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Apr 22, 2006
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*Turns into a seed with Cef*

The turtle is a.....female...? O_O The voice actor though is male...oh well, I mean Goku's voice actor was a lady, and so was Naruto's....But still, wow.

Don't we just love gender benders?


Don't worry though, it does not mean the scans are done for, it just means I have to use our dinosaur computer..... Ugth...which likes to take it's sweet time coughing up dust to get started >_< Come on higher forces - work with me please.....

EDIT: I found the CD, but the damn thing isn't Vista capable........I hate you Vista. I hate you so much.
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Join the "I Hate Vista" club. That thing made my old laptop crash on an almost weekly basis. *literally burns the Vista installer CD*

Erm... Why don't you just take a good pic of your drawings using a digital camera, and just adjust the color levels in photoshop? That works for me, since my scanner's still comatose...

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Apr 22, 2006
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I don't have photoshop T.T......But my pictures are not big, and my scanner is rather small, so it'll work out ^_^ But I'll keep that idea mind for some of my larger projects :3

*Sigh* I'm almost done cleaning my room, and with it I found the written Kairi chapters.....Thank God ^0^


Mar 27, 2007
And I'm glad you liked them Haku, I didn't think the Halloween chappie came out that scary...Really>>;....I can do worse though >:3

Really? It kept me in much suspense from beginning to end so you did a really good job, also the ending to the update was hilarious I thought just the "Kissing" part was what cracked me up but it was sweet though.

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Apr 22, 2006
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None of them are colored though Cef, they're all in ink or pencil, but when I put the scans up, you can color them if you want :3

And also, my room is now clean! Yippe! Clean for the New Year, ahhhh....

@ Haku: There's this one world that is pretty much all horror, not scary, but horror (at least that's what I'm trying to make it) that I've been working on for a long time >: D It's just taking forever to reach it! >>;

Yay, ah the Kissing scene was a Tinker Bell reminder of the last Holiday chappie :3 And now.......*goes to work on new chappie* Squee! It's a wonderful feeling to have your room clean! ^0^


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Oct 18, 2007
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Y'know i'd like to see some of those pictures you two are talking about. Dang, one of the few days i have internet access during my winter vacation and i forgot to bring my notebook with my filler in it. Sorry. Well Happy New Year's to everybody, let's hope for another great year of SA's chapters.


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Oct 18, 2007
Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Hey everybody I've had a long time to write out another chapter so here it is.

Part 3: A First For All Sides

When Ven and Aqua came out of the portal they were surprised to find themselves in a seaside port town. All around them buildings were smashed, torn, and destroyed. There was a loud explosion that sent debris and dust flying at them. Aqua called up a Reflect* spell to protect them but when the dust settled they were looking strait at Xehanort's apprentice. he stared right back causing both Ven and Aqua to take a step back in their protective dome. Aqua reached out her hand but her keyblade didn't appear.

"What . . . what's wrong? Why won't my keyblade appear?" she asked.

"We've lost the ability to use our keyblades." Ven answered

Aqua looked fearfully at Ven before looking back to see the apprentice walking towards them his own keyblade whole and fully in his grasp. He brought his keyblade up and brought it down through Aqua's Reflect*, making it shatter like glass. Ven and Aqua backed up as he got closer.

Suddenly a wind spell shot out and hit the apprentice, knocking him into the air and back. Before he came bak down to the ground a powerful Fire* spell shot out and hit him back into a building that caved in on top of him.

Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue came running through the portal followed by everyone except Euphoria, Aurocile, and Chichi. They all looked around them at the destruction.

"Serena, you take the Salor Scouts and look for survivors on the East side. Edward, you, Al, and Goku take the West side." Lorenia ordered, "Take everyone you find to Lookout Tower and guard it as best you can. Yugi, go there and help look after the injured that show up."

Everyone nodded and went off in their separate directions.

"Hey wait!" Ven yelled causing everyone to stop "Does anyone have any spare weapons?"

"What do ya need?" Edward asked.

"Two swords." Ven said.

"A staff." Aqua said.

Edward clapped his hands together then put them on the ground. Two katanas sprang up from a glowing circle with symbols in front of Ven and a staff sprang up for Aqua. Her staff had a small curved blade on the end and was decorated with designs all over it, Ven's swords had etchings all over the blades. When it was all done the groups ran off to do their duties.

Ven, Aqua, Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue all turned to the building where the apprentice had been knocked into. Suddenly a Dark Firaga* shot out from the ruins. It split into five separate spells halfway to the group and targeted each person. Just before they hit Aqua called up another Reflect* backed up by a powerful Protect* from Lorenia.

The apprentice shot out, seeming to glide above the ground, strait at the group. Just before he got at their shield spells he disappeared and reappeared behind them. He broke through the spells, aiming for Aqua, but Ragiel and Dendjue crossed their keyblades and blocked. Ven appeared in the air behind the apprentice with both his arms crossed across his body preparing for an attack.

The apprentice flipped up and balanced on Ragiel and Dendjue's keyblades. He stuck his feet out and used Gravity* on Ven to hold him to his feet. The apprentice flipped and before he reached the ground released the spell. He pushed Ven with such force he hit the ground and made acrater while the apprentice jumped to a safe distance away.

The instant he landed Ragiel and Dendjue were at both side of him. Ragiel swung high while Dendjue swung low. The apprentice fell back in between the strikes then twisted to land on his stomach. he flipped up and stood on his hands and spun, kicking Ragiel and Dendjue. When he was back on his feet Lorenia appeared in front of him and swung her keyblade uup. it slashed across his torso and hit his head, knocking him into the air. Lorenia jumped and followed up with a series of attacks that sent him flying back into a wall.

Aqua sent a combination Fire* and Thunder* right at the apprentice. He jumped high before it hit, shattering the wall. Ven stood up just as the apprentice came down and stuck the ground raising a shock-wave that sent everyone flying back into on of the tallest buildings that was still standing. The apprentice then ran and shot himself to the top of the building with such force it began to fall over.

Ven ran up the side of the building, cutting through every spell the apprentice sent at him. When he reached the apprentice he slashed him across the chest. It was followed by a Thunder* spell from Lorenia that knocked him off the edge of the still falling building. Ragiel and Dendjue followed up with their own strikes before Aqua appeared right above him, the end of her staff glowing. She then fired her Holy* spell that sent him into the ground just as the building finished falling on top of him.

"A friend of yours?" Dendjue asked as they stood in a small clearing.

"That was Xehanort's apprentice." Aqua said.

"No wonder you guys lost to him."

"No. He wasn't that strong before."

Suddenly the fallen building exploded sending roks and debris everywhere. The apprentice stood in the center, red electricity swirling around him. He reached out his keyblade and five black and red chords shot out and wrapped around Ven, Aqua, Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue. It lifted up into the air and shook them before it threw them all to the ground, drained of all magic. The chords broke from the keyblade then broke themselves into equal sections. the Sections straitened themselves and became pointed, pointing right at the battered group.

"Anybody got any magic left?" Ragiel asked wearily.

"No." replied Ven.

"No." replied Lorenia.

"No." replied Aqua.

"No." replied Dendjue, flipping over onto his back, "Well don't look now but we're in a lot of trouble."

Everybody turned over and saw the thousands of sharp chord sections pointing right them.

"Oh ****." Lorenia said causing Ragiel and Dendjue to stare at her.

"Rei Gun!" someone yelled sending a blue beam at the apprentice.

It hit him sending him back hundreds of feet and caused the sharp chords to dissipate. A green aura spread over the group allowing them to start moving again.

"Gee Genkai, you sure took your sweet time." Ragiel said.

Genkai was bleeding lightly from cuts all over her body. She was breathing hard an her legs were trembling from the effort of keeping her up. But what real stood out was her burned and broken left arm with a steady stream of blood running down it and dripping onto the ground. She began to fall over but Ven ran over and caught her.

"That . . . thing. It's possessed by the Chrost-Wiek." Genkai told them.

