In Which Order Should The Organization Members Be Taken Out?



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I'm making a movie for KH 3, and I'm at the Keyblade Graveyard, and I'm having some conflicting feelings as to who belongs where on the kill list.

1. Sora would definitely help his closest friends first, so Riku seems to be the obvious first path. I definitely think it should go: Xigbar -> Riku Replica, because Riku has a moment with RR and a replica falls down in the middle of the arena. The next scene shows Sora walking up to it.
2. Luxord should be first, as Sora is shown without a Keyblade during his defeat, and during the end of the fight we see Mickey walking up to Sora with a Keyblade, showing Sora had just fought Marluxia and Larxene. But, should Larxene come before Marluxia, or after? I feel like Marluxia should be first, because he mentions his heart is remembering how to feel. Then Larxene dies, and Sora says that she'll be recompleted, seeming reassured after talking to Marluxia; also, Larxene alludes to only joining to ride along with "him" which I think means Marluxia, who had just been destroyed.
3. Saix, because he's the only one left in that bout (also, as mentioned before, Sora would totally go help his closest friends first, so Kairi)
4. Vanitas -> Terra. Even the game wants it that way, as if you defeat Terra first, he just kinda lies there while you finish off Vanitas.
5. Ansem -> Xemnas -> Young Xehanort. I think it should be like this because it's defeating some of the original final bosses in order of the series (Ansem and Xemnas could switch, I guess, but why?). But Young Xehanort's ominous words at his return to his original timeline seems like a good note to end on.
6. Master Xehanort (final boss, duh)

What do you guys think?
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Oct 22, 2016
I'd go -

1. Luxord
2. Marluxia
3. Larxene

I would do these fights first just because I feel like Sora would think Riku could handle himself until he gets there.
Also King Mickey is fighting 4v1 as opposed to Riku's 3V1, so Sora would want to even the odds there first. I definitely agree with your Luxord>Marluxia>Larxene logic though.

4. Xigbar
5. Riku

Definitely the way it should go with these two. I also like this section ending with Sora and Riku fighting together as opposed to Sora and Mickey.

6. Terranort
7. Vanitas

I would do these fight first just because the other fights have multiple important Character returns, reunions, and kidnappings that make it a better ending to this section of battles.

I would also switch your order and knock out Terranort first, just to make it more believable that vanitas, Ven and Sora could have that Convo while Terranort is out cold. Then when everybody thinks it's over, Terranort wakes up puts everyone in chains and the story goes from there.

8. Saix

Like I said earlier, This fight should right before the Anser, YX, and Xemnas fight because the whole kidnapping element leads directly into it. Also we have Roxas returning, Xion returning, Goodbyes between former friends and villains. I feel like its the perfect lead up to the final stage of Org battles.

(Also thematically speaking, Birth by sleep represents the beginning of the Xehanort saga so you could think of like morning, Days in the middle of the saga and the game itself mostly takes place in the afternoon, and the next fights with the different forms of Xehanort are at night, and it represents the resolving of the Xehanort saga so it's like the end of the day)

9. Xemnas
10. Young Xehanort
11. Ansem SOD

I feel like these can legitimately go in any order. I only chose this order because Ansem SOD's speech feels like how these fights should end to me, but the way you have works well too.

Good Luck with the movie!!


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I thought Xigbar, Ansem, and Dark Riku was gonna be the cooler fight so I went there first. My overall order:

1. Xigbar - first to fall, but we all know he doesn’t actually bite it. He’s definitely the most mysterious death even if you assume he’s dying for real.
2. Dark Riku - end of the first round of fights, gives Riku closure before you move on.
3. Luxord - just because he’s so easy.
4. Larxene - I think I beat her first because she was easier.
5. Marluxia - Final boss of COM, most powerful Absent Silhouette, last member of the grunt trio to go down. His genuinely friendly parting is also an interesting thing to end things on.
6 and 7. I was more interested in fighting Saïx and the mystery character first alongside Axel and Kairi. So obviously Saïx ended up going down next.
8 and 9. No matter who you go after first, canonically, Terra-Xehanort is the last to go. I think on my replays, he went down first, so whatever. I did Vanitas first on my first time.
10, 11, and 12. This is a tough one except for Young Xehanort. I prefer to kill him last, since he ominously warns you that you’re going to die regardless and despite your victory, you feel extremely uneasy at what you just heard. As for Xemnas and Ansem, flip a coin who you want first.


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May 17, 2018
I'd recommend this order:

1. Luxord
2. Marluxia
3. Larxene
4. Xigbar
5. Dark Riku
6. Vanitas
7. Terra-Xehanort
8/9. Saïx
10. Young Xehanort (Cause he's a Dirtbag)
11. Xemnas (Tends to be another nuisance si best to beat him before doing Ansem)
12. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness