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Fanfiction ► KH in Highschool

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Mar 6, 2004
kingdom2917 said:
Well maybe if see this think you can have a few more up tomorrow around 6:30 pacific time? if so that would be awsome considering how awsome this story is.:)
Hey hey hey!!! DONT F**K WITH ME MAN!!!...lol just kidding..im in central time.ANd dont worry, im gonna update...just not a million times in one day.

After the weekend-on Monday-
Before class starts,the studenst are in the room creating mischeid.
Don:throws paper airplane)Ahaha!Were going down down down down!Houston we have a problem!
Johnny:looks at a magazine)...Hello,sweetie,that shirt,those boots,do NOT match.
RIku:-And then he said "Becus you look fruity" and i popped him in the jaw.
Cleo: (giggles)
Yeah Cleo and RIku are goin steady now.
Dexter:uses inhaler)ahehe(snorts)!
Riku;SHUTUP!(kicks his desk)
Dexter:AGh!(falls out of desk).(twitch)
Chelsea:studies) Grrr..Shhhh!
kairi:does homework)
Sora:copies off Kairi's homework)
Sora and kairi spent last nite watching horror movies and eating pizza.
Don: plays with glue)
The teacher comes in and everyone stops what theyre doing.
Fatchot:Goodmorning,class!WHat are you evil little children planning?
Fatchot: Pass out these papers.
Chelsea:yes,ma'am.(gets papers and starts passing them out)
Fatchot:Today we are starting a fund raiser for a feild trip.
The class starts moaning.
Fatchot:Shutup!THIS trip will be fun filled!
Don:Where we going?
Fatchot:To a nerd convention.
They moan louder.
Riku:Were going to Dexter's house?!This sucks!!!
Fatchot:Shutup,RIku!We will learn a great deal!
Chelsea:raises hand)
Fatchot:Yes Chelsea?
Chelsea:What will we be selling?
Fatchot:Choclates.World's finest!...Any questions?
Riku:raises hand)
Riku:...How much does it cost?
Fatchot:3.50 for a buck,and 1 buck for one.
Riku:How many is in a box?
RIku:Huh!Then shouldnt it be like only two dollars?
Cleo:raises hand)
Cleo;What kind of chocolate is it?
Fatchot:Its hersheys!Dutch,white,with almonds,or plain milk chocolate.
Don:raises hand)
Don:WHats the prize for selling the most?
Fatchot:...(gets paper) "The winning student gets a free makeover from Avon."
Don:starts writing down a bunch of fake orders)Im gonna win this!
Fatchot:Now.Everyone shall participate.
RIku:Sike!(writes note "Dont participate.This feild trip is crap!")
Fatchot:For extra credit!
RIku:rips up note and starts ordering chocolate)
Everyone starts writing down orders.
Fatchot:Good.Now shutup.(sist at desk)
Dexter:slowly raises hand)
Fatchot:bangs fists on desk)WHAT?!
Dexter: pants)
Fatchot: Grrrr
Dexter:uses inhaler)WHAAAAAAAT?!(throws a ruler at Dexter's forehead)
Dexter:swallows inahler and starts choking)
Chelsea:Stop being stupid,Dexter!
Dexter:turns blue)
Fatchot: Kid!!!
Dexter:turns purple)
Fatchot: Do you have aquestion?!
Dexter:..How much extra credit do we get?(chokes)
Fatchot: One point!Now get in ur seat!
Riku:What?!I wrote down all these stupid orders for ONE point?!No way!
Fatchot:Go to the office,RIku!
RIku:Fine.Come on,Cleo.(leaves)
Cleo:...(follows Riku out)
Dexter: passes out)

Ya know when I first wrote this fanfic, my readers only got two chapters a day if i was in a good mood...

Super Sonic

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Apr 27, 2004
Gabe,I hate this Story

It made me piss my pants twice,it's too funny,tone it down a bit XD XD XD



Just Surviving
Mar 6, 2004
Super Sonic said:
Gabe,I hate this Story

It made me piss my pants twice,it's too funny,tone it down a bit XD XD XD

Aw daddy is such a flatterer!!!

