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Fanfiction ► King of Bandit Jing: Gilded Smile

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Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
And here it is, my Jing story. It's coming eariler than planned, but oh well.

But wait, do you guys even know what King of Bandit Jing is? Don't worry, there's not too much you need to know to enjoy this story, though watching the anime or reading one of the manga series will help.

Allright, Jing is the King of Bandits. He can steal anything, from an apple to Desire itself. Yes folks, if it exists, he can take it. He can outmanuver any trap and outfox any foe planning to cut him down to size. And he's just a teenager!

His partner is a black albatross called Kir. His desire for treasure is second only to his desire for human woman (Why human women? Don't ask...) While he can be quite cranky and isn't always as brave as Jing, he's there when you need him.

To combat the stronger foes, Kir can join with Jing's arm and become a gun-like weapon. In this state, Kir can perform a attack called the Kir Royale, which shoots explosive green energy at the enemy. This is used quite often, but Kir gets worn out after too many shots.

Oh yeah, and Jing's world is very weird, but you'll find out that for yourselves soon enough XP.

Now for some pics:

Jing And Kir


Not the best pic of Kir Royale, but oh well...


This story is AU, btw. Jing is bilingual, for one. When he's speaking Chesirian, his words will be italized with quotes, and the translations will be up here.

If there's anything I've left out, I'll metion it in the author's notes in future chapters.

Okay, here's the plan for my story updates in general. I'll be working on this and Branded and giving Overwrite a rest for now. I can't update three stories at the same time >_<. However, this doesn't mean that I won't be doing anything with Overwrite: far from it. I'm gonna be working on a rough draft continuing right from where I've left off. I seem to do better on this kind of thing when I'm bored out of my mind in class XP. Once Branded is done, I'll start up Overwrite on here again.

I've got nearly 50 pages of rough draft here, so it should last me awhile...and save me some headache writing the chappies.

But enough blah. Let's get on with the show.

Mah de may (Mah day may)- Five more minutes
Kokukon ( Koh-koo-kahn) Go away
Quaoku (quai-oh-koo)- surprised exclaimation, literally "surehuh?!"


And now, I can surely walk on and on forever....

-Last line in Saiyuki ending theme


1st Shot: The Gray-Eyed Boy of Destiny

"Hey kid! Time to scram!" the innkeeper barked. He was a chubby man, about forty or so, with less hair on his head than he would've liked. His apron, ever so manly, was covered with food stains, old and new, an old companion of his in the kitchen. "Well?!"

The grouchy innkeeper was currently snarling at a splotch of eye-searing orange lying in the middle of a dull, disorganized pile of hay. If it wasn't for the snoring, there would have been no sign of life from the splotch whatsoever.

The man's gruff voice failed to summon the splotch from its slumber, but it did stir something higher up in the barn. In a few moments, a black-colored bird with a crimson bandana descended from the rafters, a sleepy, cranky look on his face. Its gray eyes frist laid themselves on the overweight innkeeper, then drifted over to the orange blotch snoring defiantly. The splotch moaned and turned over as some outside sunlight got too close for comfort.

The balding man finally noticing the dark avian hovering over his head.

"Hey crow," he ordered. "Go get your master up."

"I'm no crow! I'm an albatross!" the bird spat back. "And me and Jing are partners, got it?"

"Whatever," the chubby man in the apron growled. "Just get the stupid kid outta here."

"Stupid kid?!" the dark albatross barked. "Look here, Jing is the-"

"I don't care if your friend is the king of Zaza," hissed the man, crossing his arms and giving the bird a throughly annoyed look. "If you guys don't get outta here in five minutes I'm charging you 40% extra."

Grumbling the black avian glided over to the orange splotch that he was apparently acquainted with.

"Hey Jing! Time to get up!"

"Mah de may..." groaned the splotch, shifting slightly.

"C'mon, we gotta get moving!" insisted the albatross.

The splotch buried itself deeper into the hay.

The black bird growled.

