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Nebula Zero

Nov 30, 2005
Oh my. I do believe I'm stumbled upon something. Is it a sequel to my awesome fic, KHIFantasy? Well, not really. Cause, upon studying most sequels in history, they have all suffered 'the curse', the effects being the immense and utter fail that ensues. But now comes a new tale. It's about people from a forum who realize they have extraordinary abilities..

Wait a minute..

Never mind. Let's start this story already!

Oh, hi. I'll be your new Narrator.

[K|H|I] Heroes: Interventions

Chapter 1: When it Hits the Fan..

There comes a time in one's life when they just realize that they are destined to do great things. Maybe they rescued a kitten. Maybe that kitten got run over by a guy on a unicycle the day after. And maaaybe that person cried upon hearing about it and became a different kind of hero. But hey, at least I'm not the Narrator.

..Oh snap. I AM the Narrator. Wow. This is pretty awkward.

..But continuing on, there is two things that divide us and put us in two very defined groups: You're either alive, or you're dead. Me? I prefer the former, cause I don't think I'm ready to kick it with the Grim Man anytime soon. But I digress. At one point, select individuals will evolve. Like some crap you see on Discover Channel. They will gains powers unlike any before them. Some might use their powers for good. Some might use it for evil, freaky deeky stuff. And some might just use it to get wasted and party hearty. But once again I DIGRESS. The tale I tell is about such people, and how their newfound abilities will change the course of history forever.

Steve Colbert for president, now that would be a good way to change history. Hell yeah.

Nebula Zero
Calgary, AB​


A young asian man yelled from his bedroom. His mom, now thoroughly agitated, awoke from her deep slumber, her eyes a narrow slit. Half-awake, she opens the door, her vision a blur. Her hair was all messy, wearing a yellow dress..thingy. Hell, I don't know what she wore, like seriously. Anyways, she just yelled into the room,

"What is it?!"

"Mom..I think I'm floating."

"Dammit Atlas! I told you to stop eating the stuff from the back of the fridge!"

"No, it's different! And besides, I ate that stuff a week ago. I DO BELIEVE IT'S BEEN RID OF."

"Well then why the hell would you say you're floating?"

"Maybe because I AM?!"

She rubbed her eyes, her vision becoming full circle. She saw her son floating above his bed, the woman giving a wry face.

"Oh dear."

Queensland, Australia​


A drifter lay, bleeding profusely in an alley. A man stood above him, a man of great power. He had blonde hair, grey eyes, and a rough face. Good enough for a badass archtype, no? He looked at his hand, to discover a power beyond human understanding. And he just experimented on this random hobo off the streets, to prove how dangerous he was. And I do believe the badass quota has been filled, so I guess I can't go any further.

"Why would you do that? The bone is going through the skin!" said the hobo. The man, smirking, slowly walked away from the homeless man.The hobo cried out in pain for help, asking the man that just brutally maimed him to show him some mercy. But the man simply looked back. This guy is annoying, he thought.

"...Penis." said the man. And with that, the hobo's head exploded, brains splattered across the brick walls.

Oh shi-


The evolution of humans has triggered something. What is it? I don't know. Okay, well maybe I DO know, but jeez. Stop harping on me. In the universe of KHIFantasy(after the epic ending, haha suckers), NZ rests in an Inn in KHIvalice. Heavily tired from his battle, his eyes suddenly opened wide. He got up from bed, looking around strangely. And in the universe of the awesome show Heroes, Hiro Nakamura wakes up from his slumber in his little cubicle in Japan, feeling that same sense of distraught. A disturbance in the air, the both of them said at the exact same time,

"I like cookies."


An asian man that can fly! An Aussie that can make people explode from the mere mention of male appendages! Such evolutionary advances are causing rifts in reality, compelling two different realities! How will this affect NZ from KHIFantasy, and Hiro Nakamura from Heroes? WILL THIS BE THE FIRST OF MANY CLIFFHANGERS?!?! Next chapter, home dawgs.
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Mar 2, 2007
A cross between Heroes and the KHI Fantasy? Could this mean we have the epics of <NoMorals>, FinalStrike and Nebula Zero once more?

Good to see ya writing again, Atlas. Hopefully this'll take off as it did with Forum Crisis, and not like the Anomaly Fic.


oh u prankstahs &#9733;
Dec 31, 2005
Everyone in the house says woot, so guess Aly says.


Nebula Zero

Nov 30, 2005
I'm posting one chapter a day. The first one was made overnight, so I think that counts. Lack of sleep ftw.

Anyways, here's today's chapter.

