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Mar 7, 2007
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Chapter 1:Mickeys note

"Again? When am I gonna get a break, I already saved the universe twice!" Sora said as he read the letter King Mickey had written them.
Dear Sora and co.,
Hiya fellas! Look I have some bad news, two very powerful keybladers are at war and they're gatherin' all the people they can find to help em', you need to help me break this up, it seems impossible, but, well lets just say I have a bad fellin' about this...
I'm sorry to keep you from your vacation, but I wouldn't ask you guys if I thought I could handle it alone, and Donald and Goofy are on castle duty while im gone. So wadaya say? The maps' on the back. bye!

"Your leaving again?" Kairi asked, she didn't want him to go, not again. It was 3 months after they defeated Xemnas. It scared her to think that Sora and Riku
might not have been able to come back, and that she'd
be alone again.
"I guess I have to, come on Riku, we'd better pack, it'll be a long trip." Sora walked to his hut. The word long echoed in Kairis head, how long would "long" be.
"I'm going with you." Kairi said softly at first, she was scared, she didn't want to go to a war, but she didn't
want to stay home either.
"I'm going with you."Kairi interupted.
"No your not, you'll get hurt." Sora said, he was not about to lose Kairi.
"You have to take me with you, I'll carry my own weight, I promise, please?"Kairi all but begged on one knee to take her,no wait no she begged on one knee after the "pretty please"es and before the crying.
"Oh, let the girl go, I mean, this is pathetic!" Riku said, "And hurry up before she embarrases herself."
"Oh fine, you can go." Sora said throwing his hands up in defeat. "I just can't win can I?"
"Nope! I'd better pack." Kairi said running toward her house."Be right back!"
* * * *

"I have a bad felling about this Riku, something bads
gonna happen I know it." Sora said, right now he was thinking about all the different things he could do to keep Kairi home. His room had a bluish theme, and he still had that project he and Kairi made in 6th grade for art, Kairi was supposed to make the little dolls in home ec. and Sora was supposed to make the boat in woodshop (neither of them wanted to do this at home).
his carpet had a blue and white swirl design, and the walls were a middle tone of blue.
"Stop worrying, she'll be fine." Riku said, even though he was a little worried to.
"How would you know?"
"Because Im here to protect her."
"Oh so I can't protect her?"
"No. If I left the protecting to you, we'd be calling 911 ten seconds after we walked out the door." Riku joked.
"Look she'll be fine, okay?"
"Yea I guess, I still feel sick to my stomach though."
"Oh that's just the Cafetiria food." Both Riku and Sora laughed and finished packing.
OK this is my first fan fic, so go easy on me, I'll take criticism only if its constuctive cricism. thanks.
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Sep 14, 2006
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lol, that was cute...hope to see more form you. And please can you check out my fanfic Nobody's Feelings? "No. If I left the protecting to you, we'd be calling 911 ten seconds after we walked out the door." That part was good, anyway hope to see more form you soon.


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Mar 7, 2007
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thanks Niwa.
Chapter 2:The Gummi Ship
Sora, Riku and Kairi boarded the gummi ship, Kairi insisted on taking practecly her whole room with her.
When the gummi ship started up Kairi jumped out of her seat, yelping like a puppy.
"Kairi relax! It's just the ships engine."Riku said, he couldn't help laughing. The gummi ship was bigger than it looked, it had a living room, 2 bedrooms (each had a bunk bed), a bathroom, a kitchen, and of coarse the pilot room. Sora was the driver.... at least until Riku decided that Sora couldn't fly decently if his life depended on it.
"Get off." Riku said, pushing Sora completely off his chair.
"What was that for." Sora said trying to get up.
"for running into the last 6 gummies, if those things all caught up to us, we'd owe them about 60,000 munny." Riku replied.
"They ran into me!" Sora said pouting
"rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttttt."Riku said, rolling his eyes.
"I'm gonna go make dinner, if you think driving's so easy you do it."
"Thank god I brought my own food."Riku joked.
"good less I have to make." Sora said closing the door.