"C'mon, I know you only got a few hours of sleep, but if we don't get our tails outtahere, then our rent cost is gonna go through the roof!" the avian stated, trying to shake the sleep out of the splotch.

The splotch named Jing continued to ingore the cries of his self-proclaimed partner.


"Kokukon Kir..." the splotch mumbled, summoing an arm to shoo the dark bird away. Soon after the arm flopped down onto the hay lifelessly, and the snoring resumed.

The albatross called Kir let a frustrated sigh escape from his gray beak. It never failed to amaze him just how impossible it could be to wake up his human partner sometimes.

Kir flew over to an empty, rusty buckethanging from an equally rusty nail jutting out of the wall. He seized the pail's old handle, and lifted it up with surprisely ease for a bird his size. The alblatross with the crimson bandana then dipped it into a nearby watering tray, glided back over with a little difficulty, and carefully positioned himself above his partner.

Yep, he was definately gonna hate him for this.

A splashing sound was soon heard throughout the barn.

"WAH!" Kir's partner exclaimed, erupting from the hay, whipping his head around. "Quaoku?! Quaoku?!"

Having surfaced from the straw, it could now be seen that this Jing was a boy who looked no more than 14. The blinding orange that had hidden him from view was his long, beat-up orange coat, which he had been using as a blanket. His spiky hair was onyx black in hue, drooping slightly from the weight of the water poured on him. His dark grey top, currently soaked at the back, had thin straps instead of sleeves. The somewhat baggy pants he wore matched the shirt.

But the most striking feature Jing had were his eyes. Cool gray in shade, they seemed to pierce anything they laid themselves upon.It was odd, that such a common trait stood out so much from a child, but no one could question the power contained by that boy's gaze.

Right then those steel-hued eyes had latched themselves onto Kir, overflowing with irritation and grogginess.

"...What, Kir?"

"Jing, we gotta-"

"Allright, I'm giving you 10 seconds to get your butts outta here," the overweight innkeeper growled, towering over them.

He took out an antique watch, made of silver and laced with intricate golden designs, and opened it up. "One..."

"Allright, allright, we're going," Jing responded casually, getting up and shaking some of the straw out of his hair and coat.

"Bout time,' the man hissed, putting his watch back inisde his jacket pocket. "Now get moving."

"Fine," Jing answered, as he slipped on his blazing orange coat. "C'mon Kir."

The black haired boy stretched out his arm, lettign the dark albatross settle on his shoulder. Kir now being comfortable, Jing lowered his arm back to his side and passed by the chubby innkeeper.

As the gray-eyed boy and his bird companion slipped outside into the blinding sunshine, the man shook his head and sighed. He strolled over to where the boy slept and rearraged the pile of hay back to the way it was supposed to be. He muttered about how that stupid bird had ruined so much good hay when he had poured that water over his master or partner or whatever. The middle-aged innkeeper then checked the horses and other various livestock being housed here, making sure all of them were present. All od them were, and he blew a sigh of relief. If that boy had tried to take anything, the little tramp wouldn't have lived much longer.

This was a time of year that had an unusual amount of business, something he badly needed. He'd been completely booked the past few days, and found himself turning away many customers simply because there was no more room. Sure, he could've let them use the barn, but most people were too proud to sleep with their horses. Besides, he didn't trust strangers with other people's livestock. Losing animals that weren't his wasn't a good policy for any inn.

But winter was coming, and the days were only becoming colder and colder. So when this tramp showed up outside his inn, that black bird leaning against the side of his companion's head sleepily, he decided to make an exception. After all, how could he turn a mere child onto the street when frost and ice prowled for prey outside?

It seemed that his conscience had been right to let that boy stay. All that tramp had wanted was a place to sleep, and he gave it to him. He had even paid him in full.

"Yep, maybe the world isn't so bad after all," he said to a chestnut-colored horse nearby, patting him on the back on the neck. He reached into his pocket to see what time it was.

He felt no silver pocketwatch in his jacket.

Eyes widening, his hands frantically patted against the pocket that should've contained his watch.

"That damn brat!!" he exclaimed, rushing outside to capture the boy.

