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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

*lands on Vera*


Is it scary and gruesome? Yer hyperactive pal is a Lovecraft, Rice, and King fangirl, might as well humor her and make it extra-horrific >=D

*purrs and snuggles Vera*

Calm down, Coldy-kun. And you two Shadows should mimic me and keep them spoilers to a minimum >X3

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Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Haha, Coldy, you are aware that you're about as bad as Shadow and SL, aren't you? But I very much agree with SA... No spoiling! I still haven't decided wether I want to get Days or not...^^

Doesn't matter if the Haloween chapter is a few days late... It will probably be more than good enough to make up for lateness^^

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Apr 22, 2006
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Scary and gruesome? Riddles shall answer that! Muahahahahahaha!

*Purrs* Thanks for understanding guys ^_^

Okay~ Some fun things relating to the Halloween chap - clues to how screwed up where we're going will be~These should be super easy, and the bottom two before the final one are even from Harry Potter~ Enjoy! XD

What is the room you leave without entering?

What is the room you enter without leaving?

If you break me
I do not stop working,
If you touch me
I may be snared,
If you lose me
Nothing will matter, what am I?

I am always hungry,
I must always be fed,
The finger I touch,
Will soon turn red, what am I?

I am the stone of lovers giving,
I am what keeps the fire fed,
I am the base of all things living,
I tell the age of all things dead, what am I?

I am found in your blood,
I am found in the sun,
I fall from the heavens,
I'm the core's number one,
I'm a maiden of torture,
I'm a shirt,
I'm a gun,
I'm Alpha and Omega,
I am an age that is done, what am I?

And when you have all the answers, they are clues for the final riddle: what are things that never has to look to do thier job, yet works in precision? (ha, ha I made this one up my wee-wittle self :D )

*ahem* they are created in number 1, disposed of in number 2, sustained by number 3, destroyed by number 4, helped built up by number 5, and can be destroyed and sustained by number 6.

Adn oyu vhae awht hte moros ni wllooh lescta yutalcla rea.........

Oh yeah, I'm so going there this year >:3
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Sep 19, 2009
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GAH!! Riddles!? Avera why must you do this to us? But Coldman is right about 4 and 6, but 2 is confusing. You can enter any room without leaving it cause you're not inside it yet.

I think 3 might be wood or something, man these are tough.

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Apr 22, 2006
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Coldman's got those right, and yes it's iron~ 4 more and then the final one to go! XD

Use those brains of yours guys, wow, I thought this was super easy, ah, still y'all should get'em.

If not I'll have the answers at the end of the Halloween chap~


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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

Still having a tough time figuring out the riddles, but the scrambled words are :

And you have what the rooms in hollow castle are...




I actually have an idea what the creatures in the chappy are, I'm a myth geek, so I'm familiar with all sorts of things you can kill with fire and iron. Once I figure out the other clues, though, I'm not gonna tell any of you what it is. I'm mean that way >XD

I'll PM you a link where you can read the complete Secret Reports, Coldykins >X3
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Oct 18, 2007
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Thanks Cef, that's something that'll really be great. Well everyone you should know it's Thursday, and it's been a week since my last chapter. So now here comes another one.

Filler 2
Second Chance
Chapter 6​

"GAH!?" Ash yelled as Rayquaza spun to dodge a swipe of the Cassius Dragoon.

As it prepared to attack again a purple aura surrounded it and it was slammed into the ground, destroying buildings as it thrashed about. The orb Mickey had given Ash not only allowed him to use two pokemon at once, it have them a dramatic boost in power. It took a little effort but Lugia could easily throw around the Cassius with its Psyhci* attack. The only problem was that whatever they threw at it, it just took and kept coming back.

"Hyperbeam*!" Ash called out and Ray sent super charged beam right at the Cassius. It hit and sent it deeper into a hole where buildings began to fall ontop of it.

With a loud roar the Cassius exploded out of the crater and barrelled right for Ray and Lugia. The legends flew in separate directions leaving it to chose who to follow. It chose the flashier prey and chased down Lugia. As it got closer Lugia turned around and fired an Aeroblast* right in it's face, causing it veer off and fall. With an impressive turn it stopped just before it hit the ground and with a flap of it's wings it picked up speed. It's claw began to glow and it reached Lugia, ready to strike.

"Safeguard*." Ray appeared infront of Lugia and blocked the attack, then brought it's tail around and slammed it into the neck of the Cassius, changing the defense technique to an attack.

"How much time do we have?" Ash asked as it fell into the buildings again.

"Fifteen minutes." Lugia answered keeping a watchful eye on the impact spot.

"That long!? Damn, no matter how much of what we throw at the thing it just won't go down for good."

