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Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...

(awwed silence continues for another hour)

That was THE most amazing post I have ever read. And I'm talking THE. Amazing is the only word to describe it. No, I take it back. Incredible.

The descriptions, the fight scene, the power. And Blaze, poor, poor, Blaze. Roxanne probably won't recognize him or something. That would really be terrible...

But seriously, amazing post, THE number one post of the century. If I could rep you 1000 times for this post I seriously would consider them. Unfortunately, I can't do it again until I spread the love a little, but I will as soon as I can, and know that this chapter was simply amazing.

Just don't let it go to your head, lol.


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Apr 14, 2006
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Chapter 21.

The Deepest Dive.

The heavy rain was now pouring onto a world that was never meant to exist, just like its many inhabitants. Two friends were walking alongside each other, enjoying the fact that they were alone. They had a feeling, or rather, a memory of a feeling that you could call a strong attachment to someone, or in other words great friendship. The raindrops made them put on the hoods of their black coats. The black coats with silver zippers were tightly wrapped around their bodies, preventing the heavy rain from reaching them.
“Are you… worried about her?” – the shorter one had asked the other.
“Yes… sometimes, I don’t understand, why am I worried?” – The taller one had answered. Their tones were sincere and friendly.
“Because, you have a powerful memory that has trapped your mind. A powerful memory of love for her,” – the shorter one tried to help his friend out as they walked in the rain.
“I know but… the memory feels like it isn’t mine. When I am away from her, I feel like I shouldn’t be… experiencing, this inside of me, but I just cannot help it. But when I am inside her chamber, I look onto her closed eyes… her beautiful face and… I just can’t help it. Ahh… I wish she would wake up…” – the tone with which the taller one spoke was unsettled and nervous.
“You know what can wake her up. Xemnas told you.” – the shorter one was trying to give some confidence to his friend.
“Yes, I know. Xemnas talked to me. But if I do that, she won’t be the same. She won’t be… one of us anymore. She will love… him,” – the taller one answered as the hard hitting rain washed away their footsteps.
“Hmm…” – the shorter one thought, remembering his own worries about his other.
“It’s been almost a year… Xemnas told me he would come for her in a year.” – the taller one looked around, sensing danger.
“Have you decided what will you do?” – Roxas also sensed a darkness that was growing within the alleys, between which they walked. He turned around, drawing out his keyblades. One of them was colored silver and shined with a heavenly radiance, while the other was dark and had a sinister shine.
“I will fight for her. I won’t let him have her at any cost,” – the taller one summoned two red chakrams that appeared in his hands with a flickering flame. They stood back to back with each other in the middle of a huge world; surrounded by the tallest and darkest skyscrapers, ready to take on the wave of heartless.

They stood back to back, watching as the heartless drew closer with every passing moment, until there seemed to be more heartless than the raindrops that fell onto the scene. Axel, being the fiery one of the two, charged at the one that were in front of him, launching numerous fireballs at the darkness beings. Roxas ran to the opposite of Axel, gracefully slashing away with the mighty keyblades. Axel was spinning furiously left and right, making rhythmical slashes with his chakrams, without forgetting to send a few fireballs at the surrounding enemy. Roxas jumped into the air and upon landing made a black and white shockwave that destroyed heartless in five feet radius. Roxas then started making spinning slashes, while utilizing his agility to flip around in mid-air, along with the heartless. Axel was now full of adrenaline and was invoking powerful flames with every slash of the chakrams. Axel’s heat was powerful enough to turn any raindrop that got close to him into gas.
“Haha! Is that the best you can do, Roxas?!” Axel was now filled with memories of joy from a enthralling battle, forgetting that on Blaze’s clock, one year was already gone.
The space between the two Nobodies soon closed by the heartless, forcing them to break away from each other. The soon forgot of the other’s presence, for the rush of the battle took their thoughts away. As they battles inside the huge street that was squared by the buildings, they had no idea that on top of two opposite skyscrapers stood two young men who were changed by the past year – Blaze and Riku.