Chapter 2: She Can’t Take Much More of this, Captain

What is it that drives us to do the things we do? Is it hope? Faith in someone? The extreme need to get to that bathroom and let it out like last night's chili? Why is it that we strive towards our dreams? Some of us don't get there. In fact, we fall from our dreams, and hit rock bottom. Because the hard hitting truth is that dreams can be compromised to better suit themselves.

Someone wanted to be a clown. Now he owns a string of pornography sites. A little off track for where that guy went, but this scary analogy only further proves my point. It is that we humans are always changing. In some ways we didn't expect. But it is these changes are what makes us who we are.

I personally wanted to run for the ambassador for Poland, now I'm narrating this gig. Funny how fate can always seem to pull a fast one on you..

Nebula Zero
Calgary, AB​

“So, um. I think I can fly.”

Atlas spoke these words, in front of his mom, grandparents and his little 7 year old brother. The words seemed to roll with the tongue providing him some ease. Maybe he was dreaming. He could just wake up and pretend that this never happened. But reality doesn’t roll that dice, man. He wasn’t dreaming. This was all real.

“I expected this.” said the grandma. Atlas seemed concerned.

“And how did you expect it..?”

“Because your uncle can fly, too. And your mom has great strength.”

“Really? I just thought that mom was more man-like than other mothers, so..wait, my uncle can fly? WTF? Seriously?”

“Um..yeah. When he found out..he sort of..” said Atlas’s mother, taking out a photo from her drawer. It was a picture of the 9/11 incident. And as Atlas looked closely, he couldn’t help but notice a dot flying away from the scene. Atlas looked into space in amazement.

“Oh snap.”

“Yeah..pilots aren’t too familiar with random asians flying across the sky, so they sort of crashed into the Twin Towers in their surprise. But it was covered up, so people would never suspect it.”

“How’d they manage to pull that off?”

“Well, there’s a Company in New York, dedicated to people like us. They helped with the cover up.”

“So there’s more people besides us who can do these things?” he inquired.

“Oh yeah. Tons of people. But just try not to expose your power in public. Last thing we need is your face on the news. Better go talk to your uncle to gain more understanding about your ability.” said the grandma. Atlas nodded, dressing up and heading out.

On the C-Train, everything seemed to move by so slowly. The C-Train was always slow. He sort of missed the old transit in Toronto, being much more reliable than this form of transportation. Holding onto a pole, he apathetically looked around, until everything..stopped moving. Atlas looked around. Everything had froze. An African-American man walked towards him, wearing a black trenchcoat, with a sword on his back. He was bald and he had a stylish goatee.

“You’re not gonna mug me, are you?” Atlas asked in obvious fear.

“Actually no. My name is Caleb, my codename D2L. And I come from the future.”

“No way.”

“Yeah way, and I have come to deliver a message.”

“And that is..?”

“Save the trap, save the world.”

“What the..”

“Be the one we need, dude. If you need any help seek out a man that goes by the alias Blahmaster in New York. I cannot stay any longer for I fear of a rift in time.” he said, backing away. Atlas about to ask a question, Caleb disappears in plain sight, time restarting.

“No good can come from this.”

Meanwhile, in the other universes..


“Not good, not good at all.”

NZ had gathered his comrades in the center of KHIvalice, after a bit of separation from their epic battle with Dorian Gray. AS, D2L, MM, Aly, NM, FS, TM, RTP, DM, Blah and ER had heard his call for help, the legendary group now reunited.

“So what’s up, Atlas?” asked D2L in a brash manner.

“Haven’t you guys felt it too? Like something’s not right..”

“Yeah, I have. You know what it is exactly?” asked Blah, rubbing his temple from the mere thought of it.

“Not entirely sure, but it isn’t coming from our dimension. It feels distant, yet very near.” replied NZ.

“You think it’s coming from another dimension? A reality separate from our own?” Aly suggested. NZ pondered on it for a moment, and came to an idea. He remembered the Omniverser, the portal to all universes, still in the ruins of the Dark Law Castle. It was from there he drew a conclusion, a very crude one at that.

“I guess we have to go to that dimension and figure it out.”

Hiro Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan​

“It’s true! I feel a rift in the space/time continuum!” Hiro pleaded to his friend Ando in Japanese.

“Really? That’s never happened before.”

“I know! But I have to figure it out! I ha-“

But before Hiro could finish his sentence, he disappeared, leaving Ando in mid bite of his lunch, looking around. He called out for Hiro, but no one responded. Hiro, however, awoke in what seemed to be the ruined streets of New York. Looking in the distance, half of the Statue of Liberty was demolished.

