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[khi faqs]​

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Forum structure:

o What's a forum?
A forum is a message board with threads and posts all separated into appropriate sections by topic. These sections usually have sub-sections as well.

o Sub-sections?
Like the name implies, this is a section within a section. For example, we have the General Discussion section which contains multiple sub-sections dividing the threads up neatly. In here, we have the normal discussions. At the top there are the two sub-sections: Help and Support and Intelligent Discussion.

o What's a thread?
A thread is a collection of posts in regards to a single topic. While it's easy to digress, it's suggested that you stay on that topic while posting in that thread.

When making threads, try to put them in the right section. If you don't know where a thread should go, ask a fellow member or forum staff. If you make a thread and feel like it doesn't belong where you put it, ask a mod to move it for you.

o What's a post?
It's a response to any of the threads or posts within a thread that we have on the forum.​

The hell are these colors (Member colors):

o Administrators
Dark blue names. They're the boss. They have power over everything.

o Super moderators
Dark purple names. Not only do they have power in all sections, but they also can implement bans without using the infractions system.

o Global moderators
Dark green names. They have powers in all sections, as well as use of the infractions system.

o Section moderators
Pink names. Section mods are granted moderating powers in specific sections, as well as use of the infractions system.

o RPG staff
Purple names. They work on the RPG (which is currently out of commission) and the Triple Triad.

o Site Staff
Orange names. They provide news for us regarding the Kingdom Hearts series on the main site, as well as moderate the Kingdom hearts sections. Can hand out infractions.

o FinalFantasy.net staff
Light blue names. The current staff for our sister site, FinalFantasy.net!

o Retired staff:
Light green names. They're probably just taking a break. Are able to come back if they feel like it.

o Platinum members:
Grey names. You need to get 3000+ posts to get this. Platinum members can have 150 x 150 avatars and close their own threads.

o Premium members.
Brick red names. You need 1000+ posts to get this color. Premium members can have 125 x 125 avatars and also are able to request a name change if they wish at this point. The name change thread can be found in The Foyer.​

General rules and conduct:

o Infractions and bans.
Naturally, having rules means having punishments to be handed out in case said rules are broken. If you are found to be breaking any rules or engaging in generally undesirable behavior, you will receive a minutia of different punishments.

Infractions are just basically a formal warning. Infraction points fade away over time. If enough infraction points pile up, you can be banned. Bans can be temporary, or permanent, depending on the offenses committed or how much the member in question has acted against regulations.

It's important to note though that moderators have a fair amount of discretion in how they hand out punishments, so they're not really obligated to give someone an infraction before banning them if they think it's appropriate. Or alternatively, they can forego infractions or bans altogether for the sake of being a little more creative (this mostly applies to administrators, who are really the only ones with enough power to be able to do this effectively).

You can receive an infraction for:
o Frivilous Posting (10 points; lasts for 1 month)
o Minor Harassment (10 points; lasts for 1 month)
o Spamming (10 points; lasts for 1 month)
o Spoiling (10 points; lasts for 1 month)
o Flaming (30 points; lasts for 12 months)
o Explicit Content (90 points; lasts for 12 months)
o Bot Advertising (150 points; permanent)

You are banned when you rack up the following total of points:
o 30 points (3 day ban)
o 60 points (2 week ban)
o 90 points (1 month)
o 120 points (2 months)
o 150 points (2 years)

So it's highly recommended that you watch yourself. Infraction points can be racked up faster than you think.

o What's a spam? Can I eat it?
Spam is a term that originally meant "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages", and it usually tends to be as such.

Basically it refers to any post that doesn't have anything to do, nor makes much in the way of a contribution to the thread it was posted in. Naturally, discussions digress and evolve, but you can usually tell if something is going to be spam or not (i.e. there's a thread about the war in Iraq and two members start carrying on a conversation about chocolate. Time and place both completely inappropriate).

That said, you want to avoid posting spam. If you notice any spam, don't call the person out on it (a.k.a. being a back-seat mod), just contact a mod and they'll decide whether it's spam or not. Otherwise you're only contributing towards posting more spam and making the situation worse.

Also, if you go to your local supermarket, you can find an edible canned product called Spam. So yes, you can eat it.

o Double posts
Double posts happen either when a user purposely posts two replies after another or when the user accidentally makes the system post their post twice due to lag and other reasons. Avoid double posting. If you accidentally double post, edit the second post and leave a message to the staff to delete the post later. Constantly double posting with the intent to do so may get you an infraction, or worse depending on the context in the posts.

More severe forms of double posting are termed "triple posting" and "quadruple posting", which means posting three or four posts in a row, respectively. However, it should be noted that in certain sections such as Forum Insanity, where posts don't raise your post count, it's fine to double post once in a while. However, if you are deliberately double posting to gain Munny, then you may face a warning or infraction.

o Grammar
While English is not every country's official language, KHInsider is predominately an English-speaking forum. This means you probably want to use some of the things your English teacher has taught you.