“Who are you?” Riku had thought in his mind, trying to see through a thick rainstorm.
“Your sweet mother.” A hostile and gruff voice answered him back in a half-whisper.
“Shut your trap! Who the hell… wait, let me guess… Blaze?” Riku was certain that he disliked the conversationalist even more when he found out who it was.
“Congratulations, lieutenant Obvious, you have now been promoted to Captain.” Despite the year in Chaos, Blaze managed to keep one of the traits unchanged – the undaunted sarcasm.
“What are you doing here? I was hoping you would be gone after the parting on the crossroad…” The two teenagers did not hide the fact that they disliked each other.
“I had to train, but that is none of your business.” Blaze answered with an equally unpleased tone.
“Oh, train you say. I must admit your fighting skills indeed require some work, just ask Roxanne…” It was obvious to Blaze that Riku just hit below the belt.
“Watch it. O, “True Keyblade Master”. You couldn’t even control the keyblade for a day, had to get a fake one made out of darkness. I bet that still comes around and bites your ass when you sleep at night, don’t it?” Blaze did not raise his voice, because he knew that returned the favor as Riku suddenly quieted down.
“You…” Riku was slightly stunned that Blaze managed to make a comeback, because Riku was not expecting one.
“I thought you were with the Organization when I saw you had a black coat, but now you seem like trying to resemble me with that blindfold!” Arrogance kept pouring out of the Master of Dawn.
“You put on a blindfold for a selfish purpose – to protect yourself. I wear it to protect others from my eyes of despair.” Blaze answered with a mystic half-whisper that rung inside Riku’s mind.
“I am here for Roxanne’s Nobody. You are here for Sora’s. This is where we part ways.” Blaze said to Riku’s gladness.

Blaze watched from his side of the wide and square street, as Roxas, after taking notice of Riku, ran up the building towards him. Riku gracefully jumped off the building, giving one last, rebellious look to Blaze as he flew towards Roxas. Roxas threw the Oblivion keyblade towards Riku with prowling quickness, and Riku managed to catch it just before it hit him, showing amazing reflexes.
“I guess I am not the only one who was training.” Blaze thought to himself, with a sudden primal wish to jump in the brawl between Riku and Roxas, due to not having a real fight in almost a year.
Blaze watched, as Riku’s focus was now completely on Roxas. They landed onto the ground, facing each other, both with a strong wish to defeat the other. He then dashed to his left, where another building was standing and watched as Axel was now fighting off the many heartless that relentlessly came at him. Axel was unaware of Blaze’s presence, as all of his sense were occupied on his battle. Sensing Roxanne’s nobody nearby, Blaze took a deep breath before diving in.
“This must be my turn to make a graceful dive… I can only wonder, where will it take me…” Blaze was slowly falling over the edge, while closing his eyes and falling down. He remembered all of Destiny’s warnings, but he could care less. He remembered the last fight with Axel, but it did not matter. Nothing mattered but the raindrops which accepted him as one their own, one of the ones who had no choice but to become a fallen raindrop, insignificant to anyone. Blaze was flying down so slowly; watching as his raindrop comrades aggressively flew by him, as if wishing to split the earth in their first and last meaningless dive. He closed his eyes one more time during the dive, which was slow to his senses, and felt as if he was asleep. One hundred feet, and now less and less remained between him the hard ground. Fifty… forty… twenty… Blaze did not move from the trajectory and let the wind carry him, like the raindrops. But unlike the raindrops, he decided to be something more than droplet water hitting the ground. Without opening his eyes he whispered,
Just before Blaze hit the ground, his fist emerged out of his sleeve. In his fist was a black and white ball of energy. Blaze softly landed onto the arm that held the energy, while finally opening his eyes and witnessing the battle while upside down. The blast from his hand was gone, absorbed into the earth. Blaze stood upside down on one arm, remaining in perfect balance, and then hopped off the arm and landed on his feet. He watched as the heartless started gathering around him, wishing to devour his heart. Blaze did not move. A powerful white light came from the ground. The light was everywhere, attacking every heartless with its divine light, making the darkness creatures rip apart like simple paintings. Blaze kept his head low and grabbed a beautiful key that was now hanging outside of his coat. He brought it close to hip lips and softly kissed it. The key responded with a softly radiant light, sensing that Roxanne’s nobody was closer than ever.
Axel only watched in shocked amusement, not understanding where all of the heartless have gone. He then turned around and saw a person he was afraid of seeing. Blaze stood across from Axel, covered in the darkness of the surroundings, reminding Axel of the Grim Reaper. Axel expected Blaze to charge at him with full power, aiming for Axel’s throat, but Blaze only stood right where he was. The Axel heard Blaze’s menacing half-whisper.
“The time… The wait… They are over…”


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Apr 14, 2006
Palm Coast, Florida
Chapter 22.

Roxanne's Rebirth.

Blaze and Axel stood a good distance away from each other, both on their toes, both ready. Nothing would calm down the two powerful fighters in this moment, except for the adrenaline rushed as their weapons clash together.
“Blaze... Is it really you?” Axel could not believe his eyes, seeing as to how Blaze had changed.
“To me, it is me, but the Blaze you knew is gone, Axel.” They both paused and stared at each other, trying to measure the level power their respective opponent possessed.
“Where is she, Axel? I know you are hiding her.” Blaze gruffly asked the man in the opposite direction.
“Why don't you come over here and find out!” Axel wished to continue the chatter no more. He raised both of his rings, making a gigantic wall of fire rise from underneath the ground despite the heavy rain. The wall covered Axel in its flames, wrapping around him in a ball of intensely hot lava. It was obvious from the start that Axel was not going to joke around. He raised a set of numerous and huge pillars from underground, and made them all rush towards Blaze without mercy.

