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Is it odd that the Lingering Will is one of my favourite characters in the series?

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Sep 26, 2013
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At some points, I even feel like it IS my favourite all around.

The odd part is it isn't even a full character, but it's different enough from Terra that I can see it as something other than him. I like the concept of Terra's leftover rage and love for his friends combining with his stray thoughts to give life to his armour, and there's just something about its theme music. In KHII, it sounds so strained, mournful, whereas in BBS it makes you feel a lot more determined than anything. And of course it's awful how it isn't able to succeed in gaining its body back, and depressing in a way that it submits to spending over a decade kneeling down in a barren wasteland, rusting away.

Yeah, I know it probably is really weird, but I really feel something for the Lingering Will and for whatever reason connect to it in a strange way. I sort of hope it's given a bigger role in KHIII, or at least a few moments.

Does anyone else feel sort of a connection to the Lingering Will?


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Nov 6, 2012
Not at all man, I love Lingering Will. It's like the console version of Terra. I believe it's a preview of how strong TAV will be on consoles (KH3). BBS...just didn't do them justice in the combat department. The techniques were their, but the PSP's limitations made combat slow and much less fluid (I mean, look at Terra in BBS, and then compare him to Lingering Will. It's almost embarrassing).

I love the concept of Lingering Will. Terra may be lost, but his will is so strong that it still lingers about. And it's strong. True Keyblade Master strong. I also love that he fought Sora. Almost like he was reaching out to him. Though people argue if whether or not it was Canon. I personally think it was. It wasn't Terra, so as of now there are no potholes, and I know some things that are exclusive to final mixes are definitely canon. Once you learn all his patterns he's easy, but for a very long while he was one of the hardest boss fights, and is still definitely one of the coolest in my opinion.


Mar 9, 2008
Though people argue if whether or not it was Canon.
^ It's been some years but last I recall of the earlier days when he first appeared there was a interview saying that the meeting of LW and Sora was not only canon but that LW only stopped it's assault because it sensed Ventus. (I haven't kept up with things in a long time so I'm not sure where to find it now though)

----------On Topic------------

I dont find it weird at all either. The Lingering Will is a cool concept. Like JANFEAE said it's like a glimpse of what the TAV gang could do on console or with KH2s battle system. *the command menu and BBS truly didn't do them justice*

I've always been baffled how people argue over it's concept however.
I mean if Vanitas can spawn monsters literally made of his negative feelz then why is it so hard to accept Terras feelz can animate armor? I once saw a damn good theory that Terras discarded keyblade acted as the catalyst for LW in conjunction with his lingering emotions.

Overall I think LW is a cool....whatever it is. I deserves resolution though. I'd like to see it help liberate Terra then fade away since Terra's main self is now free.
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