Kairi's gifts. (Gift from MegaWallflower.)


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Jun 14, 2009
Kairi’s gifts for Zaria. Happy Birthday.

Kairi was loving today, today being her birthday after all. On the sandy, sun kissed, crystal clear warm watered shores of Destiny Island.Her family, adopted, and newly made, close friends FROM home, newly made friends from her first real adventure across the worlds, and best friends had thrown her a party. Her birthday would always somehow creep up on her, since for some reason, she could never remember it.

The cake, a chocolate and rainbow cake mix being seven layers thick, and with strawberries on top looked amazing. Oh course Kairi wanted to try a little bit, as well as the other guests, but she was denied by her mother until she had opened her gifts. Now Kairi wasn’t expecting many gifts, she didn’t want to seem spoiled, but this year had given her quite a haul.

Her parents, Snow and Sarah had gotten Kairi the new Animal Crossing game she had been hinting at for weeks, and a mystery book that the cover got her interested. Her aunt Lightning had given her niece a combat knife, and her cousin Hope had given her some stylish leather boots. Kairi’s former nobody, now twin or little sister Namine gave Kairi some of her best drawings. Kairi couldn’t help but hug each and every one of them with glee,and Namine was so happy that Kairi loved her work that she was crying a little.

Her friends on the islands Wakka, now fellow Keyblade weirder Tidus, and her friend turned once girlfriend, Selphlie had all saved up munny to get her Pokemon Moon. Selphile had come over to Kairi’s house to give her an extra gift of sixteen kisses on the cheeks and lips. After that her former lover, had blindfolded her, and tied her hands together with the school girl’s old jump rope whip. Selphile was the one who lead Kairi to the party. Normally Kairi would be freaking out with her past dealings with kidnapping, however Selphie kept comforting her, and the princess of heart felt safe. The same kind of safe she did with Sora. She could have gone without the sixteen birthday spankings however. Kairi would have to get her back, or sick Roxas and Xion on her.

Now her fellow Keyblade Wielders, and other worldly friends had some interesting gifts, and she loved them. Her Keyblade Master,and teacher: Aqua gave Kairi a a pink star covered kimono styled silk dress, that she told had something like Sora’s drive form abilities. Aqua had also given Kairi a few peanut better cookies, and a book about Radiant Garden fairy tales. Kairi did a quick skim of the book, and wanted Aqua to read them to her, as childish as it sound. Thankfully Aqua agreed.

Her other Keyblade Master Ashoka Tano, had given Kairi a scroll full of fighting styles and spells from Keyblade Masters long gone. A chance to improve and more means to save her friends was always welcomed.

The pixie trio Yuna, Rikku, and Paine gave her a treasure chest. Kairi opened it, and found a large some of munny, a set of glowing twin daggers, and an glowing orb with runes and markings covering it. Yuna had explained to Kairi that on her world, this orb was a recording device, and on it, they had made a song and dance number for her called Real Emotion.

Mulan and Mushu made Kairi dishes from their home world, and Kairi was now hooked on Sweet Dumplings. The Beast formerly known as Prince Adam had given Kairi a pink beautiful ball dress, reminding Kairi of the one,fellow princess of Heart Belle wore. Captain Jack Sparrow had given her a jar of dirt. The near insane pirate captain insisted that would help her later on. At least it wasn’t a bottle of rum like she was expecting.

Queen Elsa got Kairi ice skates, since her last pair had been ruined by heartless. A thoughtful gift indeed. Wander and his noble steed/fighting horse like alien had gotten Kairi a star. An actual miniature star, and Silvia had gotten her boxing gloves, and a mouth guard. Kairi hoped she would never need to use them, but she still enjoyed her gifts. Wander was even trying to write a song about her on his banjo.

Lea, Roxas, and Xion not only got Kairi sea salt Ice cream, but more arts and crafts supplies. Xion also gave Kairi a kiss. Neku, gave Kairi some music from his personal collection. Shiki made her a plenty of home made stuffed animals. Kairi really loves those. Beat and Rhyme gave Kairi her very own skull cap.

Donald and Goofy had gave Kairi few movies of their old black and white cartoons, and a new one where Sora, Donald and Goofy do a Three Stooges routine. King Mickey given Kairi few tickets to the the Magic Kingdom, a Disney Town theme park. Queen Minnie gave Kairi a book on Light spells: Queens Edition. Kairi also got a red and white polkadot dress and bow…it was pretty cute.

Riku gave her Star Fox Zero, and that was one reason why Riku was her best friend. She got a few cards from the Twilight Town gang, Everyone she had meet in Radiant Garden Restoration Committee, Sazh and Tina.

Molly Mushroom, Ansem the former Seeker of Darkness, and Minister L had given her a book called: The Dumbo Misadventures of the Basco Pirates. Turns out all three of them wrote it. DeadPool had gotten her a Ms.Marvel comic, Sora wasn’t the only nerd. The Reaper DJ actually got her a nice gift, in spite of her prickly nature, which was a drum set.

Now Sora was the last one to give his gift. Inside a box, was a tiny, fluffy fox kit. It looked into her eyes, licked Kairi’s nose, and Kairi declared that she would love him forever, and ever. Giving Sora a kiss, and he kissed back. The fox would be named Todd, but Sora had another gift. One that would explain why he was so late for the party, and looked like he went out to war.

Sora showed Kairi an old woman. A very familiar old woman. One’s who had a smile on her face, and tears in her eyes. Namine was helping Kairi around with her memories, to find out who this woman was. It finally came to her. Sora had just reunited Kairi with her Grandmother.

The two hugged, cried, and had a happy reunion after years, of being kept apart. Kairi had great friends, her a lazy bum of a boyfriend, and now all of her family. Kairi the Princess of Heart, Keyblade Master in the making, and all around awesome girl never felt so blessed.


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This was a nice present for Mega girl. :) I liked the ending the most, because it was a touching reunion for Kairi to be reunited with her grandmother after all this time. I was greatly amused at some of the present choices that were given to Kairi too. This was told really well and flowed quite nicely as far as story telling goes too! I definitely enjoyed reading it.