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Just when you thought it was....over



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Mar 15, 2006
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This is a Grandia 3 Fanfiction enjoy! Also this is only charter one there are more to come but i didnt get around to them yet lol

Just When You Thought It Was…..

This is kind of a side quest at the beginning of the game (based on a dream that I had a while ago and I am warning you it is very, VERY freaky lol) so there are new characters and new things happening I tried my best I hope you like it!
The list of characters will be….
Mel-Playing as Yuki’s part but as a girl (muffin)
Crystal-Mel’s best friend that wants to travel with her
Damian-Later found in the story who has a big secret
Ryu- A friend that grew up with Mel and Crystal who also has a big secret

At Mel’s hometown in Anfog she wakes up on a bright Tuesday afternoon, only to hear her friend, Crystal, yelling to her. “HEY MEL! GET UP TODAYS THE DAY! YOU DIDN’T FORGET DID YOU?!” so with that Mel leaves the house to the top of the hill where the plane rests. All of her other planes either crashed or didn’t make it off the ground but this one was going to fly, she believed in her plane. Without knowing it Ryu, the boy that Mel and Crystal grew up with, sneaks on-board the plane. 3,2,1 TAKE OFF! The plane rushes down the hill track, the wind blowing in Mel’s face. “This is it!” slowly the plane lifts off the ground, Mel shifts its gears and soon…FLIGHT! The plane made it off the ground! With their destination set, they continued flight till the next day.
Early Wednesday morning Crystal and Mel arrive at Mendi which was their main destination. When Mel goes to land the plane she hears something coming from the cargo space, after leading her and Crystal decide to check it out. While removing the tarp that was covering the cargo space, they find a guy sitting in the back. “………why in the name of the world did you follow us?” says Mel with an annoyed look on her face. Then Ryu, Mel’s friend emerges from the cargo space. “I……eh had to?” replies Ryu while stretching. “You didn’t have to follow anyone! *sigh* I guess we have no choice” says Mel while looking at Crystal. “No…..NO!!! you kidding me?! NOOOOO! HE IS NOT COMING WITH US!” yells Crystal. Back on Anfog Ryu and Crystal would always fight because they hated eachother but right now I don’t think we have a choice if Ryu is coming with us or not. “Well it doesn’t look like we have a choice in the matter he has to come with us just live with it for now ok?” Mel says to Crystal “……Fine but I’m only doing it because you are my best friend” replies Crystal.
Soon the 3 of them find a local inn in which they stay for the night, but before we get to that…….”WOAH! LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL SWORDS!” exclaims Mel. Running through the stores of Mendi, without looking forward, soon Mel runs into someone that left Anfog when she was only 10. “Ouch……wasn’t expecting that. Sorry that I ran into you I wasn’t paying attention to…….” Mel trails off as she is getting up off the ground. “Is that you? Damian?” she asks with Crystal and Ryu behind her. “Im sorry I ran into you miss I was looking to buy a sword and…….Mel? Mel is that you?” Damian says with a surprise. “Its been 2 years! I’ve missed you so much!” says Mel dropping the sword she was holding. With this Ryu gets all mad and walks away. “What was that all about?” Damian asks. “I’m not sure……he well snuck on the plane with us and….yea now we are stuck with him.” Mel explains. “So this is the Damian I never got to meet? The one you always talk about?” Asks Crystal to change the subject. “eh yea this is him.” Says Mel half blushing. “GEEZ!” Ryu exclaims and stomps away to the other part of town. “Whats his problem?” Crystal asks. “Anyway, you want to come back to the inn with us and we could catch up on a few things over the 2 years Damian?” Mel asks “Sure that would be awesome! I just have to finish some shopping then I will be there. You don’t mind right Crystal?” Damian replies. “No. I don’t mind a friend of Mel’s is a friend of mine….except Ryu haha!” says Crystal laughing. “Then its settled, we will meet at the inn, ready Crystal? We have a lot of unpacking to do. See you later Damian!” Mel says ready to unpack and go to the inn. “Later! See you guys at the inn!” Damian says as he runs into a crowd of people standing in the center of town.