But, of course, no such boy was in sight.

Hope you like! Cya!

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Mar 19, 2005
Sitting inside the viewfinder of a camera, watchin
WM, I don't even know anything about Jing, but I lurved it anyway. <3 Good job as usual.


And it's such a great title too. Are you planning on taking this seemingly innocent subject and slitting its wrists with your usual angst-personified razor? xD

Either way, I'll still be reading it, 'cause you know I love what you do.

PM me soon, 'kay? Especially if ya need to talk story.


If you ask me your story reminds me of The Theife Lord. ( SP?)

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Jan 15, 2005
yay I like the Jing: King Of Bandit chronicles but I am only the 9th, 8th or 7th book of the twilight tales. This is a good fanfic!

Souretsu Gear

Nostalgia Tripping
Jan 15, 2005
yay I like the Jing: King Of Bandit chronicles but I am only the 9th, 8th or 7th book of the twilight tales. This is a good fanfic!
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Wow, six replies for one chappy O_O. WOOHOO! I welcome all of you, old and new.

The name states this story perfectly, I believe. Yes, this is gonna be one twisted trip, GoH XP. There won't be a lot of killing, but this story's gonna have a lot of mindscrews in it, especially later on. I've send you a couple of PMs a while back, but I didn't get any reply. I think my PM thing might be screwed up. Maybe I should just email you instead XD.

And you're right, I should have pronunciations o.o. I'll add those to the first post a bit later.

The Thiefe Lord, huh? I've never heard of it. Is it a good Jing fanfiction? I'm not worried about similarities. This story's got a screwy path to follow XP, though it'll take a little while to get to the really screwy parts. Your usual Jing fic this is not, though it might be cleverly disguised early on.

I've seen the anime series, and have read the first four Jing chronicle mangas. I've haven't gotten to Twilight Tales yet, but I plan too once I'm done with the first series.

Oh yeah, my school just added a manga section to library. Suddenly a lot more kids are showing up there in the morning XD. I just checked out Jing: Twilight Tales Vol. 6 today.

Okay, story time!

2nd Shot: An Offer Too Good to Refuse

"Hey, have you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"The Bandit King's in town!"

"What?! Are you serious?"

The gray-eyed boy nonchalantly listened to the wispy chatter of the people on the streets of the shopping market. It was just the time of day for this small town's marketplace to start getting crowded with customers. He casually tossed the silver and gold watch up and down like some child's toy.

"Man, what a sucker!" Kir gloated, flying alongside Jing. "I bet that guy still doesn't know you took his watch. Let's hurry up and sell the thing so we can get something to eat! It's been so long since I've eaten I've forgotten what food tastes like."

"Tell me about it," Jing replied, putting away the prize he'd snatched in his pocket and putting his hands behind his head. He heard a few more words from the local folk as he studied his surroundings

"Oh! Now that I think of it, I heard that the Dame of Heavens was stolen last night!"


"Looks like the Bandit King's already struck."

Jing smirked at these words.

Most would take him for nothing more than a reckless teen with a strange taste in coats and hairstyles with a chatty pet bird. Just some kid drifting on through. With all the nasty-looking crooks out there, what trouble could he be...?

Oh, he could be plenty of trouble.

"Of course, we could've had some food earlier if you just sold one of those many treasures you already got!" Kir growled, flying up in the black-haired boy's face.

"Forget it," Jing replied flatly, maneuvering around the black albatross. "They're our trophies."

"But can't we sell just one of them?" Kir pleaded. "Any of them could fetch us millions! We'd never be hungry again!"

As the bird spoke, he tried to pull out a small golden statue of a maiden from Jing's pocket. Her forehead that three emeralds embedded in it, and sapphires lacing the bottom of her sculpted dress. Below her eyes were several small rubies, in the pattern of tears. But despite this, a content smile was worn on her beautiful face. Then again, being a statue, it wasn't like she could change her expression anyway.

Jing hastily yanked the statue away from Kir and stuffed it back into his pocket. He glared at the dark avian.


