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just a little battle...



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May 29, 2006
an anti-AT field?!!....nooooooo!
hey everyone =), the graphics section couldn't keep me away from this place, so I thought I'd have a battle. The battle won't start until Wednesday 4:00 (GMT) Its one battle for me, then back to graphics ^^

regular rules apply-
morpheaus's rules apply
be literate ( I don't mind mistakes from time to time)
no spamming
no power-playing or god-modding
have fun =)
no one-liner posts

1. xXxCloud
2. mastersepiroth

I'm still working on my template, I promised myself I would finish it today so I'm rushing right now -.-"

Riezen FallenBorough
Ukiah Oregon

Name: Riezen FallenBorough
Age: His recorded history dates him around 3000 years, though he is much older than that estimation.
Race: Asherah
Gender: Male

Appearance: - look in forms-

Molecular dissipation-
The signature ability of any Asherah, Riezen has mastered this ability quite well, allowing him to use it in a variety of ways. Molecular dissipation, in essence, is the ability to take the energy between the atoms, and take them within ones self. Normally, the atoms that are left behind would immediately scatter, but thanks to his element, he takes them within himself as well. Using the energy and atoms he absorbs, he can emit energy at its rawest stage, shooting it at his opponent. Adding the atoms he absorbed as well, he can actually duplicate many attacks launched at him, as he reforms the attacks in his palm. As he reaches new forms, he is able to absorb more and more energy, eventually becoming a conduit for many energy forms. Raw energy isn’t the only form of energy he can materialize, he has two choices in his original form. By adding a few atoms to raw energy, he can create kinetic energy, a more subtle type of energy he can emit. In short, he uses this energy to give “life” to inanimate objects, as they move on their own. He doesn’t use them to fight however, preferring to increase his luck, if anything. This ability is marvelous in many ways, Through specific energy and atom signatures, he is able to adapt and eventually phase through most things if need be, a defense mechanism from many conventional attacks. Lastly, though this ability is marvelous in many ways, it has its limits in most of the forms. He can’t absorb his opponent into him, seeing as the gravity that encircles the body is much stronger than that of stone or earth. Though he can’t absorb them, he can negate his opponents powers for a few minutes by sending jolts of kinetic energy through their body by touch. This attack however, puts a large strain on Riezen, and he is left weak after performing it.

To each Asherah, an element, and Riezen is no different. These elemental powers have dual functions, to be used in battle, and to counteract each Asherah’s dissipation abilities. Without this balancing element, the force of an Asherah’s dissipation skills increases exponentially, eventually tearing at the omniverses‘s core. Of course for that, you’d need all the Asherah’s together in one place. Riezen’s element is gravity, a powerful element that he hasn’t fully mastered yet. Though he is far from controlling the fabrics of reality, he does have complete control over the gravity surrounding his body allowing him to float and fly, create reverse-pull gravity shields, and such. This takes concentration, something Riezen has, but not much of. He also uses gravity to compact his opponents attack, making it easier to absorb both the energy and atoms. One of his favorite tricks is to create reverse pull gravity orbs, which generate huge amounts of pressure unto the battlefield if done correctly.

The single characteristic that lets Asherah’s claim that they are one of the gods, this ability lets them laugh in death’s face. If they were to die, in the unlikely chances that they would, they would be resurrected “so-to-speak”. Their atoms would recombine, making him whole again, but the process can range from months to centuries. This is severely shortened whenever an Asherah decides to take their own lives, making a process that took years, down to seconds. With each new death, a new body is given, one with more power and intelligence.

“New genesis” -
identical twin chakrams, Riezen keeps these around him at all times, usually floating on his back. They were originally huge hunks of metal and rock, the pieces spanning several miles, but were compressed by Riezen himself. This makes them almost unbreakable due to the volume in the object ,as well as a nice energy source for Riezen. Since as the atoms were compressed very fast into such a small space, they are very unstable, emitting slightly radioactive energy from them, whenever they hit. One must also think of what might happen if one of the atoms might split, as Riezen has plans to dodge and absorb the power into him. The texture on the weapons are outstanding, every beautiful detail not out of place. The colors on the edges are a deep blue, making the blades on its sides look even longer than normal. The inside of the chakrams are a dazzling silver, many intricate holes fill the circle-shaped weapon. These holes were made for both easy handling and maneuverability, as well defensive purposes, as the holes can trap weapons of all sorts inside them, giving Riezen the chance to attack. The Blades all around the edges of the weapon are longer than normal, the shape of it is like a dolphin’s fin, curved for speed and clean slices. The weapon is light, even though it’s original proportions were much bigger, that was solved by Riezen. A fine weapon to say the least, it has saved Riezen's life many times.

Riezen is very complex, as he had many personalities, each diverse in their own way. His most recent personality gives off an image of a kindred soul, wanting to help, not destroy. A great person to be around, he detests vulgarity, preferring more peaceful methods to strike down a foe. With that said, he doesn’t mind fighting, on the contrary, the Asherah blood running through him makes him excited at the very thought of it. He jokes around a lot, not caring what others think of him, just trying to live out his life with as little hassles as possible. He’s always there for a friend, a shoulder to cry on if you get what I mean.

There was a time however, when he was the exact opposite of this, a time when you were unsure if it was safe to go outside and be able to come back to your house alive. During this time, he reigned over a small planet that was just developing, one called Earth by the natives. He ruled over a race calling themselves the “Children of God”, as others called them the Jews. His tyrannical rule may have been wiped from histories records, he doesn’t know, but he knows that the Asherah poles he left there would not disappear to easily. He was feared throughout the land, causing atrocities throughout the middle east, as they called it. After a century of tyranny, he mysteriously changed his ways, leaving Earth in search of his brothers and sisters. He wanted to stop them, show them the light he had seen.

Forms-(tired of typing this, each new form has the minds of the previous forms.)

Original form(starting)
In this form, he is badly bruised, though he hides them under the many bandages covering his body. His face is blocked by his black hair, which go off in many directions due to the bandages running through them. Under the shroud, one could see his eyes, or eye, as his other is covered, said to be long gone. His eye is deep silver, while a scar is on his left cheek. The overall appearance makes him look slightly disorganized, but he is nothing of the sort.

Though hardly visible in some areas, he wears tan-colored bandages all over him, some parts of it still seeped in blood. On top of this, he wears a robe-like white mantle, black lace intertwined in the edges, as well as black stripes going down the sleeves. On his neck, he wears a necklace ordained with the bones of oni, sarephim, and humans alike. His robe goes until it just covers the tip of the pants. Wanting to match, he wears white pants with black lace and stripes going down the sides and edges. There are 12 pockets that could be seen, each holding a specific item from Riezen's heritage.
(has all the abilities stated in the template)

Healed form( first)
a completely healed form of the original, he gains another mind, another personality in this form. He still remembers everything he had done in his previous form, but now with another mind, he can initiate more tactical attacks. His wounds now healed, he is much stronger and faster now, with more stamina as well. He has more control over molecular dissipation, as the area around his body is absorbed slowly into him, fueling his fire. As for his gravitokinesis, he is able to shoot his gravity orbs now, as well as emit shockwave-like bolts.

Fallen form(second)
like his first form, he still has the minds of the others, yet with an addition of the mind of the fallen. Through the pain of falling from grace, he has learned to harness what little he has, and multiply its power. Through this, he can absorb small and large attacks, and multiply them to a much larger degree. By focusing on the energy signatures, he is able to absorb some forms of soul energy, though unable multiply the energy, seeing as each soul energy attack has a unique signature. His skills in gravitokinesis has grown as well, as he is able to create even stronger orbs, and able to place multiple ones in the area.

