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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

*calls up her army of Homunculi, Anbu, Chiropteran and the Zero Squadron(aka the King's Guard in Bleach)*

Bring it, bey-yotch!

*uses Curaja* on Vera*

*summons some demons*

You can't beat me... I'm the most psychotic person in the WORLDS!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Also, my Chevalier! GET LECTORI TO SAFETY!!!

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Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Only because I live in a different timezone (meaning I am asleep while you guys are posting here^^) means I can't defend myself? That's not fair... I was only hiding behind Coldman to find my weapon! (really!!) So...

*Unsheaths katana*

Here we go!!! *takes out some demon*

Btw, you teaser seems interesting, Coldman!

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Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
*Blocks demon attack coming for Coldman*
Aw, I'm sure Cef noticed as well, she was just too busy summoning those demons to mention it... So when will you post more of your filler thingy?
*cuts demon in two*

Wait a minute... If Cef summoned the demons, aren't they on our side...?


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Oct 18, 2007
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Demons are bad no matter who's side they're on. Besides Cef said she's crazy, that means the demons are out to kill everyone.

*Swings sword and sends beam through five demons*
I'll be putting the next chapter up next week.
*Stands back to back with Lectori facing demon army*
But if you'd like here's another spoiler but it's for the chapter after the next one.
*Begins cutting through the demons*
Xehanort looked down on Tokyo from his place upon the hill. The darkness had beckoned him to this hill, at night with the sky full of stars.

"Kind of a nice huh?" asked a deep gruff voice behind him.

Xehanort turned around to be confronted by Nefero and South Light. They were walking towards him out of a dark portal, Nefero's presence sending shivers down his spine. They stopped a few feet away from him and looked him strait in the eyes.

"So you're the presence steeped in darkness that caught my attention? You're just a wrinkly old man." Nefero said with disgust.

"I'll show you old man!" Xehanort yelled summoning his keyblade and sending a Dark Firaga* spell at Nefero and a Dark Thundaga* spell at South Light.

The spells hit making Xehanort smile cruelly. But when the dust settled he saw the two of them standing like nothing had happened.

"May I?" South Light asked.

"Go ahead." Nefero replied

In a flash South Light disappeared and reappeared in front of Xehanort. Before he could even move to attack South Light knocked him with enough force to send him through a tree and slam him into the one behind it. In another flash she had drawn her sword and stabbed Xehanort through his left shoulder, pinning him to the tree.

"Your darkness may have been strong where you're from, but here it's nothing compared to the power we wield." South Light said pushing the blade in deeper.

All Xehanort could do was use his magic to stop the bleeding and stare at the two beings before him who beat him without even trying.

"So why did you give in to the darkness?" Nefero asked walking up to stand beside South Light.

"I wanted power."Xehanort stated remembering the fight at the Crossroads of Twilight "And I almost had it. Kingdom Hearts was almost mine."

Xehanort didn't notice Nefero and South Light look at each other

"You saw Kingdom Hearts?" South Light asked.

"Saw it? I had it in my grasp, if only those damn knights had just died." Xehanort said

South Light pulled her blade out of Xehanort's shoulder and let him fall to the base of the tree.

"Would you like to control the darkness we command?" Nefero offered him.

Xehanort looked up at them. Were they serious? Would they give him control of even greater power?

"Yes." Xehanort answered.

"Good." Nefero gave a twisted smile and picked him up setting him to face Tokyo "The power we control not only requires a heart steeped in darkness but also a soul as well. Kill everyone there and burn the city to the ground, only then will your heart and soul be black enough to handle the true darkness."

Xehanort stared at the city for a second before opening up a dark portal and going through. A few seconds later Nefero and South Light saw an explosion down in Tokyo followed by another then another. People screamed as fire spread everywhere.

"He doesn't have to do this to gain our power." South Light stated watching the chaos.

"Yeah, but this is gonna be amusing." Nefero said with a sadistic smile on his face.

"Why are you offering him power like ours anyway?"

"Can you imagine how happy Missus will be when we present her with Kingdom Hearts' power?"

South Light and Nefero smiled at each other then turned to watch as Tokyo burned and it's people were slaughtered. The worlds heart gave a shudder as it felt it's people's death's and the dark presences on it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you think Lectori? Was that good?

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Somewhere only we know~
*Seritouge passes STOPGREVIGA on everyone; the Lady slips away by breaking out*

*shakes fist at thin air* Damn you Seritouge, we can defend ourselves! Look what you did! D:<

*The Lady comes back* "Now you're all frozen, what can you do now?"

O_O Man, how many times am I gonna get chopped? x.x

Seritouge: Oops......

Despell us you idiot!
Okay moving on -

Nice Coldman, very nice >:3 I've never described how South Light fights huh? Sorry about that D': But thier natures are practically spot on ^0^ I look forward to zeh filler :3

My turn ^_^

Okay, sorry no Riku here T.T, but Kairi's got lengthened a little so yay! And I promise not to edit and re-write the chappie like I did last time a day later T.T Though I think you all read it after I did that so, phew.....


Oh yeah, and sorry about the bold and, ah, slanted marks in the chappie, I couldn't move them....Slanted...wow I need to go to bed...

RECAPOLA: “Yes, for this one Kairi part, and yes, it’s me Shonen Bat, thanks for asking about the gun-shot wound.

*Gun cocks*

So! Let’s get started. Oh where did we leave off with Kairi…? Oh that’s right, she left Tenchi’s group on a big decked out train….I sense preferential treatment:

Kairi eyes had become blurry, and she quickly blinked them clear, ‘T-thank-you Sasami.’ Kairi took the gift and began to unwrap it –

‘Wait! You can’t open it here!’ yelled Sasami, and Kairi was stopped with the package half-way uncovered. “It has to be opened in a special place!” Tenchi’s group nodded, some with a hidden glance –

Kairi could kinda feel what it was – Sasami snatched it back up, wrapped it, or rather sealed it [shut] and handed it back to Kairi. ‘Keep it safe, and open it only, ONLY when you know you should open it.’

So she has a gift, okay, and what else? She also got a letter from Washuu:

‘This is a special train that Aurocile has especially activated for you,’ said Washuu, ‘It will take you automatically where you need to go, also, here’ – Washuu handed Kairi a letter, ‘this should help you on your way too.’

“Judging by the contents of the letter, you should be going to at least three worlds before you reach Tokieo Town,” said Washuu, “But who knows. You’ll be taken to where you are needed.”

Alright what else is there? Weren’t Kairi’s buddies going somewhere? :

“We’re going to meet up with the rest of the world coalition that protects the Masters in Tokieo Town. Once you get there, come by and give us a shout, one of us should be at the Lunar Café, or the Spot Tower.”

Um, that might pose a bit of a problem since the Elric brothers kinda burned down the place…Since they were the only ones there…And they left...Not to mention…Seritouge….?.....Oh who wants to bet they’re just all dead in a ditch somewhere? Ah? Ah?!