"Why not?"

"I already told you why not."

"C'mon!" Kir whined.

"I've told you, I'm saving them to show Mom, when we find her," the gray-eyed boy reminded him.

"Oh yeah, that," the black bird grumbled.

Before either one could annoy each other any more, a deep voice boomed throughout the shopping area.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, come come!" bellowed a middle-aged man standing behind an oak counter. This man had a thick brown beard and was dressed in a yellow-and-white that was glittering in the strengthening sunshine. His wide, toothy grin was almost glowing with friendliness as he waved his arms around in the air. Golden bracelets clung to his wrists, and his fingers were covered with shining rings. A gaudy necklace with a golden spider hung from his neck.

Upon that oak counter was a vast wealth of treasures beamed proudly at passersby. There was everything from bejeweled crowns, to emerald-studded necklaces, to scepters decorated with rubies and sapphires. Underneath all that treasure was a white, silken blanket with intricate purple stitching.

"Jing, look at all that," Kir whispered, his eyes captivated by the continuous gleam of the rarities. "That's gotta be worth at least a hundred thousand gold coins!"

Jing remained silent, and his expression remained unmoved, but his gray eyes danced with excitement as they studied all those treasures so carelessly laid out upon that counter.

"All of this, all of this, as long as you can fulfill my request!" the golden-robed man announced to all that cared to listen.

Smiling slightly, the black-haired boy and the dark albatross casually approached the man and his treasure.

"Hey there," Jing spoke, locking eyes with the man. "You say something about a job you need done?"

"Why yes," the golden-robed man replied, his smile never fading. "Are you interested, young man?"

"Yep," the gray-eyed boy answered. "So, what's this job all about?"

"Oh, it's quite simple really," replied the golden-robed man. "You see, I'm a collector of Greek treasures and artifacts. It's my obsession, you see. I've traveled the far and wide gathering these valuable items, often paying outrageous prices for them. But it doesn't matter to me; I've got plenty of money to throw around."

The gray-eyed boy and the black avian listened with great interest, occasionally eyeing the treasures lying right in front of them.

"But there have been three treasures that have been especially elusive to me," the man continued. "They are the golden apple, the grapevine of Dionysius, and the necklace of Harmonia."

"I see," Jing responded, a smirk creeping up his face.

"If you can bring those three treasures to me," the gold-robed man began. "Then all of this, and more, will be yours. But I will not accept them until you possess all three."

"Sounds fair enough."

'So do we have a deal?" the golden-robed man asked

The gray-eyed boy looked up at him.

"I don't see why not."

"Excellent! Excellent!" the man exclaimed. "It's settled then!"

"So what's your name, and where should I drop off the treasures once I've gotten them?" Jing asked.

"Oh, but of course," the golden-robed man replied. "I'm known as Pharos, and you can meet me and this very same spot. Does that suit your taste?"

The black-haired boy shrugged.

"Allright," he responded, beginning to leave.

"Oh, and one more thing."


"There is no payment in advance," the golden-robed man known as Pharos stated, still smiling. "Now put it back."

Jing stood there for a few moments, then walked back, dug into his coat pocket, and placed a couple of studded necklaces on the table.

"All of it."

A few more moments, then out came a large sapphire, three gold rings, a string of emeralds, a silver panther statue, and a roll of red silk.

The eyes of Pharos remained locked on the boy.

Two more sapphires and one diamond bracelet were returned to the table.

"Thank you!"

Jing just shrugged and continued on his way.


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Mar 19, 2005
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Awesome turn of events, WM! xD You know me and mythology! ;3

*jumps up and down excitedly* I know where the necklace of Harmonia is! :3 It's in the Temple of Delphi. Not that that'll be of any help. xD

And ... Eris has the golden apple. No wait! Aphrodite should have it now. <.<; Stupid Paris.

Good luck with that.

