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The holiday season has come to an end. Very soon, the snow will be clearing, flowers will be blooming, or if you're like me the heat will go away.

But before we officially say goodbye to the holiday season, I would like to announce the winner of (last years) Annual Holiday Contest! It is with great pleasure that I announce Xbladewielder as this years winner! His entry went above and beyond, winning in the Creative Writing category and proving victorious in the final round. Included under [Read More] is the winning story.

Xbladewielder also wins this snazzling new award, all for himself! This contest has been a pleasure this year, and we at KHInsider look forward to all the upcoming competitions for 2013! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this story.

Roxas suddenly awoke.For some reason, today seemed different. Through his half-open eyes, he glanced at his window. Nothing but-"Huh? What are those little white flakes falling outside?" Roxas thought to himself. He rushed into the hall. On the way, he crashed into Axel. "Hey Roxas, whats the hurry?" "Do you know what those white little flakes falling outside are?" Asked Roxas, who hadn't existed long enough to see a winter before and didn't have Sora's memories quite yet. "It's snow. It always comes during winter and people like it on Christmas." Axel replied. "Christmas?" " You know, holiday where theres the tree, presents, and everyone gets together?" "Will we celebrate christmas?" Roxas asked. "Of course not. We're nobodies man. We don't have feelings or emotions. Joy on christmas? I wish." Axel shook his head. "Well, I'd better go, or else Saix will get on my case." "Axel!" "Theres my cue." Axel sighed then walked off. "Christmas? Joy? Tree?" Roxas thought.

Saix had assigned him three missions. One to Beast's Castle, one to Wonderland, and one to Twilight Town. "Guess I'll go to Beast's Castle first." Said Roxas as he stepped through the portal of darkness. The castles normally gloomy exterior was decorated with wreath and the statues were strung with lights. When Roxas snuck in, he saw that the interior was decorated with candles that made the usually dark and lonely rooms seem full of life. The castles servants strolled around chatting about a christmas feast. "Hmmm... they celebrate christmas here too?" Roxas thought as he completed his mission(destroying heartless). "What exactly is christmas?"

Today was Roxas's mission to Wonderland. His mission was to collect hearts. "I wonder if they celebrate christmas there." Thought Roxas before he left. When he got there, Wonderland seemed normal, at least untill he got to the forest. There he found Alice and the Mad Hatter having a very unmerry christmas party. As he stood in the shadows, watching, a voice behind him said " Christmas is a time when all are in joy." Roxas whipped around, but no one was there. As Roxas finished his mission, he debated whether christmas was celebrated in all worlds. "Why is this holiday so important?"

Todays mission was at Twilight Town. As soon as he stepped out of the portal, three kids ran across in front of him. What were there names again? Oh yeah! Hayner, Pence, and Olette. "What were they doing?" Roxas wondered. Oh well. He wasn't here to goof off. He had to go find his target.

Later that day, Roxas ran into the sandlot, exhausted. He had searched everywhere for his target, and still hadn't found him. CRASH! Hayner slammed into him, sending them both to the floor. Roxas pulled himself up and saw Pence and Olette helping Hayner up. "Sorry man, didn't see you." Hayner apologized, pulling himself up. "Thats O.K., what are you guys doing?" Asked Roxas, eyeing the bag Hayner had dropped. "Oh, just decorating the tree and getting ready for christmas." Hayner replied. "You decorate the tree?" "You didn't know that? Man, you do need help." Hayner shook his head. "C'mon, we'll show you." Just then, a gigantic phantom tail popped up, hovering above them. Roxas leapt in front of his new friends, keyblade in hand. "Go guys! I can handle this!"

After a long battle,(phantom tails were extremely infuriating) Roxas won and caught up with his new friends. He helped drag a humongous tree into the sandlot, and used his keyblade to hang ornaments. They made popcorn strings too, but Pence ate everything. While they worked, Hayner, Pence and Olette explained christmas to Roxas. If only they could have christmas in the organization....

The sun was setting and Roxas had to go meet Axel. He bade goodbye and hurried to the clock tower He found Axel there alone. "Is Xion coming?" "She said shes coming soon." "Hey Roxas, I thought about what you said about christmas, and I decided that even us nobodies deserve to have a christmas, even if we can't feel it. Here, try this." Axel handed Roxas a packet, which he tore open. It was ice cream, and the flavor was Christmas Peppermint. "Thought we could have a change for today." Axel grinned. "Even we nobodies deserve to have a christmas." Axel's words echoed in Roxas's head. "I think I know how we can have a christmas in the organization." Roxas whispered his idea to Axel. "I don't know about this Roxas, but i'm in. I'll get Xion to help."

"Wake up sleepy head." Whoa! Xion was leaning over him. "They've just noticed our "little surprise". Roxas leapt up and followed Xion. The members of organization 13 were staring at the gigantic tree in the corner and the numerous decorations everywhere. Xigbar grinned, Demyx dropped his sitar, and Vexen muttered to himself. "What is this?" said Saix. "I just wanted us to have a Christmas" Roxas stepped up and said boldly. Everyone stared at him. No one said anything. There was a deathly silence. "Follow me for your missions." Said Saix. Everyone followed him out of the room. Roxas's spirits died. He couldn't believe he had been so stupid. They were nobodies. THey didn't care about christmas. What did he expect them to do, clap and praise him? "Wait!" Axel called. Everyone turned towards him. "Even us nobodies deserve to have a christmas. Roxas spent all night on this." Saix glared at him. " I say we shock the brats." Said Larxene, summoning her knives. Xion glared at her. "What do you say, lord Xemnas?" Saix inquired. Xemnas looked at them all, his gaze lingeing on Roxas. "Since it is here, we might as well enjoy it to the best of our ability." Xemnas said slowly. Roxas's face broke into a grin. Everyon walked away, looking around. "Look, I got a new sitar string!" Said Demyx. "Aerial tech, just what I needed." said Xaldin. Roxas had spent all night dragging the decorations, presents, and tree from twilight town. "Looks like even nobodies can have christmas" thought Roxas. Everyone looked happy. Well, just as happy as a nobody can be.



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It was great until larxene showed up. It seemed to fit into the timeline til then.

Also roxas learning the meaning of the holiday would be nice

Forgive my brutal honesty. I loved it! And congrats!


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Nov 8, 2012
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It was great until larxene showed up. It seemed to fit into the timeline til then.

Also roxas learning the meaning of the holiday would be nice

Forgive my brutal honesty. I loved it! And congrats!
Yeah, I should have thought of that. It would've if he had shown it, but he did learn it in a way.


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Nov 6, 2008
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Congrats on winning Xbladewielder! Everyone did a great job on their entries.