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Mar 7, 2007
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Once again I'm forced to double post *sigh*
Here's the next chap.. OH! And I decided to do a funny disclaimer type thingymabobber!
Me:I do not own KH, Square and Disney do, I do however, own Serenety..

Serenety:Wait! No one owns me!

Me: Yes I do, watch, do the disclaimer...

Serenety: No


Serenety:Wha! NOOOO anything but that! ViVi does not own Kh, she doesn't own me either little bi--

Me: bah bah bah, I'll make you kiss him.

Riku: YAY! Don't do the disclaimer!

Serenety:Shut up Riku, She owns me and Kishiro, she owns Ataru, and Itaru, all other charicters so far are not hers.


Me:This has gone on long enough, HERE'S THE CHAP!
Chapter umm.. 11? <---YAY FOR BIG TYPING!!!
"What happened back there anyway?" Kishiro asked, gently sitting by Serenety, who was crying on her bed.
"Itaru happened, he just...took...over." Serenety said, gasping after every word, her crying was getting worse.
"It's okay, you di...
"No it's not okay!" Serenety said wiping a tear from her eye.
Wow, if she's crying it must be really bad, she hasn't cried in 3 years! Kishiro thought, hugging Serenety.
"Kairi! A little help?" Kishiro called to the kitchen.
"Okay!" Kairi said walking into the gummi's bedroom.
"We have a little problem..." Kishiro said pointing to a sobbing Serenety. Then she explained everything to her, wich made Serenety cry more.
"Kishiro, I have an idea, bring Riku in here, he'll annoy her so much she'll get so mad she'll forget about being sad." Kairi whispered in Kishiro's ear.
"Okay, that should work." Kishiro said giving her a thumbs up.
" RIKU! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!!!" Kairi yelled.
"Why bring him here?" Serenety said, already starting to get annoyed.
"cause.." Kishiro said giving Serenety a innocent look.
"What?" Riku asked, so they explained everything about what happened, and about their plan. Wich only included Riku so Kairi and Kishiro left.

"Hows it going Serenety?" Riku asked trying to look cool.
"Get, away from me." Serenety said.
"Hey! That was rude!" Riku said, lightly punching her in the arm.
"Watch it ditz." Serenety said.
"What did you call me slob?" Riku said.
"Oh now it's on." Serenety said, wrestling him.
"Aww, is Riku getting beat by a girl?" Serenety said , pinning him to the ground.
"No, Your getting beat by one though...wait...Hey!" Riku said tripping over his own words.
"Nice cover up!" Serenety said laughing, then, in her fit of laughter, she fell on top of Riku, coming an inch from eachothers faces.
"Hey look! Riku and Serenety are making babys!" Sora said walking in. (I got that from fullhearts101's friend's fic, sorry, couldnt resist lol)
Oh my god, Sora, your sick..shut up." Serenety i said, getting off of Riku, her face had the color of a strawberry, Riku's, a cherry.
"Yea, get a friggen life!" Riku yelled, starting to lose the red tint to his face.
"What's going on?" Kairi asked, walking out of the living room.
"Serenety and Riku were being dirty!" Sora said.
"Were not. We were wrestling!" Serenety said said.
"Riiiiiiight." Sora said sarcastacly
"Well, we should leave these 2 love birds alone." Kairi said walking out.
"Were not LOVEBIRDS!" Serenety yelled.

"umm.. Guys? Who's been flying the gummi all this time?" Serenety asked.
"Umm, I thought Sora was supposed too." Riku said looking at Sora who was standing next to him.
"I thought Kishiro was supposed to." Sora said, shrugging his shoulders.
"I thought Kairi was supposed to." Kishiro said.
"I thought Riku was supposed to." Kairi said.
"Oh god! Wait, why haven't we crashed?" Kairi asked.
"Let's check it out." Riku said, walking toward the cockpit. When they opened the door, Serenety gasped to find who was flying the gummi.
Sorry it was so short, but I want to end it on a cliffy! Bwahahahaha! lol, I'm crazy, I know


Mar 27, 2007
That was a great chapter like always Vivi94 keep up the great chapters!


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Mar 7, 2007
Trying to escape the land of idiots and retards
nope, I told him, I could let you see it, but then I'd have to kill you, and as I was writing I hear, "whoa! Chapter 12! Thats alot!" So I hurried and covered it up, but I drew serenety and he saw that before so he takes my note book and flipps through the pages trying to find other chaps and the serenety pics (I normally write it on the computer anyway and that was my first chap EVER in the notebook (wich the chap was in my hand anyway) so HA! lol)


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Mar 7, 2007
Trying to escape the land of idiots and retards
I'm gonna get banned one day for double posting people...