That isn't to say your posts need to be gramatically perfect. The occasional spelling error is fine and doing things like not capitalizing every letter at the start of all your sentences is okay. Just make sure nobody has to make any significant effort to decipher what you're saying. Constant illiterate posts not only make yourself look bad, but the forums as a whole, especially when guests read them.

o Harassment
Try not to be a buttmunch to your fellow members. It's understandable that not everyone is going to like everyone else, but that doesn't mean you have to get pissy about it. Avoid being insensitive and generally making other members' experiences not fun.

On the other hand, just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you can cry harassment. If they're being respectful about it, there's not much to complain about. Harassment is when someone is specifically making fun of you, not your ideas and opinions. Unless you're terribly insecure, you should be able to handle people not agreeing with you on everything. Try not to get too upset, because while there might be real people behind the computer screens and keyboards, as a general rule of thumb, the internet shouldn't be taken that seriously.

o Sassin' the Staff
Generally the staff is a pretty competent group of people who generally do have the site and forum's best interests in mind. That said though, the staff loves to have fun and joke around, and when they do, try not to take any of it to heart. It's all in good fun.

If you feel that you have a legitimate complaint about the staff (which you might, considering the staff is only human), feel free to contact an administrator about it. If the complaint has any grounding, something will be done about it. In fact, try to not be afraid of approaching the staff in general if you need something.

Posting questions:

o How do I post?
First, go to a thread that piques your interest and look for the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the thread. You can also quote any post you'd like if you want to specifically reply to that person's post.

o How do I do a quote a post in a reply? Multi-quote?
There's a "Quote" button on every post. Pressing it will generate all the necessary code.

The "Multi-Quote" feature is simple enough: Pressing the "multi-quote" button on any post will essentially "tag" the post in question, so that when you press the quote button on any post or click "Advanced Reply" or "Reply to Thread", all the posts you tagged will be there.

Additionally, you can just copy paste the person's text and wrap it between quote tags.

o How do I start a thread?
At the top left of each section (general and sub-section alike) there should be a little button that says, "New Thread".

o Spoiler tags
There are two ways to hide spoilers.

One is using [spoilers][/spoilers]
This blacks out all the enclosed text.

The other is [spoiler=topic][/spoiler]
This creates a box that requires the user to click the box to see what's inside. This can be used to hide large images and stop them from ruining the set table for the threads.

o Video tags
You can embed a video from various video hosting sites (including Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, Dailymotion, etc) by using the [video] [/video] tags around the URL to the video.

o General BB Code

Besides the obvious/main ones, there's a lot of BB code on KHInsider that a lot of people don't know about and that can come in handy. For a comprehensive list, see:
BB Code List - KHInsider Forums
Generally asked questions:

o Why can't I just request a normal name change?
Shamdeo decided to have some fun by making the name changing procedure a little more creative, so it requires a bit of effort for your name change. It's unknown how long this policy will be in effect, and may change without notice. While the old system was somewhat abused and the option to request a name change was removed, it's unlikely that this will happen anytime soon. However, it is completely within the administrators' control to decide whether to keep the name change thread up or to take it down; as such, try not to harass the admins and staff about it.

Additionally, because reviewing 300 word short stories under specific criteria can take a while (adding to what admins already have to do), we ask that you please be patient with the name changes. Nagging us about it is not going to make us want to change it faster (just the opposite, in fact). If the nagging continues, your request to obtain a name change may be disregarded completely.

o I have 1000/3000 posts, but my name hasn't changed red/grey!
Be patient. It can take a while for it to go through the system. Given a few hours at most, you will eventually enter the Premium/Platinum usergroup.

o Why do we have a 25 character rule for posts and visitor messages?
This is to avoid spam and generally annoying replies. It's preferred that instead of spamming characters to bypass the limit you try to extend what you're talking about. Staff considers the silly little "252525252525" as spam and will delete your post as well as any complaining about the rule to get past it, too. The rule was implemented for a specific reason, and any obviously visible attempts to bypass it are frowned upon. If you really can't say more than 5 words about something, you may need to think a bit harder or find something else to post about.

o What's with the censorship? I want to express myself!
Kingdom Hearts is a game with an E-E10+ rating, which younger children could be playing. This means that we could have young children browsing the forums. While the requirement to register is at least 13 years of age, the forum content is public which means that while they aren't signed up, the posts can still be viewed by young children simply browsing the internet for their daily dose of KH information. Therefore, we have implemented a filter for the harsher words.

o I don't like the skin!
Then suggest what you'd like rather than just spouting that you don't like about it. It helps a lot more if you tell us what you don't like and how you think it could be improved. Also, we're still working on more skins for you guys! Just be patient.

o How do I change the skin? I keep hearing about this dark skin. It seems neat.
To change the skin of the forum, select it from the drop-down menu located in the bottom-left corner of the forum page or visit your UserCP.

