In a world...



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May 25, 2005
Yo mama
I thought of this while watching the geico commercial. I imitated the movie guy, and found I can do his voice...somewhat. I think he does that voice sometimes, and trick people into believing fake movie titles, which brings me to the topic of this thread. Fake movies trailers...

Movie Guy is red
Character speech is blue and italized
character action is normal

In a world where absolutely nothing happens...One man... did nothing!

Guy: [Blink]

When the world was calm around him, and he didn't even flinch...

Guy: [Sigh]

[Dramatic music]

Morgan Freeman

[MF on phone]: Are you going to do anything today?

Ben Stein

Guy: No, not really.

William LaFontaine

WLF: How did I get down here? I was just narrating!

Do Nothing Man

"Why don't you do something?!"...

I would like to see cheesy movie titles, not something that I'd enjoy seeing in a theatre.

[Rusty squeak of a wheel]
[Tijuana, Mexico]

Person 1: Tortillas!

He sold tortillas on the on the corner...

Person 1: Would you like to buy a tortilla?
Person 2: No, but I would like a share of your profits. I'm with the mob

And the mob wanted in...

[Dramatic Music]

Mob boss: I want this guy and his tortillas DEAD!

Arnold Schwartzenneger

"You will not get my TORTILLAS!"


Joe Pesci

"You know, you put my guys' guys in a vice. I don't like that. You know what I have to do now huh?"

Maria Schriver

"What are you saying? Don't you love me?
AS: Im just saying I may have to go to America to hide for a while.
MS: Do you hear whistling?

From the Director and writer of "Do Nothing Man"


Little Tortilla Boy

AS: I said get to the chopper Maria. THE CHOPPER!

I'm in school. So yes, I have nothing to do.

A boy in school....

[Types "A boy in school...." on a certain familiar web page.]

His friend across town...

"I wonder what Q is doing"

A fat guy yawning....


[Dramatic Music]

Mrs. Z: Don't you have work to do?
Me: Nah, I already graduated.

Patiently he bides his time in C-Prep

[Bands head on table]

Christian Devareux


Other Random People


"Get that d**n camera out my f****in face!"

Starring Quientin Fuller

[Types Quientin Fuller on computer]
"What? Oh a catchphrase?... Christian had BYAH? OK, um how about...

From the Director/Writer of "Do Nothing Man" and "Little Tortilla Boy"

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"If this is the world in it's true form... Then we might as well let it fall to darkness"

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