Kishiro:ummm, who does the disclaimer today?
Serenety:Not me!
Me:Yes, your doing the disclaimer, *evily* now...
Serenety: What are you gonna do if I don't?
Me:Your going to die in this chap if you don't
Serenety: you suck. *gasps are heard from the crowd* oh shut up goody two shoes!
Me: hmm, should you die in a fight, a train wreck, or should I just come out randomly in the story and shoot your head off?
Serenety:Fine..Fine, wait! RIKU CAN DO IT!!!
Me: Good idea... Riku!
Sora: Do the disclaimer.
Riku: Your not the boss of me!
Me: No, but I am
Riku: No, Noumora is.
Me: Actually, I bought you until I finish my story.
Riku:Wha... grrr. ViVi94 does not own KH, Disney and Square Enix do, but she does own Serenety, Kishiro, and recently but temporarily me, Itaru, and Ataru.
Sora: Very good, you said a sentance with more than 2 words!
Riku:shut up, on with the story.
Chapter 12
"What are you doing here?" Kishiro asked, ready to summon at a moments notice.
"Just flying, seeing as how you can't do zip around here." The man smirked. (A/N: I bet the suspension of who it is is killing you huh?)
" Itaru, your dead!" Serenety said, drawing her sword, she gave it to Kairi and said "Don't do anything stupid, we all know that you can't fight."
"What! I'll show you!" Kairi said breaking into a run straight for Itaru.
"Kairi, no!" Sora said trying to grab her, but, of coarse, the girl was angry and you know, girl+angry = your-worst-nightmare, so she shruged him off and went straight for Itaru again.
"Stupid girl." Itaru said casting a level 2 spell on her (He never was very good at magic) but he happens to know how to combine magic spells so he did a darkness spell on her (doubles damage) and poison ( Hits multiple times) "There, she should be dead in 24 hours."
"Wha.. Dead." Sora said, taken aback. " The only person thats dead it you!" Sora said, using a different tactic, he used holy magic Serenety had taught him on Itaru and cast reflect on himself, so he wouldn't be hurt by the dark poison tactic. It worked, and Itaru was on the floor.

"How, beaten by a kid." Itaru said, then he had an idea. He grabbed Kishiro's leg and pulled her down with him.
"Let go of me creep!" Kishiro said kicking and punching him.
"Let me leave with my life or she dies." Itaru said with an ever widening grin on his face. He found his ace-in-the-hole and he knew it.
"fine, don't think you'll always get this lucky though." Serenety said giving him her death glare. He walked toward the window, pushed Kishiro toward Serenety and jumped out. They ran to the window to see that Itaru had jumped onhis gummi and flew away.
" I can't believe this! We were so close!" Serenety said.
"Kairi! Are you okay?" Sora said, shaking her awake.
"Wha.. OW!" She said, grabbing her side, and then releasing it to show a black mark.
"Kishiro, can you cure this?" Sora asked with a hopful expression.
"I'm sorry, A white mage cant cure this, the only one that can is a memory witch." Kishiro said shaking her head. "But, there aren't any more left. We might as well start digging the burial."
"Wait, memory witch, like Namine?" Riku said. "She can add new memories and get rid of them! Can she help?"
"I think so, where is she." Kishiro said.
"Well, that's where the problem is." Kairi said. "She happens to be my nobody, they merged with her, like Roxas merged with Sora. "Speaking of, why haven't we seen any lately?"
"I dunno. Oh, I know what can help! The Dellex Stone! It will seperate Namine from you, and Roxas from you!" Kishiro said in a hyper-active tone.
"Really, oh yea, it's at Radient Garden right?" Serenety asked.
"Yea, but where in Radient Garden?" Kishiro asked, thinking.
"Hmmmmm.." Serenety said lost in thought.
" It's at Villans Vale." Riku spoke up. Everyone stared at him. " What, Kishiro's not the only one with a stock pile of seemingly useless trivia."
"Hmm, I guess Sora's back to being the dumb one." Kairi said.
"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!" Sora said giving her the death glare.
"Nothing, nothing..." Kairi said.
"Well we'd better get going." Serenety said. And because Riku was actually helpfull, against Serenety's better judgment, Riku got to fly the gummi.