In the office....
Principal:So!Why are you in here?!
Riku:Becus i yelled out in the middle of class.
Principal:Aha!And why are YOU here?!
Cleo:...I followed him.
Pincipal: Oh!I see!So youre his little skank hoe?!
Principal:So,mr.pimp!Were you and your little hoe getting it on in the classroom?!
Prinicpal:You were,werent you?!Is that why you were screaming?!
Cleo: Man...
Principal: "Oh Cleo!i love you so much!Dont stop!Keep going!" (gets in Cleo's face)You give him your body and let him take advantage of you but the truth is he doesnt love you!youre just his little hoe!
Cleo: Sniff
Principal:WHat now,mr.pimp?!WHat now?!
Riku:Youre one crazy mother-
Principal:Ill let you two off eazy.
Riku:We didnt do anything-
principal:Get out of my office freaks!!!
Riku:... (gets up and leaves)Comeon,Cleo.
Cleo:gets up and follows RIku)
Riku:goes to boys bathroom)Psst!
Cleo:looks in the bathroom)RIku,class is that way!
Riku:i know that.
Cleo:Hurry up!
RIku;Im not using it.
Cleo:Then get outta there before we get caught.
RIku:No,you come in.(takers her hand and pulls her in)
They go in a stall.
Cleo: :D (locks stall)
SO they finally get freaky in the restroom but where is the principal now-
Principal:masturbates) Arrrrrggggggmmmmmh!
AGH!(covers eyes)
Back in the classroom.
Chelsea: passes out papers)
Don:looks at paper)I got a f-!
He gets a pen and uses it to turn the grade to 100 A.
DOn:See Chelsea!(holds paper up) im smart too!
Chelsea:scoffs)Twerp.(passes out papers)
Don:snatches Dexters paper and scribbles all over it)Ha nerd!
Dexter: (weezes)
kairi: passes a note to Sora)
Sora:reads it)
It says "WHats up with Cleo and RIku?"
Sora writes "He told me theyre going out now." and passes it back.
kairi:reads it)WHOA!
kairi:writes on note)
"WHen did that happen?!...They dont seem to be in a relationship.It seems morel ike she's his hoe." and passes it.
Sora:"Thats mean,kairi." passes it)
kairi:reads it)..(balls it up)
Fatchot:SHUTUP!ANd line up for lunch you dumb children!
They line up.
DOn:trips Dexter)Aha!
Dexter:falls and hits head on desk)
Fatchot:gets up)Go to the cafeteria and get ur putred food and sit down!(grabs Dexter's leg)
The class walks down the hallway and Fatchot lingers behind,dragging Dexter.


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Mar 6, 2004
kingdom2917 said:

Love the story, bumping it so that we can get Gabe to post more to the story.
Bump Bump Bump Bum Bump....Bump!

