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Mar 27, 2007
Lol well thanks for that little heads up Silent, but o_O a death scene it appears to be coming up sounds great.


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Somewhere only we know~
AHHHHHH! Weird post time again!!!!! >0<

Thank you guys for reading, my life feels complete before graphics claims it again……

Sorry I’m late, but my worrying took over when I should have been writing….. I start summer session next week, so be prepared for a possible four week drought T.T In light of that, I have made this super long……And I’m too exhausted to make any recaps…my finger(s) don’t wanna work anymore…..*gnaws* but the Paths are still outlined……this is what I get for continually doing those last…….


- Nefero and South Light know where Sora is by a report from the dude in a black
teleporting cloak
- Bad people getting their hands on a Gate is a bad thing
- Sora, Riku and Kairi cannot come in contact with one another for more than a minute, or their Protections will become void

Isn’t this a nice discovery…..I think I have been miss-spelling Aeka’s name wrong…..I think it’s supposed to go -> Ayeka……*slams head into wall*

Total List of Sora’s company to date (time for the sorting hat)…:
Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, Ein
Yugi, Pharaoh
Serena/Sailor Moon
Ash, Pikachu

Amy, Lita, Raye, Mina
Mew, Mewtwo, Darkrai, Suicune


Shonen Bat a.k.a Little Slugger

Ch. 28 Separate Strands: Part C

“I can’t live this life, without you by my side, I need you to survive – !
So sta~y with me…You look in my eyes – and I’m screaming inside - !” – Evanescence, Forgive Me

“Tonight’s forecast, dark. Continued dark tonight, turning to partly light in the morning,” George Carlin, George Carlin Again!

Universal World: Tumble-Stop – En route -> WTF?! We’re actually going somewhere?!.....Wait this is only part C though… T.T Triple dang….

Dawn’s Path
Car-runitwau Star: Masaki Household…..?

Kairi heard a gasp, and someone tapped her from behind.

She turned around, and suddenly found herself within a room of darkness…the first thing that popped in her head was *don’t panic*. Kairi took a step forward, everything was still dark, and she felt uneasy about her foot landing on hard unseen ground….. “Tenchi! Ayeka? Ryoko? Sasami? – Mihoshi?!.....Kiyone…?...Washu?.......Ryo-Oki……..?”

Not a single reply. She felt her hearing multiply thousands times over for a desperate drop of a familiar sound – preferably a familiar voice…..Nothing. Kairi took another step, and her balance solidified her into a stepping tree.

This was, yet another sudden change; from being with, at most, a surrogate family to complete darkness. Last time it was from serene practicing to the tear of the Riders, and before that, from nearly being torn apart by Nefero’s heartless to a strange bliss and awakening within Tenchi’s house, and before that…Riku and Sora enjoying their bracelets she had given them, and then the boy with the wings came, Avera. These sudden changes…unpredictable as they are…Kairi wanted to put an end to them, enough of this randomness that widens the void between her and whoever she was close to – and perhaps the only way to do that, was to tighten her grip on her Keyblade. *Gulp.* Kairi took two more steps forward, and was suddenly within earshot of sound.

It was mumbling, as if a conversation was being carried somewhere not too far where she was – “Hello? Is someone there?” The mumbling turned to whispering, it t’was creepy…. *Doggonet! I need to see!* - Chigiri* immediately began to glow – making Kairi jump – “Oh!” – she quickly used her blade to illuminate her feet – well, the ground was reflecting the light from her blade dully – that qualifies for being solid…Kairi stood up and was nearly face to face with a person’s who’s face was nearly hidden by the shadows of the light – to say her heart skipped a beat would be an understatement – Kairi screamed and fell backwards pointing her Keyblade up at the intruder – the light reached up as far as the person’s chest; hands loosely in the pant pockets. From what he was wearing, Kairi assumed, this was probably an adolescent male teen, if not a bit older. From the light, he had on black jeans stitched with tons of zippers rimed with white, and a plain pale t-shirt with stitches of leather slits……*What a weird thing to wear*….

The whispering had stopped.

“Who are you?!” Kairi yelled; it would have been more threatening if her scared side didn’t shine through a bit more. The figure took a step back. “Hey” – the figure took another step back – “Hey!” – The figure, proceeded to walk slowly backwards – “Comeback!” Kairi stood up and proceeded to follow the figure – keeping him in her Keyblade’s light as he sped up his backwards pace to a casual walk. *Should, should I even be following this person?* Seeing as the light from her blade made him “headless” this did not help her decision….In fact, the light from Chigiri* seemed to shy away from his face….“Hey, where are you leading me?”

….“That light from your Keyblade, it’s kinda weak isn’t it?” the person said – now judging by the person’s voice, Kairi was certain he was a boy, but,

“You didn’t answer my question, where are you leading me? Where am I? Did you take me here?”

“Take you here? This is all you – you brought yourself here,” he replied.

“I, brought myself here?” And Kairi quickly remembered how badly she wanted to leave, but, but she couldn’t have just done, some kind of teleportation could she? She’s not even sure of what just happened!

“You don’t realize how much power you have, that’s dangerous. The last thing you need right now is getting killed or lost by your own mistakes Miss Magic” –

Wait a tick – “Have you been watching me?”

“Well,” Kairi could barely see a smile form over the boy’s mouth, “You could call it that.”

Within another step – a bright burst of light from behind the boy illuminated him completely for a spilt second, but in that second – Kairi had to cover her eyes.

“Ah.” Kairi’s eyes recovered through her closed eyelids. She slowly opened her eyes, but they didn’t have to adjust much. The light, or rather sunlight was dimming down, this was a late afternoon sun, a setting sun. She was standing on cobblestone pavement, near the entrance of a path that would lead into the heart of the sea-port city – the sea! Kairi heard it behind her, and there it was, the waves sloshing up and down upon the beach a level below where she stood on the pavement, and beyond it, was the setting sun with a triangular path of glittering diamonds upon the water.

Looking to her right near the beach, was a steadied large, large brown old looking spaceship – it was definitely no gummi ship. “Wow, I wonder who that belongs to?” A pang hit her stomach. She was on another world wasn’t she? And that means, she really had left Tenchi and the others behind….A surge of sadness rose up inside as her hand lightly touched her lips….*I, I really did leave….How did I…?....How selfish of me…..I have no idea where I am, I…..No, this is not what I want…* Kairi blinked back tears and looked up at a beaten up sign….It looked like someone had made it in a hurry, and made it recently with the paint looking a little wet, “Welcome to Tumble-Stop,” Kairi read as she tried to keep herself from crying.

