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Nov 28, 2013
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New RP thread

Hello! Welcome to this thread. As you can see from the title, this rp will be a canon crossover of the popular Kingdom Hearts and Hunger Games franchise. Please read the rules and info below if you wish to join.

This game will take place in Panem, the country in which the original HG trilogy took place. In an effort to let more people join this thread, the number of people who can participate as tributes in the actual games will be increased. There will be 10 districts, and now up to 4 people can(if not enough people join) be on a districts team. The tributes can have any amount of a certain gender(ex. 4 girls). It doesn't have to be equal. The names are selected out of a glass ball containing both gender's names. All tributes must be between 14-18.The districts are:

District 1: Traverse Town
District 2: Destiny Islands
District 3: Twilight Town
District 4: Radiant Garden
District 5: The World that Never Was
District 6: Hollow Bastion
The rest of the districts won't have specific names, because they are full of NPCs to add some fun to the game.
District 7: The garden/farming district
District 8: The textile district
District 9: slave district
District 10: The mine district

1-2 OC's are allowed per team. The rest I would like to be characters from the kingdom hearts game series, such as Sora, Cloud, or Riku

For the OC's, it's first come first serve to make it fair.

Other positions:
Game Maker

Mentors(if you want to be a mentor, please ask)

Rules for this thread:
1.) Basic rules for rp (no text language, god modding, etc.)
2.) You can control multiple characters, just not on the same team.
3.) No Haxxors :3
4.) No inappropriate things please. Younger viewers should feel comfortable to join this thread. Kissing and hugging is okay, and implying things is okay, but we don't want a full detailed description.

NPC tribute info:
The character names will be listed and a few details about them will be listed. Names were completely made up, you can team up or kill them or do whatever really with them. These you can control kind of.

District 7:
Holly- 15, amateur weapon experience, good reflexes, knows basic herbal remedies.
River: 17, no weapon experience, advanced, herbal remedy skills
Clover: 16, good herbal remedy knowledge, no combat exp.
Blake- 18, good combat skills, tall, strong, quiet.

District 8:
Rhea- 16,No weapon experience, very tall, shy and afraid.
Adam- actually 13, pretends and is believed to be 14,pretty strong, lithe, can fight decently with a sword. Determined and practical.
Sarah- Adam's twin sister, shares his characteristics. Very fast, and small.
Reyn-14, average height, basic combat skills. Good sewing skills.

District 9:
Ace-15, Competent combat skills. Very protective of younger sister.
Alex: 14, Very smart, and practical, very high intelligence. Low combat skills.
Jackson-16, tall, likes to goof around, funny, average combat skills, clever.
Angel- Ace's younger sister, very similar to Rue, small, fast, smart.

District 10:
Ryan- 18, average height, sarcastic, witty, average intelligence and basic combat skills
Kai-same as Ryan
Chase- 15,Advanced combat skills, average intelligence, tall, skilled.
Luke- 17, short, fast, good combat skills, clever.

Character Template: You know the drill; fill one of these out and post it below. If it's accepted, your in. Once the roster is filled up, I shall begin the thread.

Weapon experience, favored weapon:
Appearence: (picture is fine)
Bio: (what did they do in their district, occupation, how they lived, family, etc.)

Note: Weapons will be at the cornucopia. Yes, you can use magic, but you can't just grab a keyblade and start shooting everyone with a fira. Instead, everyone will have a sort of metal bracelet around their wrists, similar to a charm bracelet. The magic will be in the form of charms (blizzaga is a snowflake charm for example). The player will hook these on to their bracelets, and then they will be able to use that ability. But, there is a catch. Every time a player uses a spell once, it drains them of some energy, depending on how frequently it is used.

Sponsors: Yes, you can have gifts from sponsors but you cannot make it so they give you everything. They can occasionally give you a bottle of water or something, but they cannot give you charms or weapons.

Chests: Chests filled with extra items (which includes charms and weapons etc.) are placed all around the arena, but are difficult to find.

GameMaker: Phoenix Rising(me)

If you have any other questions, comments concerns pm me or comment below. Thank you and happy Hunger Games!

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