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KH2 Glitches!

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I must have had a very unique glitch, and this one sucks. (but not as bad as an entire replay of the game :p)
I am unable to find anything in Google about it, surprisingly.
This is in the Final Mix+ version.
I was visiting Twilight Town for the 3rd time, I believe, the first time you can go into the tunnel shortcuts around town. There are a few of Luxord's nobodies in there (cards and dice). I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but I was fighting one of them, and they turned me into a dice, as expected, so I finished the battle as a dice, jumping to attack. The battle ended, and, what's this? I'M STILL A FREAKING DICE!!!
Yeah, I basically couldn't turn back. I think there's a reaction command that you're supposed to do when you're a dice, but it never showed up.
So, I basically fought every nobody in the entire tunnel, trying to die, so I could restart the room. Problem is, Donald and Goofy still had potions left in their possessions from Vexen's fight. So, every time I came close to dying, they healed me. Stupid IDIOTS! THEY'RE AS STUPID AS THEY ARE IN THEIR CARTOONS!! *pant pant* Well, I'll finish. I kept on fighting, well, non-fighting. I didn't attack. But Goofy and Donald did. When all the nobody's where gone, I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get out of this dice form. Well, I ended up having to reset.... and I just fought Vexen... *steams*
Actually, are those nobodies supposed to turn you into a dice, anyways? idk, but that was weird.
Enough on my rant, who likes Sea-Salt Ice Cream?!! ^,^

Edit: Woops I just realized this post's two years old..... That's the second time I've done that... Sry, mods....
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