Aw man, I missed out on PMs? D: E-mail me now.
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Man, four hours on one pic O_<. That's how long it took me to get the cover for my story binder done. It looks awesome though. I have no idea how I get scanned pics online though >_<. Can anyone tell me? If I figure out how, I might do illistrations for this story, as well as others. It was something I've been considering, as illistrations make the story easier to understand, and I'm a pretty good drawer. So, whacha think?

Oh yes, Goh, you own a special edition copy of the pic. It reads "Glided Smile" XD. The error has bene fixed though. All you other people will have to settle for the correct version XP.

Anyway, this is a short chappy, but I suppose that's all the better, considering I'm starting late tonight. This is mainly for introducing a certain motorcyclist into the scene...

And our journey continues...

Shot 3: Outside Looking In

"Mmm..yeah that was good!" Kir chirped, patting his slightly rotond belly.

"And we've still got enough money for a few more day's meals," stated Jing, looking over the remaining cash that was resting in his hand. "That should last us for the rest of the week."

"So where should we start first Jing?"

"Well, we might as well start at the top of the list," replied the gray-eyed boy, pocketing the leftover money. "So, what have we heard about the golden apple?"


Just then a motorcycle came into view, its rider's face partially concealed by his helmet and goggles. Wearing brown leather, he may have been around his mid-twenties. Slung on his back was a bag full of envelopes and brown packages.

The hog rider didn't go unnoticed by the boy with the bright orange coat or his black albatross.

"Yo, Postino!" called out Jing, waving to him.

"Hello Jing," the motorcyclist greeted, cruising over to Jing and Kir. "Been a while."

"Sure has," Kir answered, flying over to Postino. "Say, you haven't happened to have heard anything about golden apples lately, have you?"

"Well, now that you mention it," began Postino. "Rumor has it that there's a large batch of them being grown not so far off at Phrenetikos. Although I can't imagine that apples of pure gold would be that tasty."

He started to take off, but paused.

"Hey, Jing?"


"...Any luck?"

The black-haired boy shook his head. "No. But don't worry, I'll find her soon enough."

"...If you say so," replied Postino.

Afterwards he got his bike into gear and zoomed off into the distance.

"Well, you heard him,' stated Jing, turning towards his avian partner. "Tomorrow. we're setting off to Phrenetikos."

As the boy and his bird walked off, a certain motorist was watching them leave from the top of a hill.

"Just how long is this going to go on...?"

Man, that was shorter than I thought >_<. Stupid arkward transition/introduction chappies. Heh. Postino shall be more than some random character this time. I'm not sure just how large a role he'll have, but it'll be of a decent size. I'm a sucker for underused characters XP.
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Mar 19, 2005
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Yes, yes he is. o.< xP

But don't let him hear you say that. <.<; xD

Well, I'm happy you're happy. ^-^

I'd help you with the scanning and uploading but, umm ... I can't figure it out myself! xP

Do you have a photobucket account?


As soon as you save a pic into a file in your comp, you can upload that file onto photobucket. Also, photobucket it the very best place to get pics- any kind of pictures, including all the ones I used for your sig.
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Okay, clicked link, applied, and downloaded picture ^_^. I am known as NekomataDASH.


There ya go, nice and big.

And with this chappy comes the first mindscrew...well, it's kinda a mindscrew, anyway.

And off we go!

Shot 4: Silently Screaming

Chesirian Vocab:

Tetetetete (tay-tay-tay-tay-tay) - equivalent of 'tsk tsk tsk'

Ku (koo) - huh?

The Bandit King was always on the move, searching for the next fabulous treasure to snatch and the next seemingly impossible feat to get his blood pumping. Nothing scared him from a prize. Adventure was his life, and danger was merely a playmate who tagged along.

But at that moment, Jing was perfectly content to watch the world outside his window pass him by, quietly listening to the rhythmic chuggachuggachugga of the train as it clambered away to its destination. His head leaning against the glass, he drowsily observed the lavender mountains and flowing golden plains roll on past. In the background of the passenger cars he was vaguely aware of casual chatter, children's laughter, and Kir's attempt to woo the cute waitress who was passing out the meals of steak and sausage. A whap, followed by a weak "Ow..." let the black-haired boy know of the results.