o Why all the Final Fantasy junk? Where's Sora?
Many of members of our community (including our staff) are fans of the Final Fantasy series and soon, KHInsider's community will be expanding to include the fans of the series. This shouldn't really be an issue. After all, Kingdom Hearts does have Final Fantasy elements in it.

o What's FinalFantasy.net?
A Final Fantasy website that is a sister site of KHInsider. FinalFantasy.net just recently launched, so for all of you hxc (that means HARDCORE by the way) fans of Final Fantasy, don't hesitate to follow!

o What's Munny for?
"Munny" is for KHI's new Triple Triad system. It is used to buy new decks of cards necessary to play Triple Triad.

o How do I earn Munny?
You can earn Munny by either posting a thread (20) or just making a regular post (5).

o What's Triple Triad? How do I play it?
Triple Triad is a mini-game that was introduced in Final Fantasy VIII. For more information on how to play, refer here:
Triple Triad Rules
Profile questions:

o How do I get an avatar?
Go to your User CP. In the "My Profile" category, there should be a "Edit Avatar" option. You can upload avatars that are hosted on other sites (like Photobucket, ImageShack, Tinypic, etc), or upload one directly from your computer (the last option seems to generally be more reliable).

o How do I add a picture to my signature?
Right below the "Edit Avatar" option, there is a "Edit Signature" option. Uploading signature images works basically the same as uploading avatars. There is no set limit as to how big the pictures can be, but generally you don't want anything too big at the risk of being horribly obnoxious to users. If it stretches out the page or just makes having any threads you post too unbearable to scroll through, it's not acceptable and you could be asked to replace it with something more scroll friendly.

o How do I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile information through either "Edit Profile" under the "Settings" menu in your User CP or on your profile and clicking on the pencil icon by the information.

o How do I use the album feature?
On the bar at the top of the forum containing the links for "New Posts", "Private Messages", and the like, click on Community. A drop down menu should give you three options. One of which is My Albums, and of course, this is the option you want to choose. Once My Albums is selected, you'll be redirected to a new page. On this page you can see albums that have been recently updated or uploaded by other KHI members, as well as see any albums you may have already created. If you want to create a new one, click Create New Album. Once there, you need to fill in a little bit of information about the pictures you're going to be uploading, such as the title, and a few words about what's in this album. You also have the option to make the album Public, so everyone can see it, or Private, in which case only your KHI contacts and Moderators will be able to access them. Once you're satisfied with what you're entered, click Save Changes.

You can edit current albums by clicking on the thumbnail and clicking and either Upload pictures, Edit album or Delete the album.

You can upload multiple pictures to your album from your computer at once by holding CTRL and clicking each picture you'd like to upload. Once you're done, click "Open" and upload pictures.

Note: Due to the change to 4.0, the album system is a bit buggy right now.

o Visitor Messages
The profiles here give people the ability to send other members messages on their profile wall and without the need to have to send a PM (Private Message), it makes it a much more convenient option. Although it should be noted that what ever conversation you have with another member via VM's (Visitor Messages), the conversation is completely public to the rest of the forum, so try not to include private details in your discussion. To engage in a conversation with another member, don't reply on your own wall; they won't be notified and won't see it. Rather, you need to either click on their name to go to their profile or click "View Conversation" at the bottom right of the post which brings you to a page that contains the entire conversation between you two. Both going directly to their profile and clicking on "View Conversation" works, as any thing you post within the "View Conversation" page will be posted onto their wall. Think Facebook.

The Chat/IRC Channel:

o What is an IRC channel?
It stands for "Internet Relay Chat". Basically it's a big chatroom anyone can enter, and KHI has one of these.

o What channels do we have?
There is currently one main channel for KHI: #junes.

#junes functions mostly as a hangout for veterans and staff members, although anyone is welcome to join. Because we all have our individual interests, the topic is never one thing; rather, it is always changing and so it better functions as an open discussion. Due to the ever changing topic and various interests of the staff and veterans, it's actually quite rare for KH to be discussed but don't let this discourage you from joining. You might find that some of what is being discussed correlates well to your interests. It's also important to note that while #junes is frequented mostly by KHI members, it also partly operates as a separate entity from KHI altogether. Therefore, rules from the KHI forums may not necessarily apply to it all the time, and vice versa. Discretion is advised.

o How do I join a chat?

Generally speaking, specialized IRC clients (such as mIRC) are optimal for this, but there are many, many ways of getting into an IRC channel. Look around and see what works for you.

Below are a few methods:​

1. Mibbit:

2. Bersirc

3. Chatzilla

o Having difficulty finding an answer?
If you were hoping to find some information in this FAQ that wasn't covered, no worries. Just go to the Ask-a-Mod thread, where one of our moderators will be able to answer any inquiries you may have.​


Currently the Rules component of the forums is still incomplete, but we are working on it. For now, this will be the substitute and is pretty nifty I must say! Big thanks to all the staff that contributed to making the faq (see: Sabrina; I only helped with the final edits so it's all thanks to her that this even exists!), otherwise this wouldn't be here.
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