*Gun cocks*

Okay! One more thing:

Then just as Kairi fell asleep, off to the left of her, a form began to wrinkle into view, and Ragiel’s transparency faded in. He walked over to the sleeping Kairi all cuddled up. *Mh, snug as a bug in a rug, *he said lightly, and a warm smile was drawn over his face. *I remember now, why I just had to help you. It’s funny how death can kinda detach ya a bit from reality. It doesn’t exactly apply to me anymore.* Ragiel took a seat next to Kairi and brushed her almost weightless red hair back; her hair about the exact same shade as his. *Our eyes could have been the same shade I bet, but I just had to have that tinge of green in them……* Ragiel moved to pick the heavy covers over her more, but they only just slightly moved as his ghostly hand slipped through them. *Heh, I can’t do it anymore…. It’s been so long since I last tucked you in at night.*

……I guess that’s self explanatory no…? Laterz”

CH 33-2 My Other Keeper: Kairi
"Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting."~ Author Unknown ~ [D’oh]
En Route

Kairi’s sprinting steps echoed throughout the darkness along with her gasping breath to keep up the pace for not more than a second’s time behind her – she could hear the thumping and sluggishly rhythmic pounding and breathing from a large creature chasing her down – it’s icy breath just touching her back and heels – the ground trembling under the monster’s gait –

There was nothing but darkness before her, no ground she could see – no places to hide, not that she could hide anyway – the monster was too close – its heavy tongue was trying to get a pre-emptive taste–!

“Leave me alone you disgusting – thing!” Kairi held out her hand to call Chigiri* - but no blade came – her legs were knocked out from under her with the sound of a sharp snap almost like gunfire and she tumbled head over heels forward with a quick glimpse of the monster behind her – red eyes and a mouth lined with dripping burning teeth that opened wide – she landed hard on her side and a spotlight was then on her – the monster reared up to quickly stop before any of it was revealed from the light with a thick morbid roar – ugth Kairi could smell it’s rotting breath; the monster then slammed down, the shockwave lifting Kairi a little.

Kairi looked at her legs, they were bent in awkward, twisted positions, but she felt no pain, probably because she was still in shock from the blow…Such strength so accurately aimed at a vital body part – that monster wanted her, but as long as the spotlight was on her, it wouldn’t come near her….Even though the spotlight kept her and the monster apart about by only one foot.

The monster snarled and growled, circling its prey, its breath touching Kairi’s numb legs and back. Kairi tried to call Chigiri* again, but the Keyblade still wouldn’t come. *Why?!*

The monster began to laugh, low, long and melodic….“Princess of Heart….Lonely Princess of Heart…For a monster like me, such a meeting, I would accept nothing less…I have been haunting you for a long, long, time.”


The monster took a seat right in front of her, its red eyes and burning mouth fixated upon her.

“Poor princess….Poor princess…You do not know much about your past. You cannot question your past as any other living person can.”

“What are you talking about?! Of course I have a past! I am a living person!”

The monster rolled its eyes. “Before you came, to Destiny Islands?”


“Don’t you realize it yet…? Your current identity started with them.”

“My….current identity?”

The monster looked back, and a little ways away behind it, another, larger spotlight, shinned down, on Sora and Riku; both of them as young children, as when Kairi first met them –

“What are you?!”

The hidden monster gave a smile that broadened.“Misfortune. I am the Misfortune buried in you.”

“Buried, within me?”

“Poor girl…Poor lonely girl…”

“I’m a Keyblade Master! Like Sora and Riku” – Kairi stole a look at the spotlight on Sora and Riku (now the age when they first became Masters) and for the third time, Kairi tried calling Chigiri* but still, the blade did not answer; Misfortune threw its head back and laughed – Kairi looked at her empty hand – “What’s going on?!”

“You think you are a Master?! [/B]Like them?! AHAHAAA!”

Kairi looked back at Sora and Riku, now at their present age.

“Look at yourself!”

Kairi looked at her legs, still bent awkward, and, small? Kairi felt her hair, short – her body, her arms – she was now the age when she first them, Sora and Riku –

“Just because you learned a few tricks, learned a few skills, and can wield that sorry excuse of a weapon of light” – the monster pointed at Kairi, and Chigiri* finally appeared in hand – “Does NOT mean you are a Master like them! You are nothing but a remnant, an excuse for the future to move on”

“What are you talking about?! I know who I am!”

[B]“Do you?”
the monster’s eyes narrowed, “Or is that what you’ve led yourself to believe? Can you identify your existence without them?”

Kairi looked once again at Sora and Riku still at their current age; Sora waved happily to her –

“Can you ever once identify yourself when you were not with them? Not a part of their lives, not a hindrance on their lives?”

“Hindrance?!” Oooh if Kairi could only stand up – “I never was a hindrance to them! If there was anything I could do” –

“But there was nothing you could ever do,” the monster hissed, “Except get kidnapped. Hindrance to them, ha, didn’t you even at one point wanted to abandon Riku and sail away with Sora, ‘member that?”

“I was just…playing…”

“Of course you were. Riku has done a lot for you, but I never heard a thank-you from you to him.”

“Hey –“ Kairi grabbed her head, “You stay out of those memories!”

“So when are you going to abandon Sora? You almost abandoned Tenchi and his lovely girls, and they were only trying to give you a head start”

“I’m sorry! I was, I was scared for Sora! And Riku!” –

“You are a very selfish girl underneath that pink exterior, little girl. Perhaps abandoning people runs in your family….How do you know that you, yourself, weren’t abandoned on Destiny Islands?”

Kairi looked dead on at the monster.

“Despite what you so wish to believe, you will never be the kind of person they are.” The monster motioned to Sora and Riku; Sora waved again, and Riku blindly smiled. “You will never be what they are, because they became what they are, for you.”

Kairi felt her chest get heavy and her lips tremble.

“They worked themselves to the death for you.”

Kairi blinked her tears back, and looked to Sora and Riku again – Sora as a heartless, and Riku in his form when possessed by....um (a.k.a Xehanort’s heartless) –

“What have you ever done for them, that can be measured in the scope of what they’ve done for you?”

Kairi held herself…… “Nothing,” she breathed, “I’ve done nothing….”

“Lonely Princess Kairi…You have it before you, your tool of destiny.” Kairi looked at her Keyblade on her twisted legs, a few of her tears dripped off onto the cool metal, onto her reflection. “If you don’t take control of your destiny, your past, your potential, before it takes control of you…..they will pay the price. They will have no choice, because, they’re doing it for you.”

