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Mar 7, 2007
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I'm working on it right now, but I want to go over it tommorow to make sure it isn't cheesy, because my chapters suck when I write them when I'm tired. And as for the sister thing, how does this sound.
White mage/summoner. She could be Serenety's twin, and at first I was going to have Sanami be her sister but I don't think that would be a good idea. (I'm already making a long lost reletive situation later in the story, I'll let you think on that for now.)


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Mar 7, 2007
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Sanami!" Serenety said angrily, running up to her. "Why are you doing this? Every time I ask, you don't answer! Why are you helping Itaru!?"
"Because, he's the one whose going to win this war, Ataru's to weak!" Sanami said casting a firaga spell.
" Having a heart is NOT weakness!" Serenety said casting reflect, the firaga spell jolted back at Sanami, who dodged it within inches of burning her. Sanami had short blue hair, she had a star shaped mark on her face. She was wearing a purple dress with a blue moon to the side. As soon as Serenety was about to call a petrification spell, Sanami disappeared.
"Again?" Serenety yelled at the sky "Why won't you come out and fight! Your are going to face me someday!"
"Serenety!" A girl said running away from a guard. " She ran away again?" She was wearing a pink dress
"Oh, Hi Kishiro,yea, probably to scared like always." Serenety said, punching a guard in the face.
"Hold on, I'll summon Kanna." The girl said, getting out her staff. She whirled it around and a huge Dragon flew to her, it was blue with light blue stripes on the tail and a beautiful design all over her body, it cast blizzaga on the fires and soon they were put out, but everything was ruined by the fire.
* * * * * *

"Kishiro, what's with you and dragons? Every one of your summons are dragons." Serenety said shaking her head.
" No, not all of them." Kishiro replied.
"Oh, sorry, I forgot, ones a furry dragon." Serenety joked.
"It's called a hippogriff, stupid."
"Oh, right." Serenety said. " We'd better go meet the others."
"Okay....... Jerk."
"Freak." This went on the whole way to the castle.
"Great, are defenses are down, no doubt they're going to attack any minute!" Ataru said at the meeting. He was with his 6 advisers.
"Well, when we attack, we should put are mages and summoners in the front lines. Then our catipults, knights and then horsemen at the back." One adviser suggested.
"No, we should put our mages and summoners in the back as a last resort!" Another adviser replied.
"That won't work!We'll lose everyone, then we lose the war!"A third adviser said.
"If we lose the mages and summoners, we lose the war." Another adviser replied.
"Let's just face the simple fact, we're screwed!"
"We are not! We have to win." Ataru said. Meanwhile, Sora, and everyone else were listening in on their conversation.
"Whoa! He sounds like you Sora!" Riku said. " And he's almost as stubborn!"
"Go make out with Serenety Riku!" Sora said, then he got slaped by both Riku and Serenety.
"What the hell's wrong with you!" Serenety said a little to loudly. Then Ataru opened the door.
"Ahh, Serenety, up to your spying tricks again are you?" Ataru said looking annoyed.
"Hey, ummm, I think I can get a whole bunch of people to fight." Sora said. It felt weird talking to him.
"Really?!" Ataru asked.
"Yea! But one problem... idiot over the wrecked my gummi ship!" Sora said, pointing to Riku.
"Hey!" Riku said. Everyone laughed.
"So, what did he do? Forget he was flying and leave the room?" Serenety asked, laughing.
"How did you know!?" Sora asked.
"He actually did that? Weird... Sanami did that once, we were flying our ship, recruting people for the war, crashed right into the palace in agrabah." She said laughing.
"Wait, hold up, I thought you were on different sides. But your recruting for the same side. I'm confused." Kairi said.
" Yeah, whats up?" Riku asked.
"Okay, follow me and I'll tell you everything.
Sorry I couldn't write more. I have to go.
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Mar 7, 2007
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Yeaaa about that... I've been really busy (and waiting for someone to post...) So now I'll post it, and I can't believe how good Im getting at the Jap. name thing.
Chapter 8
In the grand library, by the fire, Serenety started her story. "Sanami and I used to be best friends, but one night she just left, she left a note saying she wasn't working for Ataru anymore. And that was the last time I seen her for a long time, now she's poping up all over. She never told me why she left. But I can tell somethings very wrong about all this."
"Wow, De Ja Vu." Sora said, thinking about what happened before.
"What's your name?" Ataru asked Sora.
"Sora." Sora said looking proud of his own name. Ataru had a shocked look on his face.
"Where did you say you were from?" Ataru asked.
"Destiny islands." Sora said.
" I hope you don't mind my asking this but, do you have a dad?"
"No, he... died when I was 3, a tidal wave took him." Sora said looking down.
"Wow, uhh, what's your last name?" Ataru asked. I must sound stupid asking all these personal questions.
"uhh, Utazaki." Sora said. Why is he asking me all these personal questions?
"Sora... I.. I think your my son."
"Wh..What." Kairi said looking astonished.
"This is making my head hurt!" Riku said, rubbing his forehead.
Sora's mouth gaped open."What is wrong with you, is this some kind of a sick joke."
"No, how's Riku doing?" Ataru asked. If he doesn't know who Riku is, then he isn't him.
"Right here." Riku said.
"Oh, the idiot who wrecked the gummi." Ataru said shaking his head. Everyone laughed except for Sora, who now looked like a ghost.
"Wait, my dads name was Atarunata." Sora said, trying to figure this out. He knows who Riku is?
"Yea, that was my origianal name, but I changed it because Ataru sounds cooler." Everyone rolled their eyes.
"You, know, it's amazing he isn't crying right now..." Riku said, kind of joking but not. (baisicly being the complicated individual that he is) :rolleyes:
"Whats that supposed to mean." Sora said shooting a death stare at Riku.
"Oh which explaination should I use, I have about 42 to pick from."
"Riku, don't start..." Kairi said.
"I'll start if I want to!"
"Hey Riku, no ones flying the gummi." Serenety said, laughing.
"Oh cra... hey, don't trick me, the gummi's on auto pilot." Riku said, looking proud.
"Uhh Riku. you broke the gummi...remember?" Kairi said.
"And I always thought Sora was the dumb one... well okay, he IS dumb, but Riku's dumbER." Serenety said.They went on like that for a while, hiding their shock.

