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Fanfiction ► ::Karaoke Lesson::

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Aug 25, 2005
Holding Riku's heart. A love that can never be tak
Before you read: Okay, first I would like to apologize for how long this chapter is ^^;
in fact i cut some of it out.....
With that said, there will not be whole chapters, like 1, 2, 3, ect. But they'll be cut into fractions. Like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ect.
Personally, im not that attracted to long chapters, but thats just my short attention span.
Oh, Dont go running away either becasue you think it's a slash or Rikairi fic. Im not going to say anything else, that was spoiler enough.

Well, heres the story. Hope you like it ;)
Chapter 1.1: Song: Sugar Sweet Dreams

I don’t believe. I don’t believe in soul mates, true love, or love at first sight. I guess you could say I don’t believe in love at all. Or rather, someone loving me.
Though, there was nothing I loved more than hanging out with my friends.

I was always the third wheel, too. Not that It bothered me much anymore.

It was still early in the morning and we were walking over to Kairi’s house.
“What’s the big surprise, Sora?” I asked him. He said he wanted to tell us, me and Kairi, something.

It’ll totally make the rest of the summer rock!
I remembered him saying. Today my curiosity got the best of me and I finally asked what was so going to ‘totally rock‘.
I was indeed a very curious person.

“I knew you were going to ask!” He said. He seemed so excited. I could see sparks of happiness glowing in his eyes. No wonder Kairi liked him so much. His happiness was contagious.

“You’ll have to wait. I want to tell you and Kairi at the same time.” He said beaming.
Kairi’s house wasn’t that far from where we were. Although I couldn’t wait to get to Kairi’s house, I was enjoying my walk with Sora. Wondering if my eyes were as bright as his or if my hair bounced with every step the way his hair did.

“Okay..” Sora started. I guess he could contain as much excitement as I could my curiosity. We were almost at Kairi’s anyway.
“It has something to do with…..The beach!”
He then burst into a light jog up the road. I could hear his trail of laughter as he got further and further away from me.
I could see him walking up to Kairi’s door. I made it to the foot of her doorsteps, just as she swung it open, and stopped. I didn’t want to be in the way.

“Sora!” A half sleep, but no less happy, Kairi squealed. Kairi was usually still asleep at this time.
I knew.
I sometimes went over her house to help her with schoolwork. It was hard to wake her up, she hardly ever let me in. I would have to climb through her window. She would wake up, confused and amazed, then clobber me with the nearest long and blunt object, I wondered why she was awake now. Or…why she didn’t mistake us for some lame door-to-door salesmen. I laughed at the thought of Kairi kicking someone’s ass. Not that she couldn’t do it. It’s been proven many times that she could.

Instead she quickly dashed for Sora and wrapped her arms around him.
“Good morning, Kairi!” Sora greeted her. He lightly placed a kiss on her cheek. Then stepped back to deliver the news.

A kiss.
How cute.

“What are you two doing here so early?” She asked and rubbed her eyes. She looked from him to me.

Wha‘…That look.
The one she just gave me.
Why did she just-

“I have a surprise! Okay, you know that summer beach house my dad has? Well…look!” He started rummaging through his pockets and, after a series of grunts and grumbles, he finally pulled out a set of keys.

“Well, yeah! My dad is letting me stay there until school starts….which is only 12 days from now…but I can invite some friends!”

“Oh my god! That’s so cool! Mr. Awai is the best!” Kairi told Sora.
It was true. Sora’s father wasn’t extremely rich or anything. But he had a lot. And he knew how to take care of his assets.

“When can we move in?” She asked next
“Well. Anytime we want. But he wants to know soon whether or not we’re going to stay before he leaves off to America.
….and Riku…..” He said and looked at me. I was still standing at the bottom of the stairs. Kairi looked at me again, too.

And again she gave me that look.
As if she wanted to-

“….My father really wants you to go. Dad says you’re really mature and should watch over everyone I invite. Are you in?”

My mind was gone now. Even though she had stopped looking at me, I continued looking at her. I could see something brewing in her sapphire colored eyes. A storm of questions and answers. I could tell she just wanted to scream something. And only to me. But a sense of unsure ness flew with it. Maybe she didn’t know how to say what she wanted.

What was on her mind? Was it something that dealt to do with me?

As if.

She was looking off over her shoulder now.
Ignoring me. My gaze.
End Note: If the font formatting is hurting your eyes, please tell me and i'll change it ^^


Apr 21, 2005
Excellent, Kao chan. One of the best fanfic's I've seen so far. I especially like how you use the first-person writing style.


: : k a o r i k u : :
Aug 25, 2005
Holding Riku's heart. A love that can never be tak
okay XD
im updating later than I expected ._. but im entering this fic into a contest -cough-
Yeah so. that'll pop up soon ^^;

Before you read: Im using a break in this chapter. Which is basically just to show the passage of time. I'll be using them throughout the story, too. For time breaks I use 12 ~.

oh yeah. the chapter title is still Song: Sugar Sweet Dreams.

Chapter 1.2

Needless to say, I decided to move into the sucky place of mush and love thank you very much, Sora and Kairi. It took Kairi an entire two days to get all her things and it took me and Sora one day to convince her she didn’t need so much stuff.

“No, Kairi. You have too much stuff. Just take the bigger room.”
“Are you sure?”
She probably felt bad I was by myself.
What if she knew it was her fault.

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

“It’s just that…Well, you’ve been acting so weird lately. So distant.”

Are you sure it’s just lately?