Jaded form(third)
In this form, energy spews out of his back in the form of arms, helping him with different attacks. This works well, as he uses his human sets of arms, to create an barrier around him, using the energy around him to force anything he doesn't like out of the sphere. Though this skill is powerful, it does take concentration. As for his gravity skills, he can create a barrier around his mind, blocking the more mundane telepathic attacks. Lastly, his gravitokinesis strength becomes so strong, that it actually tears at the fabric of space, allowing him transport, as well as a nifty way to kill his opponents, seeing as he can create multitudes of them.

Asherah form(fourth)
The thread has been broken...

The line crossed...

The last messiah has been resurrected...

He has gained phenomenal powers from this form, as it is the start of his true appearance. great Black, leathery wings loom over his shoulder, casting a shadow over his figure, making him look even more enigmatic than he already is. The white on his clothes become stained, turning a blood black, as he gains some of the power he relinquished long ago. With the use of both of his abilities, he is able to control items over great distances, a mock levitation skill, if you will. More energy spews out of his body, his face being the location of the mutation. Two Beautiful, omni-colored eyes appear on his temple, formed out of both his minds and the raw energy encompassing him, allowing him to find more specific energy signatures in the area, thereby tracking them that much easier. The magnitude of his energy control is phenomenal, as he can raise any of his four hands, literally commanding the energy around him to do his bidding. Phasing through objects, be it weapons, flesh, or earth has become less of a challenge to Riezen, though he still has to first feel an attack for this defensive mechanism to work.

Angel form(fifth)

" He who overcomes will be dressed in white,
and I will not take his name from the book of life,
and I will give witness to his name before my Father,
and before his angels.."
- Revelations 3:5​

One of two forms only one Asherah has achieved before Riezen, he has turned into a being of light, and prosperity. Gone are the wings that reminded him of his past, shaming him whenever he looked at them. In their place, twin snow-white crystals attach themselves along the sides of his back. Under them, one could see glass-like wings protruding from their shell, which seem to give off a light of their own. His clothes no longer blackened, they have turned a pale white, as the bandages under them pry their way to the surface. The bandages around his human-like eyes are still bound, though they are struggling to break free. Energy pours out of him easily, as he constructs another set of arms around his waist, for offensive and defensive purposes. He has achieved balance in his energy control, as he can absorb varying forms, such as tranquil energy, and harness it as a weapon. Through tranquil energy for example, he can summon his "solitude" to him, with a wave of his hand, creating a tear to negative-reality. Gravitokinesis has substantially increased, as he can create barriers of gravity in which to isolate both of them from even the strongest brain waves.

Seraph form(sixth)
" A devil in hiding,
Fallen from grace thrice before,
it is I,
The fallen angel"​
Riezen has become something of a work of art, as his body fused with his clothes, creating a god-like persona around him. The name he has given to this form is due to his lavish wings, which no longer attach themselves to him. Instead, they hang along his back, floating ominously as they sway in the gentlest of winds. One set hangs just above his head, though crystals if anything, he uses the transparent shards for massive energy storage. The second float along his waist, shooting outward from his body, growing to a large 20 feet in length. These are his actual wings, as the glass-like feathers move back and forth, they are as beautiful as they are deadly. His last, which hang downward along his feet, are like chandeliers, emitting a soft hum as the wind blows through them. This form, which is second to only one, allows him to absorb most kinds of energy, be it soul, tranquil, raw, or kinetic. Even a bit of chaos, if he is under the right circumstances. His body has become a conduit for raw energy however, and he has learned a way to use this power as interesting tactic. By encompassing some of his energy around a single point, he can create copies of himself made of raw energy, each dripping with the power to lay waste to many civilizations.

1 of 2 ending moves- By gaining a venerable insight into the workings of the fibers that hold most things together, he uses these very same fibers to crush his opponent. Surrounding his opponent in a high-level gravity orb, he slowly compresses it down, much like the process in which he had gotten his weapons. He also places multiple gravity orbs inside the large one, which can have multiple effects. Though it is a strong attack, he must concentrate very hard for it to work, needing all seven minds to focus.

Asherah god form(seventh)
Systema Sephrotica..
The tree of Life is complete...
Final genesis is in the horizon...​

The asherah didn't always control the elements. Those times marked an era of unspeakable brutality to any planet unfortunate enough to encounter the beings. A millenia ago however, that all changed when their lust for power took the form of elemental prowess. Unbeknowest to them at the time, the elements were both a gift and a curse. Before long, their bodies couldn't handle the strain of both abilities, in the end severely shortening the Asherah control over their powers. They were left with lacking abilities, and unlimited potential.

Over the course of several centuries, the Asherah have found ways to expel the curse, if only for a limited time. By giving up their elemental prowess, the Asherah can become what they were intentionally supposed to be.


The Asherah, in truth, are evil beings, and their true form shows it. Riezen however, is different as he chose the path not taken, giving him power unknown to all but some.

Each transformation is different, the appearance of Riezen mostly based on his emotions at the time. Though several distinct features are seen in each transformation. One distinct feature is Riezen's face, as the many eyes merge into one, the crystal iris able to detect most things, spiritual or not. His mouth and ears shrink, replaced by telepathic speak and hearing. The second are his wings, which hang all around his back. The crystal wings spread out in 6 different directions from one point, a single shard that floats around his waist. The final distinction is what happens to his body, or to be more precise, his arms. His original arms disappear, replaced by 8 energy arms. These very arms control most types of energy, as the power inside them grows over time due to the change in Riezen's atomic composition. He has not only become a conduit for energy, but a power source for it as well, as the raw liquid drips from his fingertips, so-to-speak.

The arms have several techniques, as they are able to open tears to their respective plane, create projectiles of different mixes that have varying effects, or encompass his body in energy. Though he gave up his gravitokinesis, his other abilities have soared, allowing him to imitate most of his previous gravitational abilities.

Since his absorbtion skills have soared, he only needs to think of absorbing energy in his surroundings in order for it to be done. Out of respect, and the optimism that his opponent can never be truly evil is the only reason hedoesn't do this to his opponent. Of course, if said opponent was on an exeptional level, he would of course, be immune to this tactic. Lastly, his minds became distant to his body, being both omniotent in the omniverse and at the same time inside Riezen's mind. This allows most of the strongest telepathic attacks to become void, as the minds can replicate indefinately, making untainted copies, though the original minds are hidden, tucked away in a pocket in the omniverse.

2 of 2 ending moves-
"Final Genesis"
With the flick of a wrist, the energy in the area is released, scattering the atoms while creating a wavy look. These waves seperate the energy from the atoms from anything it touches. Riezen can then recombine both elements in seconds, recreating reality. Another option is to create tears to negative reality, swallowing the atoms, energy, and anything it touches. Though the attack needs all minds to start the attack, he only needs one to continue it.

bio( sleep deprivation+ rushing= small bio, sorry bout this -.-")
The Asherah, the deities of the omniverse, many legends surround the enigmatic deities taht proclaim themselves gods. Though there are many, none are good-natured, instead filled with stories of unspeakable brutality, horrific deaths, and un precedented tyranny. This was the Asherahs nature...

The beginning...
No one knows exactly how the Asherahs were created, they just seemed to be, a riddle that has puzzled many scholars throughout the stars. One story tells of a process called evolution, another by birth from a black hole. Which ever way they were born, one thing was true, they wanted power.

By this time, an Asherah named Riezen FallenBorough was born, his power at its peak like the others, and his lust for power more so. He lived his first decades in isolation, floating aimlessly in space, training both mind and body. After this ordeal, he finally found it, his own planet to command.


This was their sole purpose, to cultivate civilizations, and bring towering cities to ruin until none but their race was left to start a new omniverse. A perfect omniverse.