These sudden changes, “Now I’m causing them,” wept Kairi.


“Huh?” Kairi looked above the ship, there seemed to be an odd wrinkle in the sky….an, odd ripple….“What, what’s that?”

A pulse…….

Euphoria felt it.
Seritouge felt it.
Aurocile felt it.

A long with held sigh of light…..

Avera felt it.
Sephiroth felt it.
Isetzue felt it.

… sends a pulse………

Little Slugger felt it – he yanked his hand back from Sora’s annoyed stare – “Uh oh….”

Bright beyond words to speak……

Nefero felt it.
South Light felt it.

….The Lady, smiled……

And the darkness that contrasts around it, deeper than the gorge of time…….

Twilight’s Path…Kinda

Reaching slowly to Mewtwo’s feet was a pool of red. His reflection made no incentive to move, even though, his instincts pushed him to attack – he was looking straight at her, but analyzing her presence was like holding onto slippery cloth…Mewtwo felt strange, it was like, he felt his very soul was being repressed – told not to, attack…Across from his reflection, in the direction where a subtle rippled crossed the pool, stood a little girl with her hand on Suicune’s side, the legend’s body in a complete slump on the ground.

The girl, from the back, had her brown plain hair in two cute pigtails tied in white ribbons. She looked to be dressed in a children’s lace white summer dress, or rather perhaps something mimicking what mommy would wear to a wedding ceremony if she was just a bridesmaid. But the elaborate lace was brought down a peg with the dress being tied in the back with a white bow almost resembling the key for a wind-up toy.

A dog barked, but it wasn’t Ein. A Labrador puppy came into sight and tugged at the dress’ bow.

“I know, I know, I’m almost finished,” came a cute, but stubborn voice. The little girl removed her hand, and all the blood, retracted beneath her bare feet. “Poor kitty, who would leave it alone like this?” The girl then placed both her hands on Suicune, and a pulse of white made Suicune’s body flinch – Mewtwo heard Suicune give a moan – as if waking up –

“Suicune?” – Mewtwo’s voice was quite loud from his repressed excitement – the little girl jumped and spun around, her brown eyes wide as if she had been caught with her hand in a cookie jar – Mewtwo felt his throat, his voice restored – “Who are you? – What did you do to her?” – Now his legs worked – “Suicune? Are you okay?!” He rushed over to her side as she pushed herself up into a sitting posture – the little girl stepped aside with her puppy leaping into her arms.

“Don’t shout, you’ll disturb the others,” said Suicune shaking her mane briskly, and her eyes opened…Her red iris clear and brilliant as before the Emotionless came…and the large crystal on her forehead seemed to hold more radiance than ever – “I told you bef” – Whatever it was that had Suicune’s mind in the past – all that was instantly fast forwarded to the present as Mewtwo checked her with his powers in the metal background of Bebop ship….

A big smile (for his little mouth) spread over Mewtwo’s face – Suicune was in perfect health.

“You’re not going to punish me for using this magic are you?” squeaked the little girl. Mewtwo and Suicune simultaneously looked at the little girl backing up from them with her puppy in hand, “I know it’s, it’s Little Sister’s job – but, you won’t tell anyone right?”

Quickly understanding the situation (and grateful for the help), Suicune was the first to speak, “Not a word,” she said; she side glanced Mewtwo who just a bit behind –

“Eh, yeah, it was, a miracle” –

“Miracles are for sissies!” said the girl (Mewtwo and Suicune were a bit taken back) – “Say it was the blue kitties’ sheer will to live for, for um…..” the little girl went into a thinking pose (still holding her puppy) – her head snapped up, “Say it was the blue kitty’s will to live for the sake of seeing her long lost love *points to – * purple kitty!”

Mewtwo would have fallen flat on his face from the weight of his jaw dropping had Suicune not stepped on his purple tail to ground him –

“Whatever you wish,” smiled Suicune, “We’re eternally grateful” –

“We’re not a couple! We don’t even have gender! We just act like we do!” Mewtwo said quickly.

“Oh, well then do you want to be the girl and blue kitty the boy?”

This time Suicune let Mewtwo fall since she was busy laughing at his expression smashed on the ground–

“Oh! And now that husband and wife are together again (“HOW THE HELL ARE WE MARRIED?!”) you both must now go and save your son before a terrible monster comes and takes him away!”


The sound was far away – it didn’t rock the ship, but Mewtwo and Suicune still picked up on it – “Oh! And your son is that doggy with the stubby legs that was in here, um, it ran out of the ship, I think my puppy said something to it, sorry” –



Midnight’s Path

“Avera, you deal with the Master, Isetzue!”

She nodded to her brother, and they both teleported out of sight –

“Avera, what’s going on?” asked Riku, “Is Sora going to be alright?”

“He’s well protected, it’s Kairi I’m worried about now” –


“Yes, I feel she’s made it to Tumble-Stop, and I can tell you right now, that is not a place where anyone should be, but, that can’t be helped now.”

“What’s happening there?”

“You don’t know of the Gates, do you?” Riku shook his head. “The Gates are the entrances to the plains of Yahena, and the Chrost-Weik, but they are also powerful weapons. A Key that can be used to control a Gate has made its presence known and there’s going to be a nasty tug-o-war to get it. Unlike the Riders, this is something I cannot hide you or your friends from, it is already the hand of fate…that has guided Sora and Kairi there, and you are the only one left to join them. Yes, the three of you are meant to enter this fight…..But, *Sigh*, I guess my plan in reuniting all three of you was a waste after all, however we’re still bound by the new Protection* restriction.”

“We can’t come in contact with one another for more than a minute right? How are we going to do this? If I see Sora or Kairi, am I just supposed to run in the other direction or something?”

Avera smiled, “That’s where the definition gets a little sticky, so we’re gonna cheat just a little bit,” Avera took out a black bandana, “The definition of contact defined in the Protection* is a knowing gaze, or acknowledged word, or hearing a familiar sound for a prolonged period of time.”

Avera tied the bandana over Riku’s eyes and ears, and led him through his portal.

*Geez, I never thought I’d have to wear this again…*

From the stillness of their former Realm to a blowing breeze. For a second, Riku thought that his bandana would come off, but it was tightly on, so tight that it blocked his hearing a good bit. Avera let go of Riku’s hand. “Don’t get upset, but I have to leave your side for a bit,” said Avera.

