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Fanfiction ► KH ~ Ansem's Twin <3

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Aug 22, 2004
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Chapter 4 ~ Meet, Greet, and Eat?

Leon and Yuffie stand off against Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Just before someone had drawn first blood, Aerith rushes in-between the two parties.

Aerith: Stop! [whispering] Leon, you know she'll be mad at us if we knock them out.
Leon: [whispering] Yeah, yeah... but they deserve it!
Aerith: [whispering] Leon!
Leon: All right.

Leon and Yuffie stand down.

Kairi: [whispering] What do you guys think? Stand down?
Sora: [whispering] I say we kick their butts right now!
Riku: [whispering] Whenever we let you decide, Sora, something goes wrong. Let's stand down. I think we can trust them.

The three stand down in response.

Aerith: Come in and sit down.

Sora and Kairi take a seat on the small couch and Riku stands beside Sora. Aerith sits on the bed and Leon and Yuffie stand on either side of her.

Yuffie: So where did you come from?
Kairi: Destiny Islands, but...
Sora: They've been destroyed.
Riku: Do you know are names too?
Aerith: Oh, sorry. Let me introduce us. I'm Aerith, this is Yuffie, and he's Squall.
Leon: That's Leon...
Aerith: Sorry, Leon.
Yuffie: We're supposed to give you our gummi ship.
Sora: What’s a gummi ship? Food?
Leon: No. It's a ship that allows you to go to other worlds.
Kairi: Sorry about him. He's been hit in the head a few too many times, Riku.
Riku: Not my fault he wanted to fight me.
Yuffie: We never got your names from that lady. Um... what are they?
Kairi: I'm Kairi, this is Sora...
Riku: And I'm Riku. So what about this lady? What was she wearing?
Aerith: Just a white cloak. She came and told us that three 'heroes' would come and that we'd need to lend them our gummi ship so they could fulfill their destinies.
Yuffie: Then she just... disappeared!
Sora: We've met her. She did the same thing to us: Came out of nowhere, talked to us, then disappeared.
Leon: I guess we should tell you where our gummi ship is.
Sora: That would help quite a bit.
Aerith: Cid's holding onto it. He's in the Accessory Shop in the First District.
Kairi: Thanks for the help!
Yuffie: Good luck... with... whatever you're supposed to do!
Sora, Riku, & Kairi: Bye!
Leon, Yuffie, & Aerith: Bye!

Sora, Riku, and Kairi leave the Hotel for the First District. When they enter the Accessory Shop, they notice an older gentleman with a tool belt behind the counter, working with something on the back wall.

Cid: Hello there, what would you like to buy?

He turns around to the sight of three teenagers.

Cid: Oh. You're just a bunch of kids.
Sora: No we're not!
Cid: You run along and play, now.
Kairi: But we're here for...
Cid: You're sweet, girlie, but you should go and play.
Riku: You should've let her finish. We're here for a gummi ship you're holding.
Cid: Thieves, are you? Well you can't have anything. So I recommend that you leave right now.

Cid pulls out a gun from under the counter and cocks it. All three quickly step back.

Riku: We were told by Leon --
Cid: Leon? Why didn't you say so?

Cid lowers his gun out of sight.

Sora, Riku, & Kairi: Whew!
Cid: Are you here for his gummi ship?
Sora: Yea! Food!
Cid: [whispering] He crazy?
Kairi: [whispering] Yep.
Riku: [whispering] Not my fault.
Cid: Let me go find that ship for you. [whispering] Make sure your friend doesn't try to eat anything.

Cid goes into the back room of the shop. Sora, Riku, and Kairi hear an avalanche of noise from the back room, then Cid returns battered and bruised.

Cid: [gasping] I got it. That'll be 10,000 munny.
Sora, Riku, & Kairi: [shouting] What?!
Cid: Ha ha! Just kidding with you. Here you go.

Cid hands Riku the gummi ship.

Sora: Can I eat it?
Cid, Riku, & Kairi: [shouting] No!
Sora: Ah....
Kairi: He he he!

Sora and Kairi say their good-byes to their new friends and prepare to leave. Leon gives last minute instructions to Riku on how to fly the gummi ship while Cid gives Kairi a map of a couple of other worlds beyond Traverse Town.


When I wrote this, I thought that gummi were the size of your hands so you could carry them around (like the navi-g piece the Goofy shows Sora and Donald in Deep Jungle) and they could expand to normal size when you added water or pushed a button or something like that. Just in case you were wondering... I do that a lot.
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Aug 22, 2004
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Chapter 5 ~ Space Isn't a Fun Place

The three heroes begin their journey to every world. In the gummi ship, an argument wages between Sora and the other two.