Earth at the time was still developing, as they just learned about the pyramid, idolatry, and more importantly, gods. They spoke a primitive language, though Riezen was able to make ito ut, as they spoke of themselves as " The children of God.". To this, he gave one reply as he stood to his full height, which let him tower over the rest.

"Your god is here, your heaven eternal..."​

He soon conquered the race, distinguishing it from the others by its power and size. He was unsatisfied though, knowing little blood had been spilled. He ordered his people to war, sending many to their deaths as he promised them glory and honor. Many died, men, women, and children for one reason: He was merely bored. He forced them to create poles to remember him by, naming them after his race. Seeing as his commands were not being met however, he deemed the race unworthy, setting a "Doomsday" for the planet.

The night before the last day, while Riezen hung in the horizon, watching the pitifukl society, something happened. A being of light came to him, his entire body shooting off rays in every direction, blinding Riezen as he spoke.

" Spare this race, and I shall give you a portion of my own."
" And what would this be? What are you willing to give in exchange for these mortals?"

With that, the being of light disappeared, covering the area in a bright light. Suddenly, Riezen was surrounded by a grey aura, embedding him with elemental prowess. " This is it?! The power I've been seeking!" he shouted out, imagining entire planets imploding at his fingertips. Looking over his shoulder, he could see his first target, Earth. Before he could do anything though, series of images shot through his mind, many he's never seen before. Over and over they went through, until he realized what they were. He stared at the people he deemed unworthy, oblivious to how close they were to extinction.

"They'll go far..."

That said, he shot off into space, commiting himself to a life of hardship as he vowed to never enslave another race again. Who is he to judge who are unworthy, he though, looking at the omniverse for the first time.

" It is perfect."

" They're not going to take this well..", he thought to himself, remembering his brothers and sisters. That story however, is a story for another time( or when I'm less sleepy)

theme song- turn back time- neon genesis version( there is like no link to this song >.<" if you want to know where it can be found in the movie, pm me)

I'm sure you all know why I made it seven forms... and no it has nothing to do with LoC >.> i really mean it

p.s. I really doubt I'll be using all my forms, if any in this battle.... That could either be really bad, or really good

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Oct 10, 2004
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Excellent, I'll put up my bio. See you on the battle field.

Name: Ukiah Oregon (Ukiah Oregon is merely his current name.)
Age: His current physical form is several hundred billion years in age.
Gender: Male


Armor forged from the very fiber of dreams adorns Ukiah. The breast plate is the purest white with a deep pearlescent shine, while the shoulders are an orchid purple in color. Several parts of the armor are covered in smooth, yet durable fabrics of purple and white. By far the most striking feature of Ukiah’s armor is a series of hyper detailed engravings depicting a cherry blossom orchard in spring time.

From the waist down Ukiah’s armor is hidden by a series of flowing streamers in addition to the now empty sheath of Dreamer, Ukiah’s fabled blade. All but two of the streamers match Ukiah’s armor; the aforementioned two are worn in remembrance of the only two people Ukiah has ever truly loved. One is an ash grey and the other is a turquoise blue; the significance of the colors is known only to Ukiah.

Personality: Ukiah is a very complex and often contradicting being. When asked how time has changed him Ukiah responds with a simple question of his own.

“Why do so many allow time to dominate the course of their lives?”

The question is simple, yet subject to interpretation. Is he so foolish to believe himself exempt of the affect that eternity exerts upon us all, or can he honestly have remained unchanged? Earning his respect will also earn you the gift of his answer.

“My choices have changed me. No force in all existence can determine who you truly are. That is the one gift given to all, but accepted by none.”

For any who do not understand elaboration is not offered. Ukiah is known for his love of wandering, be it the stars, the astral plane, or the whole of the Omniverse he has roamed through all of them. Strangely enough there are records of Ukiah appearing in multiple universes at one time, usually in places of great sadness. With his arrival a great change is affected and hope seems to shine in the deepest of darkness. This is the quality Ukiah is best known for; the strength to inspire serenity with his very presence. A man may stand on the very brink of hell, his heart may crumble, and his mind may shatter, but Ukiah will bring hope to this man. Ukiah will tell you without hesitation that this is his only true gift.

Bio: The living embodiment of hope and dreams, Ukiah Oregon is merely the current name of a enigmatic and vastly powerful being that has existed for countless eons. Many legends swirl around him, most of course have been twisted through the years to reflect the cultures that preserve them. But vast quantities of them indeed have some truth in them. One such legend tells of an Omniverse that existed long before ours, a thriving place of miraculous grandeur and beauty unrivaled by anything that could be imagined today. How long this wondrous place lasted and how it finally ended do not matter; what matters is that it did indeed end. The being that would one day become known by the name Ukiah Oregon lived through the death of that Omniverse, and passed into the great blackness between final ends and new beginnings.

He drifted in that infinity blackness for so long that he eventually forgot himself where he had come from and drifted in a state of endless dreaming. That was when a malevolent force struck at the Dream. This force was known as the Black, a being that existed between everywhere and nowhere. The Black was a creation of death and emptiness created from the dying breaths of the last Omniverse.

As a creature of supreme oblivion the Black is beyond evil. The Black is a thoughtful emptiness, seeking to replace everything with nothing. Using only the darkness within the souls of those it comes across the Black seeds a portion of itself within the soul. From this small seed immense evil slowly seeps into the being driven on by the very darkness that exists in each of us. In time the darkness devours the soul leaving naught but an empty shell and evil shell of its former self. The shell retains the memories and abilities, but all remnants of personality are gone, and what is left is a tool of the Black.

When Ukiah encountered the Black they shared a moment of familiarity, curiosity, and perhaps kinship. After surviving vast unending solitude finally there was another. Ukiah saw an opportunity for companionship, for the Black this was an opportunity to enslave a being with more power than any before.

Understanding came to both of them instantly. With a heart deeply weighted by disappointment Ukiah sent the Black far away deep into the vast emptiness they both inhabited. Eons more passed in mundane solitude. Ukiah amused himself by creating spectacular and intricate worlds from his mind. But it was not the same…It was not ‘life’.
And so Ukiah decided that time had come to prepare for the next Omniverse, which he knew would soon arrive. His duty was to recreate dreams and by extension himself for the next Omniverse. Retreating deep into himself, Ukiah set about reweaving the intricate threads of his being.

But he was not alone…Traveling across the great void the Black had found its target once more, but it had learned much from the previous encounter. Knowing it could not overwhelm this prey, and so it waited patiently for a moment of weakness. The opening came with Ukiah’s retreat within and the Black struck at him.

Setting Ukiah’s soul afire with a ceaseless tide of darkness the Black roared in victory. Finally a being of such power was within the grasp of emptiness. A magnificent engine of destruction which the Black would guide the next Omniverse into a truly eternal oblivion.

Delusions of grandeur are what the Black was having. Suddenly, surprisingly the Black began to burn with an indescribable pain. Nothing had ever caused such terrifying pain for the Black; it could not understand why every moment added to the inescapable searing torment.

“There is no darkness here. No evil, no sadness, no sin, no hatred, and no emptiness. The search for ultimate evil has lead you only to hope, to the purity of dreams. Now be gone!”

Ukiah did not suffer corruption from within or without and no force could ever change that. Awareness of death finally came to the Black. The great beast shrieked in fear and exerted all of the strength is could muster. But it did not matter, the beast was dying; it could feel Ukiah purging it from the inside. In one last desperate act the Black tore its very essence asunder. Two portions were formed, a large one and an infinitesimal piece. This tiny spec of black escaped the purge and hid as far from Ukiah as it could.