Kairi looked once again at Sora and Riku and gasped, a red Lady was standing behind them with her arms over their shoulders, holding them close….. “Is that…” Oh what did Tenchi and the girls tell her…. “Is that, the, Lady?” The red Lady nodded and smiled back, that sharp smile – her claws growing long around their necks – “Stop!” – but Kairi’s legs were still twisted –

“You’ll have to decide, if they won’t pay the price for your existence, then” – the Lady’s hands suddenly grabbed Kairi by the neck from behind – cutting off her windpipe –


Kairi snapped awake – jumping up from her bed; her heart in her throat. She felt her neck, no abrasions, she got up to go take a peek at the decorated mirror above the marble dresser. Nope, there were no marks on her neck; the lone sound of the clicking tracks reassured her that she was in fact, alone in the sleep car (really this sleep car was more of a royal bedroom). “I’m…okay,” Kairi said out loud holding her neck, “I’m okay.” Although she could still feel her jugular pumping blood extra hard through her veins. Adrenaline gave one last surge throughout her body, and her Keyblade jumped out of her hand, responding to her last tingle.

Kairi let her hand lightly glide over her blade, over the cool metal, she grabbed it and closed her eyes, thinking hard of their faces, all of their faces, “This Keyblade belongs to me, only to me. And I will, use it to control my own path. I won’t rely on them anymore, for now, they can rely on me.”

Kairi thought she heard a small laugh…….And she thought how much it would suck if this train was haunted…..But it’s not, I mean, *It’s just a big empty train….Big and, empty; except for me….With a lot of pretty Royal antique stuff….Creepy antique stuff…* Oh stop the train was gorgeous….

Now Kairi wished wherever she was going that she would get there just a little bit quicker….At least for the presence of another human being….She crawled back to center of the emperor sized bed, and into her nest of covers (still holding her Keyblade).

The stars still floated silently by the twin windows in the sleep car; the tracks still ever going clikity-clack underneath the wheels. Her eyes wondered over to the marble dresser, to her letter and gift, and the warm feeling of being with Tenchi and the girls wrapped around her like one of the blankets…She knew she spent adequate time with them, but it all still felt like, such a short time. But if their words are true, she would meet them again in Tokieo Town, they were going to meet up with others of that group they were a part of…

Uh oh.

“Yes, I will meet them again. I will, we promised we would.”

Again, Kairi thought she heard a faint laugh in the background; she gripped her blade – “Shut up,” she said sternly, and the laughing stopped.

In the corner of the sleep car room, there the whole time, was Ragiel’s Ghost….

No, he wasn't laughing....

*Yeah,* said Ragiel, *This is something you have to do on your own I guess…You can’t see me anymore….Pfft, I guess it was true, we really were nothing but shields for you guys for the Key Brawl…Nothing but tools…Be strong Little Red, I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re going to have to face it head on.* Ragiel began to pull his energy back, *I’m going to go be with Lorenia now, you’ve never met her, but I bet you would have liked her, when we were little, remember I always needed your approval? When we were little, you remember that, right?* And he was gone. Kairi’s Keyblade gave a tingle and she opened her eyes. She suddenly had the strange feeling that someone she knew had just left, but, she couldn’t remember his name, like the time she forgot Sora….She sat up – she hated that feeling, forgetting Sora, who was this person – wait, wasn’t she the only one on the train?! She looked at Chigiri, maybe it was just responding to her memories, Keyblades do that right? It was just responding to a memory; she told herself.

But no matter what Kairi told herself, she couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hour, her mind lulling over what Misfortune said, her Keyblade tingling, then after some time her mind found itself thinking of all those clothes she bought for Sora and Riku back on Destiny Islands, they never got a chance to wear them…at least, she was still able to give them their bracelets….Kairi looked at her bracelet…It hasn’t hurt in a while…The times it did, she felt Sora was in trouble….

Maybe Sora’s fight with the Death General didn’t count…What’s up with those bracelets anyway? Didn’t Euphoria say they were gonna be Charms? Or was that Seritouge who helped pushed that notion….?

Kairi left the cool metal of the bracelet on her cheek, only then did her eyes finally close, leading her to dream that she was back on Destiny Islands with Sora, and Riku.

There was sunlight on Kairi’s face. “Hmmmh, it’s early…(*GASP*) Early?!” Kairi once again snapped up from her bed and looked at the sunlight that was shinning in both the twin windows! Off her mirror! The train was stopped, she heard no clikity-clack – she recalled her blade and ran to the door of the train, passing window after window of sunlight, oh beautiful sunlight! She found the door, and stepped outside – her skin welcoming the warm sunlight rays….the door slammed shut, and the train began to move –

“Oh no wait! My letter and package! WAIT!” but the train kept on going, disappearing car by car into a golden portal. “Ouw…You better come back….Washuu said you were my mode of transportation….You better come back….Er, who closed that door? Next time I’m on you, I’m doing a full sweep!” she said looking at the disappearance of the train, a….window….? A very large paned window – Kairi’s surprised reflection was staring back at her, she looked all around discovering she was in a hallway. A hallway full of sunlight no less though.

Deciding not to think too much on the matter of a luxurious train such as hers fitting into, and then disappearing from a hallway…Okay it was a pretty big and well decorated hallway too, rather it was a corridor of marble with a pale pink shade, so pale it was almost unable to see with the naked eye. Kairi decided to proceed to walk down it, as at the present time, there was nothing much she could do. The large windows she passed by showed a large courtyar, elegant enough for royalty, and a pointed clock tower that apparently looked to be attached to another structure of the current building she was in against a beautiful blue midday sky. “Geeze, I should’ve taken the letter with me, at least it probably could’ve told me something about what I’m supposed to do…Most likely I’m supposed to lock* this world, but maybe that letter could’ve given me a hint or something…? I have no idea where I am.” She stopped at the end where two double doors were. She could have turned down to another hall, but she looked up and read, “Music Room Three.”

Chigiri* gave a tingle. “In here?” Chigiri didn’t respond again, but, “Whelp, here goes nothing.”

Kairi gripped one of the handles of the double doors, and opened it – she was almost taken back by the sudden breeze fused with the scent of rose petals (and actual rose petals) as the aesthetic wind gave her a feeling of utter content to a point where she blushed, *Wow, maybe I can pick up gardening from this place if I have the time,* Kairi giggled within.

There in the center of the large open (well refined) room, were seven boys (seven really handsome boys), one sitting in a classy chair with the other six around him, “Welcome.” All of them were dressed in the same uniform of light pale blue formal jackets (with ties and a white shirt underneath) with a school patch on the upper left of their chest, and dark pants, but the similarities ended there as they ranged in the height scale (except for the orange haired twins) and looks; good, good looks…. <3

[Please not that SA is currently swooning over an Ouran poster….Google it]


“Our first customer of the day, and what a special way to start this bright beautiful new morning,” said the blonde haired (second tallest) blue eyed young man getting up from the classy chair, “You’re a new face around here, are you lost, young princess?” He extended his hand to Kairi, which might’ve made more sense if he wasn’t ten feet away –

“Uh….” *Well this is good, they know I’m a princess, maybe Washuu contacted them, I bet they knew I was coming here.*

[No, no, and nope.]