Perhaps we just need to throw more at it. Ray chimed in.

Suddenly a large white and black fireball rose high into the air. Once it reached the top of it's course it exploded and many smalled fireballs began falling, homing in on Ray and Lugia. The legends flew around dodging the fireballs as best they could until they were down to the last few. They didn't notice the Cassius behind them until opened it's mouth and let out a powerful blue beam. Ray used Safeguard* but wasn't fast enough to get infront of Lugia, but luckily Lugia was fast enough to make sure the beam didn't hit him completely, but it did hit his left wing. As he fell the Cassius got between the legends and flicked its tail, hitting Lugia and speeding up it's falling rate, it snapped at Ray, keeping him too busy to help Lugia.

Ray brought its head back as a Hyperbeam* preped in it's mouth. Just as the Cassius was about to attack again Ray brought it's head back and fired, as the Cassius recoiled from the attack Ray shot another one at it. With the bought time Ray and Ash looked for Lugia. They saw him falling but just before he hit the crater below the castle a light engulfed him and he caught himself.

"Five minutes!" Lugia called out flying past them and hit the Cassus with a Sky Attack*.

The Cassius recovered quickly began chasing the legends again, but its attacks were becoming more and more furious. When it kept missing it staring mixing in fireballs and beams wtih its claw attacks.

The things going berserk. Ray said blocking a barrage with Safeguard*.

"I got an idea." Ash said holding onto Ray "Lugia, clip it's wings."

"Just give me an opening." Lugia called back

Ray nodded then flew straight at the Cassius, dodging threw the attacks that kept coming at it. "Dragon Claw*!" Ray's claws began to glow and it brought them down on the Cassius' head then flew straight up. Lugia took a perch on one of the castle's tower's then opened it's wings wide. A heavy purple aura surrounded the Cassius again, holding it still in the air. Lugia began rasing the Cassius higher as it began to twist aroudn trying to escape the grasp. Crsh crsh. Snap! In one instant it's wings were torn off and cast off into the castles crater, leaving the Cassius to fall down into the city for good.

"Okay now. Hyperbeam*, Aeroblast*, and give it everything you've got!" Ash said as Ray and Lugia brougth their heads back and built up their attacks for a few seconds.

The Cassius roared as the dust settled around it and looked up at the legends. It brought it's head around and fired another blue beam at them. Ray and Lugia brought their heads back together and fired their attacks at the same time. The attacks swirled around each other then combined as it met the Cassius' attack head on. The combined attack blew away the beam then split into many smaller blasts. The Cassius let out a roar as the attacks rained down on it, breaking it's armor and hitting the weak spots underneath.

"I guess that's . . . that's it." Ash said as a large wave of exhaustion hit him and it became hard for him to keep his balance "What's happening?" and fell off.

"We're out of time!" Lugia said diving off it's perch to catch Ash with Ray, but the exhaustion hit them too and Ray was sucked back into his pokeball "No, I must save him." Lugia said resisting the uge to rest. Gradually he caught up to Ash and managed to grab him with his feet. He quickly found a long flat spot on the castle and flew over. He dropped Ash, unconscious, onto the clearing then retreated into his pokeball.

Meanwhile Leon, Tifa, Cloud, and Naruto were dealing with the Master Sorcerer. It had trapped several more of Leon's fireball attacks in it's boxes that stayed behind it and it's tail was always swinging about, keeping them from getting close. And true to it's name the Nobody knew an impressive amount of magic to use and manipulate. Everyone had several burn spots on them and Tifa's entire left leg was frozen, Cloud had been temorarily stopped in time leaving Leon and Naruto to attack, rather unsuccessfully.

"Damn, we just need to get at it!" Leon yelled blocking for Cloud as several Aeroga* spells came at him.

Naruto threw several shuriken at the Master Sorcerer as it reached out it's tail to attack Leon and charged right behind them. As they got closer it clapped it's hands together and several boxes apeared, trapping the shuriken in them and forming a wall that blocked Naruto. Naruto jumped over the wall but was hit with the tail that kept going staight for Tifa. Tifa crossed her arms and blocked, luckily the ice kept her stuck to the ground, as the tail was being pulled away she grabbed it and held it firmly.

"Now!" she yelled out signaling Naruto and Leon to attack.

As they rushed at it, holding their weapons, the Sorcerer reached it's arms out to either side of it. The boxes holding the fireballs and shuriken smashed together into one large box that it held infront of it. The Sorcerer moved it's arms infront of it and the box broke apart, sending flaming shuriken at the two.

"AGH!" Leon yelled out as several flaming shuriken hit, knocking back towards Tifa.

