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kh3d ultimania scenario questions

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thanks to KMA on gamefaqs

it's from the guy who leaked the ending.

Possible full Ultimania translation. *spoilers* - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs

Q: So, this time, the characters of It's A Wonderful World appeared. Could you elaborate on their existence within the story?

A: It could be said that the world of Final Fantasy doesn't exist within Kingdom Hearts. Instead, the characters live in other ways, like the restoration group of Radiant Garden. However, that's not the case with The World Ends With You, which really is a world in the space of Kingdom Hearts. The form of Joshua seen in Dream Drop Distance is really the same Joshua from The World Ends With You, having obtained the worlds contained in sleep by using the dreams of Rhyme, who lost them in her entry fee of the original story. On the other hand, characters like Neku and Shiki are memories of their original self given life the dream state of the worlds contained in sleep. I tried to show this by making no alterations to the costume of the characters. Since they were born from memories of It's A Wonderful World, it wouldn't make sense for them to look different.

Q: In that case, could we see Riku or Sora in a future work of The World Ends With You?

A: [laughs] It would take Disney’s approval, so at this time, I can’t say.

Q: There was a lot of focus on Axel this time, wasn’t there?

A: Axel is a character who represents the spirit of change in the series. I’ve mentioned before, in the original scenario, his story was planned to end in the prelude of KHII, but the staff had too much fun to see him leave. [laughs] So, as the series goes on, the more he becomes more and more than he was “destined” to be. As a character, he exceeded our plans, and as a Nobody, he exceeded missing a heart. His essence is displayed near the end, where he stands against Master Xehanort, his opposite, who has everything planned.

Q: Giving him the Keyblade must have been a controversial motion.

A: At several points, we thought “Is this really okay!?” But if Axel is the spirit of changing, then this would be the ultimate expression. Like Sora, he was never meant to wield the Keyblade, but even so…

Q: At a few points in the game, he declares “I will always return you!” Does this mean he recalls the events of 358/2 Days?

A: No. In KH:coded, we introduced the concept of knowing a memory is gone even if you don’t know what memory it was. Axel knows he forgot something, and his transformation into rebirth only barely began to stir the details. Just like in previous titles, promises are always the first to surface.

Q: But scenes appearing from Roxas’s time in the Organization XIII appear in the nonexistent world.

A: Right. Roxas who is said to be “asleep in sadness” by Yen Sid obtained his memories which are also lost in sleep. This is the same process that began to awaken the memories in Lea, but because he returned to the world of being awake as a complete being, he did not recover them all.

Q: So, if Roxas were to be reborn, he wouldn’t remember?

A: That’s not something I can reveal at this time.

Q: Will a future game see those asleep in sadness awake, though?

A: That’s also something I can’t talk about. [laughs] But it would be boring if Yen Sid said “We must awaken them” and then that’s exactly what happened, wouldn’t it?

Q: But Xehanort was awakened in this game, wasn’t he?

A: For Xehanort, yes. As said by his younger self, the Master Xehanort we see at the end of Dream Drop Distance is the Xehanort of the present compared to the Xehanort of the past. It could be said that he was created when Ansem and Xemnas were defeated, as revealed in the secret event contained in Re:coded. Of course, because of the actions of his younger form, Ansem and Xemnas exist at the same time as his human body in Dream Drop Distance, even though they were defeated in other games.

Q: Can you elaborate on the existences of the other Xehanorts, then?

A: In the past, I’ve used the black coat as a way of hiding a face I haven’t designed yet. [laughs] But in this case, I know who they are. Many familiar characters appear among them, and you can even find a hint by looking at the position of their sitting.

Q: And they were gathered by the power to surpass time?

A: Only some. To surpass time, you must first cast off your form, as Xehanort did, which resulted in the Ansem in the brown robe who then passed the power to surpass time on to his self in youth. However, it is not the case that everyone surpasses time. Some, like the Isa who confronted Lea, were gathered from elsewhere. It could be said that the key members, the direct forms of Xehanort himself, were collected from time, but others were obtained through different means.

Q: So far, we’ve seen the human forms of members 1-8 of the old organization. Is it possible the others are among the new hooded members?

A: [laughs] Do you think so?

Q: Xehanort seems to say that Terra is, at least.

A: Are you sure? I left the location of Terra mysterious on purpose. In the secret event of Re:coded, Yen Sid and the King say Terra is the one whose state they don’t know about, and I wanted to recreate that mystery in the players. Never think you know just where everyone is. [laughs]Even if Terra is among the new Organization XIII, is it truly Terra, or a form of Terra from the past? That’s the question I wanted to leave in the players’ mind from that scene.

Q: Speaking of Terra, at the beginning of the game, Braig seems to think that his amnesia was never true. What can we make of this?

A: Well, that’s right. Xehanort never truly lost his memories. He was only pretending. After all, it would be very convenient if he had amnesia but happened to remember the name of “Xehanort.” His manipulation of the apprentices of Ansem the Wise was always deliberate, and so he can be the focus of the rage of Ansem in future titles.

Q: What does Ansem’s data, which was obtained by Riku in this game, contain?

A: I can’t say many details, but the shape of it was very planned from the start. Just like Kairi’s letter in KHII led Riku and Sora out of the ocean of darkness, this letter is meant to lead those asleep in sadness out of their darkness, too. Think about the questions asked to Riku, and I think it will become clear.

Q: If you could leave the players one question to think about for the future, what is it?

A: I would think about Yen Sid’s words in the brand-new secret feature and how they relate to where Kairi is now. The story of her Keyblade is finally about to be revealed, and it’s one I’ve wanted to tell for a very long time, so please look forward to it.

Q: Does the “secret message” unlocked in KH3D relate to Kingdom Hearts III?

A: I’ll leave that to your imagination, but you can trust in the answer you come to.

Q: Would you say the last light from the staff role forms a “III”?

A: I can’t tell the details. But you could say it relates to the secret message.

Q: So far, all the major games in the series have received a Final Mix. Can we expect the same for KH3D?

A: I can’t say for a few years to go, but there are no plans right now. The Osaka team is quite busy as it is. [laughs]

Q: Is the “Birth by Sleep Volume 2” seen in the secret movie of BBS a sequel to the game?

A: I used the phrase “A Fragmentary Passage” there without explaining its meaning. What I mean is, there is a story for a “volume 2” separate from that scene. I can’t say that a game based on those images will never be made, but right now, our plans are for something else.

Q: So, then, was the “mysterious KH title” you mentioned in the past KH3D itself?

A: I really can’t say. We made changes to our titles while producing Dream Drop Distance, and we haven’t resumed that conversation.

Q: Do you have any particular hopes for the future of the series, then?

A: Something we’ve all been wanting to do for a long time is the inclusion of characters from Pixar. I’d love to draw them, but as I talked about before, there are many steps to getting there.
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