“Don’t be shy, please come in. Oh, I get it, you’re a transfer student right?” said the blonde getting ever closer…. “I believe I’ve seen that style you’re wearing from some far off island.”

[You mean Jaaaaaaaa-pan?]

*They even know about my home, Destiny Islands?!*

[ -_-]

“Don’t worry, I can tell you’ve traveled from afar, you can rest here my dear lady. We’ll be sure to make your stay extra, comforting.” He was suddenly holding up a rose in front of Kairi’s face. “Welcome to our little Host Club.”

“Umm….” Kairi could feel her face burning red.

“She’s a shy one huh Milord?” said the twins together – “You’re probably scaring her.”

“Oh no, ah, um, I’m not a transfer student, though,” said Kairi gaining her composure, and pushing her hair back.

The rose drooped, “You’re not?”

“Nope, but you’re right in the fact that I’m actually from nowhere near here – ”

The rose picked back up, “Then may I ask where you are from? Oh! Are you an international student?”

“She would still be a transfer student Milord” –

“Eh, more like an intergalactic student,” Kairi chuckled, “But actually, I’m – *I guess there should be no harm in showing them, they know this much about me right? Such fine gentlemen, this world should be a piece of cake* -

[What you are about to read was conceived innocently]

Kairi straitened up, “I’m – (*she called out her blade with a flash of light*) a” –

“WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTCHHHH–!” In one second, the blonde was before her, and in another – [after she called her blade] – he shot himself into midair, landing right in front of the sixth tallest brown haired big eyed boy (if not almost directly on the poor thing) –

“Wow! A magician!” the shortest cute blonde boy (with big light brown eyes) clapped, “A real live mag” –

“How did you do that? That’s incredible!” said the sixth tallest boy peeking out from behind the tall blonde – he was then promptly grasped by the twins –

“She’s the witch from the clock tower Milord!” they yelled –

“I’m not a witch, I’m a Keyblade Master, and this is a Keyblade that I am holding!” defended Kairi.

[Kairi has not been well informed of the oh so sacred world borders….Not that there are anymore…]

The dark haired third tallest young man (with dark eyes to match behind his glasses) calmly walked up to Kairi shifting his notebook to his other hand and patted the Keyblade with his pen to ensure its authenticity while the bickering chaos from the others ensued –

“Her Keyblade is definitely real, and the craftsmanship on it is absolutely astounding.”

“Thank-you,” smiled Kairi, *So there are normal people here*–

“Kyouya, how can you be so calm?!” the blonde haired young man called to the young man in front of Kairi, “For all we know (*dramatic point*) – she could be from another world!”

“I am from another world” –


“ALIEN!” the twins cried hugging the sixth tallest boy tighter –

“Enough! Quick egging Tamaki-sempai's nerves on!” the sixth tallest yelled at the twins–

“I’m not an alien!” Kairi yelled losing her temper –

“Run Haruhi!” cried the blonde to the young man behind him, “The Host Club will defend you as you escape from this intruder! Hikaru, Kaoru – take her somewhere safe!”

They didn’t need telling twice –

“Don’t you guys know about the Keyblade Masters?!” Kairi yelled at the top of her lungs; everyone froze. “You!” Kairi pointed at Tamkai (the tallest blonde) and he reacted as if he had been stabbed, “You knew I was a princess, and even about my world!”

“I……did?” he squeaked.

“He’s the king of the Host Club, he treats every girl with such romanticism,” said the twin with his hair parted to the right; suddenly calm.

“He about calls every girl a princess, so excuse him for actually getting it right for once,” said the twin with his hair parted to the left; suddenly calm.


“Forgive us young lady, but there seems to be a great deal of confusion about just who and what you are,” said Kyouya pushing his glasses up.

“I’m a lady,” Kairi growled silently –

“But, this matter can all be settled easily with a simple introduction from you, Miss…?”

“My name is Kairi, and I am a Keyblade Master, and also,” she called back her blade (the tallest blonde fainted with the tallest young man catching him)… “A Princess of He” –

“You’re a real live Princess?!” said the shortest, cutest blonde hopping in front of her, “And you can do magic tricks! A magical real live princess! Just like from all the shoujo manga!”

“Mitsukuni, you shouldn’t interrupt,” said the tallest (and deepest voiced) young man with short wild hair and dark eyes to match; Tamaki was still out in his arms –

“Oh, sowy,” said Mitsukuni with big apologetic eyes, holding his pink stuffed bunny close – (yes he has a bunny, which somehow, “magically” appeared in his arms) and he quickly shuffled back by the tallest young man –

“Really, there’s no need to be so, far away,” said Kairi….

“I agree,” said Kyouya, “Perhaps we still have a few minutes before our morning customers arrive; why don’t we serve ourselves some, tea, to refresh and calm ourselves” –

“Ah, no, you know what, I’m sorry, my mistake for coming in here,” said Kairi, “I shouldn’t have bothered you all, I’ll go,” Kairi turned to leave, but Chigiri within her gave a short vibration in her heart that startled Kairi - she quickly grabbed her chest –


Kyouya quickly went to Kairi’s aid, but even though he was right next to Kairi, Tamaki (revived by the way) was there quicker and took Kairi’s hands – “Princess, are you” – Chigiri gave a stronger beat and Kairi sank to her knees, Tamaki scooped her up – “I’m taking her to the school infirmary” –

“No, no, no I’m fine! I’m fine!” said Kairi struggling to get down –

“Don’t be silly, you just collapsed to the ground!” said Tamaki, but Kairi’s struggling forced him to put her down anyway, he took her hand as her other was on the door handle, “Please, I can’t allow you to just leave without getting checked out by one of our school nurses” –

“I’m fine said Kairi, my, heart just, gave a weird beat” –

“Miss, please,” said Kyouya, “I insist you get checked out by one of our nurses here at Ouran” –

“Ouran?” said Kairi.

“Yeah, our school, Ouran Academy,” said the twin with his hair parted to the left.

“Don’t you know where you are Miss?” said the twin with his hair parted to the right.

“Uh, no, I don’t know where I am…”

Tamaki bent really close to Kairi, still holding her hands, “Princess please, I’m begging you to see our school nurse.” He genuinely looked afraid for her life….Chigiri gave another vibration, but Kairi stiffened her body and closed her eyes tightly holding her breath; she felt Tamaki tighten his grip on her hands.

Kairi let loose her breath, “Okay.” And on que, Tamaki picked up Kairi once again, Kyouya opened the door, and he carried her to the infirmary.

“Please get well Princess!” Mitsukuni called holding his bun-bun close.

Kairi just settling and racked her brains on what she was going to do….Perhaps, this world had been spared the dark touch of the Emotionless, so then, they wouldn’t know anything about, Kairi…. Well that made things just a little more difficult, but, Sora did it on his own before right? Oh, right, he had Donald and Goofy, but, he did it never-the-less. Kairi may be on her own but, she had her confidence….

