Kindlereap: Reign of the Unholy (Incomplete, Seeking Feedback)



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May 2, 2012
Kindlereap: Reign of the Unholy

.. It holds in tale that the world of Kanas was crafted by the Red Gods, creators of the universe and the crafters of all known civilization. These deities were once but great celestial beings that roamed the realm of spirits, which had earned their transcendence and thus attained the ability to craft a universe of their own. To accomplish this, they had to unify as one; meaning the state of their immortality became entirely dependent on one another.

So the Four binded their souls, thus sealing together their essences’ and merging into one spiritual entity, though still retained their individual identities but became interdependent of one another. Together they crafted Kanas, breathing their dreams into reality and building a beautiful realm rich with vitality and wonder; they sculpted lush plains, broad seas, and towering mountains.

In the core of Kanas, they sealed the essence of arcane; the potent innate energy that they earned along with their transcendence. This gifted mortalkind with command over the mystic elements, elsewise called magic. And so, life dawned, and over the course of centuries the first civilizations dawned.

It has been near a few millennia since Kanas’ birth, and the Red Gods that once reigned have fallen from grace. Legacy holds that the deities bickered amongst each other, and one had deceived the rest, thus evoking them to turn against each other and dispel themselves of their immortality. This very act ripped the ethereal threads of arcane that ran through the soul of Kanas itself, demolishing the boundaries of magic. Those that once ruled now fell equivalent to mortalkind, and it seemed inevitable doom clung to their fates.

One recreated itself in recognition of the oncoming events, morphing into a celestial body though retaining some of its sentience. It would be called Lux, a circular mass that far in the sky, painted of magneta and baby blue hues, its composition of crystalline structure.
Another was slew, its soul captured and forced into a ritualistic process that would attempt a drain of its power. However, this was not the result of mortalkinds’ attempts; instead, its soul became cursed and leaked into the core of Kanas, bringing about the birth of new life; the accursed undead.

Of the last two, one’s demise remains unknown. The traitor of the four seized command of the spiritual realm; establishing domain and crafting a kingdom of darkness, where lingering souls were forced into servitude or twisted into hellish minions. Of the other, it is unknown. There are many theories to his fate; some say he crafted himself a human vessel and roams the world endlessly. Others claim he is held captive by some secret order, being manipulated for his strength. Nothing is truly clarified of his fate, but it is generally agreed that his presence remains in the realm of mortals; as to why this is a mutual feeling, none are entirely sure, but of the most brilliant minds, heartfelt warriors and astounding magicians, exist a mutual recognition of a sentient force that lingers within Kanas.

But in light of these events, mortalkind has had no divine authority, and since the undead had spawned, the world stood in demise. Kana was a world of bitter, divided nations that consistently spurred tension with one another, and consisted of weakly tied alliances and continual political indifference. Their indifference to one another has brought war and destruction, as well as providing the minor undead kingdoms with more strength. The fate of the world grows dim, as the chaos intensifies and the undead legions seem to only rise in number and authority.

Rooted within the boundaries of both human and fairybeast society sits the town Kindlereap; its location has always been of dispute, and thus is of shared sovereignty between the mortal races. It is believed to be the original grounds where the Red Gods had planted the first seed that breathed their dreams into reality and brought about life. It is a massive city with magnificent bold structures that define that reflect the cultural tastes of both humanity and fairybeasts, and a populace of diversity, with even sophisticated undead amongst its inhabitants. Its libraries are vast, with the study of arcane held of highest importance here. In its landmarks alone sits mystic truths of Kanas’ past, and within the city lie many institutions of great knowledge and of political might.

Here begins the journey. As the undead threat grows and turmoil builds, the nations rooten themselves in their distrust of each other and continue to ignore a call of unity. It is clear the world’s purity has been mangled, as it reflects in its creatures alone; the once humble animals of the wilds have become vicious and vile. Darkness seems to weave itself into the sky itself, as wise magicians interpret signs of future distress and destruction within nature and by the lingering feelings that wisp in the night, seemingly illuminated by the Lux’s aura, or so it is interpreted. However, sightings of majestic winged creatures have been claimed; one sacked a great human establishment, leaving the city torched and in ruins. This has called attention to all mortalkind, instilling some reason for deepened communication; however, their strained relations have marked this process slow. Many claim that the world may end. Others echoe tales of the Lost God’s return. Written in myth of ancient prophecies considered ingenuine, insist that great souls will rise, and bring about a rebirth of Kanas, depicting an inevitable annihiliation of all known civilization.
Perhaps the world’s demise is sealed.. perhaps it will know its saviours. The fate of Kanas dangles. The destinies of the strong will define its end.

That's just the plot for now. I've still gotta detail the kingdoms, their respective political factions, ect and what not. Races too. I want political influence to be a fun dictating factor of this roleplay. I plan for magic to be incorporated cleverly too. A couple systems that dictate how spells are earned, how you progress your arcane ability, and the general extent of its effectiveness towards characters that embrace a non-magic using role.

I kinda just want feedback. I'm probably gonna go through with it anyhow. But some reception could definitely be inspiring / constructive. And if you wanna help with the role-play feel free to offer your hand. Anyway there you go.