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KH Themed Mafia Game - Gauging Interest


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Apr 9, 2007
Hi everyone,

I've come across this text based game called "mafia" where people are assigned roles (good or bad), they keep that information away from the other players (good guys cannot communicate via PM with each other), and have to vote someone out based on the way they post during the game. The goal for the good guys is to vote out the bad guys and the bad guys (who can communicate with the other bad players via PM and hence know who is good and bad) to kill all the good guys. The bad guys normally try to trick the other good guys to vote out a good guy, then they can also kill one per game day. The most of the characters have special abilities to help enhance the game (you would PM me if you want to use it or not) and it's applied.

I know that was a horrible explanation of the game, so if you're unfamiliar with the game I can get better rules, but I was interested in running one on here. I would need like 12 or more people interested in playing, so I'm just gauging the interest before I start writing up the game.

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Sep 14, 2006
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This sounds awesome! Count me in! It sounds like a game called “Murder” where the participants are given a plastic knife with the name of someone else one it. They go around “stabbing” each other until there’s only one person left. The only way to be “safe” is to travel in a group or be naked.