“Well my dear, you’re as healthy as a horse,” said the school nurse moving the stethoscope away from Kairi’s heart, “Now, you say your heart gave an irregular heartbeat?”

“Yes m’am. *Although you can’t diagnose what’s in me.*”

“Describe for me this heart beat.”

“Well, it just sort of, came all of a sudden.”

“Was it like, a racing pulse, a” –

“It was more like an, extra beat.”

“An extra beat?”

“Um, yeah.” Kairi was trying to play it cool, the nurse was so nice, but she looked quite uncomfortable, and the nurse took notice.

“Okay. Well dear, the heart can do unusual things when put under pressure. By what you’re telling me though, you had what’s known as an extrasystole, an occasional extra heart beat, and for the most part they are benign, but I’d like to run a more extensive test search to find out just what’s wrong with your little ticker. I understand from Mr. Tamaki you wondered into the Host Club, and collapsed on your knees; you also gave a statement that you didn’t know where you were.”

*That’s all he said about me? He didn’t mention my Keyblade?*

“Can you tell me where you’re from dear?”

…..Kairi got a spur of the moment idea – “No m’am, I, I don’t know, my last memory is wondering the halls of the school, and then, I met the Host Club.” Kairi knowing she was lying only made her appearance even more uncomfortable, which was excellent to sell her story –

“You can’t remember anything at all?”

“No m’am, nothing.” Kairi got her eyes to whelp up with tears.

Tamaki walked through the infirmary door, “Nurse, I’ve come to check up on” –

Kairi looked at Tamaki with her big, frightened, teary, dreary, confused –

Tamaki walked over and placed his hand on her back, taking her in close – Chigiri gave another tickle but Kairi managed to pass it down without so much as a wince – *What is with this guy?* Kairi hissed internally focusing the energy elsewhere, *I can take care of myself!*

“What’s her diagnosis?”

“She’s healthy,” the nurse replied, “Although she has been under heavy amounts of stress” –

*You can say that again,* Kairi remembered Misfortune, and, all the misfortune she’s run into.

“And I want to check into her heart more just to be safe.”

“Very well, please report any and all health expenses to me, I will take care of them.”

If there was a record playing Kairi’s indifference to Tamaki, it stopped.

“I understand Tamaki,” smiled the nurse, “Now Kairi” –

“Yes?” Kairi squeaked.

“Since you have no recollection of yourself, or family, before you came to Ouran Academy” –

“Is that right?” Tamaki asked looking directly at Kairi.


“Well, that certainly won’t do, having a young lady without a home, or a loving family,” said Tamaki, “Princess, I would like to offer you a place to stay until, we can get you back to your real family.” Kairi’s eyes widened. “I’m sure that there is a loving family out there that misses you very much. We’ll figure out your situation, don’t you worry, Princess.” And Tamaki gave a warm, warm smile.

“Really Tamaki, you’re too kind,” smiled the nurse writing something down.

*You, said it lady, I mean, just before, I scared the living daylights out of him, and now, he’s paying for my medical bills and even offering me a place to stay….Like none of that even happened….Oh yeah, he even called me a witch!*

“Princess, I’ll be right back,” said Tamaki getting up to leave, “I have a class I need to go to now, but when I come back I’d like to show you around our school formally” –

“Oh, um but, don’t you have, um *what’s it called* – “Ho-Host Club responsibilities? In fact, I don’t want to cause any more trouble today, so, for today, if I may, just, aid with, with your club? To-to help pay you back! You’re doing so much for me, please sir,” Kairi bowed.

The nurse looked to Tamaki and shrugged, but Tamaki merely smiled. “If you insist, princess, how can I refuse?” and he left (*a beautiful bell began to chime*) – OH NO! I’ve got only a minute to get to the other side of campus –!” And he sprinted off.

In the wake of his absence, Kairi was left to wonder….Her hand went to her chest, Chigiri was reacting to something…Her heart tickled whenever…*Nah it couldn’t be, I mean the guy freaked when he saw my Keyblade…Hmp….I don’t get him, but he can’t be all bad, maybe he’s not bad at all, I mean he does call every girl Princess* – It hit her, and Kairi gasped internally, *Could there….could there be such a thing, as a Prince of Heart?*

“Would you like to take a nap, princess?” the nurse smiled.

“Um, no thank-you, in fact may go out to the courtyard?” *I can smell sarcasm you mean lady* –

“Of course, pin this pass on you.”

Kairi pinned the visitor’s pass on and walked out.


Prince of Heart.....One word - bishonen........*runs* Oh come on! How could you not see that pitch coming?! *0*

Here's a link to Ouran whoo!: OURAN!!! It's the funimation website >>;

Ah, now my new semester starts TT.TT Damn you Block, darn yooouuuuuuuuu.....!

Peace and Cloverfield!

P.S: I know I said the Reaper was the last "Out" character, but Misfortune is kinda just in Kairi's head....so that doesn't count....>>;
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*Googles Ouran High*


*lets out an uber nosebleed, faints, and gets revived by an Anbu*

*sees everyone else kill her demons*

Awwwwwwww, MAN!! They're already enslaved to me, dangnabit!!!! Quit killing them! I still need them for something!

Coldy, I'm sorry... Like Lect said, I was too busy summoning up an army for you guys... WHICH YOU ARE KILLING OFF! *Evil Cef glare, lvl. 2*

*uses the Demon General as a meat shield to get to the Lady*


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*Avoids evil glare*
Sorry!!! *defends from demon* But, what does it mean if the demons enslaved to you attack us, Cef? *stares back*

I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club!!! I can really imagine Tamaki doing all that^^ Good chapter!

And of course I liked your teaser, Coldman... I was kinda long for a teaser, though... Not that I mind^^

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*Seritouge's magic turns out to be completely usless afterall.....He sits and twidles his invisible thumbs*

SA: You guys! We gotta act as a team if we're gonna get through this!

Shonen Bat: "HA!" - BAM.

Nefero: Should we get involved in this fight?

South Light: I dunno; they are trying to kill our Lady, but she seems to be having fun with them thinking they can kill her

Nefero: Ooh I just got an idea, let's go torture SA about her Block Review!


Nefero: Come back here Eva! You only get three tries!


Yippie! I'm glad Ouran is receiving such a warm reception from you guys ;3 Cute boys does help a little ney Cef? X3

(*Process is going well, preparation for the destruction of Ouran is in full effect*) What, where did that invoice come from? O_O

That means oodles Lectori that you can imagine Tamaki doing those things - at least I'm on the right track in catching his character....I'm afraid I'll make him too wild >>;

If Ouran is, too girlie Coldman, we are going to be in the Naruto world for a while....Ah, but Zoids with Riku is next anyway SQUEE for animal mechs! X3
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Animal mechs are HAWT... So's Tamaki... >X3

*sees the Berserker Demon, well, berserking*

Oh, you can kill the Berserkers, even I can't really control them... Wuh-oh...