Believing that he had brought about the ultimate end of the Black, Ukiah returned to his work and waited patiently for the creation of the next Omniverse.

Three hundred billion years later Ukiah busied himself exploring the Omniverse and protecting those innocents who had no other heroes. The dreams of countless living beings flowed through Ukiah every second of everyday, and he kept silent watch over those dreams. It was the role he had played for time immemorial; it was a life of service to all things, it was a life of content for Ukiah Oregon.

Over the course of his explorations he encountered many who would one day pass into legends large and small, unforgettable, and forgotten. Friendships were formed with millions including the Valyon Lightstar, a self appointed Guardian of the Omniverse and keeper of balance. The two developed a strong friendship and overtime a healthy rivalry. This rivalry brought out a more fun and exciting side of Ukiah’s personality, and taught him much about the beings of this Omniverse. Throughout countless universes, multiple planes of existence, and even time itself Ukiah forged bonds that would last generations.

The most notable of these bonds was the one forged with a young shadow taming demon by the name of Kimiko. She was a demonic warrior raised among the ranks of a noble clan of benevolent. From them she learned trust, honor, faith, and family. But everything changed when an eerie stranger was taken in by the clan. Kimiko instantly distrusted this strange man with the odd scent, but she was a young girl and her fears were dismissed. The clan must give aid to those who need it she was told, but perhaps it would have been better if the clan had not been so merciful.

While the clan slept the stranger murdered them one by one. Without mercy he drained them of life, slit their throats, and set their homes ablaze. Kimiko managed to escape death, yet she was delivered into a place much more terrifying than death. The stranger took the young demon girl into his care. She hated him with every fiber of her being, but his power was undeniable and the more she hated him the stronger his pull on her became.

In time he became something of a surrogate father to her, and eventually she grew accustomed to life with him. She told Ukiah years later that perhaps she grew too fond of life with the Dark man too fast; it was hard not too. She had everything at the tips of her fingers. The Dark man gave her power, wealth, and made her feel safe, yet true contentment was never hers. The Dark man frightened her at times, and for all the love he lavished on her deep inside she knew it was false. But she buried these feelings and her fears in favor of a false father and illusions of a family she would never have.

The Dark man would eventually reveal his true identity to Kimiko. The Dark man turned out to be the last remnants of the Black, which had managed to evade death at Ukiah’s hands and struggle through existence until the birth of the Omniverse. The Black remnant managed to graft itself to a corrupted psychic and together the two became one. The result of this twisted ‘marriage’ was a being of unrivaled malignancy, a being that literally fed upon negativity. With this new found power came the need for a name, the name chosen was Qsijo which is a term taken from the ancient texts used to catalogue the history of this Omniverse. Loosely translated it means ‘Walker of Abyss’.

Osijo contrived to use Kimiko’s strength to increase his own, by using the shadow taming demon girl as a weapon of mental subversion. She would eventually learn of his schemes and escape from Osijo, but not before taking his greatest weapon. The Shadow sword; forged by a combination of magic rite and metallurgy, the blade was capable of channeling the latent powers of both Osijo and Kimiko. While wielding the sword Kimiko’s ability to manipulate darkness was drastically increased, she was also granted the ability of interstellar transport by using the blade to literally cut a hole in space-time.

Centuries passed and Ukiah eventually found his way to the Opisilon Universe. There he discovered a world known as Isolese, which closely matched the human world Earth, a world much younger than Earth. The magic of this world was untamed, unfocused, and incredibly potent. Taking the guise of a traveling healer Ukiah eventually fell in with a group of would-be heroes. Among this group were the twin swordsmen Jyn and Vynce, a male Foxine (Half fox/ half elven) named Delthon, Illyana the mystic, Umberto the monstrous yet kind hearted black smith ,and Kimiko the shadow tamer. How Kimiko came to be a part of the group and the events that lead her to Isolese are another story for another time. It should be noted that she was drawn to Ukiah from the beginning and though he resisted at first, he could not deny his growing feelings for her.

After several months of traveling the companions came to rest at a secluded mountain village. They spent several days at the village, resting, taking menial jobs to earn a living, and becoming friendly with the villagers. Eventually several strange occurrences struck the village. Delthon, then the leader of the group decided to that the group would stay with the village until they discovered the source of these eerie events. Within days of this decision the village was besieged by an army of unnatural beasts. For eight months these attacks came and the companions repelled the attackers. Finally Delthon and Ukiah concluded that the entire mountain range was rife with immense levels of wild magics; magics that the local wild life had become mutated by. The villagers eventually decided to abandon their home. They requested the companion’s aid in leaving the mountain range and finding a safe haven. But before any action could be taken a final onslaught of terrestrial and demonic beasts battered the village and nearly overcame the defenders. Jyn lost her life defending the village hospital and Vynce lost all will to fight. In this desperate hour Ukiah revealed his true identity and decimated the entire army within a few short minutes. With the battle over the companions mourned Jyn’s death and buried her along with the other casualties of the village.

That day the village elders decided that abandoning their home would be wrong and announced their decision to rebuild, and move on. Unable to move past the loss of his beloved twin sister, Vynce left the companions in an effort to find peace. Vynce’s exit from the group heralded the beginning of the end. Delthon and Illyana decided to pursue their dreams of taming the wild magic. They left the group shortly thereafter and founded a training academy for the magically inclined. Only Umberto, Ukiah, and Kimiko remained. The three decided to unlock the mysteries of Isolese. Leaving the mountains they traveled far across the land coming to Ysvalt, an ancient port city known for its beautiful architecture. It was here that Umberto decided to settle down. He’d fallen in love with the city from the moment he set eyes upon it, and he simply could not bear to leave. Ukiah and Kimiko stayed with Umberto while he started his own smithy. Some weeks later Kimiko and Ukiah decided to join a voyage across the sea to the land of Quinthlas, a massive continent rumored to be inhabited by many vast kingdoms of great and terrible beauty.

During the long voyage to Quinthlas Ukiah admitted his love for Kimiko and she for him. Their days aboard the ship to Quinthlas are some of the happiest they ever shared. They talked, kissed, argued, explored each others pasts, uncovering truths about themselves as well as each other, and they made love. Their peaceful time was cut short as the ship arrived to find Quinthlas port city under siege. Twelve monstrous titans wreaked havoc across the city in a senseless quest for entertainment. The two lovers leapt into battle side by side. But the titan’s seemingly senseless attack would reveal itself to be a very well laid trap. As the battle progressed Kimiko was suddenly stricken with pain. With a shriek of mingled surprise and pain she was engulfed by the shadows she so often relied on in battle leaving only her sword in her place. Ukiah’s surprise at Kimiko’s sudden pain and subsequent disappearance left him vulnerable to attack. A sudden storm of black lightning struck the Dream. He remained uninjured but the lightning had accomplished its purpose by distracting him further leaving ample time for the twelve titans to gather their power and overwhelm him. A powerful blast on par with a solar flare struck Ukiah sending him flying thousands of miles into the open ocean. Though he recovered quickly it was already too late. By the time he’d returned to Quinthlas port the city was rumble and the titans gone, along with any clue as to Kimiko’s whereabouts.

Retrieving the shadow sword from the rumble Ukiah began a weeks long crusade in pursuit of the titans. After finally finding them he proceeded to devastate them forcing each of them to live through the worst nightmares of every being they had murdered in the eons of life. Only one titan survived the ordeal, he told Ukiah everything he wanted to know. Ukiah in turned gave the titan a merciful death and left to find Kimiko.