In the cafeteria lunch line-
Riku:Ahaha!Move nerd!Cleo and Riku skip Dexter in line.
Sora:Where ya been Riku?
Riku:No where,man.Why you all in my business?
kairi:Uh-Cleo,your shirt is on backwards.
Cleo:Oh thanks.(pulls arms from sleeves and turns shirt around)
Sora:Nothing...(gets tray)
At the table,everyone stares at Riku and Cleo.
Don:watches Cleo).Coughwhoresarecoolcough-
Chelsea:You coughed on my tray,Don!!!
Sora: plays in food,staring at RIku and cloe)
Chelsea:looks at Cleo)...
Cleo:looks up)...WHats everyone lookin at?Is my shirt on backwards again?
Don:...I dont know what veeryone else is looking at but im looking at a whore!(gives her a thumbs up)
Don:You tell us.Are the rumors true?
Riku:Youre trying to start stuff arent you,Don?
Cleo:What rumors?!
Johnny:I heard you gave Riku a blowjob!
Don:I heard you already f**ked him!
The whole cafeteria turns and looks at her.
Don:But...That makes u a whore.
Chelsea:You could be pregnant-
Riku:snatches Don up by his collar)What me and Cleo do is none of your business so turn your little ass around before i knock it on the ground.
Don:Uh I cant turn around while ure holding me.
RIku:takes Don's head and pushes it into Johnny's tray)Dont get smart with me!
Don's face is shoved n what looks like mashed potatoes.
Riku:come on,CLeo.(goes to door)
Riku:Cleo!Come on!!
Cleo:..(follows RIku)
Johnny:Yup.He's got her under his spell.
Afterschool,by the lockers-
Don:So.Chelsea,wanna come to my house later?
Chelsea:Yeah rite.And you have mashed potatoes in ur hair.
kairi:Got any plans?
SOra:No.Just trying to sell some of this chocolate.
kairi:Well since its Friday,can i come over for dinner?
kairi:I found a lil purple pill in my dinner plate last nite.I think my mom is trying to poisen me.
Sora:Actually,if its purple,it must have been a viagra pill.
Sora:My mom always orders Chinease on Fridays.(puts arm around her)
kairi:That sounds nice.
Dexter:stands on books to reach locker)Ahehehe.
Riku:kicks the books)Nerd.
Dexter:Gasp!(falls in locker)
Cleo:Riku,can you come to my house later?
Cleo;We need to talk.
Riku: Ooh!I know what that means.
Cleo:No.You dont becus weve never done it before.(starts walking)
Riku:hey!(takes her hand)Whats wrong with you?!Is it the whore thing?
Cleo;i have to go get my brother,Riku.(pulls away from him and leaves school)
Riku:...Women and their stupid mood swings.(looks at Dexter)
Riku:..(picks him up out of his locker).(dusts him off and pats his head)
Riku:Later,lil man.(walks out)
Dexter:...(looks for inhaler)