Sora: Can I drive?
Riku: No. You don’t know how to drive.
Sora: … Can I drive now?
Riku & Kairi: [shouting] No!
Sora: Ugh….

Riku continues to drive the gummi ship when it suddenly trembles.

Kairi: We’re under attack!
Riku: Sora, [thinking] I have to do this, [talking] go man the guns and shoot whatever’s attacking.
Sora: Yea!

Sora walks to the thunder turrets on top of the ship.

Kairi: You better not shoot us down!
Sora: I won't!
Kairi: [thinking] Yeah, right!

Five Heartless ships approach the gummi ship from behind, pass it, and turn inward toward the heroes’ ship.

Riku: Now, Sora!

Sora begins to shoot the Heartless ships, with little difficulty. Four Heartless ships go down, though the last one escapes.

Sora: Oh yeah!
Kairi: We won!
Riku: Not for long...

Twenty-five Heartless ships fly toward them from the front. Suddenly, the gummi ship takes on tremendous speed and passes through the ring of ships.

Kairi: Whoa!
Sora: Awesome!
Riku: Anyone like warp speed?
Kairi: This is nice! [shouting] But we're gonna crash!
Sora: Riku! I thought you said you knew how do drive this thing!
Riku: I only had a five-minute lesson! [thinking] This'll be good.

As the gummi ship begins to crash into another world, Kairi and Sora hold on to each other, Riku attempts to land the ship, and the Heartless ships continue to attack.


That was some serious love, Rebirth. But yeah, the story's about finished. I haven't made it around to typing up the last chapters, but everything up to chapter 24 (the last chapter I posted) is finished.
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Aug 22, 2004
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Now that that's over with, I have the AP Biology Exam tomorrow and the AP Government Exam on Wednesday. So I'll post 2 chapters tomorrow and then cram every little piece of gov't into my lil fried brain on Tuesday night. Please wish me and the thousands of others taking exams much luck!

Lots of <3 to everyone with lil fried brains ;-P


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Aug 22, 2004
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I recently had my hard drive erased, and now I know why I should've kept the edited version! x_x'

EDIT: For the time being, I'm editing my copy of the story. Um... The titles will probably stay. So wait a week and check back here. Since I had the urge to finish it up, it's finally done! It takes a year to write this... That's pretty sad. But now that it's done, I'm changing the action text from the old *(Something; something) style to Actual sentences. type stuff. So I'll do that while my friend bugs me to finish it since she's been wanting to read it for some time. (She probably forgot about it until I recently told her that I finished it. A good, and yet a bad, idea.) But I need to do my summer homework before school starts. So, yeah. That's the low-down on the situation.

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Aug 22, 2004
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Chapter 6 ~ Suckers!

As the gummi ship crashes down, a flash of light gleams behind them and the Heartless vanish, except for a few smoldering ashes. The three see a gate ahead, and Riku pulls back on the wheel, taking the ship out of a nosedive and into the gates of a new world.

Riku: [shouting] We're gonna crash!
Sora & Kairi:AHHHH!

The gummi ship careens into the gate doors, sending the three smashing through the windshield and through the doors cracked open by the ship. They roll to a stop in the Coliseum gates.

Sora:Whoa... What a trip... I think I'm gonna be sick.
Kairi: Where are we?

A tall man in a black robe with blue fire hair appears behind them.

Man: The one and only Coliseum! Nice to meet you.
Riku:Who are you?
Man: You haven't heard of me? Of course not. You haven't been dead yet. It's Hades, lord of the Underworld.
Kairi: Nice to meet you, Hades. We're Kairi, Sora, and Riku.
Hades: Well, well! So it is you! You're famous where I come from.
Sora: What's going on here?
Hades:You don't know?! It's the games! Where all the heroes come together to find out who's the best of them all!
Sora: We're heroes! Can we join?
Hades: Sorry, kid. You need an entry pass to enter.
Riku: Then where do we get one?
Hades: Ooh, sorry. They're sold out, but I happen to have one. And since I'm not entering, I'll let you three have it.

Hades hands Kairi the entry pass, but Riku grabs Kairi's wrist.

Riku: What's the catch?
Hades: There is none, kid. [thinking] Except you're gonna lose. So take it, as my guests and heroes.

