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Mar 7, 2007
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I'm sorry it took so long! I'm like my parents baby sitter, they'll have me watch my baby sis for no reason. Oh and in advance, any romantic part in any part of my story might seem weird because I spent 20 minutes on 1 part just thinking about if I'm going to far with it or if there isn't enough romance so umm.. yea.
Chapter 5: The rescue
"So how are we gonna do this?" Sora asked. They were all behind the big rock.
"Okay, first I do an invisibility spell, which will probably only hold out for 10 seconds." Serenety said. how'd I get dragged into this anyway
" 10 seconds! I thought you were a good magician!" Sora said great, she can kill everything in her path but she can't do an invisibility spell..
"1. I prefere the term mage, 2. Don't mess with me, all I have to do is snap my fingers and your dead." Serenety snaped, she would never kill anyone just because she was upset but he didn't have to know that.
"Serenety, calm down, we don't need a fight." Riku said, backing away. Da Ja Vu
"Shut up Riku..." Serenety said glaring at him.
"Okay." Riku said backing away farther.
"Come on lets go." Sora said, annoyed.
"Yea, then I can leave." Serenety said.
"She's getting a little too apset over this if you ask me." Sora whispered to Riku. "Ask her whats wrong."
"What, I'd rather live!" Riku said a little too loudly.
"I could hear every word you said. I'll let Ataru tell you most of it then I'll explain things." She said walking away. " Don't tell me im doing this by myself."
"Oh! Coming." Sora and Riku said, as soon as they said that Serenety cast the spell and broke into a run, Sora and Riku followed. As soon as they got in the middle of the town the spell wore off.
"Hey you!" A guard barked running after them.
"Run!" Sora said.
"This way!" Serenety said pointing to a metal door. They all ran for it and just avoiding the guard they closed the door and locked it.
"So, how'd you know where the prison cell was?" Riku asked.
"Look, if I had a dollor for ever time I went on a rescue mission, I'd be able to bribe all the people here to comit suicide, then we wouldn't have to deal with this." Serenety joked.
"Follow me." Serenety said She opened another door and a guard was right there.
"You!" The guard said ready to shoot Serenety. But before he pulled the trigger, Serenety punched him in the face and he was knocked clean out.
"Whoa! I thought you were a magicia.... mage!" Sora said remembering that she was edgy when anyone called her that, once she hit Riku on the head saying "Magicians are freaks who pull rabbits out of little hats! Im a mage!"
"All mages aren't weak, I went to warrior school at 4 too, I used to take magic in the morning and fighting at night." Serenety said. "untill I took magic full time because I ranked top in my class at both, except I had a little problems with some simple magic, hence the invisibility magic."
"Wow, lets keep moving." Sora said. "How many hours do you go to school?"
"When I took both classes, I went until 5:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night. Now I go from 5:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the after noon.
"Wow... again." Sora said, everyone laughed.
"Okay this is the last room." She said walking into the 3rd room.
"Get away from me creep! I mean it!" Sora and Riku turned to see Kairi. They ran over to her cell to see a perv running after her.
"Kairi!" Sora yelled.
"Sora! Get me out of here!" Kairi yelled still running.
"Serenety?" Riku asked. He didn't have to finish his sentance. She snapped her fingers and the bars dissapeared and Kairi ran behind Sora.
"Get him!" Kairi yelled.
" Your gonna wish you were dead by the time I'm finished with you!" Sora said. "Riku hold him down!"
" You know I get a decent hit too right?" Riku said holding the perv down.
"What am I a punching bag?" John asked with a smug look on his face.
"Yea." Sora said punching him in the face.
"Owwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!" John screamed, " You chiped my tooth!"
"Shut up" Riku said giving him another punch to the face.
"Okay lets go I'm done." Sora said.
"Wait, this looks fun!" Serenety said punching him, but this time he got knocked into the wall.
"Oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it stop!" John yelled
"I would ask you how you did that but every time we do you give us a long answer, so I'm not even gonna ask." Riku said grinning. This girl is awesome!
"Too bad, cause im giving an answer, I used magic to send the jerk flying, oh and don't worry, I'll give you the long version later."
"What!" Riku yelled. Everyone was laughing.
"Hey Kairi you okay?" Sora asked looking back at Kairi.
"Yea." Kairi said nodding her head.
"Good." Sora said smiling.
"No ones out of the wood yet guys." Serenety said.
"Okay, Kairi I'm gonna do a invisibilty spell and as soon as I do, you run! I'm not that good at it yet so it will only last 10 seconds."
"Okay." Kairi said nodding.
"Ready, GO!" Serenety said casting the spell, everyone ran as fast as they could. And they passed the gate guards 5 feet and the spell wore off. They all kept running, being chased by 3 men. Serenety laughed at then and ran faster.
" Wait, why didn't I think of this before!" She said casting haste on everyone. They lost them within 10 seconds.
"Come on guys, I want you to meet the boss." Serenety said, pointing to their base.
Sorry It took so long, I started writing at five o'clock! But I had to play maid/slave today. lol


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Mar 7, 2007
Trying to escape the land of idiots and retards
Thank god! I thought everyone gave up on me because of the last chapter, I'll write it on my word pad and fix everything in the morning because It's ten o'clock and I don't want the chapter to end up like the last one. And my spring break just started so I should have plenty of time tommorow.


