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Fanfiction ► KH III Memories of Friendship ( Story )

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Sep 1, 2005
Well it might take a while to read..
First 4 chapters get boring... after the 4 chapters it starts to light up a little bit.:rolleyes:

KH III Memories of Friendship
just skip to chapter 5... if u want to read chapter 1 then fine.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Memories of Friendship

Chapter 1: Heartless Returns

Sora has been reunited with Riku and Kairi on Destiny Islands….

The Journey still haven’t ended… Their Journey continues…

On a stormy night…

The seas were smashing the rocks of Destiny Islands.

The wind was pounding on the windows heavily.

The Sky was so dark, that you could not see the island where Sora and his friends hang out… Sora, Riku, Kairi was in their homes. Sora went out the door to see what was going on. The winds were perilous, Sora could barely run to the beach. Sora checked knocked on Riku’s door. Riku’s mom answered. “Riku isn’t home now. I think he went to the beach.” Sora struggled against the wind. And he saw Riku, in the water, barely moves an inch. “Riku!” Sora surprisingly yelled. Riku, with his back turned, turns to Sora. And a huge tidal wave came, Sora ran to Riku as fast as he can, but the tidal wave was faster. The wave buried them both into the water. Riku was still standing, he put his hand out for Sora to reach. But the wave was too strong. Sora was washed to shore. But Riku was still standing in the water.

He dived into the water and he shot out of the water like a bullet through water. He landed on the beach on his feet, Riku walked away, then stopped.

“Sora, the Heartless has returned.” “What do you mean?” Sora replied.

“Look at the sea and tell me what you see.” Sora examines the sea carefully.

There were yellow eyes in the sea, glowing. At that very moment, a huge Heartless came out of the water. Once again it was Darkside…But no, not one Darkside, but, three Darksides! Sora gets out his keyblade, and prepares to fight the Heartless.

Chapter 2: Dark Crusader

The three Darkside merges together, and a black sphere was created. A heartless steps out of the black sphere, and Dark Crusader was made.

Sora’s Face raced with a shock. The Dark Crusader looks like a black knight.. Sora turns to Riku, but Riku wasn’t there. Sora looked for Riku, when Sora turned to the Dark Crusader. Riku was destroying it, violently.

Riku ends the battle with a slash through the arm. The Heartless was gone, but as the Dark Crusader was gone. Millions of Shadows swallowed the other island. The Sea was pitch black, it was filled with an army of shadows.

Sora prepared to fighter the shadows. Ten jumped out of the water, attacked Sora. Sora used Strike Raid to pierce the shadows. More heartless jumped out of the water. Sora was already wearing out. As dawn came, Sora was still fighting, the clouds blocked the sun, which made the place seemed like nighttime. No sunlight could get through the clouds. Sora looked at the sea, he still saw the same number of heartless as he did last night. And help came, Riku slashed through the heartless like a harpoon. Sora was breathing heavily from the fighting. As less heartless was in the water, the sun came out. The heartless fled as the light was passing by.

Sora fell asleep on the beach, and Riku was nowhere to be seen…yet…

A few hours later….. Kairi hit Sora in the head to wake him up, “Ow, why did you do that?” “You fell asleep, lazy bum!” “I couldn’t help it! I was up all night fighting.” “Hmm, your keyblade proves it.” Sora yawned and stood up. “Where’s Riku?” “I was going to ask the same thing.” “He was here yesterday.” Sora replied. “Maybe you should go home. Your mom is probably worried about you.” “Thanks, Kairi” And Sora walked home.

Meanwhile, at Hollow Bastion, an unknown speaks “Where did the Heartless come from?” And another unknown speaks “Could it be Axel? Or Xaldin? “It could be someone else we know nothing about.” “Or the Heartless was hiding in a world, and they sprout within the darkness.”

“Let’s ask Roxon.” “Good idea, his dark summoning skills might have to do with the Heartless.” While the two unknowns travel to Midgar, Sora tries to find Riku on a boat. Sora finds something very suspicious on the beach. Riku’s Souleater Sword! Sora picks it up, and rows back to shore.

“Kairi! I found Riku’s Sword!” “Why was it in the sea?” “I dunno.”

Chapter 3: The Darkness Within

Riku’s Darkness was still within him.