Riku lets go of Kairi's wrist. Kairi glances at him for reassurance, so Riku nods at her to continue. Kairi takes the entry pass from Hades.

Hades: Good luck in the games! [thinking] Suckers!

Hades walks off toward the gate, while the three walk towards the lobby.

Sora: Was it me, or did anyone else...
Kairi: Sense a strange vibe?
Riku: We all did. Why would he call us 'heroes?'
Sora: Could he be in cahoots with the white-robe lady?
Riku: Nah. They have different vibes around them, and his seemed kind of evil to me. And hello, stereotype!
Kairi: I have to agree with Riku. Hades seemed a bit too willing to give up this entry pass.
Sora: And the 'dead' thing? I never remember our parents telling us a story with death on the good side.
Riku: Then I guess we'll need to keep an eye out in the games.
Sora & Kairi: Yeah.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi enter the lobby, where they meet a busy satyr.

Satyr: Welcome... to the games?
Riku: We're here to compete.
Satyr: Well, then... where's your entry pass?
Kairi: Right here!

Kairi shows the Satyr their entry pass. He snatches it out of her hand, looks over the document twice, then hands it back, his other hand behind his head looking down.

Satyr: I guess you are here for the games. I'm Phil, if you didn't see my nametag. But, before you can enter, you need to go through the elimination round. Good luck, since some weirdoes signed up.
Sora: Thanks!

Round 1: Sora, Riku, and Kairi vs. Shadows

The three stood ready for the battle when twelve shadows appear out of the floor. Kairi teleports behind the shadows and begins to shoot Fire at four of the shadows. Riku begins to float above the shadows and dives at them, scimitar in front. He rams straight down into them, scimitar penetrating through the shadow, into the floor. Sora dodge rolls straight into a group of shadows. As they jump over onto him, he uses Aerial Spin to destroy them. The battle is quickly over, with Sora, Kairi, and Riku the victors.

Round 2: Sora, Riku, and Kairi vs. Heartless Brigade

As the three prepare to take a quick break, three Shadows form. As Sora charges toward them, a large Heartless appears out of nowhere, and Sora bounces off of it. Then two more of these large Heartless appear out of dark portals. Kairi quickly teleports behind the large bodies and takes quick aim at the shadows, destroying them with a few casts of Fire and a smack with her wand. Sora charges at a large body, attempting to stab it, but the Keyblade bounces right off the Heartless's body. The large body gives a confused look, then jumps into the air, stomping the ground with tremendous force. The force wave from the jump knocks Sora off his feet, but Riku jumps into the air and begins an aerial dive down toward its head, stabbing it. This angers the other two large bodies, and they begin to charge toward Sora and Kairi. Kairi teleports to safety while Sora jumps up and grabs Riku's hand. Riku flies Sora over one of the Heartless, and Sora hammers his Keyblade into the Heartless. Kairi uses her Fire magic on the charging Heartless. Just before the Heartless hits her, Sora dodge rolls over behind it and wipes the large body out. Kairi and Sora hug, while Riku comes back to earth.

Just when they think the trials are over, a blonde haired man with a flowing cape and a long, bandaged sword walks onto the field of battle.


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Aug 22, 2004
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Sorry for the wait... Chapters 7 & 8

The tall blonde man glared at Sora for a quick second.
TBM: [thinking] I'm supposed to fight them? This must be a joke.
Sora: [whispering] We're supposed to fight him? This won't be good.
Kairi: [whispering] Don't worry so much, Sora. Anyway, he's kind of hot!
Riku: [whispering] I thought you liked Sora.
Sora: [whispering angrily] Kairi!
Kairi: [whispering] But I still love you!
Riku: [whispering] ... Okay, okay, now let's concentrate, people! We need to beat that guy. Sora, you distract him. Kairi, you teleport and Fire. I'll dive bomb him. Let’s go!