"No..I prevented this! Why?" he asked himself, his words echoing throughout the empty streets. A newspaper flew and blew against his leg, among the many other pieces of paper littering the floor. Hiro picked it up, reading it. The date was June 29, 2008. He was a few months into the future, he thought. What could have happened? He looked up, a flash of light catching his attention. The light flew into the sky, flying above the destroyed Statue. Then, energy dispersed from it. It looked like radiation. The wave of energy was coming towards Hiro. The streets were being blown away from the explosion, Hiro closing his eyes and concentrating hard.

He opened his eyes to find himself back in his cubicle.

Hiro looked around him, senses ajar. He was still holding the newspaper. The headline said in big, bold letters, 'THE END OF THE WORLD'.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, back at our own reality..

Guile and Redemption
Somewhere in the USA
“Hurry up, dammit. The cops are almost here.” said an estranged Chris. He moved around in frustration, moving from one side of the room to the other in mere seconds. Chris had long brown hair, wearing black clothes. Well, he WAS robbing a store. Wearing bright white doesn’t exactly make you stealthy. Ric, Chris’s friend, also wore similar attire. Ric took a deep breath and grabbed the vault door. With one grunt, he ripped open the thick, steel door with his bare hands. Quickly they packed up the duffel bags with money until they heard a clicking noise. It came from behind them.

“Drop the bags.” said the voice. They listened to him, and did what he said. They turned to look at a man holding a gun. It was an elderly white man, with round glasses. Beside him was an African man, wearing a white and brown suit.

“Lawliet, take care of them.” said the man. The black man known as Lawliet walked towards them, and simply said,

“I slept with your mother.”

And with that, the two robbers fainted instantly. Their mission was complete. The elderly man felt a vibration in his coat pocket, and reached in to get it. Opening his cell phone, he responded to the call. It was from the Company.

“Monkeybutt here. Yeah, we got em. We’re bagging and tagging them. We’ll be there shortly.” he said, hanging up. He looked at Lawliet, who was dragging the bodies to the car.

“Hurry up, the police is almost here. They might think you robbed the place.” said Monkey.

“Discriminate all you like, white boy. But I’m the one here with the crazy-ass mind powers. Don’t you forget it.” said Lawliet, the two of them getting in the car.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.” he said, the two driving off.

Two people with abilities haven been captured by the elusive Company! Who is the man in round glasses known as Monkeybutt and his partner known only as Lawliet? What does the message Atlas is given mean? And what is the black man from the future’s purpose for going back in time? How will the three realities clash once they do? Dang man, next chapter.
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The Big Lovin'

Everyone's Favorite Uncle Ji-Chan
Feb 12, 2005
Super strength? Couldn't have hit the nail on the head any better, could you?


Apr 15, 2007
I knew it! I knew it was a flying asian that caused 9/11. Hah. And all those fools at the Pentagon didn't believe me! Well, I showed those bastards. >D

Nebula Zero

Nov 30, 2005
Chapter 3: I Swear It Wasn’t Me. Wait...Oh.

Must I really narrate an intro? What does it matter? It’s like I’m supposed to descend into this philosophical smut that might reach out to somebody, or either that they don’t give a rat’s ass about. But on a serious note, philosophy is cool and all, but man, I’m in no mood. And plus I’m the Narrator in this situation, so it really comes down to me.

Quoting a friend of mine, ‘This is how I roll’.

Nebula Zero
Calgary, AB​

Atlas reached his uncles house. It was bloody cold outside, apparent from the obvious snow that covered most of Calgary at the moment. His uncle lived in one of those houses where someone lives on the top, and someone lives on the bottom. Like an apartment of sorts. For his uncle, he lived on the bottom part of said house. Going inside, he knocked on the door, and after a few minutes, his uncle answered the knocking sound.

Atlas’s uncle was a well-kept man. He always kept his hair short for some reason, but it was all gravy for him. But being the funny guy and awesome uncle he was, Atlas always noticed that he was a tad sad when no one was looking. And after today, he knew why.

“Uh, hey.” Atlas said, coming inside the narrow hallway into his abode.


“So uh..I can fly.” the teenager spoke, and for a moment, the uncle was silent. He simply sighed and went to make some coffee. Where have I heard that before? Man, this guy is getting redundant. But apparently Atlas is giving me a look of anger. Oooh, I’m shaking in my metaphorical, semi-fictional boots. But anyways, his uncle responded with,

“So. What about it?”

“Last time I checked humans aren’t supposed to do that?”

“Look. You’re probably here because you want me to give you answers. When I fact, I got jack. So..”

“Can’t you at least teach me how to control this power?”