Blaze saw Axel's power level rise much higher than of his current one, but did not make any sign of fear or awe. The pillars sped up towards Blaze, but instead of hitting him, made a huge circle around Blaze and continued to burn even more intensively, turning the raindrops into gas before they even touched the flames.
“This wall is impossible to break through Blaze, even with whatever power you are hiding! Don't worry, i won't tell Roxanne of your quick loss when she wakes up.” Axel's attitude was even more cockier after the year of adventures and training.
“You don't know what power I am hiding, Axel.” Blaze talked back with more calmness than a quietly flowing river, even though the heat of the flames was growing higher, and Blaze was right in the middle of it.
“I might not, but i know its not enough, now die!” Axel cockily yelled from his side of the area. The fire pillars enclosed Blaze withing them, swallowing them with their heat. There was not where Blaze could have gone to, not even underground, as the flames shut away that path also. Blaze only stood there, letting his chains drop down onto the flames and took a deep sign of the last remains of air withing the flaming cage, seemingly accepting his death without even trying to work his way out of the cage. The flame tongues were already touching his coat, making it melt.
“Darkness...” Blaze whispered what to Axel seemed like his last words. And then he moved.

Blaze stretched his arms outwards, putting them directly into the molecule melting flames, without any grimace of pain on his face. Then a dark purple shield drew around Blaze, lifting him upwards. The shield was strong enough to force the flames back away from Blaze, much to Axel's amusement. He could feel the flames struggle against the power of the Blaze's shield. Axel focused more power into his pillars and made them push back. Axel struggled to keep all this power up, starting to sweat and take deep and exhausted breaths as his power was given away into the flames. Blaze, however, only give off just enough to match Axel's flames to the nearest hundredth of Axel's power.
“Indestructible, huh?” Blaze said to asked with a matter-of-fact tone. He cocked back his right fist, making the darkness flow into it. Blaze's strength dramatically increased, now to Axel's amazement. The shiled slightly opened in front of Blaze, and Blaze threw a shattering punch. Axel lost control of the wall. He couldn't believe his eyes, but the flaming pillars that were surrounding Blaze exploded, sending out a big pack of small flames, which were finished off by the rain once they hit the ground.
Despite losing the wall, Axel did not lose his will to win. Blaze descended back to the ground, and Axel picked his mind right back up, throwing a flaming concussive wave in Blaze's direction to cover up his assault. Blaze lifted his rings and threw them towards the wave, effortlessly splitting it before it could touch him.
“Surprise!” with a relentless yell Axel appeared behind the wave, with his chakrams ready. Axel threw one of the chakrams at his opponent with brute force behind it, while keeping the other in his hand to attack.
Blaze weaved to the left to avoid the chakram that would have taken his head off, while walking backwards away from Axel. Axel made the thrown chakram appear back in his hand and while slowing down his swing, engaged in combat.
Axel was flying towards Blaze, while Blaze was walking backwards and letting his rings dance a dance of heated battled with Axel's chakrams. Axel and Blaze were both completely engaged in a fight and everything else in the world did not matter to them. They both were perfectly flawless in their techniques, not making one mistake, afraid of losing a punch to the other. It was a battle of less recklessness and more of complete concentration and willpower, as they continued to walk in their direction. And when Blaze's back was towards the building he did not stop, he started walking backwards against gravity without any effort, putting his whole mind into the fight.
As they walked upwards, already going higher than the tenth floor of the lifeless building, their powers increased so much that the glass that they walked on was cracking. Axel's body became engulfed in flames from all the power he was putting out in his swings, but Blaze was always right on par with his Nobody. The were now all the way up on the eighteenth story, and Axel's cockiness finally let him down.
Axel was mad because Blaze was able to match everything Axel put out, making him feel like he wasted a year of training. He channeled his rage into what he sure would be the final strike, raising the chakrams up high and engulfing them in his raging flames. Then Axel got one more look at Blaze and let go of the collected power, hoping to make a hit.
Blaze could see two flames falling down on him, and all in one short moment he managed to weave to the side of the attack, making Axel stagger. Blaze then landed a beautiful hay maker onto Axel's ribs, knocking every sign of breath out of Axel's body and shutting off his flames. All that before the gravity took its place.

