'KHI Behind the Bannings' (A collection of short stories.)



Aug 10, 2005
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So anyways, I've had this for quite some time...
(I've had it before Vx & Flare were retired.)

Anyways, these are sort of 'short stories' if you will.. 'imaginative' staff conversations, and some of the wacky things that get tossed around by the staff.

These stories are completely ficticious. The stories are meant for sarcasm and humor only. Any resemblence to actual staff is.. scary.
(If only you knew... if only you knew..)

Azurith Presents:
'KHI: Behind the Bannings' (A collection of short stories of the everyday life of the staff.)
Middy: 'Hi, my name is middy, and I'm an alcoholic...'
Monkey: 'Uh, TM, that's not what this is for.'
Middy: 'Whoops.'
Kyo: 'O.....kay..'
Crow: 'I blame Muffins.'
Muffin: '..I blame myself xD.'
Manchester: 'I second that, Muffinman.'
Staff: 'LoLz!'
Vx: 'Lets start blaiming EVERYTHING on Muffinman!'
Azu: 'Mhuwahahahah.. I already do.. ;)'
Monkey & Flare: 'Poor Muffinman!'
Middy: 'So anyways, back to business. We need MORE bans.'
Crow: 'Can we start with Muffins? xD'
Muffinman: * :'( *
Monkey: 'nuuuuuuuu!!1!1!! nubody touchies muffin, next one to do so gets it!'
Raito: '..but what about when muffins touches..'
Ryu: '..himself? xD'
Staff: 'LoLz!!!!'
Kyo: 'Muffins got pwnd.'
Middy & Manchester & Monkey: *sigh*'why do we bother..?'
Monkey: 'Guess what I gots?'
Flare: 'Huh?'
Raito: 'Is it something we want to know?'
Monkey: 'I got a WII!!! :D'
Muffins: 'You... bastard..'
Monkey: 'What?'
Muffin: *Steals Monkey's WEE*
Crow: 'LMFAO!'
Ryu: '..did he just steal Monkey's wee?'
Muffin: '*WII'
Flare: 'That's just, so wrong.'
Raito: 'So I finally got to level 17! I'm doing Gi'mihug quests now.'
Ryu: 'Pfft, I'm level 29; I can kill you in five hits.'
Kyo: 'When is the rp-whatchamacallit-g-thingy going to be up, soonish?'
WhiteFalc: '..when it's ready, of course.'
Kyo: 'Someone's grumpy.'
Muffin: 'He just hasn't had his nap yet.'
Crow: 'That explains alot..'
WhiteFalc: '-.-* ..quite you.'

/* Three days later in flash chat.. *\
Muffins: Man, this Wii is awesome. I'm never giving it back to monkey! MINE!
VX: Muffinman, that's just not like you. That's sooo not right. You should get your own. I hear their coming out with new 'enhanced' Wii consoles.
Muffins: O rly?
Crow: Rly.
Muffins: Wow.. I've gotta get one of those. I might give it to monkey for all the trouble I've caused him.
Middy: What the hell are you smoking..? Cause I want some of that.. actually, I'll trade you.. ;)
Crow: Drug dealers, ftw!?!?
Staff: Lolz
Middy: Well, I have classes, bye.
*Exit Middy*
Muffins: I'm gonna go too, gonna play with Monkey's Wii somemore..
Crow & VX: *xD ...you realize what you just said, right?
Muffins: Oh, shutup. xD
*Exit Muffins*
*Enter Kyo & Monkey*
Kyo: Hey guys, what's up?
Staff: Not much.
Monkey: Where the hell is muffins?
VX: You just missed him.
Monkey: Damnit, I'll never get my Wii back. *Cries*
*Enter BanishingBlade*
Crow: -.-
Kyo: Awww, monkey.
Monkey: *Clings to kyo*..
Kyo: ...what the hell are you doing?
Monkey: Huh?
Kyo: I asked what the hell you are doing.
Monkey: Me???
Kyo: Yes..
Crow & VX: *sigh* ...
Monkey: Er.. Ugh.. Nothing, why?
Kyo: Then get off me, wierdo.
Crow & VX: *Snicker* xD
Monkey: I'm NOT a wierdo!
Kyo: Then why are you still grabbing me?
BB: Yea, monkey.. kyo's mine!
Kyo: *Suprised* WTF???
BB: *Hugs kyo*
Kyo: *Sighs* wierdos -.-
*exit kyo*
Monkey: ???? nuuuuu
VX: Maby I should point this out...
Crow: No! It's funnier this way. xD
VX: kk.
Monkey & BB: Huh?
Crow: How can I put this delicately... I know.
Um.. kyo plays for the hometeam..
Monkey & BB: What the hell does that mean?
VX: Well.. kyo dresses, walks, and talks like a guy, right?
Monkey & BB: So?
Crow & VX: What we mean to say is, kyo is a guy..
Monkey & BB: ?.?
Crow & VX: *Laughing*
BB: .....
Monkey: ;.; I gotta go. Bye.
*exit monkey & vx*
*Enter Raito & Ryu*
Rai: Hey guys.
Staff: Hey rai & ryu.
Ryu: Hey rai, wanna join me in abit for some FFXII?
Rai: Sure, I just got to level 29!
Rai: What?
Ryu: I'm lvl 47 now. w00t.
Rai: -.-
BB: Lvl 47? Pssh.
Ryu: I suppose you can do better?
BB: Actually..? Yea.. I'm 29 levels ahead of you..
Rai & Ryu: O.O ....
Crow: *Snicker*
Rai: ..everyone's higher than me. -.- whores.
Ryu: We can't help it.. you just..
BB: Suck?
Ryu: Yea.
Staff: Lolz
Rai: ..I gotta go.. I have 'things to do'.
Ryu: By that, I'm guessing he means 'lvl up in FFXII'.. xD
BB: *Snicker*
*exit Rai*
*7 hours later*
(To be continued:???)

PS>> More to come, if this should be 'reasonably' welcomed.. and if I feel like it. <.<
(The stories are set in the 'imaginary' realm of FlashChat!)



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Jun 22, 2004
Funny how you call the other people "staff."


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Dec 15, 2004
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These depictions are inaccurate!

I am not always blatantly talking about my Wii!


Aug 10, 2005
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^ XD You obviously forget what happened when the Wii came out.

"IGOTZDEHWIIITIZLIKETOTALAWESOMENESSYAH!!!!!" Trust me. You wouldn't shut up about it.

*not in it* Yarharharharharhar. Still wish to see more, it's good to finally be able to publicly point and laugh at monkey.
Trust me, I know the feeling, kG.. xD

Lets all point and laugh at monkey. <.<

Ok. Funs over, back to the topic.

More to come..
(Stay tuned?)