“So, you’re gonna leave me blindfolded and nearly totally deaf to fend for myself in a fight to keep the Key safe?”

“On no, you won’t be alone,” smiled Avera, even though Riku couldn’t see. “Draw your Keyblade for me Riku.”

He did. And through his closed eyes under the protection of the blindfold, Riku could, barely make out a figure standing in front of him, it looked like a boy, Riku’s height (maybe a bit taller) with even length dark, dark blue hair blowing respectily in the breeze. He had one bang that looked like a prominent feather sticking up, but it naturally flowed backwards; his polo shirt looked to be tightly fitting with a medium dark purple overcoat that blew gracefully in the wind like his hair, unlike his black appropriately fitting pants….

*I’ll watch out for you,* said a voice in Riku’s head.


Riku perked up immediately, “Avera?”

He was already gone. *Here!* And then, Riku could suddenly sense* objects and lifeforms with the simple guise of “alive” or not – he could see, but it was difficult, he could only see opaque shapes to give him a sense of what was moving and what wasn’t, *This is the Natural Sense*, I will show you what you need to see.*



Twilight’s Path fo’ sho’

“Say that again Shonen…” said Bulma in a far off voice.

“We’re kinda pressed for time here,” said Shonen Bat agitated, “but if you insist, hey I’m only here to be with Sora, the rest of you can all” – WACK. *Wicked eye, wicked eye, wicked eye, wicked eye….* “As I was saying before, when I reached out my hand to Sora and saying ‘hey let’s go see your pals real quick’ I was totally serious, I WAS NOT TEASING! Avera had a back up plan for Sora and his friends to meet up under Seritouge’s vision, of course we’d still be bound by the Protection* restriction, but hey, monkey wrenches get thrown in everything it seems nowadays ‘cause what made me do my so incriminating flinch of pulling my hand away from Sora was because I felt the pulse of a Key – yes a Key, the Key, zeh Key that can be used to control a Gate – at least the shortcut way to do it – anywho, I felt the pulse come from BEBOP’s direction, that ship y’all rode in on. Are we all caught up to speed?”


“Okay, now, from what I have picked up on with my Memory Link* with Avera - ‘cause that boy is prepared for anything, is that there’s gonna be” –

*Memory Link*…* “What’s Memory Link?” asked Sora.

“Pressed for time hold no significance does it? Memory Link* is a kind of telepathic talk strengthen by the bond of the people you know,” said Little Slugger, “As I was saying, I used my Memory Link* with Avera, someone who I would really rather NOT know to pick up on what he was saying to Riku, since as you know, they went to go check up on him. He said that since a Key is here, there’s gonna be a big tug-o-war to get it, we must prevent the Key from falling into at least the bad guy’s hands.” Shonen Bat looked at Sora square in the eye from underneath his cap, “So Sora, everything that Avera whispered to you when he hugged ya bye-bye, what Sephiroth said to you, your Protection* getting screwed around, put that on a back burner. Your duty as a Keyblade Master comes before all that mess.”

“Sora?” asked Ed taking his arm like a teddy bear, “How do you feel about all this?”

Spike gave Sora a tap on his back……Taking Sora back to their talk they had after he learned of King Mickey’s death…..

“I only need to understand this about what happened earlier,” said Sora, “A lot of things have been going on behind my back, right Little Slugger?”

“That’s it in a nutshell.”

“Sephiroth’s gone, and so is Avera. I can only deal with what I’ve got right in front of me,” said Sora.

“Well, not really,” said Shonen Bat, and he took out from his pocket a raggedy blingfold, “This is just a precaution, but as if this wasn’t already bad enough, it seems that by some great force I don’t care about knowing has aligned the three Keyblade Masters here to protect the Key. My guess would be the, the Lifestream – don’t ask me why, hanging around that brainiac angel actually made me learn a few things…..”

“Riku and Kairi, are here?” asked Sora –

“Somewhere, yeah” –

“Don’t zip away again!” cried Ed latching onto Sora’s arm.

“But what about the Protection’s restriction?” asked Genkai, “We’ll have to coordinate them in battle so they don’t run into one another.”

“But we don’t know what they look like,” said Goku.

“Oh it’s not so much coordination as it is – ” Shonen Bat tied the blindfold over Sora’s eyes –


“No coordination at all!”


“Eek, eh, looks like times up,” said Shonen; his irises turning gold for combat.

“You except him to fight blindfolded?!” yelled Serena.

“All he has to do is use his sense*, and an insane amount of luck, but he’ll be fine, trust me on this, it’s what Avera did to Riku,” smiled Shonen Bat.


“Whatever’s coming is coming fast from behind the Tower,” said Vincent –

“That’s what I’ve been trying to say!” –

“Genkai, you and Goku come with me, we’ll be the front, the scouts will take the square, and the rest of you stick with Sora, and get to Bebop as soon as possible – keep your eyes open for the other two Masters and whomever the Key maybe,” stated Vincent; and they were off – Sora running into the broken frame of the window –



“My bad” –

*Here, let me help,* and a feminine touch grasped Sora around his middle from behind, and the same Natural Sense* Riku now had, became his –

“Better now Sora?” asked Shonen Bat with a wicked glint in his eye –


“Sora, what do your friends look like?” asked Sailor Mercury as they ran –

“Red haired girl with pink clothes, and a white haired boy with a” –

“Oh just look for people with Keyblades,” said Shonen Bat.

Sailor Mercury touched her earring and a holographic light blue visor appeared over her eyes, and a Micro-miniature Super Computer in her hands (it looked like a simple case) –

“Can you pick them up Amy?” asked Bulma.

“Yes, one male Master is within the Square and the other, the other is female and near Bebop ship!”

Sora surpressed his tense excitement –

“We’ll position our group within the Entrance Alley then – keep in touch!” Bulma pulled from her pocket a little blue microphone –

“And the Key?”

“Hey, where’d that grayish, purple thing go off to?” asked Shonen Bat.

“Forward my gallant husband and wife from the Four Seasons of the Unicorn Star Dust Brigade!” chirped the little brown haired girl on Suicune’s back, “We must rescue your son!” The Labrador puppy barked, also on Suicune’s back.

Although Mewtwo was against taking the girl with them for safety reasons, Suicune said they should for safety reasons. *She’ll be safer with us than aboard this vessel alone with that dog; we must get to Sora and the others now.*

They exited the ship. And came into almost immediate contact with –

“Heigh ho! Red haired maiden!” chirped the Little Girl, “State your name and business! We are on a quest to find their son!”