*General gets utterly pwnd*

Well... that didn't work... (u~.~ )

*sees Vera running away*

^(u0.0 )^


*runs after Nefero and South Light*


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Nefero: So the score's even now I guess

South Light: But Eva's running away......I will still go after her! >:D

Nefero: Fine, then this girl is mine >W<


South Light: Well she's kinda tormenting herself at the moment....I'll back you up then Nefero! Though two against one isn't a fair fight.......Who cares? >:D

[They are ignorant....oh so ignorant...]


o_O Where the hell did you come from?!

Let's talk character developement for South Light......She hasn't had much except being a kind of sister to Nefero, and Nefero cares deeply for her since he sent her away from the Key Brawl; though if South Light stayed, she would be able to take care of herself, Nefero just doesn't want to see her get hurt, ever.

Think of South Light as my otaku in the story.....An evil psycho killer otaku.....Seems fitting since I'm dealing with anime......She will grow an affection for the males of the anime system, and natrually target them when she can, and even steal a kiss if possible, which will be the last thing any male with her will do.

Shounen Bat: Hey that sounds like Rouge from X-men - BAM

I know it sounds like the Death Eater kiss, but in South Light's case, that's just how she prefers to steal a bishie's Ghost (soul and heart), really she can just touch the victim anywhere and pull it out, but she can get, a little perverted >>; don't worry, it's not going "there" I will play it safe.

On top of that, South Light is practically a god with magic, she has no physical attacks, except what is imitated by magic (a magical sword :3 )

But that strength with magic comes with a price.....South Light sucks at physical defense.....Like really sucks. Her magical defenses are outstanding, but if someone could get like a stong punch to her chest, that's all it would take to kill her.

So it's understandable why Nefero would get a bit edgey with her in keeping her safe, South Light is a sucker for any bishie in sight....I'm looking at you Riku (he qualifies as a bishie to me - don't judge! D:< )
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Oh, really... >=D

Hey, Eva... remember that guy I "introduced"? Y'know... on Christmas? Hehehe... *evil smirk*

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Kehehehehe... >=D

Muahaha... Did you know that I know Taekwondo? >X3

Oh, and I think Riku's a bishie too... Why the heck do you think he has so many fangirls? >XD


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Wow you guys write a lot without me around. I haven't heard about that Ouran anime but it sounds like okay. I like the anime's about how the highschool kids secretly fight evil monsters trying to kill people by throwing them in the TV.

The explaination for my previous statement is that I got Persona 4 over the weekend and I haven't been able to stop playing it. I playing it all night Saturday, I didn't sleep at all. It's really awesome, the movie that plays when you leavethe title screen on for long plays automatically and it's in anime. There are even some scenes in the beginning that's anime.

Glad y'all liked the teaser. Brownie points for anyone who can guess what world it's on. Hint: It's an old anime and the main character was often critisized for carrying a 'reverse blade' sword. SA no telling!

*Jumps and uses power to destroy entire demon army then focuses on Nefero and South Light*

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@Cef: Yes....I remember Cef.....but I sent him to get some ink for my class tomorrow DX

Have at them Cef! D:< You can do it!

Riku can also fall into another catagory...I forgot what, but yeah, my first thought was bishie, then when he was....in Xehanort's heartless' body....I almost cried, and I did when he got it back XD I was like yay! My bishie is back! >X3 Open up those beautiful eyes!.....Okay I'm done.


@Coldman9: Ah well Ouran, is.....just about cute guys....dealing with inner strife, in other words, bishies GALORE!!!! *_*

The stars align wierd -_- Though we always welcome your company Coldman :3

And another one is stolen by Persona 4. I haven't played it yet, and I'm trying to stay away from it so I can focus on other things >>;

Okay Coldman, I will stay like this -> :x

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For the next part, time with Riku is going to get shared with some other characters....must, tie...up....loose....ends.....

Nefero and South Light: Play Persona 4 with us!

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I must focus on my work now T.T maybe sometime in the summer, but that's being hopeful too since I haven't even been able to touch RE: Chain of Memories yet.....I've just been seeing clips online......My brother let his "friend" borrow the PS2 and the ****ing thing got stolen! DX I know his friend is lying though, so until he coughs up another playstation2 (and when it's summer time) I won't be able to play DX

BTW which system is Persona 4 on anyway?

*Note* I might have Riku's shared update in two weeks....no promises again >_<


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It's for the PS2. Bummer your's got stolen, that sucks big time.
Well now as promised another chapter of my filler.

Chapter 4: Recovery​

In a dark room filled with moniters in Lookout Tower a transmission came through the waiting group.

"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?" Aurocile asked reaching forward and tapping her camera causing the picture to shake.

"It's working Aurocile." Bulma said through ther headset as she sat at a terminal coordinating transmissions.

"Oh, okay." Aurocile sat back down "So what's the damage?"

Everyone was quiet and too nervous to speak.

"What's wrong?" Aurocile asked concerned

"We've got a big problem Aurocile." Ragiel said seriously "The guy who was tearing up Tumble-Stop, he's a keyblade master."

"Say what?!" Euphoria yelled pushing Aurocile aside "That's not possible."

"Actually." Aurocile stated pushing her way back into view "It's very possible."

"Well being the Spirit of Heart we were hoping you'd explain it to us." Dendjue said.

"Sure." Aurocile began taking a deep breathe " Keyblade masters are chosen based on the condition of their hearts. Once a master recieves their keyblade that power is their's until they die. Few people have the power to take a keyblade away from a master but that's considered a great crime, right up there iwth breaking a By-Law. However rarely, after recieveing their keyblade, a master turns to the darkness. Instead of protecting worlds and their system they attack them, trying to gain greater power."

"Would Kingdom Hearts be something like that?" Lorenia asked.

Aurocile froze adn just stared forward.

"Aurocile? What's wrong?"

"Who told you about Kingdom Hearts?" she whispered just barely letting everyone hear.

"Ven did."

"What did he tell you?"

Ven woke up on a bed in a room that looked like it really needed to be cleaned

"Well you're finally up Ven." someone said

Ven turned to a corner and saw Terra standing there out of his armor. His arms were crossed and his eyes were back to normal.

"Did you think I was gonna sleep all day?" Ven asked

"I don't know." Terra shrugged "When you just fell over I thought maybe . . . I had . . ."

"Oh please Terra." Ven said standing up adn walked of to him "You're strong, but you're not that strong." and he lightly slapped Terra's chest withthe back of his hand.

"I'm sorry Ven."

"For what?"

"For what I've done."

"Don't worry about it." Ven said smiling "Now let's go find Aqua." and he and Terra headed for the door.

Aurocile was frozen in the scrren. She could barely believe what she had just been told.