Where have they landed this time? Find out next Chapter!
(w00t! 200th post!)
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Mar 7, 2007
Trying to escape the land of idiots and retards
Me: YAY! Another disclaimer that if the annoying kid from math class is reading right now he's going to get his butt whooped. *Kid turns away* Thought so punk... (That actually happened in math when I was writing this lol) Now, who will be my next victom err.. I mean announcer?
Kishiro:Oh! Me! Pick me!
Me:It's no fun when you WANT to do it... I'll pick.. SORA!
Sora:What are you gonna do if I don't? Make me kiss Kairi?
Me:No, I'll make you kiss Riku!
Riku: DO THE DISCLAIMER!!! We already have billions of people supporting the "gay SoraxRiku pairings already!
Sora:Fine! ViVi94 doesn't own KH blah blah blah, But she ows everyone else.
Raiden:I'm doing the disclaimer from now on people.
Crowd:Who are you?
Me:That's for me, Raiden, and Mimi to know, and you to find out...
Raiden: Exactly.
Me: Wait.. YES! I don't have to pay people any more!
Serenity:You never paid me!
Me: You never asked...
Raiden: Sure, I'm doing this for my health, whatever.

Chapter 13
" Riku, for the love of god, what is wrong with you!" Kairi said.
"Ummm..ADD?." Riku said scratching his head nervously.
“You said that LAST time!" Kairi yelled.
"Well, at least we're in Radiant garden." Riku said.
" How do you know?" Sora asked.
"This is Villains Vale, it's where Maleficent lives. Old hag." Riku said.
"Great..." Kairi said.
"Who's there!?" A voice like nails on a chalk board said.
"umm us..." Serenity said.
"Who's 'us'?" The voice said.
"Us." Kishiro said.
"Who's US!!" She said starting to get annoyed.
"US, you ditz!" Sora said.
" You know what, tell me or I kill you." She said.
"Us retard!" Riku said, snickering.
"Thats it..." She said coming up to the gummi.
"I said it's us!!!" Kairi said. Then she burst through the door to see everyone with smiles on there faces.
"You." Maleficent said shooting Sora a death glare.
"No, not 'you' US." Serenity said.
"And who would you be." Maleficent asked.
"Your worst nightmare." Serenity said looking proud.
"Oh you little..." Maleficent said casting a spell at her, and Serenity cast reflect, knocking her back.
" Told you." Serenity said, everyone clapped.
"You little..."
"Look, we need the Dellex stone to save Kairi, so give..now." Kishiro said.
"Why should I?" Maleficent asked. Sora ran over and pointed his Keyblade at her.
"Come again?" He said with a smirk.
"Fine here." Maleficent said, giving Sora the stone.
"Thank you. Now leave." Riku said.
"You can't talk to me like that!" Maleficent yelled.
"OUT!!!!" Serenity screamed pushing Maleficent out the door.
"Rude!" Maleficent said stomping to her house.
Thank you!" Serenity waved.
"Now, how does this work?" Kairi said.
"Well you hold it and just think of Namine, and you 2 will separate." Serenity said handing the greenish stone to Kairi. Kairi did as she was told and Namine appeared, then she handed the Dellex stone to Sora.
“I'm back!” Namine said.

Then Sora did what Kairi did,and Roxas appeared.
“Hey guys, god Sora, do you EVER take a shower? I stank in th... NAMINE!” Roxas said running over to her, he tripped and fell on top of her.
“Roxas..Can't...breath,,,” Namine said with her little bit of air she had left.
“oh..sorry.” Roxas blushed, they all laughed at his stupidity.
“Okay, Namine, I need you to touch Kairi's wound right there.” Sora said.
“Okay, don't see how that would...whoa.” She touched it and it went away completely.
“Cool!” Riku said.
“Oh shut up, you knew that would happen ditz.” Serenity said.
“Hey!” Riku said. “That wasn't nice.”
“Nice comeback.”
“Who did your hair? Stevie Wonder?” Riku said.
“At least I'm not getting gray hairs already!” Serenity yelled.
“It's SILVER!!!!”
“Thats it, guys, meeting, except you two.” Sora said, doing an old fashioned baseball huddle. “Look, those two are MEANT for each other! We need to do something.”
“Yea but what?” Kairi asked. Sora had a ever widening grin on his face.
“Can someone explain who the new people are first?” Roxas asked. So Sora explained everything within 5 minutes, weird.
“So, whats the plan?” Kishiro whispered.
Hey Serenity, come here, Riku you too!” Kairi said from the anti magic room.
“What?” They both said walking in at the same time.
“Nothing, BYE!” Kairi said bolting out the door and quickly locking it.
“Okay, what are you doing?” Riku asked.
“Nothing, your going to stay in there for 24 hours, kiss and make up now!” Kairi laughed walking away.
“Your an evil little bi--”
“Lets not lose our G rating now.” ViVi94 said, stepping in the room through a portal.
“Fine!” Serenity pouted.
“Thank you, bye.” ViVi94 said opening a portal.
“No! Take us with you!” Riku said, but by that time the portal was closed.
“Dang, remind me to start a mutiny against her later...” Serenity said.

Meanwhile, Sora and the gang were recruiting for the army.
1. Captain Jack Sparrow
2. Elizabeth
3. Will Turner
4. Sparrows crew
5. Namine
6. Roxas
7. Leon
9. Aeirth
14.Pooh (what he's good for we don't know)

Meanwhile, Serenity and Riku are going through hell.
Sure I USED to like her, but she's too much of a jerk to like right now. So now she bugs the crap out of me. Riku though glaring at Serenity.
Face it dude, you like her.
Do not!
Do too!
Shut up, you don't know what goes on inside my mind.
Hey genius, I AM your mind!
Are not...

Serenity was having a similar argument in her head.
You like him, don't you?
HUH! Did that come out of MY mind? Serenity thought.
Yes, yes it did, got a problem with it?
Yes actually.
God! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the skull.
Yes, yes I did, because someone sleeps on the right side and needs to sleep on the left so I don't get cramps!
Dang... pushy.
Serenity wondered how she could be arguing with her own mind, and how it could possibly get "cramps".

Then a bunch of nobodies of all shapes and sized filled the room.
“Oh crap...” Serenity said trying to cast a spell. “I forgot, I gave my sword to Kairi and my magic doesn't work here! Please tell me you have a sword.”
“I could tell you that, but I think you want the truth don't you?” Riku said. “Which by the way, is, I left it on my bed.”
“Perfect! Just bloody perfect!” Serenity said trying to block a dusk with her arm.
“there's always fist fighting.” Riku said throwing a punch at a Sniper.
“But I'm not good at fist fighting!” Serenity whined. Then as if they forgot about Riku completely and all jumped on Serenity, who was totally defenseless.
“Way to go, tell them you suck. Great idea!” Riku said under his breath, trying his best to get all the nobodies off her. When I got to her she wasn't moving.
“Wake up!” Riku said kicking her. (Romantic isn't it?)
“Owww!” Serenity woke up, but she didn't feel like herself. Then she cast darkness at Riku, wait, I thought I couldn't use spells here..oh well. Wait, why aren't I caring that I'm trying to kill someone? Oh well.

Riku dodged her attack “Whoa what was that abou... huh?” Riku caught a glimpse of Serenity, she had 1 red eye and 1 yellow eye, and a heartless
emblem on her left shoulder. Just great!
“This is fun!” Serenity said in an evil kind of voice, she cast a lightning spell, and Riku dodged again.
“ Serenity, stop!” Riku begged.
“Make me!” She threw a punch at him and Riku blocked, the process continued for a long time.
See dude? You like her, If you didn't, you'd be punching her in the face!
Now is NOT the time!
Oh I think it is.
My god, what a traitor to the cause!

Well, it's about time to go back to the gummies, lets go see how our 2 lovebirds are holding up!” Kairi said, running toward the door, the recruits went into the extra gummies made especially for the recruits.

“Were back!” Kishiro said cheerfully.
“Get away from me! Let me out!” Riku yelled.
“Maybe we should keep them in there for a little longer.” Sora said with an evil grin.
“No, that's just wrong.” Roxas went over to the door and unlocked it, Riku bolted out the door.
“Serenity turned into a heartless!” Riku panted, falling over from exhaustion.
“What!” Kishiro yelled. “Your lucky she hasn't killed anyone yet, so I can reverse it.”
“Okay! Geez!” Sora said.

Then Kishiro cast a Holy spell and she changed back to normal.
“What the hell! Not again!!!” Serenity yelled.
“Remind me to kill you guys later...”Riku shot a death glare at every one.
Then they set sail for the next world.
Alot of people are probably asking, why Serenity? Well, because I bloody well fell like it thats why lol.
consider this long chap a gift for putting up with my 2 short paragraphs :)
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