which to have your keyblade?” He asked which Aqua and Roxas caused to shock and look up.

“Yes! D-Do you know where I can find it?” Aqua asked with a curious face. “I want to do everything to get it back.” She stated.

Xemnas walked away leaving Roxas and Aqua behind. They stared at each other but looked back at Xemnas when he came back he had something in his hand. “The keyblade.. Wait that is.. My keyblade!” Aqua cried in happiness.

“Take it, it’s yours.” Xemnas said.

Aqua took the keyblade and then let it disappear. “Thank you so much for this.” Aqua said as she smiled.

“.. Don’t mention it.” He said as he leaved the room again.

Roxas became energetic when he saw her keyblade. “Amazing! Another keyblade wielder. I never knew you where one.” Roxas said smiling at him but Aqua pointed at him.

“I’m not a keyblade wielder. I’m a keyblade master. Got it?” Aqua said while giggling.

“Haha, yeah right.” Roxas smiled at her.



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Re: Kingdom Hears/BBS: When Friends Meet

Chapter 6: What I want

Aqua finally got her keyblade back. Not in a way she expected, but still it was her keyblade and that's what its all about.. right? But.. who was that person that gave me the keyblade? I know it's the superior of the organization and all.. but.. his face.. It looks familiar.. Just like Roxas's voice..
I wonder what's going on? Maybe.. we have met before.

The next day Aqua did a job with both Axel and Roxas. She wondered why she had to do a job with the three of them. But it was nice anyways. Aqua learned Roxas a few moves and the three enjoyed it. They had to defeat a lot of heartless in Twilight town. After that the three of them left the city and went to the clock tower. Xion was waiting for them too.

"Hey guys!" Xion said happily as she looked at the others who were walking
to their places. Axel sat down. He thought this day was amazing. Nothing bothered him.. at all.

Well he finds it odd that Roxas was ordered to not pull of his hood. But he became used to it.
Then Roxas sat down. Looking at the sunset that was glowing intensely. Even though it was an amazing day.. And even after a long time of not seeing each other and now they finally are together. And with a new friend that joined them! , But still.. something was bothering him..
"So much has happened lately.. I've been getting those pictures in my head about a brunette boy in red. Now more than normal. They even show up in my dreams.." Roxas thought as he looked down the sunset.

Aqua sat down too also bothered about things. "Terra, Ventus. I'm sorry. I will look for you two as fast as possible. Ventus.. I have to find your heart first.. Even If I don't have a clue where it is..
Still I'll try as hard as I can! I swear," Aqua made a fist of her hand. Then sighed again.

"Terra.. I will do my best to find you too.. I know you have fallen into darkness.. But don't worry wherever you are right now. I will search for you.. for the both of you.. Whatever it takes!"

She then looked at Axel, Roxas and Xion who were smiling at the time. Laughing like they have hearts. Something popped into Aqua's head. She looked sad at the thought.
"But.. It also would be sad to leave these three. I mean, what will they think If I left without saying a thing? I can't do that! I'm their friend. And they are mine. I am sure Ven and Terra wouldn't liked it if I would go away from them without saying a thing.." she thought joyless.

Axel began to smile. "Did you know Roxas?" Roxas smiled too. "Do I know.. what?" he said.
"If you ever we're to leave the organization what would you do?" Axel said. Xion made a shocked move with her body but the other didn't noticed it.

"What? Why would I do that. Come on, there's no way I would leave you guys." Roxas said smiling.
Axel nodded. "Hm, yeah was just checking there. I mean nobody knows what will happen in the future right?"

"… The future." Aqua thought. The future.. What will happen in the future? Will it have a good future or.. a bad one.. Will I ever find them again? And what about Xion and the others? My other friends..
Aqua shook all her thoughts away. "Let's make great memories while we still can! We don't know what will happen in the future.. It will have big surprises where nobody knows off. But right now..
it goes all about the present!" Aqua said with a proud voice.

The others where silence for a moment. A smile made its way on Xion's face.
"Aqua.. Yeah your right. It's all about now, not the future. We have to make good memories while we still can!" Xion said smiling. The other smiled too.

Axel stood up. "Oh look at the time. We should RTC as fast as possible."

"Why?" Roxas asked.

"Because… Roxas.." Axel said as he rolled his eyes. "We don't want angry Mansex do we?" Axel said smiling.

"What?" The others said. Roxas became confused. "Who in the world is Mansex?" Roxas asked not really liking the name.

"Ahaha.. You don't get it right? Oh well it's not like you need to know. Got it memorized?" Axel said.

"…" The others just stared at him.

"Jeesh, never mind. Let's go already!" Axel said as he opened a portal. He walked through it and disappeared.

"Let's follow him.." Aqua said as both Xion and Roxas nodded. "Right." Xion said.

The three of them followed Axel and then reached The castle.
At the time they reached it Xemnas (Mansex) didn't get mad of them being late. (He didn't even knew they were late) After they reached the castle the four of them walked to their room.
pulling of their clothes and began to dream.
A boy was lying on the beach. He suddenly looked up to see a girl with.. red hair.. But then disappeared. He brunette boy looked behind him to see the girl who was smiling at him.

"Give me a break, Kai-"
Crash "Giving up already?" A boy with silver hair taunted.Crash"If there are any other worlds out there. Then why ended we up on this one? Crash"Who's there?" The brunette boy asked a little shocked. Crash "Tied to the darkness" A voice said. .. "Sora.. don't ever change.."
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