At Sora's house,later-
Kairi:rings doorbell)
S-dad: opens door)You must be kairi.Ive heard many things about you.
kairi:Really?(comes in) Where's Sora?
S-dad:He's cleaning his room.
kairi goes to Sora's bedroom and sneaks up on him.
kairi:jumps on Sora's back)WEEEEEEE!
Sora:WHat the?!(falls)Uh-
kairi:Whats that in ur hand?(grabs his hand)
Sora:Its nothing!
kairi:tries to unball his fist)Lemme see,Sora!(tickles him)
Sora:Agh!Kairi stop it!(squirms)
kairi:Whats in your hand?!
Sora:Its toilet paper-
kairi:takes it)It..Sora,why do you have this?
Sora:No reason.
kairi:Why would you just have a joint in your hand?!
Sora:I..I found it and i noticed it was lit.I was going to throw it away.
kairi: (gets up)Youre lying.I cant tell,your lips are dark.
Sora:My dad hit me in the mouth.
Sora:Why would i lie about this-
kairi:you smoked it didnt you?
Sora:stands up)No!I promise i didnt.(stands up)
kairi:kisses him)
Sora:kisses her back)-
kairi: pushes him)You liar!You DID smoke it!
kairi:I can taste it on your lips!
kairi:Wheres the rest?!
Sora:...(gives her a pack of cigarrettes)
kairi:takes it and walks out)
Sora:Kairi!Kairi,im sorry-
kairi slams the door on her way out.
S-dad:Is that the delivery boy?Tell him not to slam the door,Sora.
Sora:Man!This is just great.(smacks self)Stupid!(plops on bed)
kairi goes home.Meanwhile,at Cleo's place Cleo and Riku are making out on her bed.
Riku:rolls over on top of Cleo and kisses her)
Of course,her little brother is spying on her.
Cleo: pushes against Riku's chest)
Riku:kisses her).(whispers)Take ur shirt off.
RIku:Need some help?
Cleo:Riku,i invited you here so we could talk.Not so we can have sex again.
Riku:Its just kissing.
Cleo: Do you even like me?
RIku:...Yeah of course I do.WHy are you asking me these questions-
Cleo: Do you love me?
Riku:....Cleo,we just got together.
Cleo;i can tell you dont.youre just using me to make kairi jealous.FYI,its not working!
Cleo:What else are you using me for?!Or to satisfy your hormones?!Which one of us is the whore,Riku?!
Riku:smacks her)Shutup!!!
Riku:I told you that i like you,okay?!If you wanna stay my girlfriend, i suggest you not doubt that!Okay?
Riku:Take a nap or something.(gets up and goes to the door)
Riku:Hey,kid.(pats Cloe's head)
Cloe:bites Riku's finger)Get out of my house!you can treat Cleo like that!
Riku;Ow!(hurries out).(throws a rock at Cleo's window)Dont forget to feed your hungry brother!
Cleo:hides under covers and cries)
Cloe:goes up to her)Cleo?
Cleo:Go away,Bugar.
Cleo;wipes tears)