"What!? How!?" Lorenia asked

"Do I look like I have all the answers?" Genkai snapped, "Just perform the exorcism Lorenia."

"Aqua." Ven said "Take her someplace safe." and he handed her to Aqua

SHe took Genkai and started to head for Lookout Tower. She stopped and looked back at Ven.

"Don't worry." he said smiling "I'll be fine."

Aqua ndded then turned and ran towards the tower. Ragiel, Dendjue, Lorenia, and Ven all turned back to where the apprentice had been and opened their senses* to their fullest. They felt him in the distance and he was closing in on them quick. Before they knew it he was a hundred feet away from them. THUD! The apprentice was sent flying after he got hit witha giant metal beam. At the end holding it was Terra still in hes cracked and broken armor.

"Terra!" Ven yelled, running towards his friend.

Terra looked at him then swung his beam up and over. Ven crossed his blades and blocked the attack from above. As he held the beam Ven noticed Terra's eyes were golden. Terra just glared at him as he pushed down causing Ven to start buckling under the pressure.

Meanwhile Ragiel and Dendjue had their hands full dealing with the apprentice. Ragiel charged and swung his keyblade but was blocked by the apprentice. Dendjue appeared behind them and moved to attack. The apprentice used his free hand and sent a Gravaga* spel over Dendjue. He fell flat on his face and cracked the ground, he continued to sink slowly. Ragiel lifted up the apprentices keyblade with his own then flipped it flat and slid it down to slash the apprentice. The apprentice dodged by back-flipping over Dendjue, picking up his keyblade, and landing on the other side.

"Get your ******* hand off my keyblade!" Dedjue yelled.

"Ven! I could use some help over here!" Ragiel yelled over his shoulder.

"I"m a little busy!" Ven yelled back dodging another swing of Terra's beam.

Ragiel looked back at Lorenia who was trying to prepare for the exorcism as quickly as she could. Then he looked at Dendjue who was struggling to stand up against an insanely powerful Gravaga* spell. Ragiel sighed and prepared himself for an attack. The apprentice took a step forward but stopped as a giant bolt of electricity struck the ground in front of him. Pikachu came running to Ragiel from the distance.

"Thank you Ash." Ragiel mumbled as Pikachu jumped towards him. A light engulfed them and when it died down Ragiel was wearing a yellow jacket with black stripes and lighting bolts on it over a red shirt. The front of his pants were yellow and the back was black. He had jet black shoes and there were yellow streaks in his red hair. And finally there was the second keybade in his left hand.

The apprentice charged and attacked from both sides. Ragiel blocked and they both twisted their blades until they were crossed in front of each other's face. Electricity began coursing through Ragiel and around his keyblades. He pushed the apprentice away and sent a Thunder* spell right into his chest. temporarily paralyzing the apprentice. Ragiel followed up with a series of attacks, each accompanied by an extremely powerful Thunder* spell from the keyblades. When he finished Ragiel jumped back and crossed his keyblades, pointing them right at the apprentice.

"Agni Shock*!" Ragiel yelled sending a blue lightning bolt at the apprentice.

It hit and sent him flying into the ruins of several buildings. It was followed by a turrent of more blue bolts that leveled the area. When it was all done the spell on Dendjue lifted.

"It's about time." Dendjue said standing up, causing his bones to pop.

"That's harder than it looks y'know." Ragiel said to Dendjue who just rolled his eyes. "Besides he's not our only problem."

"What's the other problem?"

There was the sound of metal hitting metal and Ven flew between the two of them and slammed into the wall behind them.

"Him." Ragiel said pointing at Terra.

Terra began walking toward Ven until the apprentice pulled himself out of the ruble. He was cut everywhere and his visor was cracked. He took some shaky steps onto a little flat space. Terra stopped and notice of the apprentice then threw the beam he was holding right at him. it headed strait for the apprentice like an arrow but he cut it in half and both halves fell to his sides.

"Lorenia! Are you done yet?" Ragiel asked.

"I'm done." Lorenia said finishing her spell. her left hand began to glow.

She shot past Terra and went strait or the apprentice. he swung his keyblade but was too slow with all his injuries. Lorenia dodged under it then used her left hand to start drawing symbols all over him. She dodged each of his attacks making the marks all over. When she was finished she stopped and held her hand out flat, the bottom pointing at him.

The apprentice stopped moving and froze. The symbols began to glow brighter as Lorenia made a symbol with her hands and started murmuring a spell. Wind began blowing away from them. As the symbols grew brighter red electric sparks stared moving all over the apprentice. Suddenly a red eye appeared in the visor and red electricity started shooting from him in all directions. The eye focused on Lorenia and the electricity stopped dispersing and began building in his chest. A red beam shot from his chest strait for Lorenia but Ragiel appeared, crossing his keyblades and blocked the beam.

"Hurry up Lorenia!" Ragiel yelled getting pushed back little-by-little.

The beam started dying down and the glowing symbols began moving. Lorenia began murmuring her spell faster and the beam died away completely. Ragiel fell to his knee's exhausted and braced himself as the wind picked up. There was a large pulse that knocked Ragiel back then another one that spread light everywhere. When it cleared Ragiel was back to normal and flat on his back with Pikachu on his chest and Lorenia on her side a few inches away. Ven was slumped up against the wall and Dendjue was on his stomach. The apprentice was on the ground too but stood up slowly and shakily, then looked around at the scene around him. Terra appeared in front of him and put one hand around his neck. the apprentice grasped at Terra's wrist as he was lifted into the air.

"Don't these guys ever stop?" Dendjue groaned standing up.

The apprentice swung forward and put his left foot on Terra's chest. he braced himself then kicked Terra across the face with his right foot. Terra let go, letting him fall down to the ground where a dark portal opened up and the apprentice fell through.

"Well the jerk got away." Lorenia said.

"What did you expect? The bad guy usually gets away. "Ragiel told her, cradling Pikachu as he helped her up.

Terra recovered from the kick and looked around. When he didn't see the apprentice he focused on Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue.

"What are we gonna do about him?" Dendjue asked pointing at Terra.

"He's wearing the same armor as Ven and Aqua. He's probably a friend of theirs." Lorenia sad.

"I don't think that means he won't fight us. He was fighting Ven a while ago."

"He's not himself. Something's wrong." Ven said walking up from behind them, holding his left arm and limping slightly.

"Then how do we snap him out of it?" Dendjue asked.

Ven was quiet for a few seconds before he walked up to Terra.

"Terra!" he yelled causing Terra to look at him "Hey."

"Ven?" Terra asked relaxing a little.

"Yeah it's me."

Terra just stared at Ven before he threw a punch at him. Ven jumped back causing Terra to hit the ground where he was.

"Terra it's me! Ven!" he yelled.

"No! You're just an illusion created by Xehanort!" Terra yelled stepping forward to attack, "Ven's dead!"

"No don't. Stay back!" Ven yelled at Ragiel, Lorenia when they moved forward to help.

Ven dodged each of Terra's punches as they came. He stopped and took a punch to the stomach. He then grabbed Terra's arm and flipped him over laying him on his back. Ven cast a a Gravity* spell on each of Terra's arms and legs, pinning him down.

"Terra it's really me! I'm here!" Ven said putting his knee and weight on Terra's chest.

Terra sturggled to get through the spell as he glared at Ven. Little-by-little he stopped stuggling and looked at Ven. WHen he stopped hs eyes began to fade from gold back to blue. The spells faded as Ven fell unconscience to the side, exhausted from all his efforts.

"Ven? . . .Ven!" Terra yelled shaking his friend. Then he noticed Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue, "Help him!"

"Hmm?" Nefero lifted his head off his pillow as he felt something pulse.

"Did you feel it too?" South Light asked looking at him.

"Yeah. Five strange presences have entered the Anime System. THis should liven things up." Nefero said getting up.

"Where are you going?"

"To visit one of those presences that's especially caught my attention."

"But what about the Missus."