Round 3: Sora, Riku, and Kairi vs. Cloud

Cloud begins to walk around in a circle along with Sora. Sora watches Cloud carefully, to keep Cloud from watching the others as they attack. Kairi teleports behind Cloud, but when she looks around for Cloud, he is above her. Kairi looks up and screams. Cloud descends upon her, but Sora rolls to her and pushes her out of the way. Sora holds the Keyblade tightly as Cloud pounds his sword into the Keyblade. Riku, noticing the moment, flies low to the ground to hit Cloud, but Cloud notices and uses his sword to move away from Sora and Riku swiftly moves between them. Kairi shoots Fire at Cloud, but he uses his black wing to fly towards Sora. Sora prepares for Cloud to hit him, but Cloud makes an unexpected turn upward, and the Fire hits Sora square in the gut. Sora is sent flying backwards and lies on his side, partially burnt from the attack. Kairi runs over to Sora, but Cloud swoops down and smacks her in the back, and she lays by Sora, unable to fight also. Riku and Cloud face off, both speeding through the air towards one another. With their swords ready, they pass each other at lightning speed, then land gently. Cloud lands, but falls to one knee, with a slash on his arm. Riku, on the other hand, stands tall, but falls onto his side, rolling onto his back, clutching the gash in his side. Kairi heals Sora enough so he can tolerate the burns on his stomach. He stands, then tries to help Kairi stand. With her arm around his shoulders and his arm around her waist, they drag their way over to Riku, then fall to their knees. Cloud begins a slow walk over to the three, lifts his sword, and then shoves it into the arena floor.

Cloud: I'm supposed to kill you.
Sora: [weakly] Then why don't you?
Kairi: [whispering] Sora!
Cloud: For kids, you put up a great fight, so I will spare you. Take this.
Cloud gives the two boys hi-potions and Kairi an elixir as Hades approaches in the distance.
Hades: I thought I told you to kill them. I guess I can let this boy kill all of you instead.
All four hear a growling in the distance. Suddenly a large, black, three-headed dog walks out of the gate.
Hades: I'd like you to meet Cerberus. And dinner is served!
Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Cloud prepare to face Cerberus, the loyal and starving dog of Hades.


As Cerberus stomps out of the gates onto the floor, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Cloud look on in fear. With the ground shaking from the beast, the four friends prepare for the battle from the underworld.

Battle: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Cloud vs. Cerberus

As Cerberus starts off the battle with a fire blast, everyone scatters. Riku leaps over Cerberus and lands on its back, stabbing at its necks. Cerberus, angered by the intruding weapon, turns its right head and bites Riku's scimitar. Kairi casts Fire at the right head, singeing the ears, and the head lets go of the scimitar and spits a fire blast at Kairi. Kairi teleports away, and Sora jumps into the path of the fire blast, aiming it back at Cerberus. All three heads bite the fire blast and destroy it. Then Cerberus rears up, sending Riku flying. When the beast lands, a blast wave moves Sora and Cloud sliding backwards a few feet. Cloud and Sora look at each other, nod, then begin a synchronized Sonic Blade at the two side heads, while Riku uses an aerial version to attack the center head. As the three speed by, Kairi sends three Fires at Cerberus. With the final impact of the magic blast, Cerberus collapses to the ground, whimpering for mercy.

Sora: And that's the power of the Keyblade!
Riku: Whatever... So, what do we do with him?
Kairi: I don't know... he's kind of cute when he's not trying to kill you.
Sora & Riku: Huh?
Sora: What's wrong with you?! He almost turned you into a torch!
Cloud: He has a point, Kairi.
Kairi: He seems lost.
Riku: Maybe we should return him to his owner.
Sora: Sounds good to me!
At the moment, Hercules and Phil rush into the Coliseum.
Hercules: Heard you needed me. Guess I heard wrong.
Phil: You couldn't have done that. That's just impossible!
Sora: Well, we did it!
Riku: With Cloud's help.
Cloud: I needed to repay you for trying to kill you. Hades tricked me into killing you. It's my fault that this happened.
Kairi: It's okay. We're all right. But we still need to do something about Cerberus.
Hercules: I'll send him to Hades, [straining] express.
Hercules picks up the giant dog and hurls him to the gate where Hades stands.
Hades: [thinking] Oh, crud.
Cerberus lands on top of Hades. The two crash through the ground to the Underworld.
Sora: HA HA HA HA HA! Ow!
Kairi slaps Sora over the head.
Kairi: You deserved it.
Sora: Why?
Riku: Because we need to shut the hole.
Lady: I'll take care of that.
The Lady, standing next to the hole, holds out an object with a heart-shaped top and a chain and waves it. The hole shuts, and she pulls the object back under her cloak.
Cloud: Who are you?
Lady: You'll find out, in time, Cloud.
Cloud: [distress] How do you know my name?
Lady: I know all of your names.
Sora: How? And why?
Lady: I cannot tell you, but Cloud, what do you want to say?
Cloud: Oh... I would like it if someone can give me a ride back to Traverse Town.
Sora: Sorry, Cloud, but our ship only has three seats.
Kairi: We could kick Sora out and let you sit with me…
Lady: [sigh] Or I can take you there, but you must promise me not to look into the light.
Cloud: Fine with me. Hades brought me here, so I have no gummi ship to travel with.
Riku: I guess I have no say in the matter.
Lady: He will be fine. You will see him again soon.
Kairi: Where?
Lady: Traverse Town. Come on, Cloud. We'll leave through the keyhole before Sora locks it.
The Lady leads the group into the lobby. As she grabs Cloud's hand, a white light appears at the keyhole, and she leads Cloud into the light. Once the light dims, the keyhole remains. Sora uses the Keyblade and locks it.
Kairi: I guess that's how she got here.
Riku: No doubt.
Sora: Wonder who she is.
Kairi: I guess we need to continue to the next world. I've been wondering. Who destroyed the Heartless ships?
Hercules: That was my father, Zeus.
Kairi: Tell him we said thanks!
Riku: We need to go now. Sorry we can't stay and clean up.
Phil: What? Then who's going to clean up?
Sora: Guess it's you! He he!
Phil: What?! I'm not cleaning up this mess! You made it! Come back here and clean this up right now! I should have known... [muffled]
Hercules puts his hand over Phil's mouth.
Hercules: I'll help him. Don't worry. We'll clean it before the games. But you need to go.
Sora, Riku, & Kairi: Bye!
After a few long battles and another visit from the mysterious Lady, the heroes leave the Coliseum for another world.


