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Aug 30, 2006
(Hay everyone I made changes to my story to better the story line so I hope you like it and I'm up for any tips and suggestions about my first Fan Fic, just please be respectful)

“430 meters to ground level” the ships computer said.
“We’re losing altitude fast!” cried Sora. Grabbing the guiding handle he thrust it back with all his might yet do the speed of there decent there was high resistance on the guiding handle. “AHHH! We’re gonna crash!” yelled Donald, covering his eye’s.
“Not if I can help it, Goofy help me with the handle!!?” yelled Sora. As Goofy and Sora pulled back on the handle, the ship began to loose altitude slowly but unless one of them thought of perfect place to land they would crash no time with explosive results. We can’t just land anywhere we need run way, Think THINK!! Sora thought to him self, They’d come this far, through so many hardships for it to end like this. With adrenalin kicking in Sora scanned for place to land.
“280 meters till ground level”computer said.
“Sora! how about that there bridge!” said goofy pointing visual screen. From a distance run way of land separating both left and right traffic was long enough but the question in Sora’s mind was if the bridge could take the impact without breaking .
“156 meters to ground point” said the computer.
“Got no choice, let’s go for it” said Sora.
“101 meters to ground point” said the computer. Sora grinded his teeth as trickle sweat ran down the side of his face, he breathed heavily. This was a crucial point, it was either ship would hold on impact or become a ball of fire, devouring all of them in an explosion. Easy... easy does it now, come on COME ON!!! Sora said to himself in the hopes they would pull through this. “46 meters to ground point” said the computer.

Kurosaki Ichigo lay back on his bed, bored while stairing at the ceiling. Rukia Kuchiki was in the room with him but she buissed herself with another of Don Kanonji mysterious spiritualist.
“SPIRITS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahaha!” said Rukia chanting Don Kannji famous punch line.
“Why do you waste your time with that kiddy crap, the guys a fake” said Ichigo
“Hay I like to live a little, its not that often you get do that at Soul Society, besides you need to lighten up Ichigo, have some fun for once in your life” said Rukia
“I don’t think chanting stupid punch lines made by lame fake actors is gonna put kick in my life”.
“No wonder nun of the girls at school are into you, your such an *** sometimes” replied Rukia, rolling her eyes at Ichigo
“HUMPF! Like I’m even into any of them” said Ichigo.
“We interrupt your following program to bring you this urgent message. A large unknown object has just hit the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Authorities aren’t sure what the object is nor if there have been any deaths in the matter, at this point the bridge has been closed off until further notice. We advice all viewers to stay calm and stay tuned as this situation progresses.”
Ichigo and Rukia looked at each other for a moment. Rukia got up quickly and dashed dashed to the closet, she rummaged through her bag to find her cell phone. She found it and quickly punched in the numbers.
“You think it might be Hollow?” asked Ichigo
“I don’t know I’m on it right now......come on......come on Urahara pick up” replied Rukia. .

At the Urahara Shoten(Shop) a phone had rang continuously in shops break room. Jinta Hanakari sat on the single sofa while flicking through channels, he’d hated taking customer calls and always left it to Ururu..
“Hay Ururu get that will you, I can’t stand that dame ringing UHHH!!! it’s driving my crazy”
Ururu Tsumugiya lay on couch fast asleep unaware that Jinta was talking to her .
“Ururu WAKE UP!!.... URURU!!!!” yelled Jinta
“I’VE GOT IT!” yelled Urahara
“Hello Urahara Shoten how may I help you? ”
“Aaaahhh Rukia how are you?”
“I’m good thank you... are you watching the new on television?”
“Not at the moment” Urahara snapped his fingers to Jinta to pass him the remote. “Is there something wrong Rukia?”
“Toon in on channel 3" Urahrah watched as the reporter stood in front of Rainbow Bridge which looked to have caught fire.
“Reports released by the authorities have said that the objects is fly craft of some sort which must have lost control in the air and crashed. Still no word if they’ve founded any survivors but S. W. A. T is standing by if the situation does get any dangerous...”
“Hhhmmm” said Urahara
“You think it might be Hollow?” said Rukia
“Hmm never heard ofa Hollow flying a craft of any sort before. I doubt it. But I guess we could check on it.”
“Should me and Ichigo go on ahead?”
“No no it’s quite fine, stay where you are for the time being. We can manage, but should anything happen I’ll contact you on the double”
“No need to worry, this is turning out to be quite the adventure. You take care now Rukia”
“Ok bye”
“Bye bye” said Urahara. Clapping his hands twice Tessi Tsukabishi came instantly.
“YES URAHARA SIR!” said Tessai
“We’re doing a little exploring tonight at the Rainbow Bridge. I suggest packing the usual just incase” said Urahara
“Should I wake Ururu”
“No need she can watch the shop till we get back”
“What about Jinta?”
“Aw man just when I was gonna call it a night old man sheesh” said Jinta switching off the Television..


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Aug 30, 2006
kingdom Bleach (part 2)

(Hay guys this second part of my story hope you like it and please leave replys I always look forward to tips and help on improving the story line)

*cough* Cough* ohhh.....uhhhh... mmy hhheaad” said Sora. Reality had slowly come to him. At first his vision was a blur but as he blinked things became more crystal clear. He could feel sweat tickling on the side of his face. After wiping it he looked at his hand to find it wasn’t sweat but blood. He had nasty bruise followed by throbbing headache. The pain had seemed to bounce back from his bruise to the center of his head. “Uuuuhhhh.....Gu..guooffyy..Duh... Don...ald” he agonized saying it. He was weak, drained to core. The pain was to much to bare and the heat of ship had made it even harder Am I dying? He thought. The impact, packed more a punch then he’d expected, thankfully he was alive but as for the ship that was an understatement. The monitor screens were shattered and sparking. The computer continually spoke “Warning” like broken record player. The navigation stick ripped from it’s control panel. Wires and cables hung down from the ceiling. It was hard to breath, smoke had begun to build up every where. Sora could hear light sound of sirens in the background. May be it’s help?...an ambulance he thought. All he could do now was just wait for the inevitable.

Urahara, Tessi and Jinta stood in West Shinbashi Street, behind a crowd of what looked to them to be over thousand people, some where carrying cameras while others holding cam corders trying record the footage. From distance thick smoke could be seen coming from the bridge. The authorities had put up blocks aids to keep people out. The bridge incident had caught most the public’s eye. “Well.....*yawns* looks like we can call it night” said Jinta
“Not so fast I’m thinking” said Urahara. He stood there thinking hard as to how they were going to get past all these people to reach the block aids. Then it hit him.
“I’ve got it!” Urahara leaned towards Jinta to whisper his plan into his ear.
“WHAT!!!..No way in hell am I doing that!” yelled Jinta outraged at Urahara’s plan
“Jinta come on now”
“Nope no way, bringing me here was bad enough, but that’s cutting it to far old man”
“Well then I guess you won’t mind if Ichigo and everyone looks your baby photos. If I recall I think there was one with you going to the potty for the first time”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Try me” said Urahara smiling.
“...RRRrrr...you better start sleeping with one eye open old man”
“Thank you Jinta” at that moment Jinta let out a yell that could have resonated through the ground.
“I WANT MY MMOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYY.....WAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” yelled Jinta at the top of lungs. Soon came the water works. At that moment Urahara and Tessai took Jinta by both hands and escorted him toward the front.
“You heard him folks he wants his mommy!...pardon me....excuse me...coming through..sorry....excuse us”. The plan had worked like a charm. With Jinta continuing with the waters works and temper tantrum, Urahara, Tessi and Jinta had made to front of the crowed.
“You did amazing! Nice water works effect, amazing touch I must say”
“I’m going to kill you when we get home”. As they stood behind the block aids several authorities stood every where. Security was tight. Urahara reach into his pocket and took out what looked like a white glass ball.
“Whats that?” asked Jinta
“I call it Mr. Sand Man”
“Ok what’s it do?”
“It unleashes a white mist within a 200 yard radius. The mist acts like tranquilizer dart, if you breath it in. or if it touches your eyes you go quietly to sleep. Bad part is the effect only works for 20 minuets after that you wake up out of a great slumber, forgetting how you even came to falling asleep”
“Ahh man just when I was looking forward to hallin ass on these cops”
“Jinta Jinta there more simpler ways to solving a problem then resorting to violence” said Urahara
“What can I say I’m still young” said Jinta
“Hhhmm indeed you are. Tessai! The masks please”. Each of them had put on mask that covered there hole face. They’d switched on the oxygen supply which was contain in two very small cylinder like tanks that were held at the mouth piece. Urahara raised held up Mr Sand Man and dropped it. As the ball shatter mist came out in seconds. Screams could be heard from people around them afraid of what the mist was while others thought it to be tear gas. Within minuets Urahara, Tessai and Jinta could hear the sound of bodies collapsing to sleep.
“Lets go!” yelled Urahara

They’d finally reached the Rainbow Bridge entrance they could her loud creaking coming from the bridges cable beams. Lets hope this bridge doesn’t come down on us thought Urahara. Luckily for them the mist had spread further along the bridge but it was hard to see what was up ahead. As they moved on cars lay every where, some intact others crashed, some pilled on top of each other. Then Jinta was the first to discover it. He’d almost fallen but Urahara grabbed him. It was the impact of the ship followed by pathway where it dragged. With still no site of the ship, the three followed the path way.
“How much time is left Urahara Sir” asked Tessai
“11 minuets to wake up call, lets hurry!” yelled Urahara. They all began to runing.
The mist had begun to clear things started to become more clearer. All of sudden shots we’re heard followed by screams. Then the shots as stopped followed with silence with no screams. Urahara could see the ship figure now, it was gigantic. The ship lay on it’s side, one wing broken off upon impact. Parts of the exterior had caught fire. All of sudden Urahara felt an aura, one very strong aura. As they moved closer to the ship something began to appear.
“Wait! Somethings here” said Urahara. As the mist cleared a black figure stood in front of them, it wore long sleek leather trench coat blowing in the gentle breeze, it had a hood over it’s head . The hands cufflinks were large, the hands themselfs were covered with leather gloves. It’s pants silky black with a leather boots finish. The dark omen held out black kitanna blade in it’s right hand. In it’s left was another black Kitanna but this was in torso of what looked to them like and officer. The officer stood suspended in the air only to be held by the blade in his torso. He was still alive, twitching from death spasm, gasping for air, while coughing blood. The dark figure brung his left leg forward fast and kicked the officer off it’s blade so hard the man went flying through the air into concrete dead. The leather dressed omen stood there it’s back to them with it’s blades dripping of blood.
“Tessai take Jinta to safe distance” said Urahara
“Yes Urahara Sir” said Tessai. Jinta had been struck between shock and disgust to even notice Tessai pick him up.
Urahara stared at the figure. All that could be heard now was the howling wind rushing by the bridge. The silence was broken by the omen. “I’ve come to deal with him” it said.
“Are you from the ship?” saked Urahara
“Do not interfere” warned the omen.
Urahara twisted his cane and pulled to reveal a cane handle kitanna. “I welcome you to planet Earth, but I’m afraid this is as I may let you go.” said Urahara knowing he was going to end this in two words.
“Awake, Benihime.”
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