"You know she's bus with her expiraments in the basement. Besides, the boredom's gonna kill me."

"Well considering all that," South Light said standing up "I wanna go too."

"No way. Someone has to stay behind in case Missus comes up."

"No fair!" South Light whined while pouting "You always leave me behind."

"Fine." Nefero sighed "Come on." and they both went through a dark portal Nefero called up. Things were about to get more difficult.

So what do you guys think? It took up 12 whole pages in my notebook and it felt like forever when I was writing it out. I appologize for the lateness of my update and I thank you for your support SA, hope you get better soon.
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*crawls out of bed from sickness*

Yay Coldman9!

*Crawls back into bed*

I used to much energy p.ming you, isn't that sad? I hate this virus! >_<

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*Crawls out of bed again* Yay Coldman9! Action chappies are a little difficult to write no? I think you did very fine :3
*Crawls back into bed*

Now to clean up the artwork and write the last part of my plot device of doom......Doom!

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An inconsistency I planted in the story........I know, I know that's not fair, but that's why I said "doom"....

They're from CH13 and 21 if someone...wants to go see for themselves. But I am gonna explain it.


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Well now...you'll know >: D......

Okay, hey guys *cough*

Okay…….I couldn’t get the scans up. Instead, fate decided to relapse my cough and kill my scanner, and I really don’t want to go into detail explaining that again. Sorry, but that’s all I can say, sorry T.T . I hate you higher forces.

I originally wanted to put Riku and Kairi in here, but I couldn’t due to some other external forces that I have to deal with and don’t really wanna go into either. When it rains it pours; ch 33 will have a part B.

And besides there’s so much in this chappie, that might have been overkill actually to include them….

Also, a bit of a warning, I think this chappie came out a little wierd, I dunno, I wrote it when I was sick, so if you feel weird, you're not the only one....I just hope I was able to tame the fan girl within me >_<

Disclaimer: EVERYTHING! Because Silent needs to go lie down some more….>_<

And now it is time to spring my evil plot device of doom…….>>; Ack.

RECAPEZ : “HELLOOOO! I AM NOBUNAGA! Well, actually I’m Shonen Bat here to do the, recap thingie, wow we haven’t seen one of these around in a while huh? Well this time it’s needed, really badly, to make sure that this next plot point gets received right since SA doesn’t want to admit she messed up in writing” – WACK. “Let’s get started. Point number one:

(CH 13) “Our Royalty are dead too. Killed by the Riders. They were in a coalition to protect someone very special, and the Riders punished them for it,” said Genkai holding Sora’s hand firm as he continued to try and pull away……

“Okay, here we have Genkai saying that the Riders killed the Anime System’s Royalty to Sora – but now we know that she had been under an Influence* by Seritouge, oooohhhhhhh, and we all know how he has been controlling **** now. Next point:

(CH 21) The Lady of Red crossed her arms, and pursed her lips. Well even for an ‘Evil Beyond,’ she still got upset at the thought of the Anime system completely disappearing. She gave a tempted smile, “To think I would still hold such an attachment after all this time. I guess it really can’t be helped, but I don’t mind. I murdered their Royalty, they who so affectionately called me, ‘daughter.’”

“Now here we have the Lady saying SHE KILLED the Anime Royalty. So who are you going to believe peeps?

The word of Genkai before her Influence* was tackled by Avera, or a direct confession? Hopefully this didn’t’ create too much of a headache for any of ya, and convince yourselves that SA is completely writing this story without checking HER MATER – WACK.

“Also ‘member Nefero saying he had the cooperation of some very pissed off people when talking to the Bad Patrol? I think that was in chapter 30…was it…?

*Reading list…* “What’s a Spirit’s Child you silently wonder to yourself? It’s what the Spirits thought Avera was at one time…A long time ago in ch 26 right? Yeah, why bring that up now” – WACK……I'm guessing a Spirit's Child then, would be related to a Spirit...? Just tossing that out there - WACK.

“Anywho, hmmh, la la, la, okay back on track – so you guys pretty much know then who that little red girl’s identity is from the Halloween chappie right? That family that got slaughtered whose royal crest Cid couldn’t make out? I guess SA didn’t want to fully bring up her plot point of doom at that time since Cid would know….But yeah, those chalk drawings tell of the Lady’s childhood. She was a bad, bad girl no?”

Anywho, only SA would wait one whole year to explain this – I mean I know beware of the details but DAMN” – BAM…………………….Did you forget I can't die either?....."

Ch 33 My Other Keepers
“Science makes everything sound painful” – Sandy, Spongebob Squarepants
Everywhere! WOOT!

Hollow Castle

Nefero quietly closed the large black door to the Lady’s quarters, but the deep echo of the door’s automatic lock resounded throughout the attached dark hallway; a moan from the Lady came from inside.

Nefero sighed and proceeded with his exit down the dimly lit hallway, the candle’s still shying their glow away from him. Each step he gave, the ebony floor gave small cracks and crumbles from his pressured steps – his annoyance, his anger at himself wanted him to rip his insides out and paint the walls red with his apology, but out of respect for the Lady, he kept his silence.

South Light appeared walking next to Nefero in a breath of empty light, “So we know who picked up Snowflake right?”

“Yeah, (*growl*) it was those frikin’ wild Emotionless, so, how are you doing South Light? Were you and your helpers able to get that thing?”

“I was able to lure the bait over to our ‘little patch of hell’, but I left the rest up to them to test their loyalty”– a mounted presence subtly walked up to block their path, Nefero and South Light stopped.

“The great Evil Beyonds lost one of their precious Death Generals to, tee hee, the wild Emotionless? If they were looking to make a name for themselves from the Key Brawl, well, they certainly have it now don’t they?”

Nefero tightened his mouth, “Green Rider of the Riders of the End of the World, whoo that’s a mouthful - eh, shut up. Missus just got a little excited and let Snowflake out on its own for a bit, (*blink*), unsupervised, (*blink*), and ah, he gots kidnapped, per se…Those little ******** were quick about it too.”

“How despicable. A mother should know better than to let her offspring go off on its own like that,” the Green Rider replied tightening her viney whip around her hand; Eucla snorted with sprits of red coming out of its nose landing on the purely white South Light – Nefero tossed a grunt like a lion –

“My apologies,” said the Green Rider rubbing the great green stag (with that ever bleeding neck) just behind its antlers, “But Eucla and the other steeds, despite what my peers have agreed to, does not harbor neutral feelings toward you or your kin.”

“The feeling is neutral,” mumbled South Light looking at the red speckles over her white simple gown, “So, did you guys do it?”

“Yes,” replied the Green Rider in a breath. She shifted to her side and took something wrapped in fine shinning silk from within the arm of her robe, and carefully began unwrapping it, with each layer uncovered, the object began to glow in stronger and stronger light, until, the entire hallway was filled in light with the final unravel – the Green Rider tossing away the silk to dissipate in glittering dust.

She held the shimmering object to Nefero as he blinked dots out of his eyes to focus on the treasure –

“Behold,” said the Green Rider with utmost respect, “The heart, of a Princess of Heart. This should help bring stability to those Opposite Hearts you have in waiting, and, for,” the Green Rider seemed to be forcing her throat to work, “the others that you seek –“

A deep unlock shocked the hallway, and the Lady quickly pushed open the double doors to her chambers – Eucla reared up with a soundless scream – the Green Rider yanked the reins to the right turning the stag a full 360 as it reared and settled on anxious feet “Eucla!” – the heart slipped out her hand – to which Nefero dove and caught –


The Lady took the heart from Nefero, it hovered in her hold, and she examined it, as if a kitten had just found a large ruby, “…..This is a heart of the purest light without a seed of darkness…it’s bright isn’t it?”

“Yes, very bright,” smiled Nefero; South Light giggled.

Eucla clicked its mouth, the Green Rider jerked the reins hard again.