Awwwww Riku made teh lil Cleo cry.And Sora is going to get addicted to drugs and go to the hospital soon. Awwwww-(smacks mouth)..No! I shouldnt have told you all that!(points finger)


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Mar 6, 2004
kingdom2917 said:
:) sounds interesting.
the boner says yes,kingdom.

Meanwhile,on the internet chatroom-
Don:types) "Maybe we could go on a date or something."
Chelsea:types) "Not a chance."
Don:types) "I had a wet dream about you."
Chelsea:types) "Ew.Im leaving this chat room."
Don:types) "No!Dont!I love you!"
Chelsea:types)"Twerp!" (logs off)
In the private chat room-
kairi:types) "You know its bad for you!Why would you even pick it up and lite it?!"
Sora:types) "Kairi i was curious."
kairi:types) "Curiosity killed the cat."
Im tired of saying 'types'
Sora: "It was only one try."
kairi:"Its gonna come back to haunt you."
Sora: "its okay.i promise i wont do it again."
kairi:"You lied to me about it Sora!Why should i believe you?"
Sora: "Kairi please!I lied because i was scared."
kairi:"Im scared too!Smoking is dangerous!"
Sora:"I know,kairi.Im sorry."
Sora:"Im sorry i lied and that i smoked the joint.Can u forgive me?"
kairi:"Will you promise you wont lie again?"
Sora:"I promise."
kairi:"You wont go near drugs anymore?"
Sora:"Cross my heart."
kairi:"Okay.I dont want anything to happen to you.I love you."
Sora:"I love you too,kairi."
Kairi:"maybe i could come over tomorrow.?"
Sora:"We'll have left overs."
kairi:"Sounds good.Goodnite Sora."
Sora:"Goodnite." (looks out window)
kairi:logs off and looks out window)
Sora:blows a kiss at her)
Kairi: ...
Cleo:logs in)...
Johnny: "Hey Cleo."
Cleo:..."Hi Johnny"
Johnny:"Whats up?"
CLeo:..."I think i need to break up with RIku."
Johnny:"i think thats a good idea,hon."
Cleo:"I know."
Johnny:"Well are u okay?!What happened?!"
Cleo:"He hit me!"
Johnny:"Oh you poor dear!"
Cleo:"Maybe the rumors are rite.He doesnt even like me.He likes kairi."
Johnny:"You wait rite there!Im coming over!"
Cleo:"No thats okay!"
Johnny:"Just waut.We'll have so much fun and we can forget about that jerk Riku." (logs off)
Don:"So,Cleo,wanna date?"
Cleo:"Hell no." (logs off)
Dexter: "Ahahaha."
Don:"Shutup,nerd." (logs off)
Johnny knocks on Cleo's door.
Cloe: opens door)...Hi johnny!
Johnny:Hey,Bugar!I brought you a sucker.(gives him a sucker)Have fun with it.(goes to Cleo's bedroom)
...How can we have fun with the sucker?
Cleo: opens bedroom door)...Hi Johnny.(hugs him)
Johnny:hugs her back)now what seems to be the problem,hun?
Cleo:Im sorry that ive been dissing you so much lately.Its just that i was mad becus I used to like you but you were gay so i couldnt be with you and-
Johnny:Its okay.I brought a magazine!You gotta check out the buns on this cutie!
He gets a magazine from his coat pocket and opens it.
Johnny:Look at them!So tight!
CLeo: Youre so horny!
Johnny:Guilty as charged!(changes page)Ooh!
Cleo:Who is that?!(snatches it)
Johnny: Don Juan from Mexico.
Cleo:I bet he's spicy!
Johnny: Ahahaha!
On Saturday-
Dexter:knocks on door)
Dexter has on a fake cast.
Lady: opens door)...
Dexter:Hi.Would you like to buy some chocolate from me?Its for a very important-*weeze) cause at schoool.
Lady: Oh bless ur little heart!Sweetie,of course ill buy from you!Just as cute as you can be!How much does it cost?
Dexter: (weezes)One dollar for one bar.(uses inhaler)
Lady:Ill take 5 dozen sonny.
Lady:Let me help you with that.(takes his order form and his pencil)5 dozen.Yup.
Everyone is out selling chocolate bars.
Riku:knocks on door)
About seven girls open the door.
Girl:Girls!Look!The strippers are here!
The others start squealing.
Girl:WHere's the other one?
Riku:...Just me.
Girl:Okay that works.Come on in!(snatches Riku in the house and slams the door closed)
Riku:Uh.Im selling chocolates-
Girls:Take it off!Take it all off!!!
Riku:... (tosses chocolate on couch and starts taking shirt off)
WOw.Seems like Cleo is the last thing on Riku's mind now.
Cleo:knocks on door)...
R-dad:answers it)Hey!Youre Riku's little girlfriend!Welcome!
Cleo:Hehe.Where is Riku?is he home?
R-dad:Uh no he left.
Cleo: Oh.
R-dad:He said he was going to visit you.
R-dad:Like two hours ago.
Cleo:But i havent seen him all day.
R-dad: Oh.Thats strange.Maybe he changed his mind and forgot to call us.
Cleo: Oh....Well.
R-dad:Yup...Anything else i can do for ya?
Cleo:...Um,you could buy some chocolate from me.
R-dad: Ooh!I loves me some chocolate!(Gets wallet)