…………………Suicune and Mewtwo stopped dead in their tracks in front of Kairi as she held her Keyblade in an unsure position.

“Another Keyblade Master?!” Mewtwo blurted –


The group looked towards the source of the sound, near a tall shimmering triangular shaped building (like the Eiffel Tower) –

*Stand your ground,* said that male voice who guided Kairi out of the darkness; Kairi felt two strong hands on her shoulders.

*Mewtwo, can you hear me?*


*One of these scouts I am with says you are near one of the Keyblade Masters – you must keep him away from Sora and a third Master located within the Square of this city – blindfold him and guide him through this fight!* -

*Wait! What’s going on?!*


From behind Lookout Tower, the sky ripped open, and an enormous arm, two-tone with black and white, stretched out, and slammed into Lookout Tower – breaking the beautiful building into two –

“OH NO!”

“THE TOWER!” screamed Bulma as everyone witnessed the last shimmering sparkles of the building fade and go out as it crumbled to the ground – Vincent, Genkai, and Goku began their onslaught on the arm, making sure, that was the only thing that made it out –

“Keep moving!” yelled Shonen Bat as he yanked Sora forward who kept looking back at the ruins of Lookout Tower,

*No –!* Sora cried internally.

They reached the Square, and the scouts took their ground spotting Riku in an instant looking at the fallen Tower and the enemy arm –


“The definition of contact defined in the Protection* is a knowing gaze, or acknowledged word, or hearing a familiar sound for a prolonged period of time.”

Sora closed his Natural eyes to force himself to pull away from Lookout Tower’s demise. Riku turned to look at the people who he could feel running towards him, a second group behind them, which looked just like a dark running mass, kept going.


When the scouts were close enough, Riku could see them as if they were in daylight –

“Were the Sailor Scouts and we’re here to aid you!” said Sailor Moon.

“Okay the scouts are set!” said Bulma –

“We passed the Square?!” shouted Sora.

“Oh don’t start!”yelled Shonen Bat, “Remember your responsibilities Master!”

Kairi looked on in shock as the Tower fell from the attack –

“Here, Keyblade Master, I’m sorry – Suicune give me a lock of your mane!“

Suicune yanked from her mane a thick whip of hair which Mewtwo promptly wove with his powers into a blindfold and wrapped around Kairi’s eyes –

“Hey!” – (although the blindfold felt breezy and cool as if it was made if silken air) –

*Don’t protest,* said the voice, *I’m here to help.* And Kairi was the last to obtain the Natural Sense*

“Mewtwo” –

“Darkrai just told me through the Link* that she can’t come in contact with the other Masters!”

“Masters? There's more than one now?”

Kairi gasped within –

*Listen to what he’s saying,* said the voice, *You must uphold your responsibility as a Master now and fight off the evil before you!*

*A Master…..* Kairi gripped her blade.

“We have to guide her in this fight!”

Not too keen on asking too many questions in times of danger, Suicune bent her body down, “Master please climb on! Little One, scoot closer to my front.”

*Now is my time to prove myself as a Keyblade Master,* thought Kairi, *From what I learned from* -

*You were always a Keyblade Master,* replied the voice –


Kairi’s group looked up in shock to where Kairi had first spotted the odd wrinkle in the sky, and a second enormous two-tone arm stretched out! – TOOM!

Sora and Riku’s bracelet’s shocked their wrists!

“Oh! There is a second enemy arm by Bebop Ship!” yelled Sailor Mercury; her blue visor still on –

“We see it from our position!” yelled Bulma into the little blue microphone – “What about the” –

“Th-the arm missed the ship, but I’m getting a reading that the female Master and her group was struck!”

“No! KAIRI!” screamed Sora.

Tumble-Stop’s heart was beating furiously, erratically, each beat seemed to cause a strain in a strand that wove it, and...then a strand ripped…..when Nefero and South Light stepped out of their portals onto a building far from Central Square, one with an excellent panoramic view of the two monstrous arms and the chaos that came with them.

“Well isn’t this a nice turn of events?”

Oh yes, I am evil, and I am ending it there…..*Runs* I’ll probably see y’all in four weeks! I’m hoping for two-ish, but well, laters! *Runs for life*

Hope y’all liked it!

Peace and Cloverfield!

BTW....R.I.P George Carlin T.T My bro's favorite comedian
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Yeah unfortunately that happens to a lot of people during the time when the forums are lagging Silent, its happened to me quite a few times D=.

But onto the chapter WOW you really are evil Silent lol, but waiting 4 weeks for the next update isn't good but hope it comes a lot sooner than expected great as always XD.

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Cef please go see a doctor! Your friend SA wants you in good health! :D

Yay, Acein, I’m glad you still like it! And yo Coldman9! Glad to see ya!

AH! I made it for the Two Week deadline! *Dies*

Here are the groups in this massacre (yes it is going to be a massacre):

The Front:

Riku’s group:
Sailor Moon/Serena
Sailor Mercury/Amy
Sailor Mars/Raye
Sailor Jupiter/Lita
Sailor Venus/Mina

Kairi’s group:
Little Girl and her Labrador puppy

Sora’s group:
Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed
Yugi, Pharaoh
Ash, Pikachu
Mew, Darkrai
Shonen Bat a.k.a Little Slugger

Also note that in the story to confuse you further, the groups are subject to change – like instantly…..>>; I’m sorry there’s so many people to keep track of……>_< Also I forgot to mention before of Serena and her friends transforming into the scouts, I just changed their names to imply that they did…..sneaky…….

I do a tiny recap within the story of the last moments of Separate Strands Part C, and go into more detail in some of those spots too, so don’t get confused….>>;

Remember this little girl?
Chapter 6-2: “A little passer-bye girl’s puppy began to bark at Pharaoh giving Sora further confirmation that he wasn’t seeing, or hearing, double; the dog was barking at something!”

And then what happened to her?
Chapter 7: “Vincent picked up the charred body of a little girl and her puppy. They were the only two who didn’t clear out of the square in time, since, the little girl could not pull away her puppy, who wanted to help the strange boy with the golden upside down triangle.”

I never did describe this girl in detail did I….?

Disclaimer: Cursing

Disclaimer: Violence – nothing too serious, I dance around the creamy parts as best as I can.

Ch. 28 Separate Strands: Part D

“I can’t live this life, without you by my side, I need you to survive – !
So sta~y with me…You look in my eyes – and I’m screaming inside - !” – Evanescence, Forgive Me

Universal World: Tumble-Stop – En route -> WTF?! We’re going to another world?.....Wait this is only part D though… T.T…..This one long *** chappie no?

