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Oct 18, 2007
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Well everyone as promised the next filler chapter. I'm sorry its a week late but 358/2 Days was just too good to stop playing. I hope I haven't disappointed any of you.

Filler 2
Second Chance
Chapter 5
(This chapter is dedicated to Cef and Lecty for their worrying absence and their wonderful return.)

I know the truth about you and your friends. You aren't from this dimension. I killed Sora and Riku and Kingdom Hearts has filled me with unimaginable power, did you truely believe your presence would go unnoticed by me? Although I must say that your presence is something I'll enjoy.
By now you've noticed Kurix and Roxas. They are no fakes, they are the Nobodies of Sora and Riku that I created after I killed them. They are absolutely under my control. And by now you also know their power.
I have also taken Kairi back with me to the World That Never Was. If I had come to challenge you surely your friends would hide you away until the pathway back to your dimension was open.
But without Kairi, that is impossible.
By killing Sora and Riku her heart became consumed by grief and hatred. It cried out her inkept feelings and the worlds and the system itself answered that cry by opening a doorway and bringing you here.
Come face if you want to save Kairi. Come face me if you want to return to your home.
I look forward to killing you a second time.


Sora read the letter again, then again. Xemnas knew everything, and Kairi was the key to opening the door back home. As Sora sat still on the bed Shonen grabbed the letter and showed everyone else, Naruto had woken up and joined the group. Everyone was quiet until Vincent gave Sora a long look.

"Smart move." he said "By taking Kairi he ensured you'd deffinently go to save her. But we don't know if he's lying about her being our key back. If she is that's even more insentive to go save her."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Sora asked jumping off the bed and heading out the door "We gotta save Kairi."

"There he goes again." Shonen mumbled as everyone followed Sora downstairs "Do you even know how we're gonna get to where he is?"

"We'll take the same route I took last time."

"That's not possible." Leon said as they came out into the main room where he, Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith, and Cid were all waiting. They were all bandaged in different places but otherwise looked okay "After last time Xemnas closed up the pathway."

"Well she's screwed." Shonen said. Whack! Naruto and Ash hit him on the head as Sora ignored them.

"So how do we get there then?" Sora asked.

"Well unless you got a Nobody friend hiding around somewhere that's gonna be a real puzzler." Cid commented

Sora was quiet as everyone began throwing out ideas. He did have a Nobody that he had rejoined with, but even if Roxas was still separate from him somehow how could he get in contact with him. And for every moment they spent talking and formulating who knew what was happening to Kairi. What if Xemnas had already killed her. As the thoughts kept getting more and more paniced he felt an odd warmth on his leg. He looked down and realized it was something in his pocket. He reached in and felt the warmth off something metal and long, a keychain. The keychain the Emotionless had given to him was radiating warmth for some reason, but somehow it felt comforting.

Suddenly Sora felt eye's on him. As everyone kept talking their voices became muffled and distant. He looked behind him where he felt the eye's view was coming from and was slightly surprised to see a transparent Organization member standing in a corner. At first Sora thought it was Roxas, but then he noticed the member was shorter and had a feminine figure. She raised her right arm out to her side with her palm facing back. A dark corridor sprouted up from the ground in the corner.

"What the heck is that!?" Cid shouted in surprise.

Sora snapped back into reality, the warmth from the keychain was gone and so was the girl from the corner. Everyone was looking at the corner where the dark corridor was, Sora was the closest one and walked up to it.

"H-hey Sora, hold up there." Cid said cautiously.

Sora looked back at everyone then bolted through corridor. Ash and Naruto followed quicklly, Shonen followed them yelling about how stupid Sora was. Vincent, Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, and Tifa were right behind them and Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were the last through. As Cid stood up to follow the corridor closed.

"Dag nabbit!" he yelled kicking the wall where the corridor had been.

Silence, nothing but silence all around. And something cold and hard underneath. As consciousness began to drift back the memories of what happened played back through Kairi's mind. She had managed to get past Sora and was heading off to find Xemnas and save Leon and the others. As she ran she saw him off in the distance, waiting for her. She called her keyblade and charged forward, but suddenly there was a pain on the back of her neck, then darkness. And now she was here, lying on the floor somewhere.

The floor was pure white with grey designs and stripes on it. She turned over and looked up into a black sky with nothing else but a heart shaped moon off to the side shining a pale light over everything. She sat up and looked around and was surprised to see Xemnas sitting on a throne in the middle of the area, staring up at the moon.