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May 12, 2005
A few days ago I was reading this story and in the middle of one of the chapters, the board pooped out on me. So I could finsh till the forum was back on. Well I finaly got to finish it today, I like it so far. Nice job!:D


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Oct 19, 2004
A million miles from everything I've ever known
wow this sounds soooo much like my school......cept for the principle.......but other than that yup its like my school((i dont do anything tho))and of course theres a faggot boy jus like johnny.but theres no teachers pet......and theres alot of people like don.then theres me and my friends who are average people that dont fit in as any charactes here....


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Mar 6, 2004
Waaaaaaaaaa no one knows how to reply to fanfics anymore!!!!!!!
(guys i posted this at a forum where sexual content was allowed...beware the R rated content)

Don:writes a bunch of fake orders)Im going to win dis!
What an idiot.
Don:And im going to be fine as hell!
Yeah rite.
Don:Ladies!Look out for Don-don-don-don-DON!
...no comment.
Don:nose bleeds)...Agh!(runs to bathroom)
Chelsea:rings doorbell)A fat guy named Bob answers the door.
Bob:Grrr(sips beer)WHat?
Chelsea:Would you be interested in buying some-
Bob:I DONT WANT ANY!(slams door)
Chelsea:...Well fine!Youre too FAT to be eating chocolate anyway!
SHe storms off to the next house-
kairi:rings doorbell)
Theres a girl baby sitting about 12 out of control kids.
Girl: opens door)Save me.
Evil little children.
kairi:Hi...You look like you could use some help.
Girl:Help?!Ha!Call the frickin police!!!
kairi:...Wanna buy some chocolate?
They chant "chocolate" over and over.
Girl:Hold on.(closes door)LOOK!SHUTUP!(opens door and snatches a chocolate bar)
Girl:You want it?(tosses it)Fetch!
They run after tha chocolate.
Girl: opens door back up)How much is it?
kairi:A buck for one bar.
Girl:Thats insane.
kairi:I know,gurl.
Girl:WHatever will make them shutup.Ill take ur whole box and just put me in there as Katie,and put me down for fifty.(gives her fifty bucks)Thank you!(slams door)
kairi:theres only thirty in one box!...(writes down orders)I guess il just spend the other twenty shopping!(runs off)
I wonder if that girl knows that chocolate will only make them hyper.
Johnny:knocks on door)Ow!I broke a nail!
A tall dark guy who is naked!-answers the door.
Johnny;Where have you been all my life?!(runs in the house)
Guy:kisses Johnny)
Johnny:takes shirt off)
Guy:closes door)
Johnny:takes pants and undies off)
Guy:tosses Johnny on the couch)
Guy:starts sucking Johnny's wee wee)
Johnny: im a virgin no more!!!
Guy:sucks him harder)
Johnny: Oh god!
Guy:reaches for gun)
Johnny:Ah,keep sucking-
Guy:bites Johnny)
Guy:covers his mouth and holds gun to his head)Dont say a word.
Johnny: (nods head)
Guy:If you tell anybody about this,I swear I will kill you and the person you told.Okay?
Guy:Good.(goes back to sucking him)
The guy continues raping Johnny.(Yes guys can get raped too.)
Sora:knocks on door)This looks like a rich lady's house...She better buy from me too.
A lady in a fancy old time dress opens the door-
Lady:Good evening young man.how may i be of service to you?
Sora:I was hoping you would buy some chocolate from me.Its a buck for one bar.its for a skool feild trip.
Lady:Of course,son.Let me get my purse.Please come in.(holds door open)
Sora:I appreciate it.(comes inside and sits on couch)
Lady:goes into other room to look for purse)
Sora:...(looks around)...Nice place...(looks infront of him)
Theres a table infront of him.The table also has a box of cigarrettes and a lighter on it.
Sora: ...(reaches for the box)...(picks it up)...-
Lady:Here we are-
Sora:quickly puts it in pocket and stands up)How many would you like?
Lady:comes back)Maybe five.
Lady:Five will do.
SOra:Okay.(gets order form)Ill need your name.
Lady:Elizabeth Phillips.(gives him five bucks)
Fancy name.
Sora:writes down orders)Thank you,ma'am.(gives her five chocolate bars)
Lady: Do you have white chocolate?
Sora:gives her an extra bar)
Lady:gets another dollar)
Sora:nO.That ones free.I owe it to you.
Lady:Thank you,young man.have a nice day.(closes door)
Sora:You too.(gets box of cigarrettes and reads it)...I cant believe i just stole that lady's joints...
Sora runs home.


