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Fanfiction ► Just an odd Teenager

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Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...
This is one strange fic. Everyone's debating and no one's writing. Update s'il vous plait and lets get on with the story. WOOT!

PS. Glad to see that people care about story content and how people set it up, but I personally liked the pictures. If you combined it with actual written description, it might be awesome.

PSS. The chapter when our dear friend gets his *coughcough* stuck in his zipper, that's the reason I didn't wear jeans until sixth grade. I was terrified of those zippers being so close to my manhood.


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Jul 4, 2005
Right, i'm leaving on the roads that lead to my fl
Okay, My break is over, There are nothing but left overs, My job didn't send my paycheck, and i'm feel as though i'm lacking love. All inspiration for this next chapter. And how many times to I have to say it?! being a junior in highschool, I have a lot of work to do if I don't want to be a bum! Okay, i've delayed you all enough. And Sorasheart281, damn it, don't make me kick your ass!

Chapter 3

*Yawns* Oh, sorry. I kind of dozed off there. I tend to do that a lot now'a days. *wipes drool* Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, I had a run in with a couple of my friends and I was almost late for my date with Ami. Did you all know that was my first date ever? Yep, my first date was with a hottie! Do you young folk still say that? Hottie? Oh well, anyway on with the story.

"AHHHHHH, I'M GONNA BE LATE!" Heh, I actually screamed that as I ran through the crowded streets on Downtown Chicago. "Crap crap crap!" I bumped into a couple of adults.
"Hey, say excuse me!" A woman yelled.
"Excuse you!" I yell back at her. I really didn't care, I was just trying to make it to the book store. "Out of all the times I could've been late for somthing! This had to be it!" Actually, I just could have avoided going to the park, but i didn't want to admit that to myself-_-. "Chenzira, you're so freaking retarded! You should get a button that says Beware, Retart coming through!" I run across the street, even though I didn't have the light. I cut across this on coming Truck.
"HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE RUNNING YOU RETART!" The trucker yells at me.
"See, I knew it!" I jump on the sidewalk and turn the corner that was around a businees building. Ya know, thinking about it now, If I had that much energy to run on a date, maybe i could have joined my High School's track team........forget it:closedeyes:. "Jesus what time is it?" I look at my watch. "AHYAHHHH! 3:27?!" I give myself a sonic boost and rush toward Barnes and Nobles, which is straight ahead. "Ha! I'm actually going to make!" I cheer for myself. "I'm so freaking incredible! This is the best day of my lifIEEEEEEE!" Trip over something and slid across the concrete. Maybe I should have cheered for myself after I made it to the book store.....huh..
"Ooo...uuhh...ow!" Jake moans as he struggles to get up. Jake, in everyway, was like my little brother. Always nagging, questioning, provoking, and mocking me, Jake was always there to provoke my abusive side. But beside those annoyances, he seemed to always look up to me, not to mention he was like piece earwax that I couldn't flick off. Now'a days he comes and visits me. Oh, how I love it when he visits. I can say when I was younger I never flipped my lid with him.
"What the hell is the matter with you, Jake?!" Well....almost never. I grab him by the collar.
"What do ya mean? You ran into me!" He tries to break free of my kung fu grip!
"The hell I did!" I push him off. "I got to get going!" I begin to walk off and he follows.
"Where ya heading to?" He asks.
"Oh crap! Are you getting curious?!'" I begin jog. The thing is when Jake got curious, he would never let it go unless you told him and even at that he would want to tag along......No seriously, he was an habitual tag alonger!
"No." He said with a smile and starts to jog with me.
"Crap, yes you are!" I began to trot and he does it too. "Arrgh! Damn it, Jake!"
"Just tell me where are going!" He grabs on to my pant's pocket.
"No! And let me go!" I yank away from him and dash foward!
"Tell me where you are going!!!" He dashes foward after me!
"No! Go away!" I yell back and continue to blast forward. Barnes and Nobles is just ahead. I turn to look back. "JESUS CHRIST!" Jake is right behind me, inches away from me.
"Tell me now!" He growls.
"What the hell are you?! Get away from me!" This time I send all my energy to my legs and zoom foward. I knock down trash cans behind me! I zig zag on the street! I cross to the other side-walk and then back to the other! I stop going foward and turn the corner to break him off! HUUUUUUGH! *Catches breath* Finally, I hide behind a mini van. "Ugh! Uh, oh man." I pant as I press my back against the van. "Oh dear god." I peek my head around the corner, to see if he followed me. "Phew! No where in sight." I chuckle with relief. "Now all I have to do is-" I get interrupted my some rackling and tumbling noise infront of the van. "What in the world." I slowly stand up and peek through the windows of the van. "......GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!" A flurry of trash cans come tumbling around the corner that is in front of the van. "What....what the hell?"
"CHENZIRRRRA!" Jake slides from the corner, and as if he can smell my fear, he heads straight toward the mini van.
"DAMN IT, MAN!" I run away panicking. Really, is all of this necessary? It was just one date! Did he really have to chase me as if I was some kind of criminal?
"Tell me now!" Jake's hot on my tail.
"No! I don't want to!" I run back to area where I crashed into him. While running I look at my watch. "3:45?! Oh man!" I shout.
"Chenzira, this is ridiculous! Just tell me where you are going!" Jake latches on to the back of my jacket.
"UGH! You little leech!" I start to twist and turn as I run toward Barnes and Nobles. "God, you're like freaking." I spin around.
"I'm not letting go! You tell me now!" Jake's voice trembled as he was turned in all directions.
Barnes and Nobles in just a few feet away from me and I still had Jake clamped on to me. "Screw this!" I dash foward to the entrance.
"Ahhhhh! CHeeenzzzziiraaa!" Jake yells behind me as he is dragged behind me.
I'm inches away from the door step. "Sancturary!" i close my eyes and yell. I here the store's door open, but with Jake dragging behind me and my late timing, i'm too focused to see who is coming out. WAM! I smack right into the person and we all crash down like a collasping building. "Oof!"
"Ow!" Jake released his grip so he won't received major damage from the crash but he still fell.
"Ouch!" A voice moaned.
"Man...talk about a collision course. Hey, but i'm not hurt." I say. "Something broke my fall....HOLY CRAP!" I just relize what broke my fall. My head is placed on soft, marshmellow like cushions....breast. And my hand are so casually squeezing on a soft butt.
"......ummm....Chenzira?" I can here Jake's voice warning me from behind.
"Ah....uhh...." I'm too frightened to see the girl's face, but I have to look up and apologize, before things get out of hand. "I'm...sorry. I-" I raise my head up and look in shock. Out of all the girls in this city i could have landed on, I landed on....my dream girl. "AMI?!!!!"
"Chen....Chenziraaa!" Ami's eyes gave off bewilderment and shock.
"......i'm threw." I say while my chin is on her breast and my hands STILL on her butt.
"yeah you are." Jake whispers.

WOOOOOOWEEE! Talk about a awkrard scene and cliff hanger! Hmmm, this chapter was sort of short, but one heck of an edge seater. You youngters are really in for a treat next chapter. Because I know a certain friend of mine that is going to make that day a lot more bizarre....and perverted. So just sit back and wait, so I can remember everything.


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May 24, 2004
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Hey my friend. I read ch.1 and forgot to post about it. I just finished reading ch.2 and I really enjoyed it. Both chapters were very good. Keep up the great work. I like what you did with my character. Very cool indeed.
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