Wow... this story is a year old now. And I still haven't posted it all the way through. Curse my procrastination! Oh, and the play I wrote about earlier... it sucked! XD
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Aug 22, 2004
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Chapters 9 & 10

Probably b/c it's been around page 10 for months... XD but that's ok. It's my fault it was so far in the back.
------ ------ ------
------ ------ ------
After a long trip in the gummi ship, the heroes catch sight of another world in the distance.
Sora: What's that?
Kairi: It looks a little big for another Heartless ship.
Sora: Could it be food?
Kairi: [giggles] I guess you're hungry!
Riku: He's always that way.
Sora: It's green! And that means mold.
Kairi: Or trees!
Riku: That's another world!
Sora: Yahoo!
Kairi: Yea!
Riku: [thinking] Not another landing...
As the ship begins is quick descent to the world, Riku cannot find a clearing to safely land, and the bottom of the gummi ship scrapes the tops of the trees.
Kairi: What's happening?
Riku: We're going to crash!
Sora: Not again!
As the gummi ship careens through the trees, branches break off blocks from the ship and the three heroes are split up in the jungle.
Kairi: Where am I? Sora? Riku? Sora?! Where are you?! AHHH!


Sora: Oh... Riku, what kind of driving was that? Riku? Riku?! Kairi?! Hey guys! Huh? Who's there? C'mon, Riku, I know it's you. Riku? Riku? This isn't a joke! Come out Riku! Riku!


Riku: Uh... Where am I? Oh no! The gummi ship! Aw, man! Leon's going to kill me! Wait... is that the engine? No... Then what is it? What is it... This isn't good...


Sora summons his Keyblade and prepares for battle as a tall man with a gun walks out of the bushes.
Man: Well, well. What do we have here? A chicken?
Sora: What!? You're calling me a chicken!? I'm going to show you who's chicken!
Man: Ha! I'll shoot you long before you hit me with that ridiculous weapon.
Sora: It's a Keyblade! Keyblade!
The man cocks gun and aims it toward Sora.
Man: Stop where you are or prepare to die.
Sora: [gulp] Okay.
Sora retracts his Keyblade in fear.
Man: Now follow me.