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Mar 6, 2004
kingdom2917 said:
Lol sweet stuff Gabe can't wait for more.
Meanwhile,at Cleo's house-
Cloe:eats chocolate) mmmm
Cleo:dials number)Answer the phone Riku!(dials again)RIKU!!!
Cloe:gets another bar)mmmmm
AN answering machine picks up."Hi this is Riku.Im obviously busy so stop wasting your time calling me."
Cleo: Arg.
Cloe:eats bar)
Cleo:Bugar,you cant just keep eating up all that chocolate!I have to pay for it!
Cleo:How many have you eaten?!
Cloe:...I lost count.
Cleo:Uhg!(plops on couch)
Cloe:Im sorry!(sits beside her)I can pay for it with my allowance.
Cleo:No its okay.
Cloe:Are you okay?
Cleo:Im fine.
Cloe:Its Riku,isnt it?
Cleo:...What do you know about love?
Cloe:Well.(leans head against her)I know that..I love...you.
Cleo:I love you too,Bugar,but im talkin bout being IN love.
Cleo:You got a crush on any of those girls at skool?
Cleo:Good.Love sucks.
Cloe:gives her a chocolate bar)Youll feel alot better.
Cleo: Sigh.(kisses him on the forehead)Why arent you being an annoying brat?
CLoe: Cleo,I have to tell you something.When I told you I loved you,I meant as more than just-
Cleo's phone rings.
Cleo:Hold on!(answers phone)RIku,Ive been calling you all day-
Riku:i know!
Riku is hiding in the bathroom of the house that all those girls were in.
Cleo:Why didnt you answer me?!
Riku:I was a bit tied up at the moment.
Cleo:Where are you?!
1Girl:Riku!Oh RIku!Com back!Were all waiting on you!
2Gril:We want to tip you for your excellent service!(bangs on door)
Cleo:RIku.who is that?!
RIku:uh...some girls im selling chocolate to.
Cleo:What is going on with you,Riku?
Riku:Me?!Im just trying to sell some chocolate-
Girls:Were getting naked for you,Riku!
1Girl:Come out and see!(giggles)
Cleo:Uhhm.(hangs up)...
RIku:Cleo?!CLEO!...Damn.(turns phone off)
Girls:busts down the door)Riku!
...So many naked girls...(covers eyes)I have a girlfriend!Run riku run!
Riku:Uh..One at a time...?
The girls drag him out and...SLAM THE DOOR IN MY FACE!Muthafu*kers...-
Cleo:runs to bedroom and plops on bed crying)
Cloe:...(goes to her bedroom door and looks in the doorway)
Cloe:...SIgh... (stomach fiercely growls).(almost pukes).(runs to bathroom)
Too much chocolate for little Cloe.
Mean while at the mall-
kairi:I want that one.Its the cutest.
Salesman:Buying it for someone?(gets teddybear)
kairi:Yes.My boyfriend.
Salesman:Whats his name?Ill engrave the tag for you.
kairi:His name is Sora.S-O-R-A.
Salesman:Thats a weird name.
kairi:I know.(cuddles teddybear)
The salesman puts the tag on a chain and puts it around the teddy's neck.The tag says "Sora" in cursive.the bear is holding a heart that says "I wub you."
Salesman:There ya go.
kairi:pays him)Thank you. (skips off)
At Sora's house.Sora is locked up in his bedroom.
Sora:gets a cigarrette from the box)...One more time wont hurt.(gets lighter and lites it)
Sora starts to smoke the joint.ooh!Bad boyfriend!
Bad bad bad bad bad bad-


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Aug 8, 2004
Washington State
ooooooo Riku got caught with the nakey girls, Kairi is so sweet to Sora, can't really say the same about him when he lied to her saying he won't smoke, hope he gets caught. :)


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Mar 6, 2004
kingdom2917 said:
ooooooo Riku got caught with the nakey girls, Kairi is so sweet to Sora, can't really say the same about him when he lied to her saying he won't smoke, hope he gets caught. :)
Ahahahahahaha 700 posts!!!!