Meanwhile, Kimiko was just waking up from the most recent round of painful mentally crushing torments her kidnapper forced her to undergo. She awoke to find Osijo standing over her, a terribly satisfied smile over fix across his face. His presence was not surprising; she had felt him for months now; a deep sorrowful drain hidden away in the darkest recesses of her soul. Denial kept her from accepting the truth. She loved Ukiah from the moment she saw him and it was unbearable to run away once more. So she had stayed with the group and remained silent about the evils occurring all around them as a result of her actions. The village, the attacks, Jyn’s death each and every tragedy that had befallen the companions during their long journey had been Kimiko’s fault. She convinced herself Osijo was far away and he would never again find her; by doing this she brought nothing by disaster upon those she cared for the most. Osijo revealed all of this to her and more. He revealed to her that even after all her years of independence she still served him in a way. She had found Ukiah, earned his trust, and more importantly opened his heart. And now the Dream had an opening within his very spirit, an opening Osijo would use to take him once and for all.

Releasing Arlian, an ancient dragon god who became corrupted by the Black, Osijo set the great dragon against Ukiah in an effort to either kill or severely weaken him. A pitched battle between Ukiah and Arlian erupted across the continent of Quinthlas eventually spreading across Isolese. Using a portion of his power to defend the peoples of Quinthlas from the devastation brought upon by both himself and Arlian, Ukiah was forced to engage the dragon-god on nearly seemingly equal terms. Finally nearly ten days later Ukiah severely wounded Arlian sending the great dragon plummeting from the heavens and into the oceans of Isolese. As he slipped into the deep darkness of the oceans Arlian’s true spirit was freed. Psychic backlash tore through Ukiah’s mind and he realized the truth behind the dragon’s corruption.

Plunging into the freezing depths of the sea Ukiah found Arlian’s immense form. Now that he knew of the Black’s taint he could see the darkness which had intruded about the mighty dragon’s soul. Reaching deep into Arlian’s mind into his very soul, Ukiah bolstered Arlian’s inner strength and together purified the dragon’s body and soul banishing the Black’s twisted influence permanently. The effort left Ukiah’s physical form partially exposed.

Taking quick advantage of the opportunity Osijo used the power of the shadow sword, which Ukiah still carried with him, and brought the Dream to the Abysmal realm. The Abysmal realm is an ancient place widely rumored to be the basis for what many cultures across the Omniverse had deemed Hell. It is a place of endless suffering and torment, how those poor souls that come to exist there have earned this damnation is a secret known only to a select few. Ukiah knew the instant he arrived in that terrible place that he would face an enemy of supreme evil. As Ukiah prepared himself for this final confrontation he was struck be a pain more terrible than words alone can describe. But for all the terrible excruciation had suffered he realized that this was not his pain; it was Kimiko’s and in that place in his soul that belonged to her the pain flowed freely between both of them. Moving through the pain he confronted Osijo who attempted to overwhelm Ukiah’s purity by torturing Kimiko before his eyes. Osijo planned to breed anger and hatred within Ukiah and from that tiny wisp of darkness rule him.

Ukiah rushed into pitched battle with Osijo, literally tearing the Abysmal realm apart with the sheer strength of his attacks. Besieged by devils, demons, and mind bending imps Ukiah fought a brutal war against his ancient enemy driven forward not by rage or hate, but his love for Kimiko. Within minutes Osijo’s power began to increase by immense proportions, he was literally feeding off the emptiness growing within Kimiko’s pain racked body. With Kimiko’s time running out Ukiah did the unthinkable. Drawing Osijo close he abandoned the battle and literally forced Osijo to merge with him. From that moment on it became a struggle between a being literally created out of nothingness and a timeless being bound to bring hope, to bring fullness.

An eternity slipped by and it seemed Ukiah’s actions had lead him to folly, then suddenly with an almost regretful display of his true power he purged Osijo, last remnant of the black and Walker of the Abyss, from existence.

Life after this took a very odd turn for Ukiah. He’d never really allowed himself a relaxation period, not once since he had come to be had he ever taken the time just to be.
Taking Kimiko to a hidden world of his own creation they decided to build a family. Not long after Kimiko requested that Ukiah marry her. He did of course and they lived a life of adventure exploring the vast and ancient Omniverse around them. Some years later Kimiko gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl whom they named Vynce and Jyn in honor of their old friends. The twins were both incredibly powerful from the moment of their birth, as the years passed they only became more powerful. Though it became clear that neither twin possessed Ukiah’s full power, they did display abilities latent to both of their parents and even a few unique qualities of their own. Decades and centuries passed and the family lived a peaceful life. Ukiah and Kimiko trained their children well and eventually they left to find their own destinies.

But like so many times before life took a strange and saddening course. Kimiko had finally begun to grow old. She was a powerful demon warrior and to some beings the nearly five hundred thousands years she had existed would seem an eternity, but she was not truly immortal, not in the sense that Ukiah was. Unwilling to let something as pointless as time steal her away Ukiah used his powers to restore her to the prime of her life. Yet she was not truly happy, the clan she had grown up with believed in a place after death and a cycle that kept order in the Omniverse. So she requested that Ukiah let her complete her cycle that had begun so long ago. And so he did finally release his gentle hold on her. He stayed with her through a few final days that for him passed faster than thought. When she was gone he gave her a proper burial at the foot of her favorite waterfall and abandoned the home they had shared for so very long. Some time later his children passed, they too were only long lived and eventually they succumbed to the ages.

Alone once more Ukiah returned to his old ways and was not surprised by how easily he slipped back into his old life. Yet things were never the same and eventually he could not bring himself to think of anything but his love. He took refuge in the Temple of Tarnytecia , a vast extra-dimensional place created at the birth of the Omniverse to house among other things records of the Omniverse and an endless museum dedicated the treasures of the Omniverse. Ukiah had assumed the role of keeper to this vast temple at some unknown period. It was here that he made the decision to pour the love he had for Kimiko into one final dedication to their love. Millennia drifted by followed by eons and Ukiah labored without pause. Finally he finished and though he would never stop loving her he had at last rid himself of the yearning and the pain. The treasure he created sits to this day in the temple. It will appear as something different to all who gaze upon it, but the feelings it inspirers and the strength in gives is undeniable, and no matter who should gaze upon it they shall see the most beautiful object in the Omniverse.

Ukiah continued on after this becoming more active in his role as a protector of the good peoples of the Omniverse. His existence remains today what it always has been the life of a stranger trying to live and preserve a place that he can never truly be a part of.

Weapon: Dreamer

Theme Song: Unchained Melody by: The Righteous Brothers


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Omigawsh. Diluted, has all of your training payed off? This is going to be quite a fight, indeed.

Well, judge spot. *Raises his hand like a little school girl*


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cool, i guess ya'll can be judges. just don't be biased... and morpheaus, do you want to pick the arena, or should i do it?
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Hmmmers...I'll designate a battle field. Let's say...The Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia. I'm sure you're not familiar with it, so I'll give a brief describtion. PM me when you are ready to begin. By the way when I kill you, I'll be sending you to Chronias, where there is no coming back.

Celestia consists of seven layers:

The lowest and first layer of Celestia is Lunia, also referred to as The Silver Heaven, due to its vast dark Silver Sea of holy water and beautiful shining cities of white stone. The Silver Sea itself is pure freshwater, not salt, filled with many aquatic life forms. Numerous portals to other planes connect near to the shores, the masses of holy water acting as an effective deterrent to evil outsiders. The sky above Lunia is perpetually dark, filled with beautiful constellations of silver stars bright enough to illuminate the base of the mountain.

Lunia is the location of a number of godly realms, including Tyr's secondary realm of The Court, Brihaspati's realm of Nectar of Life, and the Shifukujin's realm of The Eight Happinesses. Trishina can be found wandering on Lunia when not with her consort, Deep Sashelas.