“This wasn’t hard for you to do was it?” smiled the Lady, “The meaning of the Design that you are, Rebirth per Decessus” –

“Means nothing to us anymore,” said the Black Rider stepping out of his portal, the Red and Blue Rider following closely behind, “Our powers, our strength, our allegiance, is to you now, Lady of Red,”– their steeds immediately agitated upon the sight of the Lady, Nefero, and South Light –

“Well your steeds think otherwise,” said South Light snootishly, “The blue one tried to bite me earlier!”

“Gnu has never shown manners for anyone,” said the Blue Rider in his cool voice, the blue wildebeest showed its teeth and its tongue.

The Lady gave a happy giggle, “I’m so glad to have you all aboard my operations. Soooo, what did Nefero and South Light do to win you over?”

“They came of their own accord,” said Nefero brightly.

“Did you now?” said the Lady holding up the heart to cover her mouth, “Why?”

“Because, you are the only one who can get us to the Spirit of Reason,” said the Black Rider.

“Seritouge?” asked the Lady like a Southern Belle, “Why whatever do you want with him?”

“Out of the original seven Spirits: Light, Darkness, Life, Death, Reason, Heart, and Balance, only four remain: Life, Heart, Reason, and Balance – the Spirit of Reason is protecting the remaining Spirits from their Comings End with all his power, but (the Rider gripped the reins), not,” Equos gave a sharp smile, “Their deaths”

“Whoa, whoa, you’re, going after the Spirits?” said Nefero, “What the hell brought that on? – They’re THE guides – their Coming’s End is considered their deaths until they are rebor” –

The Lady put her hand over Nefero’s mouth, “Let him finish.”

Nefero had set their spark –

“It’s true,” said the Black Rider, “They are but guides, guides that are, not, needed. They can die, they can die, they can die, they can die for good. You see, we have realized something, the meaning of our endeavors, the choices that we made, were ours, and ours, alone.”

“I guess that’s right,” said South Light, “You’ve been doing stuff on your own.” *If you don’t consider you and your peeps are possessed by the Chro* -

*Let him talk,* said the Lady.

“The Spirits of Light and Darkness have been sealed for thousands of years within the Gates, and Light and Darkness – yet without their guidance – the children of the Natures have blossomed of their definitions on their own, and due to what? They’re Designs. And likewise, when the Spirit of Death has been sealed away, who is carrying on her extremely important work? Her Designs,” the Black Rider growled, the rest of the Riders were getting riled up as well, their steeds responding to their passion as the Chrost-Weik within them responded to their anger – “If there are no more Spirits then we Designs, can truly be free for is there not a Natural Law that states that no life shall be created for a sole purpose? Despite being a Design, we are alive! And we deserve the right to live – how we choose!” The Black Rider’s voice boomed throughout the hall –

“Um,” Nefero started, but the Lady’s hand was still over his mouth –

“Is it not the Designs that do the footwork?” the Blue Rider yelled – his passion bursting forth, “We should be allowed to govern existence as we please since it is us that are the borders of its control! The Spirits are MEANINGLESS!”

“Um, but aren’t Conscious Designs, a.k.a The Riders extremely rare?” Nefero whispered to the Lady, “The Spirits really still do all the wo” –

“Yes, but listen to them,” the Lady whispered back –


“The Gates can’t even interfere with you from the start dumba” –

“SERITOUGE IS GOING MAD WITH HIS POWER!” the Black Rider screamed with foam from his mouth, the red light within them all was lit – and burned their souls like fire to a barrel of gasoline –

“Oooooooo-kay,” Nefero scratched his head, “If you say so” –


“Meh, you know the saying, it only takes one apple to ruin a barrel, er, something like that” –


“Good luck with that,” mumbled South Light –


“Oh buddy, hang onto that zinger and put it in the books,” said Nefero as he clapped.

“But the problem, is,” said the Black Rider suddenly gathering his composure back up – “S-Seritouge, must know, that we know, he knows – we’re after them.”

“Oh I’m sure he does,” said Nefero holding onto a straight face, *They’ve completely lost their minds haven’t they Missus?*

*But they kept their god complex,* replied the Lady.

*They’ve certainly lost their decency for etiquette though,* said South Light looking at the dark spit drops on her white, white gown –

“Seritouge won’t set foot outside of the Anime System knowing we can’t enter it, and thus won’t allow Euphoria or Aurocile to leave it all either, and Deos, is hiding extremely well, somewhere, in the stars.”

“So, where do I come in, again?” said the Lady despite being convinced of their loyalty – their spark of insanity being flamed by the Chrost-Weik had them completely blinded –

“We’ve figured it out - you are the heir to the Anime Royalty,” said the Black Rider, “You can KILL the Stewards of the Throne, and take your place, as the Queen of the Anime System, and let us tear Seritouge, and the other Spirits, APART!”

“Yeah, mmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm-maybe I could assume my throne, even though I was adopted by the Anime Royalty,” said the Lady throwing the Princess of Heart’s heart up in the air like a toy over and over – “All though they did love me so much, they gave me the Royal crest, so I guess it’s legal.”

“Then why wait? Why don’t you assume your throne?” the Blue Rider asked with Gnu responding to his passion by drooling and showing his sharp teeth –

“I don’t wanna, besides, I sent the Stewards there for a reason,” said the Lady still playing with the Heart, “To undermine Seritouge” – *And to keep you from ruining my system –*

“The, Stewards?”

The Lady gave a twisted inner smile –“Yes the Stewards, it was a shame your paths had to cross, but you see, they are dumb of what they do since they are following their guidelines to a tee, eh, hee. Ah but wait, you must be wondering how could I have released them since they are only summoned by a Sovereign Royalty, or a blood Royalty, and I answer you, I qualify.”

“But, they said they were acting from the authority of the presence of the Sovereign that left the safety Disney System – with her powers awakening – awoke them in turn, Princess –“

“Yes, yes, we ALL know who it is since those dumb***** gave it away even though they swore to keep her identity safe, heh,” said the Lady, “But that’s what they think because when I released the Stewards, well, I’m just so damn good at what I do, I manipulated their beings like dolls, even down to how they looked.” The Lady turned coy. “Seritouge is not the only one who can manipulate situations.”

The Black Rider cocked his head like an intrigued puppy –

“Oh yes, the Stewards are doing their jobs like the good little Stewards they are, ah, taking care of that system so – they’re dead inside as their work absorbs them – but you, you four are not –“

*Even though the Stewards completely owned them,* thought Nefero –

- “so why, my independent Riders, dirty yourself by doing, footwork anymore?”

The Riders were dripping on her every word –

“Let my Stewards do what they do, and they will deliver Seritouge, right, to you – like the little foot soldiers they are. Perhaps Seritouge is getting a little too high in his head – he-was-even-so-arrogant-to-blame-all-of-you-as-the-scapegoat-for-the-Anime-Royalty’s-deaths-when-I –slaughtered-the-lot-of-them-with-my-little-six-year-old-hands.”

This news of her murdering the Anime Royalty went right over the Rider’s heads; that was not what they cared about. And the Lady thought that was awesome; she completely had them –

“Are you just gonna let that slide? Being blamed for deaths you did not commit? Who does he think he is? Why did he do that? What are you? Some kind of, mindless, Design? Let’s show them, let’s show him, what reason, can justify. Besides in the mean time, noble Riders, I have another, more subtle way for you to attack the Spirits, I want you to trace down through the remaining Royalties out there, birth records of Keyblade Masters.”

“Birth records?”

“Yes, Seritouge has secretly been looking for a new type of higher Master, one not a Seraph, or a Scythe, one that may undermine everything we are working to achieve together. You’ll be playing Seritouge at his own game – show him you’re onto his plot. Show the Spirits, you can play at their level.”

The Steeds bowed to the Lady under the Rider’s passion, “We will show them. Consider those birth records yours, dear Lady,” said the Black Rider. They stood up and turned to their portals –

“Remember, only birth records, don’t kill the Royalty now sweeties, we need what’s left,” the Lady sang as they left –

“Understood,” and the Riders were gone.