Riku grabs his scimitar off the ground next to him and slightly floats in case of attack.
Riku: Who's there?
A large, spotted cat leaps out of the bushes toward Riku. Before it pounces, Riku flies into a tree and stands on a branch.
Riku: You're a nice kitty... take this!
Riku dives straight down at the cat, scimitar ready to dissect it. Just before Riku hits the cat, it jumps to the side. Riku hits the ground, his scimitar stuck in the dirt. At the moment, the cat leaps toward Riku, but a man in a cloth sticks his spear into its mouth, stopping the beast in midair.
Riku: Whoa, thanks! Now it's my turn!
As the man throws the cat into the air, Riku smacks it with the side of the scimitar and the cat limps away.
Riku: Oh yeah! Sora couldn't do that!
Man: Sabor...
Riku: Thank you for saving me... um... What's your name?
Man: Me... Tarzan...
Riku: I'm Riku. Can you take me to my friends?
Tarzan: Friends... This way...
At the camp, a party begins to arise from the visitors.
Woman: Hello, Tarzan! And who's this?
Riku: I'm Riku. And your name?
Woman: I'm Jane. I guess you've met Tarzan.
Riku: Yes I have. Have you had another visitor, about the same height, brown hair, carries a Keyblade?
Man: I guess you mean this boy.
The man pokes Sora in the back with his gun.
Sora: Ow! Riku?
Riku: Well... I knew you'd find your way into trouble!
Man: He found his way to me.
Jane: Clayton! You shouldn't treat guests like that.
Clayton: But it was out of self defense. This Sora attacked me.
Sora: You're the one who snuck out of the bushes!
Riku: You were scared, weren't you, Sora?
Sora: No I wasn't!
Riku: You were so scared! Don't lie.
Clayton: He's right... just like a chicken. But the chicken might be a bit more intellectual than you are.
Sora: Hey!
Jane: Alright. That's enough. Now what are you doing here, Sora and Riku?
Tarzan: Riku... Where are friends?...
Sora: Yeah... Where's Kairi?
Jane: We haven't accepted any other visitors other than you two.
Riku: Then Kairi's still out there!
Sora: No! Kairi!
Tarzan: Tarzan... find Kairi...
Jane: Clayton, you should help them.
Clayton: Tarzan knows where your Kairi is. She's with the gorillas. Will you show us the gorillas, Tarzan? Gorillas?
Tarzan thinks about it, then replies with a nod.
Sora: Then let's go! Kairi needs us!
------ ------ ------


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Aug 22, 2004
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Chapters 11 & 12

Tarzan, Clayton, Sora, and Riku walk through the jungle. Tarzan leads, Clayton slashes at the foliage, and Sora and Riku look around for Kairi.

Sora & Riku: Kairi! Kairi! Where are you? Can you hear us?
Clayton: Quit your yelling. She isn't around. But we must hurry to the gorillas before they rip her limb from limb.

Tarzan gives a mean stare back toward Clayton, and continues to lead on through the jungle.

Sora: No! They can't! They wouldn't!
Riku: Relax, Sora. She'll be fine.
Sora: I hope so.

After another half hour of walking and watching the colorful birds, butterflies, and monkeys in the jungle, Tarzan abruptly stops.

Tarzan: Clayton stay here.
Clayton: What? Just before the end of the journey, you ask me to stay put like a common house dog?
Riku: That's what he said.
Clayton: This is an outrage! I demand to continue!
Sora: Maybe he has a reason, Clayton. So just stay put like Tarzan said.
Clayton: Fine! I'll find the gorillas on my own!

Clayton walks off in another direction into the jungle.

Riku: I guess we need to find the gorillas now.

After a few minutes of walking, Tarzan raises his hand to the side and the group stops in its tracks.

Tarzan: Sh...
Riku: [whispering] What is it?
Tarzan: [whispering] This way.

Tarzan points to the left toward a path. They follow it until they come upon cliffs with the sound of rushing water in the background.

Sora: What is that sound?
Riku: Which one? The rushing water or the stomping?

Suddenly, out of the canopy of the jungle, Clayton crashes down through the trees and hovers over the ground.

Clayton: You thought that I wouldn't find out where the gorillas live, did you, Tarzan? And now that I thank you for this useful information, it is time for you to say goodbye forever!

Tarzan rushes toward Clayton, spear in hand. Instead of a direct hit, Tarzan is thrown back by an invisible creature.

Sora: What was that?
Riku: I don't know, but it looks like we have another battle in our hands.

Riku and Sora charge at Clayton, only to be thrown into the cliffs. Tarzan rushes and jumps, but Clayton aims and shoots, skimming Tarzan's left arm. Riku jumps and flies into the canopy for cover, while Sora attempts to dodge the creature's blows. Clayton jumps of of the creature, and attempts to shoot Tarzan again, but in vein. Sora uses Strike Raid and hits the rifle out of Clayton's hands and straight into Tarzan's. Tarzan tosses the gun over the cliff, and into the raging river. The creature, sensing the fear in Clayton's heart, appears for the first time, then rushes and hits Tarzan, knocking him out of the air to collapse on the ground. Sora runs in for a swipe at the giant creature's head, but the creature uses its tail and smacks Sora into a tree, and Sora, a bit winded, collapses and sits at the base of the tree.