The second layer, called Mercuria is also known as The Golden Heaven, so called because a mysterious golden light permeates everything within it. Gentle hills and lush green valleys comprise this layer, dotted with small settlements of archons and other good-aligned beings. Mercuria is known for its great tombs and monuments to noble fighters and paladins who now rest on this layer. These warriors are honoured during an annual Day of Memory.

The palace of the good dragon deity Bahamut moves about the first four layers of Celestia. It is made entirely from Bahamut's enormous treasure hoard, with walls made of mithral and windows composed of huge gemstones. Inside, seven great wyrms closely guard the huge hoard of amassed treasure.

Mercuria is the location of a number of godly realms, including the god Rao's realm of Sweet Reason, Torm's realm of Trueheart, Surya and Mitra's realm of Goldfire, Vishnu's realm of The Divine Lotus, and Amaterasu's realm of Radiant Light [1]

Venya, the third layer, is also known as The Pearly Heaven. This layer is somewhat colder than the previous two and its slopes are often seen covered with a gentle layer of snow. Peaceful brooks and carefully terraced fields are common on Venya.

The Green Hills, a separate plane in the 3rd-Edition Forgotten Realms cosmology is located on Venya. It is a place of safety for the many halflings that live here; their crops always give plentiful harvests and there are no large predators to speak of. It is also home to the halfling deity Yondalla, and other members of the halfling pantheon (Arvoreen and Cyrrollalee). [2]

The Fields of Glory are the realm of Heironeous, the deity of justice and valor.

Solania, the fourth layer, is also called The Crystal Heaven. Many valleys comprise Solania, covered with luminescent fogs and strange scents. The peaks are homes to numerous holy shrines, including monasteries and magnificent cathedrals. Many of the slopes are rich in precious ores and minerals and are mined by populations of dwarves that reside there.

A vast dwarven mansion called Erackinor is located on the slopes of Solania, where the dwarven deity Moradin makes his domain, with his wife Berronar Truesilver. Here exists the giant Soul Forges, that Moradin is said to use to temper the spirits of his people.

Solania is the location of a number of other godly realms, including the couatl deity Jazirian's realm of Uroboros, the Gates of Wisdom, Paladine's realm of The Dome of Creation, Chung Kuel's realm of The Ministry of Virtue, Kuan Yin's realm of The Lotus Garden.

Mertion, The Platinum Heaven, is a layer of gentle slopes and wide plains. The many great citadels that dot the layer are the mustering grounds for forces of paladins and celestial creatures.

The City of Tempered Souls, Empyrea is located on the edge of a cold mountain lake. It is known to host many magical fountains with powerful healing properties, as well as many hospitals and expert healers.

The sixth layer, Jovar, is The Glittering Heaven. Its hilled are studded with precious gemstones that glitter in the light.

Yesteria, The Heavenly City is a huge seven-layered ziggurat, with a large staircase on each face connecting the terraces of each layer. The stones that make up the city are made of precious gemstones, similar to those seen around the surrounding hills. On the topmost terrace is the bridge of al-Sihal, formed of pure light. Here lies the portal to the topmost layer of Celestia, Chronias; it is guarded by a powerful solar named Xerona who judges who may and may not enter.

Chronias is the topmost and final layer of Celestia, also called The Illuminated Heaven. There is no real account or description of Chronias, as no entity that has ever entered has ever returned.

It is thought to be the ultimate goal of the inhabitants of Celestia to ascend the layers one by one in order to reach Chronias, where their souls will join with the essence of the plane itself.


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OOC: a little trash talk before the fight i see :glare:

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All was quiet in the first layer of Celestia, the sparkling, white waves slowly hitting against the pale white cliffs of the vast cities, the end of the magnificent towers nowhere in sight. the water was calm, the waters silence broken every now and then by a fish breaking the surface, sending out ripples throughout the entire sea. Even the wind had died down for tonight, as if expecting something momentous to happen. Everything seemed to flow together, as the eternal night sky showered everything in a silver tinge, complimenting everything.

Truly, this was paradise...

Slowly, the serene tone in the area was broken, not by the fish, wind, or an eruption, but by a voice.

" Why must all the beautiful places be destroyed...", a whisper said from nowhere and everywhere, as a single drop of what looked like rain fell from the sky. Looking closely to it however, it wasn't rain, but a drop of energy. Soon, the entire sky rained this mysterious substance, covering the white buildings, and dropping to the ocean bottom. As quickly as it had begun, it had stopped, everything in the area coated perfectly even. Slowly, but surely, The silence was broken, the setting having a darker feel to it now, as the place began to emit an emerald glow. Quickly, The liquid on the objects began to form, changing shape every tenths-of-a-second. Splicing, merging, and shaping themselves into one organism, if thats what you call something that moves on its own.

Suddenly, everything stopped, the waves receded, the fish stopped mid-air, the energy in the area screeched to a halt in other words. Amazingly, the droplets continued to shape itself, the entirety of it spanning several miles in each direction, quicker and quicker they moved. Their actions soon became that of a blur, as their outlines started to take shape, the outline of a frail body able to be seen now. The legs came first, being about 3 and a half feet in length, they tower over most people in general. The shape of the torso came next, as multiple holes appeared in the final shape, quickly hidden by the many bandages one would expect from such a being. The wraps around the torso soon elongated themselves to form all around the shape, attaching itself like a parasite to a host. As the shape began to grow limbs, that of the head and arms, more energy droplets could be seen falling from the sky, as if replacing the ones eaten away by the atmosphere, their true purpose unknown to all except him.

As the rain worsened, the drizzle becoming a downfall, the droplets formed into what his people called hail. A somewhat crystallized form of energy began to fall harshly on the landscape, tearing at the sea, land, and buildings themselves. Its color ever-changing, one piece hit the form as it finished shaping the body of its maker, disappearing instantly. As the hail worsened, one could see through the haze that the shape was gone, its contents spilled out on the very land he was manipulating. The wind began to howl as everything intensified, the crystallized energy pieces decimating most of the landscape, the calm undertone just seconds on the area now long gone. He hated to see such places be destroyed, wishing against reality that everything would turn out right, his voice once again heard from the distance.

"Shame, this place. If only I could..."

He whispered under his breath, as the being rushed down unto the planet, his speed matching that of a falling star. The area was destroyed, as nothing for miles survived the bombardment of energy, the many pieces showing where they hit. Some protruding out of the precipice, others hanging on the many buildings, the foundation of them torn by the falling crystals. The sea was more fortunate, though many forms of animal life could be seen on the waters surface, pieces of the shards breaking off the main body and piercing many of these animals. It was utter pandemonium as the hail didn't show any signs of stopping, the wind growing to a gale.

Suddenly, for a split second, everything once again stopped as a shape fell from the sky. The color of it ever-changing one could see it clearly in the night sky, as it sped past the hail, creating a boom that echoed throughout the area, making the gale sound weak. Just before the shape hit the torn ground, it stopped on one shape, the limbs growing in an instant as it finally hit. As soon as the being hit the ground, something peculiar happened, as the crystallized shards began to reverse themselves, shooting back into the sky and leaving everything intact once more. In seconds, the area was once back to normal, though a thin layer of energy was around everything, the animals on the waters surface weren't as lucky. With a simple motion of his hand, the animals disappeared in a flurry of smoke and energy, being made into a more valuable source for the being, as the smoke slowly made its way into the hand of him, dissipating into the air around him. At least, thats what it looked like, in truth, he was absorbing the energy, storing it for later use. The energy going into him fueled his form, allowing it to remain solid enough to harden, the outline of the body becoming more.