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Jun 26, 2006
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Thank god! I thought everyone gave up on me because of the last chapter, I'll write it on my word pad and fix everything in the morning because It's ten o'clock and I don't want the chapter to end up like the last one. And my spring break just started so I should have plenty of time tommorow.

Sorry if you thought that... I read the chapter and was about to post but then my mom said I had to go to bed because of school and I ended up forgetting.... sorry:blush: by the way great chapter!!!:thumbsup:


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Mar 7, 2007
Trying to escape the land of idiots and retards
Okay, chapter uhh *checks to see what chapter this is* ahh yes 6 is coming right up.
Chapter 6:
"Whose your boss anyway?" Sora asked tring to keep up with her.
"Ataru, he's the best Keyblade master ever!" Serenety said.
"I could beat him up if I wanted to." Sora mumbled. Serenety started laughing her head off.
"Yea right, The only thing I can beat him in is a sorcery contenst, and if he wanted, he could get rid of me before I could cast anything."
"I find that hard to believe." Riku said trying to suck up.
"Riku, stop sucking up." Kairi said laughing.
"Wha.. Im not I mean, shut up!" Riku said tripping over himself.
"Kairi," Serenety whispered. "Watch this!" She said putting one of her long legs in front of Riku, making him trip.
"Crap why does everyone always pick on me!?" Riku asked.
"Because it's fun!" Sora said laughing.

"Whoa, were here already?" Serenety asked, with a suprised look on her face. The camp looked simalar to Raidiant Garden, in the center was a huge white castle with houses and training camps around it.
"Hi Serenety!" A young guard said "Who are they?" The guard asked pointing to Sora, Riku and Kairi.
"Hi Rizu! They're just some friends." Serenety said,
"Rizu! Get back to work!" A much older guarded barked.
"Y-yes s-sir! Bye Serenety!" Rizu said running back to his post.
"Who's that?" Kairi asked walking toward the castle gates
" My friend, he went to wizarding school with me, he was second best in the class." Serenety said.
"Do you have a crush on him?" Kairi asked laughing.
"Wha.. NO!" Serenety yelled.

After her incredibly long speech, they finally arrived. The guards let them through and they went to the extravagant throne room. Then they saw a 4 foot midget with big, round ears sitting at the table in the center of the room
"King Mickey!" Sora said running up to the tabe. They'd actually forgotten all about The King with all the trauma of the day.
"Hiya fellas!" Mickey said getting up from his chair "What took ya so long?"
"The fact that are lives have been hell on earth for the past 5 days." Riku said.
"Yea, So, I see you didn't break anything up yet." Riku said.
"Well, yea, I was going to tell you..."
"Tell us what?" Sora asked. If this was just a big waste of time...
"I'm helpin Ataru now, I looked into it and Itaru's really bad." King Mickey said.
"Let me guess, another freak trying to take over kingdom hearts?" Kairi guessed.
"Bingo!" Serenety said.
"Wait, who's Itaru?" Riku asked.
"Ataru's Brother, right now there taking little sibling squabbles to a whole new level." Serenety said.
"Oh, where is Ataru anyway?" Riku asked. Just as he asked the tall doors swung open.
"Mickey! Itarus soldiers are outside Burning everything down!" Ataru said.
"Come on guys, we gotta hurry!" Mickey said bolting out the door.
"But.. I don't have a weapon!" Kairi said.
"Here, you can borrow my sword, I don't use it anyway." Serenety said handing Kairi the sword.
"Thanks." She said running after the others.

"Oh my god! This is worse than I thought." Serenety said, when she got there, everything was on fire. She and the other mages cast water to put out all the fires theyt coming.
"How are the fires spreading so quickly!" Sora asked.
"I think I know why, Sanami's casting fire spell's just as quickly as we're casting water spells." Serenety said.
"Wait, who's Sanami?" Riku asked.
"Another mage, she's the best in Itaru's Base." Serenety said. "I'll take care of her." Then she left to look for the mage.
Sorry it took so long, I had to watch my little sis all day (again)


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Mar 7, 2007
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You may have spelt 'contest' wrong
What? It was a typo. Oh and before you make fun of my typo's, make sure you put a period at the end of your sentance.
p.s:: can serenity have a sister
I'll think about it.
Great keep it up AMBUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Don't call me that, or I'm not letting you borrow my Kingdom Hearts games anymore.
yay great chapter... it didn't take that long... trust me my chapters take longer...anywaycan't wait for the next chapter!!!
I mean It took me 6 hours just to write it, because I had to yell at my sis for breaking stuff every 2 minutes. lol.
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