* * * *
"Hey, whose making dinner?" Kairi asked.
"I am, I'm making hamburgers." Sora said. "You wanna help?"
"Sure!" She said. She got out the hamburger patties and the buns.
"After dinner I'll teach you how to fight okay?"Sora said, cooking the patties.
"I don't have anything to fight with."Kairi said while cutting up the tomatoes and lettuce.
"Oh, you can use the wooden sword we brought, we'll buy you something useable when we land." Sora said.
"Okay thanks, so what are the odds these guys'll listen to us anyway?"
"Oh, probably 1 to a billion." Sora said, he knew just going would be a bad idea, but bringing Kairi was a really bad idea.
"Great, what are the chances we don't even make it out of there?
"About 9 out of ten......... just kidding!"Sora said as he saw the scared look on her face."We'll be just fine."
"Yea your right, uhhh Sora?"
"The hamburgers are on fire."
"What!" He said turning around, sure enough, the patties were on fire.
"Riku! Were having burnt hamburgers for dinner!" Kairi yelled laughing.
"I knew that would happen." Riku said walking in the room.
"Uhhhhhhhh, Riku, if your in here, whose driving the ship?" Sora asked.
"Oh crap!" Riku said bolting toward the door. Sora and Kairi burst out laughing.
"lets eat, sorry." Sora said.
"No it's my fault, I distracted you too long." Kairi said.
"Not really, anyway lets eat."
"Okay." Kairi said with a smile, Sora smiled back. Why is it so easy to get lost in his eyes? Kairi thought.
So they ate there burned food, talking about alot of things, like home and school, then they cleaned up, took Riku his food and went to the living room to practice fighting.
theres chapter 2 hope you like it, it will start to get suspensful in chapter 3 promise.


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Mar 7, 2007
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Chapter 3: The Arrival

"Okay, first off, you have to do this...then this...then this and this and this to do an upper slash combo. Cool huh?? " Sora said showing her the "cool" move
"uhhhhh" Kairi said. She didnt know if she SHOULD agree just cause Sora thinks its cool.
"Whats wrong with you Sora, she has no idea what that stuff is!" Riku said walking into the room.
"Riku..... no ones flying the gummi ship." Sora said calmly
"Oh crap!" Riku said bolting out the door.
" Wow...is it me or does this feel like De Ja Vu?? " Kairi said laughing attempting to do the upper slash combo. And accidently whacking Sora upside the head which knocked him out for a few minutes.
"I told you teaching her advanced stuff was a bad idea." Riku said yelling from the other room.
"uhhhhhhh, how did you know he got hit?" Kairi asked suspiciously.
"Well, I was walking toward the door when I remembered that I was supposed to be flying the gummi ship and I over heard you." Riku shouted from the other room.
"Your hopeless Riku, I think we were safer with Sora flying." Kairi said.
"Were landing right now so you don't have to worry about me killing us." Riku joked, you guessed it, he was walking through the door.
"Riku! Land the freaking gummi!" Sora said regaining his contiousness.
"Oh crap." Riku said, but as soon as he said that, they crashed.
"Thanks Riku you rock!" Sora said sarcasticly.
"Yea Riku whats your problem?" Kairi asked, trying to get the rubble out of her hair.
"ummm, ADD?" Riku said shruging his shoulders.
"1, you don't even HAVE ADD, and 2, your hopless." Sora said shaking his head.
"We'd better get out, something might fall on us." Kairi said, she did not want to live the rest of her life as a pancake.
"Your right, lets go." Riku said going out the extreamly damaged door. And just as they walked out a huge gummi block fell where they were just sitting.
"Whoa, I'm happy we weren't in there when that happened." Sora said with his mouth hanging open. The area was like a big desert, they couldn't see anything for miles except barren landscape.
"ummm, Riku how much water would you say we have?" Kairi asked.
"About enough for 3 days for each of us." Riku said holding up their water canteens.
"I hope thats enough. Doesn't look like were getting any water soon." Sora said, looking around.
"We'd better look for a lake then." Riku said, then after that everyone started walking away from the gummie ship.
* * * *
2 days passed and they still didn't find anything, and Kairi used up all her water already.
"I'm sooooo thirsty!" Kairi groaned.
"Here, you can have some of my water." Sora said offering her his water.
"Thanks."Kairi said taking a little sip. She didn't want to use up all his water, so she handed him the canteen. Then she saw it, a palm tree! That meant water.
"Look! A palm tree!" Kairi said pointing to the tree about 1 mile away.
"Thank god, there has to be water there!" Sora said, running toward the oaisis.

When they got there they filled up their canteens and buckets with water, they now had enough for five days.
"So, should we keep going? We might not find another lake in time." Kairi said, her head hurt from the frustration.
" We have to, or we'll be stuck here forever." Sora said, his head hurt too. "This is all your fault Riku, we'd be able to fly closer if you would pay attention. Maybe we should get you checked for ADD!" Sora snaped.
"Sora calm down we'll be fine." Kairi said, she knew everyone was tense, so she didn't want anyone fighting.
"Don't blame me for everying!" Riku snaped back.
"Calm down, everything'll be just fine." Kairi said, she felf like a broken record.
"Why not, your the one who got us into this mess in the first place!" Sora yelled.
Kairi then got fed up and took a deep breath "CALM DOWN!!!!" She yelled, no one said anything."Thank you.Look, this was no ones fault, just calm down okay?"
"Yea your right, we'd better get going." Sora said.