“Well, shit man. All you have to do is control yourself. If you can do that, you can fly in no time. It is the people with the lack of self-control, that crumble, that break into nothing. If you believe you can fly, you can. And if you assert control over yourself, you can control your powers.”

“Woah. That was deeep.”

“Why thank you.”

“Great. Now all I need to do is fly to New York and I’ll be peachykeen!”

“Wait, what? New York?”

“Yeah. A black guy came to me from the future..”

“Did he mug you?”

“No. Anyways, he sent me a message, and that I have to see some guy that goes by the name of Blahmaster in New York. Apparently he has answers.”

“Hmm, I see. Well, be careful. Make sure no one catches you doing your thing.”

“I will, thanks.” said the now encouraged Atlas, making his way out of the door.

“Be careful, Atlas. Last thing I need is carrying your ass out of a mess.”


Leaving, he looked around to see if anyone was around. No one was watching, he thought. He concentrated, trying to gain some lift. And with one push of his mind, he zoomed up into the grey skies, a little kid watching him. In his awe, the little kid dropped his toy. Now airborne, Atlas made his way to New York. Now the only problem was landing without anyone watching..

Darky Dee
Rome, Italy​

“And THAT, my friends, is the basis of evolution that man has built itself upon.” said the professor. Demitrio’s head jerked to his right, the sound of the bell sounding. He gave a hand gesture to his students to leave, and they did so accordingly.

Drake was your average caucasian, wearing his brown leather vest over his white polo shirt, and his brown slacks. He wore glasses but barely ever used them, claiming that his vision is ‘top-notch’. Also, to make him classy, he has a British accent. Yeah, let’s go with that.

As the students were leaving, Demi noticed a man standing by the door, and recognized who he was. Drake was a friend of his father’s. But it had been a long time since he visited him. His appearance must mean something, he thought.

“You sound almost like your father.” said Drake making his way inside. Demitrio simply scoffed at his remark, gathering his things to leave.

“Why are you here? It’s been a while.” said Demitrio, heading straight to the point. Drake let out a deep sigh, and said cryptically,

“Your father..he’s dead.”

The two walked arduously to the apartment of Demitrios’ late father. It was obvious that Demi was distraught upon hearing the news. Well, I would be too. If I found out that my homeboys was murdered, I’d be busting caps in no time flat, yo. But that aside, they seemed to argue while heading there.

“I need to know why he died. I need to get to New York.”

“Don’t be silly, Demi. For all we know, he could’ve been killed in a simple hit and run.”

“No! I refuse to believe that. If anything, I believe that he was killed in a fiery explosion on the top of a building saving a goldfish connected to the FBI, taking 10 men with him as he descends 50 storeys to his demise. But in which case that it’s not that, he was probably murdered.”

“Murdered? Why would he be murdered?”

“My father was still researching on evolved humans, and recently found one he labeled as ‘Patient Zoolander’. And just two weeks after studying him he dies? I am not a man of coincidence, Drake. I am a man of facts. And I suspect the fact that this person may have been the one to kill my father.”

“So you’re just gonna throw everything to do what your father did?” he asked Demi. The Italian professor simply gave Drake a scowl and proceeded to pack his things, and getting leftover research from his father’s old apartment in downtown Rome. He was off to New York.

D2L(Present version) and The Marauder
Tokyo, Japan​

Caleb sat in his little cubicle, staring ardently at the clock on his desk. Being raised by Japanese parents even though he clearly wasn’t Japanese always made him ‘different’. But Caleb wanted to be special. He wanted to be a hero. Concentrating hard, his head started to shake from it. His eyes turned a little red, his mind pushing into the clock. And for a split second, time stopped. And the hand moved back a second. Overly overjoyed, he leaped from his chair and danced wildly down the room, yelling in Japanese. Well, he did live there. The black guy had to learn it sometime. He made his way to his equally ‘different’ Caucasian friend, John.

“I did it! I can control the space/time continuum!” he said gleefully. John simply gave him the look that easily said ‘Don’t bullshat me’.

“Really? And I can exceed the speed of light. Get over yourself, man.” John replied, trying to get to work.

“You don’t understand, John. I have discovered powers beyond any mere mortal.”

“Oh, like Darth Vader?”

“Yeah, like Darth Vader, a–hey, I see what you did there.” Caleb said, giving him an evil look. But before he could retaliate, he was pulled by the ear by his boss, yelling at him for leaving his work space. John simply looked at him and laughed, saying,

“Go Darth Vader! Use your ‘Force Choke’, Darth! Force Choke!” he said, laughing to himself, resuming to his work.

Odessa, TX​

“I’m gonna do it!”