"Aurocile what's wrong? What's the Crossroads of Twilight?" Lorenia asked concerned "What's Kingdom Hearts?"

"The Crossroads of Twilight," Aurocile began, snapping out of her daze "is a sacred place where the LIght and Dark realms merge together. The keyblades of every master that's lived and those yet to come are held there. Only three master have been allowed there since the beginning of time. I"m not even allowed there."

"And Kingdom Hearts?" Dendjue asked.

"Every heart that exists is born from Kingdom Hearts. It's what connects everything, even if we don't feel those connections. But being connected to the heart of everything puts it in charge of destiny's and destinations. It and the LifeStream are the greatest sources of power any entity can have."

"So if Xehanort had gotten hold of that kind of power, he'd be unstoppable."

"Just about."

"And now he's here in our system." Dendjue said concerned

"Chances are Xehanort's a keyblade master too. Ragiel, Lorenia, Dendjue, he's not just a danger to this system. If he get's Kingdom Hearts who knows what he could to. You have to stop him." Aurocile begged before the transmission cut off.

"Okay, but where do we begin looking?"

"Ven, Aqua, and Terra dealt with him before, they'll have some idea of where he'll show up." Lorenia said

"Then let's go find them."

Ven and Terra reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the lobby. It was filled with people talking and resting on any soft surface they could find. Most of them had bandages wrapped around them in different places. Aqua was crouched down scratching a puppy's stomach.

"hey Aqua!" Ven called out to get her attention.

"Terra! Ven!" she yelled standing up and running over to them. WHen she reached them she jumped and hugged Terra.

"What? Don't I get anything?" Ven asked smiling

"What's the matter Ven? Are you jealous?" Terra asked when Aqua let go of him.

"No, just hungry." Ven answered after his stomach gave a growl.

"Alright, I heard there was a burger stand down the street." Aqua said.

She lead them out of Lookout Tower and into a cool sea breeze. They went through the garden where people were still lying around and some were just relaxing in the sun. As they walked down the street they noticed that some of the buildings had already been rebuilt. They found a stand with a large menu posted on the back wall (the same burger stand Sora and his group ate at)l

They each ordered a burger, fries, and a shake. They settled down and began to eat.

"I have a problem." Terra said suddenly in the middle of the meal.

"What is it?" Ven asked.

"I can't . . . summon my keyblade."

Aqua and Ven looked at each other before they turned back to Terra.

"We can't either." Aqua told him.

"Why? Terra asked surprised.

"Our hearts have been damaged." Ven said looking sadly at his food "Our keyblades are connected to our hearts. If something happens to damage our hearts our keyblades begin to break then we lose the ability to use them altogether."

"But we just suddenly lost he ability to wield keyblades. What you described takes time."

"Xehanort did a lot of damage very quickly." Ven said then took a bite out of his burger.

"But what about Aqua? She didn't even fight Xehanort."

"She did watch him beat us though. Emotional damage can be just as bad or even worse."

They were all quiet as they finished their meals.

"What do we do now?" Aqua asked "We can't use our keyblades and without them we don't stand a chance against Xehanort."

"Well, I'll give them all the help I can, but if we can't do anything then maybe we should just go back to our homes." Ven said.

Terra and Aqua just stared at him. But what he said to them made sense. Their keyblades had given them great power but without them did they even stand a chance against Xehanort again?

"Umm . . . Are we interrupting something?" someone asked behind them.

Ven, Aqua, and Terra turned around and looked at the Salor Scouts.

"No." Ven said putting enough munny on the counter to pay for all three meals "We're just talking."

"Oh." Serena said "Well we came to get you. Ragiel, Lorenia and Dendjue wanna talk to you."

Ven,Aqua, and Terra got up and followed the Scouts all the way back to Lookout Tower. When they got there they went up several stories and down some hallways until they came to a conference room. When they stepped inside Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue were waiting for them.

"Bye." Serena said closing the door as she and the rest left.

"So what are we here for?" Ven asked taking a seat.

"We have some questions." Lorenia began "About Xehanort."

"He's here?" Terra asked gripping a chair so hard small dents appeared.

"We don't know. But if all of you aand his apprentice are here chances are he is too." Dendjue said.

"We all just hoped he had died from Kingdom hearts power." Aqua said.

"Well we should be prepared. How can we find him?"

He'll come for you. being in a new system with new masters, he'll want to test your powers."

"So we just wait for him?"

"Pretty much."

"What about the Crossroads of Twilight?" Ragiel began asking "Aurocile siad it's forbidden to go there unless you're allowed."

"being allowed somewhere and going there are two completely different things." Ven said.

"What kind of powers does he have?" Lorenia asked.

"He an manipulate the environment. He's steeped in darkness so it's added to all his magic, it gives them an unbelievable boost in power. And for being as old as he is he's pretty damn fast."

"Does he have any weaknesses?"

"Not that we know of. But if you wanna get under his skin then mess with his plans. He gets furious when his plans don't go right."

"you guys must've had it so bad. Two dark keyblade masters running around in your system. Who knows what kind of condition they've left your system in." Ragiel said.

"They aren't our masters" Aqua said.

"What?! Then how do they have keyblades?" Dendjue asked

"Xehanort stole them."


"From the masters before . . . them. Xehanort kidnapped them to steal their power. He tortured them constantly, not just physically but he also made them watch illusions of the people and places they cared about getting killed and destroyed. Eventually their hearts broke completely and he picked the piece he needed to take the strongest masters keyblade. By taking their keyblades they also absorbed their powers."

"And the keyblades have changed to match Xehanort's twisted soul." Ven said with disdain.

"Maybe those masters weren't that strong." Ragiel said to himself but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"What was that?!" Ven asked like a snarling wolf about to attack "Who the hell gave you the right to say that?! You didn't know them, your didn't know them at all!" he yelled getting up and left, slamming the door behind him.

"Me and my big mouth." Ragiel said "What did I say?"

"The keyblade master that Xehanort stole his keyblade from . . . was Ven's father." Terra said.

"Talk about putting my foot in my mouth." Ragiel mumbled.

"Don't worry." Lorenia said patting Ragiels shoulder "I'll talk to him."

She got up and left the conference room too. She looked down the hallway for some clue about where Ven had gone. There was a cool breeze and the smell of salty sea air. She followed it to a partly open patio door. She opened it to see Ven glaring at the sunset, leaning against an unsteady railing with his hands behind his head.

"Sorry about what Ragiel said back there." she said, Ven didn't take his eyes off the sunset.

"You're appologizing for that a**hole?" he asked.

"Don't call him that. He has a nice side y'know."

"Hmm." Ven said looking at Lorenia "So you and him?"


"How long?"

"A few months now, but we're getting off track. I came out here to check on you."


"Because you're not the only person who's lost someone they care about."

"Who'd you lose?" Ven asked not glaring anymore.

