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KH3D Chase the Dream Contest Winner Announced!



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Feb 19, 2008


Good afternoon everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the Solo Remix of The World Ends With You, however we have some exciting news for you all. That's right, we are announcing the winner of out Chase the Dream contest.

The winner of the contest is Relix! You can read his entry below:



Lucien – A youth who has every reason to detest the light, shun it, turn his eyes away from its blinding offensive gaze. One would understand so, having lost everything from the world you called home, to the closet “friend” who protected you from all that wished you harm. The darkness swallowed his homeworld whole, taking away his most precious “friend” and even his cherished memory. All that he remembers is that he has a “friend” that he must find, though he does not recall their name or even appearance, an item to return, a key shaped item that the darkness fears, and lastly, his very own name. That same darkness that consumed his world and eats away at his heart is kept at bay by the tiniest glimmer of light, a light that whispers his name “Lucien.”

Awakening in the strange yet welcoming world of Traverse Town, Lucien had yet to walk the path to unlocking the secrets to his memories and, unbeknownst to him at the time, the secrets of the key he now carried. Spending an eternity in solitude in the new strange world, nearly let the boy’s heart give in to despair, loneliness, and sorrow, wishing he could remember just who exactly was he. Slowly yet surely, the welcoming light of those who resided in the town beckoned him, just as this world itself did to his heart upon arriving. After meeting those in the sheltering world’s everlasting night the “lights in the night,” his heart began to soften. Lucien was inspired to seek out what had truly happened to his world, his memories, and this mysterious friend. With his bleach-blond hair trimmed and spiked neatly, his golden eyes full of determination; he set out to the worlds beyond, seeking what he had lost.

A young man whose past is lost to him, Lucien may come off as lost and out-of-place as a result of the hand fate has dealt him. Reluctant to help just anyone who stumbles upon his path, dedicated to reaching his goal as quickly as he can before the darkness overtakes what little memory he has left. However, at the end of the day he will not only end up assisting others but might just make another friend along the way. Feeling the warmth and kindness of more and more hearts, Lucien can feel the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is his past and deepest memories, thawing the icicle so carelessly called his own heart. 

“You cannot understand light without knowing darkness. Despairing in it…being surrounded by it…falling into its deep cold abyss. Only then when you’ve finally found your way out…IF you’ve found your way out, is when the light is at its brightest and its warmest. I want to feel that warmth.”