Join the Vulpes Veterans!


Kingdom King 13

New member
Jan 3, 2013
Hello fellow Wielders! The Vulpes Veterans have been around since the beginning of UX, and we are a pretty powerful team that usually has no problem placing top 50 in the monthly contests (you know, the ones that give away Keyblade Gems and actually matter). As a result of this, we really don't care if you're an old hat yourself or a rookie, all are welcome. Don't feel you need to be an expert player, we really don't have a need to pad our numbers any more. All we ask is that you know you're going to be playing the game reliably for a while, and you're not just giving the game a try in passing expecting to drop it not long after. Even though we are doing fine already, please do contribute to the team as best you can, particularly during contests. Also, we have our own Discord, which will be provided to you upon joining our team, to help with organization and to better assist each other in the various events that come up.

We have eight spots open at the moment. If you're interested, tell us a little about your experience in the game thus far and put up your user ID, or send it to me in a private message if you don't want it publicized. Thanks for your interest!