Ataru couldn't help recruit because he had to stay and fight incase Itaru showed up.After some thought, Sora stopped dead in his tracks.
"Oh my god, Itaru has to be my Uncle!"


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Mar 7, 2007
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Why are you the only one reading! lol oh well Im bored might as well start now.
Chapter 9
"Okay... so your uncle is a freak trying to take over kingdom hearts, and your a freak trying to protect it, weird."Kairi joked.
"Dang! Serenety's rubbing off on you!" Sora said, his eyes narrowing.
"Yes I am! But seriously, aren't you the LEAST bit freaked by all this?" Serenety asked.
"Duh! I'm sure everyone is." Sora said walking on the gummi Ataru gave them, he gave them 10 in all, each with their own driver.
"So, am I driving?" Riku asked with a stupid smile.
"NO!" Everyone said in at the same time.
"Fine, god!" Riku said rolling his eyes.
"Wow, Ataru gave us a 5 star gummi!" Sora said.
"He always said if he had a kid he'd spoil him to death, and now that he has one, I guess he wasn't kidding." Kishiro said, looking around at the gold chandleres (sp?).
"No kidding." Kairi said.
"I'm starting to like your dad!" Riku said looking at the huge beds.
"Okay, whose driving?" Kairi said. Riku was about to raise his hand but everyone gave him a death glare and he quickly put it down.
"I got an A on my flying exam." Kishiro said absent mindedly.
"Okay, better than any of us can do, your the new pilot, wait, wern't we supposed to get a personal pilot?" Serenety asked.
"Yea, but he got sick, so were stuck doing our own flying. And you got a C on your flying exam, so you'll work the night shift." Kishiro said to Serenety.
"Are you def woman?! I said because you got a C on the flying exam." Kishiro said shaking her head.
"I guess I should go to sleep then." Serenety said grumpily.
"I'm tired too, I'm gonna go to sleep early."Kairi said going to the girls bedroom.
"I better take off." Kishiro said, going to steering wheel.
"I'm gonna make dinner." Sora said.
"No your not, not after the hamburger fiasco, i'll cook." Riku said.
"You don't have the attention span to cook."
"I'm cooking and that's that!"
"Your not cooking Riku!" Serenety yelled from the other room.
"Yes sir!" Riku said walking away.

about an hour later, Riku had an idea, a very bad idea, but an idea all the same, he krept into the girls bedroom, went to serenetys dresser and started going through Serenety's uhh.. personal belongings. And of coarse Serenety woke up to all the noise. Oh my god, that's low, I'll show him... and quietly, She cast a fire spell on Riku's hair.
"Oh crap!" Riku said running to the bathroom to wash out his hair. Serenety laughed untill she cried.
"Wh..What happened?" Kairi asked just waking up.
"Riku was going through my dresser, I caught him, and set his hair on fire." Serenety said casually.
"That's mean... I like it!" Kairi said laughing.
"And before you ask, that fire wont do anything but cause him extream pain, I learned that." Serenety said walking toward the boys bedroom. "Follow me."
"Watch this." Serenety put Leaches in Rikus bed.
"Uhh, are you sure thats Rikus bed?" Kairi asked.
"Yea, it has his barney blanket on it." Serenety said laughing.
" Right."Kairi said.
"Guys, time for dinner." Sora yelled from the kitchen. He made steak and potatoes.
"Where'd you learn to cook like that?" Riku said after he finished.
"From having to cook for my mom all the time."