“Missus,” said Nefero, “You’re not really gonna give those wack-jobs a chance at Seritouge are you? That’s not even possible what they want, the Spirits can’t die–”

“Oh don’t worry, the Riders will be too far gone into their insanity to even comprehend reality anymore before they get their chance, however, the Stewards job, truly is to undermine Seritouge, I wasn’t lying about that – and I know how you hate people lying Nefero, I’m so sorry you had to hear that” – the Lady gave Nefero a kiss on his forehead –

“Aww, milady!”

The Lady gave South Light a kiss on her forehead too, and South Light squealed like an appeased daughter.

“Yes, with faith in Seritouge lost – oh-so-great protector of existence, the rest will fall, like dominos. Spirits cannot die, but they can succumb to their Comings End for a nice period of time; like good Older Sister. Oh Seritouge, when there is faith behind reason, it has meaning, and when there is none…?” The Lady gave a cruel smile.

“It’s a shame he is the pillar he is, and no one realizes it,” piped Nefero.

“And then,” said the Lady gripping the shinning heart – her nails digging deep into it –“We will”– the heart shattered.

……….. “We weren’t we gonna use that, were we?” asked Nefero –

“Oh *** damit, what is wrong with me these past few days?!”

“Ah, well in spite of that milady,” said South Light to change the subject from the Lady’s failures – “What are going to do about the wild Emotionless? They managed to get Snowflake from……” So much for that plan –

“I will get Snowflake back myself,” said the Lady. “Whatever those animals had him do, I hope he had fun at least.”

Maybe this will work – “Milady,” said South Light, “Why did Seritouge blame the death of the Anime System’s Royalties on the Riders?”

“Well, to put it simply, I deduced he was trying to cover my existence up at the time. Not very many people knew about me then, not very many at all – not even Euphoria or Aurocile, in fact, he was probably the first to discover what I was and thought he could manipulate my death on his own since I was so young.”

“Why?” said Nefero and South Light together.

“Now as for that my sweeties, I’ve never told you this because I don’t want you going off and becoming as mad as the Riders, but Seritouge tried to keep my existence a secret because I, am a Spirit’s Child. I guess he was a little upset about how I turned out. Now, I’m gonna go get Snowflake back from those animals; be back in a bit Loves.”

Tokieo Town

Three graves, side by side, and only a foot apart. Simple headstones, they weren’t elaborate or anything, and they didn’t want ‘em like that anyway.

2 years ago~

“Yes Edward, wouldn’t we all really be to Seritouge, but dust in the wind? He has no mortal, excuse me, physical shell unlike Euphoria or Aurocile, so he can’t sympathize with us meat bags as closely as they can. He can only observe. He’ll watch them struggle, wither, then die.”

“Mainly wither,” said Lorenia through her knitting –

“Staaa-ha-ha-oOp–!” Ragiel cried with big googly sobbely eyes clinging onto Dendjue’s legs, “No more death talk! Nao more!”

“Once he’s done with us, I wonder if it’s possible to state in my will that I feel baby fish will use my remains more productively than plants,” Dendjue continued trying to jiggle out of Ragiel’s grip.

“You might run into a little trouble having it honored since Tokieo Town doesn’t have a large body of water,” said Edward casually, “You may just have to settle for getting sucked up by plants.”

“Brother…” Alphonse moaned.

“Rather than pushing up daisies, I want to nourish baby fishes. I’ll feel more noble.”

“Why do you think plants would use the remains of your body less productively than fish?” asked Lorenia still continuing with her knitting, “I think I’d rather go to the ground; leave my body for the pla” – but Lorenia was cut off by Ragiel grasping her hard to his chest, “Ragiel, your girlfriend can’t breathe” – came Lorenia’s muffled voice.

Ragiel immediately loosened his grip, but he didn’t let go of Lorenia, and shifted her down from the stool she was on, and held her on his lap as he sank to the ground. Lorenia leaned back, and Ragiel rested his head on her’s. She felt his sigh through her hair, “We’re onto him,” he breathed.

Lorenia began to rock back and forth with Ragiel leaning on her; she could feel his heart pounding. “Yes we are.”

“Pfft, if the time comes we can hide in Alphonse’s armor,” piped Dendjue, “Right Alphonse?”

“Y-yeah, sure,” said Alphonse on a forced high note, but the mood was already too heavy.

Edward looked off to the sunset almost totally hidden by Tokieo Town’s faded cityscape. The group was relaxing on a grassy hill with a single tree that overlooked the entire town……. “We know Seritouge has been looking to harness the power of Yahena,” he said, “But then all of a sudden, he’s also looking for something else through Keyblade Masters directly, or is his search to harness Yahena’s Gate, just a cover for Euphoria and Aurocile’s piece of mind?”

“He certainly can woo them enough as it is,” said Alphonse.

“Well with the way he so, masterfully manipulated these situations around other Masters and us,” said Dendjue sitting down on the stool Lorenia used to be on (Ragiel leaned himself and Lorenia over to rest on a leg), “I’d say his search for Yahena’s Gate is a cluster**** of a cover. Heh, that’s kinda creepy actually, he’s almost going a little eccentric in his, experimenting and scheming – just like the Lady,” Dendjue shook off the nerve twitching in his spine, “We seriously don’t need that so close to home,” he finished sarcastically.

“Just how far back does his planning go?” said Lorenia far away, “Did we pick up on him too late?” Ragiel’s grasp around her tightened.

“You guys picked up on him none-the-less,” said Edward, “And our network of worlds is on the alert should we need to rush you into hiding, Macevoy can tell Euphoria and Aurocile that –”

“There is no hiding,” said Dendjue peeling off his play talk, “Not for us.” He took a look at his reflection in Alphonse’s armor….. “Promise me Edward, Alphonse, that you two will never let Seritouge touch you, let him see you, let him take a good long look at those shadows under his translucent self.”


“You guys just worry about yourselves,” said Edward in the lowered tone, “If we’re just dust in the wind to him, we’ll make sure to blow in his eyes” –

“Oh, look everyone!” piped Alphonse, his armor clinking as he looked towards the entrance to the path up the hill, “The Deities are back!”


The wind was tugging avidly at Order 826464 in Edward’s hand. Big fat empty storm clouds moved at a speed able to be seen by the naked eye underneath the glittery night sky, and unusual bright glow of the moon. He, Alphonse, Nikkue and Layleri stood atop the hill with the single tree overlooking the shinning cityscape of Tokieo Town. Off by the outskirts, a small plume of smoke was slowly curling its way up, smearing a thin path across the haze of the neon signs. It began to drizzle lightly, yet the four’s focus was concentrated elsewhere. Edward and Alphonse were on watch, and the Stewards were facing three gravestones, exactly a foot apart from one another, with spotty shadows from the shade of the tree (and the occasional blackout from a passing cloud). Layleri complained that there wasn’t much to the Master’s graves when for some Royalty there are small castles dedicated for their resting place, and it was so cliché to be buried on top of a hill.

Nikkue and Layleri both held their spears of gold and twilight directly in front of them; they synchronized their breaths which got incrementally deeper with each inhale.

Edward’s eyes were tempting to go out of focus, they were tired, the Natural Sight* Nikkue cast on him and Alphonse was starting to take its toll. His body didn’t necessarily have too good a relationship with magic as he couldn’t, even, use any….

The breathing of the Stewards sounded like they were on a steady run. That’s what Edward and his brother would have to do now. Run, and leave nothing but their shadows behind…..

As it was earlier, upon hearing that, invisible, deranged growl in the corner of their base, Edward and
Alphonse’s hidden base wasn’t quite so hidden as they once thought. Oh it was hidden from Seritouge’s Seri-Cams, weird hovering little, invisible camcorders of his that never stopped recording – but not Baha-Mute.