Sighing and muttering "Tetetetete..." he kept his gaze his gaze on on drifting scenery. Why the black avian wanted to flirt with human girls so much he had no idea. The girl birds seemed to like him just fine.

As his gray eyes grew heavy, he thought he spotted a certain leather-clad motorist zip on by, but he was too tired to be sure. The scenery became less and less interesting, the purr of the passenger car grew more and more distant to his ears, and his senses slowly gave way to fatigue.


For a moment he was a young child, his skin still deeply tanned.

He was in a valley, surrounded by green vegetation covered with snow. In fact, it was still snowing, blanketing everything it touched with its fluffiness. The center of the valley, where he stood, had many little houses placed somewhat sporadically placed. They were fairly primitive homes, made of clean-cut wood, but with odd scraps filling in the gaps.

Right before him was one of the larger, more well-constructed houses. It was chestnut-hued, accented by the snow resting on its rooftop and gray smoke floating out of the chimney. A sweet fragrance filled the air.

A familiar voice echoed.


His youthful eyes sparkled, and with a happy laugh he rushed towards the cabin.

But in just a few moments, the ground beneath his feet grew slushy and slick, causing him to lose his footing and fall. The liquefying ground rose up and crashed down on him, painting him a dull brown. Standing back up and rubbing the mud out of his eyes, he was horrified to see that it was not the only thing melting.

The blue and white heavens were forming droplets on their surface, reluctantly surrendering pieces of itself to the world below. The black-haired boy hurriedly leapt out of the way of the falling tears of the sky, colliding with the ever-melting ground in a panic. Soon there was no more sky, and the ground had just as much blue and white colring as it did dull brown coloring.

The snow, the trees, and the houses were the next to go. As they deteriorated into a fluid form, the details that made each unique were blended and blurred away. Soon they were nothing more than oddly shaped lumps of color dissolving into the sea of hues, bearing no resemblance to their original forms.

The only thing that held any definite shape in this apocalyptic turmoil was the large cabin in front of the gray-eyed boy, but even this house was succumbing to the horrific meltdown. It was bending in strange ways, with its roof and door becoming distorted and melted. Color ran down from the outside windowsills, making it seem that the building was crying as it dissolved. Soon the features of the house couldn't be distinguished from one another, as the hues became mixed into one huge, spreading splotch.

He barely had any time to scream before the fragile film holding him up above the chaos of color collapsed, plunging him deep into the mass of white, brown, blue and green. It was scalding, searing to the skin, and so thick that it was difficult to move. With fear and desperation, he kicked and pushed with all his strength.

When he managed to force himself back to the surface, gasping for air, he realized that he was stranded in a splotch of chest-hued liquid, the remains of the large cabin. He could still smell the fragrance of the house, but that was the only phantom that remained.

He tried to cry out, but his words were drowned out when a wave crashed down upon him. He scrambled back up to the surface, coughing and sputtering. Painted in the hues of the sea of everything, he was sure that he was invisible to anyone trying to find him. But he wasn't expecting anyone to come; the chaos of color was consuming everything. There was nothing left but a churning, rapacious ocean, growing more violent by the passing moment. It must have swallowed everyone else by now.

Then, from out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a gray mass plummeting from where the sky had been.

It was the smoke from the house, now in a liquid state. A silver comet, it was streaking through the nothingness and was ready to crash right onto him.

With wide, terrified eyes he witnessed the stormy meteor plunge ever closer, letting out a high-pitched howl.


"Jing! Hey Jing!"

The rather unfortunate Kir was answered with a smack in the face as his partner's arm flung out wildly.

"HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" he screeched.

Jing wasn't paying attention to the dark albatross. Instead he was his eyes in confusion, trying to figure out why he was suddenly on a train with circus-like music playing somewhere outside.

The train's whistle howled proudly.

The black bird flew up in Jing's face. "We're at our stop, you know."

"Ku?" he muttered.

Then he noticed all the people getting up.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, hurriedly getting up.