A great white beast of many wings; the Beast of Yahena; the Gate to Yahena – Eros.

A great dark monster with a protruding red eye; the Chrost-Weik Monster; the Gate to the Chrost-Weik – Thantos.

“I am not a blessing.”

“I am not a curse.”

“I am the blessing.”

“I am the curse.”

To protect…to protect…..to protect…………

“My Master, I have chosen you…….but………”

Vincent back flipped to a safe position atop a building from the enormous arm Goku, Genkai, and he were fighting. It was glaringly obvious that this was no normal enemy as a black and white eye with a red iris rolled out of the hand’s palm, and gave a fleshy blink. Vincent cocked his gun. “You are not influenced by either Yahena or the Chrost-Weik, Emotionless. Nor are you controlled by the Evil Beyonds.” A tongue began to slip out of the eye’s pupil – “What purpose do you have here?”

A piece of broken glass from the ruins of the Lookout Tower fell from its hanging post and broke.

<THE KEY> the Emotionless dry dead voice replied – Vincent aimed his gun –

Tumble-Stop shuddered.

Nefero and South Light were no longer focused on the chaos caused by the enormous two-tone arms. He and South Light looked directly at, Sephiroth and Isetzue, who now stood across from them; the remnants of their portals fading away.

“Hello Big Cousin,” said Nefero dully as if two parents had walked in on their uninvited party, “Wanna watch? This looks promising.”

Tumble-Stop shuddered.

Between two sides, in the midst of their separate ways, both will leap at the chance to gain this ancient and dangerous power that has so suddenly made itself known…..

“MOUOOOUUUUUUUUUUURRAHHHHHHH!” – a second enormous two-tone arm stretched out from where Kairi had first spotted the wrinkle in the sky! – Sharp black rays of thin energy shot down from the palm in the blink of an eye like arrows in rigid paths crashing all around Kairi, Suicune and – Mewtwo got clipped on the side of the neck – and out came a dark-redish thick liquid –


With terrible speed continuing its crash landing path, the arm reeled itself in even faster from its black rays into its victims! – TOOM!

Sora and Riku’s bracelet’s shocked their wrists!

Sailor Mercury’s visor confirmed the worst as from her position, along with the other scouts and Riku, they saw the monstrous arm dive down with it’s vectors behind a front of rusty buildings and shacks that covered the moment of impact – and a cloud of sand and dirt shot up; Bebop was missed even though it looked like it was struck from the angle viewed.

With Sora’s group, they felt the impact a lot more than Riku’s group being much closer to the attack. Within Entrance Alley, from the open setting sky, they had a nice vertical panoramic view that focused the arm’s moment of impact which was still covered by a shorter layer of shacks and one to three story shakey buildings –

“Th-the arm missed the ship, but I’m getting a reading that the female Master and her group was struck!” came Sailor Mercury’s voice through Bulma’s little blue microphone –

“No! KAIRI!” Sora screamed –

59…58…57 – For three solid seconds Riku heard Sora’s scream despite his clouded hearing and other interfering noises – the scream was small, but amplified a thousands times within himself – his leg made a move to start over but Sailor Mars grabbed him, “You can’t go! You know the situation right?”

“I still can’t get a clear reading of the Key,” said Sailor Mercury –

“What about Kairi?!” Riku yelled.

“Um – !”

Sora made a move to run to Kairi’s location, but Shonen Bat stopped him.

“Is the other Master okay?” Yugi squeaked –

“Don’t wait for an invitation – go help her!” yelled Bumla, and she, Ed, and Chi-chi along with Shonen Bat holding back Sora (with both hands now) stayed in Entrance Alley while the rest went.

Sora took another step, and Shonen Bat’s grip on his arm turned tighter. *Be strong,* came the female voice; Sora’s insides burned from staying behind.

Kairi blinked stars out of her eyes, finding herself flat on the ground, and near Suicune who was about as sprawled out as she was. The blue Legend’s clear red eyes were wide as between Suicune and Kairi, were the grounded legs of the Little Girl and the bottom of her white lace dress – and further away was Mewtwo with his ever expanding dark-redish pool, desperately holding his neck –

“You stupid, eh, hand!” the Little Girl growled – incredible as this may seem, the Little Girl was holding up the monstrous hand from crushing the group; her puppy on her head was pushing back too! But Kairi had no time to admire the Little Girl, she knew Mewtwo was hurt, and she crawled over to Mewtwo army style with the space provided (Suicune was thoroughly pinned) and tried to put pressure on his fatal wound – seeing it come into clear view was a shock at the amount of damage done – *Dangit I wish I knew how to heal*!*

*Look where the wound is – the jugular was cut!* came the male voice, *Put two fingers* - but Kairi’s own hands were now soaked and her eyes began to burn, a realization was catching up to her bravery – Mewtwo’s own wet hands grabbed Kairi’s and jabbed them in his wound –

“Recover*” he gurgled –

“It’s too slippery!” Kairi screamed – and in that instant a dark shadow appeared under Mewtwo, Suicune, and Kairi – and shifted them out from under the hand –

“Arg! How dare you hurt them, you meanie! Take this!” The Little Girl gathered her strength and pushed off the hand with her puppy – and before it came back down – she smacked the hand back with a Kitten Paw Smack and a crack like gunfire signified the breaking of fake flesh and bone – the hand bent back on its wrist like a “V” and the arm recoiled like a broken accordion – it’s joints bending in the opposite position from the force.

The shadow from under Mewtwo, Suicune, and Kairi materialized into Darkrai – “Mewtwo! Are you –?”

“I’m fine,” said Mewtwo coughing up red; his wound was gone, but he was still covered in its remnants. “Where’s the Little Girl?”

A bird-like shadow flew over the saved group – “Aeroblast*!” Ash ordered riding his summon and Lugia shot a beam of orange tempest into the hand, furthering its disfigurement. The arm gave a bend of torment and sucked itself up into the warped tear in the sky.

“Wow, that didn’t take much,” Faye blinked and put her gun away with Spike and Jet. An explosion from behind reminded them of the battle Vincent, Goku, and Genkai were having on the other side of Tumble-Stop. “Ooh, they’re not doing so hot back there with theirs,” said Faye.

“Something happened to this one,” said Spike, “It looked like it was broken when it was knocked back by something.”