Naruto threw several more shuriken to knock away the ones headed for him and kept going. The Sorcerer extended it's arms and several more boxes formed, then stuck together and swung at Naruto. Naruto jumped over the swing and was abotu to land a blow on the Sorcerer when a yellow orb appeared in it's right hand. Just as he got close enough a powerful blast of lightning shot from the orb, temporarily paralyzing Naruto and knocking him into Leon and Tifa. The box club raised itself over the group and came down. Cshck! Everyone looked up at Cloud who had been freed from the time spell and cut the boxes.

Without wasting a second Cloud charged at the Sorcerer, cutting any boxes that got in his way. He dodged as the tail came at him and jumped up, ready to bring his blade down on the Nobody. Suddenly he surrounded by boxes that boxed him in, and defferent colored orbs appeared in each one. The Sorcerer clapped it's hands together and the boxes exploded, releasing their spells full force on Cloud.

"Cloud!?" Tifa yelled as he fell back and lied on the ground, not moving, as his sword slid away from his grasp.

Tifa broke the ice on her leg then ran over to check him. Leon and Naruto tried rushing again. They got past the boxes but were hit by the tail and then struck with spells. As Naruto landed on his feet a blue orb appeared in the Sorcerer's left hand and a it shot right at Naruto. Once it hit Naruto became completely encased in ice, a surprised look frozen on his face. Leon was distracted by Naruto for a second before he aw the tail rear back and aim for Tifa and Cloud.

"Damnit!" he yelled running at them, Tifa wouldn't be able to move Cloud out of the way. As the tail came barrelling down he blocked but it kept going and caught Tifa and Cloud then slammed them all against a wall.

Tifa and Leon looked in horror as the Sorcerer gathered boxes together to form a wall. It was gonna smash them against the two once and for all. As the last boxes connected the Sorcerer clapped it's hands and the wall rushed at them, Leon closed his eye, not able to lift his gunblade. Boosh! When nothing happened he opened his eyes and looked, holding the wall back was Narto, his arms outstretched to keep it from moving.

"H-how?" Leon asked

"If you're just gonna give up." Naruto said, his voice changed a bit "Then just get lost!" he raised his head and Leon saw the change.

Naruto's eyes had become a deep red and his pupils had changed into slits, giving them an evil appearance. And his hands now looked like claws, digging into the boxes as he held them back. He pushed back agaisnt the wall then spun around and punched it, causing all the boxes to break like glass. As Leon stared surprised Naruto rushed back at the Sorcerer who created more boxes and sent them at Naruto. As they came Naruto broke each of them and kept charging, Leon also noticed he was much faster too. When he broke through all the boxes the Sorcerer sent it's tail at him. Naruto stopped and grabbed the tail as it hit then held on as the Sorcerer tried to bring it back. Naruto dug his claws in and in one motion ripped the tail off and threw it behind him, it went over the edge and fell from the castle. The Sorcerer recoiled in pain then brought it's hands close together, a red orb formed between them.

"Hey kid! Get out of the way!" Leon yelled, but Naruto stayed in place.

The Sorcerer brought it's hands forward and the orb was sent right at him. The second it reached him the spot burst into flames, completely engulfing Naruto. Leon watched the spot in horror but then saw something. For some reason the flames didn't just burn away, they seemed to be swirling around. Then Leon saw Naruto standing in the middle of the fire. The flames didn't burn him or his clothes, they actually seemed to be gathering on them, and for just a second Leon thought he saw some sort of animal head formed by the flames. Suddenly the flames parted and Naruto charged at the Sorcerer again, fire burning all over him. The Sorcerer brought his hands together again but Naruto quickly closed the distance and put the full force of the fire behind his punch. BOOM! The Sorcerer exploded and the fire on Naruto diappeared, when the dust settled the Sorcerer was fading away and the doorway behind it was clear.

"Hey kid! You okay?" Leon asked helping Tifa pick up Cloud and they walked over to the doorway.

"My name is Naruto." Naruto said looking back at them, his eye's back to their normal blue "Now let's go, Sora's waiting for us."

"Wake the Night*" Mickey yelled shooting at the Twilight Thorn.

"Fira*" Yuffie laced her shuriken with fire and threw it up.

The two attacks did little to the Twilight Thorn and it rained down punches on the two. Vincent was still injured from the slam into the wall earlier and could only dodge. The Twilight Thorn slid down on a wall and began swiping along the ground with it's arms. Mickey jumped up and Yuffie grabbed Vincent before jumping. Mickey got close and landed several blows to it's head but got caught in it's grip and thrown agianst the opposite wall. As he fell Vincent fired several shots that hit, knocking the Twilight Thorn off balance. As it fell down Vincent fired several more shots into it. The Twilight Thorn recovered and slid back up to the ceiling where it rained down more black and white lightning.