After about 3 more days of walking they found a base camp.
"Thank god!" Kairi said running.
"Kairi no!" Sora yelled but she couldn't hear him, who knew what they were like, they're in a war for gods sake! So he ran after her as fast as he could. The girl could run fast!
By the time he got there the guards were already taking her. He knew making himself known would be a bad idea, so he hid behind a rock, Riku came soon after and Sora pulled him behind the rock.
"Whats wrong with you?" Riku asked.
"They got Kairi!" Sora said.
"What! Why aren't we over there then!" Riku asked getting up, as soon as he was about to run Sora grabbed him and pulled him back down
" Hello! 2 people can't take on 500 trained guards! Are you nuts? We need to find king mickey first!" Sora said, Riku was suprised that he thought this far ahead.
"Then lets go!" Riku said already running.
I knew bringing her was a bad idea
I told you the suspense would start at chapter 3. Now dont start a riot!And no killing the Author or you don't get to see what happens next. lol
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Yea, I was going to make him an idiot but like you said, thats what almost everyone does, and In KH2 he wan't as immature as he was in KH1, so he must be getting better. Might as well write the next chapter (im bored out of my freaking mind) Oh and I don't want to make too many cheap shots at Riku because my friend might kill me lol.
Chapter 4:The new girl
"Let go of me creep!" Kairi said trying to free herself from the guard. "My friends will get you for this!"
"Yea right, I haven't lost a fight yet!" The guard said in a rough voice, He had black greasy hair and
a thick black beard, he probably worked out too. He put her in a jail cell, and walked away.
"Hey let me go!" Kairi yelled at the guard, but he ignored her and closed the door.
How am I gonna get out of here? Kairi thought, sitting down, then she seen someone else in the cell, he looked about 28.
"Whoa hot babe!" The Man said. He looked alot like the guard but he looked like he never worked out a day in his life. He was also in beggers clothing.
"What!" Kairi yelled Oh great and on top of all this im stuck in the same cell with a perv, whose thinking and... ewww... picturing who knows what about me.
"Hi, Im John, whats your name?" He asked with his hand out, wanting to shake hands.
"None of your business!" Kairi said, getting as far away from him as possible, Please god, don't let him have any evil thoughts. Kairi said, she heard about people like him.
"Aww, does the hottie need a kiss?" John asked.
Oh god Sora hurry up!
* * * * * * * * *

Sora and Riku ran west hopeing to find someone to help him. Then they ran into about 1,000 heartless and nobodies, and these were the really strong ones.
"Were dead!" Sora said dodging an attack from a heartless. "You handle the nobodies and I'll take the heartless."
"Got it!" Riku said going after a nobody. After awhile, they got to tired to fight.
"We ARE dead!" Sora said, using all of his strength just to block a nobody.
Then, a girl ran over to them. "You okay?"She asked blocking every attack that came close to her.
"Oh other than the fact that I'm gonna die, I'm just fine!" Riku said to the girl.
"Oh your not gonna die!" The girl said."Watch this!" She was going to do a spell. "Death!" As soon as she said that a burst of light shot out of her hand and when the light faded all the enemies were gone.
"How did you do that!" Sora asked getting up.
"I trained as a mage since I was four." The girl said smiling.
"Wow! Four huh? How old are you now?" Riku asked, she was HOT, she had blonde hair in a pony tail down to her waist, She had sky blue eyes, she was pretty tall too. Her weapon had a crystal at the bottom with 2 handles sticking out, and on top was a shart sword with a diamond in that too.
"Im 15, my names Serenety by the way." She said.
Yes, same age! Riku thought "This is Sora and I'm single, oh! I mean Riku."
"I'm guessing he wants to know if your single or not." Sora said, laughing.
"Yea I am, I scare too many people to have a love life." She said.
" I can see why." Sora laughed, then Serenety gave him the death glare.
"uhhh, I ment that in a good way." Sora said trying to cover up his mistake. Riku and Serenety laughed.
"Hey Sora, do you think she can help?" Riku asked.
"Definatly!" Sora said.
"Help with what?" Serenety asked, she hated when they talked like she wasn't there. So Sora and Riku told her all about there problem.
"I see. I hope you know that my magic only works half as good on them." Serenety said.
" Well, you'll still be a big help, so will you do it?"
"The boss wont be happy about this but I'll do it." Serenety said.
"Great! We should hurry up!" Riku said.
Lets have a poll, who wants to see Sora have a little "talk" with John when he walks in.

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Good, just some of the humor in it is killing the actual storyline.

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I say you should cut back on the humor but don't get rid of it all.
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