Clayton: Ha! You cannot stop the immense power of the Stealth Sneak! Under my control, we are invincible! Ha ha ha ha ha! Wha?!

Out of the canopy, Riku stabs the Stealth Sneak in the neck. The creature gives out a shriek, then begins to collapse. Riku removes his scimitar before it moves. Then Clayton, realizing that Stealth Sneak collapses, runs toward the cliff edge unknowingly. He stops before he runs over the edge, but the Stealth Sneak collapses on top of him, and they both careen over the cliff edge into the raging river. Riku, once he hears the splash, rushes over the Sora and Tarzan.

Riku: Are you two okay?
Sora: Yeah, you chicken! Why did you leave us to battle Clayton?
Riku: I needed a clear shot to hit that Heartless in the back. I was waiting in the trees for the right moment to pounce.
Sora: But you're still a chicken!
Riku: Am not!
Sora: Are too!
Riku: [shouting] Am not!
Sora: [shouting] Are too!
Kairi: So you forgot about me?
Sora & Riku: Kairi!

Sora and Riku rush over to Kairi and give her a warm hug. Riku lets go, and Sora and Kairi stay in their embrace.

Riku: And where have you been?
Kairi: With the gorillas.
Sora: And they didn't tear you apart limb from limb like Clayton said they would?
Kairi: No, silly! I was just playing tag when I heard something splash into the water and I came to investigate.
Sora: So you weren't looking for us?
Kairi: I knew you would find me! I was just waiting for you.
Riku: Well, that leaves on last problem.
Sora & Kairi: What?
Riku: Our ship is totaled.
Sora & Kairi: WHAT?!
Sora: So we're stuck here, forever?!
Riku: I guess so. But while we're here, we should find the keyhole to this place.
Kairi: That's about all we can do.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi walk around and find a cave in the cliffs. They walk in to find little waterfalls everywhere.

Kairi: Wow! This is beautiful!
Sora: Let's climb them!
Riku: First one to the top wins!

With a head start, Riku leads the other two up to another cave. The three walk in cautiously through the path. At the end, they find Tarzan, Jane and a large tree covered in blue butterflies.

Jane: Well, you finally made it. Tarzan came back after the battle at brought me here. He was just about to find you to bring you here.
Kairi: Everything in the jungle is so wonderful!

Kairi walks up to the tree, attempting to touch a butterfly. Suddenly, the butterflies scatter, revealing vines creating the shape of a keyhole.

Riku: Well, I guess we won't see that lady here, will we?
Sora: I guess not. Oh, well. I guess we'll se her in the next world.
Lady: The next world you visit or the world beyond?

Startled, Sora jumps a little into the air, then turns around with his Keyblade extended, the tip touching the lady's throat.

Sora: Oh, it's just you.
Lady: Thank goodness you were no closer to me, or I would have died again.
Riku: So why are you here this time?
Lady: To tell the downfall of Clayton.
Tarzan: Clayton have no heart. No heart, no friends.
Lady: That's why the Stealth Sneak came here. Clayton's heart desired to kill the gorillas and Tarzan, and the Heartless responded.
Sora: Is that it?

She takes out the object she used to shut the hole in the ground in the Coliseum, now revealed as a staff, and hits Sora on the head.

Sora: What was that for?
Lady: You really need to learn when to shut that mouth of yours.
Kairi: [giggles] Bye, lady!
Lady: Goodbye!
Riku: What about our ship?
Lady: You'll see at camp. Just go back to Traverse Town.

Riku gives a smile toward the lady. The keyhole begins to shine a white light and she gracefully steps into the light, disappearing along with it. Sora, with anger, quickly shuts the keyhole. Riku notices a light shining off the ground, and picks up a glowing feather.

Riku: [thinking] Wonder if she dropped this...
Sora: Come on, Riku! We're heading back to camp!
Kairi: Sora! Wait for me! [giggles]

As the day closes, the three finally arrive at camp after running from the waterfall cave back to camp, and find the gummi ship in the same shape as when Cid gave the gummi ship to them. After Sora, Riku, and Kairi wave good-byes to Tarzan, Jane and the gorillas, Riku steers the ship into space, riding back to the first town.


After a long ride for Riku and Kairi and a long nap for Sora, the three finally arrive at Traverse Town. Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith greet the wandering heroes.

Leon: Long time no see.
Yuffie: Yeah. Where have you guys been?
Sora: Just about everywhere! You won't believe the worlds we've seen!
Aerith: Did you remember to lock the keyholes?
Riku: We did. Wasn't that the whole point of the trip?