"My brother." Lorenia began "His name was Caryne. He was eight when he . . . He was sick, so it was slow and I watched him go slowly."

"My father left the day my little brother was bon. I was thirteen and things got really hard around the house, and all I can really remember . . . was hating him so much. I had to be a brother and a father since he wasn't around. And my mom's got sick too. She tries to hide it but I've noticed. I don't know how much longer she has."

"What's your brother's name?"


"So how did you find out your father was a keyblade master?"

"On Sora's third birthday I somehow managed to leave my world. I wandered around the worlds before I found out what happened. he left us to keep Xehanort from finding us, after he left that's when Xehanort got him."

"That must have been tough. You hated your father for leaving you only to find out he left because he loved you."

"What was hard was leaving Sora. My mom's getting worse and he was only four the last time I was him."

"Why did you hate your father?"

"He left us." ven said putting his hands on the railing.

"That's not it." Lorenia said staring at Ven.

"He just left." Ven said closing his eyes "He didn't tell me anything. he squeezed the railing "I could have helped him!" his voice was rising "I would have fought alongside him!" a tear dropped from his eye onto the railing "I COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!"

"He left because he cared about you." Lorenia said putting her hand on Ven's shoulder "I just wish my parents had cared about my and Caryne half as much as your father. Or even cared at all."

"Thanks." Ven said finally looking at her.

"Sure." she said turning around and going back inside.

"Barkeep!" Dendjue said in front of a counter outside "Milkshake me."

A milkshake slid down the counter and into Dendjue's waiting hand.

"Relaxing at a time like this?" Terra asked walking towards him

"Well we gotta wait for Xehanort to come to us right?"

"True." Terra said signaling the waiter to send him a milkshake too "So how long have Ragiel and Lorenia been together?"

"A while." Dendjue said sipping his milkshake "How'd you know?"

"It' s in the way they look at each other."

"Ah." Dendjue said in realization "So I'm guessing you and Aqua are together too?"

Terra choked on a drink. After forcibly swallowing the drink he coughed to clear his throat.

"No, no." Terra said "I'm married."

"Really? So that's how you knew about Ragiel and Lorenia."

"Yeah, I have a son too. His name is Riku."

"Riku. Sounds like a tough kid."

"He is." Terra said taking a picture of him holding a four year old Riku, carrying a trophy, on his shoulders

" 'Destiny Islands Beach Bash Champion' " Dendjue read on the trophy "He must've been good."

"He was, considering he was four and he fought in the teenager division."

"Hmm." Dendjue said handing the picture back "So what's Aqua's story? I know yours now and I know Ven's."

"She's a princess." Terra said with a smile, watching Dendjue choke on his drink this time.

"She's a princess?" he asked in disbelief after clearing his throat.

"Her grandfather is a man named Ansem the Wise. He's the ruler of a world known as Radiant Gardens. Her parents are scientists that help him with his research. She's set to take over after her parents."

"Damn! If you're married then I guess Ven and Aqua are together."

"They never say anything but there's something there. What about you? Do you have a special girl?"

"They're all for me." Dendjue said watching the Salor Scouts walk by and away.

Ven walked inside from the patio. He walked down the hall a little bit and found Ragiel leaning against a wall with his arms crossed.

"You had a talk with Lorenia?" he asked

"Yeah." Ven answered.

"What did you talk about?"

"Our families. Her brother."

"She . . . she talked to you about her brother?" Ragiel asked surprised.

"Yeah." Ven said plainly.

"Ragiel closed his eyes and put his head down. He was obviously getting angry from the twitch in his left arm. Suddenly he stepped forward and got right in Vens face, poking his chest with his finger.

"All right listen to me you blonde idiot!" he said poking Ven with each word and making him stop backwards "Lorenia is a keyblade master, she can't get attached to just anyone. So don't you get any funny idea's!" and finished by forcing Ven against the wall behind him.

Ven smiled then began to laugh. Ragiel went from being angry to utterly confused.

"Ragiel," Ven said as he finished laughing "don't worry. I'm not after your girlfriend."

"Wha . . . how . . . she . . . she told you?"

"It's pretty obvious."

Ragiel started to blush profusely. Ven moved to the side then took a step forward and put his hand on Ragiels shoulder.

"Now if you don't mind." he said "I'm gonna go find the girl I am interested in." and he left.

"I gotta learn when to shut up." Ragiel moaned walking away.

Aqua looked at the stars quietly. She had left eh conference room shortly after Ven but instead of finding a patio se went to the top of the tower. She found a place to lay down and looked at the stars. They looked exactly the same as in the Disney System but it wasn't the Disney System.

She felt someone lay down next to her and turned her head to see who it was. Ven turned his head and smiled at her.

"You know there's a really nice sunset right?" he asked

"Sunsets are so cliche." she said moving closer to him "The stars are really beautiful though."

"Yeah. But it's not he best view I've ever seen."

"Really? What is?" she asked turning to find him staring at her.

"You are." Ven answered.

Aqua blushed then felt his hand reach down and take hold of hers. They moved closer to each other and kissed. Aqua felt lighter than air, like she was floating. Ven shared that feeling with the accompaniment of his heart pounding in his chest. When they stopped and pulled apart they looked at each other longingly and smiled No one, not even Xehanort, could take this feeling or this moment away from them.

So what'd you guys think? Pretty good huh? Sorry it took so long to put up but I hope you all enjoyed it.
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D': You cut it off right before that part.....

D:< I want a wack at Xehanort now, stealing Keyblades - 'tis a sin against the very workings of a heart!
Ah Kingdom Hearts....no one can keep it a secret. :$

Ttension is rising, and the tide is swelling, and the darkness is deepening on the shelf before the shore.....(Don't worry I'm not saying anything Coldman :x my lips are sealed :* )

*Run to graphic class >_< )


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*stares at the crater that used to be 99% of her army*

Coldy, I effing hate you now. How am I supposed to post my story now?! Oops.. *copies Vera and shuts up*

*ignores Coldy's filler in her anger*

Oh, and that guy... is he red-haired and has a scar sh-


Super Hot Demon Swordsman: Focus, darn it! I hafta get home before dinner!

South Light: o_O

^(=^o^=)^ <3

Hey, you're cute...

Super Hot Demon Swordsman: Uh... Sorry, I'm spoken for... *gulp*

Hot Demon Mage: Uh... isn't she... kinda obsessed with hot guys? Like ...*gulp* US?!

Cef: *looks around and notices all the guys left over are hot demon bishies*

Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiitaminit... you left all the hot, super sane, powerful and totally good demon guys?! Sweeeeeeeeet~! <3

Super-duper Hot Demon General: ... Oh, crap... Here they go... *covers ears*

South Light and Cef: *fangirl squeal* OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!

*both get a fangirl-instinct overload and runs around chasing the hot demon guys*

Nefero: ... WTF?! South Light!

*Cef and South Light are so busy being screaming fangirls that they forget about the fight*
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