Kairi goes home to change clothes and then goes to Sora's house to have dinner.
S-dad: opens door)Hi kairi!
S-dad: Dinner should be ready any minute.The wife may be still puttin the fixin's on it.
kairi:Thats okay.i can wait.
S-dad:Come in.
kairi:steps in)Sora in his room?
S-dad:yup.Nice teddybear.
kairi: (goes to Sora's bedroom)
She opens the door and a big cloud of smoke shrouds her.
Sora:exhales smoke)-
kairi:drops teddybear)
Sora: Damn,gurl.you gotta stop sneakin up on me like that.
kairi:clenches fist)Grrr(storms out)
Sora:Baby wait!(gets up and follows her)
Kairi starts walking home.
kairi:walks faster)Lying son of a bi-
sora:grabs her arm)Slow down!
kairi:turns around and smacks him)You lied to me again Sora!
Sora:Whoooooooa!It aint my fault!Im just-
kairi:You told me you wouldnt lie!you told me youd stop!ANd i believed you!Now look at you!youre high!
Sora: Dont be like that-
kairi:I guess i should just ;et you throw your life away!You could die tomorrow,but youll die happy if youre high,rite?!
Sora:Shut the hell up for a minute-
kairi:Im done fussing,Sora!Go back to smoke some more!(runs to house)
Sora: ....What a bitch...(walks home).(trips)WHoa!...(gets up and goes in bedroom)
Sora goes to his room and-
Sora:trips over teddybear)Oop!...(picks up teddy)...man...I messed up...Sigh.
He carries the teddy to bed and lays next to it.
Sora: (puts ciggarrette out and tosses it out the window)
He cuddles the bear and eventually falls asleep.
The next morning..Dexter is selling cookies to the charity commitee.
Nun:Why,hello there little boy-
Dexter:uses inhaler).(pants)
Nun: Do you need to go to the hospital?
Dexter:chuckles)WOuld you like to buy some chocolate from me?(weezes)
Nun:Certainly,how much does it cost?
Dexter: pants)...-
Nun:How...much...does is cost?
Dexter:Its a dollar for every bar.(uses inhaler)
Nun:Stay rite here.ill be back with some money.(leaves)
Dexter:...(gets on rail and slides down it)WEEEEEEE-(falls on face)
His glasses are cracked.
Dexter: picks up glasses)...(trembles).(turns pale)...(cries)...
Nun:comes back)Oh my god!(picks dexter up)you poor poor boy!
Nun:I will take you to the doctor rite away!(tosses Dexter into a basket on her old fashioned bike)Dont worry!(gets on bike)
Nun:rides off)In the name of GOD!!!!!!!!We will make this boy whole!!!
...Whoa...Looks like RIku spent the nite with all those girls.
Riku: ....
The girls are just staring at him.
Riku:...(wakes up).(yawns)...Good morning?
1Girl:Good morning,Riku.We cooked you breakfast.
Riku:Really?WHat time is it?
2girl:looks at watch)Its 11:43 AM.
Riku: Oh crap!(sits up)Where's my cell phone?!WHeres my clothes?!
3girl:Were washing your clothes for you.
Riku: Did you check the pockets first?!There was stuff in my pockets!
3Girl:What stuff?
Riku:My fund raising money,my photos,my wallet,MY CELL PHONE!!!9gets up)
Riku is butt naked.he runs to the washing machine and pulls the door open-
Riku:grabs pants out)My pants are pink!
3Girl:i had to wash other clothes too.
Riku:reaches in pocket and gets cell phone)Agh!(presses buttons)
The cell phone is completely dead.
Phone: X_X
1Girl:smacks 3girl)See what you did?!
3Gril:cries)You can use our phone,RIku!
RIku: (goes to phone and picks it up)
1Girl:smacks 3Girl again)
3Girl:cries harder)
Riku dials his house.
R-dad: picks up phone)Elllllllo!
Riku: Dad,ist me.
R-dad:Well where ya been,son?
RIku:I told you.im at Cleo's house.
R-dad:But she came over here looking for you yesturday.
Riku:We were playing hide and seek..i spent then ite.
R-dad:Well okay.
Riku;im coming home now.
R-dad: okie dokie.Want me to sing the bye bye song for you?
R-dad:Aw comeon,u used to love it when u were little-
R-dad:sings)its once again time for us to say bye,bye,bye,byeeeee!Ill miss you but bye-
Riku:hangs up)
R-dad:Hello?!... (hangs up)
3Girl: puts RIku's pants in the dryer)You cant just leave without ur clothes.
RIku:Watch me.(gets cell phone and goes out the door)
CLoe is at the door.
Riku:What are you 'ewwing' at?!You got one too dont you?
Cloe;WHy are u at my cousin's house naked?!?!?
Riku:Those are your cousins?!
Cloe:Im telling Cleo!(runs)
Riku:No!Dont!....SHit.(throws cell phone at him)You better not tell!
Cloe:You cant treat Cleo this way and get away with it!
Riku:You brat!!!....Sigh!(starts walking home)
A naked man walking down da street...You dont see that much...or do yo?

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