Axel knew he could stay vertically anymore, their movements were quick enough to be ahead of gravity, but it inevitably caught up to the two incredible opponent. Axel was falling with a ruthless pain that was loudly whining away in his ribs like a restless newborn. Although Axel lost the struggle, his ego would not let him go out simply from one punch, far from it, he was still thinking of a way to win.
Axel pointed his chakrams outwards and intensified the heat to make all the crackled glass break completely and fly behind him. The entire side of the building was becoming windowless, as Axel flew by then upside down. Blaze watched Axel fall and waited for gravity to pull his body down also. He folded his arms onto the side of his body and nosedived towards the ground, with the crackled glass engulfing him in its waterfall of reflections. Blaze kept his eyes downwards, not noticing the one of those sparkling reflections of the moon was more to him than just a piece of glass. Right before hitting the ground, Axel made an upside down somersault and jumped away good twenty feet, feeling excitement in anticipation of hearing Blaze's cries of pain. What Axel didn't hear was Blaze's quiet whisper.
Blaze landed onto the ground and looked Axel directly in the eye. The glass was about to fall onto him like a deadly waterfall that was ready to mix itself with Blaze's crimson liquid. But Blaze showed no fear, in fact, he lifted his head so that his lips would show and self-assuringly smirked, puzzling Axel.
Blaze raised his hand and all of the glass piece that were about to hit him stopped. It was like the waterfall froze into tiny droplets that were stuck in time. Axel's jaw almost dropped in awe of Blaze's abilities. Blaze then pointed his hand onto Axel, and without showing any signs of remorse, redirected the sharp glass chunks onto stunned Axel.
Axel quickly snapped out of his awe, in time to realize what was flying directly at him. He burst the remains of his power in an astounding effort to stay alive, pointing his chakrams towards the glass he released the remaining flames that were sealed inside of him, overwhelming the glass but draining much of his power.

Axel stood there, slightly bent breathing heavily and holding onto his ribs where Blaze landed his punch. Axel knew he was almost spent, almost done, but he also knew that he played everything out just right.
“So, is this your all?” Axel asked, breathing heavily but still keeping up his cocky tone,
“No. When the worlds start to crumble under my rage – then... Maybe then it would be my all.” Blaze answered back without showing any sign of tiredness in his tone.
“You know what Blaze? You still suck.” Axel yelled at Blaze to provoke him, but in the next second highly regretted his words.
Blaze flew towards Axel like a magnet, seamlessly covering the long distance between them. He tackled Axel with his shoulder right through Axel's ribs. Axel didn't even manage to see Blaze move away until they hit. Blaze was faster than lightning, and maybe even faster than light in those moments. And the crash, it was like a speeding locomotive hitting a stationary truck that was standing on it's rails. A loudly disgusting crunch rocketed through the entire area, even making Riku and Roxas stop their battle for a second to watch Axel fall.
Axel was coughing up blood all over his coat, his entire body was equivalent to the chattered glass, among which Axel was lying. Blaze was standing right over him, watching Axel struggle while trying to fight of unconsciousness and even maybe death itself. Blaze had a grim look on his face, he did not want to crush Axel in such a way but Roxanne he would do anything. Suddenly Axel smiled through the bloody mask.
“Where is she?” Blaze asked with a dead serious tone.
“Ha... Haha.... Hahahahahahaha!” Axel started laughing away like he was in from an insane asylum.
“Where is she?!” Blaze formed a blast of darkness in his hand and put it to Axel's face to signify he was not kidding around.
“Hahahahaha! I think you not ask me as to where is she, but ask yourself where is her heart!” Axel managed to yell out, despite throwing up and coughing out more blood.
“Her heart... the key!” Blaze grabbed onto the coat in his chest area, where the key would have been but it was gone.
“But it can't be... the key...” Blaze was completely lost, while turning away from Axel and looking onto the field of melted and broken glass.
“Oh yes it can, Blaze.” A voice that was too familiar not to identify came from somewhere high above. The voice was emotionless, calm, and charismatically deep. A voice Blaze heard one too many times.
“Xemnas!” Blaze angrily yelled out, ready to attack, as he saw the leader of the Organization standing on the edge of one of the skyscrapers, holding Blaze's key in his hand. The key shined away at Blaze, reflecting the moon, just like the glass pieces that were scattered along the ground.
“If you decide to come to this world again, Roxanne will truly be dead. If i were you I would stay far away from The World That Never Was.” Xemnas was speaking with a slightly satisfied tone and a tiny predator-like grin.
“You... Double crossing bastard!” Blaze shrieked out in desperation of inability to do anything. The deep feeling of madness at himself grew out even more inside of Blaze, making him wish to attack Xemnas in a blind rage. But they key, they key is what was stopping him from doing anything. Blaze couldn't even raised his hand on the Organization, not to mention fight against them like Destiny wanted him to.
Axel was crawling away, leaving a bloody trail behind himself, into a darkness portal. Blaze turned away from Xemnas and looked Axel in the face again. Blaze thought Axel would push his self-containment even further, but instead, Axel gave Blaze a compassionate look. The look of a respecting friend, instead of a sworn enemy, and whispered.
“Now, tell me, who has really won?”

The End.

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