The face was first, the black area hardened to make a hair-like substance, the bandages around his face causing the hair to shoot off in many directions. Under the veil of hair, an silver eye was forming, the other hidden by a bleeding wrap. His face could hardly be seen in the night sky, though one could see the determination on his face already, as the eye stiffened and the mouth made a slightly twisted grin. Soon came the chest, the wraps already covering it as the black and white robes began to take shape. the left arm was still outstretched, absorbing as much of the surrounding area as he could without damaging the overall density of the place, hoping none would collapse when he is gone. The hands that were doing this were marked by many scratches, making the soft hands look rough to the touch. The legs came last, extending him to 7 feet. As soon as the process was complete, the being brought his hands down to his side, turning to look at the landscape for the first time. That is to say, with his eye, as he calmly looked around the place. The grin on his face grew in length, the shadows on his face elongating as he did so. He was finally here, the long journey finally at an end, as he took his first step on the infinite plane.

As soon as he did this however, a sudden tinge of pain came over him, quickly leaving his body, as if identifying him for something. As he watched, plumes of smoke began to rise up from the sea, slowly coming towards him, as he watched. Unknown to him at the time, they had identified him as evil incarnate, resorting to force to destroy the being that had come to their land. As soon as the smoke touched his body, a sudden pain came through him, as he became as stiff as a board, while the smoke encompassed him. " This could have gone a lot better." he thought to himself, as the pain grew inside him, making every inch of him feel like it was on fire.

seconds later, though they felt more like days, the smoke let go of its grip, allowing the being to escape. The plumes crept back into the sea where it came from, the surface of the sea becoming calm once more. It seemed as if it had gone through his memory, learning of his past, and what made him come here. Deemed a warrior for good it seemed, stared into the horizon, admiring the magnificent beauty that had taken hold of the place. The being only grinned, waiting for his opponent as the stars shined high above him., his shadow growing in size in the still night.

" Where are you..."


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Unlikely as it would seem the energy stored within Riezen FallenBorough began to “leak” from his body, yet only the energy taken from those animals destroyed by his ineptitude. In a process somewhat similar to the way one uses a sieve to filter excess water from boiled noodles, the energy slowly, elegantly, drifted from Riezen’s bandaged form, for all intents a purposes with a will of its own.

While you’re here, I would prefer it if you refrained from taking life. I know that for one such as you that is a difficult concept to grasp, but indulge me.”

The words simply supplanted Riezen’s surface thoughts and ingrained themselves within his consciousness with a tone bordering more on that of commanding, than suggestion. As the energy continued to swirl away from the bandaged Asherah, gentle warmth filled the air, cradling that energy, and adding an almost tangible aspect to it. Soon the energy and warmth flowed together moving to a definite shape, the shape of beautifully colored fish, which swam through the star filled ocean of the sky, angling for the Silver Sea of Lunia with awe inspiring elegance.

Without making a sound, without disturbing the waters of the Silver Sea, the fish touched the water’s surface, and gently glided into the endless holy waters of Lunia. While the fish swam on, once more in peace, a dim sphere of light slowly began to shape itself fathoms below the surface. For those held by the thrall of time long minutes slowly stretched into hours, hours stretched to days, and days to eternity, yet little about that dim sphere changed. Low and behold, for those who watched with open eyes and listened with open ears a change could indeed be found, the sphere expanded, gaining a silvery hue, and slowly swelling in proportions in time with a ubiquitous heartbeat.

Across the starry evening sky of Lunia, through the bejeweled halls of Bahamut’s sacred palace, the lush valleys of Mercuria, over the peaceful brooks and terraced fields of Venya, deep into glowing ethereal fogs of Solania and Mertion’s city of Empyrea with its healing fountains, and throughout the Heavenly City of Yesteria at Jovar, the ancient beat of Ukiah Oregon’s heart sounded. And from far within the “unseen” hall of Chronias a pillar of light emerged, gently passing through each of the lower plains, with ease of a great eagle through clear morning sky, touching the silver heart deep under the surface of Lunia’s vast ocean.

As the silver heart and the light of Chronias gently embraced each other, Bahamut emerged from his palace and with one great beat of his mighty wings took to the skys, momentarily blotting out the stars in the sky with his great mass. High above Bahamut released a roar of such power that all seven layers of Celestia trembled with the force of his majesty.

Ukiah’s heart ceased it gentle thrumming then and silence reigned in the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, until a roar emerged from the depths of the sea with such strength, such passion, such awe-inspiring beauty that even mighty Bahamut lowered his great mantle in respect.

Light erupted from the Silver Sea, heralding the rise of Arlian “Dragon of that Which Has Faded,” who burst forth from the sea with scales set in the luminescent silver glow of a moon beam. Holy waters fell from his body in a purifying shower of molten silver, as he spread spectacular wings of platinum, filling the sky with a blinding white light, and released a tide of pure astral force from his maw.

The astral force flowed from Arlian’s mouth, gently curving into thin line, as it stretched towards Riezen. From this line extended several smaller, pencil thin lines; lines which slowly moved through the open air, tracing a slightly humanoid outline before merging together at a single point in the center of the outline. From this point branched out several thousand smaller lines, which slowly added finer and finer details to the outline, literally sketching the legendary form of Ukiah Oregon.

When at last the lines completed their task, they returned once more to the point deep within the now perfect image of Ukiah and faded away. A brief flash of multi-colored light hid Ukiah’s form from sight and when it faded there stood the Dream with a knowing shine in his eyes. Crossing his arms over his chest, he peered deep into Riezen's eyes. The expression on his face conveying a sense of mixed boredom and indifference over the entire situation.

“You’ve kept me waiting long enough, Riezen. Let us proceed quickly from here,” he said, breaking the silence that followed Arlian’s arrival. “Mind the heavens, I’d not have them befouled by you."

OOC: I apologize for the late/early post. I just recently checked my email and found notification of receiving a pm. Now before I go, you should know that Celestia is not a planet. The Seven Mounting Heavens are an infinite plane. You may want to correct your post. Good night then...
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As he heard his name spoken for the first time, he couldn't help but look for its source, tensing a bit as he turned his head. Though he looked he could find no one, as the words echoed throughout his subconscious, as he let a shiver run down his spine. He had never felt this way before, yet he buried the feelings under piles of techniques, reciting them through his head every other second. Riezen decided to entertain the voice for a bit, lowering his palm, the stream of energy gracefully flowing back into the depths of the sea, lost to all except to those who summon it. The battle had begun, and Riezen knew his opponent was playing silly games with him, thinking him insignificant, unworthy, a speck that needed to be dealt with. Riezen had no inclination of being killed that day, hoping to live for at least 2 more years in isolation, at which ending his life in a glorious outburst of strength and dexterity, hindering much of the other asherah's plans. Yet here he was, looking death in the eye and laughing at its face, even more so fighting it.

As Riezen watched, a great dragon of ancestral lineage appeared, momentarily disorienting his vision as he covered the area in darkness. The huge beast roared a distinct call, the noise literally shaking the foundations of the plane. After several seconds of movement, the noise stopped abruptly, as the great dragon seemed to wait patiently for another. The blue, dagger-sized scales on him scratched furiously against one another, over time creating battle-like scars that covered his entire body. As Riezen watched this phenomena, he heard a second roar emanate from the depths silver sea, as if answering the beasts call. He had only the time to turn his head, before a beam of light exploded out of the water, an outline of another creature could roughly be seen inside the pillar of light.