“Baha-Mute?” asked Edward and Alphonse together –

“Seritouge’s faithful invisible creature with an Upper Conscious, who can track down anyone, anywhere with a sample of their scent. Baha-Mute is not a Seri-Cam, and Ovohna no doubt upon Seritouge’s request sent him a sample of us. No doubt she called Seritouge to see if we had delivered the report of the Key Brawl to him yet, and when he replied “no” he sent out Baha-Mute to find us when the Seri-Cams couldn’t.”

“There is no hiding….Not for us.”

“You both were delivering reports to Seritouge?” asked Alphonse, “How could you have not known the consequences?”

“Yeah – you cost us our base you” –

“Well both you and your brother once we mentioned we were looking for the true reason of the Master’s death swept us away here through that completely unnecessary Inbetwixt Tunnel crap before we could fully finish. And anyway our number one priority was to find the true death of the Masters anyway. So it’s really your own damn fault for losing your base.”


*That blunt attitude….Could it be…..?*….“…..Who did you say guys were again?”
“We never did say,” said Nikkue.

“We’re Stewards of the Throne!” Layleri piped twirling her spear like a paton.

“Stewards…of the….Throne….?”

“Really?!” Alphonse piped, “Thank-you guys so much for choosing to come to our system!”

“No prob!” piped Layleri patting Alphonse’s head with her spear (since there was a considerable height difference between them).

“How could I have made such a mistake?” Edward sobbed, he wanted to shrink, shrink, shrink away – “NO!” Edward stood back up.

“It’s not like we weren’t prepared to keep you guys safe anyway,” said Nikkue, “You two are coming with us.”

Ah those little Seri-Cams. Little gadgets of Seritouge’s once used for the protective observation of existence as how parents would observe their infants from another room; they now served as multiple vessels for his Sight* instead of him only focusing at one point at a time. But Baha-Mute was new to Edward and Alphonse…In fact neither of them had a full sense of what Seritouge had up his sleeve….Or how lucky they really were to have been under Seritouge’s blind spot: hidden from his Seri-Cams, but not to people on the street; no one deemed it suspicious so their little base (okay it was just a shack) just blended right into the Town’s pallet and Seritouge’s piece of mind; protected from the Seri-Cams to keep it that way….

“I guess we were so used to tempting the dangers with the Masters, we grew desensitized to it,” said Alphonse. “We appreciate your looking out for us; don’t we Brother?”

Edward forced his head to move.

“Alright we don’t have much time,” said Nikkue, “Baha-Mute has bitten our bait, it’s ferrel mind having sensed* a threat to Seritouge has now gone to report to its Master of a threat, and only a threat, since it can’t comprehend any further than that. It will lead Seritouge here” – Edward’s spine ran cold –

“Eventually.” Nikkue closed her eyes. “Ovohna is having a little chat with Seriotuge, and Baha-Mute will patiently wait, silently, until it’s Master is done talking, then and only then like the good dog it is, it will deliver what it felt, and Ovohna really has been wanting to have a nice long chat with Seritouge. By the time Seritouge gets here, all he will see will be a house of flames.”

Let him take a good long look at those shadows under his translucent self.

*Whatever you two have uncovered,* thought Ovohna, *Hopefully I’ve given you both time to cover your tracks.*

*Plenty M’am, we’re also brining home people of that resistance group that followed the Masters. May you please start a search for a Spot Tower worker named Macevoy?*


Edward gave a smirk as he lit the little cottage on fire. “Having our past, burned away once again.”
They walked off, the shadow of the flames licking their own dark doppelgangers until they were well out of reach.

Nikkue and Layleri cast upon themselves, Cover*, magic which hid every traceable aspect of them from their scent to their entities, making them untraceable in other words, especially for something like Baha-Mute.

They cast Natural Sight* on Edward and Alphonse, which allowed them to see the Seri-Cams, and avoid their gaze. And so, as shadows creeping against a wall, the four were able to slip silently out of the limits of Tokieo Town, and right to the burial site of the Masters. Edward and Alphonse on the lookout while the Stewards worked for any approaching Seri-Cams and even Seritouge’s great Sight* - which through Natural Sight*, it would reveal itself as two great big wide blue eyes slowly beginning to open up…..And if they saw, just a haze of blue coming their way, it was absolutely time to abandon ship.

The little Seri-Cams were like moving fireflies among the back ground of the Natural Sight*.


“What Edward?” asked Nikkue still focusing at her task at hand.

“If y’all are Stewards, why are y’all against Seritouge?”

“We’re not so much against him as we’re just trying to piece together what happened that got this system in the shape it’s in. Our one and only duty is to the System we chose to protect in the stead of its fallen Royalty. We have every respect for the Spirits, but even if they threaten our System, we will do what we can to protect it; we will protect this System from all threats to destroy it. And if that means we must live a double life under the great Spirit of Reason, then so be it.”

“What was in that report anyway you guys were gonna deliver to him?”

“Our opinions of the Key Brawl on Tumble-Stop.”


“Are – are everyone on it okay?! Did Tumble-Stop” –

“Tumble-Stop is gone,” said Nikkue, “As is every one of its inhabitants.”

A world that is just a shelf for people….And an image of Seritouge pulling the leg out from under that shelf manifested into Edward’s mind….Of course….Those closest to the Masters were all there….The Sailor Scouts, Goku, Mrs. Chi Chi, Bulma, Yugi, and, Vincent……except for himself and his brother. *Damnit, but he wouldn’t do that unless he knew about our group?! Wouldn’t he –?!*

Wow, what a coincidence…..

“I’m sorry Edward, if you lost anyone important to you or your brother. Seritouge wants to keep the information about what happened to Tumble-Stop under-wraps for as long as possible. Questions will eventually start flying when people suddenly can’t talk to their loved ones over there. I think you understand, don’t you?”

*”Just how far back does his planning go?...Did we pick up on him too late?*”

“Getting yourself angry will do nothing right now Edward but make you look stupid.”

Alphonse took a side glance at his brother’s trembling form…. “Tumble-Stop, our Masters – if Seritouge is also behind the merge into our sister system, then what else has he done? Is the Lady herself, one of his…..?”

“We have to warn Euphoria and Aurocile,” said Alphonse.

“I don’t know Al,” said Edward still trembling, “I, don’t trust the lot of them, even if they are, Spirits.”

“They are the Spirits that guide existence,” said Nikkue, “If you’re looking to make an enemy out of them, then you may as well not exist. Whatever they do, in their minds, it is for the benefit of the whole, rather than the individual.”

“And yet you Stewards are defending this System from Seritouge,” Edward spat.

“Because it may run concurrent with our job,” said Nikkue. “Seritouge is still the Spirit of Reason; we are just trying to understand what really happened to our Masters. You and you brother can do whatever you want though, you have the reason to do so, don’t you?”

“Nikkue,” said Alphonse, “Do you know why the Spirits chose to ground themselves here?”

“Probably for the Disney Masters.”

“I’d say the only one who decided that was Seritouge,” said Edward. “To keep his dirty little secrets in the closet while Euphoria and Aurocile calmed everyone’s nerves.”

“I’ll tell you right now Edward, that Seritouge is alone in his reasoning,” said Nikkue. “Listen up, after we’re done here, we’re going back to the Royalty’s Castle to research Operation Splitting the Light. We have places where we can go to research safely.”

“If Seritouge is threatening this system,” said Edward, “What will you guys do?”

“If the situation calls for it, seal him in his Comings End.”

OMG! This is like so going according to plan! WOOT!


“Okay, their coffins should be transported to our safe room in the Royalty’s Castle,” said Nikkue, “Let’s go.”
The Natural Sight* was cut from himself and Alphonse. Edward turned seeing the ground a bit sunk in front of the graves. Nikkue and Layleri outstretched their hands toward Edward and his brother. He took Nikkue’s and Alphonse took Layleri’s.

With one last glance at Tokieo Town, Edward and Alphonse, left.

Seritouge looked from the quietly burning embers of the destroyed structure to two thin treads of light disappearing up to the night sky from the far off hill with the single tree.

Do I sense apprehension Seritouge? Do you think you’re safe here anymore?

