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Image hosting sites



Aug 10, 2005
Angels of darkness tread softly in the light.
  • Retired Staff
Eh, I actually host a free photoservice. (Apply named 'fhotosphere'..)

I'm going to be redoing the system, because of abusive users within the next few days, though.

(I'm also adding two new rules to the service, that should take care of any forseable problems.)

You can upload any type of image file, no limits on the image size or file size.
However, it must be an image in 'good faith'.
IE, the image can be removed if considered 'inappropriate'.
(The only real limit.)


(I provide this 'free service', because I have some extra bandwidth as well as extra space to host the files, so I really don't mind. Hasn't even really taken up past 4% of my bandwidth.. ^.^)

I also host 'other' files and services, such as a private 'ftp' server.

I have thought about making a 'public upload/download ftp server'.. but I don't think it would be a good idea, considering the fact that SOME users would probably try to upload either 'inappropriate' content, or even virae.

Until I get a solution for this, there won't be such a thing.