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kingdom clues revised theory

Jan 14, 2016
Disclaimer! some of these views may not be entirely correct as this is a process please feel free to offer support in the effort to decode Kingdom Hearts and discover the truth!

the first clue id like to present that the story of kingdom hearts is actually and anthropomorphic story of the sun through the houses of the zodiac is the naming of the raft in kingdom hearts 1

it seems very odd that sora would want to name the raft Excalibur, after a sword and it is the only time the Excalibur sword is mentioned in the entire series.
sora also meets merlin and despite "the sword and the stone" being a Disney movie, its not a world in kingdom hearts and king Arthur is no where to be found... or is he?

Ansem, I believe is another clue. his name is an anagram for mensa and mensa's etymology breaks down to table... like the round table of the Arthurian legend or the round table of the zodiac which is sliced down the middle in tracking the suns movements through the zodiac.

the zodiac wheel charts the suns journey through each house and divides the wheel into its 4 season. the division and duality of the autumn harvest and the fertility of the spring lamb. so one complete cycle is actually the life of spring time AS WELL as the death of autumn. thus the division of ven in KHBBS the division of the zodiac annual year from summer and winter, light and darkness.

the etymology of the word "Excalibur" is as follows

( King Arthur's sword, c. 1300, from Old French Escalibor, corruption of Caliburn, in Geoffrey of Monmouth (c.1140) Caliburnus, apparently from Welsh Caledvwlch probably a variant of the legendary Irish sword name Caladbolg which might mean literally "hard-belly," i.e. "voracious." For first element, see callus; for second, see belly )

now the first element of our word Excalibur is callus which is latin and means "hard" or "to be hard"
and the 2nd element, the world belly, is Old English and means "Bulging" so the word Excalibur literally translates to the "hard bulge" which is a representation the fertility of the spring lamb or Ram.

the Ram, ARIES, the first or the father or patriarch is represented by a tree

this is why sora encounters Ansem at the base of the tree of the secret place, because he is the father or the door way of aries. the door way of the 2 pillers of jachin and boaz that that leads the way through the annuel year.

aries is both the father and the old wise man and the traveling fool who, "knows nothing and understands nothing" because aries is the separation of the old from the new. the new born spring lamb from the dead of winter.

sora is dumb because he is the traveling fool or the joker or jester he is the jack, the trickster of the annuel year.

the jack is the one who steals or takes. this is why when you get robbed, you say, "I got jacked" or when you get beat up, you say, "I got jacked up" because you have been beaten so the origin of the word jack is from the biblical patriarch Jacob. and the etymology of the word jack, or Jacob is as follows

Jacob masc. proper name; Old Testament patriarch, son of Isaac and Rebecca and father of the founders of the twelve tribes, from Late Latin Iacobus, from Greek Iakobos, from Hebrew Ya'aqobh, literally "one that takes by the heel; a supplanter
so have if you ever heard the expression, are you pulling my leg you should grasp the meaning of the name jack or Jacob because when you pull some ones leg you trick them and make them the butt of a joke. and that's why the joker is the jack is the Jacob,

watch this video until you leave pirate Caribbean
its a clue and its short

so now that we've placed sora as jack, the joker than we should be able to identify riku and kairi. there are many clues that bare this out and this is where it get good.

why is sora and jack alike? what was so funny? why did everyone laugh? did you get the JOKE? if you think about it its obvious, you just have to think, what did sora take? that's right, he took the keyblade, rikus keyblade. now think back on the video clip I just pasted, what was jack talking about and what made goofy say he may actually one day acquire the blade? its because he was willing to be the jack, the thief or pirate and take the blade.

now here is where the clues get good but first i have to explain a few thing about Halloween

" It is the custom of the celebration to use orange and black in decorations and costumes. Retailers embrace this holiday because it’s one of the most lucrative of all.

As the Celtics are given the most credit for beginning the holiday as the festival of the harvest, a color of autumn is used. Orange, being the most prevalent autumn tone, is derived from the pumpkin and leaves.