But it has not sprouted yet…

Ansem wasn’t gone yet….

Chapter 4: The Door to the Heart of the World.

Riku was found playing on the island that was once swallowed by the Heartless, when Sora got there. Riku was again nowhere to be seen.

Was it an illusion? Or did Riku belong to the darkness once again?

Sora searched the entire Island, the docks, the other side of the Island, the huts, the trees. Everywhere, but the secret place. Sora crawled inside the secret place. Looked everywhere, then he opened the door. The force was so strong that Sora could not stand. He was sucked into the Heart of the World. As he woke up he saw Riku. “Riku!” “Sora, don’t try to stop me from jumping into the vortex. It’s the only way to save Destiny Islands. And do not try jumping in the vortex to follow me. You’ll only get separated again.” Riku jumped into the vortex. Sora’s thoughts raced with yes and no.. ‘Yes, he should jump into the vortex,’ and ‘No, we’ll not get separated again.’

But he chose yes, and jumped into the vortex. Darkness was looming within the colorful vortex. The vortex started to get darker, and darker. The darkness tried to swallow Sora, sending him to the dark abyss. Sora’s Heart remains light. Sora continues to wonder through the dark abyss that has not even the smallest glimmer of light. Many heartless spawned within it, some are harmful, and some are not. Every heartless in the abyss started merging again, and formed 100 Darksides. Sora had no chance of beating them. But instead of the Heartless attacking, they swallowed him into deeper darkness.

Seeking to steal Sora’s Heart. When they started to steal it, The Heartless realized, Sora’s Heart is pure light and it cannot be touched.

Chapter 5: Traverse Town

Sora has been transported to Traverse Town, and started looking for Riku.

He also tried looking for Leon, Yuffie, Cid, and Aerith. But no luck they were back at Hollow Bastion. Sora ran into Donald and Goofy. “Where have you guys been?” asked Sora. “We were going to find you!” Donald replied.

“Wheres the gummi ship, Donald?” Sora asked. “Ummm… Yeah, where is the gummi ship, Donald?” “Don’t look at me! I took Daisy on a date and accidently smashed the gummi ship into Goofy’s Hou-.” “WHAT!! YOU SMASHED THE GUMMI SHIP INTO MY HOUSE?” Goofy yelled “Ah, don’t worry I’m sure you have Geico Insurance!” Donald said expectingly “Uh….No I don’t…” Dead silence for 5 mins… Then Donald said “LETS BUY SOME INSURANCE!” Sora and Goofy agreed. Twenty minutes later… Sora said “Well, we know now ducks cannot buy insurance…”

“*BLEEP* it!” Donald cussed, “GASP! YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSE TO CUSS IN A “E” RATED GAME!” and then Donald said “SCREW THIS I’M GONNA GO AND GET DAISY TO GO MY PARTY!” “YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A PARTY?” “You can’t, ducks only!” Sora and Goofy gets duck costumes “We’re ready to party!” “Ah, screw it, I’m canceling the party..

Chapter 6: Fried DUCK AT A PARTY!!!



Chapter 9: Donald at Hospital

Sora asked the Doctor “ Um, doctor? Is Donald defried yet?” “No.”

Sora looks at Donald, “Yummy, fried Donald..”

Donald weakly opened his mouth to say “Phooey.”

Meanwhile, Goofy was at a comic book shop.

Goofy asked the comic book guy ( From the Simpsons ) “Do you have Superman?”

“Actally, no. The Creator of Marvel Comics came in today and stripped all of the Superman comics up, and I am in poor money! Now if you excuse me,

I have hate mails to read. For now you can get this excellent in mint condition, no fingerprints, no one has ever touched it, by hand, The Adventures of Suckboy and Crapgirl!” “Wow! They suck!” “That is 9900 munny please. “Uh, I’ll pay ya tomorrow! See ya!” And runs away with it!