"Were landing!" Kishiro said as he landed in Port Royal.
Poll: Who wants Serenety to like Riku at the end?


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Mar 7, 2007
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Chapter 10
"I wonder how Jack's doing." Kishiro said thoughtfully.
"You know Jack?" Sora said, suprised.
"You know him too? And yea, I beat him up good!" Serenety said laughing.
"What happened?" Kairi asked, Riku was in a corner trying to hide from Serenety.
"He got drunk, and kissed her, she slapped him and before she could do real damage he sailed off on his ship." Kishiro said matter-of-factly.
"Ahh, I see, makes enough sense." Sora said nodding his head. Then they got out on the dock.

"Thief! Stop! Thief!" A towns woman said chasing Jack.
"Hi Sora! Bye Sora!" Jack said running. Serenety grabbed Jacks shirt collar and yanked him back.
"Remeber me?" Serenety said with an evil smile.
"Oh god! Sora run, she'll kill you!"
"Jack... she's my friend, she is NOT going to kill me." Sora said punching him in the arm playfully.
"This... this...THING has friends!" Jack asked.
"Hey! I finally caught you thief! It's the brig for you!" The old hag lady said.
"Wait! How much is his bail?" Sora asked.
"5,000 munny, why you would waste your time on him I don't know."
" We'll pay it." Riku offered, handing her 5,000 munny.
"See, now you went and made us broke!" Kairi said.
"Thanks, now whats the catch?" Jack asked, ignoring Kairi's statement.
" We want you to recruit in our army." Kishiro said.
"I see no profit in it for me." Jack said folding his arms.
"Oh there's profit, you come or I send you strait to Davy Jones!" Serenety said shaking her fist.
"Okay okay, I'll go." Jack said backing away.
"Wheres Will and Elizabeth?" Sora asked.
"They're on their honeymoon. They'll be back tomorrow morning."
"Okay, then we'll wait for them and we leave as soon as they get back."

"This is the perfect chance to take control of Serenety, today is the day she is at her weakest, she can't fight off Sanami's spells." Itaru said to his councle. " Sanami!" He yelled.
"Comming master!" Sanami said running in the room.
"I have a job for you, take control of Serenety and make her Kill everything she sees." Itaru told her.
"No! Please don't make me do this!" Sanami pleaded.
"Do it or.."
"I know." Sanami said. "I'll do it."
"Okay we're going to bed." Kishiro said, and everyone went to bed, but since Serenety wasn't tired she took a walk. Kill everyone an voice in her head said.
Suddenly she didn't have control over herself, she started burning down housed, freezing people, trapping them in their homes.
Whats going on! Why are you doing this?! She thought to the voice.
Your killing people, thats whats going on, and Im doing it because its fun.
"Serenety! Whats going on?" Kishiro asked running up to her.
Kishiro! Run, it's not safe! Serenety tried to say, but nothing came out.

Then she finally said "run, you'll get hurt!"
"Whatever it is, I can take it!" Kishiro said. She can't take me, what am I going to do? Serenety thought. Then she was forced to throw a fireball at her, it hit her and she fell to the ground.
"No!" Serenety said, her eyes glittery with tears.
Your gaining more control, you shouldn't be able to talk right now! The voice said. You've obviously underestimated me then. Who are you!? Serenety asked the voice. Starts with an I. The voice said. Itaru! By this time Itaru lost all control.
"It's over." Serenety said, then she passed out on the cold ground.

She woke up later to find her in her bed.. and eww, Riku in the chair by it.
"What are you doing here?!" Serenety yelled.
"Nothing." Riku said.
"Out!" Serenety yelled pointing toward the door.
"Rude, thats no way to talk to the person that saved your life."
"What?" Serenety eyed him suspiciously.
"Yea, after the leech incident, I got up screaming and I seen the fire, I ran over there and seen you and Kishiro..."
"How is she!" Serenety blurted out.
"Ohh, she's fine, there's a nasty burn on her arm though, anyway, you and Kishiro passed out, so I took you back here."
"Well I guess I owe you an apology and a thank you, sorry, thank you, out." Serenety said in a hurry.
"Geez, rude!" Riku said walking away. After a while Serenety got up and went into the gummi's living room. Where she saw Kairi treat Kishiros burn.
"Are you okay?" Serenety asked, giving her a warm hug.
"Yea, I'm fine, are you?" Kishiro asked.
" I'm fine." Serenety said."Umm, how many people died in that fire?"
"About 68." Riku said, walking in clumsily.
"Ohh god, I think I need to go lay down again." Serenety said, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach.
"I'll go with." Kishiro said, running after her into her room.
Yay, I had time to write today.

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Apr 17, 2007
Thanx for your stories, there awesome, you put a lot of work into it, i bet. Thx alot!!! :thumbup:


Mar 27, 2007
Great stories I have loved them all so far I can tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into them great job!
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