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Apr 9, 2009
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy
okay RPer's of KHI I've had several ideas running around in my brain for some time and as the title says I'm checking to see if any of you would like these Ideas: vote in the poll as well with your decision and if you have anything to contribute to these ideas, I'll think about what you say.

IDEA 1: A homage to the legacy of Sakaguchi
This in short is A final fantasy 1 RP, with several easter eggs in the plot, abilities, and other details in templates as homage to the other entries in the series, so 4 fiends, time travelling, Choas you get the gist of it.

IDEA 2: Project name: This game needed a sequel. I guess I'll make one myself, in RP form.

This RP was an extreme undertaking and has been festering in my mind since the days before KHI. based on one of the greatest PS1 RPG's outside of FF, The legend of the Dragoon, ever since I beat TLOD the first time in my Jr high days this RP was actually a story I planned to write outside of my original works. But I thought this would make a better RP than a story.

okay the plot is: the story starts with the age of unity, the age of unity started a few years after the fall of Melbu frahma, the champions who slayed the agent of fate, The dragoons faded from the history books yet again although their names this time will be remembered always. The battle of Soa became 'a tale that will always be remembered'.

The RP starts five hundred years after that, in the gleaming reconstructed castle grounds of the emerald spire in Mille seseau, because an oracle of the ancient arts of futuresight, tells of an ancient evil from the time of winglies has sought the chance to escape, The Oblivion Dragon is breaking the seal that keeps it in the void. And the oracle tells of a chance that humanity can survive the coming trials with the help of the Dragoons yet again. but the visions also tell of the emissary to this evil force. The Oblivion dragoon, seeking the power to free the dragon he is bonded with merely to qwench his thirst for destruction.

And since 500 years have passed, new dragons and new elements have arisen, Time, Nature, Thunder, Metal . as well as the original dragons from the time of the dragon campaign.
and that is as much as I plan to reveal