Arriving at the inn……Crystal and Mel soon find their rooms and outside, to their surprise is a nice balcony overlooking a beautiful seashore. “Ahh can you feel that ocean breeze blowing! It feels much different from the are that’s blowing in your face while flying!” says Crystal as she walks out on the balcony. “Hey, What was Ryu’s problem back there I thought he would be happy to see Damian after all these years. I guess I was wrong I mean who would have known he was in Mendi!” Mel exclaims with a worried look on her face. “I’m not sure it must be……” As she trailed off, Ryu walks into the room. “Is he here? Please tell me no” Ryu says with an angry look on his face. “Well no he isn’t. Why were you so angry back there? I thought you would be happy to see him….” Mel says with a sad look on her face. “Look, its for one reason and one reason only now good-bye” Ryu slams the door and from the hall says “I’ll be back at 12:00 PM” (It is now 10:30) Crystal and Mel look at each other with a clueless look on their faces. Then they finish unpacking to pass the time. When the clock strikes 12:00 Ryu soon returns, 20 minutes later…..Damian walks into the room.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I THOUGHT YOU SAID HE WASN’T COMING!!!!!!” yells Ryu with a killer look on his face. “I eh…..I guess I have some explaining to do eh?” replies Mel with a worried look on her face. “YES! YES YOU DO!!!!” yells Ryu once more. 10 minutes later after telling Ryu why Damian was staying with them for the night, he ran into his room and went to sleep. “I thought it would be much harder on him” says Mel to Crystal. “I’m not sure why he took it so lightly…..well I guess I should get to bed now. Good night everyone see you tomorrow!” says Damian as the door closes behind him to the room where Ryu was resting. “Mel, I guess I should go to bed as well…..Mel are you listening?” asks Crystal. “Good night Crystal see you tomorrow.” The lights went out and Mel and Crystal soon fell asleep.
I cant sleep, its just…….Mel mutters softly. With this Mel gets up and walks outside onto the balcony. “The moon….it’s so nice, I wish I could just look at it again like I used to back at home, but now all these problems start.” Mel says as the ocean breeze blows through her hair. Then from behind her, she hears the screen door slide open. “Damian? What are you doing up at this hour?” Mel asks. “I heard you get up, so I had to come and see what was going on. I haven’t been there for you in 2 years, now I want to change that. What seems to be the problem?” Damian says slowly moving closer to Mel. “It’s just……I’m so happy to see you and well I wish Ryu could feel the same way and I don’t know its just so stressing I don’t know where to turn or what to do.” Mel says staring off at the moon. What Mel and Damian don’t know is that Ryu is watching them from the bedroom window. “Well…….” Damian puts his hand on top of Mel’s which was on the balcony railing. “Well you can just ignore Ryu for now and have him get used to it I guess. I’m not sure how well that would work though and I didn’t realize how hard things have been on you, I’m sorry this is all my fault I shouldn’t have gotten in your way.” Damian says looking into Mel’s eyes. When Ryu sees what’s going on he rushes out of bed and runs onto the balcony. “So…..what are you two up to?” Ryu asks with a mad tone in his voice. “Eh….nothing, nothing at all” Mel says as she takes her hand away from Damian. Soon Ryu sees that Damian and Mel were blushing. Then Crystal wakes up.
“I’m going to go eh into town for a walk I think I need one.” Mel says as she runs off the balcony and into the hall. Crystal looks out from under the covers only to see Damian and Ryu yelling at each other. “WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!” yells Ryu. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” “Who made you boss?” says Damian starting to get annoyed. “SHUT UP!” Ryu yells while he attacks Damian. Watching the whole fight Crystal soon realizes what was going on. 2 hours pass and soon Mel returns to the inn, when she walks in the room she finds Damian and Ryu unconscious on the floor. “WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!” Mel yells in shock. Crystal walks over to Mel and puts her hand on her shoulder. “They got in a fight……” “What were they fighting about and why?” Mel asks with concern. Crystal replies “They got in a fight….over you.”