"This isn't working." Yuffie said with an annoyed tone.

"We just need to hit it with something powerful." Mickey said sending several Pearl Shots* up at it.

Suddenly among the raining lightning the arms came down and knocked Yuffie and Mickey away. They grabbed Vincent and began slamming him into the walls again. Yuffie laced her shuriken with Fira* again and threw it at the arms. She managed to cut one that let go and Vincent fell into a corner of the room. The Twilight Thorn pulled it's arms back then focused the lightning at him.

"Reflect*" Mickey sent a barrier around Vincent that the lightning bounced off of.

Mickey and Yuffie dodged the rest of the attacks that came but they couldn't get a good hit on the Twilight Thorn. As more of their attacks missed it suddenly dropped from the ceiling and knocked Mickey and Yuffie back against the walls. As they stood up it looked at Vincent and shot more lightning at the barrier. The barrier cold only do so much and broke under the barrage of attacks. As the pieces fell around Vincent the Twilight Thorn brought it's arms together, raised them up, and brought them down on him.

"Vincent!" Yuffie yelled but stopped when the Twilight Thorn stopped moving. Mickey and Yuffie saw Vincent standing under the arms, holding them up. Then he threw them off, jumped up, and fired several shots kncoking it back into the glass wall.

"Stand back." he told Yuffie and Mickey as he stepped infront of it. A dark aura began to surround Vincent and he began to change too. His cape split in two and turned into greey bat-like wings along with the rest of his clothes. His hands became claws and his eyes turned blood red. As the Twilight Thorn stood up Vincent charged and hit it through the wall, sending it flying outside. "Chaos Saber*!" he yelled and a sword appeared in his hand. As the Twilight Thorn fell he threw the sword and once it pierced it, the Twilight Thorn burst into dark fire.

"Let's go." Mickey said once Vincent changed back and the doorway to leave opened.

"Do you have any idea where he is?" Yuffie asked as they stepped out into a new area of the castle.

"No, but if we look for Xemnas then we're sure to find him."

"Agni Nova*!" Sora yelled sending the spell right at Roxas.

Roxas raised both Oblivion and Oathkeeper and cut the flames in half, sending them to both sides behind him. Donald and Goofy were keeping Kurix busy but they could only do that. Meanwhile Sora was dealing with Roxas but niether had gotten a strike in. Roxas closed the distance quikcly and brought his keyblades around to strike but Sora blocked and held them still then pointed his keyblade right at Roxas' chest.

"Wake the Night*." the pink beam shot out and knocked Roxas into the air and over Donald, Goofy, and Kurix.

He recovered and landed on the wall then pushed off and raised his keyblades. But he wasnt' aiming for Sora, he was heading for Donald and Goofy. As Sora noticed he ran at them but he deffinently wasn't gonn make it in time. As he ran he reached out his hand and a familiar energy began running through him. The Light Cloak started glowing and began fluttering wildly. Just as Roxas reached Donald and Goofy they were engulfed in light and disappeared. He and Kurix looked at Sora but were blinded by a flash of light and pushed back by some force. When they looked back Sora was changed.

His clothes were the white since he had used Final Form, but that's where the similarities stopped. Along with the white clothes was armor that went all over him. It was white and silver and the chestplate had a heart design on it. And what made the Nobody's hesitant to attack was the fact that he not only held Kingdom Key in his right had but Oblivion and Oathkeeper were hovering around his left.

"Hmm? It appears he's joined with the other two." Kurix said

"Then we no longer need to be here. The Master Sorcerer and Twilight Throrn have been beaten, we should exterminate the other intruders while they're weakened." Roxas replied then they turned to leave.

Before either of them could take a step Sora appeared infront of them. They only just managed to bring their keyblades up in time to block as he cross slashed his keyblades at them.

"I already told you two." Sora said pointed Kingdom Key at them "If you wanna hurt my friends, you're gonna have to go through me!"

". . . . . Lord Xemnas will not be happy about this." Kurix said preparing to fight.


Okay, there it is. Probably not as good as it could have been but pretty good by my standards. Sorry to all FF VII fans about Vincent's Chaos Form if you didn't like it.
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@ SL and Shadow: Nope!

@ Coldman: :D XD

@ Cef: Oh Cef? Uh oh, I think you might be onto it then :lol:

Chappie time! Cassius name FTW! ^0^ And Lugia tearing off the dragon's wing with psychic was brutal and awesome >:D I really like the pokemon fight >X3 but again, just be mindful in pacing attacks and whatnot~

And Naruto was a frikin' BEAST! ^0^

Ah, it just kinda ends ;-; but if there's more tomorrow, that's cool ^_^ Good job Coldman :)
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