I managed to not look at her anymore during that conversation. I knew her since I was five and now she wants to notice that I….act weird around her?

“Hm, okay then.” She said and went off up the wooden stairs. The summer home was nice. It was, in fact, a mini-mansion. It was hidden by tall Oak trees near the beach. Perfectly nestled between land and sea.
All the rooms were huge. About the size of two gourmet chef kitchens. So Kairi having the one room that was as big as ten trailers and two kitchens didn’t bother me much.

It’s been three days and she still keeps looking at me weirdly.


“Hey, Sora. I’m….going out for awhile.” I called up to him. I didn’t even wait for a reply and just left.

I was seriously starting to feel…..down. Sora always had Kairi. And no matter how many advances I’d make on Kairi, it’s as if she’d never like me the way I did like her. The ocean was so calm and flat. Still like in the winter. Summer ice, I’ll call it.

The sun was still high in the sky. But you could tell dusk was soon coming. Give or take a hour or two. I started to rest on the beach before she ran up to me.

“Hey. Onii-chan!” Kairi yelled out to me. She jumped on me before I had a chance to throw her a halfhearted smile.
“Where are you going all alone? Why didn’t you wait up when I called your name back at the house?”

Three thoughts ran through my mind.

One. I wasn’t talking to you.
Two. I wouldn’t have cared even if I had heard you calling.
Three. Please loosen your grip so I can talk.

She finally let go of me and folded her arms behind her back. She was wearing a pearl orange kimono with thin pink stripes. The sash was pink as well, Her hair was pulled back into a flipped bun with a some strands coming down at the sides. She looked beautiful in the light of the setting sun. The way it shone on her made her eyes a vivid purple. Though still shiny and lustrous.

“Today is the festival! You know, The Airashii-chan Festival!”
“Oh….yeah. I remember. Half the things you brought had that thi- er, had his face on it.”
I didn’t want to make it seem as if I didn’t care by calling it a thing.

Airashii-chan was the latest craze with people like Kairi. The ditzy and careless alike.
But not dense, somehow.

“Um, yeah. Airashii-chan’s a girl, onii-chan!”



“…Well…..I wanted to tell you something. It’s kind of important too. It’s about your feelings. You know…..love. There is still hope…..you know that….right?”
What was she getting at?

“Sora……he’s looking for my Airashii-chan plushy. I don’t know where I left it. He’ll be here soon. ……..

So she stopped. This thing that was so important to tell me. Why didn’t she finish telling me?

………………And then we’re going to leave…….aren’t you coming along to?”

I was in no way, shape or form ready to go to a festival. I was dressed in a t-shirt and some baggy, black slacks.
But I agreed to go anyway.
I’d go for her.

“Just let me get dressed. I’d look crazy going to a festival like this.”
“Aww, don’t worry onii-chan. You may look crazy, but you’d be my crazy friend!”

I had to laugh. And she laughed with me.

I was hers in a way.


Sora kind of ruined my fun. Took me away fro my little fantasy world. The world in which I belonged to Kairi and he was nothing but a low servant dog barking at the feet of me and my queen sitting high in our royal chairs.

Am I the only person that would think of his best friend as a dog?
Oh well. I guess I mean no harm.

The happy squeals from Kairi made my day as bright as it could get. Not to mention Sora never found Kairi’s precious Airashii-chan plush toy.

“Come on guys. I want to see the Airashii tribute song!”
“Calm down, Kairi! It doesn’t start for another five minutes!” Sora said and giggled. I bet he wanted to see that weird thing dance and sing as much as Kairi did.

“Um…I’ll go and get us all something to snack on, ‘kay guys?”
“Oh, Can you get me some grape cotton candy, please! Thank you so much onii-chan!”
“Sure thing, Kairi.”

I walked up to the vendor and ordered what I came to get.
“Three cotton candies, please. And make sure that one of them is grape.” I told the old guy handling the machines.

“Um. Hey there. You’re….You’re Riku, aren’t you?”
“Who wants to know?” I asked turning around. I eyed the girl who had known my name and thought to myself, ‘why?’

She had these huge green eyes and semi-spiky brown hair. She had this strange familiarity to her, too.
She was a really cute girl.

“Yeah. I’m him.” I said and leaned back on the counter and deciding to be nice.
Was I trying to be cool?

“Well. My name is Olette. I just wanted to say hello to you. And….well, I hope you haven’t given up, either.
It‘s funny. For someone to have loved so much. It‘s sad it had to come to this.”
“Um. Okay?”
“I realized it just recently. I’m sure you will too.”

And then she smiled and walked off.
People are so weird these days.

Wow so many Rikairi hints XD
and now I just sorta added a new character. Riku's being really mean to his friends right now but i plan to change that <3
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Mar 12, 2005
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Zetsumi said:
Excellent, Kao chan. One of the best fanfic's I've seen so far. I especially like how you use the first-person writing style.

You like first person eh? Then read the link in my sig. Oh, and nice fiction you got here. Eventhough I usually don't like KH fictions, this one is good. First person is great to write in. I also like how you portayed the characters. I will read more of this.

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Aug 24, 2004
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*dances* Soon! YAY!!! Riku is being mean for a reason!? But he doesnt need one! I'm mean half the time and I dont need a reason!


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Mar 30, 2005
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Ivyprincesofhart said:
Yeah this is a nice fan-fic. I don't think mine is as good, but do you think you can read it? It follows the games plot line, but it's from Torah's perspective. I'll see if I can get a link up. Or better yet, just go to http://fictioncentral.net I'm in the authors section under the penname snow_tiger.
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