Cid walks in to join the conversation.

Cid: I hope so.
Yuffie: So why don't you tell us about the worlds?
Kairi: Oh my gosh! We first went to this one world, the Coliseum. We had to battle these fat Heartless and then this really hot guy.
Cloud: Me?
Riku: So you made it back safe and sound?
Kairi: Isn't it obvious?
Leon: Sorry to tell you, but he's taken.
Kairi: What?! No!
Sora: ... So you just forgot about me?
Aerith: No she didn't. She just wanted my man.
Cloud: Enough sidetracking… Have you forgotten any keyholes?
Sora: I don't think so… did we?
Aerith: Didn't some report state that all worlds have a keyhole?
Kairi: What report?
Lady: Ansem's Report. It's a collection of research papers written by Ansem, one of the great researchers from my world. He wrote that every world contains a keyhole to the heart of that world. The report would also tell you much about the Heartless and his work on them. But when the Heartless came to my world, the papers were scattered across all the worlds.
Riku: He worked on the Heartless?
Lady: Yes, and with that work came the Heartless and much destruction. Right now you need to lock another keyhole. I thought this keyhole would be the obvious one.
Sora: Nope. Which one?
Leon: The keyhole to this world. We haven't found it yet, but she thinks that the Heartless here will find it soon, so you need to lock it before the people need to relocate.
Riku: Do you have any clues for us?
Yuffie: I heard the bell tower ringing the other day. Maybe it has to do with the bells.
Lady: You need to ring them three times. Then the keyhole should appear.
Riku: And how do you know that?
Lady: Nevermind how I know. You need to lock the keyhole before the Heartless destroy this world just like mine! [telepathic] Kairi, you have a new spell to use for the upcoming battle.

The lady walks off through the Third District door.

Sora: All right. We're off to ring the bell! The wonderful bell of Town! Umm... Where is the bell?
Aerith: In the Second District. Now hurry!

The three rush up to the bell tower, where Riku rings the bell three times. Kairi spots the rotating panel in the fountain and the keyhole, which appears after the third ring. Sora leaps down the ladder leading the others down to the ground.

Sora: This is going to be a piece of cake!
Kairi: Don't jinx it!
Riku: He already did.

Guard Armor appears out of nowhere and assembles itself between the three heroes and the keyhole.

Sora: Oh yeah! Another battle!

Sora rushes in for the first attack, but the Guard Armor swipes him into the wall with its hand. Riku hovers off the ground and begins to swipe at the left foot. Kairi runs toward Riku and uses Thunder on the foot, which disappears. The Guard Armor, angry for losing its leg, takes its left hand and lowers it upon Kairi. Sora rolls in and uses a quick guard with the Keyblade to save Kairi, who uses Thunder on the hand, which then disappears. Riku glides over to the remaining foot and injects his scimitar straight into it. He pulls the scimitar out and the foot disappears. Kairi teleports onto the right hand, which grabs her. While the hand thrashes Kairi around, she wriggles her arm out of the hand's grip and uses Thunder to destroy the hand. Sora jumps up and snatches Kairi out of the air, putting her down on solid ground. Riku, Sora, and Kairi stand ready as the boy of the Guard Armor changes into a cannon and charges up. Just before the Guard Armor releases its final attack, it disappears. The three now have a clear shot of the Lady's staff while she continues to hold it in the position she attacked with. The staff continues from the heart and chain at the top down to a golden crown attached to the side near the bottom. She then pulls the staff under her cloak, gliding backwards into the white light of the keyhole behind her. Sora walks up and locks the keyhole, saving the world from demise.

Sora: I guess that's how she knew where the keyhole was.
Riku: You forgot that she traveled through the keyholes?
Kairi: Sora, you idiot! [giggles]
Sora: What did I do? Kairi? Riku!?

Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud, and Cid walk into the Second District.

Yuffie: I missed the keyhole? Darn...
Aerith: There are still plenty more to come.
Cloud: I guess I didn't need to help you.
Sora: This battle was way too easy for me!
Riku: That right? I thought you were kissing the wall for half the battle.
Sora: Hey! That didn't happen!
Leon: Yeah, just like Kairi didn't like Cloud.
Kairi: I didn't! He's just so... [dreamily] hot.
Cid: We need to get going, guys. I need to tend the shop, and you three need to head off to the next world.

After a round of good-byes, Sora, Riku, and Kairi leave once again in a new gummi ship specially made by Cid.
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