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Jan 10, 2005
[ KHI: MMORPG Role Play Sign Up ]

What is an MMORPG? What does it stand for?
An MMORPG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, meant for people all around the world at any time logging on to one game and being connected to other users. As much as these games depict a virtual life, the real user behind the computer is not seen while playing.

Kingdom Hearts Insider : The MMORPG

Kingdom Hearts Insider was a website that erupted from a previous website, but became it's glory in 2005. That is when the website/forum was established, being one of the most visited forums in history. In hopes of spreading this glorious website to hopeful others, an MMORPG was created.

This game takes place in a medieval-type environment. Since it is a brand new game, it is corrupted with flaws and glitches, as well as potentially dangerous AIs that must be avoided at all costs. The user places a device that covers their eyes. (Think .hack) This device is able to change their view into something like (The World).

The creator of this game was a user by the name of Spdude. He created a company by the name of KHInc, which carries a few and unknown amount of employees. His four most trustable administrators were users by the name of aerosol, Manchester Black, monkeybutt, and Scott. His most trusted companion, his subordinate, if you must, was a user by the name of The Midnighter. With these administrative powers, they are known as The Poweful 6.

Now, to go on with the premise of the game. With only one server in the game, every user who signs up to KHI will be with every other user and every other user only. There are two sides, however. One of them is the Baneful and the other is the Graceful. As you can see, the Baneful is a group of races that are not of the good intentions. The Graceful are those who are of absolute intention.

Now to go on with the races:
The Baneful:
Sorcerer (Dark, Fire, or Ice) [skillful at magic]
Knight (Dark, Fire, or Ice) [skillful at attack]
Gun Hunter (Dark, Fire, or Ice) [skillful at weaponry]
Crusader (Dark, Fire, or Ice) [skillful at Defense]

The Graceful:
Wand Master (Light, Water, or Earth) [skillful at magic]
Berserker (Light, Water, or Earth) [skillful at attack]
Blade Hunter (Light, Water, or Earth) [skillful at weaponry]
Warrior (Light, Water, or Earth) [skillful at Defense]

What is the purpose of this game, one might ask? Like any MMORPG, it is to become the best player in the game. However, the highest level in the game is lvl. 100, and even then, the game does not end. In fact, for those who reach to lvl. 100, they are offered a spot in being part of the corporation, in some position. While rewards come, there are also punishments. For those people who break the rules, they are subjected to be deleted from the game. There had, however, been one incident in which a young boy was playing the game, and hacked into it releasing a virus that created the dangerous AIs. When he was caught, his character was deleted and on the outside world, his person had went into coma. Nothing has been heard of the boy ever since then. The Admin, at all costs, have avoided deleting users, but rather banning them for a certain period. There are no after-affects in the real world.

Now to go on to the present of the world, rather than the history, the world is filled with many users. It has hit the 1 million mark, and because of this, the admin have created a second server, which is only open to beta testers, people who have been hired since hitting the 100 level mark. The administrators, however, are fearful of opening the second server soon, due to the fact that they do not want glitches or incidents happening within the second server. Still trying to recover from the incident of the comatose boy, the admin have been very careful from releasing things that might cause havoc.

The game play of KHI has become very intense. Recently, players were now allowed to kill each other, but would have no side effects in the real world. However, this new feature has been known to glitch a lot. These glitches are unknown, though.

With the history and everything going on within the game, it has still become one of the most popular MMORPGs. Players within the game enjoy the game and KHI has become a growing community. To further compliment to stress on virtual community, guilds became a new option, which allow players to join a group with the consent of the leader and help each other out and talk within each other.

The Game has become ever popular, and by the looks of it, will always stay popular, that is until now.....

(Basically, I tried to cram in many plots, sub-plots, and basic elements of this RPG. Had a hard time trying to explain things. lol So yeah, basically, it has no plot, but the users are the ones who create the plot along the way. Go to the OOC thread for sign-ups and plot discussion. I draw inspiration for this Role Play from the show, dot hack, and the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. :D hehe. And for those who are wondering about weapons, make up your own, and yes, your character can own a pet.)
[If this doesn't make sense, ask me about it in PM]
[I'm going to make an OOC thread for sign-ups, so please, do not sign-up here.]

My Character:
Name: Lakria
Baneful or Graceful? : Graceful
Race: Light Berserker
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Sword of the Dark Dragon's Fang
Pets (if any): Craze the White Wolf
Level: 80
Appearance: http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/9018/normalareaper1jp5.jpg
Lakria has been playing KHI a week after it started. She experienced the ups and downs of KHI and has almost reached her goal of becoming of the level 100 ranks. She is considered one of the deadliest players of the game, as there are few beyond the level 80 rank. There, are a couple of people that could defeat her, however, due to their high levels and stronger weaponry. She is often seen in the light of dangerous due to the fact that she was a reputable player killer. She has, however, drifted away from Player Killing due to the glitches that she might get involved with. As for her thoughts on the second thoughts, she simply replies "Filthy Piece of Server Trash." Lakria, as dangerous, as she might seem, is very happy go lucky and careless. She often walks around the server in hopes of getting praised and free items. She's even had the nerve to enter the Baneful Territory and walk around. In fact, she wasn't even noticed until someone made the wrong mistake of attacking her, and the person was quickly disposed of.
Guild: Eversio of Malum (Destruction of Evil)

Real Life Persona:
Name: Sato Hotei
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sato Hotei is a Japanese-American, who lives in California. He was introduced to the game by his 10 year old cousin, who also plays the game. He works part time washing cars and is an 11th Grade Student in a public school. His character, Lakria, was inspired by a person that he always wanted to be. It was no person in particular, but it was more of personality. Sato Hotei created Lakria, a very outspoken, happy-go-lucky person, who does whatever she wants without regret. Sato Hotei lives with his mother and father, being the only child in the family, which contributes to his very shy personality. In school, without a social life, but a friend by the name of Alaster, he focuses mostly on school. Unlike other uninspired kids, Sato is a straight A student and the top student of the school. He is not considered as anything, as his being is oblivious to anyone he knows, other than Alaster, because of his quiet nature. He joined KHI so that he could learn how to socialize with other people due to his social failure in life.
Appearance: http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/2963/normalruruxv6.jpg
Sato is a very quiet person. He has had, and currently has only one friend because of his antisocial-like persona. He is an unknown in his class, but because of the game, his social life has greatly improved with people actually recognizing him. As time progresses, Sato is becoming more social and happier than his previous quiet antisocial-self.
Theme Song: Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera
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