She yelled at her friend Zach, 10 feet above ground. Zach had a videotape, filming all the way. With one leap, she plummeted face first to the ground, yelling haplessly, several cracks and a large thud signaling she made it to the ground, the camera catching her fall. Zach rushed over to her, wondering if she became an hero. Hell, it sure looked like it. Oh snap, she’s alive.

Getting up from her fall, she simply re-adjusted her broken arm and leg, and re-aligned her head. She looked fine. She simply stared at the camera and said,

“My name is Alynna, and that was attempt number 52.”

Talk about persistent.

Somewhere in Mexico​

“Hey! Are you okay?”

Karla came to, getting off the hard pavement. She grasped her head for a moment, wondering what hit her. She got up slowly, the person trying to figure out if she was hurt anywhere. She shook her head saying she was fine, regaining consciousness. When she looked in front of her, she saw a car with the front end completely destroyed. There was a sort of curve in the center.

“You got hit by my car at like 80 miles per hour! You sure?” said the guy, looking at his car. Karla simply nodded, and the guy sighed. He picked up his cellphone and called for a tow truck. In a daze, Karla trailed off. Was she hit by that car? If so, how did she leave unscathed? The questions seemed to bother her a little bit, which went on for the past few days. Reading her favorite comics’ latest issue, she was in shock. It was her, the current day drawn onto the comic. Trying to figure out what it meant, she looked at the back of the comic. A man that went by the alias ‘Blahmaster’ was the author of the comic series. And he lived in New York.

Desperate to find answers, she had to get to New York. The only problem was getting there...

Queensland, Australia​

Josh sat in an airplane seat, bound for New York. He remembered a list, shown to him by a man that labeled him as ‘Patient Zoolander’. Now knowing his true potential, he decided to find that list, to help him on his mission. And then, he could feel the new powers to be his for the taking. The very thought of it produced a grin most sinister.

A stewardess gave him a pack of peanuts, Josh opening the packet. Beside him was an old lady, snoring. At first it didn’t bother him, but now it was just getting tiresome. Looking at a peanut, he gazed at it intently. Then quickly opening his clenched fist, the peanut bounced off his chair and into the lady’s mouth, just with the mere will of his mind. There was a gagging noise, and then silence. She lay lifelessly on his shoulder, as if in a state of sleep. The stewardess coming back, she simply said,

“Is there anything else I could help you with..um..”

“Call me Ralph.”

“Yes. Ralph, what can I get you?”

“More..peanuts, please?” he said with a smile.

Guile and Redemption
Zero Paper Industries, New York​

Chris woke up, a raging headache going on in his mind. Beside him was his partner in crime, Ric. The two waking up, they found themselves in a white shirt and pants, similar to a patient at a hospital. The lights went on in their room, Chris and Ric looking at a large window in front of them. Behind the mirror was the man that captured them. The man in round glasses. Ric, in all of his hulking stature, tried to break open the window with his strength, to no avail. The window simply shook a little, and nothing happened.

“We built this room especially for you two. There’s no getting out.” said the man. With a simple bland look, he exited the room, Ric punching the window again in anger.

“Great, we’re held captives. What now, genius?” said Ric furiously, picking up Chris with one hand effortlessly.

“I’d think, but you’re choking the life out of me.” Chris said in a bitter tone, Ric loosening his grip. Chris fell to the ground, and sat in the makeshift bed against the wall. He was always like this when he thought. It was like this that he formulated his mastermind schemes.

“Do not fret, my herculean friend. I’ll find us a way out of here..”

Walking down the hallway, Monkeybutt’s cellphone rang. Picking it up, a genuine smile was on his face. With a warm voice, he said,

“Don’t worry, Aly. Dad is coming home now.”



The twelve Zodiac Braves stood at the front of the Omniverser, the gate to all worlds. With an uncertain breath, he certainly wasn’t ready for this. He had put up with enough crap, but apparently taking down an unstoppable creature wasn’t enough for him and his Clan. Noooo. Giving them the signal, they all ran for the portal.


And with that, they were gone. Clan Infinitas was on the move.

Slowly but surely, people are discovering their amazing abilities! What lies ahead for NZ and his crew of Zodiack-powered friends? What will Atlas find when he meets Blahmaster, a man that can supposedly see the future? And how will Chris and Ric escape the grip of the Company? And will Caleb discover his potential, and possibly save the world? Next chapter, you must read.
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May 25, 2005
Yo mama
Wow, you have to get that one cool character in though. He should totally be like PMF with Psi powers

Another great chapter Nebula Zero. I can't wait for the updates.


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Mar 2, 2007
You know what would make this story perfect? If Atlas updated more.

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