"XEMNAS!!" She yelled out summoning her keyblade and charging at him. Xemnas kept staring at the moon as she quickly closed the distance and slashed at him.

In one quick motion Xemnas dodged the attack, grabbed Kairi's arm, and lifted her up. Before she could react a large shock was sent through her, temporarily paralyzing her. Xemnas smiled as she glared at him and he walked over the ledge. He held her over the edge as he looked back toward the moon.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked "A full and complete Kingdom Hearts of my own. A with it comes power that you can't match." he looked back at Kairi "Nor that imposter you think is Sora."

"Sora's . . . not an . . .imposter." she managed to get out.

"Oh, so they tricked you into believing he was Sora? How could friends you care about do that to you? But don't worry, I'll tell you the truth and I won't kill you. I need the imposter to come to me, and you're the key to that, just like how you're the key to him."

Sora came out of the dark portal into the city around the Castle That Never Was. He looked around and realized he was on the path past Memories Skyscraper that led directly to the castle. As everyone else came out they saw him running along the path and kept following. As they came to the edge they all stopped and looked at the floating castle.

"Any bright idea's about how we're gonna get there?" Shonen asked not seeing a pathway.

"Sure, same as last time." Sora said summoning his keyblade and pointing it right at the castle.

"Sora! No!" Mickey said but was too late, a beam shot from the keyblade and reached the castle. A light at the castle lit up and an icy crystal pathway formed between it and the edge "Everyone hide! NOW!"

Everyone looked confused at Mickey then rushed to the buildings as the ground began trembling. They peeked out and saw the crater under the castle glow slightly. Suddenly there was a loud roar and a white dragon Nobody flew out. It looked like a Morgos except it's eye's were red and it was wearing what looked like armor, it reminded Sora of the dragon from his own last fight with Xemnas. With another roar it began flying around the castle, it was the guardian of the fortress.

"Oh great, how are we supposed to sneak by that thing?" Leon asked.

"We just need to distract it." Vincent said looking at Ash

"What!? No way!" Ash began protesting "Ray and Lugia can't take that thing on by themselves. Just look at it."

"Here, this should help." Mickey said handing Ash a glowing orb. As Ash held it it pulsated then disappeared into his hand. Suddenly Rayquaza and Lugia shot out of their pokeballs and stood prepared. "You should have about half an hour before you'll be back to only being able to use one of them at a time."

"Alright." Ash sighed jumping on Rayquaza "Let's go." and both legends flew off to distract the guard.

Eveyone looked as the two came into view of the dragon. It roared loudly then spun around and charged at them. They both flew off to different sides of it then fired what attacks they had. The attacks hit the dragon right in it's chest, knocking it back and sending it falling into the crater.

"Okay now!" Leon said leading the charge up the pathway past the falling dragon.

"Oh c'mon." Shonen said lazily falling behind eveyone "Some guardian that was. And the kid was complaining about not being able to handle it with only one of his pets."

Everyone sped up as a loud roar shook the pathway and the dragon flew up from the crater. It's wing broke the path that began to crumble like ice. Shonen was so far back that he couldn't outrun it and fell. Sora turned around to to help but the dragon's tail flicked as it reached a suitable height, knocking the falling Shonen into the air and over to the other side of the castle. As the last of the path crumbled everyone jumped onto the platform where the castle began. Ash, Lugia, and Rayquaza began to fly around, they had incured the wrath of the guardian.

"Okay, here's how we'll do this." Leon said gathering everyone around "Me, Cloud, Yuffie, and Tifa will lead in the front and take out anything that gets in our way. Sora will be behind us with Vincent and the blonde kid protecting his sides. The King, Donald, and Goofy will take up the rear and keep a lookout from behind. Everybody got it?"

Everyone nodded and was getting into position when suddenly two dark corridors opened up to either side of everyone. A long white arm reached out from each one. One of the arms grabbed Leon, Cloud, Yuffie, and Naruto and pulled them into it's portal while the other one grabbed Vincent, Tifa, and Mickey. After taking the ones they grabbed the corridors closed leaving Sora, Donald, and Goofy behind. Sora looked over where Vincent had been and saw the Light Cloak lying on the ground. He had probably dropped it when the arms came out. Sora walked over, picked it up, and put it on, he'd probably need it for what was to come.

"Heh heh, just like old times right?" Sora asked Donald and Goofy trying to break the ice.

"Although you're not Sora." Donald grumbled as they began to head through the familiar path they had taken before. Though none of them would admit it, a wave of nostalgia began to wash over them.