Comic Book Guy says “COME BACK! THAT IS A EXTREMLY GOOD COMIC BOOK!! COME BACK!! Oh, I’ll just get my machine gun..now…

HAHAHAAHAH! PREPARE TO DIE!” Runs after Goofy with machine gun, “Eh, eh, ehhhh…Out…of…breath…I will…kill him….later…”

Later, at the Hospital, “Er, hey there Donald look at this comic I stole for you!” “Oh BOY! It’s my favorite! Suckboy and Crapgirl!” Goofy smiled and said “Uh, Donald why do you smell like French fires?” “It’s French fries you moron! And I smell like them because you knocked me in the fryer at McDonald!!” “Hey, I ordered a Fried Donald!” Sora interrupted the two “Hey calm down.. anyway.. lets get back on the streets of Traverse Town.”

Meanwhile in Midgar, the two unknowns reach the Shin-Ra HQ. “Wheres Roxon? He’s supposed to be on the 60th floor.” “It’s the 69th, idiot…” As they reach the 69th floor, Roxon with his hood off, turned around and walked towards them.. Roxon had purple hair, with spiky hairs on his forehead and flat hairs on his head. With a grin on his face and purple eyes. With black heartless symbols tattooed on his cheeks. “You needed me?” Roxon asked

“Yes, did you summon the heartless, again? The Dusks were multiplying with the heartless..” “Yes, I did summon the heartless. Ones that will never be gone! The doors have opened once again.” The other unknown summoned his weapon. It was a spear, then his other one, a glove with a blade on it. “You will revive the Organization! If not, I will kill you!”

Roxon laughed “You dare to challenge me with my dark summoning spells?

Bring it on.” Roxon summoned his two shields and summoned a dark crusader.

Meanwhile back at the hospital,

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M GAY?” Sora asked


Goofy tried to interrupt, but Donald immediately said “Oh bring it on gay boy!” “Oh I will!” Both drew their weapons and began to fight. At the end of the battle, Donald was defeated, Sora wins! *Final Fantasy Victory Music* “Phooey.”

Chapter 10: Burning…HAHAH BURN BABY BURN!!!

Sora walks into Goofy and Donald’s Hotel Room, Donald and Goofy were fast asleep on the bed.. Sora quietly walked into their room and went in the wardrobe. Then Sora quickly ran out the door.

The Next Day…. “WHO STOLE MY PANTS!!!??” “Er, Donald… You don’t wear pants… You’re a DUCK!” “Oh, so I was just imagining.. Wait a minute…. WHO STOLE MY CAP???!!” Sora walked in the room and suspiciously said “Uh, not me…Heh heh… Oh screw it, I DID HAHAHHA!” “GIVE THEM BACK TO ME RIGHT NOW, SORA!”

“Ok, on one condition…” “And that is?” “You have to let me drive the gummi ship for 2 months!” “What??!! No way!! The last time you drove the gummi ship, you crashed into a tree and we were stranded on the world for 40 DAYS!!” “Yeah, but I fixed it!” “ALL YOU DID WAS HIT THE ENGINE AND POKED AT IT!! I DID ALL THE FIXING!” “Oh well, I guess King Mickey will fire you for not wearing the cap! HAHA!!” Sora runs out the door, trips over the fence and his face into a mud puddle. While Donald runs out the door, and sees King Mickey, then QUICKLY AND VERY FASTLY RAN INTO HIS ROOM SO FAST HE RAM INTO THE WALL AND HIS FEET WERE ONLY VISIBLE! “Aww man… Goofy help me out here.” “Ok!” Goofy kicks Donald, “PULL ME YOU MORON!”

“Ok!” Goofy pulled Donald’s Leg and he was free. Now to get that cap! Donald ran to where Sora’s Face was jammed into the mud puddle. “ Wa Wu Weeth!” “What?” “Wa Wu Weeth!” “I think he means to pull him out.”

Donald kicks Sora, then pulled him out. “I said ‘I can’t breathe!” “Gimme back my cap!” “Give me control of the Gummi Ship, then.” “Alright, alright!!” Donald gave the keys to the gummi ship, then Sora gave Donald the cap and said “Lets go to Disney Land!” Donald & Goofy: “YAY!”

So Sora drives the Gummi ship, with Donald furious that he found out the cap was just cake… Then a few mins later. Sora and his trio went crashing into hell… Sora had a few words to say, “Well, it’s not my fault hell is bigger than Disney land..”

Chapter 11: D-U-C-K or Riku

A couple of weeks later, when they returned to their Hotel.