Mel was in shock, she ran onto the balcony where she once stood with Damian. “Why, why did this happen? What did I do?” Mel asks Crystal. “Well, I’ll explain it this way. When you were outside on the balcony with Damian, Ryu woke up and well got angry that Damian was with you and he wasn’t. Before he walked outside he was mumbling something like nobody is going to get her……only I will. Then he walked outside to break you 2 up. As I know seeing Damian again has well lightened your heart and it made you look like you like him although I know you don’t right?” says Crystal with only half her story. “I don’t like like him like you said im so happy to see him and all its just….” Mel stops as Crystal cuts her off. “See I knew it anyway when you left, I was pretending that I was sleeping and Ryu stared yelling at Damian the same thing he was mumbling before. Damian stayed calm but Ryu threw a punch at him and they started fighting. During the fight Damian was saying something like ‘WELL I LIKE HER TOO YOU KNOW!’ then Ryu would say ‘YOU SHOW UP OUT OF NO WHERE AND YOU EXPECT HER TO LOVE YOU?! IM THE ONE SHE LIKES!’ then well as we know the last thing is true……..HA got ya there Mel!” Crystal says laughing. “Haha go on…..” Mel says blushing cause she knows its true. “Anyway after the talking they starting fighting hitting each other with whatever they could find. I cleaned up a little bit but……they still didn’t wake up. Anyhow you know what this means right?” Crystal concludes. As Mel looks out over the moon lit ocean, Damian soon awakens from the concussion, as well as Ryu. Mel and Crystal run inside to lend a hand, but it seems the fight isn’t over.
“What happened here? Why were you guys on the floor and you are all bruised!” says Mel acting surprised because she didn’t want to tell them she really knew what was going on. Damian gets to his feet first, Mel helps Ryu up but Damian pushes her away making her drop Ryu on the floor again. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! I’M TRYING TO HELP HIM HERE!” yells Mel with and angry voice. “If only you knew why….” Damian says as he leaves the room. Crystal and Mel look at each other. In the beginning Mel didn’t fully believe Crystal but know she knows its true. “Ryu? Ryu are you ok I’m so sorry about that I didn’t mean to you see….” Mel says trying to help him. ‘I CANT BELIVE THAT GUY! WHAT A JERK!” Ryu exclaims. “Well we know he is okay” Crystal says to Mel. “Are you going to be okay? In other words okay enough to go get something to eat?” Mel asks Ryu. “Yea I guess so….” Ryu replies. So with that Mel, Crystal and Ryu go out for dinner well that’s the time it was by the time Ryu and Damian woke up.
Later that night after Mel, Crystal and Ryu returned back to the inn…. “Well I guess we can continue our journey tomorrow although I have no idea where Damian is.” Mel explains. “Who cares?” Ryu says “After what happened I don’t want to see him again and besides he even took his stuff with him so I don’t think we will see him again” As Crystal walks into the room Mel asks Ryu “Ryu, What were you fighting about anyway?” Ryu stutters “Eh…It was nothing. I’m going to go to bed now see you tomorrow Mel, Crystal.” Ryu says as he runs into his room and locks the door behind him. “That was weird anyway it is getting kind of late. I think I’m going to go to bed myself night Mel!” Crystal says as she gets in the bed. “Night…Crystal.” Mel says as she turns out the light and tries to get to bed herself.
Another sleepless night she thinks to herself. Soon she gets out of bed only this time Ryu hears her. Mel gets up and walks onto the balcony where the night before she stood with Damian. After 5 minutes or so, she hears the screen door open behind her she turns around and finds Ryu. “Hey, are you ok? You’ve been down lately” Ryu asks her while he looks at the moon. “Yeah, it’s just with Damian and all…” Mel replies. Mel and Ryu keep talking about everything that has gone on in just the few days that they have been and Mendi. The up in the sky a plane passes by and throws a package over to where Mel and Ryu were. Mel opens the package and finds a note, it says ‘good-bye maybe we will meet again one day’. As the plane flew out of sight Ryu says to Mel. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone like him take you away from me.” Ryu says as hugs Mel. “I won’t lat anyone take you away from me.” Then without Mel and Ryu knowing Crystal is watching them from the window. “Thank you, Ryu.” Mel says as their faces come close and then Ryu grabs Mel by the hand and they kiss. As Crystal backs away from the window, giving them privacy, a shooting star fly’s over Mel and Ryu’s head. This is the beginning of a new adventure.


Aug 13, 2005
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A peice of advice that will serve you well: whenever someone new talks, press the enter button. Make space. I could hardly tell when someone new was talking or not, but other than that, this is pretty good. Check the spelling and grammar a little, but this looks like it's gonna be great. ^-^ update soon.