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Jan 22, 2008
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Best Friends

Naruto and Sasuke are fighting. Again. Like always.

Sora is watching, an outsider in possibly the most literal sense, trying hard not to laugh.

Sakura, fed up, kicks Naruto. Hard.

Sora falls down laughing, failing to contain it.

Team 7, known informally as Team Kakashi, stared at him strangely.

"What?" The blonde asked, confusion etched on his foxy features.

"Nothing, you just remind me of something..." The strange 'shinobi' answered.

What a strange boy, Team 7 thought as a group.

A few years back...

Sora and Riku are fighting. Again. Like always.

Kairi, fed up, dumps a bucket of seawater on both of them. And they collapsed laughing.

Meanwhile, in the present...


"You feeling OK, Riku?"


Lol, different format >XD

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Jun 15, 2007
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The end made me LOL, Cef!^^ It was great!

I don't have anything in store yet, you know^^ I'll think of something eventually, though. It's been way to long since I posted anything on this site... Because I CAN actually write (a little bit)... Whenever I can motivate myself, that is^^


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Oct 18, 2007
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Yea, they parallel a lot. Sakura feels like she can't keep up with Naruto and Sasuke and Kairi fells that way with Sora and Riku. And just like Naruto, Sora's kinda an idiot sometimes.

Well hey everyone, I feel great today so I'mma do something I've been thinking of for a while. It's a short story thing that I hope Eva approves of when she gets back. I hope ya'll like it. Warning: Contains 358/2 Days Spoiilers.

I've Got a Sister/Return to Life

“*ISETZUE! SEPHIROTH!*” Little Slugger screamed but his voice echoed all over the place! – The ambush was given away! –


“Keyblade Master – !” Eulca kicked Chi Chi away and a barrier shot up around the Riders (that knocked Vincent forward) as low shockwaves aimed for the steed’s joints were deflected as Isetzue and Sephiroth teleported in with their attacks just a second too late! The Steeds reared and a ferocious aura of black fire, cinders, and smoke thick as smog exploded from them, manifesting into a hand that reached for Sora–and grabbed him and Avera with terrible speed!

“NOOO!” –



Vincent found new strength as he tried to get up as the dark hand was stretched over him–but it didn’t last long and he collapsed!

Darkness with such evil speed closed around Sora as he felt someone latch onto him – Ice and shock spread through out the skin of his body and then his very core, his heart taking a serious jolt that – Ba-bump – ba-bump – ba-bump…Ba-bump……Ba-bump…………….Ba-bump…………………….

The Riders all pulled out their weapons: the Blue Rider’s bow, the Green Rider’s whip, the Red Rider’s hammer, along with the Black Rider’s sword, and raised their weapons together as the steed continued to rear with their wicked auras swirling around them! “Judgment*! Judgment* upon this foul land we decree!” they shouted! A light of fire began to swirl around them!

. . .
*Is this…what is this?….Where is this?….Hey…..this feels…..like I’m floating…… No wait…..someone….is carrying me…..?*

“It’s okay, I’m right here with you, I’ve got you.”

Sora felt someone brush away his bangs from his head.

*Wh-what's going on!? Where am I? No . . . I can't be . . . he didn't . . . die?*

The Lifestream, the force that flows within all and sustains life. A source of life and pure energy. But when you know this you have to wonder what death is, what happens when one dies? The thing everyone knows is that the heart and soul leave the body, and through the Reaper's guidance they go to the other side. But what if a life holds more than just one consciousness, more than just one existance? Are they separated and allowed to go to the other side too? And also, what if the life holding the others comes back from death?

Wooooooosh, wooooooooosh. A sound like waves hitting the shore surrounded her. The sound was like it, but something didn't quite match up. As she began to regain feeling she noticed it, there was no warm sand beneath her, no warm sun above her, just the sound of the waves. As she opened her eyes she had to quickly shut them from the brightness of everything around her. She slowly opened them, allowing them to adjust, and finally was able to see where she was. The place was far different from anywhere else she had been, it was like she was inside a swirling rainbow, each color had various hues and was moving like a river, always moving, always swirling. She was standing on nothing in the middle of this space.

"I'm?" she said to herself looking at her hands "What's going on?" it was then she notice she was dressed far differently than what she was used to. It was a long white dress, slightly elegant but casual too. "Sora!" she called out in the space, finally standing up.

As she stood up there was a flash of light and a sense of falling. As the light subsided she found herself standing on a wooden bridge, leading to a tiny mini island with a bent tree sticking off at one end. It was sunset, the beautiful red and orange hues reflected in the water supported that. But what shocked her was the lone person sitting on the tree, quietly watching the setting sun. Before she knew what was happening her feet instinctively ran forward, over the bridge and stood her infront of the person. She was even more shocked when he turned to her with a familiar face.

"Roxas!" She shouted happily and grabbed him in a hug.

"Whoa!" he quickly recovered from her pulling him off the tree and then slipped away and held her at arms length "Sorry, you got the wrong guy. I'm not this Roxas, my name in Ventus, Ven for short."