Donald: Anyone seen my staff?

Goofy: Uh, maybe you left it in hell.

Sora: Well actually I used it for making repairs on the gummi ship.

Donald: Why would you use wood for the gummi ship?

Sora: Wait, it was wood? Uh oh.

Then a distant BOOM was heard in the distance.

Goofy: What was that?

Sora: Don’t tell me….

They ran outside,

Sora & Donald: GASP!

The Gummi Ship was destroyed.

Sora searched the ruins of the Gummi ship for a book. He found it.

Sora: Ah, here’s the manual….. Oh yeah. It says don’t put wood in the engine or it will explode and release heartless and fart gas.

Goofy: *Sniff* *Sniff* AHHHH! FART GAS everyone cover your nose!

Donald: What nose? I don’t have a nose. I’m a duck what did you expect?

Sora: Awwwwhhh. It smells like Donald’s Pajamas! Oh crap! Heartless!

CRAP CRAP CRAP! Ah I can’t remove my hand to get my keyblade! Donald, you get them!

Donald: Stand back! Trinity Limit!

Sora: NOOOO!! DON’T!!!

Goofy: AHH NO NOT MY MP!!!! IT TAKES AWAY ALL OF OUR MP (mana points) NOOO!!

Donald: too bad, too sad.. I’ve got a elixir, and only 1 for me! HAHA. Trinity Limit!!!


Donald: That’s how you take care of heartless! I’m going to drink the elixir.

Sora:Oh no you don’t!

Donald: Get your hands off it! I have 2 hp left and 0 MP.

Sora: Oh yeah? I got 0.99 HP LEFT and 0 MP left!

Donald: Oh thank you for telling me your hp.

Sora: Oh crap.

Donald: Blizzard!


And Sora becomes a frozen popsicle.

Donald: Elixir! Ah… I feel a lot better.. Full Hp… Full Mp..



Goofy: How come it’s not in your stomach?

Donald: It’s a potion idiot! You pour it on yourself and it goes into your skin!

Goofy: It wasn’t a elixir.. It was a Mega-Elixir!

Donald: Uh oh. No wonder there was Japanese writing above Elixir.

Sora brakes free from the ice. Sora: HAHHA! That was a Mega-Elixir idiot!


Auron jumps in and attacks Donald. Riku jumps in and finishes off Donald.

Chapter 12: New Friends and Enemies

After getting back from the hospital…

And back to Destiny islands…

Back to Twilight town because Sora forgot his belt….

And back to traverse town to eat Chinese food.

When they were done they got a fortune cookie. They opened it

Goofy: “That wasn’t chicken.” 0_0

Donald: “I took a part of your leg for food” 0_0

Sora: “That wasn’t vegetables or fish.” [)_(]


Sora, Donald and Goofy ran out of the diner. And threw up in the alleys.

And back to Destiny Islands… The mayor said that newcomers are coming to the island…

Sora: lets meet the newcomers..

A unknown walked up the hill.

Took off his hood.

Sora: oh man… Axel… no fair..

Rikku come into view..

Sora: hey riku theres your sister.

Riku: 0_0

Two unknowns came into view.

Took off the hood..

Sora: Awwwmm… Larxene and Vexen.. I thought they were dead..

Came into view was a cat.

Sora: BOBBY? O_O

The cat transformed..

Sora: Naw just a freaking tree.

Two boys came into view and got out their ownage weapons.

Sora: O_O! Lets see..Sephiroth… Cloud? GOODY GOODY GUM DROPS =)

Sephiroth and Cloud jumped over Sora.

Sora: I think that’s all of them.

Axel: Hey you son of a-

Sephiroth: WHAT DID U JUST CALL ME? *readys sword*

Axel: O_0 nothiinng.

Cloud: You shouldn’t speak to Sephiroth, Axel. He’s too powerful.

Sephiroth: =D

Rikku: hey riku lets go play ball. *hugs riku*

Riku: x_x HELP ME!

Sora: Sorry no can do..

Chapter 13: (TBC)

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Sep 1, 2005
after meeting the newcomers.... they lived on destiny islands for 2 yrs.. and now....
The struggle of Riku begins...

( Sequel is Project Riku )
Read Project Riku for the continution of this story
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