Leon, Cloud, Tifa, and Naruto were pulled out into a large open area. They could see Kingdom Hearts in the distance and the tower under it but they focused on the arm that had pulled them through. At it's end was a normal sized Nobody that looked like it was wearing a robe and had the Nobody symbol as a mask over it's face. The arm was protruding from it's back and was more like a tail.

"We don't have time for this!" Leon yelled swinging his gunblade and sending a fireball right at it. The Nobody waved it's arm and the fireball became encased in a clear box that stopped and froze it then floated behind the Nobody where several other boxes where floating around.

"Guess this isnt' gonna be easy." Cloud said readying his buster sword "But what are we gonna do about the kid?"

"Hey, you're not leaving me outta this fight!" Naruto said jumping infront of them and facing the Nobody. Before anyone could say anything he charged forward and jumped into the air, ready to strike down the new foe.

Vincent, Mickey, and Yuffie were pulled into a wide room with a glass wall looking out onto the battle Ash and his pokemon were having with the dragon guardian. They looked around but didn't see the source of the arm. They walked to the center of the room then jumped away from each other as a Twilight Thorn fell down from the ceiling right where they had been standing. Mickey summoned his keyblade, Vincent drew his gun, and Yuffie pointed her shuriken at it as it began swinging it's arms along the ground.

Vincent and Yuffie managed to dodge but Mickey was knocked back and into Yuffie. They were both sent flying into a wall, as they fell to the ground the Twilight Thorn brought both it's arms at them to crush them inbetween. Vincent jumped infront of them and shot both the arms back but didn't notice it flip up about to bring it's feet down on all of them.

"Reflect*!" Mickey raised his keyblade and a barrier formed over everyone, stopping the Twilight Thorns feet and holding it in place "Wake the Night*!" and aimed right for it's head.

The Twilight Thorn was knocked back into the opposite wall where Vincent shot a few holes into it. The holes quickly closed up and it snaked it's way up the wall back onto the ceiling. The three put some distance between themselves and kept an eye on it. They dodged as white and black lightning began to rain down on them. As they dodged Vincent took several shots, all aiming for the Twilight Thorns head. It snaked it's way around the shots then extended it's arms and starting raining down punches on the group. They managed to dodge until Vincent got caught and knocked up into the air. The Twilight Thorn brought both it's hands to together and slammed them into Vincent and all together into the wall.

"Vincent!" Yuffie and Mickey yelled out rushing to go help.

Swish swish woosh! Sora slashed to his left and right finishing off the Dragoons that had surrounded him. Goofy spun around taking out the Dusks that were left as Donald used magic to take out what was left. The elevator stopped as it reached the top of it's route and the door opened to let them out. Sora, Donald, and Goofy walked out into the Hall of Empty Melodies. As they kept going Sora had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind, then his sense* exploded in warning. Sora grabbed Donald and Goofy as he jumped back and just narrowly missed getting hit as Roxas and Kurix jumped down from each side. Their keyblades were on the ground right where they had just been standing.

"Roxas! Kurix!" Sora called out trying to reason with them but all he got in return was a gaze from their empty eyes.

"As Lord Xemnas has ordered." Kurix said

"None but Sora shall pass, the rest shall be exterminated." Roxas finished

"If you want them you'll have to go through me!" Sora said standing infront of Donald and Goofy.

Roxas and Kurix readied their keyblades then charged forward at Sora. All throughout the Castle That Never Was battle began to break out.


So what did ya think? I thought it was pretty good. By the way, I need a name for the dragon Nobody that Ash is fighting. I've already decided I'm gonna call the one Leon, Naruto, Cloud, and Tifa's fighting the Master Sorcerer. Any name's at all will be appreciated and considered.

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Dragon of Non-existance?
Cipher (meaning zero, nothingness)?
Annihila (play on annihilation) ?


Anywho, very good Coldman ^_^ And it was long, me likey the long :36: I can tell you put alot of heart in this one too, bravo~!

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Apr 22, 2006
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I'm scared to read it Cef, it doesn't have any spoilers in it...does it...? >_<

EDIT: Nevermind, I read it -> ;O; Geeze I'm so emotional XD

Oooohhh, Cassius, teh awesome >X3

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Apr 22, 2006
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*Crying, crying, crying ,crying, crying, crying* Please p.m over Days you guys ;O;

On another note, the Halloween chappie still looks to be on schedule landing on the weekend of Halloween, like Friday, or something~

Oh I hope it lives up to what you're expecting >_< Mesa tryin'!
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