The color orange also signifies strength and endurance. We don’t know if that is for the holiday or strength and endurance at the harvest time

Halloween was once (and still may be in some areas) a festival of the dead. Death is usually associated with darkness and absence of light signified by the color black."

Orange is the color of the setting or dying sun just before the blackness or darkness of night time or winter.
this is why orange is the new black because orange is the warning color of death

safety orange

"Of course, Halloween colors are not just limited to orange and black, you will also see a lot of blood red, eerie green, ghostly white and deep purples"

Craft Blog / Halloween Colors: Where Did They Come From? by COLOURlovers :: COLOURlovers

Traditionally orange and black were the two colors associated with Halloween and together they have a yin/yang type of relationship.
But there are also several other colors that have become an important part of All Hallow’s Eve including white, red, purple and green.
The Meaning Behind the Halloween Colors

Black – The Color of Darkness and Death
Black is the color of death and Halloween is a time when the veil between the spirit world and the living is thin

Read More http://isleofhalloween.com/halloween-colors-and-their-meaning/

because it is the time of the harvest just before the death of the sun in the cold winter.
so orange warns of death, the death of the sun.

[HR][/HR]Orange – The Vibration of Life
Orange is the polar opposite of black. It is a lively color that celebrates life and the bounty of the Autumn harvest.
Orange is the color of fire cutting through the darkness of night. Orange is warm and positive.
Many leaves turn orange during Fall and pumpkins and """"jack o’lanterns,"""" popular Halloween symbols, are also orange.

Read More http://isleofhalloween.com/halloween-colors-and-their-meaning/

Red – The Color of Blood
Red is another color that is often associated with Halloween, especially now with the current popularity of vampires.
Red blood is seen dripping from vampire lips and the victim’s throat. Or it could be a bottle of True Blood.

Read More http://isleofhalloween.com/halloween-colors-and-their-meaning/

the color of the red blood sacrifice of animals and sometimes even humans that the ancients use to preform to the sun for fertility purposes. the harvest of the crops etc. (watch movie apocalypto)

[HR][/HR]Purple – A Witches Brew
Purple has recently become a popular Halloween color representing the supernatural and all things mystical.

Read More http://isleofhalloween.com/halloween-colors-and-their-meaning/

purple is the time of the evening, the time of the setting sun, the time of twilight.

next, Disney channels original Halloween movie, "don't look under the bed" notice the colors of orange and purple, the time of the jack o lantern , jack skellington

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so you basically made a greatest hits of your other threads?
Jan 14, 2016

sora is the jack o lantern

if you are wondering why you wont be for long, the answer is simple.

Destiny Islands

the place where the sun set or descended into the darkness.
rikus "changing" if you pay attention, was happening at twilight.

if you watch this scene closely, while riku is talking deep philosophical type stuff, you can see kairi shake her head. when I first saw it, I thought it was my game glitching but its not. its on all of the scenes uploaded online even the HD ones.

the next time we get a destiny islands cut scene, its also at twilight and we here that "riku" is changing as the sun is setting.

"you know, rikus changed"

the next cut scene we see is actually at the darkness of night time. the time of the death or decent or December of the sun (riku) where the moon (sora) touches the light of the sun and becomes the ruler or master or the light of the world.

About Riku being the rightful owner of the Keyblade - why is it that Sora had the Keyblade first?
Nomura: That part is also a bit vague. In the Destiny Islands when Riku is swallowed by the darkness, there's a sparkle of light, and next comes the scene where Sora first gets the Keyblade, right? In my setting, the darkness wrapping itself around those two is the darkness of Riku's heart. At the moment when Sora enters that darkness, the light you can see is the light of the heart. Sora, trying to help Riku, struggling in the darkness, touches that light and temporarily the Keyblade goes to Sora

so you see, the darkness that is swallowing riku is the setting of the sun and the light that sora touches is the light that that moon touches when the sun sets when the moon REflects the suns re's or rays

don't believe me?

see they show you the night time with the light of the moon in the shape of a heart


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Just dont get why you'd post Theories in FI.

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