Seritouge slowly retreated himself until he took up but a small corner of his quarters within Spot Tower. The door to his room was open, and the shadow from a four paned window of the hallway nearly reached all the way to his little corner.

“Seritouge?” It was Euphoria. “Did you ever get that report from the Stewards?”

Euphoria’s shadow reached all the way to his corner.

Ooh, Seritouge will always remember tonight, when the unusual glow of the moon left shadows long, and deep.

Between the Lady’s wild experimentations and Seriotuge’s scheming, it was like watching an eccentric game of ping pong for what the bigger threat was, while the true motive of the fight being the game between Seritouge and the Lady, with the Chrost-Weik and Yahena as spectators. The Chrost-Weik cheering all for the best for the team of the Lady, she having the win-win combo of the home team annexing the Chrost-Weik’s favorite all-star players, and, uh, with Yahena wondering if Seritouge’s team was even worth cheering, much less watching when it was still busy making sure its own home team wouldn’t be caught off guard in the play-offs.

And with all these skeletons in the closet, it’s not surprising one of them would eventually walk out.

Bebop Ship

A deceased Master, an ancient ghost in a living body, a boy with the Dark Atone disease, and the arrival of the Reaper…..The Designs of the Spirit of Death are working just fine.

*The Reaper,* Lorenia acknowledged, but the Reaper suddenly seemed more interested in his List – Enma, his mount, snorted dust and graveyard soil giving a sharp quick moan.

“Yes, yes, I see now…” replied the Reaper; Sora’s name began to descend within his List –

*Th-The Lady has a list too,* Yugi’s voice faintly slipped.

“She does,” replied the Reaper, “But mine is much longer.”

Lorenia stood up, *Your Grace…?*

“Ah, Master Lorenia……It is time.”

Yugi looked to Lorenia, she gave a little nod at the Reaper.…….*I understand Your Grace,* she said with a half smile.

The Reaper nodded, “Oh, my I seemed to have made a bit, of a mess of your room (Yugi’s cards were all over the place)…..Sorry about that, ah, Yugi is it?”

Yugi jumped upon his name, well the Reaper would know, wouldn’t he….

*May I please have a moment more?* asked Lorenia.

“Of course.”

Well despite the fact that the Reaper was now in the corner of Yugi’s room, Lorenia tried to bring the mood back to before his intrusion. With both her and Yugi as Ghosts, she put her hand on his chest, *Fix this. Fix this for Pharaoh and me, please Yugi –*

“Oh, you have the Dark Atone Disease?” the Reaper asked, “Let me see…” The Reaper started tracing his thin finger through his list causing Yugi to squirm as if the Reaper was fingering through his own soul – The Reaper’s finger slipped off to his list’s wispy end, “Ah, looks like you still have a long way to go, for now, my list can only predict four days ahead of time for those that step outside their world. Actually then by that logic, you may even only have five” –

*Your Grace,* Lorenia said in almost a growl.

“Ah, a thousand pardons dear Master,” replied the Reaper.

Lorenia turned back to Yugi, who looked like, he was going to be sick – she gently grabbed his face as they were now both in Spiritual form – *Listen to me Yugi, I came here to give you that push Pharaoh has been trying for a long, long time to do. You know now how Ragiel, Dendjue and I died, and you now know that you have the Dark Atone Disease, as I did. My despair caused me to develop the disease as did yours.*

*But Pharaoh, what about him…Did I* -

*The Disease is only affecting you Yugi,* said Lorenia -

“Oh, I see now,” said the Reaper, “They share entities, what a terrible predicament for the stronger half to be stu” –


Enma retreated a few steps....

Lorenia sighed and turned back to Yugi again. *This is your wake up call Yugi. The Dark Atone Disease within you now is no one else’s fault but your own as it was with me. I didn’t let the people I loved so much into what I feeling because I thought I could handle it on my own, I didn’t want them to worry, but I was wrong. And you Yugi, can’t keep letting your emotions tear away at you when you’ve had someone here all this time who has been trying to help you deal with them, to coax you from that dark path.*

Yugi looked to Pharaoh who looked back at him with a mixture of a smile and sadness.

*Pharaoh, I….*

"I'm the one that should apologize, Yugi."

The Reaper looked like he was about to say something, but Lorenia shot him a look, and Enma backed all the way into the corner.

*I didn't die from this disease, and, neither will you Yugi.*

Pharaoh instantly perked up, “Lorenia?”

“Master Lorenia” – Enma took a step forward, but Lorenia motioned for her to stop –

*You cannot interfere with my decision Reaper,* she said –

“….As you wish.”

Yugi looked right into Lorenia’s eyes, *Lorenia, what are you…?*

Lorenia put her hand over Yugi’s heart, *You know what caused Ragiel, Dendjue and I to die. It looks like I won’t be able to help get you that proof, but, none-the-less Yugi, you know what happened, and with such, you can at least help keep Sora safe. You must have all your strength with you if you are to accompany Sora in his journey….You know you’ve come this far right? You know what you went through with Sora? You deserve this second chance.* Lorenia’s hand began to glow……

Enma stepped in place. “I feel, for the Masters of the Stars and their beloved companions,” the Reaper commented, cautiously, “Their blood, is hunted by such monsters….”

Yugi began to get sleepy. *L-Lorenia…where are you, going…?* Yugi’s vision was showing her suddenly fading away.

Lorenia smiled, *To do my job silly.*

Lorenia pulled her hand back and out from Yugi’s chest came this dark pulsing ugly looking black ball of ill light, and Yugi’s spirit faded back into the safety of Pharaoh’s heart.

*The beginning of Stage 2…* said Lorenia, *I got it just in time, he didn’t have to suffer, the bad parts* -

The ill light suddenly seeped into her –

“Lorenia!” –

*It’s okay Pharaoh,* said Lorenia as she grasped her chest, *I dealt with this disease before, I can do it again as a Ghost.*

The Reaper dismounted Enma and walked over to Lorenia’s side, taking her hand to help her walk. He mounted Enma, and helped Lorenia up behind him.

“You are, truly kind Master Lorenia,” said the Reaper.

Lorenia looked to Pharaoh with a smile, and Pharaoh could only mouth with his hand over his heart, “Thank-you.”

Lorenia rested herself on the back of the Reaper. *Let me tell you what a good boy Yugi is,* said Lorenia, her strength was draining from her as she leaned on the Reaper, *It wasn’t his fault he and Pharaoh were dragged into this mess….They’re both such…good people….*

And Lorenia’s Ghost fell asleep.

The Reaper situated Lorenia to make sure she was safely on his back.

“Will, her soul be alright?” asked Pharaoh.

“I don’t know,” said the Reaper, “Ghosts that have the Dark Atone disease, sometimes turn into demons, but I, I will try to help Lorenia. As the Shepherd of Souls, I will do my best to keep her safe. These Masters, they deserve so much better. I've, seen some awfully good ones die, each one of them, good, good people. They always attract the best company, and the wost.”

“Where are you taking her?”

“To the people that developed her Ghost this far, they have requested her.”

“Developed her Ghost?”

“Lorenia, Ragiel, and Dendjue have been called back from The Other Side by powerful Astral magic, again – the first time being to help in that blasted Key Brawl, but for this second time, I do not know, but as the Shepherd of Souls, I….must take them to where these people call….”

“Who are they?” asked Pharaoh quickly as the Reaper began to turn to leave –

“You keep your mind on protecting that boy Lorenia gave a second chance to. I am the Reaper. If these people seek to put Lorenia, or the other Masters’ Ghosts in such harm’s way again, I will tear their beings apart.” And the Reaper opened his portal. “By the way, 'Pharaoh'......" The Reaper gave a little chuckle. "The Dark Atone Disease is a sneaky agent of death, and Yugi is a unique case at best being one who shares an entity with you. To help keep him from a relapse, keep his heart active from an outside source, as you, alone, didn’t have too much luck keeping him from the disease in the first place.” And the Reaper left.