Lugia landed softly with its passengers by the Little Girl who kept eye contact with the tear in the sky, her fists clenched; her puppy sitting besides her. Mewtwo and Suicune breathed a sigh of relief seeing her safe, even though she was the one that rescued them. Darkrai motioned to follow him, and they hurried off to Lugia.

“Suicune!” Ash piped happily, but that was cut short when he saw Mewtwo’s mess – Mew dashed over.

“I’m fine!” Mewtwo yelled finally wiping his blood off himself with his powers. Lugia moved to at least meet them halfway.

Spike, Faye, and Jet blinked as they looked at Kairi. “She’s just a kid like Sora,” said Spike watching them approach, “I didn’t get too good of a look at the other one.”

Faye looked back from Lugia, “Look there’s an even smaller kid right there that this bird almost stepped on.”

“I was not going to step on her,” said Lugia making his booming voice audible for the first time; everyone aboard jumped except Ash and Pikachu. The Little Girl and her puppy were still concentrated at the sky.

“Looks like the poor kid is frozen stiff,” said Faye, “Hey Little Girl!”

The Little Girl was broken out of her trance and looked towards Faye waving, she gave a big open smile, “Hi!” she piped waving back and began to dawdle over to them carrying her puppy – the ground gave a shake, and she stumbled, “Whoa!”

Yugi watched Kairi approach them, but Pharaoh slid out looking at the tear in the sky, *No way that thing is finished Yugi, I’m taking over,* and they switched spirits. The Little Girl caught up and her puppy barked. Pharaoh and Yugi looked down at it and the girl and both gave a little gasp – they knew them! That was the little girl who’s puppy wouldn’t stop barking at them before!.............

“Ah intermission time,” said Nefero looking at the battle scene. South Light clapped.

“What are you doing here Nefero?” asked Sephiroth.

“He speaks,” said Nefero, “Well Big Cousin, we just came to drop on by to see how little Sora was doing here, he seems to be having a blast, he’s made a lot of friends. Judging that this is a fight for the Key, the other two Masters are here as well, what luck.”

“Are you after them?”

“Nah, not today at least,” Nefero looked at his nails, “That damn Protection* is still on them – though I could just call for my Grizzlies and have them tear up the place,” Nefero gave a British accent at the end there, “But that’s not likely since you are here to slay me if I even try to touch them correct?”

“Correct,” said Sephiroth.

“But you know, maybe we should get going,” said Nefero, “You feel it don’t you? Tumble-Stop’s heart? Tumble-Stop is not doing too well, it hasn’t fully recovered from the Rider’s attack.” Nefero turned to Sephiroth, “Just our presence here is hurting it, yours, mine, South Light’s, Iseztue’s, our entities are too much for its heart to bear to have near it; Tumble-Stop was always a coward. I’m surprised the world made it through the Rider’s attack to be honest.”

Sephiroth used his Memory Link* and discovered Avera in a projective state – holding out his arms to the symbolic heart of Tumble-Stop – trying to hold together.

“By the way, where is your little step brother?” Nefero smiled.

“Don’t know,” said Sephiroth.

Nefero made a twisted smile to hide a rising tension…. “You know I really hate liars.”

Jet was the first to greet Kairi, “Good to you safe misss…?”

“My name is Kairi, thanks for coming to help.”

The Little Girl skipped over to Mewtwo, and before he could stop her, she hugged him – “No-no!”

“Who’s the kid? Was she with you?” Jet asked Kairi.

“No sir.” Kairi was just looking at a mass of silhouettes, but the voice sounded like a man’s….The only ones closest to be truly clear was Suicune; Mewtwo was just at the fading stage along with the Little Girl.

“Get her off,” said Mewtwo but the Little Girl only scooched up to his chest; her puppy clinging on her back. He had missed some red, and the Little Girl’s white dress now had a red smudge over her heart.

“GROOOUGH!” Everyone jumped.

“Looks like that thing’s coming back for round two,” said Jet as the tear began to bulge, “Alright listen up! You all get back to Sora now, I’m gonna move the ship out of harms way!” and he slid off alone and dashed for Bebop –

“It’s too dangerous!” Suicune tried to say, but Jet took off –

“We’ll act as decoys then!” piped Mew, Darkrai nodded –

“I’m going to help as well,” Suicune started, but the Little Girl protested –

“Wait! We still have to find yours and Purple Kitty’s son!”

“WHAT?!” the Pokemon gang ejected –

“She’s kidding!” Mewtwo yelled to shut the subject; Suicune quickly suppressed her smile.

Kairi (who was given a rush of adrenaline hearing she was going to Sora) and Suicune (forced by Mewtwo and the Little Girl) hopped aboard, Mewtwo became air born with Mew and Darkrai carrying the Little Girl and her puppy; Lugia flew up with one wing beat – a large waver was in it’s flight – the bulge was getting bigger!

“Get out of here!” yelled Jet climbing up into the ship –

“Come on bird move!” yelled Faye – Darkrai and Mew went into a defensive stance flying towards Bebop

– Lugia was waiting on Mewtwo’s cargo –

“I’m going with Darkrai and Mew,” said Mewtwo –

“Mewtwo, give her to me,” said Kairi outspreading her arms.

“Wait!” the Little Girl piped and Mewtwo finally tugged her off and moved to hand her quickly to Kairi – the bulge exploded – the arm shot out – shooting past Mew and Darkrai who just couldn’t move fast enough… - Lugia’s group barely had time to look up – the hand smashed into Lugia’s chest – and Mewtwo simultaneously felt the Little Girl get ripped from his hands, snagged in the strong wind as he was held motionless and limp from the force – CRASH! The hand smashed everyone it caught into the side of a sandy building that crumbled like brick and steel match sticks over them…everything buried in the debree.

Needless to say, Mew, Darkrai, and especially Mewtwo who started to shake, were all left wide-eyed and frozen in shock.

Jet, unaware of the tragedy, had started up the ship, the monitors booted up to inform him, but he had turned away and was looking for Ein, “Ein! Ein Come here boy!”

“Auto defense activated.”

“What?!” Jet blurted turning towards the monitor –

“That’s it,” Sora cried – the pain from his bracelet was too much this time and he broke Shonen Bat’s grip and took off –

“Sora!” yelled Bulma, “No contact for more than ten seconds!”