"Bout time," Kir growled. "Now let's get us some golden apples!"

Now you who are somewhat familar with the manga know another reason this is AU XP. Oh yeah, I changed the name of the place they're going to. I'll be correcting what I wrote in the previous chappy.


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May 2, 2005
nobody cares
Pretty good man. I'm a big fan of Jing. I always liked how he out smarted his enemies rather then use brute strength. I think I'll have to have him appear in one of my Gamers.
Mar 7, 2005
Oh, just hanging out with Demy - HEY GET BACK HERE
Heh, don't worry too much, Silver. You don't really need top be that familiar with the series to enjoy this. There'll be only a couple of references to it.

And I can't really say tetetetete either XD. Lord knows how Jing pulls it off. Oh well, each language has to have some phrase impossible to say XP.

Now let's go explore the newest location, shall we? And don't ask me how to say it X_X

5th Shot: Welcome to Phrenetikos

The first thing Jing noticed as he descended from the black locomotive was just how colorful everything was.

The entire city was aglow in brilliant hues, with the multicolored lights complementing the vivid paint of the buildings. Not a dull or gloomy spot was to be found. It was enough to sear one's eyes, or delight them, depending on your view.

The entire city overflowed with energy. Everywhere people flowed through the streets like blood, beckoned by the joyous music that pulsed throughout the place. Happy lights hovered just above the flamboyantly decorated buildings, blinking in and out and zipping around erratically.

"What kind of place is this, Jing?" questioned Kir, staring at the insanely vibrant place before him. He turned his head to where Jing was.

At least, where he thought Jing was.

Realizing that he had no idea where his partner had run off to, the black bird whipped his head around in confusion.

"Jing?! Jing?!"

A loud, high-pitched wail erupted behind the albatross.


"Easy there, Kir."

The black avian spun around to see his gray-eyed partner was holding a yellow plastic duck, about the size of his hand. He squeezed the duck's belly couple of times, causing the duck to flap its wings a bit and create that obnoxious squawk that had terrified Kir so badly a few moments around. The Bandit King had an amused look on his face.

"Ha ha, very funny," Kir growled, his voice dripping with irritation.

"Lighten up, Kir," replied Jing, not seeming bothered in the slightest by his partner's sour attitude. "Phrenetikos is famous for producing the best toys and candy. Just look at the crowd.

Kir turned his eyes back to the masses of people. Almost every other person was a toddler, child, or teenager. Those who were adults had youngsters trailing at their heels, tugging on their shirts and begging them to let them play this game, or buy that toy, or go on this ride.

"This place is a tourist trap for children," continued the boy with the blazing orange coat. "More of a full-time carnival than a city, really."

"Huh," Kir answered.

The more the avian studied his surroundings, the more Jing's words rang true. Many people traveled by riding comical-looking mechanical animals that looked like carousel runaways instead of trying to explore the whole city on foot. Acrobats pranced the streets, performing their logic-defying tricks and handing out balloons and candy to the ecstatic kids that watched them. Am airborne train, decorated by bright, glittery paint, zoomed through the air, more of a roller coaster than a proper locomotive. Sideshows and games of all kinds lined the streets. Happy music blared from glowing, smiling speakers that also served as lamplights. Yep, this was truly an elaborate playground built for the young. Old, cranky people need not apply.

"So where do you think they're keeping the apples, Jing?" the dark bird asked.

"Who knows," answered the black-haired boy. "They could be anywhere."

Digging into the right-hand pocket of his brilliant orange coat, he pulled out a round cat mask. It was colored dark purple, with the swirled eyes and teeth that were bright green in shade. It bore a wide smile, a smile far too wide to possibly be sane.

"So for now," continued Jing, as he put the psycho feline mask over his face. "We'll just be your usual young, hyperactive tourists."


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Zomg, just caught up.


Jing PWNS Dark! Hear that, DNAsshole?! YOU'RE BEING PWNED.


I really love it, WM! And even though I've never read or watched this, I still know what's going on. That's how good it is. :D
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