"Ven?" she asked looking disappointed at him, but then her head seemed to fast forward memories and she nearly fell over from a sudden dizzyness "Ven? Big brother."

"Uh, I'm sorry but have we met before? I don't exactly recall having a little sister."

"I . . . don't exactly know what my relationship to you is. I came into existance after you left. My name is Xion."

"Well Xion, nice to meet you." Ven said smiling and taking his seat back on the poupuo tree "So you were born after I left huh? Guess it makes sense since your afterlife is here on Destiny Islands."

"Heh, born's a funny way to put it." Xion said taking a seat next to Ven "I was just created, I was pretty sure I didn't even have a soul. What kind of puppet has a soul and stolen memories."

"Puppet? Stolen memories? Mind filling me in?"

"Oh, of course." Xion said quickly "I guess you can't watch the living or you'd know what's going on."

"No, we can anything except watch the living."

"Well . . . where do I start? I suppose it'd be best to start with Sora." Ven perked up and looked at Xion "When he was fourteen, he became a Keyblade Master too, and started traveling from world to world. In the end he saved the entire Disney System and returned the worlds the Heartless had taken. Then he found his way to Castle Oblivion, where his memories were tampered with and he wound up going to sleep to get them back."

As Xion told the whole story Ven watched and listened carefully. As she came to the part about her he nodded sadly, and Xion felt a kind of understanding from him.

"So." he started when Xion finished with how Sora beat Xemnas "You're a part of Sora. Well then I guess that means I've got a little sister." he smiled over at her "And I've got a lot of catching up to do." He put his arm around her "Starting with this!" and pulled her into a tight grip as he rubbed his fist into her hair.

"Agh! Stop stop stop!" Xion cried as she started to laugh for some reason. After struggling she managed to break free and pushed him away. "Oh, sorry Ven!" she called out when he lost balance and feel down into the water.

"No problem!" He called up then swam around and climbed back up "So if you were with Sora then why are you here now?" he asked as he got back to Xion, sopping wet.

"Well." Xion started turning sad "Sora, Riku, and Kairi got pulled into the Anime System, and a problem so much more bigger than anything they've dealt with so far. And if he isn't here then I guess he somehow managed to stay alive, although when he did die I guess I was left behind."

"The Anime System." Ven said to himself, his hands tightening "Terra." Xion just barely caught the name.

Before she could ask him about it he quickly started walking back over the bridge. As he walked she followed him and when she caught up to him she saw the determination in his eyes.

"Ven? What's going on? Where are you going?" She asked

"I have to get back. I have to help Sora." Ven said as he headed towards the back of the island "I have to save Terra." he whispered to himself.

"What do you intend to do!?" Xion asked stopping him "Even if you get back to him you're dead, without a body you can't do anything."

"I don't know."

"What can you do against the new, stronger enemies?"

"I dont' know."

"How are you gonna help him if you can't even talk to him?"

"I DON'T KNOW!!" he yelled at her all of a sudden, then looked right into her eyes "You have Sora's memories. You know how I just left, I didn't come back. He probably hates me, but I can't just sit around while he's fighting! I don't know what I can do but I have to do something!"

Xion wanted to keep her hands on him, keep him from moving. What could he really do, what could he do to help? Even though he didn't know, even though it was probably nothing he still wanted to go. Slowly she lowered her arms and he was able to keep going.

"But, I just found my own existance and got a brother." she said

"Don't worry." Ven said putting his hands on her shoulders "Time really doesn't have meaning here. I'll be back before you know it. Until then go to the main island, if you tell them you're from the Destiny Islands they'll accept you."

"Mmm, okay." Xion nodded "But how do you intend to get back?"

"Hah, believe it or not that's actually pretty simple." Ven said and crawled into the secret spot in the back of the island. Xion followed him and when she came out it was just like in her memories, except the door in the back was wide open "A while ago someone used some powerful magic to bring some other people back, I'm gonna jump through that hole while it's still open."

"Well, good luck." Xion said watching Ven walk through the doorway, back into life.


So what'dja think? Pretty good if I do say so myself.
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Jun 15, 2007
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Coldy. *smiles in that sugar sweet evil kind of way* How about a warning saying that it contains spoilers for Days? I think Eva would approve of that very much too...

Other than that, very nice. I like the idea and it was nicely written. So good job!


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Sep 19, 2009
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I"m still a little lost. So did you come up with Coldman's story or what? If you did then shame on Coldman and I banish him to the worst place ever, WISCONSIN. *Throws Coldman into Wisconsin.*

Regardless of what he ruined I'd still like to read your filler Cef. But what exactly did Coldman spoil about your filler?

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Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
If your filler contains spoilers as well, then I won't read it. But don't let that stop you, post it if you want to.

... I'll just sit in a corner and feel completely left out...

Unless, of course, it's only the spoiler Coldy just revealed, then I'll read it^^
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