As the light dimmed, Riezen was able to see the beasts clearly now, as he opened his mouth in recognition of its beauty. As the beast opened its mouth, its wings growing in size, a dancing beam shot from its mouth, weaving its way towards Riezen. Before it had reached him however, the beam stopped, splitting into numerous pencil thin lines that silently drew on the air like it was a canvas of sorts. Quickly, the drawing began to take shape, as it finished constructing the body of a male, though Riezen couldn't place how old he looked. The outline started to move, gaining life with each passing second. It finally made its way to the ground, eyeing Riezen with a look of discontent as he spoke for the first time.

As the words floated to Riezen's ears, he couldn't help but laugh out of spite at him, as the being acted so superior him, though he couldn't think of any reason why. Entertaining the being in front of him, he decided to reply, his tone scornful.

" Thanks for the warning, but I've been to the heavens and I hated every moment I spent there..."

Staring at his opponent, he casually reached behind his back, plucking his chakrams out from the air behind him, the layer of energy in the area trembling slightly. Grabbing hold of the weapons, he looked at both beasts that Ukiah had summoned, one high in the air and the other in the sea. " A little insecure about your abilities, that you have to resort to others fighting the fight for you?", Riezen said to him, allowing a brief silence before speaking again. " I can't believe your manners, treating a guest such as myself this way.", he said as he readied his weapons in both hands, twirling one of them lazily at his side. Riezen knew the battle had begun, as the first move was crucial to most victors.

Knowing this, he treaded cautiously to the right, moving backwards as he did so. To get a grasp on his opponents power, he began to spin his chakrams around, using his abilities to create somewhat of a vortex in a closed space, a gravity orb he called it. Lowering his palm to the ground, he thrust the orb deep inside the ground, compacting the earth it absorbed indefinitely. He aimed the orb toward Ukiah, reversing the polarity of the gravity, shifting it from pull to push in a second. As the orb released its content, it gained a burst of speed equivalent to that of a small comet. As it neared Ukiah, it began to shoot up the earth underneath him, tossing its contents high into the air, trying to damage Ukiah in any way possible. Riezen had made his attack, as he calmly sat back and guided the orb toward Ukiah, constantly realigning the orb to his energy signature.


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A ragged grin of amusement crossed Ukiah’s face; Riezen had a fair amount of bravado, but it would take more than courage and gravity manipulation to win this battle. As a matter of fact, it would take more than even Riezen was capable of. Showing no desire to avoid, or defend against Riezen’s attack, he calmly watched the earthen projectile move towards him with great speed.

THOOM… came the hollow sound of high speed impact as the projectile slammed into Ukiah’s armored chest plate and splashed into dust without causing him to move the merest centimeter. Reaching up with his right hand to gently brush excess residue from his chest, a predatory smile crept across his features. “Dirt clods? If I had known that you would be playing by “school yard rules,” I would have brought my tricycle.”

Riezen’s attack was an obvious ploy, like any intelligent strategist, he wanted to gauge the extent of Ukiah’s abilities before committing to a serious offensive. Sadly, Riezen failed to realize just how much information Ukiah had drawn from his actions. Based on his method of arrival, chosen attack pattern, in addition to a display of gravitakinesis, Ukiah discerned that he faced an elemental with advanced level energy manipulation capabilities. How boring…Energy manipulators, though potentially deadly beings, were nothing he hadn’t faced countless times before…Perhaps Riezen would be more “capable” than the usual would be gods Ukiah regularly faced.

I doubt it though…

Composing his face once more into the expressionless mask he was known for, he spread his arms out to either side, elbows bent, open palms facing skyward, initiating a “proper” response to Riezen’s attack. “Not far from the surface of your thoughts, I see a great deal of regret, mingled with…bitterness? Hmm…It seems you subjugated the people of Earth at one time. Like so many before you, you failed to overcome the cosmic forces surrounding and guiding the destiny of that world,” he said in a mocking tone. “You should learn to control your thoughts, Riezen. Giving so much away is not wise. Perhaps a lesson in control is what you require. If that is the case, I will be more than happy to indulge you."

A single rapid motion signaled Ukiah’s attack; the tranquil waters of the Silver Sea suddenly raised high above both fighters, surrounding the area for miles around with the thunderous tumult of crashing water, began to shape into the form of massive armored hands, Ukiah’s hands. “Earth can be an effective weapon, where used properly. I myself have always preferred water,” he said, moving both hands in a series of flourishes and watching in satisfaction as the water perfectly mimicked his every motion.

Without hesitation he brought both hands together in a rapid clap, a movement executed in perfect harmony with their watery counterparts, which crashed in upon Riezen with their immense weight. The instant before contact was made with Riezen, Ukiah removed all traces of thermal energy from the waters, turning liquid to a solid living ice, harder than diamond, yet flexible as willow.


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As the dust cleared from the orbs wake, Riezen was able to distinguish the form of Ukiah Oregon, brushing away loose chunks and shouting out insults as the last bits fell away. As Riezen noticed that his attack didn't even phase the being, Ukiah's words finally reached him, as he absorbed the sadistic tone they were doused in. " Damn cocky attitude, are you always like this, or do you keep yourself entertained by coming up with new puns everyday?", Riezen retorted, smiling a bit as he began spinning his blades in mid-air. As he watched, he could see that Ukiah was calculating something, maybe his last wishes, as he had a small grin on his face that gave him the look of a psychotic killer. Slowly, the grin faded away, replaced by the expressionless face Ukiah seemed to wear every second of his life.

Speaking after the long silence, he finally found out exactly what his advesary was doing, as he told him one of his long-kept secrets. Eyes full of suprise as he heard him speak, there was no sadistic tone uttered here, nor a clever pun, just one of the profound truths coming out into the open. " He could read minds, huh? Then he should know, to a degree, what my power is. I'll have to learn mine the hard way I guess...", Riezen thought, as Ukiah finished his speech about control and things like that. " A lesson from you? I would be honored...", Riezen shouted out, doing a mock bow as he let his hands touch the sandy beach.

Getting up, he saw that Ukiah was finally responding with an attack of his own, though unable to see the attack with his own eyes. Suddenly, he could feel immense energy signatures all around him, barely seconds away, as the signatures nearly doubled in strength. Instinctively, he began absorbing the energy underneath him, pulling himself downward in nano-seconds, just before the diamond like appendeges crushed his bones. Looking up, his entire body several feet under the ground, he smiled at his postion as a huge crystal blocked his only escape. He wasn't afraid though, as he had many escape routes, each helped by the thin layer of energy he had placed unto the floor at his arrival. He was able to see everything above ground, as he used the layer to feel ukiah, comparing time and again to other beings of his caliber.

In the depths of the earth, his eyes began to shine, as if darkness was his light. Stretching both hands diagonally to the edge of the hole, he whispered to himself before his attack. " Earth, is a formidable weapon, Though thats not the only weapon I can use...", he said, closing his eye, as he focused on Ukiahs energy signature. a strange light began froming in his palm, briefly illuminating Riezens features, a look of regret on his face as he was reminded of what he had done. Suddenly, he pulled back his left, thrusting it forward in an instant, shooting out rock-like spears through the ground, the velocity of them growing stronger by the second. Just before he shot each one out, he compressed the atoms into an unstable space, a mini-nuclear bomb he had learned from one of his more recent visits to his planet. Volley after volley he shot, keeping his target in his sights using his own energy against him. Bringing in his palms to one side, he kept them together as he pushed forward, his palms aimed high. Immediately, a torrent of energy escaped his fingertips, the multi-colored liquid burning through the ground itself in all directions, smothering the ground, sea, and cliffs for several miles.

As a hole was now opened to him, Riezen took the opportunity to escape his temporary prison, jumping to the now energy-filled ground, a setting he liked quite nicely. " A perfect place, if I do say so myself..." he shouted out, staring at the new landscape he could call his own.

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