Is My Laptop Screwed?

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Jul 3, 2010
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So last night I split tea on my laptop. I reacted quickly, but since this was my first laptop, I wasn't sure what to do at first. I'm sure I did the right things: I immediately shut it off, washed the keyboard with a wet cloth and put it upside down. After I was sure the tea was out I tried turning it on, but I didn't see anything on the screen until at least a half-hour passed. After that, it seemed like it worked fine. But the keyboard was all screwed up. Some keys worked and some didn't, and the mousepad was unresponsive even though the tea didn't spill that far.

Unable to login, I was forced to use an external keyboard and mouse, and I checked all my files. My important files seemed to be okay, and it doesn't look like I lost anything. But the keyboard is annoying me, and the mousepad sometimes works while other times it doesn't. Keys are turning on and off (like one that toggles on airplane mode) so I'm starting to think I have to get this repaired. Will this be expensive to fix? Will I be able to fix it myself if I could? I don't think it's serious because I'm actually using it right now, but I'm using an external keyboard. I still want to have it checked out though.

If it helps, this is my laptop: HP 2000 Laptop PC, 2000-2b09wm -


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Apr 13, 2007
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you probably should have it looked at because it can be a verity of things... Hopefully it just the keyboard module which isn't Terribly difficult to replace DIY style.


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Jun 10, 2008
this happened to my laptop as well
fanta on the keyboard

i took it to a repair place where they said that they have to clean it up and change my keyboard to a new one and i am pretty sure that is what you have to do as well

the risk is that the fluid reaches your motherboard, in that case the motherboard has to be changed as well

so yeah, don't use your computer and take it to someone who can fix it

i dont know how much it costs where you live but i had to pay a bit less than 100 euros
it was the first place i found though so surely there should be cheaper ones out there


Jul 1, 2013
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The same thing happened with my friends, but instead his brother had spilled the drink. He didn't repair his laptop, but cleaned out what he could and eventually picked up a new keyboard. The some of the keys started breaking and wouldn't work, so it might be cheaper just to buy a new keyboard expansion for your laptop.
The only downside to that is finding a place to put the keyboard. It won't make a mess, but it'll take up space, especially when you travel.


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Aug 10, 2005
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Here is a link to HP's manual for the 2000 series (warning it is a 5MB pdf).

Replacing keyboards is fairly easy. The touch pad is usually a part of the Top Cover (think palm rest) and is more difficult to change. Your best place for parts is HP, but if you do your research you can easily find parts cheaper on ebay.

I can't count how many keyboards, top covers, motherboards, or screens I've replaced for laptops.
As long as the motherboard isn't damaged too badly the other parts should be about $30-80ish.

If you have a good tech/geek friend, you may be able to ask them.. but be prepared for a "no" response.
Not that we are assholes, but sometimes we get burned out. Part of the reason I left KH.

Protip: "Grease the wheels" (do something nice for your friend)
I've been bribed with cake (it was not a lie), movie tickets, cash, gift cards, etc.
I usually tell most people no when asked to repair their systems. I also normally only charge whatever
costs I incur in parts and shipping and nothing more. I do this because I know that sometimes people have money problems
and this helps them. Taking five or ten minutes to swap a part doesn't really cost me anything. It also helps when I
need something from them, and they are more likely to do me a favor. ;)

That's just my two cents. Take it or leave it.
My reputation speaks for itself.

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