The Reaper’s words stung, but, they were not without truth.

Pharaoh could feel Yugi safe, and asleep. Now, he mustn’t waste this second chance either. Sharing an entity - their bond was so strong that each of their emotions could slip into the other, and when they first arrived at Tumble-Stop....Pharaoh wasn’t the brightest peach to everyone when he was in physical form…..In fact now that he thought about it….In the beginning….Yugi was trying to make friends, but he, Pharaoh….was more concerned on avoiding everyone that could hurt him any further….Hurt Yugi any further....? Or himself....Having your whole world torn out from under you was a huge, huge...Huge tragedy to go through, but he had to be strong for...It all seemed so surreal, that, they would just wake up one day and find it all some bad dream.

Nope. They were all gone. And they weren't coming back. Ever.

In the end though, Pharaoh eventually accepted what had happened, but Yugi….Pharaoh's side had already scarred him….Lorenia met them when Pharaoh’s side of their entity had already developed Yugi’s shyness almost to the point of no return, so she wouldn’t know….And Pharaoh, didn’t want to admit to himself that the he whom he thought was keeping Yugi safe, had actually done him the greatest injustice, and…..it almost cost him his life….

If anyone deserved to catch that disease..... "It should have been me..."

Pharaoh was so happy they met Lorenia, then, then she would be able to help him erase what he had done….Yugi would have a friend, another friend - his heart needed friends so bad....He just didn’t want Yugi to suffer anymore, but he was an agent of Yugi’s suffering all along. If he can attribute to one thing at least…Thank goodness he pushed them to go with Sora. At least Pharaoh wasn’t a total sin on Yugi’s heart.

Pharaoh remembered the sparkle Sora brought back to Yugi’s eyes, even if it was just for a second back on Tumble-Stop, and before that, the joy that Lorenia brought him. Yugi desperately needs someone other himself, his heart needs to expand to a bright new, something, but only opening his heart with one other person obviously wasn’t enough. Pharaoh looked to the picture frame on Yugi’s desk, how full it was. If he can help guide Yugi back to that…

Pharaoh went about Yugi’s room and straightened everything up; being extra careful to find every Duel Monster’s card sent array upon the Reaper’s entrance, the only treasure they had from their home world, along with the Millennium Puzzle around his neck.

*Ah, great,* - this one card was all the way stuck under his bed – he reached, and reached, and just managed to touch it’s tip – ah! He got it, and pulled it out, his hair, clothes, and card slightly laced with dust. *Huh, the Tricky* -

There came a knock on Yugi’s door. Pharaoh slipped the deck into his pocket.

“Ah, uh, come in.”

It was Ed.

“HI! I was wondering ah, oh, OOOOOHHHHH! You’re not a ghostie ghost anymore!”


“I first saw you when you were a ghostie ghost? ‘Member?”

“Oh, yes, you did,” said Pharaoh...Wait a tick..."You're okay with that? Knowing, I'm a ghost...? That Yugi and I, are two people within one?"

Ed gave an enthusiastic nod, "I know people thought you guys were some sort of freak back on Tumble-Stop but that's probably because they just saw half of the whole, which is kinda silly because that would scare anyone I bet, you're uptight, and Yugi is kind, if they only saw the tight *** all the time, that would scare them off no?"

"I suppose, it would..."

"I bet you were like a momma polar bear huh? Hidden in the snow, but ready to tear anyone apart that may try to hurt your cub."

Pharaoh just stayed silent....Wait where did that statement come from - ?

“So where’s Yugi?” asked Ed swinging on the door.

“Huh? Oh, he’s sleeping in here for a bit,” Pharaoh pointed to his heart.

“Oh, okay,” Ed whispered

“You don’t have to whisper, it’s okay” –

And Ed then invited herself in and hopped over and bounced up onto Yugi’s bed.

“Hey, we just got word back from Genkai that the Hoagie of Konohagachip said we have to be careful when entering their world because there is a scary person that can take the shape of other people to try and trick other people; he wants us to use the buddy system, so, can I make you my buddy?”

“Um..." Pharaoh suddenly seemed interested elsewhere in the room, and of course his eyes had to land right on the picture frame....

"I would never do anything to hurt your cub," said Ed, "I really, really like Yugi, and you too, momma polar bear (she gave a cute giggle) Big Yugi." Ed gave a smile.

Well....this is a start....Go for it Pharaoh, this is your second chance!

"....Sure –”

“Yay!” and Ed glomped Pharaoh –

“Oof” –

“Sorry, but I have to hug you extra hard so Yugi can feel it too!”

“I’m sure he can,” Pharaoh choked.

“Okay,” – Ed reached over and grabbed Pharaoh’s hand and yanked him right to her face, their eyelashes almost touching – “Come on!”


“The Hoagie is only letting two groups of three’s leave the ship, one already being Sora’s group, now come on! It’s a world full of ninja’s! I wanna see that don’t you?! Doesn’t Yugi?!”

“I-I suppose he might like tha” –

And Ed dragged Pharaoh out of his room like a child pulling a toy kite – “Come on then! We need one more buddy!” – and so she picked up a large plastic bag with her teeth and the second hostage, Ash, who had left his room to go to the bathroom (having Suicune sit on Team Rocket to let him leave) and the poor Trainer all of a sudden found himself grabbed by the scruff of his collar with the only explanation coming from Ed being – “NINJAS!” – to which Ash replied –

“Where?!” –

“Okay, I’ve got the transporter all set,” said Bulma, “So Vincent, upon Genkai’s request, you’re taking Yugi and Ash to…oh what did Genkai call that place….Well just take them to the Hokage’s place, I’m sure the villagers can direct you; you have those, forehead protectors right?”

“Yes. This is all they need right? They don’t need to change?”

“I told Ed to go bring them their clothes.”

“Hmp, will we be able to check out the world too? I’d like to take a look around,” said Spike.

“Yeah, can I go next trip?” Goku asked eyeing the protectors like a puppy.

“Me too,” Abi sighed.

“I dunno, you guys, we gotta follow what the Hokage says,” said Bulma, “Besides feel sorry for Ash and Yugi, they’re not going down there for fun. Genkai said she’s got them into special training them with Sora.”


“To develop their summons more, a lot more, with Eros no longer looking over Sora, we’re gonna need more special muscle to help protect him.”

“But the only thing Yugi can summon is that giant red dragon,” said Serena, “And the last time he did, Tumble-Stop almost went into cardiac arrest!”

“Well I don’t think that will matter much now,” said Bulma in a low tone. “Pfft, as much as I want to go check out this world too, we only can go if we’re called. I mean we’re all mature enough to understand the situation that we’re in. We’re traveling with Sora, and we can’t do anything that may jeopardize” –

And then Ed zipped in and leapt like a horse in the FEI World Equestrian Games over Goku and Abi and shoved, shoved Vincent out the way grabbing the forehead protectors out of his hands – with her foot – and then Ein, her little stationed partner in crime, leapt onto Bulma’s lap and pushed the transporter button – then leapt onto Ed’s head and Ed, Ein, Pharaoh, and Ash were transported down into Konohagakure Village with Ed declaring, “Ninjas!”

“Where?!” Goku and Abi yelled….

Vincent and Bulma exchanged blank glances…..“What the hell just happened…?”

“Ninjas!” Goku and Abi yelled –

“I saw their shadows!” yelled Serena.

Bulma looked to Spike, Spike shrugged his shoulders. Bulma looked to Jet, who still seemed to be in shock. Vincent suddenly looked like he had a headache, and then Bulma just buried her hands in her face.

Ooh, I love it. Forces moving all around the Masters – y’all just sit back and watch the show – manipulation, confrontation, salutations from the dark! – The illusion of control is the bane of the soul!


Okay so there you have it. If there’s anything that you got from this aneurism of a chappie – let it be that the Lady is a Spirit’s Child and Seritouge is going into a world of hurt.

Peace and *cough* Cloverfield!

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