“Oh dear,” choked Chi-chi, her hand going to the side of her face; Ed looked back and forth from the chaos of the arm Vincent, Genkai, and Goku dealt with – to the one that caused a second horrible crash –

Bulma cursed, this Emotionless had them pinned, they were about as helpless as they were against the Riders! – “This sucks! Are we not strong enough?!” she yelled – Tumble-Stop gave an almighty tremble – Bulma gasped, both her hands going to her mouth, “No, no, no I didn’t mean it!” –

Vincent landed next to Goku who clothes not only showed Vincent’s blood from before, but now his own – “Isn’t there anyway of taking this thing down?!” Goku blurted.

“I’m not sure,” said Vincent almost out of breath. Tumble-Stop gave another shudder. Goku and Vincent traded glances….

“Oh no….”

“What? What is it?” insisted Chi-chi.

“It’s Tumble-Stop!” Bulma cried.

“Tumble-Stop turned out to be so weak that it needed three trusties to turn to,” Nefero remembered outloud, “Someone with a strong will, someone with a bold heart, and someone with a positive attitude to keep its wandering heart of fear in check; and then three idiots actually volunteered.”

“No, Tumble-Stop please,” Avera pleaded with the world.

I can’t do this anymore!

“Who thought a world could have such self esteem issues,” said Nefero, “Tumble-Stop is not going to survive this struggle of fate.”

“Riku please wait!” Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars were holding him back, “Didn’t you hear from the little microphone Amy has? Sora went to, ugh, go help her!”

“It’s risky enough!” yelled Sailor Mars –

Shonen Bat skated up with Sora and grabbed him from under his arm – “Come on stupid head! Jump! Jump with me! Use the sense*! And feel what’s alive and what’s not around you!”

Sora understood and grasped the concept like a sponge – he leapt back and forth between two solid masses until he was up top one; Shonen Bat by his side; the orange sky overbearing, the black setting sun dead; the white sea frozen – “I’ll let you know if you get too close to the Keyblade chick, but try to keep everyone within the shadowy limits to be safe,” said Shonen Bat. Sora began to leap with Shonen Bat from building to building, the light blue massive arm in his sights – “With everyone in the shadows, you’ll have no idea who anyone is, but everyone at your side, unless you can tell by the shape of solitary figures that is – your vision is shades of dark masses and moving dark figures and a creepy orange sky right? You can see me clearly because I’m right next to you right?” Sora nodded as he ran. “But that big piece of **** over there is light blue right?” Sora nodded again. “Light blue equals an Enemy! An enemy being anyone with the intent to hurt you!”

The arm slowly pulled its hand out of the debree – Mewtwo, Darkrai, and Mew turned sick as thick globs of red dripped off it, it vectors retracted inside, it must have released them sometime when it made contact with Lugia. The hand shook, knocking some red off of it, and began to mildly push debree aside –

Sora arrived on the scene, and quickly pieced together the dripping hand with the rubble –

“GET AWAY FROM THEM!” – Mew, Darkrai, and Mewtwo looked to Sora, not too far away atop a building with Shonen Bat – “Wake the Night*!” and a beam of light shot from Sora’s keyblade through the wrist of the Emotionless, and the cowardly thing cried and recoiled back into its hole – “Come out and fight!”


– Sailor Mercury’s visor then screamed of death from above – !

“OH!” –

Sora and Shonen Bat spun around to Central Square where the horrible roar came from –


Sora recognized the Emotionless talk and spun back around – the hand shot out again straight for him! Shonen Bat grabbed Sora’s hand and they both turned into shadows from Shonen’s magic – the hand passing right through them –

“Eat this!” Mew piped, and fired a pulse of pink psychic energy as Mewtwo released an Aura Sphere*, and Darkrai a Shadow Ball* - all attacks hitting the wrist where Sora had attacked, the arm gave another cry – and the hand spun around, revealing a black and white eye with a red iris in the hand’s palm – and a lashing tongue from it’s pupil – looking right at the flying pokemon –

“Ew!” said Shonen Bat –

“RUN!” screamed Sailor Mercury – a deformed two-tone head bashed it’s way through the sky, and slammed into the ground, missing Riku’s group as they dove out the way – the neck belonging to the Emotionless cracked like a whip and snapped the head up into a swaying hover revealing it’s middle red eye and mirrored mouth on the “top” and “bottom” of it’s head –

Sailor Mercury pushed herself up, “Eah, I though something looked familiar about this Emotionless! It’s the Two-Face that attacked us when Sora first arrived!”

“I thought we destroyed that thing!” yelled Sailor Venus.

“You can’t destroy a Fixed Memory*,” said Nefero. “This is powerful magic, the Emotionless really are going all out to get this Key,” said Nefero, “The wild one’s are testing themselves, they’ve actually gotten organized you know, it’s really something. And all this time we thought they were stupid beasts, not that they aren’t but well, it’s a start.”

“Aren’t you going to go for it?” asked Sephiroth.

“Oh please and join in on this petty grab for the Key? There are other ways to control a Gate you know, a Key is just a stupid short cut for those too cowardly to go for the real summoning magic. Besides we all know if someone is that dumb enough to actually want to use a Key to get to the Gate, thus the Emotionless’ stupid grasp to go for it, Seritouge’s too by the way, although we know how sneaky that *** ** * ***** is, he’s probably figured out a way around it.” Something caught Nefero’s eyes, and he squinted. “Speak of the devil, the Fuzz has finally come.”

TOOM! The head smashed into the ground again with Riku managing to leap himself out of harm’s way and landed squarely on his feet – a memory of landing next to San randomly popped in his mind –

*Listen up, you cannot defeat this thing the normal way, you must disable it,* came Riku’s guiding voice, the head reeled itself up as the Scouts shot their magic at its eye, which did nothing – “Coordinate an attack for the neck, sever the head completely off!*

“Okay,” said Riku, “Scouts! Aim with me for the –“ Riku couldn’t finish his command, for as soon as he said that – overhead, a bolt of lightning shot through the Two-Face’s neck as it swung up, and snapped it like a thick fleshy cable which was sucked up into the void like a slurping noodle –


“Is-is that the head?!” Bulma gasped as she, Chi-chi and Ed watched it fly –

Sora landed on top of another building, and Shonen Bat jerked Sora (“Hey!”) behind a protective stance as Mewtwo, Darkrai, and Mew took on the flailing arm. Shonen Bat looked on at the headless battle from afar – “Did you see that?! Where did that bolt come from?!”

“I’m busy!” yelled Sora; he still had no sign of Kairi! And he refused to believe that pile of rubble was where she and his other friends were buried!

“Oh that looks unpleasant,” said Nefero, as he and the peeps around him watched the head fly right towards them –

“Zero serving zero!” piped South Light getting into a volleyball stance –

Riku’s group could only look on as away it flew, crying, totally clearing the square. They heard the inland crash landing seeing only the rising dust from the impact.

“Where did that bolt come from?” asked Sailor Mars to Sailor Mercury –

“I don’t know! My VR didn’t even pick up on it!” –

“Well goodbye to that problem!” said Sailor Moon happily –

*DUCK!* screamed Riku’s voice, but his reflexes were no match for the second bolt that struck him right on the side with his previous injury from Xemnas! –

Sora’s bracelet burned with pain! – “Oh for god’s sake y’all are dropping like flies!” yelled Shonen Bat – he spotted the bolt’s source – a teeny tiny little baby black could – “****!!! IT’S A ******* DEITY!!!” screamed Shonen Bat.

The arm that battled the flying pokemon took a minute to allow it tonguey eye to look up at the Black Cloud – but Mewto quickly shot another Aura Sphere* right into it –

Riku was on his back, holding his shaking side, rocking from his burned insides – wincing through the pain, he could see with his Natural Sense* a light blue cloud above with a ghostly orb inside – the Deity charged another bolt for Riku!

Sailor Jupiter was the first to Riku’s side, “Jupiter, Thunder – *GASP*!”

The severed Two-Face head was flying back!

The Deity immediately re-positioned its charging bolt and fired it at the head – SHPLOCK! The head splattered into grey gunky funky chunks –

“EWWW! It’s raining phlegm!” cried Sailor Moon as the scouts and Riku were showered with the falling bits – a nice flat piece landed squarely on Riku’s face – it was cold!

*YUCK!* Riku smacked it off, but the pain from the bolt left him further immobilized.

*Hang on Riku,* said his guiding voice, *You will not die here.*

“Alright gentleman and lady gents, this has become an unfair fight,” said Nefero in a sergeant’s voice cracking his knuckles, he suddenly dropped his accent and turned to South Light, “It’s about to get very bad,” he said seriously to her, “Go back to Hollow Castle.” South Light made an upset face, and left in her portal.

Sephiroth turned to Isetzue who was already shaking her head, “Now Isetzue.”

Isetzue gave a little growl, “Promise me you will protect EVERYONE from those ********!”

“I promise.”

“Awww,” said Nefero. "Eh, I think he's a little late for a few..."

Isetzue left blinking tears back for an In-Betwixt Realm. Nefero and Sephiroth looked at the Black Cloud as three other comets in the sky made their silent journey into Tumble-Stop.

Tumble-Stop gave another violent shudder.

“The tug-o-war between possibly the two most emotionless beings that there is, is about to heat up,” said Nefero, “Let’s see how much longer your little Step Brother can keep Tumble-Stop whole.”


Ugth, I hate my photography class, I swear I am going to name an Emotionless after it, and call it Snap Shot, fear the shutter of death! OH NO! The film got exposed by opening the camera! DIE! Snap Shot DIE! What? Can’t roll your film back manually? Did you press that stupid little button underneath? Yes? Well you just suck then Snap Shot! Go burn in a frying pan out in Texas heat! Ah, can’t mix the chemicals to develop your film? What! You can’t make a “correct contact sheet?” Go get run over by a charging dump truck – which I will be driving and then dump out all the crap on you!

Expect to see a Snap Shot Emotionless in the next chappie getting its *** handed to it.

Thanks for reading guys :)

Peace and Cloverfield!
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Lovely chapter Silent and Sailor Mars = <333 my favorite character out of the entire senshi, somehow I have a feeling that Cef is going to have another sugar rush moment xD.

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>W< Sailor Mercury is my favorite one Haku :D, really I like them all, but she has a computer ^_^...I can't bring myself to do any harm to the scouts ;-; and that's not fair since for what I've been putting other characters through...maybe they're just lucky......for now...*Evil Laugh*......But really, I can't hurt them too much. Maybe one of them will break a nail or something >>;

*Looks at Cef fainted*.........*Places blanket and pillow with her* Rest well friend, rest well. Be in good health :) We need to fix that bleeding nose, Alucard is looking very hungry today....so are the Kairopterans <-or however you spell that....

P.S. Someone is going to die soon. Or maybe they're already dead. Either way, there will be one person less. Maybe more.

Be afraid my chracters.....be afraid *cough*
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Lol well put way of explaining things Silent <3. But I didn't look at the spoiler though hope it isn't anyone major.

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It's safe to look into the spoiler box Haku, it's just a very, very sad face >>; I'll put warnings up if I stick something major in one

Eaum......That depends on who's a major character.....if we're going by favorites, it shouldn't hurt too much, and if we're going by story relation, then there may be a problem T.T Although I don't think anyone considered this person a major character, because I didn't spend as much time as I wanted on him/her >_< D'oh.

But anywho, I gots zeh internet back! WOOT! But I can't post today anyhow.....Graphic work......>_<........Wah. Plus I'm scared to kill this character - I have so many back up thoughts to this chappie, it's not even funny O_O....And I was so excited to get to this part - oh well >>;

Expect an update this time either the coming Friday, Sat, or Sun and knowing me, it's probably going to be none of those days! >_<


Mar 27, 2007
It's safe to look into the spoiler box Haku, it's just a very, very sad face >>; I'll put warnings up if I stick something major in one

Eaum......That depends on who's a major character.....if we're going by favorites, it shouldn't hurt too much, and if we're going by story relation, then there may be a problem T.T Although I don't think anyone considered this person a major character, because I didn't spend as much time as I wanted on him/her >_< D'oh.

But anywho, I gots zeh internet back! WOOT! But I can't post today anyhow.....Graphic work......>_<........Wah. Plus I'm scared to kill this character - I have so many back up thoughts to this chappie, it's not even funny O_O....And I was so excited to get to this part - oh well >>;

Expect an update this time either the coming Friday, Sat, or Sun and knowing me, it's probably going to be none of those days! >_<

Oh alright that's great to know then I thought it was something major at the time lol.

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I've got the base of the chappie down - yays! And I am going to make the bold statement that this will be the LAST part to chapter 28: Seperate Strands - whew! That was a biggy. Oh and more than one peep is going down. I've gotten the deaths straightened out....I don't think I can provoke tears, but it will basically suck to see these guys go down....I think - depends on what emotions I can conjure up.

THERE IS A BIG SPOILER IN THIS ONE - look if you want for one or more of the deaths, or just wait and be surprised......

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*Running with Cef* - Quick! Does anyone know the way to a blood bank?! AHHHHHH!
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